Giveaway: Blossom Trivets from Spice Ratchet

black blossom trivet

Sometimes the best pieces of canning gear were never actually intended for use in food preservation. Case in point? The blossom trivet! It’s the best, most flexible canning rack I’ve found in my travels (and believe me, I go through life looking at kitchenware to see if I can somehow use it my canning flow).

red blossom trivet

I like to use these trivets as canning racks because they are heatproof, flexible, and never break down in the water like metal racks can do. You can take them apart, use them as one long strip, or you can button two together to make a rack for a larger pot.

pot on black trivet

I have heard from some people that they sometimes struggle to get their blossom trivets to lay flat in the pot when the water is at a rolling boil. The trick for that is that you turn the heat off or slide the pot off the hot burner for just a moment. That will calm the boil and give you a chance to lay the trivet back into place (a jar lifter does the job nicely). Then put the first full jar in on top of the now-flat trivet and it will stay in place. Problem solved!

pot and trivet

This week’s giveaway comes to us from Spice Ratchet. They are the makers of the blossom trivet (along with these nifty blossom jar toppers) and are regular Food in Jars sponsors. They’ve offered up four sets of trivets to my readers for the giveaway. Each set will include two red trivets and one translucent red trivet. You’ll be all set for canning season 2015! Here’s how to enter.

  1. Leave a comment on this post and tell me what your favorite preserve from 2014 has been.
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm east coast time on Saturday, December 6, 2014. The winner will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog by Sunday, December 7, 2014.
  3. Giveaway is open to US residents only (so sorry, further-flung readers).
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left on the blog, I cannot accept submissions via email.

Disclosure: Spice Ratchet is a Food in Jars sponsor and helps make this site possible. 

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537 responses to “Giveaway: Blossom Trivets from Spice Ratchet”

  1. I made strawberry jam for the first time this year. Though some batches were more of a syrup because they didn’t gel properly I was still very yummy and fun!

  2. I still think the honey sweetened tomato jam is my favorite of all time. I have made extra because it was such a hit last year!

  3. Candied jalapeños were a house favorite this year. We eat them with cheese and crackers, stuffed in a burger, or right out of the jar.

  4. Grape Jelly! Nothing fancy, but is my favorite because it cleared some space in my freezer where I’d stored the juice.

  5. I actually didn’t can anything in 2014, still burned out from 2013… However I did get a request for roasted corn salsa the other day as they loved it so much. They will have to wait for the farmer’s market to open up again…tis winter here!

  6. This year we couldn’t get enough of the apple cranberry topping. I have to pry the jars from my busband’s hands to give as gifts! I think he may have a secret stash hidden…

  7. Not a “preserve”.. I think of jams and jellies with that word.. But, Hubby and I have eaten ALL our RoastedCornSalsa! I made 3 batches!

  8. My favorite preserve is a perennial: apricot. But my raspberry jam is a favorite with those who receive it as a Christmas gift!

  9. Smooth peach jam was the hit at my house this year. I have to give credit where credit is due…the lovely peach tree behind my office yielded a bumper crop this past summer and my Hun Bun who suggested jam made from all those little peaches. : )

  10. My favorite is the elderberry jelly. Hubby can’t get enough of the sweet pickled hot pepper mix–I’m afraid they may not last til next season! I’m doubling the number of hot pepper plants in the garden.

  11. my favorite preserving project from 2014-sweet pepper jelly-a sweet yellow pepper variation on the popular halapeno jelly recipe. It’s great to learn so much from great sites like this one that I have the confidence to experiment and modify recipes with success.

  12. Just started canning again this year, after a 20 year hiatus! I’d forgotten how good it could be, but I think my favorite was the tomato salsa with black beans. Feels like summer again every time I open a jar!

  13. So hard to narrow it down, but I think my favorite this year has to be my Very Berry Cherry. Strawberries, Cherries, Pomegranate seeds, Blueberries and Raspberries! Tart and refreshing!

  14. Well, at first it wasn’t my favorite but once I tasted it – yum! Tomato jam. It came out a bit runny but it’s definitely still usable an I nailed the flavor.

  15. I made a batch of your peach/vanilla jam earlier this year, and I’m so sad it’s almost gone! Can’t wait for peach season again.

  16. Our applesauce isn’t flashy or amazing, but it is a staple at our house. Snack time is easier, baked oatmeal is a snap and life is just better when the I get 100+ quarts of applesauce done each fall!

  17. Lot of options this year, but I think my favorite was either strawberry syrup or cranberry sauce. Thanks for offering this giveaway!

  18. These are so cool! I love the caps too. I need some of those.

    My fave this year was my heirloom roasted salsa. I roasted the maters, onion and peppers to bring out the natural sweetness and hold cow bells it was worth the time! I had to pressure can it because I make up my salsa to taste so I do not know the ph.

  19. Spicy pickled green tomatoes – although they weren’t very spicy, but sure tasty. I had some difficulty making them as I don’t know how to pack sliced tomatoes with onions tightly in the jar – so if you specifically read this comment and have some tips I would love it! I ended up just heating more jars up to use all the veggies.

    And I would love those trivets!

  20. Chutney. I made three different kinds when the fruit was in season: black cherry, red plum and Jersey peach. They were all good. I can’t decide which one I like best.

  21. Did not make any this year-but in reading through the comments, that Tomato Bourbon Jam by Tamara sounds like a needed recipe.

  22. Jalapeño Jelly–love it on my delicious cornbread with a pot of pinto beans. I’d love to have one of these nifty trivets to use next canning season and in-between!

  23. I made lots of etrog marmalade. People were happy to donate their etrog, but everyone seems to be on a diet or eliminating sugar. Next year, it will be etrog-infused vinegar!

  24. Pear Bourbon vanilla jam, boysenberry jam. And, the only jam that I buy instead of make – We Love Jam Blenheim Apricot

  25. I love these trivets! I have never had a problem with them laying flat. As for my favorite preserve this summer? It’s a toss up between the Salted Brown Sugar Peach Jam and a Jalapeno Jelly I made with hot wax peppers.

    • Thinking allllllllllll the way back to spring here – your recipe for rhubarb orange butter was the surprise hit of the year! Definitely in my regular rotation now 🙂

  26. My favorite preserve I made this year was black raspberry jam. I have a big bramble in my side yard…and what the kids dont eat I manage to freeze and make jam with!

  27. We got a variety pack of hot peppers for the garden this year that included habaneros. I had no idea what to do with them until I found a habanero jam recipe, we are now completely addicted and have decided we will need more than one plant next year!

  28. Well! I haven’t tasted them yet, but I THINK my favorite preserve from 2014 will be pickled green tomatoes. I get these lovely, sweet yellow grape tomatoes every year, and every year there are still so many at the end of the season that are still green, and every year I pick them and then do nothing with them. This year, I finally pickled them and they look SO good. But I did it in September and have to wait four loooooong months.

  29. My favorite has been the blackberry/raspberry jam I made from berries I picked with my boyfriend. It made a tiny, delicious batch!

  30. My soon to be made applesauce. I have 40 pounds of apples arriving today from the middle school FFA fruit sale. I can hardly wait!!!

  31. Green beans. With my Mom no longer living canning green beans brought back wonderful memories as it was something we used to do together. ❤️

  32. Made bread and butter pickles that I shared with the church bazaar and the volunteer fire company’s annual fair. It was a good year for cucumbers in NJ. Always a favorite!

  33. The Spice Trivet looks to be a very useful item around the kitchen. I especially like your idea to use them inside the canning pot. Many thanks for the suggestion and I would love to win a set.

  34. Chopped tomatoes! I love jams and chutneys but I find the usefulness and deliciousness of tomatoes canned reminds me every year why I love canning.

  35. My favorite jam this year was definitely my Pine-Apple Ginger Jam (crushed pineapple, chopped apples, lemon, and fresh and candied ginger). It tasted like sunshine with a ginger kick!

  36. The family loves my Cowboy Jam, but my personal favorite this year was Sambuca Romano Jam made with real Maine blueberries. Yummmmm….

  37. My favorite thing I have preserved this year has been peaches. Just plain peaches in a light syrup. So simple, yet so good!

  38. It was a good berry year so we have some great berry preserves but I think this year’s favorite is the crock pot pear butter.

  39. Quince past, quince jam and quince jelly. Finally am putting that old quince bush to work. Super different and delicious!

  40. So far it’s been any of my pear jams! I did three – Rosemary, vanilla, and ginger – all with pears from my own tree! So great!

  41. It is a three way tie between strawberry lavander caramel, curry apple chutney, and cherry port jelly infused with rosemary and black pepper.

  42. I made a sweet chili pepper sauce, it’s got so any uses, the best Bang Bang Chicken, and mixing it with cream cheese for dips

  43. I’m new to canning and would love to try the Blossom Trivet. I made several varieties of fruit jam this summer, but the tomato jam was our absolute favorite, especially on sandwiches and omelets.

  44. My favorite preserve this year (and possibly of all time) is your vanilla rhubarb jam! Great on toast, pancakes, and in oatmeal jam bars.

  45. I pickled jalapenos for the for the first time, and all the jars are gone already! It was fun to try something new, and the way I go through them, it was nice to always have a jar on hand. Thank you for the chance to win!

  46. A mixed berry jam made with blackberries, cherries, raspberries, & blueberries! I only had a small batch of 8 half pints and I gifted half of them so I am trying to ration the rest

  47. Between buying a house, renovating said house, and moving, I didn’t can a single thing this year. However, I have big plans for a huge batch of dill pickle relish next year.

  48. Oh my gosh, I would love to have these trivets. So helpful with my canning. Strawberry, raspberry, and blackberry jelly from our organic berries top my favorites list. How can I pick one!

  49. Favorite preserve of 2014 was a strawberry-rhubarb jam made with berries I picked myself. I also loved the Sweet Pear Caramel from Preserving By The Pint. Thank you for the trivet recommendation and the giveaway!

  50. The concord grape jelly that I preserved this year from our homegrown grapes has by far been the favorite for 2014 in our house!

  51. I can’t pick one favorite 🙂 I have really enjoyed learning to can over the past several months! The jams I’ve been savoring include raspberry, apricot and orange marmalade. I have had happy memories of my childhood when I eat dilly beans.

  52. My favorite so far this year has been the apple lavender jelly. So simple to make but makes such a sophisticated flavor that everyone assumes it’s difficult!

  53. I have enjoyed looking at other people’s comments – got some great ideas!! This year, pear sauce! Mmmmm!! Like apple sauce but with pears.

  54. My favorite preserve this year has been my quince jam. I have been a die-hard berry jam eater my whole life, and was gifted a bag of a strange cooking-fruit called quince this year! My life has been turned upside down!I first tried a preserves recipe, which was ok, but I wasn’t very impressed (as usual for me and fruit preserves). Then experimented with a quince elder chutney (great on crackers with goat cheese!) Then after reading a bit I tried jam. I loved it so much I went on the hunt for 3 or 4 weeks to find more, and finally acquired enough for 4 more batches of jam. I can’t stop giving it away. It’s so good I have to share it! (and I pretty much just want to eat it straight outta the jar!) I would highly recommend trying it if you can get your hands on this fruit. It’s lovely scent will fill your whole house, too!

  55. I love the peach chutney I made as well as all the jams! Kiwi, huckleberry, mixed berry, blueberry lavender, tomato= yum! Another good one was the jalapeno “cowboy candy”. thanks for the ideas (I love your books) and for sponsoring the giveaway.

  56. My favorite this year was plain old plum jam. My coworker brought in plums from his yard and I supplemented those with a few overripes from the farmers market (got a great deal). But it was not my favorite because my fruit was nearly free. Instead it was my favorite because I got it made right before my Mom had knee replacement surgery, so I was able to give her big jars of her absolute favorite jam to eat on during her recovery. I can because I love saving the season, but I also love sharing it, so this was the best of all worlds.

  57. I made rhubarb lavender preserves this year for the first time. They were so good I fell in love and blasted through all 8 pts of the first batch as if I never made any to begin with. So I made another 2 more batches before I ran out of rhubarb for the year and guess what? I have but 2 pts left. Yes it was/is that good!! 🙂

  58. My favorite preserve from this year is probably the peach mostarda we made, it was something new and different and its addictive!

  59. I think my favorite preserve of 2014 was 80 pints + 15 quarts of marinara sauce I put up. It’s so great being able to grab a jar & have dinner on the table in no time!!

  60. This is an easy one! My strawberry jam has been my favorite. Fridays, my breakfasts are pb&j, it’s my special Friday treat… made so much more special with homemade strawberry jam on it.

  61. Not really a preserve as such, but I got a big kick from revisiting my childhood with Watermelon Rind Pickles. Hadn’t had them in 40 years and the taste sure took me back.

  62. My favorite thing so far has been the strawberry-rhubarb pie filling.

    I bought one of these trivets a couple of years ago based on your love for them and have not been sorry! I would love to have more.

  63. I made applesauce following the recipe here on Food In Jars! I made it last year as well and this year I tweaked a few things and it turned out wonderfully.

  64. 2014 was a bit of a preserving bummer, but we picked a pint of raspberries while canning up some apple sauce and made a few quarts of ras-ple sauce. Just apples, raspberries and a pinch of salt (a must have ingredient picked up from Cooks’ Illustrated).

  65. If I absolutely had to choose one preserve, it would have to be fig jam I made this fall. A close second is cinnamon plum jam.

  66. made strawberry fig jam this year for the first time, and goodness is it amazing. I’ll be giving it out this year for christmas, but I plan on hoarding a few back to get me through the winter 🙂

  67. Orange tomato and smoked paprika jam from Preserving by the Pint! Thanks for explaining the strategy for keeping it on the bottom of the pot. This did happen to me and in the heat of the moment, I panicked.

  68. Ooh, I’ve had one of these on my wishlist for awhile!

    My favorite preserve this year has been a spiced plum compote that we’ve been loving with everything from vanilla ice cream, stirred into yogurt, or stirred into marinades, dressings and glazes. So tasty!

  69. So difficult to narrow it down to one favorite. It’s a tie between your pear-cranberry jam and summertime peach jam with fresh, local peaches!

  70. Mulled cider syrup has been amazing on pancakes lately and pickled cranberries were a hit at Thanksgiving. Whole grain mustard is another top contender!

  71. I thought it was my lemon marmalade but I was introduced to quince and I’m in love with my quince preserves and the membrillo I made with them!

  72. Nutmeg spiced nectarine jam has been a huge hit and thinking of trying my hand again at jalapeño jelly abd concord grape as gifts.

  73. Blackberry cardamom and rosewater jam: I only got a few cups of wild blackberries this summer, but I feel like I put them to good use in a small batch of special jam. I think I might break open my two jars for jam-thumbprint cookies with a rosewater glaze.

  74. Hands down it’s been the cranberry pear chutney. My boyfriend would probably argue for the canned peaches in honey syrup though.

  75. we made pickled peppers, pickles, and squash pickles for the first time. they were big hits. definitely doing more canning next year!

  76. I made a simple raspberry jam late in the summer and it was amazing! I still have one jar I’m waiting to pop open on a gloomy day.

  77. Applum sauce (Italian prune plums & Rome applies). One of those use-em-or-lose-em projects is going to be intentional next year.

  78. We made a wonderful rhubarb vanilla jam last spring and are enjoying it so much right now. BUT, I have to say that I’m really looking forward to making some meyer lemon marmalade soon, which is my all-time favorite preserve.

  79. Tomato sauce, which I didn’t really like that much when I canned it, has turned out to be a big hit! It’s so nice to be able to just open a jar when I don’t have an hour to let sauce simmer before dinner.

  80. Thanks for the tip about taking the pot off the burner for a moment to get the trivet to lay flat – I’ve always had trouble with that.

  81. I think my favorite preserve of 2014 is my sliced peaches in syrup. When winter sets in and the fruit variety starts to dwindle, opening a jar of peaches is like a bit of summer in a jar. Helps to get out of the winter funk a bit.

  82. The honey-sweetened rhubarb-ginger jam, that you called “compote”. Stunningly delicious and rather unique. Of course cinnamon and vanilla scented pear-cranberry jam was a very close second. Delicious PLUS the house smelled yummy while it cooked!

  83. Ooh, yay! I’ve had my eye on these trivets for awhile, so I’m excited to try one out. And you know my favorite preserve has to be a pickle! Maybe all the pickles, because I love far too many to decide. But that fennel lemon ginger is at the top of my list. Thanks for the giveway opportunity!

  84. I had so much fun with your book, but I think the Asian Winds Jam I concocted from Plums and Star Anise is best….so is the Tomato Jam…..and …….

  85. My favorite preserve from 2014 has been your Blackberry Jam recipe! I’ve made three batches this year and each time they go very quickly! All my friends and family members snag a jar and the keep asking for more!

  86. I have wanted one of these trivets since the first time I learned of them. My favorite preserve is the bread and butter pickles. Good luck every one and Happy Holidays to all.

  87. My current favorite has been sweet and spicy pickled carrots though today I just made a cranberry habanero jelly which might be a runner-up.

  88. Mine is my cranberry relish and cranberry ketchup. It sounds all Thanksgiving-y, but we really use them all year ’round!

  89. i completed the certification program to become a master food preserver this year in la county. during our 12 week course we made so many delicious things in every way to preserve foods.

    one of my absolute favorites was “preserved lemons.” i had never had them before–or made them and now i am hooked! i’m planning to give to everyone for holiday gifts with recipes! i’ve added them to soups, chicken adobo–happy to share recipe and even a “salty lemonade”

    love this trivet! dear santa—i must have!!!! 😉

  90. My favorite is always the one I’m making at the moment. Just finished making your spiced cranberry apple. It’s gonna be a hit at Christmas!

  91. This is tough. My favorite for flavor is fig jam. But the thing I go to most often is my puréed tomatoes. They taste just like summer 🙂

  92. I use this trivet also. I saw it in one of your blogs and knew it was exactly what I needed. My favorite preserve this year is simple tomato juice-no salt. I have been trying to limit my salt intake and most days drink the juice with little or no salt. On the days that I want salt I can add it right to my glass. Having canned it without salt makes it very versatile for me.

  93. Wow this is wonderful! I spent quite a bit of time this weekend scrubbing rust off my canning rack, and got a little burn from pulling up the handles to put in my jars so this is a great solution. I had two favorites this year: pickled leeks and balsamic figs.

  94. Orange marmalade is my favorite, and I’ll be making more very soon now that it is the season, and I’d so love to have the trivet to use!

  95. My ginger plum jam makes my heart go pitty pat. It is followed by my plain old raspberry jam. Both turned out great.

    Thanks for turning us on to this trivet! I bought one when you featured it before; it works great in my large pot, which fits my canning needs much better than the speckled blue giant.

  96. My favorites are the ones I just sent my oldest son who now lives miles away from home. Last week, I sent him a “care package ” including strawberry jam (his favorite), blueberry jam, chocolate raspberry sauce, and chunky applesauce (my favorite). Thanks to this website and blog, I have a nice collection for holiday gifts, too!

  97. My favorite preserve were the fresh Wild Maryland Red Raspberries my husband and I picked this summer!. And I wish I had that trivet just this past weekend when I canned some turkey. I’m guessing too much heat transferred to the bottom of one of my jars and it broke. :o(

  98. Vanilla Rhubarb Jam. First time I’ve ever made it with vanilla and it was a great way to use the last of the rhubarb from my old house.

  99. We made a blueberry lavender jam that was fantastic this year. I’m hoping we have enough frozen blueberries from the summer for an encore!

  100. Honey vanilla apricot – made with local apricots and local honey from a friend. Rainier cherry was also fabulous, as was chocolate raspberry 🙂

  101. We have a great arrangement with our mail carrier: we give him growlers of homebrew, and he gives us jars of salsa that he and his wife have made. He also gave us their recipe, and this summer I got into canning (finally!) and made a huge batch. It’s my favorite preserves, and it’s the only salsa my daughter will eat. She calls it “mailman salsa.”

  102. My favorite new preserve turns out to be the apricot jam I kind of made up at my Dad’s request. His favorite preserve wasn’t that jam (of course), but the peach-raspberry (AKA pseudo peach melba) I also tried out this year.

    My personal favorite is still plum, but I’m the only one in the house who loves it. Just means there’s more for me!

  103. We made a fantastic strawberry-serrano jam that OOMPH— rocked my socks off. We are making a huge batch next year… the 12 pints that we made for 2014 only lasted us about a month and a half.

  104. This would answer my keeping the jars upright issue! I just made Christmas jam for gift giving but everyone else loves my blueberry jam.

  105. My neighbors gave me a lovely jar of quince jelly, much nicer than the time I tried making it. Maybe I should talk them into lessons!

  106. Currently working on my annual calamondin marmalade in several variations. The first one I made is my favorite thus far which included supremed grapefruites and lime to add additional dimension to the flavor profile. It is so delicious.

  107. Just Peachy!
    I picked this name for my peach preserves because they have the most peachy flavor of any peach preserves I have ever made. The difference; I used yellow peaches instead of the white peaches I have used in the past. I prefer white peaches for eating fresh because they are sweeter than yellow peaches. However, they do not have a strong peach flavor. Yellow peaches have a pronounced peach flavor.

  108. I made “Grammy’s Applesauce” for the first time this year. I used at least 5 different kinds of apples. it’s delicious!!

  109. Alas, alack, I have done little preserving this year. We did make quite a lot of tomato jam – which I love and which makes an excellent gift.

  110. I’m a practical preserver, so my favorite preserve came out of the two bushels of tomatoes I put up – salsa and red sauce for spagetti.

  111. I think my favorite so far had been the pineapple and roasted yellow pepper salsa that I made back in January. It didn’t make very many jars, and I’ve been carefully rationing them out until pineapples went on sale again.

  112. One of the best things about living in Maine is wild blueberries, those tiny little gems that are bursting with flavor. My favorite preserve from 2014 is good old straight-up blueberry jam. We just opened a jar, and the fragrance alone was enough to propel me back to the warmth of summer.

  113. I always love my good ol’ plain strawberry preserves. We pick the strawberries at a local U-pick, and this year, I taught a friend to make the preserves with me. I keep intending to branch out with an alternative flavor — adding vanilla or balsamic, but the simple berry preserve always wins me over.

  114. I bought one of these Spice Ratchet trivets and began to use it as a rack for heating my open jars. I noticed a film on top of the water. The trivet shed tiny silicone particles into the water which left a rubbery film on the sides of my stainless steel pot. I could wash it off, but realized the particles were probably all over the insides of my open jars. This rack should be used for water bath processing for CLOSED JARS ONLY.

    • Teresa, I’ve never had that experience and I’ve used a number of these trivets for canning. Did you wash your trivet before using?

  115. My favorite preserve was the strawberry jam with vanilla that I made with strawberries from a local strawberry patch picked with my niece and nephew.

  116. I just made a batch of habanero gold from the big Ball jar book – I love pepper jelly anyway but this one is delicious.

  117. It’s a draw for me! Dilly beans made a comeback (finally found dill flower heads and green beans at same time at farmers market — often mismatched seasonally here in South). Also made a giganto batch of Cuckoo’s Catsup with the help of my aunt and cousin. This is my grandmother’s famous recipe that I resurrected from her chicken-scratch handwritten recipe and made food safe.

  118. It is a toss up between the Apricot Butter that I purposefully planned to make (bought the apricots for the recipe) and the Vanilla Plum Jam which was a result of an unplanned and hasty use up of the fruit before leaving on vacation.

  119. I came into a bunch of cherries this year and made several batches of black forest preserves. It is delicious on chocolate cake with whip cream. Hello Christmas presents!

  120. All I’ve canned this year so far is peach butter. I’m hoping to get around to some cranberry chutney and some sour cherries that are in my freezer, though!

  121. Favorite would be the black cherry jam made from frozen, store bought black cherries. Yep. They worked GREAT! Not the cheapest way to acquire fruit for jam, but the taste is wonderful
    Stil haven’t ordered these trivets, and need to do just that. Or win them!

  122. So far, our favorites have been the Roasted Corn Salsa. I sell breads at our local farm market, and sometimes do some trading with the other vendors at the end of the day. I come home with extra sweet corn, peppers, and tomatoes (that were too blemished to sell to customers, but good enough for salsa!)

  123. I just started canning this year after my husband got me both books. By far my most popular jam has been the Apple Rosemary. I’m pretty sure I’ve gone through 50lbs of apples to make it so far this year!

    • Jsut one favorite… lol…your recipe for apple rosemary jam makes the top, along with cranberry catsup! oh, and the pickled pumpkin…so many good ones to choose from this year. So glad I ran across your books at my little local book store!

      • So sorry, didn’t mean to post this here, got side tracked by how wonderful your strawberry lemonaide jam sounded. Is it a personal recipe?

  124. I’m happy that I made the triumvirate of nostalgia for my childhood this year: mulberry jam, crabapple marmalade, and honeysuckle marmalade. I’m not sure which was my favorite but I’m digging the crabapple marmalade I still have left.

  125. Just one favorite… lol…your recipe for apple rosemary jam makes the top, along with cranberry catsup! oh, and the pickled pumpkin…so many good ones to choose from this year. So glad I ran across your books at my little local book store!

  126. Tomato Jam sweetened with Honey! I made three big batches of tomato jam this year (I’m not running out by May again next spring!), and this batch allowed me to share with a friend who has a bunch of dietary restrictions — who I hadn’t realized wouldn’t be able to eat my last canned-good share. Also, I think it might be my favorite & I might make it more than sugar-sweetened next year. Thanks, Marisa!

  127. I think I have 2 faves from this year. From the summer- apricot jam. Mom’s country orchards nice little organic farm stand up in Oak Glen, apple country near my home had cooking apricots for a dollar a pound. Then at the end of fall a friend gave me a couple bags of quince. I made quince butter.

  128. I made a batch of cinnamon apple slices with apples from the tree in the new yard of friends. And it is delicious. I did not make enough!

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