Giveaway: BNTO from Cuppow

stack of BNTO

Back in July, the folks who make the Cuppow launched a new product. Called BNTO, it’s a 6 ounce plastic cup that fits snugly into a wide mouth mason jar, making it possible for you to pack a whole meal into a single jar.

It’s a handy item if you’re the type who is mildly jar obsessed (no shame in that) and likes to tote your meals to and fro while creating as little waste as possible. We use it a lot around my household for the packing of carrot sticks and hummus (one of my husband’s favorite mid-day snacks), but it’s also particularly good for yogurt and granola.

BNTOs in a box

Because we’re now smack dab in the middle of the start-of-school, pack-a-lunch season, the Cuppow team and I thought it would be fun to give away a whole bunch of BNTOs. Ten, in fact. Pretty nice of them, huh? Here’s how to enter to be one of the ten winners.

  1. Leave a comment on this post and share a favorite packed lunch memory. Did you have a favorite lunch box as a kid? Or did you leave your milk in your thermos over the weekend, only to have it explode when your mom opened it on Sunday night? (Not that I’d know anything about that!)
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm east coast time on Friday, August 30, 2013. Winners will be chosen at random (using and will be posted to the blog on Sunday, September 1, 2013.
  3. Giveaway is open to US and Canadian residents.
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left on the blog, I cannot accept submissions via email.
Disclosure: Cuppow is a sponsor of this website and has provided the ten BNTOs for this giveaway. They also sent me a few to use earlier in the year at no cost to me. However, my opinions remain my own.ย 

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894 responses to “Giveaway: BNTO from Cuppow”

  1. My mom packed peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on wheat and nature valley granola bars in my Superman lunch box circa 1980.

  2. I love my cuppow, and would love to add the BNTO to my lunch packing arsenal! My friends used to call my sandwiches the “color sandwiches” because my mom was the only one who put lettuce, tomato, and mustard on them! Everyone was jealous – kids really do want more than cheese and white bread!

  3. My favorite packed lunches were when we had a school field trip. It meant an ice cold soda wrapped in tin foil. Such a great memory.

  4. My favorite packed lunch memory is of my metal Strawberry Shortcake lunchbox and thermos. Everything that came out of it just tasted better!

  5. My favorite packed lunch was always tuna salad. My mom never let me have it because she was nervous it would go bad before I ate it, but my dad would sneak me one every now and then. My favorite ever lunch box was the old style construction worker type, all black with the rounded top where the thermos would go. I loved clicking the thermos into place. Maybe that was the start of my love for efficient food containers.

  6. I’m a hater of soggy bread, and was a notoriously picky eater growing up. This meant lunch meats were out, and in my family, no one ate vegetables. So every. single. day. I ate a peanut butter sandwich. No jelly, just pb. Just a slice of bread with some pb is still one of my favorite snacks, even though my tastes (thank goodness!) have grown quite a bit.

  7. My favorite packed lunch memory was as an adult. I got to,work one day to find a lunch bag with my name knit packed by my beloved. He was recently divorced and packing lunches for his children and thought would be nice to pack one for me. I can still see that brown bag with my name in it and it was 30+ years ago. Still makes me smile!

  8. I also loved field trip days because that meant I got a can of ginger ale with my packed lunch. It was wrapped in newspaper, usually the comics.

  9. I carried an old metal lunchbox with Emergency on it. Emergency was a television series in the 70’s. I even had ovaltine for lunch everyday from the thermos that matched.

  10. The other kids were always curious about my lunches…they were strange to them, meats like corned beef, pastrami, and tongue. On breads they didn’t usually see, like challah, bagels, corn rye. I used to beg my Mom for a peanut butter and jelly on white bread, but she couldn’t see the attraction, and frankly, when I finally ate it, I couldn’t either. My favorite then and now, were the half sour pickles that accompanied everything.

  11. In high school, my lunch never really made it to lunch time as I would usually eat it by mid-morning (more like a second breakfast). But that left more time for sitting in the sunshine at actual lunch time…

  12. My favorite packed lunch memory was the year I lived in New Zealand and had to pack my lunch because there wasn’t a hot lunch program. I loved it as I always bought lunch in the US.

  13. I remember the brown paper bags my mom used to use. She would draw pictures on them and we would reuse the same bags over and over. And the wax paper bags. Sandwiches were always packed in wax paper.

  14. I looked forward to the beginning of the school year just so I could pick out the coolest of cool lunch boxes. It was usually my favorite cartoon at the time. Now I am huge fan of the laptop lunch boxes!

  15. My favorite was a peanut butter jelly sandwich in my Snoopy Lunch box. And more than once did I leave my milk in the thermos! gross..

  16. I’ve been eying these enviously! I pack 4 lunches every school day and would use these often if they work well!

  17. I used to walk home from schhol and had lunch at a neighbor’s house because my mom worked. My neighbor made pot pies and mac and cheese and we got to drink Hi-C from a giant tin can. It was all stuff we never ate at home, so I thought it was fabulous!

  18. I always ate hot lunch growing up, but, that made field trip lunches extra special for me. I remember going to the grocery store with my mom to pick out what I wanted in my lunch. I was always able to get a soda, in a can, and we wrapped it in aluminum foil to keep it cold. It was always in a brown paper bag and it was one of the only times I got to have chips! Good memories, thanks for bringing them back. Saw the BNTOs a couple of weeks ago for the first time, would be fantastic for salads! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  19. I was the talk of the lunch room with my packed lunches (all the way through high school)! My friends all wanted to trade me their hot lunches for my Mom’s ow-yok-sung, curried lentil soup or homemade chicken salad. I wouldn’t give them up though– and I ate every last bite!

  20. I don’t remember what was on my lunchboxes growing up, but I do know that I loved the thermos that came with them. And they got seriously funky if you didn’t clean them that night!!

  21. I always wanted one of those Tupperware sectioned lunchboxes with the close-over handle. Now I just drool over the many, many available containers out there… but my kids eat sandwiches and fruit, no special containers required, nearly every day!

  22. I don’t know that I have any favorite lunch memories. My packed lunches were a source of misery when I was a kid. As a grown up I have often been pleased to know there was a delicious sandwich or yummy leftovers waiting for me if I could just survive until lunch.

  23. My favorite packed lunch was with my son at Mom and Me boyscout camp.
    We had ham sandwiches with nacho & cheese and a cold coke. We ate under the shade
    trees on the tail gate of the truck ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. Since I rarely had packed lunch as a kid, my memories are as an adult. My favorite was making my own lunch bag to take to work. It made taking my lunch to the office so much more fun.

  25. I have bitter memories of my childhood home packed lunches. They were never what I wanted. The year I was in 3rd grade I had a scam going with my teacher where I would trade her my homemade lunch for a school lunch. I loved it! It was all fun and games until my patsy of a teacher spilled the beans to my mother at parent-teacher conference. then the jig was up, and I had to go back to whole wheat sandwiches and brown apples. ๐Ÿ™

  26. For a few months in high school I was into hardboiled eggs for lunch, until one day my mom packed 3 raw eggs instead of the ones I’d boiled the night before. Unfortunately, I was brown-bagging it that day. Talk about a mess! Now I’d be much more inclined to pack a chicken- or bean-salad. A BNTO would be perfect for storing my dressing seperately.

  27. About 5 years ago when my son was a junior in high school, he told me his friend’s said they wished their mom’s made them lunches like his, because they always looked so good.

  28. Had a rad metal Masters of the Universe lunchbox, which ended up rusting through by fifth grade. I guess Man-at-Arms just couldn’t keep it together long enough to tough through it until high school.

  29. My best two packed lunch memories speak volumes on the type of nutritional education I received (or didn’t receive) as a kid.

    First, my friends and I would always pull out everything in our lunches and, thinking we were being healthy, identify something in our lunches from every food group. Peanut butter and fluff sandwich? Grain, protein, check. Package of oreos, listing partially hydrogenated vegetable oil? Vegetables, check. Fruity gushers? Fruit, check.

    A second memory was a habit we had of making “chocolate potato chips.” The way we did this was to lay out plain potato chips, hold an oreo over them, and use our fingernails to scrape the chocolate “dust” onto the chip. So gross. No wonder the teachers always came over and told us to stop doing that…

  30. Warm tuna fish sandwiches. Yuck! It’s a wonder I never got sick eating those things. Once I got to be old enough, I packed my own lunches but my Mom didn’t really monitor what was going in. Sometimes I would only pack a salad, i.e. chopped lettuce and some dressing, and wonder why I was hungry at 1:30. Took some time, but now I pack a mean lunch for my 4 year old!

  31. My grandmother made knit mittens and my lunchbox always had a spare pair to replace the ones that would get soaked at recess.

  32. I remember frequently hiding in the bathroom (for some reason?) in high school to eat my Tofurkey sandwich on whole wheat with mustard because I got hungry before lunch. It actually wasn’t bad.

  33. one day my mom was in a super rush and didn’t have any bread for my usual sandwich so i got a cold piece of chicken instead. ha!

  34. I grew up in the Lunchables prime – I’ll never forget the nacho version! Clearly these would be a better option now that I work in an office ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. Although it was mortifying at the time, my favourite lunch box memory was from a time when my Grandparents came to babysit me and my sister for a week while my parents were away. My Grandfather was known to be a prankster, so he thought it would be really funny to help my Grandmother pack my lunch and he put a couple of my dog’s Milkbones biscuits in my lunch box….EVERYDAY that week!! I was so embarrassed at the time! LOL

  36. These are so cool! My mom used to pack my lunches as a kid with a little note! I honestly don’t remember much about what she actually packed though!

  37. I used to be terribly embarrassed, but my mom used to pack me “Sushi” when I was a kid. Of course I asked for sandwiches like everyone else, but I wish I could take it back and have my mom pack me sushi for lunch again.

  38. In eighth grade I decided not to eat lunch. I didn’t want my parents to know so I just left the packed lunches in my locker. That only worked so long… HA

  39. My favorite lunchbox story – as in favorite to retell, not necessarily that it was a fond moment – is about how my mom used to pack red pepper strips for my grade school snack. This may not seem like a big deal now, but I grew up in the generation weaned on Hostess and Nabisco. So, there were all the other kids trading their Ho-Ho’s and Ding-Dong’s and I’m quietly, reluctantly crunching on red pepper. No one would ever trade with me.

    My mom gets all the credit for my love and appreciation of good, healthy, REAL food now that I am an adult. You couldn’t make me eat a Twinkie if you paid me!

  40. I just remember that, as a kid, Lunchables were the greatest possible thing a kid could get. To parents it might’ve just meant mom had more spare money than time, but to us it just made you seem like the coolest. My mom would get them for us when we went on field trips so we wouldn’t have to keep track of a lunch box all day, which only served to make them feel even more special!

  41. I had some pretty terrible lunches. My Mom loved Liverwurst (aka LiverWORST) and for some reason she never got it through her head that I hated it. So all too often she would pack me a Liverwurst sandwhich and when I got to the corner of my street I would toss it down the storm sewar only to spend the afternoon hungry. She never knew and she never got it even though I always told her “I don’t like Liverwurst.” Other than the liverwurst she was a great mom.

  42. These would be fantastic for my daughter, who takes lunch to school every day as well as 2 nights a week for dinner between dance classes! She loves things like salads and yogurt/granola and this would be so much easier than packing multiple containers.

    My favorite lunch memory growing up was my mom giving me a quarter–which paid for milk as well a LARGE, fresh baked cookie to go along with my Strawberry Shortcake lunchbox.

  43. I had a Campbell’s soup thermos as a child. When winter hit, I was always excited for the soups my mom would prepare for me that were still warm at lunch. Roasted tomato bisque still warm with some crackers got me through many long days at school.

  44. I had a Jungle Book lunchbox that was stolen on my first day of 1st grade. What a downer! But Mom always made the most creative lunches – a particular favorite was the PB, Jelly and CHEESE sandwich. By the time lunch rolled around, the cheese had absorbed all the jelly and had morphed into the consistency of a roof shingle. But my – was it tasty!

  45. I fondly remember my mother packing me a lunch of La Choy chicken chow mein in my Peanuts thermos back in first grade.

  46. My favourite colour has always been green. Except in grade three, when my Mom bought me a new lunch kit. It was a little cooler bag with a handle and the word ‘hungry’ written on it, and it was purple. I spent that entire school year convincing everyone, including myself, that purple was my favourite colour. Luckily the universe returned to order the following September.

  47. When I got older I insisted on making my own lunch because my mom would never remember to put peanut butter on both pieces of bread and the jelly would leak through. ๐Ÿ™‚

  48. I went to a hippy Montessori school that was very strict about what kind of food I could bring to school. My parents tried to follow the rules but would sometimes get lazy and send me off with Lunchables. On those days, the teacher would glare at me and sometimes give a lecture to all the kids about how bad processed foods are.

  49. My Mom used to pack lunches with: a hard boiled egg, peeled, a peanut butter sandwhich.. no jelly.. on whole wheat bread…. and an apple or an orange, or heavens, a banana that always got brown in the bag… but she usually wrote a note and made a kiss mark with her lipstick on the note… I remember that almost as much as the ever present whole wheat bread… I too wrote notes and kissed my kids hard boiled eggs with quickly applied lipstick, on the shell… they liked to take the shells off themselves. No peanut butter sandwiches unless they wanted them… they loved cheese with mustard and lettuce… and they loved ww bread!

  50. My husband packed my lunch for work one day and he cut out letters and a heart from apple slices and spelled “I <3 you" on top of my salad. It was very sweet and a nice surprise.

  51. I have fond memories of meatloaf or boiled tongue sandwiches. My mom would cook a couple of meals on the weekend, and fix us both lunches from them – mine to take to summer day camp, hers to take to work. During the school year, I ate the cafeteria lunch. In those days, it was real food, cooked right at the school. I remember trading my cake for other kids’ spinach. They thought I was nuts.

  52. Growing up, when we had field trips for school, my dad would always pack our lunches. He loved doing it. The night before, he would run to the store and buy our favorite candy bar as an extra special treat. We NEVER got candy bars, so it was always a big deal. In 5th grade, I was going on a big sternwheeler trip with the rest of the 5th graders in my school. He packed my lunch as usual, but once I got to school, I noticed he had forgotten the candy bar. Needless to say I was heartbroken. It was so unlike him to forget. Being 10, it ruined my day. I cried on the bus ride downtown. How could he possibly forget? I was convinced that it was going to be the worst day of my life… until we got to the boat. My dad hadn’t forgotten at all. Not only had he not forgotten, he was there to surprise me by going on the field trip with me… and he brought me a candy bar.

  53. Trying to remember a packed school lunch memory and none are coming to mind. I lived on peanut butter as a kid. I do recall having lunch at Marineland with the Girl Scouts one time and having a soda… I opened it, took a sip, set it down, looked at a friend to say something… and a moment later was up and running because there was a bee in my soda can!

  54. My dad packed my lunch one day, american cheese and bologna. (yes, it was on white bread). He left the plastic wrapper on the cheese. I was mortified!

  55. Carrying my lunch to school in my metal Snoopy lunchbox with matching thermos–I always feel so old when I come across them in antique stores……!!

    • I grew up with PB & J wrapped in wax paper–secured by rubber bands & soggy as all get out. Nothing comes close to that toothsome jummy-ness!

  56. I remember loving getting a new lunch box at the beginning of the school year. I love cuppow and this new bnto would be another improvement to my lunch arsenal!!

  57. I don’t recall having a lunch box. Our lunches were pretty simple; apple with a PB&honey sandwich and some Pogens (a brand of thin, animal shaped, ginger snap cookies available back in the ’60’s!). We never had much, but it was enough, tho’ no one wanted to trade us for our stuff! But, I recall the one time my grandmother babysat us for a week while my parents had to go out of state (a rarity!). We convinced her to pack us huge lunches with all sorts of stuff. Don’t know if she ever told our parents! ๐Ÿ™‚

  58. In 3rd grade there were fruit rollups in the school cafeteria. Usually, my mom made lunch and couldn’t afford the extra sweets, but when I did get them I felt like one of the cool kids with my fruit rollup ;0)

  59. My favorite packed lunch memories are not actually the unremarkable boxes I toted to school, but rather the lunches I packed for my own children when they were in elementary school. They attended Waldorf school where packing lunches is required, and preparing them healthy quite the norm (no HoHos allowed) My current challenge is to persuade those same children, now grown, to continue in that tradition now that they are attending college. These lil BNTOs might be just the thing!

  60. I loved peanut butter and jelly sandwiches that had been sitting in the lunchbox all morning and were weirdly soggy. This cannot be duplicated by making it after breakfast and letting it sit on the counter all morning and I don’t know why.

  61. Alas, I grew up a hot luncher. The only time I could pack a lunch was on field day near end of the school year; basically carnival all school day instead of class. The best things were having Hostess fruit pies and some kind of bottled iced tea or lemonade by Veryfine. It would be packed in a tin Holly Hobby lunchbox that a downstairs neighbor had left behind.

  62. I packed a lunch all through high school- PB & Raspberry Jam on 5 Seed bread, an apple, cucumber chunks, and peaches & cream instant oatmeal (made in the home ec room microwave) to eat after school before practice.

  63. My dad made the best PB&J sandwiches and I had a very cool Lisa Frank unicorn lunch box… any other 90’s kids out there remember those? ๐Ÿ™‚

  64. I was a Snoopy fanatic as a kid, so my favorite lunchbox ever was my Snoopy lunchbox, shaped like his dog house. ๐Ÿ™‚

  65. I had an awesome metal Carebears lunchbox that my grandmother bought me. And my mom used to make me these weird ground up bologna and pickle sandwiches.

  66. I had PB & J sandwiches almost everyday through grade school…so glad that I have moved onto other food groups for my lunches as an adult. ๐Ÿ™‚

  67. A product like this would’ve been super useful when I was in school. I was notorious for finding bags of carrots or other smelly goodies weeks later that had escaped in my packback

  68. I had a Strawberry Shortcake lunchbox, one of the old metal kind. After it was retired from lunch duty it became the home for every crayon I ever owned. I am sure my mom still has it.

  69. I had the most awesome purple plastic Garfield lunchbox. I always packed my own lunch, and on a really great day, it would be cold, leftover Pizza Hut sausage-and-mushroom pizza. Yum.

  70. I used to have a strawberry shortcake lunchbox. One day, while at school, with my favorite lunchbox and my favorite lunch (a peanut butter and jelly sandwich), my sandwich fell out of my lunchbox and onto the dirt. I figured I could just wash it off. That was the first and the last time I ever tried to eat a P.B. +J+ Water sandwich.

  71. not a lunch, really, but on hurried, cold mornings, my stepdad used to make the most perfect grilled cheese sandwiches… for breakfast! I would eat my sandwiches in the car on the way to school, holding them close to the window to watch it steam up, and feel like everything was right in the world because I was so well taken-care of <3

  72. I was always the kid who had homemade lunches when everyone else had store bought stuff! I did not appreciate it as a child and was constantly trading my homemade brownies and cookies for dunkaroos and store bought snacks!

  73. All though high school I had the same lunch: tuna salad on a bun, an apple, granola bar, a yogurt, half a mars bar and money for milk. 5 years of high school (in Ontario at the time) and I still love all those things. Amazing

  74. Hah! So once my mom packed me some orange soda in a plastic drink container, one that sealed up, but had a straw that you flipped up to drink from. I sat down at lunch to eat my food and drink my orange soda. But my soda had gotten completely shaken up, so as I flipped the straw up it began to spray out – right into the face of the poor girl sitting across from me. She got an entire faceful of orange soda, and I was completely mortified. From then on, we only put juice or water in that drink container.

  75. Oh my goodness, I’d love to get my hands on one of these!

    When I was a kid, my mom used to make my lunch for school. She knew how I liked things. But sometimes, dad would make lunch, and he always did things all wrong! Sandwiches with mustard (which I love now, but hated as a kid), and no dessert. The worst!

  76. I never took my lunch to school…I lived across the street, but my kids did. They always enjoyed finding little notes of encouragement in their lunch boxes. I’d like to take credit for that, but my husband always packed their lunches…he still packs mine for work. Yes, we’re spoiled and we know it. We like it that way! ๐Ÿ™‚

  77. My first grade class was the first one in the school to never get to go home for lunch! The cafeteria was “built” in 1973 (some folding tables in the basement, a freezer and oven to cook pre-made foil wrapped lunches) and a cooler for milk. In first grade I had a cool vinyl lunchbox with a shoulder strap!

  78. My mom packed me a pb&j every day for 12 years of school, and it is still the comfort food I crave most when I’m feeling stressed! (Thanks mom!)

  79. Every day, lunch included a sandwich, an apple, and a juice box. It was a special occasion if we had treats, but the best one was those giant double stuffed oreos! I used to love those days!

  80. As a kid, my father always packed me onigiri a lot which were a novelty to my non-Asian friends but sadly were impossible to barter for snacks and candies. Finally, I took over my lunch duty when I was eleven and packed and ate more snacks than I should have but I loved it.

  81. I always hated sandwiches as a kid, so my mom used to make me chef Boyardee every morning and pack it in a thermos for my lunch box! It definitely showed how much she loved me that she would get up every morning and do that, because I’m sure she didn’t enjoy the smell!

  82. In college, packing a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and having the bread absorb the jelly oh so nicely. And thinking to bring a thermos of milk to solve my ‘peanut butter-mouth’ problem.

  83. My Mom always packed us Oscar Mayer bologna. And by the time lunch rolled around you were eating a warm bologna sandwich on Wonder bread. I don’t eat Wonder bread or Oscar Mayer bologna anymore.

  84. I took my lunch everyday. My favorite was summer sausage sandwiches. It was always fun to pick out a lunchbox at the beginning of the year!

  85. No favorite, but a least… My mom sent me Tang everyday. I hated it but didn’t want to hurt her feelings so I never told her. It gives me shivers just to think about it! My oldest is headed to Kindergarten this year and I’m a teacher so these would be awesome for us!

  86. Most days I ate the cafeteria lunch but a few times a year my friends and I would all carry our lunches and Mom would go all out…sandwich, fruit, lunch cake, juice. The works! I loved those days. ๐Ÿ™‚

  87. My favorite lunch box was scooby doo and the mystery machine. Strangely I have zero memory of what I ever had in there.

  88. I didn’t get to carry my lunch to school. I had to walk home every day. When my Mom was sick, my dad cooked for us. Canned chicken and noodle soup and fried apples everyday. When we asked him to fix something different, he made homemade noodles rolled out with a Mason jar.

  89. My favorite memory is when I would open my lunchbox and find that my mom had packed me a Nutella sandwich. That special treat always brightened my day!

  90. When I went to grade school I always had a tuna sandwich, fruit and (Warm) milk in my real glass thermos.When I was in 3 rd grade,1962, I went to another school that had a cafeteria,.35 cents for a hot lunch .From then on I never took my lunch to school again !

  91. I would always hide my sandwiches when I got home from school before I would give my lunch box back to my mom; because I hated them and my mom once found like 4 moldy sandwiches under my bed LOL

  92. Every day for years, I would have a peanut butter and honey sandwich for lunch. My dad would leave happy little notes in my lunchbox, signed “Daddio.”

  93. I remember packing a cup ‘o noodles for lunch in 2nd grade. During lunch, I spilled the entire thing, boiling water and all, on my legs. It hurt like crazy, but I was more increased than injured. My Mom had to pick me up early and take me home. I remember that like it was yesterday.

  94. I don’t remember taking my lunch very often. Most of the time I got money to buy it, which meant the usual cafeteria staples, like hamburgers, grilled cheese and “meatloaf”. I still kind of miss those tater tots…

  95. When I was a little girl I had a pink plastic Barbie lunchbox that came with a matching Thermos. My mom would make me sandwiches, usually bologna and cheese, but for some reason the smell of that lunchbox always reminded me of Kraft mac n’ cheese, which was a frequent lunch during summer breaks. I wish I’d held on to that lunchbox…

  96. I’m SO excited about this giveaway… The Cuppow products have changed my life! My mother used to pack all kind of little healthy foods in my lunchbox – nuts, cheese, veggies, fruits – and I would look longingly at the other kids’ lunches full of processed and exciting alternatives. I’ve now grown to appreciate her dedication to feeding me real food.

  97. Mine was tomato soup in a thermos and grilled cheese….which by the time I ate it …it really was tomato soup and a cheese sandwhich.

  98. I had a My Little Pony lunchbox that I loved. Mom used to give us a sticker in our lunches, so it was always fun to find out what the sticker was… always the cool puffy stickers of the 80s.

  99. I had homemade lunches all the way through high school. As a grade schooler I would look longingly on other children’s jello pudding packs as I ate my canned fruit from a small thermos. As a high schooler I loved the lunches my dad packed; my mom got better at baking bread so it no longer crumbled as I ate my sandwich. He also started to include special (store bought) desserts once in a while. Hello pink sno-ball.

  100. School lunches were always a disaster, but in the summer I’d stay with my grandparents and they used to make up picnic lunches for me and then take me to the library. I’d pick out a stack of books, then eat fresh homemade bao and cucumber salad at the park next door. And once a week, we’d get In n’ Out. ๐Ÿ™‚

  101. As one of four close-in-age kids, with a mother whose food prep skills encouraged me to start cooking at an early age, I’m afraid my brown bag memories are not all too thrilling. But *this* product sure does get the ideas flowing. Thanks!

  102. Another kid in my class had a blue lunch box that was identical to mine in 2nd grade. I probably ended up with his lunch twice a week- which was a plus because my mom never packed dessert and his did! My favorite was when I found a baggie of ants on a muddy log instead of the usualy pb and j!

  103. I packed lunches all the way up through high school, often during college, and now most days as a working “adult”. Sadly, they’re not usually very creative and are often the same thing, or, really, variations on the same things – overnight oatmeal with fruit or last night’s leftovers. Maybe one of these fun guys would help the creativity!

  104. From 1st through 3rd grade I had homemade packed lunches in my rad metal Dukes of Hazzard lunchbox, but by the time I hit middle school it was all about Lunchables and New York Seltzers! In high school I are the same thing every day: a chocolate chip muffin from the cafeteria and an apple. I’d be horrified if my kids ate the same way I did, HA!

  105. I remember how cool those metal lunchboxes were in the 80s. I can’t remember which one I had, but I know I was always wanting one that was better and/or cooler!

  106. I’ve always liked picnic lunches, or making salads or leftovers… but that was always hard in school (no way to nuke it) and I have trouble eating a packed sandwich… something about the texture gets me every time.

  107. My sister and I had a metal Holly Hobby lunchbox and one other…perhaps a Scooby Do box. I was so jealous of the kids that got the newer plastic lunchboxes. Mine had bits of rust around the edges. ๐Ÿ™
    Now I have a fun little Hostess Ding Dong lunchbox, just to have one. And I’m happy to say that’s it’s metal.

  108. I had a thermos that leaked so badly. I remember one day I had a koolaid soaked sandwich. And I was so hungry, I picked off the good parts and ate those.

  109. Sitting on my metal Sesame Street lunchbox waiting for my mom to pick me up. Coordinating thermos inside, of course. Loved those metal lunchboxes!

  110. My mom made my lunches growing up, and I remember the contents always contained the following: a sandwich, a bag of chips, a piece of fruit, a cookie, and a juice box. It was always just right.

  111. I always had the plain brown bags for my lunches, and my PB&Js would always get smushed by my books. Obviously we should’ve just invested in a retro metal lunchbox!

  112. I honestly don’t remember much of what I took for lunch throughout elementary and middle school-I vaguely recall various leftovers, bunches of small containers of this and that packed neatly into a lunchbox with a pepperidge farm cookie for dessert. But I do have vivid memories of the complicated trading system my friends and I set up to share tiny tastes of each others’ lunches, in particular sweets: we would make a pool, with everyone contributing a few little bits of whatever they had, and take turns picking what we wanted so everyone got the same number of tastes. We never wanted to trade our entire lunches, but having a little bit of someone else’s was somehow very satisfying.

  113. I had a tiny pink soft-sided cooler back in the days before every lunch box was insulated. I was super proud of it, even when my lunch didn’t really need to be insulated. I loved it so much that I carried it all through junior high and high school, even when it turned from pink to mostly grungy brown.

  114. my favorite packed lunch memory is the one that happens when it’s about noon and I’m dreading visiting our hospital cafeteria for lunch – only to remember some tasty lunch I packed in the wee hours. that’s the best!

  115. My fave packed lunch memory is from mid grade school when I would fight with the lunch lady because I wanted to throw away my yogurt and orange. I was stubborn about not wanting to eat midday.

  116. Lunch memory….I one time packed a raw egg instead of a hard cooked egg in my daughters lunch….needless to say that didn’t go over well.

  117. I always brought a packed lunch in elementary school. My favorite was a peanut butter sandwich and fritos. I used to jam the corn chips inside my sandwich for crunch!

  118. My Mom figured out it was cheaper to buy lunch than make it. The two most memorable lunch foods were the almost 1/2 inch hamburgers that were burnt in the very interior but raw in the outer & the lunch room which made us eat half of everything they served….including nasty canned sauerkraut. I’d use most of the bottle of ketchup to force down 2 bites while the lunch ladies laughed.

  119. Before the time of mason jar lunches, I used plastic containers as a lunchbox. I can’t tell you how many books I have destroyed in all this time by leaking containers!

  120. My Mom always made me great lunches for school – I was the kid with lettuce and tomato on my sandwich, with hole wheat bread (crusts left on of course), with carrots or fruit and maybe some Fig Newtons (my favorite treat growing up). Never drank chocolate milk from the carton. I’m sure my ‘friends’ thought i was weird, but I love it!

  121. I got a Brady Bunch lunch box when I was in the 3rd grade ,I thought it was super cool, until I got to School on the first day, who knew plaid was in that year? I hid it from my classmates because one girl saw it first thing in the morning and laughed at me, lol I was horrified. I paper bagged it the rest of the year. lol

  122. I have 5, yes, 5 cuppows. I have given cuppows with jars and homemade quilt jar cozies to 7 different teachers. So many people have bought them on my recommendation. I really need a BNTO to show off in the teacher’s lunch room!!

  123. I always wanted ham and mustard sandwiches, but money was tight and I only got real ham as long as the Thanksgiving leftovers lasted. The rest of the year it was Bologna and mustard. Now as a mom myself I try to give my daughter everything I feel I missed out on. Of course she is allergic to ham and it make her throw up, and she thinks Bologna is wonderful. =)

  124. It’s sad that my mother was a phenomenal cook but the only lunchbox memory I have is of the time she froze chicken salad sandwiches for lunch. That did not turn out well. I probably remember it so clearly only because everything my mom made was always delicious.

  125. The only thing that comes to mind is that my mom gave me green milk on St. Patrick’s day & all the other kids thought it was gross.

  126. I really can’t remember what was packed in my lunch or what was on my lunch box. I definitely had metal lunch boxes; maybe Muppets. I do remember reading the lunch menu to decide whether I was getting hot lunch. I don’t know why I bothered, it was never good.

  127. I was blessed as a child…..while the other kids complained over dry sandwiches, my Mom always packed me fruit and yogurt. To this day, it’s my favorite lunch ๐Ÿ™‚

  128. All I remember is peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. It’s only recently (about 20 years) that I can eat them again!

  129. I remember once when my sister made my brother’s lunch with a meat sandwich, with a piece of waxed paper between the slices of bologna. I don’t think he enjoyed the joke!

  130. My grandmother would make what I referred to as “the meat that I like.” I would get so excited when I had a sandwich with the meat and plain bread. I never found out what exactly she did to the meat or what kind of meat it was. It is funny to remember this so many years later.

  131. Not a lot of lunch memories, but I make my lunch for work every day now and have loved using jars instead of plastic. Today’s favorite was yogurt with homemade blackberry jam!

  132. Most of my favorite packed lunch memories actually revolve around my friend Alisa’s packed lunches–she was from Japan, and her mom always packed the most beautifully put-together bentos (much to the envy and admiration of the rest of our lunch group). I keep dreaming of trying to pack such lunches for myself, but I really don’t have the time to prepare such creations and most bento boxes just don’t carry enough food for my American-sized self ๐Ÿ˜› But hey, maybe someday!

  133. We always packed lunches, elementary through high school, and at the time it didn’t seem like we were lucky but looking back I realize we were. For awhile in high school my mom even packed my lunch and wrote different things on the bag and napkins everyday, it was a little friendly competition that my friend and I had spurred between our moms. We got such a kick out of that and I don’t remember being embarrassed at all. When I packed up my stuff after college I found all of those brown paper bags (bc I made her give me a new one EVERY DAY), and the napkins, which I apparently didn’t use with my lunch. It brough back such awesome memories! I still pack my lunch for work every day!

  134. Once my mother packed me a lunch just like Frances’ at the end of Bread & Jam for Frances, complete with doily, tiny vase with flowers, and tiny salt shaker. This will always be a happy memory for me.

  135. I always had a great thermos with a panda on it. I would bring soups, macaroni and cheese, etc. it definitely was not super cool to bring, but it kept my food super hot!:)

  136. Making my own lunchables b/c my mom thought the store bought ones were unhealthy and too expensive….in retrospect GO MOM!

  137. When I was in middle school, my das would write a note on my napkin everyday. And every Wednesday, he would write “Happy Hump Day!” I was teased mercilessly, bur he refused to stop. ..

  138. Once for school my grandmother packed me an amazing lunch. And as we all have experienced the grandmother’s way of “eat more” she PACKED me a lunch. Needless to say I used that lunch to eat lunch for 3 days. I love my grandmother, shes so funny!

  139. More of a tip than a memory. When I last worked in an office I would pack lunches to bring, but I usually don’t bother with heating up leftovers. Instead, I started to keep a basic olive oil and balsamic (i.e. no fridge needed) salad dressing in my office to add that zip when my lunch needed it.

  140. I had a few lunch boxes that were my favorite growing up ๐Ÿ™‚ Fraggle Rock, She-Ra, and my 2 ALL TIME Favorites were Rainbow Brite and ALF! My lunches were standard sandwiches, chips/crackers, a piece of fruit, and something sweet. and sometimes it would be McDonald’s or something from 7-11 that my mom would get if we were running late and missed the bus or there were no groceries in the house.

  141. When I was in elementary school my mom used to pack me tacos for lunch. Ground beef in a thermos, crunchy shells, all toppings separately packed in plastic baggies… Those were the days!

  142. My favourite packed lunch was one day when my mom bought peanutless “peanut” butter and made me a “peanut” butter sandwich. They were my favourite type of sandwich and after peanuts were banned from our house due to allergies, I missed them dearly.

  143. My favorite go to sandwich has always been peanut butter, mayonnaise & lettuce. The mayo isn’t as sweet as jelly & the lettuce gives it a crunch.

  144. My husband “borrowed” some small ziplock biohazard bags from the doctor’s office and packed the kid’s lunch in them. His stepdaughters were not particularly amused, but their friends and I thought it was hysterical.

  145. I was a hot-lunch kid, with an unorganized mom and two working parents. I hated it (the hot lunch thing). My kid starts kindergarten this year and I’m REALLY excited about packing lunches for him!!

  146. I remember lots of bologna sandwiches and apples for lunch when I was a child. Sometimes I would spend my milk money on a Hostess cupcake ๐Ÿ˜‰

  147. My kids occasionally took cold lunch to school. A few years ago, as were doing an end of summer clean up my son brought me his last year’s backpack and inside it was his last lunch. OH MY WORD! It was WORSE than a science experiment. Needless to say, the backpack, the lunch box and all it’s contents went into the garbage.

  148. Favorite memory- spaghettios in a thermos! Clearly not my favorite these days, but oh, the comfort to see this in my lunchbox.

  149. We used to eat school lunches. I always ate the pizza which was in a square shape with milk. Whatever else I had I can’t remember!

  150. I always bought lunch at school growing up. My friends always has the best home made lunches. Now I bring my lunch every day. Leftovers usually, but often yogurt and granola and fruit.

  151. I hated jelly when I was younger so my mom always packed me just pb sandwiches. Kind of weird thinking back on it…..!

  152. I don’t know if this is a “favourite” lunch memory, but once we dissected fish in science class just before lunch….and then I opened my lunch box to find a tuna sandwich.

  153. My dad wrote me a note, picture, joke, SOMETHING every day in my lunch….all the way through high school! Of course, upon moving out of their house, I received a massive rubbermaid from my mom…it was all the notes from my lunch boxes. ๐Ÿ™‚ Great trip through memory lane and visualizing the love of my dad whenever I take a few minutes to dig through the box.

  154. I always ate school lunch when I was younger, but pack it for work everyday now. I have a cute ladybug lunchbox that I use. Thanks for the chance to win.

  155. My parents made a deal with us for high school: they would give us enough $to buy school lunch every day, or we could choose to pack a lunch from the fully stocked kitchen at home, and keep the money that would have been spent on school lunches too. Best deal ever! I only bought lunch on the fabled Grilled Cheese Day, once a month or so.

  156. Once I was trying to be a good girlfriend and help my boyfriend at the time clean his room! I ventured under the bed only to find month old lunches! Needless to say that Tupperware met its match that day and was never used again!

  157. Every packed lunch growing up was a sandwich, a piece of fruit and 2 cookies. I think this is why I am not fond of sandwiches today.

  158. My mom would pack special lunches for me when I went to a day camp as a kid. My favorite treat was chocolate pudding…. Delicious.

  159. I remember packing my own lunch for high school and not yet having the lunch bag that would keep food cold. Somehow I survived and ate my room temperature sandwiches ๐Ÿ™‚

  160. I remember packing healthy lunches in high school and loved having cut up fruit and veggies with dip (still do). This product looks fabulous!

  161. My favorite lunches that my mom would pack for me as a kid were either soups in my thermos (still warm at lunchtime!) or a potato salad sandwich.

    As an adult, I’m getting a kick out of bringing soups in my mason jars in my new Tiny Forest bag!

  162. I remember wishing how I could bring my own packed lunch. School lunch was terrible, but they wouldn’t let us bring in our own food. Blegh!

  163. Everyday. Every. Single. Day. of 1st grade I insisted on a pb & homemade grape jelly sandwich with a side of carrot sticks and peanut butter in my Berenstain Bears lunch box. Mom packed milk in my thermos, of course, and she never, ever added a napkin, because those were expensive!
    My 1st-grade daughter is continuing the same trend, currently insisting on daily basil & salami sandwiches on homemade brioche, side of freshly canned red hot cinnamon applesauce, and water in her thermos. I pack a cloth napkin sewn from scraps, because those paper ones are expensive!

  164. Oh yeah! My metal Yellow Submarine lunchbox complete with funky versions of the Beatles all over it! Loved that lunchbox. Sometimes my Mom put in weird things like a meatloaf sandwich that no one at my lunch table could figure out what it was. Now I’d pack myself a meatloaf sandwich and a layered salad in my new fav, the blue colored Ball canning jars.

  165. My favorite story about school lunches involves me and my big brother. Mom made us take turns making lunches; one day I would make them both, the next day he would. I don’t know who started the tradition of putting a little note *inside* the sandwich for the other person…but it seemed like a good idea to a 10 year old!

    It was fun for a while, but the big mistake was we didn’t leave notes every day…just on random days. And that became a problem the day I was halfway through my sandwich before I realized there was a note in it. I don’t remember what the remaining scrap said, but that was the end of “passing notes” for me!

  166. I was in 5th grade, my brother in kindergarten. My mom was rushed one morning before school and asked if I’d make a lunch for my brother and pack it up. Sure, I said, and with a smirk on my face I proceeded to make him a mustard and peppercorn sandwich. Yes, whole peppercorns, in a sandwich. I thought it was a hilarious prank, but when I went to his classroom after school to pick him up his teacher was standing there waiting for me, and delivered me a very stern and very loud lecture. Never did it again, but man, my brother and I still talk about it to this day.

  167. When we were little my sister and I had pb&j sandwiches, only hers were always cut in 4 squares and mine in 4 triangles. Heaven forbid we got the wrong shapes! And my dad always took grapes off the stem for me.

  168. My strawberry shortcake lunch box was adorable! I really like the old version of strawberry shortcake so much better….

  169. I loved my “brown bag” lunch. My favorite was salami with provolone cheese on a sandwich roll with a fruit punch juice box and a HoHo snack cake for dessert!

  170. When my mom put homemade bread in my lunchbox, I was embarrased. Can’t imagine that now but at the time Wonder Bread seems so exotic.

  171. In high school I had lunch at 10.30am and loved it cause that meant that I got to start eating early in the day . I would bring a huge lunch and munch throughout the rest of the day until swim practice. I even made my own lunch bag for this.

  172. Not my memory, but my husband’s. he used to have bologna on wonder bread sandwiches, which he found in edible. He couldn’t throw them out at school, because the nuns went through the trash (or so his young mind believed), nor could he dispose of them in the home trash, so he stuffed them down the knotholes in the floorboards of his attic room. Years later, during a renovation, they were found still intact.

  173. I got to walk home for lunch everyday in elementary school because we lived behind the school. A half a peanut butter and honey sandwich and an apple was the perfect lunch!! Now, I have changed up the menu a bit. This new invention will make lunches more fun and quite cute ๐Ÿ™‚

  174. My kids have always taken their lunch stuff in mason jars. Now with our oldest off to college, she still takes her lunch in a jar. putting salad dressing in the cuppow will make lunch much better

  175. We changed schools almost every year. One of my strategies for dealing with a new lunchroom full of strange kids was to make sure I had awesome lunchbox food for the first few weeks.
    That way, I could offer the cookie or bag of chips to a potential friend, or if things weren’t going so well have something special to help cheer myself up.

  176. My best memory is that my mom used to put a love note in my lunch bag every day, well into high school.

    My worst is the day my dad packed me a peanut-butter/mayonnaise/salami/aerosol cheese sandwich that NO ONE would trade me for.

  177. My mom wasn’t much of a cook so it was left to us to make our lunch so….I would take chips with a a side of chips. ๐Ÿ™‚

  178. My favourite was when my parents would pack my lunch in a paper bag and my favourite snack was baby carrots with ranch dip. Actually, now my favourite snack is fresh carrots from my garden and dip. Yummm!

  179. Typical lunch in elementary school was ham or bologna on white bread. In high school the school lunch choice of a cheese pizza still haunts me probably the worst pizza ever made, microwaved I think so soggy crust. I’m not sure it was even real cheese! Best memories are the care I take to make my kids lunches so much more tasty and nutritious. Do overs are the best! ๐Ÿ™‚

  180. My mom wrote me a letter every single day on a napkin, it’s something I hope to continue for my daughter!!!

  181. I have so many favorite memories of lunch lovingly made by mama when I was in school…. my favorite had to be when she would get up early in the morning and fry chicken, packing it while it was still piping hot into a wide mouth thermos; adding a coke in a can she had frozen and wrapped in tin foil, then newspaper. Whenever I took out the chicken, it was always warm and delish! the coke was icey and wonderful as well. Also tucked inside the lunchbox was homemade brownies or a piece of one of her made from scratch cakes that were always on our table. I can smell the chicken now!

  182. My red plaid lunchbox was stylin! My fav lunches were the days Mom didn’t pack a sandwich but put soup or pasta from the night before. There seemed to be specific “lunchbox foods”. It would never have occurred to my Mom to pack a salad or yogurt and granola! Here’s to packing real food, real cute!

  183. What a great giveaway! And TEN of them? Wow. My school lunch memories are mostly sandwich-related–the most memorable kind of sandwich my mom made was a bizarre arrangement of thickly sliced mild cheddar or colby cheese with iceberg lettuce, mayo, and mustard, all on sprouted wheat bread. All those things are great by themselves (ok, not the mayo, although it has its place), but together? NOPE.

  184. Always tried to steal my brothers incredible hulk lunchbox.Not quite sure why strawberry shortcake lunchbox never cut it for me!

  185. in my day, growing up in rural Oklahoma, we went to a very small school where the lunch ladies would spend time between classes making homemade cinnamon rolls and bread, and chicken and noodles. It never occured to me at that time to take my lunch. Only now do we send lunch for our kids- since school lunches now consist of processed junk.

  186. My favorite lunch box was a plastic yellow Rainbow Brite one. It was fun. But I really wanted the metal bento boxes wrapped in fabric that my Japanese and Korean friends would bring to school.

  187. more of a general memory, hating everything about that thermos that came with my lunch box. It was never as secure as it should have been and often times my soup or whatever drink my mom packed would inevitably leak. Using jars now I wish my mom had thought of packing these even without a cupow lid

  188. My Mom was ill or working for much of my childhood. I do not have memories of home packed lunches becayse of this. But we were fortunate that there was enough money for school lunch. There my favorite was something they called a pizza burger. It was hamburger in pizza sauce spread on half an engkish muffin, topped with cheese and toasted.

  189. Today I thought I would be the coolest mom and instead of my usual healthy lunch I packed my son a fluffernutter sandwich. Natural peanut butter, whole wheat toast and…wait for it….marshmellow fluff. Bless his first day of fourth grade heart, when I fished for a compliment on my super cool sandwich, he said, it was great mom! But then he said maybe he’d like something else tomorrow. Turns out that marshmellow fluff turns a sandwich into a landslide mess if you swing your lunchbox around. Maybe the b to can restore a few of this mama’s cool points!

  190. I’ve had many more “exciting” lunches, but the lunch that gives me the fondest memories is “bits and pieces.” Which is exactly what it sounds like. Bits of veggies, some cheese, some protein… lots of little delicacies.

  191. Every single day my dad made a peanut butter and strawberry jelly sandwich for my school lunch. I still think of him whenever I eat a pb&j.

  192. My mother used to pack hot dogs in a thermos (to keep them steamy hot) and wrap a toasted bun with all the fixin’s in foil Oh that was the envy of my class at lunch time…

  193. In high school, my sister gave me a paper lunch bag with ‘Garfield’ on it. I LOVED it! I reused it, daily. I would tape up any tears. After a few months, it was soft and made no noise when I folded or rolled the top. Towards the end of the school year, one of my friends got sick of it, saying it was gross to keep reusing the bag, but, I loved Garfield! She took my bag and ripped it apart. I was sad.

  194. I grew up on free school lunches, as we were extremely impoverished during my childhood. It wasn’t until I was in my teens that I actually started making my own lunches, realizing that the stuff at school was utter garbage. One of my favorite treats was to freeze Cool Whip in a tiny little container, then smash it down in the bottom of my lunch bag, surrounded by an ice pack…then at lunch, surprise low-calorie “ice cream”! When I’d remember/have time to do that, it was the highlight of my school days.

  195. My mom would make us sandwiches on Wonder white bread and pack us juice. Well, I had braces. Everyday after eating, I would spend the rest of the lunch period brushing and poking the pink bread pieces from between by braces. Ugh!

  196. A couple of my favorite sandwiches as a kid were bologna on white bread (with mustard and mayo) and a peanut butter honey banana sandwhich

  197. I grew up in a Catholic family during the days of “no meat on Friday.” My Mother always struggled with ideas for my lunch until she found the cream cheese, black olive and nuts sandwich filling.

  198. I’m still packing lunches, being a teacher and all. ๐Ÿ™‚ I do remember one time my family was doing this no sugar thing so for a treat my mom packed me a graham cracker and it tasted like the best cookie ever.

  199. When my brother and I were little we were obsessed with the thomas’ sandwich rolls with the sesame seeds on them and we’d eat peanut butter and jelly or bologna and cheese on them.

  200. I remember getting little cans of orange juice or grapefruit juice wrapped in tin foil. Why the tin foil? I have no clue, but all the kids were doing it!

  201. This is a very cool idea!
    My mother and I used to use brown paper lunch sacks over and over again until they finally fell apart. I remember packing my lunch sack with Ratatouille in a wide mouth glass jar while in middle school. I don’t think I ever fit into the world of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch.

  202. I always associate the late great Nut Tree with the brown bag lunches I took to school because they baked a special wheat bread in a distinctive cylinder pan. My mother would buy and freeze loaves of this bread, so every PB&J or Tuna Fish sandwich I ever ate at school was made with this bread.

  203. My Mom is super-crafty and painted a blank, wooden barn-shaped box to look like an honest-to-god-barn. With horses and sheep and everything. It opened at the top (you lift the ‘roof’ up to get inside) and it had a pearl-like handle. That was one of the best things she ever made for me and as heavy as it was I loved that thing!! That’s probably my favorite school-lunch memory ๐Ÿ™‚

  204. My mom would make me sandwiches for lunch: ham or turkey, a slice of american cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and mayo, on bread from the Asian bakery. Swap out the meat for a fried egg, and it’s a breakfast sandwich!

  205. I’m the guy who really likes pungent foods, so I try to eat my side of kimchi quickly when I bring it into the office so that nobody complains. I’ve definitely become obsessed with mason jars in the last couple of years — one of my favorites is to bring pho broth in the jar and all the toppings in a glass bowl (pyrex bowls with lid). Pour the broth on, heat up in microwave — instant pho lunch!

  206. what i recall most from school lunches is a (natural) peanut butter and honey sandwich on hearty wheat bread, wrapped in wax paper, and slightly smooshed by lunchtime.
    also, i once had an alice in wonderland lunchbox.

  207. My memory of a packed lunch was fifth grade. Cold meatloaf sandwich on squishy white bread with Miracle Whip. As I start eating, my classmates heckled me a bit and embarrassed, I threw the sandwich away and went hungry that day. My fat sandwich did not meet their skinny peanut butter and jelly standards. Flash forward almost 45 years. With the maker of that sandwich (my mother) dead for more than half my life, I made my own (turkey) meatloaf, sliced it up, and made another sandwich (with Duke’s this time) and ate the whole thing in a few minutes, all the while apologizing to my mother’s spirit for disrespecting her time and creativity in making that delicious meatloaf. And I forgave those silly students. All is good.

  208. My mom used to write messages on our napkins. We didn’t get boxed lunches very often so the message made it even more special

  209. I once packed a lunch for a field trip when I was in High School, I put my soda in a thermos bottle, BAD idea! When my girls were in elementary school, I always put a note in their lunch. My oldest daughter started packing bento lunches before they were the craze. I would drive her to a Japanese shop in Dallas so she could get a bento box a some little chop sticks to fit in it. I love my cupow drink lid and it would be really great to have a bento insert.

  210. I was not a fan of sandwiches as a kid (and still don’t eat them all that often), so my mom often gave me a thermos with Spaghettios, cottage cheese, soup, etc for a main course for lunch. I also remember her sending cheese & crackers regularly.

  211. A hostess pie. I came home for lunch so the days we went on a field trip were special packed lunch days for me. My mom took me to the store and I was allowed to pick out a package of Twinkies or Ho-ho’s or a Hostess hand pie. I think the chocolate one was my favorite.

  212. Because my mom liked to sleep in and I was an early riser, I would make both of us lunches all through high school. I don’t know what she did after I graduated.

  213. One of my favorite packed lunches as a kid was my mom’s meatloaf served as a cold sandwich on white bread with a little ketchup. These days I stay away from white bread, and prefer to pack fresh fruit and yogurt or some other healthy item. In a mason jar of course!

  214. I was all about peanut butter and my sister was the cheese whiz queen. We made our own lunches and on those rare occasions when we had a deli sandwich, it didn’t survive the walk to the bus stop (yum). Always fruit and veggies. Sometimes we got two cookies. Sometimes a juice box. We were always jealous of the kids who had packaged treats, but equally grateful that we weren’t one of the kids who got leftovers or scrambled tofu. My life hasn’t changed much.

  215. Mom always made ants on a log. Peanut butter on celery with raisins. She had a way of packing it so the peanut butter didn’t get everywhere.

  216. My first year of college, I’d bake oatmeal cookies with all kinds of add-ins, like grated carrot, chocolate chips, shredded coconut, and call them lunch. With a thermos of hot tea, it was a delicious lunch!

  217. My favorite packed lunch was my Mom’s potato soup served in my Grandpa’s camping thermos. It would still be hot by lunch time. She would always pack a couple of cornbread muffins or biscuits to go with it too. I remember my friends would make fun of me while they ate premade junk food, but I knew my soup would beat their food anyday.

  218. When I was little, 5 maybe? I was in kindergarten. I used to adore taking little boxes of raisins to school for snack. I would tuck them in the small pocket of the backpack that my mom had sewn for me. I remember getting to go get me snack one day, and it was gone. I remember feeling very sad, and confused. I was too embarrassed to say anything to the teacher, so I just quietly sniffled though snack time and the rest of the day. On my walk home, about 3 houses away from my house, I found it. A tiny raisin box, squished into the road. It had been run over by a car. I remember taking the squished box of raisin into the house and crying to my mom. She gave me a new box, the big box I wasn’t normally allowed to have, and all was right in the world. But still, to this day, when I look at those little red boxes, with the lady’s smiling face on them, I envision my squished box, and how it broke my little heart. .

  219. I used a Barbie lunch box in elementary school. And yes, I still have it. The handle is broken and part of the thermos is missing, but hey, that was a long time ago.

  220. i remember begging to have the grossest toxic colored crap added to my lunches. thinking back, those items weren’t even all that good.

  221. From my earliest days of haphazardly shoving a sandwich into my backpack, I still wholeheartedly believe that PB&J tastes best when it’s been smashed for a few hours.

  222. I never brought lunch from home. I was a free lunch kid. However, my kids pack a lunch every day. At the end of this summer, I found a tupperware container with lunch in it from May. Gross. I threw it away and never thought twice.

  223. My mom was all about the healthy lunches so fluffernutter sandwiches just weren’t on the menu. When given the chance, I would trade the entire contents of my Smurfs lunchbox for some of that delicious, forbidden PB and fluff.

  224. I’ve made lunches all through my children’s school years in many types of containers. Now I just make lunches for my husband for work and I could see many uses for this BNTO. I always seem to be looking for small containers to put salad dressings or dips in and this would be so handy all in the same container.

  225. Oh the memories. I had a Holly Hobbie metal lunch box when I was really young. But when I was older I would pack my own lunch. I remember freezing my juice box the night before, so that I would have ice cold juice for lunch time.

  226. Oh, now look what you’ve done. I had to go find my childhood lunchbox on the interwebs! Ebay, of course. Apparently it was circa 1966, and called the Junior Miss lunch box from Aladdin (I knew the name Aladdin was involved somehow, but it was not about a genie!) The lovely auburn haired Junior Miss is wearing a floaty yellow dress and big brimmed hat with flowers. Memories! But I have no memory of what kind of lunch was inside. Go figure.

  227. We didnt have take from home lunches. For 12 cents, I could get tomato soup and a grilled cheese. On days with meat, I would walk the three blocks home to eat with granny,

  228. My fav lunches were the ones that I got on field trip days. My mom was freaky about feeding us healthy food…we didnt’ have the ‘snack stuff’ that other kids would get in lunches. But I knew that on a field trip, I would get granola bars, juice boxes, cookies…all kinds of treats. And I looked forward to it because it was special…

  229. My packed school lunch rarely deviated from Mom’s standard sandwich, chips, and a piece of fruit… so when a dessert of any kind appeared (back then twinkies were preferred over homemade cookies!) it was a special day.

  230. Call me a weirdo but one fond memory about my school lunches is the way that salt and pepper – without any other dressing ! – would make my salad to be sweating just right when lunch time came around! Mmmm!

  231. I love how my mom always packed a little note or a phrase on our sandwiches as a kid. It was sweet and thoughtful and I now do it for my wife. ๐Ÿ™‚

  232. We were the kids that ALWAYS brought packed lunch. My bagel with cream cheese lunch meat and sprouts always got some looks, but man was it yummy!

  233. I remember semi stale sandwiches packed in wax paper bags and a leaky thermos. I loved finding home made Ginger snaps in my lunch.

  234. For me, the first time I used a wide mouth thermos to take lunch to school was a revelation. Soups, stews from home was a big deal.

  235. I used to make a can of soup at breakfast, fill my thermos (the kind that used to come in the metal lunch boxes, yeah…old school…), and then eat the rest of the soup for breakfast. Usually it was vegetable beef – my favorite. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for the entry! I certainly hope I win one of these, I’ve been wanting to try them!

  236. I usually had some version of leftovers from the night before. (Sounds sad but usually tasted great.) My mom usually put in a little note as well, complete with tiny stickers. It was usually gone by snack time. I liked to eat lunch early.

  237. The kids in our family ate hot lunches (and they were good!), but I remember my mom telling me that when she and my dad were first married, she packed his lunch. He was a lineman for the REA. After the first one, he asked her not to send peanut butter/banana sandwiches anymore. I have always had this vision of him being opening his lunch box to that warm banana aroma and finding a peanut butter sandwich with greying, slimy bananas. And I can’t quit laughing at what his reaction probably was, especially with the other guys there.

  238. Unfortunately, we were forced to take “free lunch” at school, but as an adult I’ve always loved packing and taking my lunch to work. I generally take leftovers from the night before’s dinner. I absolutely love the new BNTO and think both the hummus idea, and the yogurt and granola (or berries) would be must tries for me! I think I’d do soup and crackers, or salad and dressing or croutons too. Maybe peanut butter and celery sticks!

  239. one of my chores in high school was making lunches for my brothers and my mom and me. one cutting board with 8 slices of bread laid out on it, and everyone got the same exact thing, whatever it was that day!

  240. Favorite childhood lunches? Fluffernutters in elementary school and the peanut butter and honey sandwiches served at my high school, to the middle of which I would add a crisp layer of potato chips.

  241. I always had leftover Indian/Pakistani food in my sandwiches — they tasted great, but I did get teased in grade school. Switched to PB&J in high school and am now back to the leftovers and don’t get teased anymore.

  242. A favorite memory is the notes my mom used to write to us in our lunches. I also remember in middle school swapping my lunch with a friend nearly every day.

  243. I don’t have a specific memory of foods, but I remember my Disney metal lunch box and it’s very unique smell. I was lucky enough to find one at an antique store. It still has a unique smell…

  244. Oh! I love bento boxes in every shape and form. And jars. Perfect match! My favorite lunch memory? My mom used to put stickers on my napkins and baggies and I’d peel them off and save them on my lunch box. Sometimes she’d leave me notes. I looked for those every day!

  245. Lunchtime memory: my family was a lunch packin family. My mom packed when we were young, but quickly passed the responsibility to us. Lunches became boring and slightly messy, not to mention poorly thought out. My senior year of HS my mom started packing my lunch again. How cute, hey? They were super healthy, well-planned and so much more delicious. What a great mom.

  246. i have wonderful memories of packing elementary school lunches including getting a new lunch box each fall (sometimes it was the cardboard-coated vinyl boxes with a cheesy clasp that never stayed closed but once it was a partridge family-themed lunchbox that included game pieces that stuck to the metal box). my sisters and i made ham sandwiches with yellow mustard on white bread and wrapped them in foil. if my mom had worked her second job at the little grocery store behind out house the night before, we might get a Dolly Madison cherry pie to stick in there too. if not, some Dan-Dee potato chips — once again wrapped in foil — and a thermos of milk.

  247. My favorite of all time is certainly a salad in a Mason jar. It stay super fresh even after 2-3 day in the fridg! :o)

  248. My favorite lunch was any kind of meat sandwich; I used to put chips on it so that there was ‘crunch’ in every bite.

  249. I always loved having carrots with peanut butter in my lunch box. In junior high, though, we would run/walk to get to the drugstore downtown to have a grilled cheese sandwich with pickles in it.

  250. I always had a packed lunch and absolutely loved the seasonal Little Debbie snacks that were tucked in. Yuck! I’d prefer hummus these days ๐Ÿ™‚

  251. Lunch used to be a sandwich every day. Thankfully in junior high I could take over packing the lunches and have soups, salads an leftovers instead

  252. My favorite would have been “salad” & fresh dressing. Usually not much lettuce but all the fixings otherwise. Milk from the lunchlady:)

  253. I always liked a tuna fish sandwich with potato chips crushed inside and a thermos full of tomato soup. We bought milk in school for $.03 a carton. If you liked it cold, the teacher would put it outside the window in the wintertime. If you liked it warm, she would put it near the radiator. Somehow she always new what time to do this because no one ever had ice milk or curdled milk come lunchtime.

  254. My favorite memory is when we did not need to pack a lunch anymore – our school finally offered hot lunches! I was so tired of the smell bologna sandwiches and bananas combined. Hate that smell to this day!

  255. I had a Benji lunchbox that I loved. My love of dogs started at an early age. The only other lunchbox I remember was the Tupperware one that was a big rectangle, I think mine was red. It was a enormous.

  256. I hated the fact that we packed lunches when I was in school. But I now am so thankful that we did and I do what I can to make my sons’ lunches healthy, tasty, and nutritious.

  257. sadly I never got to take my lunch, except for field trips. With 3 of us, it was cheeper for mom to have us eat school food. But I let my son take his 2x a wk. And he has been asking me for some of these.

  258. My lunch memories involved the high hopes that chips were in my sack because a tuna sandwich without them to place inside, was intolerableโ€ฆ (I like to think I have matured a bit in that area ๐Ÿ™‚

  259. I always took my lunch as a kid, My mom would always pack my favorites which was tuna sandwich or bologna w/ bbq chips crushed & added to my sandwich…lol I know some say ewww gross but its really good. I lived in Alaska at the time & walked or should say skated to school every morning when one morning I was running late so had to go by myself instead he usual neighborhood kids that walked together.. that was my first introduction to a full grown bull moose which chased me all the way to school…I think he wanted my but I held on to my bag and ran for my life…got to the school yard and a teacher seen me being chased& came to my rescue thank god. I always took my lunch I could have gotten the school lunches but loved the lunches mom always made better.

  260. I went home for lunch so I only got bag lunch on field trip days a warm bologna sandwich and a can of pop wrapped in foil?

  261. i used to love when i would get cheese and crackers in my lunch or a thermos of soup. i used to hate sandwiches so if the dreaded sandwich wasn’t in there, i was a happy girl!! of course now i don’t turn my nose up at sandwiches… it’s amazing what good bread and chutney can do for a girl

  262. My mother always packed my lunch for school. It was pretty standard – sandwich, apple, chips, carrot sticks, that sort of thing. My very most favorite would be when she packed a little debbie swiss cake roll. Boy, did I love those! ๐Ÿ™‚ I love these Cuppow lids. Hope I win!

  263. When going through Sunday school as a child my mom gave me a container of yogurt one Sunday to have as a snack just in case I got hungry. Well, I didn’t get hungry and clearly I wasn’t taking the Bible out of my Sunday school bag during the week to read it, so come the following Sunday I reach into the bag to get the Bible out for my class…only to find the fancy gold leaf paper edges crusted with yogurt from an exploded container. I now have a subconscious association between fancy good leaf…and stale yogurt.

    Clearly this wouldn’t have happened if I had used a sturdy glass jar!

  264. I always had a packed lunch, but bought milk at school – on Fridays I was allowed to have chocolate milk, which was always the highlight of the week ๐Ÿ™‚

  265. My memories are from packing my kids lunches and having people comment on how nutritious and delish they were! Even decades ago I wouldn’t let mine near cafeteria food.

  266. I had a salami and American cheese sandwich for lunch every day in high school. It became such a tradition that I left one to my friend’s sister in my Senior will.

  267. My mom usually packed a sandwich, but I remember pizza day at the elementary school more: big sheets of pizza, cut with giant scissors.

  268. My mom used to pack pretzels in my lunch everyday. I wasn’t a big fan of them, so I always offered them to the people I was sitting with. They became known as “community pretzels.”

  269. I don’t remember ever packing my lunch. My mom was never good at that sort of thing. I always bought a lunch at school, but it was okay because it was a country school and the cooks in the kitchen made way better food than my mom! Mmm, blueberry buckle and homemade cinnamon rolls were my favorite!

  270. In sixth grade, my friends and I would play spoons during lunchtime every single day. Since spoons were too heavy to carry around, we used straws, the bendy kind with pastel stripes. My lunchbox was the repository of our stash of straws!

  271. When I was younger my mom would almost faithfully make my lunch every morning and I was always sure that there would be only healthy treats (oxymoron) inside my lunch box. So, when I would get to lunch, I would attempt trade my healthy food for something junky, my mother is a nurse and was very faithful to giving us a healthy and nutritious lunch.

    I would have a bag of grapes or an apple, but the girl next to me had a mother who would pack her only bags full of cookies covered in chocolate or something sugary and unhealthy. She would see my bag of grapes and remind me that she loved grapes, they were her favorite! So, we would happily trade, and munch on our treats. Years later I realized they couldn’t really afford to buy fruit, but I was naive didn’t realize it at the time. I am so glad about the trade we made, even though I would probably choose the grapes of cookies now.

  272. I remember sack lunches alot. Honey sandwich (as I did not like PBJ) and then fruit (Banana) a slim jim and sometimes chips.

  273. Always bought lunch as a child, since it was so cheap in those days. Now I pack my children’s lunches. When my son was in first grade (8 years ago), he accidentally threw his entire brand new LLBean lunch bag (with all the reusables I had just purchased) in the garbage can instead of the lunch tote. He was in a hurry to get out to recess!

  274. I loved going back to school, new clothes, new lunch boxes, I remember one of my favorites was HR Puffin Stuff… I would always get pb & j (picky kid) and loved all the little snacks mom would put in as a surprise. Back then school would provide a milk for 10 cents it was that or water, loved it when we could get chocolate milk, special days. oh the memories…. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  275. Oh we had to be soooo careful of that thermos….lol. My favorite lunch was baloney sandwiches, a bag of Heinz potaot chips and a orange, which was rare, as a kid. Now when I have to take a lunch it is salad. I have been looking for one to buy, but so far no luck so would love to win one!

  276. Standard lunch box fare was peanut butter & homemade grape jelly so I was always delighted when I got something different. My favorite was miracle whip & American cheese on white bread. Thank goodness my taste buds have matured & expanded to healthier foods:)

  277. Peanut butter & banana sandwiches were a huge treat for lunch. I remember lots of brown lunch sacks, though we would reuse them. After a few days, they were pretty crinkled. And peanut butter smeared. ๐Ÿ™‚

  278. When I was little, my mom used to cut slices out of an apple, put some peanut butter in the space, then put the cut slices back in. It was my favorite lunch time treat! ๐Ÿ™‚

  279. My favourite packed lunches were the ones my dad would make for us when he was home from sea. It wasn’t often, so it felt so special. He would make us the fanciest ham and cheese sandwiches – his way of telling us he missed us when he was away!

  280. You knew it was a good day if you opened your lunch and Mom secretly slipped in a Twinkie or something similar. Didn’t happen often, but when it did…oh boy!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  281. My mom almost NEVER made my lunch after first grade. I don’t know if it was because she thought I would throw away the parts that she wanted me to eat (the fruit always hit the can – what was wrong with me?) or if she just didn’t have time. If anything though, this taught me to try new things, since lunch at school was pretty limited, and it also taught me to eat food that wasnt exactly great, preparing me for meals made by different boyfriends moms that were just as bad as lunch room fare. Thanks Mom!

  282. My main school lunch memory is being able to trade my mom’s chocolate chip cookies for anything. I mean, *anything*. They were that good. Not that I did it often, but sometimes it came in handy. I once forgot my lunch money, for the hot lunch that day, but I’d remembered the couple of cookies my mom had sent. I was able to trade them for an entire lunch.

  283. We were always bag lunch kids, and there was little variety in what went into the bags. The only time it got interesting was Passover, when the normal PB&J and Cheetos were off limits. I would get so unnaturally excited about matzoh and charoset.

  284. I loved the tuna sandwiches my mom packed – I think I had one every single day, packed along with a can of soda wrapped in foil, to keep the sandwich cold. And Burry’s Best oatmeal cookies…

  285. My favorite lunch box memories were the notes that my Mom left inside. I was a shy child, and sometimes that little note was so comforting at lunch time. It almost didn’t matter what the lunch actually was as long my Mom didn’t forget to leave a little note ๐Ÿ™‚

  286. My first lunchbox was a metal Holly Hobbie blue and white lunchbox with a plastic handle. The handle did not last particularly long, but the metal was indestructible! We used to throw our lunchboxes across the playground (which was asphalt) like shuffleboard; you won if your lunchbox went the farthest.

  287. My dad used to make our sandwiches when we were younger. I would arrive to school with the biggest meatloaf sandwich or egg salad any elementary school kid had ever seen! There were some weird ones though: like the pheasant sandwich I vividly remember. There was no trading THAT day! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  288. Hey! Hey! We’re the Monkees!. That was my favorite lunch box, which really dates me. PB&J was my go to lunch, and it is still one of my favorites.

  289. My mom always used to leave me little notes in my lunch bag! That was always my favourite part. If only she still did that (and also, still packed me a lunch, of course!).

  290. I started making muffins for my lunches in high school and it was fun to come up with better flavor combinations every week. I think the best ended up being a whole wheat banana oat muffin w/dark chocolate chips, pecans, and craisins.

  291. I love packing leftovers for lunch! Especially baked pasta dishes that are always better the next day. Or quiche.

    When my meal planning hasn’t worked out quite so well, then I count on cheese and triscuts as a good old standby. With carrots and fruit.

  292. my lunch box was metal and I had a glass lined thermos. one day I dropped the lunch box on the cement sidewalk. thought nothing of it till I opened the thermos @ lunch time – tiny shards of glass all thru my milk. I learned to be more careful.

  293. I had two lunchboxes- one Sesame Street, and (once I was far too mature for that) a Gremlins lunchbox. I loved when it was cold & mom would pack soup in my lunch.

  294. my mom always left me little notes to brighten up my lunchtime in my packed lunch on a napkin. ๐Ÿ™‚
    i truly loved seeing her little messages.

  295. All through grade school I took a peanut butter and cinnamon sugar sandwich to school. I don’t know if I made up that combination myself, or if it was suggested from someone else. I’ve never seen it anywhere else, and think it sounds kind of awful now. ๐Ÿ™‚

  296. My most vivid lunch memory would have to be the time my mom was out of town and my dad threw a handful of mini marshmallows in with every item he packed, where I discovered them hours later at lunch time, in with the cookies (ok), the chips (hmm) the carrots (sort of a raw version of those Tgiving yams), cheese sandwich (just: no), etc.

  297. No lunch boxes (tho I coveted having one!). My mom believed in brown bags. My husband takes lunch now in jars and this cuppow would be great to separate the granola from the yogurt or the dressing from the salad. Thanks, Cuppow and Marisa!

  298. I don’t have any exact memories of lunchbox fiascos but I do still have this crazy pink and blue lunch box from when I was a kid and now my kids use it!

  299. I had the coolest ever lunchbox and still have it 40 years later. It is Snoopy’s doghouse. The thermos fits inside the roof. My sister had Hee Haw which was not nearly as cool as mine.

  300. I had a peanut butter jelly sandwich pretty much every day between first and eighth grades. I am trying to expand my son’s horizons. LOL

  301. Because I was not crazy about sandwiches I usually took my lunch in a thermos. One lunch supervisor was particularly intrigued each day to see which leftovers my Mom had packed each day!

  302. My favorite lunch box was a metal Incredible Hulk box that my older cousin gave me. My favorite packed food as a child happen to be baloney sandwiches. My mother would always make some special design with the mustard, so every lunch my sister and I would open our sandwiches and show off to all of our friends, the whale, heart, star our mother drew.

  303. Oh man, I’m desperate to win one of these! Lunch memory: my mom would take that Budding beef, spread cream cheese on it, then roll it up and secure it with a toothpick. Those meat roll-up thingies were the envy of all my friends. (Thanks mom, for all that lunch packing!)

  304. I used to insist that my lunch be in a brown bag, despite having a lunch box. I used to bring plastic containers in the disposable bag! silly.

  305. My favorite memory of packed lunches was when my Mom packed her peanut butter cookies. I would share them with my 4th grade teacher; she loved Mom’s cookies!

  306. These are a great idea! I often bring leftovers from the night before to work for lunch the next day. The BNTOs are perfect for packing multiple items that I don’t want to mix together. We came home for lunch when I was a kid (can you believe it?!), so I didn’t become a lunch packer until I was an adult. The idea really caught on.

  307. I once took a plain bagel and cream cheese for lunch for an entire school year. Needless to say, I got pretty sick of that lunch!

  308. I love my husbands story about when his aunt would pack his lunch when he was in 3 and 4th grade…she would pack for an army…two sandwiches, a pound of grapes and more….OMG…how cute is that….
    i take my mason jar with salad every day and would love to have a BNTO!! Those ROCK!!! thanks for an opportunity to WIN!

  309. I was never allowed to take my lunch to school. My mom always said she couldn’t provide me as nutritious a lunch as the school did. Clearly, my mom never looked at the lunch the school provided…. :/

  310. Always like PB&J sammies and took them much more than anything else. One morning there was no bread. Thought that graham crackers sounded like a good alternative. It wasn’t. Not only were the crackers softened by the jam and/or the peanut butter by lunch time, there had been some sort of odd alchemy going on that was beyond unpleasant. My first thought was to try to ignore the textural problem, but it tasted nasty as well.

    At least you could get a half-pint of milk and a grilled cheese with fries for 38 cents in the school cafeteria!

  311. I had a few favorite lunch boxes as a kid but I was really bad about eating anything that looked like a meal while at school. I did a lot of snacking and grazing at lunch. I love my giant lunch box now for work because I can keep all sorts of stuff in it depending on what I am in the mood for.

  312. My dad used to make my lunch for me nearly every day, from first grade all the way through my senior year of high school. When I offered to start making it, my parents refused because I was gone for so much of the day. He used to pack apples with lots of orange juice in a baggie and they tasted so good!

  313. I don’t remember having a lunchbox ever, but I do remember having brown bags. My parents both worked so my school lunches were made quickly. If they packed me a meat sandwich I would throw it away because I couldn’t eat meat and bread together back then – didn’t like it. I was a super skinny girl with a pixie haircut and went to my grandma’s house after school. Grandma was always amazed at how much I would eat after school. I kept charms from the gumball machines in my mason jar. I still have all those charms.

  314. My mom was obsessive about cleaning out my lunchbox every night, but I did not inherit this compulsion. I’ve found FERMENTED fruit in my kids’ lunchboxes. Which would be GREAT, except I don’t drink….

  315. I attended school, with my sisters, in a one room, country school house. I remember my momma would make us large ball tapioca . . . None of the kids knew what it was . . . So I would tell them we were eating frog eggs!

  316. I remember crying full on tears and dispair over finding a peanut butter sandwich that wasn’t open faced packed in my lunch.

  317. I wasn’t allowed to pack my lunch for school. ๐Ÿ™ But my kids pack everyday. I don’t see the point in paying for something they won’t eat. Love these lids!!!! Thanks so much!!!

  318. Favorite lunch as a kid: a sandwich on my mom’s homemade whole wheat bread with sliced cheddar and bean sprouts! I still occasionally have it! Good memories!

  319. there was that one time my dad packed me dog biscuits as a joke. so i ate them as a joke. i totally think i won that round. (p.s. dog biscuits have no flavor – i don’t know what the pups possibly think is so exciting about them.)

  320. I was a school lunch kid, but for a time at my first job out of college I made a point of bringing my lunch in a retro-looking metal lunchbox. Got so many stares in the elevator.

  321. I didn’t take lunch, however the favorite story in my family is when my dad used to work with his brother-in-law (my uncle by marriage). One day my uncle had brought a large thermos of soup to work, and didn’t offer to share (to my father’s disappointment). When my uncle got to the bottom of the thermos he discovered the dirty rag that was used to wash the thermos out the night before. Needless to say, my dad was no longer disappointed by the lack of sharing!

  322. My mom was the best at making ten sandwiches on Sunday night (for my sister and me) and then pulling them out of the freezer on the morning they were needed to be taken to school. The lunch meat ones were usually pretty good, but the best was the tuna salad sandwiches that were usually still partly frozen in the middle at lunch time ๐Ÿ™‚

  323. I generally bought my school lunch (my mom said it was cheaper than packing lunch) but I did envy my friends who had nifty packed lunches, especially the ones with the sandwich containers – if I did bring my lunch, my sandwich was always squished!

  324. I loved it when my mom packed hot soup in a little thermos container for my sister and I on cold, snowy days. I looked forward to lunch all morning!

  325. My favorite lunch box was my metal Sailor Moon lunch box. I rocked that one from middle school and all through high school.

  326. I never really packed a lunch while in school, but now that I am working for a living I pack lunches for both me and my boyfriend. I always put a treat in his, cookies or candy. For myself, I always try to include some sort of fruit or veggie. I would love the BNTO veggies and hummus idea. My favorite veggie to dip into hummus is the zucchini.

  327. Never brown bagged it as a kid but I always wanted to. I hated the lunchroom food and always wanted to be one of those kids who had cool stuff their Mom’s had made.

  328. I love to keep raw nuts in glass jars with me at all times. I soak the almonds for 4 hours in lightly salted water, and then dry them at a very low temp for a day or so. That preparation is supposed to make the nutrients more available. They turn out extra crunchy with a hint of salt.

  329. I had a snoopy lunch box in elementary school and a reusable lunch bag in high school. I remember not liking taking egg salad sandwiches because of the smell and the kids reaction when it was opened.

  330. my favorite packed lunch memory would have to be when we would get to take a packed lunch on a field trip! thanks for sharing.

  331. I packed my own lunch when I got to high school (came home for lunch before that). I took it very seriously that it had to be healthy so I would measure out the peanut butter, raisins, etc. so I would be sure of a balanced meal. That lasted a couple months until I completely caved and went for Carnation instant breakfasts instead.

  332. I was born in germany and so I loved for a whole year to bring a bagel with Leberwurst on it. One of my friends always wanted to trade lunch because they loved the taste, but I refused to tell them what leberwurst was after over a year of them eating it I finally told them and they denied ever liking it ;p

  333. Peanut butter and chocolate chip sandwiches. I would only make them if I had a long train ride. So good, but soooo sugary.

  334. My favorite memory of packed lunches was sharing and trading foods with friends. I still enjoy packing myself a good lunch, and I always use jars!

  335. I definitely remember my sweet Transformers lunch box from 2nd grade. That thing was awesome. Even more awesome was the one time I forgot it and my mom actually came to school in the middle of the day to bring it to me. I have no idea what was in there, but I loved seeing her at 11 am with my Transformers lunch box.

  336. My mom packed my lunch for me every day I was in school- from the first day of kindergarden to the last day of high school. Often she would include a sweet note. I loved having a lunch from her each day and opening it to see what fun foods she had packed.

  337. I had a turkey sandwich every day until I couldn’t stand it anymore. Now as a teacher, I prefer last night’s dinner leftovers!

  338. Unfortunately, I never got any packed lunches. I was a hot lunch girl. I always longed to to be a cool kid with a boxed lunch. When I got to college I started packing my own lunch and I finally felt in control of my day.

  339. My old school metal Strawberry Shortcake lunch box was by far my favorite 34 years ago. I storytelling friends about it. Best. Birthday. Present. Ever.

  340. I used to eat tuna fish sandwiches on whole wheat bread with Fritos corn chips nestled in the sandwich. What a special day it was when my mom packed a Ding Dong – so rare.

  341. Opening up the thermos bottle in the cafeteria at elementary school and finding hot chicken noodle soup!! It was heaven on a cold blustery East Coast winter – even if it was from a can! Awww- happy childhood memories!

  342. My mom packed a lunch for me every day through grade school. Near each Easter, she would stuff my lunch box full of Easter Grass and other sparkly items. A copious amount of my lunch box surprise always managed to wind up on the classroom floor without fail, much to the chagrin of my teachers!

  343. My favorite packed lunch memory wasn’t really mine – a friend’s mom used the make these sandwiches, that we all referred to as The Sandwich. We used to offer to trade her things – anything – from our own lunches for a bite. I can still remember its taste – it was enormous and I don’t even remember whether it had meat or not, just that it had so many flavors.

  344. I was pretty much a hot lunch kid, but when I did pack a lunch, I loved it. Now, my husband and I take our own lunches daily. That is pretty nice!

  345. At some point I was in charge of my lunch-I don’t remember how it was decided. I survived on pb&j, Cheetos and ding dongs for as long as I can remember. And at some point I just became tired of it-and I didn’t eat any of those things for about 5 yrs (ok maybe the ding dongs). I do remember for field trips we were allowed to take soft drinks, and we would freeze a can of coke and wrap it in foil. Nutritious, no? ;0)

  346. mom used to tuck in a note here and there, on occasion, and it made me feel so special. On days I didn’t bring a lunch box but a brown bag (usually on field trips) her handwriting on the bag was a nice reminder of home, while away.

  347. My most memorable packed lunch recollections have nothing to do with the lunches my parents packed. I can remember my friend Hannah, in early elementary school, whose Mom would pack her sandwiches wrapped in plastic bread bags. I thought that was such a crazy idea! I can recall my friend Rachel’s cream cheese and green olive sandwiches and the weird plastic bags of milk served in later elementary school. I also remember the hotblooded trading sessions that would take place. But most of all, I remember recess!

  348. My mother would pack our lunches, and our father’s, every day, bless her. Why on earth she didn’t make us do it ourselves, I’ll never know – she wasn’t then and isn’t now the do-it-all for you kind of mom. It was always a sandwich of some kind, about a half-dozen potato chips (if we were lucky), a piece of fruit and 1 (1!) cookie. She was never the excess food kind, either.

  349. My favorite lunch growing up was a cheese sandwich: american cheese and yellow mustard on white bread. Now it sounds gross even to me, but back then I thought it was the best thing!

  350. We used to have a film canister of quarters on the kitchen window sill – for milk money to go with the desperately not memorable packed lunches.

  351. Growing up I lived just behind our school-so I walked home for lunch almost everyday. “Staying” for lunch the first time was a very scary event for this homebody. For surprise and comfort my mom packed an open face sandwich with cookie- cutter cheese slice hearts. Made my day. Thanks Mom.

  352. All through elementary school, my dad made bread that we used to make our sandwiches. He first made all whole wheat, but we rebelled and then he would make half white, half wheat that he would swirl. So the bread always looked cool, but I remember it being very crumbly, and we always wanted just regular store-bought bread. My sister and I also always craved a cafeteria meal, and once a month we were allowed to pick a day to buy lunch. Now, I can’t remember why I ever wanted a school lunch, and regret that dad stopped making our bread.

  353. Once in 1st grade my mom sent a thermos of chicken soup with me to school. It must have been too hot because once lunch came around it was vacuum sealed shut! Even Glen, the PE teacher, couldn’t open it. ๐Ÿ™ No lunch that day…

  354. I packed my own lunch each day in a red plaid lunchbox. I loved it when I could add a Ho Ho, especially if I could buy a carton of cold milk to wash it down!

  355. My favorite packed lunch memory is whenever my grandmother made me lunch. My Mom was busy, so she usually gave me money to buy my lunch at school. I was always envious of the kids who had these delicious looking packed lunches. Every now and then I would stay at my grandmother’s house and she did not believe in the school bought lunch. I had the most beautiful sandwich, fresh fruit salad and homemade cake. Heaven!!

  356. There was always a handwritten sticky note in my lunch bag with smiley faces, “I love you” or inspirational thoughts for the day.

  357. We always had hot lunch at school, but on field trip days we would get a sack lunch and mom always put in a candy bar and it seemed like such a big treat!

  358. I packed my own lunches growing up, but in the winter my mom would sneak a thermos of hot soup into my lunchbox. It was always a wonderful surprise that made me feel loved.

  359. When I was in grade school my favorite packed lunch was a cheese sandwich. Just bread and cheese. I loved it, but my mom thought it was so weird. Fortunately she made it for me anyway, often with a little note tucked inside the bag wishing me a good day or good luck on a test.

  360. There was hot lunch in elementary school, but in high school I brought the same thing (granola and yogurt) every single day. Looking back, I don’t know how I lived without any variation in what I ate for lunch.

  361. I used to pack my own lunches, in one of my three fabulous lunch boxes – Garfield, Rainbow Brite, or the Wizard of Oz. ๐Ÿ™‚

  362. My mom always packed us a hot lunch – it was the best! I “blame” my dislike of most sandwiches on the fact that we were spoiled with rice, noodles, soups, meats and veggies in our thermos every day!
    We also had snack jars – repurposed peanut butter jars with chips or other goodies that we had to make last the week, now those were special jars!

  363. When I was a kid, we weren’t allowed to bring peanuts in our lunches because of allergies, so my favourite lunch (because I could rarely get it) was a PBJ sandwich. When I graduated to middle school where there weren’t restrictions, I brought a PBJ every day for a year!

  364. Nothing was better than a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with the crusts cut off. I still love mine that way! Great for trading too, LOL! I brought it to school in my FAME lunchbox!

  365. My memory is going to work and having my sandwitch soggy when I went to eat it my thermos had leaked all over my lunch tote since then I made sure it was on tight

  366. I used to have a pink lunch bag with my name on it. I think I left it in a refridgerator at a school I was substitute teaching in because it is lost…but I liked it a lot. I also had a Little House on the Prairie metal lunch box when I was a child.

  367. I had hot school lunch growing up and always envvied the girls that didn’t have to participate for religious reasons. Later, after coming to Canada we had to take our own lunch. My Mum wasn’t too creative in that department. Usually just a sandwich and a piece of fruit.

  368. I had a yellow plastic Bee Gees lunchbox. My poor mum would open up my lunchbox Monday morning to find all sorts of smelly leftovers! I loved bananas in my lunch, but my mum didn’t like it when I left the peel in my lunchbox. I don’t blame her now!

  369. I was never a big sandwich person, I always had fruits & veggies and meat & cheese roll ups.
    My boys are the same way…unless Nutella is involved ๐Ÿ˜‰

  370. Wow, this sounds awesome. The BNTO would fit right into my jar tote! My memories of my packed lunches were not great. I always had a PB&J, squashed in the bag with chips, or shall I say chips of chips, lol.

  371. I didn’t like peanut butter as a kid, and I guess my mom thought a plain jelly sandwich wasn’t filling, so she would make me jelly & butter sandwiches. Looking back, not such a healthy choice — especially since it was probably margarine, but just thinking about it reminds me of grade school.

  372. Fried egg Fridays! I haven’t thought about this in decades. Every Friday Mom would make a fried egg sandwich for our lunches (5 kids, plus Dad). The fried egg, the Wonder bread, and a dab of mustard would meld together into the most delicious comfort food ever.

  373. Oh, gosh, I had lunch bag contents envy. In high school, one of my buddies had a mom who made everything from scratch.This friend would bring a thermos of hot Brunswick stew, a wax paper wrapped homemade bread and butter sandwich, wax paper wrapped homemade cookies…I thought they went overboard with the homemade ketchup, but little did I know that I would be following suit years later. Their white bread recipe became the second bread recipe in my recipe file–I make lots of bread now, hardly ever straight dough white, but the rightness and every day normal-ness of that family’s approach has stayed with me.

  374. Never did cold lunch as a kid. But as an adult I eat two out of three meals at work and granola plus yogurt is one of my favorites.

  375. My grandma always packed the best lunches: thick, homemade bread sandwiches, and a stack of cookies that spanned the full width of the brown bag. My school bus friends always got a few : )

  376. I didn’t have packed lunches until high school… we were sent home for lunch in elementary school (because, gosh, the assumption was in the 1970s that every mom stayed home…!). In highschool I was on my own with lunches — usually a sandwich and homemade yogurt that was made in a baby food jar.
    Now I’m responsible for making lunches for 3 kids and myself… unfortunately the kids are not allowed to take in glass, but I can and do! This little number would be great for carrying croutons with my soup in a mason jar.

    thanks for the giveaway chance!

  377. I think my favorite packed lunch growing up was cottage cheese and pineapple. Seems a little odd for a 4th grader in hindsite.

  378. While I hardly ever took my lunch to school, my childhood lunchbox was the old school metal lunchbox – of Strawberry Shortcake. The original Strawberry Shortcake from the ’80!

  379. My Mom would reuse large glass honey jars pretty often. Being a good Chinese Mom, she would pack us health boosting noodle soups for lunch in these glass jars.

    As a kid, I would run around the playground with my backpack and one day I tripped and my lunch crashed onto the side of a railing and I lost my entire lunch. Noodles flying everywhere. Chunks of pork laid on the cement ground. I still remember that day vividly and have been very careful about using glass ever since.

  380. My favorite lunch memory is setting of a five-pound smoke bomb in my junior high lunch room. (until I got caught!)

    Yo. Potassium permanganate and glycerin. You gotta keep ’em separated. At least until you want FIRE. Likewise the Cuppow is a fantastic idea. I love mason jars for everything! This takes their utility to a new level.

    Peace and luv

  381. I would get so excited when my mom would pack my favorite chocolate cake with penuche icing. She would cut the cake in half & sandwich it together so none of the icing would be lost on the wrapper.

  382. Hot lunch girl here but In high school I’d take the money and go to the school store and buy a snickers for my lunch… oh those were the days when I could eat anything and not gain on ounce !

  383. Our lunches were always pretty basic but good, a sandwich a piece of fruit, 2 cookies and the thermos with milk. I loved my holly hobby lunch kit but hated the thermos of milk why oh why was it always warm, a special day was when it was a drink box instead. Mine was always the healthy lunch, not many unhealthy treats oh how I wanted to trade for chips or a fruit roll up!

  384. I rarely brought a lunch to school because we lived so close, I could walk home. The first time I did, because of choir practice at lunch, my mom wrote me a lunch box note. It is something I have always wanted to do as a mom.

  385. My mom packed me the same lunch everyday for 12 years, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, plus a drink and some sort of snack. I still pack myself peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch!

  386. I don’t know if this is my favorite memory, but it’s one of the most memorable–gently shaking my Thermos and hearing the broken mirrored glass tinkling inside, mixed with the milk. I don’t think today’s thermal bottles insulate as well as the old vacuum bottle ones, but at least they don’t break!

  387. I remember taking soup in my thermos to school. I also remember some strange sandwiches…like cheese and jelly or radish slices and butter on a leftover dinner roll (actually quite tasty!). now that I’m a mom, I can understand the strange sandwiches–my kids eat me out of house and home on a regular basis and often I’m left feeding them odds and ends before I can get to the store!

  388. I used a lunchbox shaped like a barn. I especially liked its thermos, which had animals (including a really cute horse). It ignited a longing to live on a farm. Some day….

  389. I used to go to a Catholic school where the Kindergarden teacher would not let you take the crust of your sandwiches. She also wouldn’t let your parents cut off the crust at home and would send notes home to them. Luckily I wasn’t a crust-hater but it was the bane of many children’s existence.

  390. I insisted on cinnamon raisin bread sandwiches with cream cheese. Luckily I’m a little more adventurous nowadays!

  391. During my grammar school years my every-day lunch-box lunch consisted of a cheese sandwich, a bag of potato chips, something for dessert, and milk. Whatever Mom packed for dessert really didn’t matter because it was all about the “main course.” The sandwich was made with white American cheese and spicy brown mustard on plain ole white bread. At lunch time I’d remove one piece of bread, cover the entire sandwich with a generous layer of potato chips, replace the bread on top, and then squeeze it all together (primitive panini press!) to crunch up the chips. Oh YUM!! Typing this is making my mouth water just thinking about the yummy crunchy goodness of the fresh bread, mild cheese, spicy mustard, and those chips. To this very day I still put chips on my sandwiches!!

  392. This looks so awesome. I spent several years in Japan and continued to take bento box lunches to school after returning to the states. I was the odd duck out then, it’s so funny to see them making their way into the US market now. My mother describes my childhood lunches as essentially an hors devours tray! They were way better than school food though, and I now realize how easy it was to make them.

  393. I’ve been curious about the bnto cups. Ah, packed lunch memory – my favorite is that because I packed my own lunch, in elementary school I could skip out of the cafeteria early and go sit outside reading a book while munching on my lunch.

  394. My mom packed me excellent lunches for years, but to me the most exciting thing was when she packed a fruit roll-up–the natural kind, she wouldn’t buy us the other kind.

  395. I used to make myself fancy salads and pack them in a wicker picnic basket in sixth grade to eat in the cafeteria. I thought I was so cool ๐Ÿ™‚ (I think I was right!)

  396. This is awesome! I carry my lunch to work every day including granola with homemade yogurt and even soda with homemade syrups. I can’t tell you how many fails I have had. Needless to say, my backpack is really dirty.

  397. My lunches were the same all through elementary school (PB&J on white bread, season piece of fruit and home made cookies.) Then I bought whole milk at school for $.05. Yes, I am old enough that only white bread was sold in stores, whole milk was a norm and they bothered to collect 5 cents to pay for it.

    I remember getting a new lunch box every year. It would be fun to have them all now and see the progression of my favorite TV shows.

  398. My dad was a stay-at-home farmer daddy so he packed my lunch. Opening my Strawberry Shortcake lunchbox was always an adventure. I rarely had “normal” lunches. I actually remember a lunch of pork chops and veggies complete with a real fork and a real knife to cut it with. He did wrap the blade so that I wouldn’t cut myself getting it out! And I never had milk in my thermos because he hated warm milk so I usually had sweet tea!

  399. My Dad took his lunch to work every day in a red igloo cooler. Where I grew up in West Virginia, people referred to these as “dinner buckets” and just about everybody’s Dad had one. I was very excited when I went to school and got my own dinner bucket, even though mine was just a regular plastic lunchbox.

  400. Whenever Mom would stick in a little packet of gummie candies.. didn’t matter which kind, we so rarely had anything of the sort that it was always a special treat!

  401. more like least favorite lunch memories: my mom is a great cook, but our grade school sandwiches were appalling. no cheese, not a vegetable on any type of sandwich, just tuna or egg salad with enough mayo to make the bread dissolve into a slimy mess. or at least, that’s how I remember it ….

  402. I had the best Return of the Jedi lunch box. It had Ewoks on it. My dad had bought it when the movie came out and gave it to me when I was old enough. Best lunch box ever. I still have a lingering love for Star Wars.

  403. Honestly, I can’t remember a packed lunch other than picnics I have done myself. I do remember eating canned spinach at school and thinking “OMG this is gross!” I and my family eat clean and are becoming self-sustaining on our farm, growing a huge garden, raising pigs, chickens, goats, chickens, beef, and rabbits. These BNTO would be fabulous for sauces and dressings! Thanks for the chance to win!

  404. I loved it when my mom packed leftover birthday cake in my lunches. white cake, blue colored vanilla frosting with multicolored sprinkes. the best way to punctuate the middle of a second-grader’s day.

  405. I was always a hot lunch kid as were my friends. Now that I’m an adult I pack my lunch everyday. The days that I don’t (rarely) I find myself wishing I’d have made them time the night before to do so.

  406. My mom always rocked packed lunches in elementary school. Everyday word of my lunch would buzz around the cafeteria. She took advantage of thermoses and special keep-warm containers so I could have hot soup or pasta or stir-fry with rice or quinoa with lots of sauted broccoli. My mom and I were both vegetarians then so my meals seemed so exotic to the turkey sandwich crowd.

  407. This was a memorable packed lunch: In third grade, my mom got a huge collections of stickers and would put one a day on my sandwich. It was all fun and games until the day I got the sticker, “You’re Extraordinary!” Extraordinary was too long of a word for the sticker space, so it was divided onto two lines. I didn’t know how to use hyphens yet, so I thought my mom was telling me “You’re Extra Ordinary!” and I cried. Oh, how I cried!

  408. I remember that every day I had a Twinkie or a cupcake, and some boys kept trying to get me to leave my lunch for a minute (telling me the teacher needed to see me right away, etc.) so they could take my cupcake. I don’t think they ever did – I was on to their tricks!

  409. I always loved taking leftovers in my lunch. Spaghetti was always my favorite and the inside was forever orange tinted as a testament to this. They just always made me think of spending dinnertime with mom and dad, even when I was away at school that day.

  410. I remember being in kindergarden and my mom packing me a cold spaghetti sandwich on white bread with butter. Obviously not the healthiest of foods, but I still LOVE the flavor of this odd combo, with a large glass of milk.

  411. we were only allowed to make our lunches once a week (to minimize hassle of three kids who tended to make things complicated just for fun), so that always seemed special to me. I never liked having sandwiches though, so I’d always bring lots of different things, then eat one bite of each one at a time.

  412. I loved packing my own salads…Mom would set up a “salad bar” and I got to pick and choose what I wanted on it that day!

  413. I loved PB&J but also like to create a variation on the PB theme. . . this resulted in PB & marshmallow cream, PB & honey and the well known PB & banana. These days I’m back to PB & J but do like the occasional hummus or leftover pasta. Yum!

  414. My most lasting, but not fond memory was that odd smell/stink that our plastic, somewhat insulated lunch bags would get part way through the year. I think that we just didn’t do a good job of cleaning them and letting them totally dry before out the door with us they went the next day. Glass, especially jars are so much better than the stuff we used to pack lunches back in the day!

  415. I had a Jurassic park lunch box as a kid and was reminiscing about it recently at a family get together. My brother and I were talking about all the stuff we wished we kept from growing up. Low and behold my dad comes out of the garage with the lunchbox! He was using it to store loose screws and nails! Needless to say, he wouldn’t give it up due to how badass it is.

  416. My favorite packed-lunch item was always those chocolate pudding cups with the layer of vanilla pudding. I could never open them though, so I constantly had to ask teachers for help!

  417. I’m sorry I don’t have a nice lunch box story from when I was a kid. We didn’t have that kind of a home life. As for my children I’ll have to ask them. I was informed by them early on that cute stuff in the lunch box was embarrassing, though they did like those lunchables when they came out. As my youngest son put it anything that goes on a cracker is acceptable, lol.

  418. I still pack lunch to go to school but my favorite times are when my friends and I pack each other leftovers so we get to eat something different for lunch that what we had at our own house the night before.

  419. I remember one particular packed lunch when I was in 3rd grade- my cat had been missing for two weeks and that day I forgot my lunch at home. My mom brought it to school and when I opened it there was a note inside telling me my kitty had come home! Best lunch ever ๐Ÿ™‚

  420. A new lunch box at the beginning of the school year was fun–but lunch was always a pb and j, made by myself. I still love a peanut butter sandwich, occasionally.

  421. I still have my first lunchbox – a beautiful mini-picnic basket… and no, I am not going to tell you how old it is – tho I think it has officially passed into the “antique” stage. It held more wonderful things that I can retell – and I still use it!

  422. I remember having a Strawberry Shortcake lunchbox (the cartoon, not the food), that was really small so it was just big enough for a lunch that had a juice box as a drink, not a thermos. And it was back when lunchboxes were metal, so it lasted for a long time. Once it wasn’t usable anymore (or possibly I had lost it), I just had the lunchbag with the velcro on the top to hold it closed.

  423. I don’t have a favorite packed lunch memory from childhood. However, I can tell you that I love to pack salads for lunch and always end up with too many containers: one for the lettuce; one for the dressing; and one to keep my crunchies from getting soggy!

  424. I remember having Spam slices tucked into a roll with sliced tomatoes for mid-afternoon office snack…. hmmm brings back a lot of memories.

  425. As a child, packed lunches were a daily routine, with grape jelly and cream cheese being the star ingredients to my favorite sandwich ever. One day at lunch, a class mate asked me, “Who cut the cheese?”, unbeknownst to me what was really being asked, I responded proudly, “My Mother did!”.

  426. When I was in high school I packed a “picnic” lunch for me and the girl I was dating at the time. Complete with a table cloth and candle sticks I had bought at Goodwill. I talked the lunch room people into letting me in early so I could set up. As I recall she was suitably impressed.

  427. I remember having a Tupperware lunch box. It was orange/red with a all sorts of nifty little containers inside . . . and a great wrap around handle for carrying.

  428. I was a picky eater as a kid and I think I had Doritos, yoplait raspberry yogurt, and a dr. pepper for lunch every single day during 7th and 8th grade. I have no idea how I went from that to the foodie I am today who plans her life around good meals.

  429. Back in the gluten-eating days, sandwiches were a staple. I used whatever I could find in the fridge, as there was certainly no assistance in the lunch-making department from my mother. Like her, I’m not a morning person either, so my kids will probably also have to fend for themselves someday.

    In the post-sandwich world of gluten-free eating, lunch is definitely more sporadic and leftover-based. Having a fridge & microwave at work is really helpful. These bntos look perfect for veggies & dip!

  430. I love it when I have a packed lunch. Sometimes I surprise myself and take myself on a mini-picnic with a friend, or just myself. There is a bench that overlooks the sea dedicated to a dearly departed co-worker. It’s like having lunch with an old friend, and making a new one all at the same time!
    Nothing like a good packed lunch!

  431. I think it’s funny now, but I used to get so embarrassed, my mom made makeshift meat sandwiches – hot dog sandwiches a few times, a few sliced hot dogs length-wise and some ketchup on sandwich bread. Those and meatloaf sandwiches… definitely not trade worthy food items in our lunchroom.

  432. I’d love to win one of these for my sweet daughter who is starting high school in two days. My best packed lunch mempry is sitting in the band room eating lunch with my best buddy, Bunny.

  433. My mom would pack bento boxes (love the BNTO name by the way!). It would be filled with delicious leftovers from dinner the night before. Although I remember feeling sad for not having “trade-able” goodies with friends, I’m happy to look back on those lunches now and be so grateful I wasn’t eating pizza served in a plastic bag! Yuck!

  434. Oh man. I have a crazy lunch story. It’s not a packed lunch story, but I have to share it.

    When I was in grade school, I’d always do this trick with my milk boxes where I’d open both sides, then push them in to make a cup. It’s a dumb trick, but I did it every single time I drank a from a milk carton.

    So one day in 4th grade, I accidentally threw away my retainer at school lunch. There was no way my mom was going to let all that money go to waste, so she brought all the bags of trash from 5 grades of lunch and started searching. As we started going through them, my mom asked me if there was anything special about my lunch that would help her. A spark went off – my milk carton! By a stroke of luck, my milk carton with sides turned in was spotted in the second bag of trash and shortly after, there was my retainer ๐Ÿ™‚

  435. Yum, school lunches! My gramma was German and she’d pack me little teeny pickles, German Potato salad and headcheese sandwiches with mustard on rye bread. YUCKY to most, but YUMMY to moi!

    (thanks for the chance to win, would love these for my homeschooled, adventurers)

  436. My favorite packed lunch memory is definitely the notes my mom wrote on a napkin and put in my lunchbox for me. I used to love the surprise of opening my lunchbox and finding a note from my mom telling me she loved me!

  437. My wonderful mother packed my school lunch every day for years. In every bag, she’d write a special note for her “princess” on the napkin. Lots of love!

  438. It’s funny to me now, but my favourite school lunch goodies were juice boxes and store-bought cookies. I grew up on a farm and lunches were largely homemade everything, so store bought was such a novelty!

  439. Okay, my most memorable lunch experience (because traumatic equals memorable right?) is when accidentally threw away my retainer in the cafeteria trash can. I had several very nice friends help me dig through the trash for it. It was thankfully found.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  440. I had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in my lunch every day until I was probably 14 or 15. Except one day in elementary school, my mom was on a business trip and my dad let my brother and me make our own lunches. I think we didn’t pack a single thing that didn’t contain chocolate, from the nutella and banana sandwiches to the chocolate milk. I didn’t eat chocolate for at least a month after that. Now it’s mostly leftovers or salads for me.

  441. I remember taking a school field trip and packing everything in tin foil, including the can of coke. All in a paper bag.The cheese melted all into the bread, but was still good!

  442. I didn’t take a packed lunch that often when I was in elementary school. But I have vivid memories of field trip days, when I had to bring a lunch, and on those special occasions I was allowed to buy and take a squeeze-it drink. You know those funny shaped, brightly colored, overly sugared with twist off tops? Do those even still exist?

  443. When I was in kindergarten, we didn’t nab much money, but somehow my dad found an old metal lunchbox. I can recall picking out the paint color (light blue) and the panda bear decals that we put on it. I don’t recall what happened to the lunchbox, just the memory of it remains.

  444. One of the first times I ever brought a packed lunch to school was when I got a Pocahontas lunchbox and thermos combo. I evidently didn’t know how to screw lids onto things as a third grader, and milk leaked out everywhere! My teacher was really awesome though, and bought me a carton of milk for lunch that day!

  445. I had a metal red plaid lunchbox when I was going to school. It was ugly and beautiful at the same time. I mostly had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, which was fine with me…I was kinda a picky eater growing up.

  446. My favorite lunchbox as a kid was a Snoopy/Peanuts one. It was metal (see, dating myself!) and the clip needed a bobby pin on it so it would stay closed! My mom often wrote me little notes tucked into my lunchbox ๐Ÿ™‚

  447. I have memories of my father making me sandwiches on multi grain or whole wheat bread for my lunches. I thought they were so boring and dry. I would stare longingly across the school lunch tables at my friends whose sandwiches were on the prettiest white bread and how soft the slices looked. I would beg my father to get some Wonder bread, please, PLEASE! “Nope,” he would say, you will like it later and thank me for not feeding you this. Of course my dad was right! I love all sorts of dark breads (with homemade jam of course). I also now am having this same battle with my three children! Ha!

  448. I remember taking hot lunch for most of my elementary school years. My mom was a single parent raising three kids and I think we qualified for the subsidized meals. They weren’t good but I do remember I got a Care Bears lunch box in 6th grade. I made my own lunches and was proud of it! Hard boiled eggs and pickles? Heck yeah.

  449. I am somewhat shamed to admit my favorite lunchbox and thermos were my Benji ones. But recently I discovered Planet Box stainless steel lunchboxes for my kids and I love them! Except that invariabley they leak inside the bag, but I have learned to just pack things differently.

  450. Oh, packed lunches. soggy tomato and cheese on sourdough, homebaked flapjacks and the occasional dried apricot. I was the kid with the ‘uncool’ lunchbox. I never had the rollups, poptop juices and chocolate smothered granola bars, but I liked my lunches so I never complained. ๐Ÿ™‚ My favourite? coconut yogurt with fruit and nuts.

  451. My mom always used to write me notes – I loved the daily surprise in my lunch box and kept them all in a book.

  452. When I was really little my mama used to always put grape Capri Sun in my blue insulated lunch bag. I loved it so much. Interestingly, even as a really young kid, I recognized my mom’s effort to be an act of love. Who knew Capri Sun could be meaningful?!

  453. I remember bringing peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or peanut butter and American cheese sandwiches for lunch. I haven’t had one with cheese in at least 30 years!

  454. Love cuppow products! I remember being very fond of my muppets lunchbox… but somehow the thermos from those old lunchboxes never seemed to be really clean :-).

  455. For the first day of school, my mom would put a Tastycake treat in our lunch. Butterscotch Krimpets or a lemon pie. They’re a Philadelphia thing.

  456. I had a tiny little tin Popeye lunch box that I always filled with hardboiled eggs and a lunch meat sandwich. After it was empty I would fill it with all my jewelry and still be stylin’. ๐Ÿ˜€

  457. When I was in Kindergarten, my mom sent a Benedictine sandwich with me for lunch on a field trip day. Another kid in my class forgot her lunch and the teacher asked me to share. But when I pulled out my green sandwich, everyone thought it was so gross. The lunch-less kid would rather go hungry than share my sandwich! (I thought Benedictine sandwiches were a staple in every kid’s lunchbox!)

  458. I still remember my Dukes of Hazzard lunchbox….happy in the orange glow of the General Lee, unaware of the racist overtones that the stars and bars carried.

  459. back before nutellaยฎ was a staple, my Italian mother used to pack me a panino with nutellaยฎ for lunch…other kids were either super jealous or super grossed out: “chocolate on a bun!” they’d shriek…my favourite!

  460. Awesome giveaway & question! I shudder to think of my favorite elementary school
    bring it from home lunch; bologna on Wonder bread (white, of course!) with LOTS of mustard,
    pickle relish & cheese! & chips!.

  461. I loved having peanut butter and honey sandwiches every single day for years! Now I try to bring a more varied selection, but pb and honey still sneaks in there…

  462. Favorite lunch memory… My mom preferred that we take the school hot lunch and back in those days you couldn’t pick and choose your days. Occasionally she would give in to my begging and let me take cold lunch – IF I packed my own lunch each day. Loved going off to school with my PBJ, cookie and a piece of fruit.

  463. I remember rocking a Gem lunchbox back in the day… And I remember sliding under my bottom when my parents weren’t looking on the way to school so I could look out the window. Back before small kids were in safety devices.

  464. We had to pack our own lunches as kids from as early as I can remember. I always loved a pickle, cream cheese, and salami sandwich. Don’t knock it till you try it.

  465. No packed lunch memories from school days — I pack my lunch often now, though. Favorite memory might be a coworker’s comment “Brie? You’re a mom — you’re supposed to have Velveeta!”

  466. My mom put raman noodles in my thermos. One particular thermos caused all the noodles to absorb the liquid–so when I opened the thermos it looked like BRAINS!!

  467. I remember being quite young, maybe first grade, and having a teacher help me locate my brother and sister in grades three and five, since my mom had packed me the wrong sandwich. Mine had, *gasp*, butter on it with the peanut butter. Gross!

  468. I remember one year, 4th grade I think, I refused to use a lunch box because it wasn’t “cool” for 4th graders. Mom just rolled her eyes and sent my lunch in a shopping bag every day.

  469. I remember distinctly being embarrassed to have my lunches packed in empty bread bags. I have since vowed to make my kids’ lunches with love and effort, though I can’t say I am always enthused about it at 11pm before bed and no energy left to do it. The best part about making their lunch everyday are the little notes I write to them and when they return in the afternoon having eaten every last bit (that is a rare occasion which makes me smile each and every time).

  470. I took a packed lunch to school every day from kindergarten to sr. year. My strongest memory is of taking a dime or ten pennies each day so I could buy a carton of milk to go along with the packed lunch.

  471. Ate those awful lunches when I was in school but packed lunch for my kids. Wish I had had some of the great ideas I know see all over the web. Their lunches were nutritious but boring.

  472. Oh my god I cannot even fathom how fantastic it would be to add this to my lunch-packing arsenal. I have the problem all the time of having a sauce or dressing that I don’t want sitting on my food all day. Sometimes I even take cereal and milk for after the gym (I hate eating breakfast before working out, makes my tummy hurt), and this would be AMAZING!

    I don’t really have a favorite lunchtime memory from childhood… I always had to pack my own lunch and hated it and felt left out of the little surprises and notes that everyone else’s mom seemed to pack… But one time a few years ago in college, my boyfriend knew that I had to get up around 4:30am to go to work at the IT department for the first day of the semester. He packed me Coco Wheats (fave), milk, sugar, and salt, all in appropriate amounts in separate containers or sandwich baggies, so that I could make it for breakfast in the microwave at work once a realistic hour came around. How sweet is that?! (And imagine how streamlined it could have been with a BNTO! I’ll have to show him this, we’ll have to get one even if I don’t get lucky enough to win.)

  473. when my kids were little i bought a lot of things in little plastic bags from the natural food store. i used them to pack school lunches and they knew they needed to bring them back so i could wash and resue them. there were always little wet bags all over my kitchen.

  474. I remember once in pre-school, sitting next to a girl, that when she opened her 80’s plastic lunch box the inside was covered with ants! For weeks afterward, whenever I began opened my lunch box, I feared I would find ants.

  475. My mom packed grilled cheese sandwiches on homemade bread. The bread was full of seeds and oats, and she used thick slices of sharp cheddar cheese.

  476. Once when I was in highschool, I accidentally made alcohol out of my 5-alive (which I did not like, but which was the closest thing to a healthy beverage I could be coerced into occasionally drinking). Basically it was summer and I left it in my bag for a week. It fizzed when I opened it, and tasted horrible.

    Only, now I realize I was fermenting it, and probably could have developed quite the underage bootlegging operation had I known then what I know now ๐Ÿ˜‰