Giveaway: Chalk Tops from Masontops

chalk top boxes

One of the reasons that so many of us love canning jars is that they are so versatile. Sure, you can in them (and goodness knows, I certainly do). They’re also great to use as drinking glasses (during the summer, I try to drink at least three quarts of water a day and use a big green jar to help me keep track), as containers for leftovers, and to store grains, beans, and other pantry staples.

chalk tops on jars

As more people turn to canning jars for all sorts of tasks, more companies have sprung up to make the experience even better. One such business is Masontops. They started with a small line of products to make it easier to ferment in jars (their pickle pebbles and the pickle jar packing tool are both so smart, sturdy, and useful).

Recently, they added another product to their line. Called Chalk Tops, these storage (not canning) lids seal tightly with a conventional ring and can be written on again and again. I realize that many of you have made similar products by covering lids with chalk board paint, but I’ve found that those almost always end up with a dry finish that feels terrible to the touch. The lids made by Masontops are smooth, easy to write on, and erase cleanly.

chalk top boxes offset

This week, Masontops is offering up three sets of their Chalk Top combo packs for giveaway. Each set includes 8 regular mouth and 8 wide mouth Chalk Tops. They’ve also created a discount code for Food in Jars readers to use on their Amazon store. Use the code “FDINJARS” on an order of Chalk Tops, Pickle Pebbles, or the Pickle Packer and get 10% off your order.

Here’s how to enter the Chalk Top giveaway:

  1. Leave a comment on this post and tell me how you use your mason jars. If all you do is can in them, that okay. But if you use them to hold your dish soap, pantry goods, leftovers, or morning coffee, I want to hear about it.
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm eastern time on Saturday, July 4, 2015. Winners will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog on Sunday, July 5, 2015.
  3. Giveaway open to United States residents only.
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left via the comment form on the blog at the bottom of this post.

Disclosure: The Masontops folks send me a collection of their products for photography purposes. They did not provide any additional compensation for this post and all opinions expressed here are my own. 

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276 responses to “Giveaway: Chalk Tops from Masontops”

  1. I use them to put water in the fridge, sometimes with bits of fruit in it so I’ll have ice cold flavored water to drink in the summer.

  2. What a great idea!

    I use mine for salad dressing (easy to shake up), and to hold dry beans, lentils, grains, etc. And also as drinking glasses occasionally.

  3. I use my mason jars for canning, storing my dry goods (rice, quinoa, coffee beans, dried fruit, etc.), storing just made yogurt & whey (separate since I like Greek style!), and I have a few in the bathroom holding cotton swabs and balls, flossers, and French green clay I use for face masks!

  4. These look so fun! I mostly can with mason jars, but I also use them to store homemade granola in the freezer or quick pickles in the fridge.

  5. Mostly, all of my jars are for canning. But I have a few antique ones that I use for either decoration or holding my sewing notions.

  6. I mostly can in mine. I get them at yard sales most of the time. I also use some of the pretty color ones decoratively in my windows. I have several that have dry goods in them.

  7. I use them for holding my food for the week, and leftovers. It’s so much easier to grab and go during the week for lunches, and they reheat beautifully.

  8. i hate plastic so i use mason jars for everything from pantry storage to herb storage, brewing herbal teas and daily drinks to take to work. Currently there are jars of echinacea tincturing and experimental recipe for grapefruit bitters sitting on my counter.

  9. I mostly store items in my jars. I don’t actually can (just wish I did, apparently), but I store some herbs in jars, make and store citrus salts and kombucha (after initial fermentation, of course, just for refrigerator storage). I have a couple I’ve made into ‘shakers’ as well, for baking soda and such.

  10. Canning, storage, make my steel cut oats for the week and divide in pints to fill with fruit, seeds, and almond milk.

  11. I use mine for canning but also to store pretty much anything that fits in a jar! I love quart-sized jars for things like rice and lentils.

  12. My primary use for canning jars is for canning, but I also use them for kitchen storage (I have several bags of Bob’s Red Mill products waiting to be put into jars). I love the idea of having the “label” for the jar on the lid (it’s where I put the labels on my canned goods), because sometimes it’s not easy to remove the label from the jar when I want to reuse them. Could I make my own lids with some chalk paint? Probably, but they definitely wouldn’t come out as nice-looking!

  13. We use them for just about everything – homemade dressing, making mayo and mustard, sprouting, coffee, tea, leftovers, storage. We should try canning. Maybe this summer!

  14. Aside from as much jam as i can possibly make, i use them all the time in the bulk section of my grocery store/co-op.

  15. I use them for flower holders, seed holders, make gelatin root beer floats, leftovers, bone broth, dog treat holders, too many uses to list…..

  16. Mason jars have all sorts of great uses! Right now, I’m using them to ferment some kimchi with ingredients from my CSA. Last year, I used them as candle holders/decorations at my wedding reception. I think they make fantastic drinking glasses too.

  17. Canning, storing dry goods/bulk foods, drinking glasses, with a recap to hold salad dressing, pour in heavy cream with a dash of powdered sugar and shake to make simple whipped cream… I’m sure I’m forgetting some uses. I grab them for everything!

  18. I use my half gallon jars to store Marissa’s pancake mix, make sun tea, and store a delicious pour-and-bake bran muffin recipe I got from one of the Storey’s guides to teatime. I use the one cup jars to make jam jar dressings and pack coffee grounds for weekend getaways (can’t live without my morning cup of Cafe du Monde!). I freeze a lot of juice and stock in my quart jars–things like special citrus juices or stock made from holiday meats (I’m looking at you, Meyer lemon juice and Christmas ham broth). I find it easier to freeze them than to can them, probably because I haven’t bought a pressure canner, and I have a special divided space in my chest freezer that lets me stack them up neater, easier, and higher than I could on a shelf. Basically, if there’s a storage job at home, the first thing I do is turn to a canning jar. My exception to this is the bathroom. It’s too easy to drop a glass jar when you or surrounding surfaces are slippery, and we all know that as sturdy as canning jars are, nothing glass likes hitting a tub floor.

  19. I use canning jars for just about everything! In my pantry, I use them for spices, rice and beans. I used them for making my own vanilla extract and then portioned it into smaller jars once it was finished. I even have a wide mouth large jar for all my cupcake liners. I have vintage jars that I use as flower vases. For my desk at work, I use them to hold pens and smaller jars for paper clips and push pins. Lastly, I use them for drinking. I’ve become a fan of the iLids because its hard to keep open drink cups/containers/mugs around with cats who stick their noses in everything!

  20. Canning, but also for storing everything from leftovers to cold-brewed coffee, for serving cocktails and beer… find new uses for them all the time!

  21. Right now, I’ve got them holding dry goods in the pantry, leftovers in the fridge, and the occasional canned good.

  22. I use mason jars for canning, storing homemade vinaigrettes in the fridge, as vases, for pantry storage (kosher salt, sea salt, cornmeal, coconut, chocolate chips, etc.), and lately as part of my coffee tablescapes – filled with pinecones or stones or other pretty things.

  23. I mainly just use my jars for canning, but if I have a few extras around I use them as others would use tupperware – to store leftovers in the fridge!

  24. I use my jars for canning, bulk spice storage, drinking containers with various lids and covers, I take leftovers to work for lunch in them, shake and store salad dressings, I love using colored ones for holding knives, forks, and spoons on a buffet or picnic table… I do just about everything with them!

  25. Oops! Just left my lengthy comment on Facebook! I am using all mason jars and labels to hand craft favors for my daughter-in-law’s baby shower. Each will be filled with a fragrant bath scrub, foot soak, bath bombs, etc.

  26. I’ve started putting all my pantry goods in mason jars. There are mice to contend with! Currently I use painter’s tape and a sharpie to label them, but these chalk tops look like a great solution.

  27. Canning … lots of canning. Spices are all in jars, curds in jars in the freezer, yogurt, grains, use them for drinking, for carrying breakfast and lunch to work, for straws and silverware on the deck, for flowers. LOVE jars. And hate writing on them or sticking labels on them that are hard to get off. Chalkboard lids? Groovy!

  28. What don’t I use mason jars for? I pack my lunch in them, I store my herbs and spices in them, I store my dried fruit/veg from the garden in them. Pretty much every dry good I own (flour, sugar, oats, etc) go into a mason jar. I put my loose screws, nails, picture hangers and bits of wire into mason jar. Those spare bulbs you get with christmas lights? Into a jar. Crayons? Markers? Popsicle sticks? A mason jar, of course. Sometimes, it’s hard to find enough empty ones to can into, as they are all commissioned into storage.

  29. Mason jars are amazingly multipurpose! We can in them, freeze in them, use them for leftovers, keep things in the pantry, use them as drinking glasses, spice mix jars. They even hold the toothbrushes in the bathroom. They are easy to wash and phenomenally durable.

  30. I use my mason jars for all sorts of things! I love them for storage of dry goods in the pantry. I also use them for certain leftovers, to store bone broth, and to bring lunch to work. I love that they can be used for anything!

  31. Mostly for canning, but also for getting raw milk (1/2 gallon size), for storing pantry items, for storing herbs and even for vases. We have a lot of jars and I love them 🙂

  32. I use mason jars for storing all sorts of food. We also use the quart ones to make concentrated iced tea and coffee in the summer months.

  33. I use my jars for canning leftovers, lunches… I also collect old jars to display in the kitchen and use for vases.

  34. Besides canning, I use jars for honey, bulk items and spices. And the oddest thing I have used them for is skulls and bones for display. The writable lids are great! I had the hubby spray paint some of my canning lids with chalkboard paint. It doesn’t really wipe off all that well. I am going to assume these will be a lot better!

  35. I use 1/2 gallon jars to hold display shelves and to make tea. Quart size for storage and applesauce, tomatoes, canning stuff. Pint. Canning, sprouts storing stuff. Little jars, besides canning get to hold fabric dyes.

  36. Mostly canning, but we also steep (and keep) drinks in them — ollalieberry vodka, cold-brew coffee, iced tea.

    Oh, and a half-gallon of Moroccan preserved lemons 🙂

  37. I use them for everything: canning, leftovers, hot fudge sauce, rhubarb compote, flowers and iced coffee to name a few. Thanks for the chance to win!

  38. I use mason jars for canning, of course, and for beverages when we have house parties in the summer, food storage, spare change collection, and for setting up impromptu shelving for displaying the ceramics I make–but my new favorite is using quart mason jars for making and storing cold brew coffee.

  39. I use canning jars for canning, to hold homemade spice blends, and occasionally I’ll use a pint jar to get a sourdough starter going.

  40. Mostly canning but also dry food storage from the bulk aisles, desk organizers, even use them in the medicine cabinet to keep things from spilling around.

  41. Of course, I can in my jars, but I also use jars for drinking, storage of staples like rice, bean, pasta,etc, and I use my 1/2 pint jars for dried herbs and spices. I think the Chalk Tops would be perfect for labeling my herbs/spices.

  42. I love drinking out of my jars.
    I store left overs, spices and dry beans and nuts.
    My husband also uses them to store “garage stuff” nuts and bolts and such.
    I love the idea of using the chalk covers for my spices and seeds.
    thank you for the great ideas

  43. I store more dehydrated food in Food Saver vacuumed canning jars than “canned” foods, and I make lots of fresh sauces and spreads to use within a few days, so use a lot of half pint jars for refrigerator storage. I brew tea in a quart jar daily, and make all my citrus and vanilla extracts in jars. I make liqueurs in quart jars, like amaretto, coffee liqueur, and cherry heering. I depend on glass for food safety and non-transference of flavors or odors. I also make my own onion, garlic, and hot and mild pepper powders, tomato powder, and spice mixes, so storage in glass jars is imperative for dryness. Tonight we had raspberry chipotle sauce on baked chicken, and the jar goes right to the table! I store baking soda and corn meal and sweetener and other staples in quart canning jars. I make mini pies in jars, keep some in the freezer, and only bake two at a time unless I have company. My kitchen heavily depends on my jar collection! I put up a bookcase just to hold my empty jar collection so I always have them close at hand!

  44. I use mason jars for canning, to store flour, sugar, cocoa, coffee, and as a little bank for egg money. . . I love mason jars.

  45. I do a lot in my mason jars! Mostly canning… but I have also started taking two to work each day- 1 filled with fruit + yogurt, and another with oatmeal. I have more that store nuts, rice, chocolate-covered espresso beans + almonds, etc. in the kitchen. I guess they’re earning their keep, aren’t they?

  46. Like may others- i use them for making yogurt, carrying soups to work, iced coffee, storing the flours and grains i tend to keep in smaller amounts, and canning.

    My cracked jars have been repurposed to hold homemade bath bombs, as a dog food scoop, to hold pens and pencils or straws, and a host of other random things around the house.

  47. I use them for making yogurt, keeping iced coffee in the fridge, dry storage, salads for lunch, spice blends, buttons, safety pins, pens and so on. I think we have every size available and use them throughout the house.

  48. We recently transferred our spices to mason jars (since they stack better on the shelf than the jars from the supermarket) and we keep loose tea in mason jars. We put chalk board labels on some of the jars, but having it on the lids would prevent having to worry about whether the label will decide to stick or not.

  49. An embarrassingly huge number of jams are in my pantry, thanks to a bountiful berry season so far (strawberries and wild black raspberries) — however one non-food use I have is for a sewing kit. Someone once gave me a package of small spools of thread in many colors. They fit inside a quart canning jar to which I’ve added a seam ripper, small scissors, and a pack of needles. I keep this handy for quick fixes to hems and buttons.

  50. Canning, of course Storage of dry goods, freezing pints of soups & stews, soap dispensers, and just about anything and everything else. Buttons, spices, herbs. Small collections of little treasures. Looking around, there is even one filled with carry-out packs of plum sauce!

  51. Oh these products look cool! The non-canning uses of my mason jars are: storing dishwashing brushes, storing flour/sugar/etc., and recently, making jars of cold brewed iced tea to have on hand for this heat wave we’ve been experiencing.

  52. Ha! We use mason jars for everything. They hold our pasta, our coffee syrup (we cold press), my breakfast every day (kale smoothie or yogurt/granola/fruit – also from a jar), syrups from canned fruit, pits to be used to make eau de vie (the cherry pit ones are devine!), and we make lemoncello. My husband makes excellent salad dressing, so they go in small jars. I also sew, so they hold my thread of different colors and scrap pieces I just can’t bear to throw out. They have shells from beach trips. One randomly has die collected from old board games. We live a life in mason jars! Ha! I just looked over and saw one with plastic pony beads in it from a class project (I’m a teacher). They’re everywhere and filled with every thing.

  53. Love the chalk tops! Mason jars are used for canning and food storage. And feeding baby chickens, drinking, cleaning paint brushes, storing odds n ends. The real question would be what are mason jars NOT used for?!?

  54. We love our mason jars and use them for everything. Today I used them to make your vanilla peach jam. So good! We also use them to store beans, grains, and spices. They hold all my daughters’ art supplies, my makeup brushes, our seashell collection, and I also have 1 or 2 of them filled with some sort of cut flower or herb from the garden. And then of course we use them to drink out of on a daily basis. I love how versatile they are.

  55. Dry goods and spices and loose tea!!

    Coffee beans and pinto beans and all the dried beans that tend to slump together in half-used up bags.

    Herb iced tea concentrate for the fridge.

    Pre-measured future baked goods dry ingredients – for me or for gifts!

    What a wonderful idea!

  56. Besides canning, I use them to hold spices, feta cheese in the fridge, markers and pens, left overs, dry beans, candle holder, baking soda and essential oils (to sprinkle on carpet and beds), and dog treats. They are great for so many things. I would like to make my own soap pump out of one but have not yet.

  57. I use jars for desktop organization, flower arrangements, cold brew coffee, pantry staples, leftovers…everything!!

  58. Everything! We drink out of them, store just about anything in them, and I love to put cut flowers or herbs from my garden in them.

  59. Yay for jars! I use a big jar to house my sourdough starter on the counter. Oh, I almost forgot about the other 2 jars for my apple scrap vinegar and my pear vinegar!

  60. Canning, storing dried herbs from the garden, holding dry pantry staples, as vases and glassware – I’m sure I’ll find more uses! Thanks for the opportunity; I’m loving learning from your blog.

  61. My jars hold canned goods, pantry items, hand soap, smoothies, iced tea, crayons and other art supplies, science experiments for the kids and candles!

  62. Mostly I use my jars for canning, dry goods, and drinks. I do have a few outside of the kitchen for any foreign change I find. The Canada pint jar is almost full, which must be at least $20. I need to plan a trip.

  63. Fantastic idea! I use my jars for canning, mixing up and storing spice blends, shaking up vinaigrettes, and my recent favorite was turning one into a sewing kit.

  64. I do lots of things with mason jars- can in them, take lunch to work in them make drink jars out of them, use them for storage EVERYWHERE in the house. Big one, little ones narrow or wide mouth.

  65. Besides the obvs (canning, drinking) I use small jars to keep leftover ginger ale or other fizzies bubbly since a whole bottle at a time is a lot for me.

  66. I make individual pies in small canning jars for my Dad. This would be a fun way to label them for the freezer.

  67. I use jars for so many things, but one of my favorites is making quick small-batch whipped cream, or (less quick) butter!

  68. What don’t I use them for? Canning, yes. Storing leftovers. Storing tea and coffee. Making iced tea and cold-brew coffee. Storing crackers, beans, dried fruit, etc. Drinking from. Vases. Holding craft supplies. Probably some other stuff I’m not thinking of…

  69. I use canning jars for everything. I vacuum pack them for long term storage. I make kefir in them. All my dehydrated items are stored in them. And we drink from them.

  70. We use our jars for canning, storing grains and such, holding batches of cocktails, gifting cookies, taking lunches to go, and as flower vases. 🙂

  71. The chalk tops look so fun! I always have trouble scrubbing old sticker labels off and this would solve that problem. I’m curious how the chalk finish holds up in a hot water bath?

    I use mason jars for canning mostly, but they are also great for making overnight oatmeal, storing dry goods in the cupboard, and as a centerpiece with candles in them.

    I’m curious where people find the best price for them?? (Besides grabbing them at garage/estate sales)

  72. Mason jars are storage, vessels for transport, cocktail glasses, and all manner of handy containers in my house. I’d love these lids to use when I take something for a potluck– the lid becomes the sign for the guests to know what I’ve brought.

  73. We use our jars for everything! In the kitchen, the bath, the craft room, decor in the living room… whatever I need, a jar usually fixes it!

  74. I use a quart jar to cold-brew coffee concentrate, and filter it into a 24-oz jar to store in the fridge. Sometimes I use a travel mug lid on a 24-oz jar and drink my iced coffee from it. I brew kombucha in a half-gallon jar with a primitive rubber band and paper towel fermentation lock. I freeze salsa in jars, and can blackberry jelly, grape juice, many jams, shrubs and pizza sauce.

  75. I use my jars to prepare breakfast oatmeal for the week, and I store coffee and nuts in the jars. I grab jars for everything now!

  76. I store my varieties of dried food items as my different pasta in jars, brown and powdered sugar, fresh, dried spices / herbs, my homemade meat rubs, craft supplies, cotton balls, Q-tips, Band aids, I use them for freezing my homemade pumpkin,jams, etc. I also use jars to hold my loose change in.
    Canning jars come in handy in so many different ways.

  77. I love my jars. I have them in every room and the garage. In the bathroom, they hold seashells from our trips, cotton balls, q-tips, anything and everything. In my craft room, I use a vintage jar for my vintage buttons. I can a ton of jam every year for Christmas gifts and this year I’ll be making bar-b-cue rubs and sauces for gift baskets.

  78. My jars hold pantry items such as grains, beans, and herbs. They hold pens, spoons, borax in the bathroom to use as a tub, sink, and toilet scrub. They hold fermented vegetables, drinks. I freeze butter, pestos, and stocks in them, and this latter use would be most served by chalk lids, to tell all the different frozen liquids apart. What a great idea!

  79. I use Mason jars to store my spices, baking soda, baking powder, yeast, spice rubs I make, homemade vanilla and dried beans of all sorts, salt and pepper handy to use right by my stove. I also so use them for homemade gifts. Chalk tops would be great. I’d love to win some and will buy some.

  80. I love using Mason jars as flower vases on my outdoor tables. Think how beautiful your 4th of July cheese and Jam table would look with a mixed bouquet from your garden

  81. I use my mason jars to not only can in, but also to store dry goods, such as quinoa, rice, oatmeal, etc. I find it much more organized-looking to have a line of mason jars than a bunch of half-empty stray bags!

  82. We use canning jars for just about everything – canning, herbs & spices, pantry staples, vinegars, leftovers, salad dressing, freezer storage, to hold change, sewing notions, pens & pencils, cotton balls & q-tips, etc…we drink out of them, make & store kahlua for the holidays, use them as a shaker to make mixed drinks, make & store homemade cleaners. I even soak my seed garlic in a jar for a couple hours before planting it in the fall.

  83. I have nice glasses, so I don’t need to drink beverages out of canning jars. But I do use them when I want to boil liquids in the microwave, such as keeping pickling brine hot, and I used old ones with questionable seals to store seeds, herbs, and other items.

  84. I love mason jars! I have a collection that includes purple, aqua, green and many antique jars. We use them as flower vases, to hold coffee beans, drinking glasses, food gifts from our garden and kitchen, and of course, canning. I can never have enough!

  85. Jars serve a multitude of purposes in my home. Not only are they canning jars, they hold sewing notions, home-made laundry soaps, dried goods, herbs from my gardens and my honey’s summer drinks!

  86. Is there anything I don’t use jars for? Canning, leftovers, drinking glasses, craft supply storage, painting…

  87. I keep finding more uses for my jars….canning, drinking, storing salad dressings…keep the good ideas comin!

  88. I use my mason jars for just about everything – canning, pickling, storage…and sometimes drinking. I love them! It would be nice to have these tops because the ones I have on my flours, baking soda, eye are on the side and wipe off with repeated handling. These would not because they are on the top! So much better….

  89. I use my canning jars for canning, leftovers, spice and herb blends I make, use different sizes for different components of lunches that I pack for work and school, dried fruit and beans, homemade granola, nuts, loose leaf tea, popcorn, homemade dog treats and so much more. I use jars from 4 oz up to half-gallon size. Love my mason jars!

  90. In addition to all the uses mentioned in the article, I use a widemouth canning jar with my stick blender to make fresh mayonnaise and whipped cream.

  91. I am the same way – I use my jars for everything! Canning, leftovers, drinking water, making cold-press coffee, eating overnight oatmeal. I love the chalk top idea!

  92. I just got these over the weekend and love them! I use my jars for canning of course but also pantry items. Flower vases. Storing leftovers. Packing meals to eat on the go. The possibilities are endless! More chalk tops would be awesome!

  93. These jar lids are so cute! I generally use my jars just for canning, but occasionally I will use them for vases or drinking glasses or a snack for school.

  94. I would love to use them for canning (because how cute and convenient would that be!), but they would be so great for storing all the things around my kitchen that I usually use mason jars for, anything from: nutmeg, nuts, simple syrups, sauces, etc!

  95. These are really cool, usually I just write o the jar with a marker. I use my jars for everything canning, pantry, leftovers, salad dressing, buttons lets see what did I leave off the list. 🙂

  96. Besides canning, all of my pantry staples and dried beans are in mason jars in my glass door cabinets =)

  97. I love chalkboard anything! I used paint to make signs for a garden tour last summer, bought labels to use on jam I made for gifts at holiday & got tags for jars this summer. But this is the COOLEST! Perfect for jars. Any size! Can’t wait to use!!

  98. Wow, what don’t I use them for? First of all canning and storage. I use the old blue ones for flower & herb vases. My old wide mouth ones I’ve used in winter to force paper white bulbs. Love to take the half pints to parties with dessert inside. Love them with a layered trifle . Put my hat in the ring for this cool give a way ,thanks . C.

  99. For years, I have used Mason Jars to store my pantry items. Rice, barley, beans, peas, spices. You name it.

  100. Can’t do w/o mason jars. Use them for everything, from canning, storing all my flours, rice, cereal, to making sun tea. I have taken them to picnics with individual salads & desserts in them, no mess, no fuss. Love the idea!!! Can’t wait to try them!

  101. I use them for canning, storing dried garden produce including beans, herbs and fruit, displaying fresh cut flowers…. These lids look SO handy!!

  102. I use them for canning, for fridge storage, to make and store homemade salad dressings, and so many other things!!!

  103. At work each of our labs takes charge of a weekly coffee hour several times a year. I like to do a Jam Session. I gather up the toasters from home and friends and get all the kinds of bread etc that folks like to toast. I bring jam. I’ve had years when I’ve made a dozen or so kinds and have gotten certified to teach preserving in the community. Its been a life long passion.
    For the Jam Session its always been a problem to identify which jam is which even with the labels on the jars. I think these Chalk Tops would be just what we need! High contrast, can make the letters BIG and since we are a University, the chalk board theme is perfect.
    I’d love to have some.

  104. Although I am just beginning to get interested n actual canning of food I have always had a few mason jars hanging around – some store my tie dye solutions between projects, some make pretty vessels for may sugar scrubs, some house homemade snow globes, and my daughter’s favorite is a “mug” for her sweet tea !

  105. Oh yes, I use mason jars for everything! Beside canning, I use them for storing bacon fat, small pkgs of grain, and we also use them as our drinking glasses! My littlest uses half pint jars, the two older use pint jars, and the hubs and I use regular mouth quart jars.

  106. Mostly canning, of course, but I also store beans and grains in them. I use old Bonne Maman jam jars (what I used to eat before I started canning my own) as drinking glasses. 🙂

  107. Besides my (usually) delicious jams, my jars hold grains and other dry kitchen ingredients, plus lately I’ve loved using the quart jars as vases when I bring home fresh flowers from farmers market!

  108. Mason jars are becoming my best friend!! They are in my cabinet and refrigerator storing pasta, oatmeal, couscous, quinoa, baking soda, bay leaves, homemade dressing, homemade sauces. The use of these jars is unlimited. Also I use them for their purpose to can veggies, jams, sauces.

  109. Lately I’ve been using my jars to hold cold brew loose tea. Both of my tea filters have big enough lips to hang on the top of the jar and one of them even allows me to loosely screw the lid on during steeping.

  110. Other than canning, use my jars mostly for freezing leftovers. Use the really large ones to store dry beans, grain, nuts, etc in pie safe.

  111. I can everything with my jars, but I also use them for drinking glasses, and decorations. I have tied burlap around them and attached some dried flowers to put on my counters in my kitchen.

  112. I mainly use my jars for canning, but my favorite trick is storing strawberries! I just rinse them, trim off the stem, pop therm into a quart jar and screw on the lid. They stay fresh in the fridge for over a week!

  113. I use my jars to make suntea (I have my parents old half gallon jars), hold oats for oatmeal, nuts to snack on, chocolate chips, & even homemade body butter (in the wide, short jars). Having those chalk lids would be great!☺ Thank you.

  114. Because we don’t have matching glassware and because I ALWAYS have a stash of canning jars, they (along with my beautiful tie dyed napkins become the good glassware when a lovely select table is called for.

  115. I love using mason jars to hold just about anything that will fit, as soon as i get home from the grocery I take whatever I can out of its plastic bag/wrapping and put in a mason jar. It looks so much better and tastes better that way I think!

  116. I’m very practical when it comes to Mason jars. Canning yes! Especially jam and tomatoes in the summer. (All day yesterday was apricot jam! ) When I organized my pantry I priced out storage jars, and even IKEA containers were more than Mason jars. Plus how can you beat the seal of the Mason jar? That’s why these chalkboard labels are great! They would be perfect for organizing!

  117. I use my canning jars, both new and antique to organize ALL of my suitable baking, candy making, gingerbread house making ingredients (which is an outrageous number). If it doesn’t need to be refrigerated or frozen (I find jars don’t do well in the freezer) and does well being removed from the original packaging, then it goes in the appropriate size jar. Some things, like fondant and a few other things I prefer to leave in the seal packages. I also store some very small, tiny items such as little containers of “disco dust”, pearl dust, etc., in canning jars. The containers for each color are only about the size of a nickle and about an inch high. Numerous ones can fit in a quart canning jar and MUCH easier for me to find. There are a FEW things even in baking I don’t remember from the original container, like the baking powder. I like the tin edge which is used to level my teaspoon. I would say 85 to 90% of the ingredients are in jars. It’s been SO nice since I worked all winter beginning after the holidays on this project.

  118. I use mason jars to hold fresh herbs on my windowsill, I make iced tea in quart-size jars, I use jelly jars to hold makeup brushes, cotton swabs, cotton balls in the bathroom, I store rice, bread crumbs, cornmeal, and other dry goods in jars, And I can with mason jars.

  119. I used my Mason jars for just about everything (including canning!) from drinking glasses, storing grains and nuts, and holding flowers. I use some chalk-paper labels but these toppers would be very useful!

  120. I use them for canning (of course!) but also for infusing vinegars or vodkas, storing grains and pastas, storing flour, for making yogurt, and for storing fresh ground coffee.

  121. I use mason jars to can of course, and also to store dry goods. I also use them to store office supplies and sewing supplies. I make a ring out of copper wire, wrap around the jar just under the threads and then stick it through the holes on a pegboard in my closet to hold jewelry.

  122. I use mine for my daily coffee at the local coffee shop (part of their unlimited mug club). I don’t have to generate daily waste, and I even got a compliment on my coffee “mug” just this morning!

  123. What a clever idea! I would definitely use them for canning. Also, they would be helpful in identifying when leftovers where put in the refrigerator by adding a date to the lid.

  124. Besides canning I use my jars for drinking glasses and storage in the pantry. Usually beans and home-dried herbs. These tops look fun!

  125. Nothing’s cuter than a mixed bouquet from my wildflower garden in a Mason jar. I’m steadily moving all my food storage from plastic to glass, so anything that fits goes into a jar. I’ve lately gotten into infusions, so I have an Italian herb/vodka infusion going and a jalapeno/cumin/honey infusion going in separate Mason jars. I use a quart jar to carry cold-brewed coffee to the office for my daily fix(es) of iced coffee. I use dry-erase labels on my jars now, but think chalk tops would result in fewer accidental erasures.

  126. Everything. As the vessel for the blender, as the container for the homemade laundry detergent, as the container for my iced coffee, as my water cup at my desk, as the storage containers for nuts, as the storage container for ground coffee, as my lunch box and, as soon as I get some wire, as citronella candle holders for outside.

    Oh yes. And I can!!

  127. i store buttons and small scraps of fabric in them when im quilting , they look so pretty with all the colorful fabric in them

  128. I used mason jars just for storage for years, but as of a week ago, I can in them, too. (I can already tell it’s going to be an addiction: in less than I week, I’ve made 5 pints of various jams.)

    Thanks for doing the giveaway!

  129. Gracious – what don’t I use them for? I use them for packing my lunch, leftovers, storing dry goods in the pantry, freezing veggies, leftovers, soup; as drinking glasses; for measuring my water for my tea in the morning; storing homemade face powder, homemade lotion.

  130. We use them for plant vases to decorate the table, to hold dried herbs from the garden, and to make canned goods (pickles, pickled jalapenos, jam, etc). I usually use a white label for the tops so these chalk labels would be great!

  131. I use my jars for everything. Vases, art supply containment, dry goods, leftovers, canning, feeding my bees, everything. I love the idea of chalk tops. It would make my life a lot easier.

  132. I use them for a lot, and that list is growing all the time! Canning, of course. Leftovers for lunches to take to work, dry good storage (especially the bigger jars). They hold pens/pencils, they hold hot tips from my woodburning, and sometimes flowers from my kids. Tea, drinking cups…so much!

  133. I have a blue jar with cuppow for my beverages in the car. I have a jar I use to hold my hair sticks. And one jar is currently starting a pineapple plant. Oh, and my yogurt making jar is waiting to make another batch.

  134. What don’t I use mason jars for?? Transporting dressings, making whipped cream, storing small skewers, storing my spare rubber bands, keeping pantry items safe from bugs, lunch for my lunchbox, freezing fresh squeezed juice from my passionfruit vines, my garden seeds live in mason jars too!
    The chalk lids are genius. I am continually using masking tape…this is so much easier.

  135. In addition to canning and storage, I use my mason jars as prep bowls for cooking. The funnel makes it easy to put ingredients into any size jar.

  136. Mainly I can in them, but I also use for storage & they are great for making salad dressings. Since the jars have a tight seal I can add all the ingredients & just shake it well. Mixes & stores perfectly.

  137. Like others, I can in them and use them for dry good storage. My homemade spice mixes go in them. My favorite way to use them now is for making my summer fruit liqueurs! The big jars are great for steeping fruit in vodka or everclear. Yum! I love the idea of chalk lids. No more masking tape!

  138. I use my canning jars mainly for canning, but I do make special treats – salads, cheesecakes, desserts, etc. to share with co-workers. I also use them for my scrapbooking “sparkles”, beads, ribbons etc. SO many great uses!!

  139. I use my jars for storage of all types. Freezing in them, storage of dry goods, buttons and the best of all is my dried flowers/plants for dyeing. I am a natural dyer and glass jars are perfect for storage until I want/can use them.

  140. I usually use jars for canning, but when they chip I use canning jars for everything else. To hold coffee, herbs, seeds, flowers, etc.

  141. I love my canning jars. I use them for steeping my herbal oils and tinctures, which steep for 6 weeks or so. I store my staples in them, so nice to see in the cabinets. I use them for carrying lunch items and drinks to work. I use them in the freezer for freezing broths, nuts, bread crumbs, tomatoes, and berries. I have a few of the old true blue ball jars, which I just display because I like to look at them. They put a smile on my face.

  142. I love my canning jars! In my pantry, I store tea bags and dry pasta in them. In the bathroom, a vintage canning jar holds cotton balls and another has extra buttons. I ferment pickles in the quart size jars and I can in all sizes. I have some older jars that I display or use as vases.

  143. I use canning jars for many different things. Canning, pantry items, dehydrated food items, homemade balms, homemade almond milk….the list goes on and on!

  144. Initially just canning, but I’ve been slowly moving towards using them for storing dry goods and such in the kitchen 🙂

  145. My small collection of vintage half-pint jars have recently been my go-to wine glasses. Though I really do use my jars for everything from canning to mixing homemade cleaners!

  146. I use jars to can for my family and extended family. It is hard to have enough for keeping up with my canning habit let alone be able to use them for other things, but when they become old and tired I get to use them for whatever I need. Funny how you can just look at a jar and feel grounded…hmmm…happy place 🙂

  147. My canning jars are used to store dry food, dehydrated food, homemade beauty products and some canning products. I love being able to see what I have and how much I have in those jars. I don’t have a pantry, but just open my cupboards and gaze at those gleaming jars….

  148. i use jars for canning of course, but then i also infuse all kinds of yummy boozy stuff. i use jars for my dried herbs and flowers. i use jars for pantry foods. i’m a jar junkie just sayin”. would love these tops.

  149. Those chalk lids are cool. I’m currently using permanent marker on my plastic screw on lids. My jars are for lacto pickles, homemade chutney, shaking up salad dressing. I’m still using the glass peanut butter jars from my childhood and glass Ovaltine jars (I wish I had saved more of these!)

  150. That is so brilliant I could kick myself for not thinking of it first, using blackboard paint to paint tops.

    Aside from canning which I do most, I also store small quantities of specialty flours. Right now I have hazelnut flour in one and quinoa flour in another. I also have half a dozen each holding a different kind of chopped nut.

  151. I use mason jars to hold my dried fruit, grains, homemade granola… and have many for canning, too! I use one to bring my granola and yogurt (with a Cuppow) to work for breakfast. I’ve also made lemonade in a quart jar. I love jars!

  152. In addition to the normal food related storage things that are usually done with jars, I also use them to hold some of my spinning fibers. It’s an easy way to ensure that they remain moth free!

  153. Of course I use them for canning: jams, marmalade, fruit butter, etc., as well as pickles, relish, and chutney. But I also use them for pantry items like dried beans, rice, bread crumbs and the like. I keep my prized stash of vanilla beans standing in a tall narrow Welk jar with an inch of spiced rum in the bottom. When a recipe calls for real vanilla I pull one out, snip off one end, and squeeze the pod – the vanilla beans ooze out like toothpaste (and what harm could that little bit of rum flavor possibly do?!). And most important of all, I keep DOG TREATS in a quart-sized jar out on the counter for my Milo and Harley!

  154. I don’t think I’m going to mention anything new here. Canning, dry kitchen goods, notions in my craft space, a couple of homemade oils in the bathroom, a few collections of small items on a bookshelf, and the ribbons I’ve won for food preservation competitions (it seemed fitting to keep the ribbons in a large Mason jar).

  155. I use my canning jars for canning, storage of dry food items and I keep strong tea in the refrigerator for my husband.

  156. I use my mason jars as lunch containers, to hold leftovers, to store my grains in, and to store my tea leaves in. Oh, and to can stuff in, too!

  157. Spare buttons, leftover wall paint that I save for touch ups, and all the regular stuff…bulk spices that I use a lot, like cinnamon.

  158. They get used for everything from canning to lunch boxes to storing simple syrup in the fridge. And mixing drinks. And making salad dressing. And….

  159. My teenager also uses a quart jar a drinking jar. Besides canning, making yogurt in them and using pint jars as drinking glasses, I’ve also pressed the occasional wide mouth canning jar into service as a vase. Oh, and storing homemade vanilla. 🙂

  160. For putting up pickles, applesauce and jams and then also for all my grains, nuts, dried fruit…..anything and everything!

  161. I drink lots of water and iced tea in my cans; make overnight oatmeal; store leftovers; and make jams and preserves. I may try some pickled vegetables this year–have done that with my mom when I was young, but never with my own kids.

  162. I do use mine daily…vase(sweet potatoes and avocado seeds), craft supplies, pantry items and of course to drink my ice tea and lemonade!

  163. I’ve been making a lot of fruit shrubs lately – the whole top shelf of my fridge is filled with mason jars! I’d love to have a way to mark them without having to hope the freezer tape will stay attached.

  164. I use for canning, leftovers and iced coffee! I make a big batch of cold brewed iced coffee in a 1/2 gallon jar then each morning put some in a pint jar to enjoy!

  165. I use my jars for canning, pantry storage, in lieu of Tupperware for leftovers as vases and glasses.

  166. I use them for canning of course, but also to hold left overs and I use my mason jar with a handle for my rum and cokes b/c I know exactly where to fill the rum up to!

  167. They are my go to containers. They store everything from beans and rice to homemade salad dressing and then on to cat treats and seeds I’m saving for next year’s garden. They are perfect for so many things!

  168. I use them for canning, food storage, as drink glasses, to hold art supplies, as flower vases. And more stuff I’m forgetting. I love these lids. Thanks for the giveaway!

  169. Besides using them for canning, I use the larger 1/2 G size to store my dry goods, too. I store rice, dry beans, lentils, spices (I buy them by the kilo), nuts, dried fruit, tea, candy, chocolate, sugar, and my flour blends. Out of the kitchen, I use them to hold items in my craft room like small balls of yarn, clothespins, small wood objects, etc. I also use small jars for saving seeds from my garden.

  170. I am definitely the stereotypical canner, in that I am addicted to mason jars! I keep a one-gallon mason jar on my desk at work filled with candy (lots of people visit me!) and use them in my cabinet to store bay leaves, granola, lentils, buckwheat, and other bulk goods. They’re great because I always have another size to go to! In a pinch, mason jars double as extra wine glasses, too. 🙂

  171. My father and I use mason jars for everything.. We store grains in the larger ones, drink out of quart sized, we use the pints for spices, and use them all for flower vases.

  172. Morning coffee for sure, as well as fruit-infused water during these hot summer days. Half gallon jars for iced tea (sun tea lately) and pint and 1/2 jars for salads.

  173. I LOVE this idea. Labels peel off or can’t really be re-used. Handmade labels never stay one. Would love to try these.

  174. I use my jars/lids to can (obviously), store items in the pantry, and beverages. I LOVE the idea of being able to write on and re-use these lids!

  175. YES! Would love these!! I use my jars for everything: small jars for storing spices, large ones for buying bulk beans and grains, oils, dish soap, shampoo, etc. I’ve been meaning to make chalk tops, so I won’t have to keep using the bulk stickers at the store, so these sound awesome! By the way, I take my jars to the store with me to fill them up, and I use one of those reusable wine bags with the seperators to keep them all corralled. It works great!

  176. Of course for canning. But also, to make mint and/or fruit fresca drinks for summer, to store dry beans and grains, to freeze soup and to take soup to friends who need a meal, to store homemade yogurt.

  177. We use canning jars exclusively for pantry storage. I decant everything into the jars because 1) nicer looking all lined up without packaging and 2) critters since our pantry is in the garage (super small kitchen).

  178. I use mason jars to organize our toothbrushes, toothpaste and floss on the sink counter. I also use them to hold pens and pencils so they are handy as well as to hold straws at parties. I’ve found that the wide mouth jar works great for making iced coffee with my Aero Press. Just fill the jar with ice, press the coffee concentrate over the ice, then fill the rest of the jar with milk, half and half, or a combo of the two!

  179. Mostly canning. But also for storing dry goods like lentils and beans, and for storing leftovers, and craft supplies, and the odd pencil jar.

  180. I always THINK I’ll remember what’s in jars bug when it come time to dig out of the frig it’s another thing. Is that chili oil or flavored simple syrup? Thinking you have chicken fat but when the jar is located it’s really lemon juice. And the joys of DH adding chutney to oatmeal instead of jam!

  181. Chalk tops are a GENIUS idea! I use my jars for canning, pickling, drinking and storage. Love my mason and weck jars!!!

  182. We use them for anything and everything. My favorite non-food use is as a vase. Nothing is prettier in the spring than an old quart jar filled with a big bunch of peonies!

  183. I use mason jars for my spices. I keep all sorts of bulk spices fresh in my mason jars. This would be fun to label them in caulk.

  184. I use jars to can, freeze, store pantry items, cleaning items…there really isn’t much that a jar CAN do that I don’t use it for! 🙂 I love the cost and eco friendlyness of the glass!

  185. Canning, storage, candle holders and the very important job of holding my iced coffee cold brew concentrate. I must have my iced coffee lattes!

  186. i don’t know why but after my canning, i simply put off labeling my work (i know how awful!). there are too many times i open a jar of salsa and find out it is a runny (read undercooked) jar of tomato jam. with these calk tops there is no nead to wait until the jars are cool to label them.

  187. I can with them. 🙂 I also use them to close quart jars filled with wheat berries, couscous, etc. that aren’t used on a daily basis.

  188. Mine are used for canning, of course, as well as holding my vintage buttons, thread and occasionally drinking from. They have been useful to me for decades.
    Thanks for the opportunity to try the chalk tops.

  189. My family uses mason jars for just about everything – canning (of course), salad dressing mixer, drinking glasses, homemade laundry/dish soap containers, bacon grease holders, and habitats for my son’s bug finds. But don’t worry, we wash after each of these uses :0)

  190. I store my dry beans and rices in my mason jars. They look really pretty sitting on my shelf. I use them for many other things but that is a constant. Love my jars.

  191. I have not used my bigger jars for canning as much as I thought I would when I purchased them. However, they come in super handy for the barley, rice, and oats they now keep in my pantry. But the chalk tops sure would be a better solution to the post it notes I keep on top of the lids now!

  192. I use the larger mason jars for storage of dry goods — beans, rice, pasta, even cereal. The smaller jars (pint and half-pint) are for canning jams, jellies, relish and marinara sauce. I love the idea of chalk friendly lids for the jars!

  193. I use them for coffee (with a lid and a knitted cozy to protect my hands), carrying lunch, drinking glasses, canning. I use the small jars for spices (these lids would be PERFECT for that) and also for small amounts of leftovers (canned chipotle peppers in sauce, tomato paste, etc.) I also use the big jars for buying and storing food from the bulk section (beans, grains, etc.) This is great for cutting down on plastic use. Oh! Kombucha!

  194. I use them to store dried goods like rice, granola, and flour. It helps keep bugs and ants out of the cupboards. I also use them for fermenting which I am just starting to get into. I love canning jars because they last forever and can be used for anything without retaining orders like plastic does.

  195. I buy spices and herbs in bulk, so a few standard sized mason jars make great holders. Wide mouth half pints are my favorite and fit nicely in drawers. And they stack with other wide mouth, straight sided jars in the cabinet when I need more of an herb or spice.

  196. I use them for canning, holding hot drinks on the way to work, and for drinking. I have a cat who likes to dip his paws into unguarded drinking vessels, so screwing on a lid when a drink is not in use is really handy!

  197. I use jars to store stuff in almost every room in the house. But I have been canning food for 30 years. Love these lids.

  198. I love my jars! I can all I can, but my jars are perfect containers for dried herbs, spice blends, bulk dry goods, breakfast, lunch, homemade mixes, extra iced tea to go, etc. I also used them as flower jars, to store fresh herb “bouquets,” and for citrus salts and sugar. I must get some of these tops so I don’t forget what spice blend is in which jar.

  199. I’ve usually only used my mason jars for canning, but I’ve just moved into a much smaller home and now I’d like to use them to store and stack things like beans, rice and other grains. These would be perfect for labeling them!

  200. We have a wide range of Mason jar sizes. My husband uses them mainly for drinking water from or fastener storage. We mainly use them in the kitchen for dry food storage. But I love using them the most for the different colors of chocolate candies I use in my baking. The colors I use the most go in the big jars and the colors used the least go in the small ones. Much easier than storing in ziploc bags.

  201. Mason jars are one of those ridiculously useful things, the duct tape of the kitchen. I don’t tend to use them elsewhere, except a wide mouth jar for sharpies. Obviously jams and other preserved foods, but also dry goods, lunch salads (dressing and beans at the bottom, invert to mix, love it), random sized leftovers in the fridge, mixing slurries for sauces or dressings…

    The suggestion above to use a jar as a water bottle to defeat cats is purely brilliant, and I’m going to start that one today!

  202. Oh man.we use mason jars for just about everything. Canning of course. They are also the cups in our house, travel containers, pantry storage, they even hold our silverware, pens and markers, tooth brushes. There’s even a few tiny jars in my daughter’s play kitchen.

  203. I just found your blog through a friend’s FB post. Love it! I can lots of meat (rabbit, chicken, peacock, turkey, pork, etc.), and make killer spicy dilly beans and cherry-basil jam. I also use 1/2 gallon jars for my bulk purchases of rice, beans, quinoa, etc. I don’t know what I’d do without them! I have to use metal lids – I have more mice than my 3 cats and 2 dogs can keep up with (I live way out in the country), so the plastic ones don’t work. I really like the idea of being able to write on the lids and then wipe them off. Sharpie doesn’t always come completely off, and makes it hard to re-use them. I hate wasting them!!

    Can’t wait to see your next installment!

  204. I use mason jars for canning, naturally. I also use them to store beans, rice, and home-dried produce. They also make great drinking glasses. I keep a few in the freezer for iced tea.

  205. I’m just now getting into canning and preserving – so that’s what I use them for primarily. I’ve always kept jars gifted to me and use them repeatedly for small batches – jams, relishes, butters – that get eaten very quickly, practically right away. So I’m most interested in storage lids – like these!

  206. I’m new to canning and its been a ‘sweet’ learning curve. I use the jars for canning now; however, I’ve used them for everything from stashing small stuff that needs a home, drinking cold beverages and storing dry goods. I would use the chalk tops for gifts: I’m making jam for guests that come to my mother’s graduations. She’s getting her master’s degree @ 66 years old!

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