Giveaway: Chalk Tops from Masontops

June 29, 2015

chalk top boxes

One of the reasons that so many of us love canning jars is that they are so versatile. Sure, you can in them (and goodness knows, I certainly do). They’re also great to use as drinking glasses (during the summer, I try to drink at least three quarts of water a day and use a big green jar to help me keep track), as containers for leftovers, and to store grains, beans, and other pantry staples.

chalk tops on jars

As more people turn to canning jars for all sorts of tasks, more companies have sprung up to make the experience even better. One such business is Masontops. They started with a small line of products to make it easier to ferment in jars (their pickle pebbles and the pickle jar packing tool are both so smart, sturdy, and useful).

Recently, they added another product to their line. Called Chalk Tops, these storage (not canning) lids seal tightly with a conventional ring and can be written on again and again. I realize that many of you have made similar products by covering lids with chalk board paint, but I’ve found that those almost always end up with a dry finish that feels terrible to the touch. The lids made by Masontops are smooth, easy to write on, and erase cleanly.

chalk top boxes offset

This week, Masontops is offering up three sets of their Chalk Top combo packs for giveaway. Each set includes 8 regular mouth and 8 wide mouth Chalk Tops. They’ve also created a discount code for Food in Jars readers to use on their Amazon store. Use the code “FDINJARS” on an order of Chalk Tops, Pickle Pebbles, or the Pickle Packer and get 10% off your order.

Here’s how to enter the Chalk Top giveaway:

  1. Leave a comment on this post and tell me how you use your mason jars. If all you do is can in them, that okay. But if you use them to hold your dish soap, pantry goods, leftovers, or morning coffee, I want to hear about it.
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm eastern time on Saturday, July 4, 2015. Winners will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog on Sunday, July 5, 2015.
  3. Giveaway open to United States residents only.
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left via the comment form on the blog at the bottom of this post.

Disclosure: The Masontops folks send me a collection of their products for photography purposes. They did not provide any additional compensation for this post and all opinions expressed here are my own. 

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276 thoughts on "Giveaway: Chalk Tops from Masontops"

  • I don’t think I’m going to mention anything new here. Canning, dry kitchen goods, notions in my craft space, a couple of homemade oils in the bathroom, a few collections of small items on a bookshelf, and the ribbons I’ve won for food preservation competitions (it seemed fitting to keep the ribbons in a large Mason jar).

  • I use my canning jars for canning, storage of dry food items and I keep strong tea in the refrigerator for my husband.

  • I use my mason jars as lunch containers, to hold leftovers, to store my grains in, and to store my tea leaves in. Oh, and to can stuff in, too!

  • Spare buttons, leftover wall paint that I save for touch ups, and all the regular stuff…bulk spices that I use a lot, like cinnamon.

  • They get used for everything from canning to lunch boxes to storing simple syrup in the fridge. And mixing drinks. And making salad dressing. And….

  • My teenager also uses a quart jar a drinking jar. Besides canning, making yogurt in them and using pint jars as drinking glasses, I’ve also pressed the occasional wide mouth canning jar into service as a vase. Oh, and storing homemade vanilla. πŸ™‚

  • For putting up pickles, applesauce and jams and then also for all my grains, nuts, dried fruit…..anything and everything!

  • I drink lots of water and iced tea in my cans; make overnight oatmeal; store leftovers; and make jams and preserves. I may try some pickled vegetables this year–have done that with my mom when I was young, but never with my own kids.

  • I do use mine daily…vase(sweet potatoes and avocado seeds), craft supplies, pantry items and of course to drink my ice tea and lemonade!

  • I’ve been making a lot of fruit shrubs lately – the whole top shelf of my fridge is filled with mason jars! I’d love to have a way to mark them without having to hope the freezer tape will stay attached.

  • I use for canning, leftovers and iced coffee! I make a big batch of cold brewed iced coffee in a 1/2 gallon jar then each morning put some in a pint jar to enjoy!

  • I use my jars for canning, pantry storage, in lieu of Tupperware for leftovers as vases and glasses.

  • I use them for canning of course, but also to hold left overs and I use my mason jar with a handle for my rum and cokes b/c I know exactly where to fill the rum up to!

  • They are my go to containers. They store everything from beans and rice to homemade salad dressing and then on to cat treats and seeds I’m saving for next year’s garden. They are perfect for so many things!

  • I use them for canning, food storage, as drink glasses, to hold art supplies, as flower vases. And more stuff I’m forgetting. I love these lids. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Besides using them for canning, I use the larger 1/2 G size to store my dry goods, too. I store rice, dry beans, lentils, spices (I buy them by the kilo), nuts, dried fruit, tea, candy, chocolate, sugar, and my flour blends. Out of the kitchen, I use them to hold items in my craft room like small balls of yarn, clothespins, small wood objects, etc. I also use small jars for saving seeds from my garden.

  • I am definitely the stereotypical canner, in that I am addicted to mason jars! I keep a one-gallon mason jar on my desk at work filled with candy (lots of people visit me!) and use them in my cabinet to store bay leaves, granola, lentils, buckwheat, and other bulk goods. They’re great because I always have another size to go to! In a pinch, mason jars double as extra wine glasses, too. πŸ™‚

  • My father and I use mason jars for everything.. We store grains in the larger ones, drink out of quart sized, we use the pints for spices, and use them all for flower vases.

  • Morning coffee for sure, as well as fruit-infused water during these hot summer days. Half gallon jars for iced tea (sun tea lately) and pint and 1/2 jars for salads.

  • I’m all about using mason jars as storage. For dried beans and grains, coffee beans, dried fruits and nuts, and more!

  • I LOVE this idea. Labels peel off or can’t really be re-used. Handmade labels never stay one. Would love to try these.

  • I use my jars/lids to can (obviously), store items in the pantry, and beverages. I LOVE the idea of being able to write on and re-use these lids!

  • YES! Would love these!! I use my jars for everything: small jars for storing spices, large ones for buying bulk beans and grains, oils, dish soap, shampoo, etc. I’ve been meaning to make chalk tops, so I won’t have to keep using the bulk stickers at the store, so these sound awesome! By the way, I take my jars to the store with me to fill them up, and I use one of those reusable wine bags with the seperators to keep them all corralled. It works great!

  • We use them to can, as food storage, as drinking glasses, as vases, to cold brew coffee…. So many ways!

  • Of course for canning. But also, to make mint and/or fruit fresca drinks for summer, to store dry beans and grains, to freeze soup and to take soup to friends who need a meal, to store homemade yogurt.

  • We use canning jars exclusively for pantry storage. I decant everything into the jars because 1) nicer looking all lined up without packaging and 2) critters since our pantry is in the garage (super small kitchen).

  • I use mason jars to organize our toothbrushes, toothpaste and floss on the sink counter. I also use them to hold pens and pencils so they are handy as well as to hold straws at parties. I’ve found that the wide mouth jar works great for making iced coffee with my Aero Press. Just fill the jar with ice, press the coffee concentrate over the ice, then fill the rest of the jar with milk, half and half, or a combo of the two!

  • Mostly canning. But also for storing dry goods like lentils and beans, and for storing leftovers, and craft supplies, and the odd pencil jar.

  • I always THINK I’ll remember what’s in jars bug when it come time to dig out of the frig it’s another thing. Is that chili oil or flavored simple syrup? Thinking you have chicken fat but when the jar is located it’s really lemon juice. And the joys of DH adding chutney to oatmeal instead of jam!

  • i use my mason jars for canning, dry food storage, snacks for my kids, and leftovers in the fridge.

  • Currently, I have Box Tops for a school in one and some fig cuttings in another. Oh, and of course some yummy jam!

  • Chalk tops are a GENIUS idea! I use my jars for canning, pickling, drinking and storage. Love my mason and weck jars!!!

  • We use them for anything and everything. My favorite non-food use is as a vase. Nothing is prettier in the spring than an old quart jar filled with a big bunch of peonies!

  • I use mason jars for my spices. I keep all sorts of bulk spices fresh in my mason jars. This would be fun to label them in caulk.

  • I use jars to can, freeze, store pantry items, cleaning items…there really isn’t much that a jar CAN do that I don’t use it for! πŸ™‚ I love the cost and eco friendlyness of the glass!

  • I mostly can and freeze foods in my jars. I’m starting to use them for bulk pantry storage as well.

  • Canning, storage, candle holders and the very important job of holding my iced coffee cold brew concentrate. I must have my iced coffee lattes!

  • i don’t know why but after my canning, i simply put off labeling my work (i know how awful!). there are too many times i open a jar of salsa and find out it is a runny (read undercooked) jar of tomato jam. with these calk tops there is no nead to wait until the jars are cool to label them.

  • I can with them. πŸ™‚ I also use them to close quart jars filled with wheat berries, couscous, etc. that aren’t used on a daily basis.

  • Mine are used for canning, of course, as well as holding my vintage buttons, thread and occasionally drinking from. They have been useful to me for decades.
    Thanks for the opportunity to try the chalk tops.

  • I vacuum seal my excess pantry items in canning jars and these lids would be perfect for that!

  • My family uses mason jars for just about everything – canning (of course), salad dressing mixer, drinking glasses, homemade laundry/dish soap containers, bacon grease holders, and habitats for my son’s bug finds. But don’t worry, we wash after each of these uses :0)

  • I store my dry beans and rices in my mason jars. They look really pretty sitting on my shelf. I use them for many other things but that is a constant. Love my jars.

  • I have not used my bigger jars for canning as much as I thought I would when I purchased them. However, they come in super handy for the barley, rice, and oats they now keep in my pantry. But the chalk tops sure would be a better solution to the post it notes I keep on top of the lids now!

  • I use the larger mason jars for storage of dry goods — beans, rice, pasta, even cereal. The smaller jars (pint and half-pint) are for canning jams, jellies, relish and marinara sauce. I love the idea of chalk friendly lids for the jars!

  • I can in them, ferment in them, store popcorn in them, and make big batches of iced green tea in them!

  • I use them for coffee (with a lid and a knitted cozy to protect my hands), carrying lunch, drinking glasses, canning. I use the small jars for spices (these lids would be PERFECT for that) and also for small amounts of leftovers (canned chipotle peppers in sauce, tomato paste, etc.) I also use the big jars for buying and storing food from the bulk section (beans, grains, etc.) This is great for cutting down on plastic use. Oh! Kombucha!

  • I use them to store dried goods like rice, granola, and flour. It helps keep bugs and ants out of the cupboards. I also use them for fermenting which I am just starting to get into. I love canning jars because they last forever and can be used for anything without retaining orders like plastic does.

  • I buy spices and herbs in bulk, so a few standard sized mason jars make great holders. Wide mouth half pints are my favorite and fit nicely in drawers. And they stack with other wide mouth, straight sided jars in the cabinet when I need more of an herb or spice.

  • I use them for canning, holding hot drinks on the way to work, and for drinking. I have a cat who likes to dip his paws into unguarded drinking vessels, so screwing on a lid when a drink is not in use is really handy!

  • I use jars to store stuff in almost every room in the house. But I have been canning food for 30 years. Love these lids.

  • I love my jars! I can all I can, but my jars are perfect containers for dried herbs, spice blends, bulk dry goods, breakfast, lunch, homemade mixes, extra iced tea to go, etc. I also used them as flower jars, to store fresh herb “bouquets,” and for citrus salts and sugar. I must get some of these tops so I don’t forget what spice blend is in which jar.

  • I’ve usually only used my mason jars for canning, but I’ve just moved into a much smaller home and now I’d like to use them to store and stack things like beans, rice and other grains. These would be perfect for labeling them!

  • We have a wide range of Mason jar sizes. My husband uses them mainly for drinking water from or fastener storage. We mainly use them in the kitchen for dry food storage. But I love using them the most for the different colors of chocolate candies I use in my baking. The colors I use the most go in the big jars and the colors used the least go in the small ones. Much easier than storing in ziploc bags.

  • Mason jars are one of those ridiculously useful things, the duct tape of the kitchen. I don’t tend to use them elsewhere, except a wide mouth jar for sharpies. Obviously jams and other preserved foods, but also dry goods, lunch salads (dressing and beans at the bottom, invert to mix, love it), random sized leftovers in the fridge, mixing slurries for sauces or dressings…

    The suggestion above to use a jar as a water bottle to defeat cats is purely brilliant, and I’m going to start that one today!

  • Oh man.we use mason jars for just about everything. Canning of course. They are also the cups in our house, travel containers, pantry storage, they even hold our silverware, pens and markers, tooth brushes. There’s even a few tiny jars in my daughter’s play kitchen.

  • I just found your blog through a friend’s FB post. Love it! I can lots of meat (rabbit, chicken, peacock, turkey, pork, etc.), and make killer spicy dilly beans and cherry-basil jam. I also use 1/2 gallon jars for my bulk purchases of rice, beans, quinoa, etc. I don’t know what I’d do without them! I have to use metal lids – I have more mice than my 3 cats and 2 dogs can keep up with (I live way out in the country), so the plastic ones don’t work. I really like the idea of being able to write on the lids and then wipe them off. Sharpie doesn’t always come completely off, and makes it hard to re-use them. I hate wasting them!!

    Can’t wait to see your next installment!

  • I use mason jars for canning, naturally. I also use them to store beans, rice, and home-dried produce. They also make great drinking glasses. I keep a few in the freezer for iced tea.

  • I’m just now getting into canning and preserving – so that’s what I use them for primarily. I’ve always kept jars gifted to me and use them repeatedly for small batches – jams, relishes, butters – that get eaten very quickly, practically right away. So I’m most interested in storage lids – like these!

  • I’m new to canning and its been a ‘sweet’ learning curve. I use the jars for canning now; however, I’ve used them for everything from stashing small stuff that needs a home, drinking cold beverages and storing dry goods. I would use the chalk tops for gifts: I’m making jam for guests that come to my mother’s graduations. She’s getting her master’s degree @ 66 years old!