Giveaway: Blossom Trivet from Spice Ratchet


It’s been nearly nine months since I switched from using a round cake cooling rack for my canning rig to the silicone trivet you see above and I wouldn’t go back for anything. I love the trivet at canning rack with all my heart, particularly since it doesn’t impart any funky particles into the water and looks just as good now as the first day I got it.

In fact, the only minor issue I’ve had is that when it’s left in a pot of boiling water with no jars holding it down, it can sometimes float. However, a quickΒ maneuverΒ with a jar lifter and it’s back in place and ready to lift and pad the jars again.

Awhile back, I got an email from the spokesperson at Spice Ratchet, the company that makes the Blossom Trivet, delighted with the new use I’d found for their product. They offered to sponsor a giveaway, to help spread the trivet love even further. I have five (5) trivets to give away to a handful of lucky winners.

If you’re interested in entering the giveaway, here’s what you do.

  1. Leave a comment on this post and tell me about your canning rig. Are you a traditional canning pot user? Or have you cobbled together something more interesting?
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm east coast time on Friday, September 14, 2012. Winner will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog on Saturday, September 15, 2012.
  3. Giveaway is open to US residents.
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left via the comment form on the blog, I cannot accept submissions via email.
Disclosure: Spice Ratchet is providing five Blossom Trivets for this giveaway. They sent me an assortment of their mini blossoms for testing purposes. I’ve not been paid to host this giveaway and my opinions remain my own.

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697 responses to “Giveaway: Blossom Trivet from Spice Ratchet”

  1. I am definitely a traditional, canning pot and rack user. And I just buy a new rack periodically, and the canning pot is getting dodgy because of my old-fashioned ways. I have to say this silicone trivet might be the answer to my rusting issue….

  2. My boyfriend got me an awesome enameled pot and rack, it’s my first year canning and it’s doing just fine – just a tiny bit of rust so this trivet would be great!

  3. I don’t have a canning rack. I just put the jars in the bottom of a stock pot, and so far it’s working. I should really get one before I break a jar!

  4. I did finally buy a typical canning setup, but I used whatever I could find for a few years! I think I used part of a steamer for a while, not sure what it was, really… This trivet would be nice for small batch preserving, when you don’t want to fill that huge canning pot.

  5. I have been both! I started out using a stock pot and kitchen towel, and then switched to canning pot and rack. But I hate how the racks get from only a few uses, the water gets funky, and I hate the limitations on jar sizes/shapes traditional racks give you. This sounds perfect! πŸ™‚

  6. I have used a lobster pot since I first started canning a few years ago. Works great and the whole thing was $20. My hubby also uses it for brewing beer! Very versatile.

  7. Oooo this looks sweet! I have a traditional enamel canning pot and rack that is so old it leaves an awful film on my jars. Before I inherited them, I used a stock pot and fashioned a rack out of crumpled aluminum foil. Strange, but it worked!

  8. Omg….I’ve been looking for one of these since your class in Newton! I just had my boyfriend cut the handles off the traditional metal rack. They keep flopping over. I LOVE that trivet! I have used a smaller round one but yours es “Muy Bueno!”

  9. I’ve got two rigs, actually. The first is a large 23-qt enamel canner with a stainless steel rack, that holds 7 quart jars.

    The other is a smaller enamel stockpot that I use for small batches, with the green plastic rack from the Ball Canning Discovery kit — which I first found about right here at Food in Jars πŸ™‚

  10. I’ve canned for a few years and still use my expandable steamer rack from Oxo. It does the job, but the pop up handle in the center sure makes maneuvering hot jars around it interesting to say the least! Thanks for the chance at something a little more useful!

  11. I have a traditional ring and big pot, and a smaller soup pot with a mini canning rack that didn’t fit so I “tore” off the bits that were too wide and squished it until it fit! =P

  12. I can never keep track of the rack for the bottom of my big pressure canner. I use a variety of racks from cake cooling racks to antique, cast iron trivets, and have even been known to weave together crumpled twists of aluminum foil. Since I usually get around to canning in the middle of the night, the extra step of either hunting down, or creating, a rack takes more time than I ever want to spend. A nice flexible silicone “rack” that I could store in my potholder drawer – that has the added benefit of looking like a chrysanthemum – would be a GREAT relief!

  13. I have one of those graniteware steamer pots that has the little inch-or-two-tall insert that sits in the bottom (it’s narrower than my canners and takes up less space on the stove) — I hate rusty racks and how so many racks have those dividers in them, and I always lift my jars out individually with tongs anyway, so I just use the steamer insert as a rack. It seems to work just fine, but I have had problems not being able to find something to use as a rack between double layers of jars since this pot is narrower than most canners, so this trivet would be great!

  14. I use the standard canning pot that I got at a yardsale. and I have used up the 3 boxes of canning jars that I got at the same yardsale! I use the expandable veggie steamer to put the jars onto.

  15. I have one of those wonderful large pots for canning, given as a gift but they didn’t realize it’s only for gas stoves and I have an awful cook top (hopefully not forever!) so I use a large stock pot we have. Before I new better I put the jars in the pot with nothing underneath then learned not to do that!! Now I have one of the plastic holders from Ball, that green basket looking one, but would love something like this so I could fit more of my quart jars in at one time.

  16. I’ve been using a cooling rack – since I almost strictly do small jar canning, the rack that came with my canning pot is completely inappropriate. But the cooling rack is getting rusty and I’ve been trying to figure out what else to use – the trivet would be perfect!

  17. I have an induction cooktop, and have yet to find a “traditional” canner that works, so I currently cobble together solutions (screw rings as a base in a large pot, for example). I also have one of the Ball “Discovery” kits (the silicon 3-jar carrier).

  18. I’m wondering if this is for your pressure canner? I don’t have any problems with my lift-out rack in my water canner, but the thing in my pressure canner is somewhat worthless, I think, because it sits right on the bottom of the pot.

    Jennifer, I don’t use this trivet in my pressure canner, only in a boiling water bath canner. It’s not large enough to cover the bottom of my pressure canner. -Marisa

  19. I tend to leave my pot full overnight to cool so I can use the water to water my plants and most of the time I forget to pull out the rack so it’s getting prematurely rusty. This would be a great solution to that problem!

  20. I have a stock pot and a little rack that came with my crock pot that just baaarely fits in the pot. It’s working ok, although it slants all the jars to one side and is starting to rust. Good thing I never use it for the crock pot!

  21. I tend to be a standard canning equipment user, but the racks annoy me when the water gets all…icky. And they tend to rust out far to quickly for my liking as well!

  22. I still use an enameled canner with rack, thoughnI did find a better one that holds small jars last year. I’ve been wanting it try this rack, though, in a smaller pot since I read about it here. It would be nice for smaller batches. Thanks for the opportunity!

  23. Traditional pot and rack, but I hate the weird flecks and rusting issue. Trivet could go great with my enamel cast iron Lodge dutch oven, which i use for small batch canning at times with a dish rag in the bottom.

  24. I have an enamel canning pot but these days am just using my big stock pot. I’ve got no rack or jar lifter. I’m making do with regular tongs and an oven mitt!

  25. The big pot from the Costco set seems to do the trick, but I have no rack. Last time I used a washcloth to keep the jars from rattling!

  26. I have a graniteware stock pot and the Ball “Discovery” kit with the green plastic basket rack. The stock pot isn’t tremendously big, but the Ball basket-rack is a little too small for the pot. So many times I need to add just one more jar, but can’t because the rack – not the pot – is too small!

  27. i’m a rebel…i don’t use any sort of canning rack in my pot! i just use a large stock pot, and pop the jars right in using tongs, and so far haven’t had any problems.

  28. I have cookie cutters in my pot, or sometimes a double stack of spare canning rims. I need to carefully place the jars to make it work, and they’ve been known to tip over and give my lots of trouble, but one I have all of them in, they hold each other up.

  29. I’ve had my eye on this trivet for a while – it looks awesome! My canning set up is a small round rack set in a large pot, although one day when I get a bigger kitchen (and can afford big unitaskers space-wise), I’d love to get the bigger canning set up – or even a pressure canner as my mom has.

  30. I am definitely a “cobbler” in that I usually use silverware. I try to stick to butter knives and spoons as the forks can cause things to be a little too uneven. I once bought a canning rack online and it was too large by millimeters. Frustration!

  31. I have the traditional canner/rack for large loads. For small ones I use a tall stockpots with canning rings in the bottom. This looks like a winning solution!

  32. Just got finished water-bath canning for the first time ever, I think I’m hooked (my wife thinks I’m crazy). Can’t wait to eat delicious peaches in the middle of January! Haven’t decided if I’m going to share with her or just taunt her as I enjoy every bite. Using this silicone trivet as a rack is a great idea.

  33. I generally use my big ol’ canning pot (that was my mom’s!) because it has a decent rack. When I try to use a smaller pot for small batches, I usually tie old rings together, but I’m never very satisfied. I love that blossom trivet!

  34. I don’t know about more interesting, but yes, definitely cobbled. I use a large stock pot and the “rack” came from an old pressure cooker. The rack is a bit small for my current stock pot, but it certainly works. However, I think this lovely trivet might work better.

  35. Along with many other folks here, I use a traditional canning set-up, with a very rusty rack. This year it bothered me so much I didn’t want to use it at all. I used my pressure canner as a water bath canner for pickles. And when I do small batches of jam, I use my soup pot that has a steamer insert. Wish it worked for larger jars. I’ve been considering buying a stainless steel rack for my canner, but this trivet might be a better answer.

  36. I too use a round cooling rack and a big, cheap stock pot that I got a a discount store. I have hard water where I live and the rack is coated with minerals from the water and is very difficult to clean. This silicone rack looks great.

  37. For a long time I used just a dish cloth at the bottom of my large stock pot. However, I recently tracked down my handy-dandy circular cake cooling rack and just used it when making a batch of fig jam! This trivet looks like it would be a great item as well!

  38. I have a stockpot that I have always used with a towel at the bottom to sit the jars on. Have been canning for years like this &I have introduced Canning to others who.did not think they could afford to can by using equipment they already had in their home.

  39. I have a traditional canner and rack, a smaller canner with a cooling rack that someone cut to fit and I have been known to make a “rack” out of extra lid rings and twist ties.

  40. I have no traditional canning ring. πŸ™‚ i twisty tied together jar rings & thats it. Yep it works & has not fallen apart yet this cannibg season. haha. Keeping it cheap.

  41. I want one and definitely needone so bad! I have a traditional canner but have been playing around with different items for my smaller batches.

  42. Hi! I’m so excited for your giveaway! I am just now trying to get started in canning however I’ve been out on hold b/c I don’t have a rack. : / I really hope I win one of these great silicone trivets so I can transform the mangoes from my trees into a beautiful mango chutney or mango raspberry jam!

  43. I just use a giant stockpot I bought at a thrift store. But I’ve made so many quarts of marinara sauce, jars of jam and so on, that I think it’s really time to evolve, especially since I can find decent pots and racks for sale on craigslist. So I think I’m actually going to call an ad tomorrow…!

  44. I have a traditional canning pot, which I use with a set of Progressive Reversible (and stackable) canning racks. This works well when I’m canning a lot but if it’s a small batch, the rattling noise is annoying. I’ve had this trivet on my Amazon wish list since I first saw it — on your site? Probably. It looks like a great design!

    Thank you for extending this offer!

  45. I am traditional. enamel pot and and old rack. I love them and although they are getting old and haggard..i will keep on using them until i just can’t anymore. They don’t hurt my canning process at all! πŸ™‚

  46. I don’t have a canning pot, and the rack a friend got me is too wide for the stock pot I’ve been using. I’ve used mostly folded-up dish towels, and for the last batch tied some dinged and rusty canning rings together with cotton twine. A trivet would would be really lovely to try.

  47. I actually scored a commercial grade giant soup pot at an estate sale. That plus a couple of round metal discs have been working for smaller batch processing (my mom and I share her big canner). I think a trivet sounds much nicer, and like you said, quieter!

  48. I use the trivet inside a 10 quart pressure cooker. When I start to can applesauce in quarts, I will move to a large stockpot with the trivet so the quart jars will fit. The blossom trivet is great. I really like the way it collapses for storage.

  49. I use the traditional canning pot I bought several years ago when I first started canning along with an old white enamel pot from my grandmother when I am doing the shorter jars. The white one is perfect for the smaller jars that seem to get lost in the larger pot.

  50. I usually use my pressure canner for both pressure canning. My largest stock pot is only big enough for the 4 oz jars. I use it for that. I usually tie some lid bands together on the bottom. I would love to use this trivet! It would make my proceed a little quicker and more efficient.

  51. I have a large traditional canning pot with metal rack. The rack has done an excellent job of scratching the bottom of the pot and now it is rusting and the paint is flaking. When filled the pot is barely liftable. I have a nice graniteware pot that is a bit smaller (easier to lift) but I refuse to put any type of metal rack in the bottom for fear of more of scratching, rusting and flaking. This would be a great solution.

  52. Thanks for the opportunity to receive this trivet! Would use it often. I have always cobbled stuff together for my in=pot canning rack, though this past month I found a canning rack at TJ Maxx…but haven’t had a chance to use yet. Soon though!

  53. Traditional pot and rack system when I’m doing large batches. I’ve been known to put a tea towel in the bottom of a pot when I’m doing a small batch. But, don’t tell….that doesn’t seem like something a canner would do!

  54. I use both a traditional canning pot as well as a large stock pot depending on the number of jars I’m processing. The stock pot doesn’t heat the kitchen up nearly as much and the lid fits better so it is also quieter. The rack could be a rack, a towel, aluminum foil crinkled up of rings. Ya never know.

  55. I’m a traditional canning pot user, but when I first started out I just did it the way Mom did ~ using a folded towel in the bottom of the pot. The towel also had tendency to float occasionally, but did the job quite nicely. I’ve recently been looking for a solution to the rusting rack in the bottom of my large canner. This would be perfect. Thanks for sharing!

  56. I was very lucky and found a used canning pot with lifting basket at a tag sale, cheap. I use that a bunch and a smaller stock pot for smaller batches. I would love the trivet for using with that smaller pot.

  57. I’m a semi-traditional canner but use a steam canner. I’ve never liked lifting the ubber-heavy pot so this is much easier. I’ve heard that they aren’t as safe but after canning for 10+ years have never had a problem.

  58. I do not have anything to protect the bottom of my canning pot yet as I am new to canning and haven’t fully equipped myself. Right now I use a washcloth at the bottom of the pot to prevent the rattling. This silicone trivet would make my collection of supplies complete.

  59. I use the metal one that came with my canner, but it started to rust after the first use.
    Would love something that would work better. Thanks!

  60. The pot I use for canning is a bit narrower than a traditional canner (it works well with my glass top stove), so I rig together some canning rings. I’m always looking for a better way to do this. I’d love to give the trivet a try!

  61. I started with a traditional graniteware pot but it was too huge for most of the batches I was making and now the hubby has stolen it to brew beer πŸ™‚ So I use the pot of my pressure cooker with the cake/steamer tray insert, but it could definitely use something better under the cans!

  62. I use the canning rack that came with the big canner. The smaller jars are constantly tipping , and takes forever to heat. I would love a smaller pot and that trivet!

  63. I am relatively new to canning, and have learned mainly from blogs like this one. Thank you for providing such great and timely info! I used a pressure cooker the first year, but last year invested in a larger pressure canner that also doubles as a water bath canner.

    Upon inspection, looks like the rack in my canner has discolored, but hasn’t yet started to rust or flake. Sure would love the cute trivet to keep those irritating flakes away!

  64. I just have a stock pot and towel at the moment. I have just started canning and there is no way I am putting anything metal into my pot and scratching it up! This would be awesome!

  65. Had a Graniteware canner – lasted all of two seasons before it got unbearably rusty. Sprung for the Ball Stainless one, which is great, except the solder they used on the rack is not stainless, so its sill rusting to bits. The canner itself is good – though I was a bit bummed by how discolored it got so quickly. But I’ll take discolored over rusty any day!

  66. I use the traditional rack in the pot mode of canning. Occasionally I will put a towel in the bottom of the pan to cushion the jars. My racks have to be scrubbed his a scrubbie after each use as they are so old. Thanks for the chance to win

  67. I use my brewpot and a very large traditional lift-up canning rack. The brewpot was pricey, so I like getting an alternate use out of it as well!

  68. I’ve taken a more “cobbled” together approach. I’ve been using a rigid silicone bowl cover in the bottom of a stock pot. But a 212 degrees, it makes big dramatic bubbles escape around the cover and come up the sides of the pot rather vigorously!

  69. I usually use a regular canner, but I’d love to find something better for use in a stock pot. Sometimes I just fold up a towel and use that when I have a small batch.

  70. For regular size batches, we have a purpose-made pressure canning pot. This year we made strawberry jam with 2 other couples. For that, we use my 15 gallon beer brewing kettle with mason jar screw bands tied together in the bottom.

  71. I use a large stock pot and for half-pint jars I use a Ball canning basket. For pint and quart jars I now line the bottom of the pot with canning rings and it worked so well.

  72. My canning rig is cobbled together, partly from my aunt, and the other parts I’ve picked up from yard sales or bought new from the store.

  73. we recently tied lids together to use in a canning pot. we made an enormous batch of strawberry jam for three families. Instead of tying them so sat in a circle, we tied them end to end and wound them around. it was fun.

  74. I use a traditional pot with rack most of the time, but have been known to use a stock pot with a handful of forks or my steamer basket as a rack on more than one occasion.

  75. I use a traditional jar rack in a large stock pot. It is now starting to rust and flake. The idea of using a trivet like this is pure genius.

  76. I use a canning pot, but have never used a rack. I suppose I really should upgrade to the proper technique and this trivit would look lovely in my kitchen.

  77. I’m new to canning and have been using the traditional rig, which is far too big for the small batches I would like to try. I think before next summer, I need to find a setup that will work with the smaller stock pot, hopefully allowing me to can without turning the wee, un-air conditioned kitchen into a sauna! This little rack would do the trick.

  78. I use a traditional canning pot with a rusty metal rack too. By the time the jars are finished processing, the water is just orange and gross. What a great idea to use something else pretty and not rusty. How silly to think that I never realized you could cobble together something else, but the idea of using a smaller stockpot occasionally sounds very nice!

  79. When I first started canning, I used an old silicone baking sheet, cut into a round-ish shape. I’ve since upgraded to a canning pot with rack that can rest on the rim of the pot. A great addition. But I fear that the rack might start to lose its’ coating. For a canner in her first year, it’s getting some heavy duty work.

  80. I’m from the jerry-rigged school of canning. I use a stock pot, no rack, no trivets (I am seriously coveting this one now). This was my first year canning so I wanted to see how I did…I am obsessive and can’t wait to do more! So I’ll likely upgrade over the winter (hint, hint Santa).

  81. I use a Dutch oven since it takes about 2 days to get the water to boil in my large canning stockpot to boil. Since I am usually only doing 4-5 smaller jars at a time (love the fact that your recipes are for small batches!) it works just fine. Figuring out the right water level can be tricky, since too much water means overflow once the jars go in and not enough means I have to add more, but I haven’t had a problem yet! This would be perfect for the bottom of my pot!

  82. We’re blessed to have my husband’s grandmother’s giant pressure canner. We have also done 2 small batches in our 6qt pressure cooker. That blosssom trivet is BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for the chance!

  83. I would love to win one of these trivets! When I can a large amount of somethings, I use the rack that came with my canner, but sometimes I’m canning a smaller amount and don’t want to waste so much water, so I use my stock pot. I found that the small roasting rack that came with one of my toaster oven pans will just fit into the stock pot – however, after several uses, the “no-stick” coating is all flaking off and I know the rack is going to rust. I have looked and looked for a trivet like yours in the stores, but have not yet found one. Love your blog, and love your cookbook πŸ™‚

  84. I use the traditional wire basket and the flat metal elevator with the holes in it. But I’ve been desperate enough to line the bottom of the pot with jar rings as well. I read your post about this months ago and LOVED the idea, I Just Haven’t Broken down to purchase a handy trivet like yours yet! I’ve been reading some the posts on here about use of a towel. Never heard of this method! Learn something every day! I’ve also read a lot of the canners are prone to rust. I usually clean mine out immediately and dry. Use the water to give your plants a little extra boost from the minerals that have leaked out into the water from your vegetables. Putting it up dry with a dry towel on the inside has prolonged the life of my big blues!

  85. I use a big stockpot with either a dish towel or canning rings tied together (which I can’t seem to keep track of so make new almost every time!). I’d live something new and steady!

  86. While at our camp this summer making your Blueberry jam, I “borrowed” my father in law’s “clam steamer” pot…but I think it is canning pot after all!!! Have also used our big “corn” pot with an inverted old pie plate on the bottom! Getting tired of having to Windex all the jar exteriors when I go that option…just adds one more step! Would love a new rack!

  87. I use the traditional set up but recently saw the idea of canning rings zip tied together. I think this trivet looks wonderful. The traditional wire basket is very awkward for me. πŸ™‚

  88. I have a regular rack for one canner, but use lids for the other. I hate the whole rusting thing. Silicone is perfect. I’m keeping my eye out for these locally.

  89. At the moment I just use a normal pot, but we’re looking to get a real canning stock pot. But the trivet makes so much more sense to me than the rack!

  90. Just use the traditional setup. My old water bath canner has served me well. I really really want to invest in a pressure canner though.

  91. I mostly use the traditional canning pot. I’ve tried using a smaller pot, but I don’t have anything appropriate to use as a rack. I’ve been meaning to order one of these trivets since you talked about it when I took your class. Thanks for the cool idea.

  92. I have a traditional canning pot and rack. When I began canning I used my stockpot and with a tea towel in the bottom. I love kitchen gadgets, so I had to get all the canning accoutrements I could! This trivet would be very useful, and so pretty.

  93. I had the traditional rack that came with it but because of so much use it started rusting and I too didn’t want that nasty metal in the water so out it went. I have used jar rings which also will rust. This is a wonderful thing and would love to have it.

  94. I use the old fashioned water bath, although it’s gotten interesting with my dishwasher breaking, so now I do this: Have constant water boiling. Pour water into the jars, leave for a few min., dump, then fill, etc. I can’t wait until our dishwasher is fixed!

  95. I have a big traditional HWB canner with a fancy lifter that doubles as a rack. With all the use it gets, the lifter is getting funky. For small batches, I have a cute little seafood steamer that works great for small jars as it has a second pot with the steamer holes that I can lift out separately.
    The trivet would be great to eliminate the oxidation occuring.

  96. I have one my engineer husband came up with. Short sections of copper pipe that lay on the bottom upon which a flat plate of what appears to be some kind of sheet metal that has holes milled into it. I think it’s aluminum. Has worked great for years.

  97. I usually use a large 7 quart canning pot because I usually can in quantity. However, if I’m doing something smaller, I use a tall Dutch Oven. It holds 3 pints or 5 half-pints. I could use the trivet for this kind of canning, as I usually use a folded towel in the bottom now.

  98. I use the basket with the handle taken off (since it’s too tall for my pot) from the Ball Canning Discovery Kit. It works great, but I could fit more jars in the pot if it weren’t for it’s beveled sides. I love the idea others have listed of using a folded tea towel.

  99. Totally boring and traditional…though I am dying to try to incorporate smaller batches and thus would love to give this new method a try!

  100. I have a traditional canning rig, which I’ve mostly just used for quarts of whole tomatoes & applesauce. For my usual half pints of jam, one of my medium-sized soup pots is perfect for 7 jars with a cake rack in the bottom – but before I discovered the cake rack, it was a washcloth at the bottom.

  101. I have been using my stock pot with a piece of silicon in the bottom for the water bath but it is not so good for taller jars- never tried pressure canning.

  102. I started as a lobster pot/tall random rack user, and now have both a hot water canner and a pressure canner, though I’ve never used the pressure canner as anything but a hot water canner. I do like to make smaller batches of some things and would love to be more experimental. This would be fantastic!

  103. I use a pressure canning pot for my water bath canning because its smaller and the rack at the bottom is flat, allowing more jars to fit in than the traditional wire rack. Most of the time I can pints or half pints so I don’t miss the extra height and I use it as a water bath canner.

  104. I do have a traditional water bath canning pot, but when I’m doing just a few cans, or small jam jars, I rig something up in a smaller pot!

  105. I have 2 (rather cheap) stock pots that I use depending on the size of the jars. I’ve been canning for a long time and have never used anything in the bottom of the pot. I would like to try something new. Thank you for the opportunity!

  106. My canning rig is very traditional, I have the standard pot that holds 7 quart jars when fully loaded, or about 12-14 half pints. The canning rack has almost rusted through, and then I suppose I will have to replace it or try something like this, although frankly I NEVER use it to lift or lower jars. What I mostly use it for is keeping the jars off the floor of the pot and storing things in the canner so that all my canning tools live in just one spot in the kitchen. I even have canning-only dishcloths now, as I revved the color of all of my normal ones, and kept the ten year old ones just for canning. Who cares if those old green ones get splotchy?

    I don’t even have a small pot to use for small batches, just the big one. Something I keep meaning to remedy…

  107. I use the traditional water bath set that Ball makes. I can’t stand the rack it came with and have been looking at replacing it with a round cake cooling rack. I’d love to give the trivet a shot!

  108. I have a traditional canning pot but I’ve been known to use whatever size stockpot/cake rack/canning rings system that will fit, especially for small jars like 1/4 pints.
    Now, my neighbor uses a turkey fryer set up on her back deck. I’ve always thought that was pretty cool.

  109. I started canning two years ago (with one of your classes!) and I bought a canning pot and rack. But, now I’d like to toss that flimsy pot and start using my other pots. This trivet would fit perfectly in my stock pot.

  110. I use a large soup pot with a round cake cooling rack. My enamel one started showing some rust spots. I make a rack with canning covers and it didn’t work so I REALLY need this rack that you recommend. BTW, I love, love, love my 4th burner pot! πŸ™‚

  111. My canning system is a traditional one with giant pot and rack that I borrow from my mother-in-law. The rack is flimsy – they have a hard time balancing when the water is boiling and that trivet would be quite the addition!

  112. I gues I am a traditional canner. I bought two canning rigs at a yard sale 2 years ago when I first started and just figured that was the way to go. This is a great idea!

  113. I have a bunch of rings (from the two-part lid set) connected together with twist ties!! I need to upgrade this so I can use those rings for jars of jam instead of the bottom of my pot! I’m also going to be more diligent about water bath processing since I’ve read more about the inversion method of sealing jars and I’m thinking it’s time to retire that technique!

  114. For small batches I’ve been using the green plastic one from the Ball starter kit. It floats and is limiting but sometimes it’s worth it to not have to deal with my humongous canning pot. I noticed you trivet when you were here and have been coveting it. Fingers crossed. πŸ™‚

  115. I have the traditional setup, purchased from Fleet Farm. It looks just like the one my grandfather used to can hundreds of quarts of tomatoes from his over-sized garden (he did all of the canning after my grandmother went blind).

  116. At the moment I don’t have a canning rack because my old one rusted to pieces. I planned on getting a new one this summer but with the drought I did not have anything to can so I put it off. I would LOVE to have a silicone rack not only for the canner but it would look awesome on the table or counter as a cooling rack. I wonder if they have other designs coming up in the future?

  117. If I’m doing a lot, I use my “official canner” but if I’m just doing some jam in a bwb I must admit I don’t use anything and just put them in my tall stock pot. So far I’ve only had one jar break. The trivet looks like it would fit in that pot.

  118. I use the old school wire lifting rack that came with my canner. It’s almost rusted through and I shudder to think what would happen if I actually tried to use it to lift out my goodies. This darling trivet is just what I need!

  119. Being a newbie and having made just 5 half-pint jars of jelly recently, I didn’t use anything in the bottom of my sauce pans. lol! I just placed the jars right on the bottom of my sauce pan, lol! I do plan on buying a pot so I can hot water bath all the jars in one place. If this trivet will help me become a better canner, then yes, I would love to have it!

  120. I’m new to canning this year so my equipment is a little…sub-par. Luckily I’ve not had any broken jars yet. I was using my largest stainless steel pot with a collapsible vegetable steamer to elevate the jars, but constantly submerging that for long periods of time in boiling water has ruined it. Also, it tilted the jars toward each other which made me nervous. I’ve actually been looking for something new to use in my pot because I have about 4 bushels of tomatoes that are ready to come off the plants, and I could use a safer device like this πŸ™‚

  121. I bought a 22 quart pot and a rack that can be used for pints or flipped over for quarts. The problem with that is it takes forever to boil water, so if I’m going to do it I want to make the most of it and have to can all day. I would love something that would better facilitate small-batch canning.

  122. I have a traditional canning pot/rack but I also have a very old rack that I bought at a yard sale. It has a circle of smaller rings around the outside of the rack that would be perfect for holding jelly jars in place. The only problem with it is it is just a little bit too large to fit in my canning pot. So I’m keeping my eyes open at other yard sales for a large pot it would fit in!

  123. like you, i have been using the round cake rack…. which is slightly smaller than the stock pot, but does tend to leave rust marks when i fail to change the water…. thanks for the opportunity to try silicone….

    s cree

  124. I have a glass cooktop that keeps me from using the regular blue speckled canner with rack. I have been using a stockpot with the insert from my pressure canner to allow the water to get under my jars. The trivet sounds like a great solution to the “like fingernails on a blackboard” sound the metal insert makes when I place it in the bottom of my pot!

  125. It depends on the day. I don’t like bringing out the big water bath pot so normally I use my biggest stock pot. and since I don’t have anything good for the stock pot… it usually marks it all up. What a brilliant idea on the silicone!!!

  126. I use a traditional set up with a very rusty round cake cooling rack. I was looking at the silicone trivet on and saw that you can piece two of them together to make it larger. I considered ordering a couple, but wondered if two would be necessary or if you find that one fits your pot nicely.

    Katie, for a standard-sized stock pot, a single trivet covers the bottom sufficiently. -Marisa

  127. I have your book and while I have used some of the recipes (and loved them) I still use my traditional canning pot because I haven’t gotten around to rigging up something else. But, I may have to do something soon because I have a bunch of peaches to jam and my canning gear is at a friend’s house who is out of town. Yikes!

  128. I use a surplus store cheap 20 qt stock pot which is great for fast heating and light weight. I add either a cake cooling rack or a reversible flower rack from Progressive but neither are really good at keeping half pint jars upright. This trivet looks like a great alternative!

  129. I currently use a traditional canning jar rack in my pot–the one with the handles that fold over so you can close the lid. However, it’s getting rusty (hurray hard water), and it doesn’t properly fit pint jars, much less quart jars. I’d love to make a new set-up!

  130. I use a tall pot with a metal cake cooling rack (the exact model you used to use) and struggle with the same flakes of rust and other particles – not to mention the little rust spots left on the bottom of the pot. (I do use a traditional canner for quart jars because my pot doesn’t fit very many. If I’m doing tomatoes or applesauce, I’m doing it seven quarts at a time!)

    This silicone trivet seems like the perfect solution for my rig. Fingers crossed!

  131. I’ve just started canning this year (got your book this summer and love it!) and don’t have a proper canning setup yet. For a pot I use my DH’s 5 gal brewing pot, and the “rack” is just a bunch of extra jar lids set evenly across the bottom.

  132. Most of the time, I use a traditional pot, but for the occasional small batch, I’ll use a stock pot with a layer of old canning rings on the bottom. No matter what I use, I usually have my electric kettle full and hot – it’s great for topping off the water if I need it.

  133. What a neat idea! I use a traditional water bath canner, but this was the first year I did it at my home. As a kid it was with my grandmother, as an adult with my mom. Both are gone now and a friend and I bought a water bath canner to embark on our own adult canning journey. She’s a total novice and it feels different for me to do it without my mom around to ask a question…Sort of a bittersweet experience, but I think she would have been happy with it.

    I asked my dad a few questions and it became a nice bonding experience. I can’t imagine all they used to can on old wood stoves. Funny how traditions keep on rolling, I think I’m the only one in the family that does anything like this and I was sort of surprised by how much I like doing it on my own.

    To answer the real question~~None of them ever used anything in the bottom of the pot at all when they canned. For that matter, when I read the modern recipes, it’s amazing all of us haven’t died from botulism. All of that to say, I love learning about new ways to do things. The other night we needed a 2nd pot and were going to try canning rings, but hesitancy got the better of us and we just made the night longer by using only 1 pot.

    Much to learn, which is so much fun! Thanks for your blog, and more importantly for sharing traditions that would pass with our grandparents generation if we weren’t picking it up and making it our own.

  134. Depending on the size of what’s being canned I used either my traditional canning pot or a smaller stock pot will do the trick, the cake cooling rack is used for that or occassionally I’ll fill the bottom with jar rings. I LOVE this silicone trivet and would put it to good use.

  135. I had a traditional canning rack for my jars until it rusted. Then I saw your post and scoured for something similar. In the end, I bought a bath mat and cut it to fit my pot – definitely unconventional and not sure if food safe, but hey, the food is in jars. Would love the trivet – it would eliminate the suction cups sticking to the bottom of my canning pot!

  136. I have a regular canning pot and a flat-bottomed rack that I bought from an online canning shop. I would love to try out this trivet, especially when I have 2 canning pots going at once!

  137. I don’t want to jinx myself, but I use an old aluminum (or some sort of metal) stock pot and no trivet or rack. I’ve rarely had jars crack on me, maybe only 2 or 3 times, and I hope my luck continues! I did think the towel-on-the-bottom-of-the-pot idea was clever so I tried that once, but the towel floated and just irritated me too much. πŸ™‚ The blossom trivet, however, is adorable, and would be perfect to set my baked goods on to cool!

  138. I don’t put anything at the bottom of my pot and I keep my fingers crossed that the jars don’t explode. It’s really my least favorite part of the process lol! Just haven’t had the money/chance to buy something.

  139. I think I’m canning on borrowed time here – I’ve never used anything in the bottom of my pot, and luckily haven’t had any mishaps yet. Not sure how much longer my luck will hold out . . .

  140. My favorite thing to use is the steamer canner…OMG i love it over the water bath canner…uses less energy and i am hooked…love the trivet!!

    thanks for an opportunity to win…


  141. I have the traditional ball canning pot with rack. I love it but its not good for small batches. I think I need something like this to use for small batches. And its cute too!

  142. I use part of an aluminum baby bottle sterilizer that I found in my mothers basement. It fits in the pot I use. Its time to update!!

  143. I use a traditional jar-lifter rig for my 20-qt canning pot, but I don’t have anything for smaller pots, when I’m canning in smaller batches. That trivet looks perfect!

  144. I have both a Graniteware BWB canner that came with a rack and a pressure canner (whose included rack is really just a riser for the bottom of the pot.) Unfortunately hard water is doing nothing good for either, despite best efforts with Barkeeper’s Friend and vinegar in the canning water. I’m thinking this might be easier to clean.

  145. Hi Marisa! I use the 4th burner pot for canning, since I am almost always doing super small batches. Recently, though, I’ve realized that I need to upgrade my gear if I want to do more than 2 jars of jam at a time!

  146. I’m new to canning and had no idea such a pretty design was available to hold my jars up! I would love to win this πŸ™‚ I bought an All American 921 and after I messed up my first attempt, I’ve since done a few more thing and am plugging along. Canning is hard work but I love looking at the jars when I’m all done!

  147. I’m using a traditional water-bath canner, but I need something to fit in smaller pots because it’s such a pain to heat up a huge canner for a few half-pints!

  148. I’m just starting out with canning this year (pickles so far), so have been making do with what I’ve got on hand. I did recently get an enameled water bath pot with rack, but before that I was using a big stainless stock pot that I would use for brewing beer, jar bands wired together for a rack, etc. I did buy a rack to use with the stock pot previously, but it was 1/2″ too big to fit in the pot – so it’s turned into a cooling rack instead.

  149. I am new to canning and the first recipe I tried was the Plum with star anise – I am now completely addicted to it and have made 3 batches! I did not realize tho that the jars shouldn’t sit on the bottom of the pot – whoopsie! I really need this trivet.

  150. I graduated recently to a real live canner (a vintage number gifted by a friend). Before that I had an awesome yellow enameled pot, but I used it so much it got a rust hole in the bottom and rendered it useless.

  151. I have a boiling water canner and a pressure canner, but I’m guilty of using my stock pot for smaller batches and either using the rack out of the pressure canner or using nothing at all in the bottom.

  152. I have a traditional canning pot, but since I have a glass topped stove I usually end up using a heavy stock pot with an old dishrag in the bottom. I have been looking for a trivet, so I would love to win one! But if not, I just might have to get online and order one. Thanks for the opportunity!

  153. I am a traditional canning pot user. I bought a kit – a cheap kit – and while the pot and tools are great, the jar rack has rusted! So obviously I could use this trivet.

  154. We use a traditional canning pot, but my husband prefers a stock pot for small batches. The canner came with a proper rack, but the stock pot usually gets a shifting collection of jar rings. This trivet would be an awesome solution!

  155. Oh, you don’t know how bad I need this!!!!

    I have pieced together my own canning rig, but recently, was traded a giant canning pot for a pint of blueberries at a garage sale. No rack, and I’m too cheap to buy one. If I don’t win, I might have to buy this one, tho!

  156. I have a traditional canning set-up (a wonderful gift from my mother). I’d like to be able to use a 2nd pot at times, and this looks like it would do the trick!

  157. I have a traditional canner for most of my canning projects and a stockpot for the tiny ones. My cooking set up is a little different. We have an old house with no AC so canning in the summer is almost unbearable for me. So, my hubby set up a propane burner on the porch and a hose to fill it up so I don’t have to lug a full canner outside. It’s not the norm, but I love it and it keep our house so much cooler! Plus, it frees up the stove for other things like dinner.

  158. Last year, I purchased a round cake cooling rack. That actually sits on the bottom of my canner, then the traditional canning rack goes on top. My traditional canning rack is in rough shape.

  159. Regular old canning set up. Since our marriage 34 years ago. But it has grown to one big pressure canner and two big boiling water bath canners. My MOST used item would be the canning funnel. We use it for canning AND for holding the filter to strain our goats milk! Thanks, Carol

  160. I use the standard water bath canner and the rack that came with it. Unfortunately, the rack is now starting to rust and doing funky things to the water. It’s time to get something new.

  161. I had the traditional set-up for a few years and still do, but now I find myself using the new green basket from ball for small batches and I really like it. The trivet would be wonderful because then you could utilize the entire bottom of the stockpot; where as with the basket you’re very limited in the number of jars you can safely squeeze in! Hoping to win…thanks for a great giveaway!

  162. Balled up aluminum foil. It’s kind of a pain, since it floats up to the top of the water, but my pot is an odd size (I got it cheap as a factory second) so no store bought canning rack is ever the right size. The trivet would probably be just enough smaller than a rack that it will fit into my pot.

  163. I use my tall stock pot with a wire rack in the bottom, but I’m sorry to say the rack is already looking rusty and it’s fairly new. I would love to up-grade, but I hate buying more to store in dwindling space.

  164. I just use my stock pot to boil jars with nothing on the bottom. Haven’t had anything break yet, but would like a trivet to ensure that trend continues.

  165. I’m definitely a traditional canner since I’ve really just started getting into it. The canning pot I purchased came with a pretty nifty stand, so that’s what I’ve used for now.

  166. I use a traditional canning pot. And I did buy one of those 4th burner pots I saw on your site for small batches, but I have a hard time getting the jars back out of the basket with the jar gripper so I don’t use it very often unfortunately. Any advice?

  167. What a great idea! I’d love to use this for a second pot, or maybe I might like it better than my traditional pot and relegate my rack too the second pot when I need it!

  168. I have a glass top stove and so I forked out 100 bucks for a very pretty stainless steel canner. I love it, but I struggle with storage…it’s huge! It does have many other uses though, catching fish tank water, washing the car, a swimming pool for my 3 year old :o) Thanks for the giveaway, crossing my fingers!

  169. I’m new to canning, but I have the traditional canning pot and jar lifter that sits inside the pot. Would love something smaller!

  170. I too have the basic Ball canning pot and use the rack that came with it. I am not that keen on it though and I think this one would be easier to work with and much more versatile. I have several other pots I could use for canning, but no racks to fit them, so this would be perfect!

  171. A rack propped up with a few Pyrex cups in the bottom of my large stock pot gets the job done. Though, this trivet looks much more reliable!

  172. I use a large pot for small batches and a giant stock pot for bigger projects! But I’ve been rigging together racks from pie tins and tin foil, or lining the bottom with a towel. It would be awesome to use something so pretty instead!

  173. I’m using a supercheap metal pot that was maybe $10 at Food Lion. I can’t process anything bigger than pints, but it gets the job done.

  174. I use my big traditional rig for large canning jobs but for small everyday stuff I use jar rings. I throw in as many as I need for the pot and I’m ready.

  175. I’ve stopped using the canning pot, for jam at least. I took advice from June Taylor–her oven process is the best for anything that doesn’t need boiling after being sealed. But I like this trivet anyway!

  176. We use a tamale pot- huge! Comes with it’s own rack!- but to keep the jars apart my husband rigged some wire hangers. It’s not pretty, but it gets the job done.

  177. My mother had two canners — one from her grandma and one from her husbands — so she gave me the older (and rustier) of the two enamelware elephants. It takes an appalling amount of water and time to heat, so I’ve often considered the oven method but have yet to try. I saw your post on this trivet and was seriously considering investing as it’s beautiful (some are) colorful and it would minimize my water/energy consumption for small batches. Thanks for all you do for canning!

  178. I use the traditional canning rig… no bell’s or whistles. However, when my batch is larger than expected, i sometimes use a secondary pot and make it work with a towel on the bottom. Not the best idea, i know, but it works in a pinch.

  179. My husband and I use a stock pot that was passed down to us from his grandmother. She used it for her canning for years. The problem is the bottom is starting to rust. I didn’t have anyone show me how to can, so I pretty much muddle though it on my own. Never even knew that you were supposed to put a rack in the bottom of the pot. I love that this one 1) doesn’t rust, 2) can hold up to the heat and 3) will look pretty hanging on the wall when not being used. πŸ™‚

  180. I am also a homebrewer and use my brewing kettle for canning. I have a round cake cooler that sits in the bottom, which, despite being relatively new, has already begun to rust. I would love one of these trivets!

  181. I use a stock pot plain with nothing on the bottom. It’s not the greatest set up and so the trivet to pad the bottom would be a good idea.

  182. Hi there Marisa! That’s an awesome trivet! What a great canning idea! I use a norpro small canning rack that was inexpensive but is effective! My husband is a home brewer, so I use his large brewing pot for my water bath canning. It works great and now serves two purposes! Thanks again for the great giveaway! =)

  183. I use a large enamel pot (red) and the round cake trivet in the bottom.. it is making my beautiful pot a bit dirty looking on the bottom… I do lots of canning as I live in northern Michigan and the nearest grocery is not very close… not like I can “run out to the store” so… my husband, a retired Orthopedic surgeon, and I grow as much as we can and I do the canning, freezing. We do manage very well… I like the thought of a silicone trivet… might help my pot!!!

  184. I use a traditional canning set-up. BUT I had a pickle jar break in the hot water bath this summer and instantly rust the jar rack! Silicone! Vinegar proof! Genius!

  185. I use a very large stock pot with a canning rack that I bought just this year. Last year, I used that beginner plastic canning basket that Ball sells but it only has room for three or four jars.

    I used one of my good trivets one time for a small batch of jam I was making and it ruined the finish. I’m still upset about that. It would be great to have a trivet to use for only canning.

  186. I decided to try canning this year. We have several fruit trees that I hated to see the fruit to go to waste. So, I started gathering the tools needed. Where was I going to find a canner for water bathing that didn’t cost a lot since I wasn’t sure how this was going to work out? I live in a very small town and our local Walmart was sold out. So, I got to thinking and wait…..I might have something like that in my basement! I did! I have no idea where I picked it up but it’s great! Except….my rack is rusted! So, I’m really needing a trivit like this! And I love this canning stuff! Lots of hard work but I love the end results!! Thanks for sharing!

  187. I use a traditional enameled canner and rack for large jobs, but for small batches, I use an asparagus pot and its strainer insert. It fits a few half pints quite nicely.

  188. I primarily use a blue enamel pot I found at a thrift store with a cake rack; I can fit 5 pint jars or 6 half-pints. It’s really great for smaller batch canning, as it uses less water, requires less propane and fits on the stovetop better. For big canning projects where I use quarts, I pull out the traditional canning kettle. I love the idea of this trivet, as the cake rack is steadily breaking down.

  189. I sometimes use the wire rack my pot came with but most of the time I find a towel works the best for me. I’d love this trivet what a great idea!

  190. I am still pretty new to canning. I still use the Ball basket that I purchased in a kit (you know the green plastic one). It suits me for now but I could use another option especially when I begin to use larger jars for applesauce in the coming weeks.

  191. I use a large stockpot with a towel on the bottom. Inspired by your trivet find, I thought I could possibly repurpose an unused silicone ice cube tray but it doesn’t have any holes so it floats straight up if there aren’t any jars to weigh it down.

  192. I use a 5-quart stainless steel cheese pot as my canning pot, and just put forks and spoons in the bottom to keep the jars off the bottom of the pot. I thought about buying a traditional rig, but as I’m a cheesemaker and my boyfriend is a homebrewer (so he has HIS own pot), I didn’t want to bring yet another pot into our tiny kitchen!

  193. I have a standard enameled canning pot — just like Grandma used to have. I ditched the wire lifting rack after a season. It was fine for being a bottom of the pot rack, but I hated lifting the jars out of the water. More than one batch tilted and fell back in… usually ruining a seal in the process. Currently I’m using the aluminum rack from my pressure cooker in the bottom of the pot. It’s starting to show some wear, so I look forward to trying a silicone alternative.

  194. I just replaced the rusted-out traditional jar rack in my big canning pot with a stainless round cake rack. For smaller batches in a stock pot, I use the pasta insert or even a little metal vegetable steamer spread out flat (or as flat as it gets). Thinking that a silicon vegetable steamer would also do the trick.

  195. When large batch canning i use the traditional speckleware pot and jar rack.
    When doing a batch of 6-7 4oz jelly jars or less I use my tall pasta pot with jar rings as the base…boy this is where the silicone trivet would be great!
    When doing a reprocess or a really small batch I use my 4th burner pot,

  196. I have a really large traditional traditional canner but when I’m doing smaller batches I just use my stock pot with rings rubber-banded together but I have had a couple breaks over the years. I think those were mostly due to vintage jars and me not noticing cracks etc.

  197. I either use a stock pot or my mother in law’s blue canning pot, which came with a wooden disk made by my father in law. Major downside to using the disk is the dry time. Well, that, and I can’t leave it in the basement along with the pot, because it gets moldy. Ick.

  198. I use a stock pot and a cake cooling rack in the bottom. I wrapped string around the “legs” of the rack to keep it from scratching the enameled pot. But I would love to switch to non-scratching silicone!!

  199. I just started using a real canning pot given to me from my mother-in-law (belonged to her mother) and a jar lifter/rack for big batches or large jars. Before that, I was doing very small batch canning in a stock pot with canning rings on the bottom. Would love to try this trivet out!

  200. I use a traditional canner because our water is quite hard and I don’t want to deal with mineral residue in my stockpot (which is best when filled with bubbling salsa ready to go into jars anyway πŸ™‚ right?). My most helpful canning hack is that I’ve marked the outside of my canning pot with just a dot of nailpolish at the approximate levels I need to fill the water for half pint, pint, and quart jars – it helps me avoid wasting time heating more water than I need.

  201. What a great trivet. I still use a metal canning holder and find it difficult with different sizes of jars. Would love to give this a try.

  202. I’ve cobbled something together. My largest soup pot and a round cooling rack that fits in the bottom. This also means that I can only can 8oz or smaller jars (quart jars don’t fit), and I can’t keep the lid on with 8oz jars. I’ve figured out how to make it work and have yet to have a failed jar. Hopefully with some birthday money this year I’ll buy a bigger pot!

  203. I used to have the tradition canning “rig” but after my 3rd enamel pot developed a hole… well I gave up. Now I use a stock pot with the trivet from my Kuhn pressure cooker. It works alright for small batches but I have to admit it has concerned me that it might wear out long before I am ready for it to give out.

    Thank you for this opportunity! One way or the other I will be getting a blossom trivet to use for my small canning needs and then I’ll be able to get rid of one of my old trivets which we use at the dinner table. I think it will make a nice an attractive addition as a piece of art as well! So once again thank you for this opportunity!

  204. I canned for the very first time with my mom a few weeks ago! We used a towel at one point, but a friend of ours gave us her pot and metal handle so that worked much better. I loved being able to share in a tradition that my mom and grandma have been doing for years…next step is to write down all their recipes!

  205. For most canning I use a stockpot with a pasta insert, which fits most batches ok. I love the creativity and flexibility of this idea!

  206. I currently am using a traditional rig that is rusting out from incessant use and getting yucky particles into the water! I’ve been looking for an alternative and this product looks fabulous for that purpose!! Very excited to have discovered it, thank you for introducing me to a neat alternative!!

  207. Once upon a time, I used a big pasta pot and a vegetable steamer thing for canning. A touchy setup, wobbly and slightly too small. So I replaced that with the most very basic canning pot/rack I could find, which is working out better. Lovely trivet!

  208. Right now I’m using a cheapo stock pot with a flour sack towel folded up in the bottom; I’ve had one of these on my wish list for a while, though!

  209. I just started canning this year and for now am using a regular large stock pot and the basket from the Ball canning accessories set. I have also used canning lids in the bottom of the pot. I’m loving canning, but I need to get a bigger pot, my stock pot won’t hold enough jars at once to suit me now that I’ve gotten going! Thanks for a great blog!

  210. I currently use a large stainless stockpot and the plastic basket that came in the Ball Discovery Kit I bought last year. I have a glass cook top so I am limited in what I can use on it. The stockpot works well, but this trivet would be a much better option over the basket I am using now.

  211. I’m using a cheap SS stock pot with some loose silverware thrown in the bottom of the pot for canning. It works but it can be noisy when we are attempting a full boil!!!

  212. As a college student with a kitchen that’s none too well equipped, I set my jars on my silicon vegetable steamer/colander in the canning pot; I also don’t have a jar lifter, so I’ve been using a spatula and a spoon to maneuver jars and lids in and out of the water. It works well enough for me-no burns yet, and several jars of jam!

  213. I use a traditional Graniteware set up for large jobs and a small Fagor pressure cooker with canning rings in the bottom for smaller batches. The rings shift a bit, but I’m making do.

  214. My rig is a non-interesting hodge-podge mix of various yard sale pickups and hand me downs. A big aluminum stockpot swiped from my brother’s basement. Canning rack & round baking rack, probably similar to yours from yard sales. jar lifter is a hand me down from an aunt.

    It’s not pretty, but it gets the job done.

  215. I have this on my wish list! I use a regular canning pot for canning but I can’t figure out how to make jam in the canner because the small jars fall through the jar lifter and I don’t have anything else to hold them off the bottom of the pot. I think this would work perfectly!

  216. My canning need exploded this summer so it was “make do with what you have” (and quickly!). I used the biggest stock pot I have and a metal trivet that I hate but does the job. Hate because of the stuff that it leaves in the water and it’s rusting a bit around some welded spots. A silicone trivet sounds ideal!

  217. I currently use a silicone potholder, sadly, its a square, fairly thin and doesn’t let the water circulate as well as your gadget does.

  218. I usually can on two burners at a time. One with my old hand-me-down canner and the other with a big stock pot with a metal trivet in the bottom. Would love to try this method!

  219. Traditional big honking canning pot. I’ve thought about getting a trivet like yours to be able to use a smaller pot for smaller batches.

  220. I always can with my mom and she uses her mom’s water bath canner. However, I just received a new water bath canner from my mom for my birthday. So excited for all the wonderful preserves, sauces, etc. that it will produce in the years to come!

  221. I have a variety of racks that I sort through to find a fit for the canning pot I am going to use. None of them perfect. Many of them don’t fit anything useful so I really need to edit/delete. I just hate getting rid of them though… what if I need them for something else?!! :/

  222. Currently, I use the old style canning pot with the aluminum insert for larger jars. I use a smaller stainless stock pot that has a pasta insert for half pints, which works great. I’ve been thinking about upgrading my old pot- a nice, new, efficient trivet would be peachy πŸ˜‰

  223. My pressure canner came with a nice flat rack, which is a big improvement over the rusty divided kind with handles. My small water bath canner has no rack so I use small rings inside large rings. This tends to make jars tip over, which is very annoying, but I haven’t thought of a better solution.

  224. Since I’m just starting out with canning, and only have pint jars, I’ve cobbled together a rig with a stock pot, and have been using a kitchen towel to keep the jars off the bottom. It’s terrible, but it works. I actually have the trivet in my amazon cart now, and was hoping to complete my order before my next canning session. It sounds like it is just what I need.

  225. I use a giant stew pot – but still I can only fit 7 half-pints in at a time, so I stick to small batches. It works really well, but rattles like crazy.

  226. For small batches, I use a Ball polypropylene canning basket (3 pints/5 half-pints, fits in my small stockpot). For bigger loads, I have rigged together the trusty old standby of canning rings held together with a mix of bread ties and unbent paper clips to cover the bottom of my giant gumbo stockpot. The trivet would be a very slick improvement over my current large batch rig.

  227. My rack at the bottom of the pot is way too tall. Something like this would be way better because it’s shorter and I wouldn’t have to fill the pot to a the rim to cover the jars by an inch!!

  228. For large batches of jam or fruit, I use my 34 year old granite canner. Recently, I got a small rack to put in a stock pot for small batches. Since it doesn’t fit the bottom, this trivet would be great. Love your idea! I have made tons of jam this summer using your cookbook. It’s the best. A treasure, that is now marked with the date I made each recipe and my own notes. Thank you for such a quality book and blog.

  229. I can’t even say what I use in my stock pot–it is a ridged piece of metal with some holes in it that my Mom gave me–I haven’t deduced its original purpose but it keeps the jars off the bottom and doesn’t float.

  230. Like some of the others on here, I use a dish towel in my biggest soup pot, which is less than ideal! It floats around and causes weird spurts of water when the boiling gets enthusiastic. If I don’t win, I’m definitely asking for one of these trivets for Christmas!

  231. For my big canner, I use the regular canning rack. But for smaller batches in my medium-sized pot, I’ve had to use rings tied together. Not ideal. This trivet would be perfect!

  232. I use a canning pot with no rack, so one of these trivets would be perfect for me! Right now I just put 7 lid bands in the bottom of the canning pot.

  233. I’m new to canning, so I’m using the basic Ball plastic basket you can get at the grocery store, but I think I’ve already worn it out, so I’d like to try something new and improved!

  234. I use a traditional rack and large pot for boiling, but I’d like to downsize to a stock pot for small batches. My regular rack won’t fit, so I’d love to try out your favorite alternative!

  235. I am kind of ghetto with canning. I just use whatever pot I can find that’s big enough, and I don’t really have anything to use for a rack that actually fits in a pot :/

  236. I use a traditional canner which I am beginning to hate. I have definitely been thinking of moving to a system more like yours. Thanks

  237. for big jobs i use the standard blue granite ball canner that holds seven quart jars, but if it’s a smaller job i use a presto pressure cooker without the lid, then i don’t have to have my husband help me get the canner full of water onto the cooktop!

  238. I have a pressure cooker which I’ve used once to can hot peppers. I never could get it up to pressure on my electric stove. So even though all my jars sealed, everyone has told me to throw out the contents. I want to use my pressure cooker as a water bath canner as well. I haven’t tried it yet, but I have hulled ten pounds of strawberries to make jam. Wish me luck. This trivet would be great in the bottom of the pot. Thanks.

  239. waterA lovely indeed! I use a standard kit I’ve cobbled together over the years, replacing the old rusty graniteware set I inherited. I’ve got insanely hard water from our well and it eats through a metal can track every the years or so. Silicone is brilliant.

  240. Just got a cobbled together rig of a large stock pot. I want to get a pressure canner once I really get a chance to start canning seriously (currently DIY inside and out of the house is keeping me too busy).


  241. I confess: I still use the traditional rig for bigger canning jobs. (Hey, it was my mom’s, so it’s got sentimental value.) I use the 4th burner pot for very small jobs, and a large Dutch oven with a dish towel for small quantities of half-pints. I would love to try the trivet–it would probably float a lot less than the dish towel!

  242. I’ve been using my pressure canner for everyting, but for smaller batches my smaller stockpot would be perfect if I only had something to put on the bottom!

  243. I am new to canning. I just started because my son’s girl friend has colitis and needs a gluten/starch free diet. Not many foods are available or are very expensive! We started with blackberry jelly and are now attempting tomatoe sauce! I just use a pot and a canning kit I bought at the store but tend to use the tongs to lift the jars rather than the round gizmo that came with the kit! It is rather bulky and awkward! Thanks for posting your new idea! It sounds much easier.

  244. I’ve had all manner of canning rigs. Most of the “granny ware” pots rust within a few uses, as do the traditional canning racks that come with them. Very frustrating. I now have a large stainless steel pot, and use a variety of things on the bottom of my pot from a washcloth to tinfoil. Would love one of these. In fact it’s been on my Amazon wish list for about a year.

  245. I don’t have a canning rack, so I use those wire twisty-ties that come with bread bags to tie a couple of canning rings together (I always seem to have too many anyways.) That way, if I am canning in a really big pot, or a really little pot, I can adjust it to fit by adding or subtracting more rings!

  246. i am new to the canning world! I am slowly making my way through some recipes. As of now, i am a pickler! i love making pickles and kimchi! This trivet would be a great start to my canning rig!

  247. I have a huge 7 quart canning pot that I use for quarts and pints, but for small batches of jam in half-pint jars, I use my stock pot with a small wire cooling rack in the bottom. There’s just enough room for 4 jars with an inch of water over the top! Someday, when I can have a bigger garden, I’ll get a pressure canner.

  248. I have the standard blue granite Ball canner, but I’m not a fan of the rack that came with it. I like to use the small 4-ounce jars, and unless I balance them just perfectly, they tilt and fall through the gaps. This silicone trivet would be the perfect solution!

  249. I’m fairly traditional right now, because I’m just learning how to can. I think I’ll get more adventurous when I get more comfortable.

  250. I use a cobbled together colleciton of stuff. Big spaghetti pot, jar rings to sit the jars on, and so forth. I did buy a jar lifter a couple of years ago as that tool is hard to fake. Would love to have this to keep my jars lids from rusting when I use them in the bottom of the pot!

  251. I use the seven jar standard canning pot & an all-clad pressure cooker. one of my biggest issues in canning, is getting a rack on the bottom for taller canning jars, bottles or using another taller pot with no rack, that won’t fit either rack from my canning pots. I have also rigged up canning lids, towels, cake trays. So funny, but true. I just now came upon this blog looking for just this type of rack. This Blossom Trivet from Spice Ratchet, seems great-adjustable & you can add to it. I read that it floats, but the weight of the jars when canning will keep it down. Sounds like a really useful item, not only for canning, but that’s what I will use it for. In & out of the pot. It looks easy enough to clean, just keep it that way. Also compact. I want 1 or 2 or…..

  252. I’m a mixed bag. I have the standard gear and a pressure cooker. But I tend to only use those when canning large quantities. Smaller amounts go into any pot that’s clean and the jars fit. I use jar lids twisty tied together in those pots for a rack. They float too but I can customize for whichever pot I’m using.
    With all that I still wouldn’t say no to the trivet because I’m a kitchen gadget hoarder.

  253. I use a pasta pot with the pasta insert when it’s just a few jars. When I’m working with the big 1/2 gallon jars I tempt fate and put them straight onto the bottom of the pot… I know, I know, a horrible idea! This trivet would solve all my problems!

  254. This would be great for heating up jars, I use a turkey roasting pan to heat up my jars and lids, this would be wonderful, especially when if it won’t burn. My dishtowels all have burn holes in them from letting the pan run out of water, goodness, too many things on the fire at once and too many things to do.

  255. I use the traditional metal rack that came with the pot. I hate how it puts rust and a yucky film on the jars. I was thinking of buying this trivet after your recommendation so I’d live to win one!

  256. My canning pot is great when I’ve got 9 quarts of pickles to can, but I’d love something like this when I’m only making a few small jars of jam. The little jars fall through the the holes in my big canning rack and my ancient stove takes forever to heat up that big pot of water.

  257. I’m a pretty traditional canner. Although at times when I run out of space with my regular canners, I’ll throw a towel in the bottom to help with a boiling water bath batch.

  258. I use the traditional canning pot with the metal rack. Yucko on the rust, but I guess it does the trick. This looks way better, though.

  259. I use traditional equipment but I’m experimenting with a new stainless steel rack – switching back and forth between the new and the old one that rusts. The downside of the stainless steel one is that it doesn’t have dividers, so the jars bang against each other.

  260. What haven’t I tried, roasting pan, crab steamer, asparagus cooker (one jar at a time). This handy little tool would be a real improvement!

  261. In my big canning pot I use the rack that it came with…but when I have a smaller batch I just use extra canning rings to line the bottom of the pot. LOVE the idea of using a trivet, though!

  262. Hi Marisa, thank you for the awesome giveaway.
    Up until this year, I was totally traditional, but I’ve recently switched to doing more small batches with my canning and needed something smaller. First I tried using my pressure canner for waterbath and pressure canning, but I had two jars break in it and I’ve never had jars break before!! Also, it’s not really smaller, it would just make it so I needed to store one fewer pot. Then I found that the pot that I use for making Artisan Bread dough (in 5 minutes a day) fits 5 or 6 jars perfectly and takes a lot less time to get to a boil! Now I just need to find something else to make my bread dough in!

  263. I use the traditional canning pot. I just started-I’ve only made strawberry jam and nectarine butter. I realized I did not need to buy equipment after I got your book. My first batch I used a gigantic pot to boil the jars and then the canning pot as well. Then I realized I didn’t need two giant pots on the stove. Oh well. We live and learn!

  264. I have to admit… I just use a really big stock pot and don’t put anything in the bottom of it to keep the jars from rattling around. I’ve never had breakage, but I have had jars tip over (and one opened). Maybe I’ll learn my lesson someday.

  265. I use the traditional rack that came with the canner, although I needed to cut the side to get seven jars in, it was just too tight. Maybe with the trivet, I could get in another jar, one could only hope.

  266. I use a traditional enamel pot – but the rack it came with is sized for quart jars, and I rarely use those! So I’m left putting all kinds of strange things at the bottom to buffer the jars…

  267. We’ve been using a cake rack at the bottom of a stock pot for boiling water canning, but it’s gotten rusty in places – this silicon trivet/rack is a brilliant solution!

  268. Oh, I really want one of these. I have a regular ol’ enamel canning pot with the rack it came with, but you have to carefully balance the 1/2 pints (that I use most) and it is a pain. I would love this!! Thanks for the giveaway.

  269. I actually use a stockpot and an old metal vegetable steamer of my grandmother’s. Sadly, I moved this summer and I can’t find my bigger stockpot so I’m making due with one of my Mom’s shorter pasta pots and this means I can’t really can anything larger than a half-Pint so I’m definitely in the market for a new system!

  270. I use either my big traditional enamel pot with the canning rack that came with it, or my pasta pot with any number of things stuffed down at the bottom.

  271. I have a large stockpot that I swiped from my mom, but I don’t have a jar lifter, funnel etc. I probably need to invest, sometimes it’s a little dangerous.

  272. I’m a fairly traditional canner, but after one season of canning the metal contraption is already rusting! I’m so frustrated by that, part of the canning goal was to move away from disposable culture. I’m very intrigued by the silicon trivet, so thank you for sharing the word! πŸ™‚

  273. I use my big stockpots with a rack that I got with a canning kit. But the rack is smaller than my pots and I often just give up and put the jars straight in the pot. This trivet would certainly solve my problems!

  274. I have been using a set of silicone poaching cups, and it is not going very well. Silicone is genius and this trivet would change my life. To canning, not poaching. *unless the yolks are runny and delicious*

  275. Recently upgraded from just a big stock pot to a canner with a rack for holding the jars. It is an improvement, but another step better would be wonderful!

  276. I have a traditional canning pot, which I use for large canning loads and quart jars. I also have a stock pot which I use for canning, I don’t put anything on the bottom of the pan. The jars do jiggle around a bit but I haven’t had any issues. However, I’d love to try out the trivet! Thanks for the chance!

  277. traditional enamel pot with rack, unless I’m making a small batch, then it’s my stock pot and a small round rack or dish cloth on the bottom.

  278. The canning rack that came with my canning utensil set was too big for my pot so I was using a cake rack. It got horribly rusty and I was keeping an eye on garage and estate sale for a new one. Then I saw your post last year about this trivet so I added it to my next Amazon order. I agree with you that it works great except for that whole floating thing.

    I’d still like another one to give to a friend. She has an interest in canning and a fig tree covered with fruit…I have canning equipment. She’s freezing the figs until the heat lets up a bit.

  279. I have a canning pot that I usually use but this past weekend I was making just 4 half pints of fig jam. Rather that fill that beast with water, I went the ‘stockpot with a tea towel lining the bottom of the pot’ route.

  280. I am new to canning so i just swiped a big stock pot from my pop’s house. Most people here in Maryland have a couple they use only in the summer for cookin crabs, that look just like the ones you’d get in a canning set. But i usually end up just using a smaller plain old stock pot. I use left over rings to line the bottom, but find i am usually low on them since i m still building up my jar collection. I have taken to throwing some silverware in the bottom of the pot to balance the jars on. My dad says he saw my granny doing it when he was younger (since he always hung around on jam day to lick the plates she tested her jams set on lol). It works fine but can be a bit of a pain if they decide to shift >.<

  281. I used my 12 qt stock pot with the canning basket from my pressure cooker (because that wasn’t deep enough for quarts) until very recently when my MIL gave me a new canning pot with a rack. I’ve also canned with nothing under my jars – a no-no and it makes the process louder!

  282. Usually I use a traditional canning pot and the rack that came with it, but I really hate that rack. Last time I used the vegetable insert that came with my pressure cooker in a large stockpot. It worked great for half pints, but whenever I do something bigger, I go back to the canning pot & rack. I love the idea of the silicone trivets!

  283. I have been using the main pot to my Ikea multilevel steamer with a mini canning rack from the wonderful Portland Homestead Supply. I love the idea of just lowering the jars in individually and not trying to fish the handles of the canning rack out of boiling water.

  284. I’ve actually seen one of these used before and it looked lovely. I recently used another silicon trivet, but without the holes, the water doesn’t boil quite right and I have spillage over the edge. I think the holes in the trivet would make this work well.

  285. I would love this trivet! Currently, I use a large stock pot or pressure cooking (depending on what I’m canning), but only have a small circular rack to go in the bottom. Which means that some jars tilt a little if they’re close to the edge.

  286. I have been using the standard graniteware canner and the rack has seen better days. The rack has only been through 3 canning seasons and yet the “funky particles” have come to invade in full force! It’s time for a creative change!

  287. We use the pressure cooker and original wire basket from my mom-mom. With over 4 decades of calcium deposits, we could definately use something new! What a great idea!

  288. I use a large pot I already had, plus a round cake rack that fits well in the bottom. But already, after only my first season of canning, the rack is rusting at the seams! Silicone seems like a good solution.

  289. I’m old school, I use a triditional canner with the rack that came with it. The rack is a bit rusty, the silcone trivet would be a great replacement!

  290. Just a large stockpot with a 10″ canning rack in the bottom. The trivet would work better for quart jars though because my stockpot is not quite tall enough to fit the canning rack, the jar, and leave enough water on top of the jars without constantaly boiling over.

  291. Wow, what a cool idea. I have a traditional enamel canning pot, but it lives out in the garage and I don’t like to pull it out unless I’ll be processing a lot of jars, like for applesauce or peaches. When I make jam, I usually only make a few jars worth, and I’ve been using a big stock pot that lives in our kitchen all the time, with a steamer basket in the bottom, but it tends to tip over easily if you have more than 2 jars in it. This trivet sounds like a great idea!

  292. I use a traditional canning pot with a rack inside. But when I have small batches I use a small stockpot and this trivet will fit perfectly in my stockpot. Thanks for the idea and the giveaway.

  293. Love this idea. I’ve used steamers, jar lid rings tied together. Never thought to use a silicone trivet. Great ideas come from great websites. Thanks so much!

  294. love it! I’m so mad at my round-cake-cooling-rack-as-canning-ring….it’s starting to leave little rust spots on the bottom of my canning pot. I need something good, and fast! This would be perfect.

  295. I bought a traditional set up this year because I thought I had to have one. Little did I know. I would love to get one of these as they look great and have tons of uses. Thanks!

  296. My ‘canning kit’ is totally cobbled together. I use a big old stock pot and a found rusted metal trivet 2 inches smaller than the pot. It’s not a pretty sight. My jars giggle and lean….

  297. I’m a traditional canning pot user, but have been frustrated at how the wire rack limits the number of jars I can get in the canner. I’ve been just putting them in on the bottom and getting more in. I’ve only had one jar break, but I think it had to do with the age of the glass more than anything.

  298. For most canning the traditional granite ware canner. But — if I’m just doing a few smaller jars my IKEA stockpot and the rack from my small pressure cooker work pretty well. It’s not really tall enough for more than half pints though.

  299. I have a traditional setup- an old enamel pot with a drop down rack. I typically leave the rack in the water at all times (too much hassle lifting it up and down and too much potential for burnage!) and put all sorts of jars into it. It’s probably meant to be just for pints but I use it for quarts and half pints. I did break down and can jam in 4oz jars using jar lids and a smaller pot.

  300. I have the traditional blue canning pot and finally got a rack. I had used lids, dish towels or, nothing at all…but I feel more credible now. :). Now that I think of it though,I have never used the rack to lift the jars out, I use the jar tongs.

  301. I started with some canning rings tied together and then switched to a cake cooling rack like you described using. I’m feeling so much better about myself knowing you did that too : ) I’d love this!

  302. I have had 3 different jar racks, and I’m not pleased with any of them. The old fashioned ones had a wire between the jars, so they wouldn’t touch. The new ones do not, so I guess it’s OK. One of my racks is deep, which I like. The other rack is shallower but has silicone handles which I like. Sometimes it’s hard to grab those wires to lift them up. But my biggest complaint is that it is all so heavy to lift, sometimes the jars all fall a bit to one side when lifting out the whole rack of heavy quarts, and I’m afraid they won’t seal if they are jostled too much. So, you might as well take the bottles out one by one and not have to worry about the flimsy racks. I love your idea of a silicone trivet.

  303. I use a wire rack that came from a second hand store. I have no idea what the original use of the item was, but it fits perfectly into my canning pot and keeps the jars off the bottom!

  304. I am just starting out. So I am still putting things together. I was told that I needed a pressure canner, so that is what I got. However, I noticed that most canning instructions are for water baths (?). The newbie.

  305. We used a traditional canning rack this year. We just left it in the boil water the whole time because it seemed easier than lifting it up and risking dropping the jars. We actually used your book this year for our canning recipes! Love your blog.

  306. I’m a newbie so I go the traditional route, which is the wire rack. The trivet is a great idea, especially when you have a full load in the pot!

  307. I use a traditional water bath canner, but I don’t use anything on the bottom, so this trivet idea is really interesting. I got my canner second hand and it came with an old rusty rack that we quit using partly because of the rust and partly because we found we could fit more jars in without it. A trivet sounds like a perfect solution!

  308. I use my stock pot as a canner, and don’t have any sort of a rack in it… with my old round trivet in it the pint jars weren’t submerged enough. Would love to try it with a flatter trivet!

  309. I have one of the traditional graniteware canning pots and a smaller pot I use for smaller batches. The rack for the big rusted this spring so now I just use the canning ring + kitchen twin method for both pots. It works well enough (for now). I would much rather use one of the silicon trivets as they won’t rust and they’re adjustable.

  310. Currently I use a traditional setup, but I love the idea of using a big sturdy pot with a trivet. Plus, those trivets are super adorable!

  311. I’m new to canning and currently on the lookout for a rack to fit into an old stockpot I’m using – this looks like it would do a great job and I’d love to give it a try.

  312. I’ve got the stockpot with a kitchen towel at the bottom. The problem with using a towel is that I sometimes find no matter how hard I try to wash it with clear water, it bubbles a little from the soap. Once the jars are sterilized it’s fine, and it doesn’t impact the flavor, but wouldn’t one of these be so much better?

  313. I use my grandma’s enamel canning pot but don’t mess with lifting out the whole wire rack. I just lift out one jar at a time with my jar lifter. Works fine for me!

  314. Traditionalist here since I’ve just learned to can within the past three month but I can almost everyday, its a stress reliever. Would love to try one of these trivets in a smaller pot than lugging out my big waterbath canner to can a few jars.

  315. I use a big stockpot with a dish towel in the bottom to pad the jars. I just saw a tute for making a rack with old rusty jar rings wired together, but this cute trivet would work even better!

  316. I use an old Presto canner my dad found at a thrift store, but we’ve found that it’s just a wee bit shallow for canning quarts without literally being on top of it watching that it doesn’t evaporate, overflow and extinguish the gas flame, or some other mishap. I’d love to be able to use one of my deep stock pots when I’m canning the larger sizes, and this trivet *might* be the answer.

  317. What a great idea! My mother-in-law gave me her old canner but I HATE the rack. This season I have been using jar rings along the bottom but if I forget to take them out they get rusty. I’d love this trivet!

  318. I use a Presto pressure canner for everything, but just don’t lock the lid when I do a boiling water bath. That’s a pain because the way the lid fits, I often have steam turning into droplets that sizzle and run right down the side of the pot. It’s a tad large for just doing small batches, but I don’t have any kind of rack for my next sized down stockpot, so a silicone trivet would probably be just the ticket!

  319. I use the canning rack that came with my canning pot. It’s really annoying and the handles attached to it tend to knock my cans over.

  320. I use a pressure cooker for water bath canning. The pressure gauge thingy was lost years ago, so basically it’s a big pot with a flat rack in the bottom. I use the jar lifter to get the jars out. I would love to try out the trivet ~ I’m hoping that if I use the short half pint jars with the trivet between, I could process two layers at once. Would that work?

  321. I have two set-ups. One is my traditional pressure canner, which I use for pressure canning AND water bath canning (SO noisy!), and my stock pot outfitted with the little green basket you have featured for small batch canning. I’d love to try the trivet!

  322. I use an old steamer pot that I’ve had since I finished college. I’ve only canned a few times so far and don’t really use anything on the bottom. Something like this would definitely solve my problem of loudly rattling jars; it’d be really pretty as a trivet/cooling rack too.

  323. I’m still a newbie. I use my biggest pot to waterbath can and have never put anything on the bottom. I add/remove cans with my jar tongs… It would be so great not to have those clinking jars!

  324. My last load of canning went on top of my collapsible metal steamer (which has a bad habit of uncollapsing if you load the jars unevenly). This is brilliant!

  325. I use the ball discovery kit. It’s not much but it works well for my needs. The only problem is that my “rack” melted in the bottom of my pasta pot once when I had to water bath can something for 30 min. It still works, but it’s not pretty. Hasn’t melted since then.

  326. I use a traditional pot because I didn’t have anything else that would work. But I’d love to give this a try in my large stock pot!

  327. Right now I’m using the green basket that comes with the Ball home canning discovery kit. It works really well, but the down side is I can only fit three pint jars in it at a time.

  328. I’ve used the traditional setup, but now that I’m in a smaller space where it’s a no-go, I would love to use the trivet to rig something so I can can again!

  329. I just ordered mine from amazon yesterday! I meant to order it a month ago but forgot until I was canning some yellow tomato jam yesterday. I would love another one and have a feeling I will find many uses for them. MK

  330. For the last two years (I’ve only been canning 3 years), I was using a towel on the bottom of my stock pot… with mixed results. After busting one of my jars of tomatoes this year, I borrowed a friend’s pressure canner and use the pot for doing water-bath canning. His canner comes with a thingy that raises the jars up from the bottom, so it works great. I’d love to have one of these trivets. I’ve been lusting after them for a while. … … And I’m sure my friend would love his pressure canner back. ; p

  331. I have the traditional canner…LOTS of water that’s for sure. BUt for littler amts I used the Kuhn-rikon steamer and basket, AND sometimes I use the trivet from my small pressure cooker in an 8 qt soup pot…what ever fits for the amount we are canning… this looks like a super idea for lots of things.

  332. My canning wear has been cobbled together. I use my stock pot, sometimes with the strainer to protect the jars or without depending on how the canning jars fit in the pot. I’ve gone w/out protection on the bottom of the pot and I’ve used a dishtowel. Crazy I know. The trivet would be a great addition!

  333. I just use the blue water-bath canner I picked up at the Ball display some years back. I also promise swift retribution to anyone who dings it up.

  334. I usually use an aluminum pressure canner for my boiling water bath (as well as pressure canning). If it’s a tiny batch (with tiny jars) I just stick a towel in the bottom of my stock pot and seal them that way. The trivet seems much simpler!

  335. I did the “spend as little startup money as possible” approach. Asked for a basic canning tool kit for christmas, use my biggest pot with a kitchen towel on the bottom. No Problems yet! πŸ™‚

  336. I’m a traditional canning pot user, however I love what you did with the silicone flowered ring and would love to do the same with my own canning! Hope to be one of the handful that wins this most essential new canning tool!

  337. I use an old traditional canning pot with a wire rack. I hate how the rust gets all over the place! I’ve been thinking about this trivet since you mentioned it all that time ago.

  338. I’m a traditional canning pot user, but I’ve often wanted something I can adapt to using in my stock pot for just a few smaller jars. The trivet would be perfect for that!

  339. My canning pot is generally a giant Le Creuset pasta pot, though obviously I don’t use the pasta strainer insert. I’ll use a smaller Revereware pot when I can get away with it.

  340. I’m a traditional canner who sometimes dread dragging it all out for small jobs. I’m currently remodeling my kitchen and just found out there is an issue that can’t be avoided delaying the completion by three weeks. This would be an attractive and useful addition…plus winning will lift my spirits.

  341. Traditional, creative…whatever I need to use! I have a traditional canning pot with rack and I use a pressure rack for a second pot…and still need more room! I did try a cake rack once…the rust was aweful.

  342. I have a traditional water bath canning operation, but occasionally I wish I had something that could turn my stock pot into a canner, like when I’m overflowing with applesauce or peaches. This would be great! If I don’t win, I may buy one anyhow; I like my kitchen stuff to have more than one function!

  343. As I’m just starting out my canning rig is a hodge podge of this and that. A lobster pot, a microwave safe tupperware piece as a trivet and a half broken jar-taker-outer. I’m working on rehabbing my moms canning pot from the 70’s.

  344. I have a traditional Ball/Kerr canning rigg, with the big canning pot and metal rack. I’m not a fan and I’ve been planning to buy one of these trivets since you first mentioned it, but I keep putting it off. It’d be great to win!

  345. Traditional water bath canning, except that I attached jar rings for the bottom of my pot. Would love to use a silicone trivet!

  346. I use my brew kettle paired with a pie rack, but i’ve tried a bunch of things – canning rack made from jar rings tied together, towels, some piece of crap that ball sold in a canning kit. The pie rack has been the best but the trivet looks way better!

  347. I bought a wire canning rack that turned out to be too big for my pot, so I busted out my welder and tack welded some canning rings together to fit the bottom of my stock pot for when I’m not pressure canning!

  348. I have two – the traditional canning pot wire rig, complete with aluminum rust. (At least I assume it’s aluminum; it looks like aluminum rust.) And I have my mother’s antique still-mostly-enameled pot with a handy-dandy narrow canning ring plus zip ties rig which allows me to can small jars with less hot water. It’s also handy just in case you end up putting 10 pounds of pickles to be in your big canning pot because it’s the biggest container that you own.

  349. I still use my traditional canning pot when I’ve got big batches going, but I’ve acquired–per your advice–a 4th burner pot which I’ve been loving for small canning jobs, and I sometimes use the steaming apparatus that came with our pressure cooker in my large stockpot (since I don’t have a round cooling rack) for medium batches. That trivet looks beautiful!

  350. I’ve got a mix…two big pots with racks and a pressure canner that is all set as well. However, I’ve got a pot that is perfect for pint jars that NEEDS something in the bottom and I’d love to give this a whirl! Yes, my name is Heather and I have 4 canners. I’ve had 3 going at once, but typically don’t get more than 2 fired up at a time. It is a balancing act on the stove for sure.


  351. I have a huge pressure canner that I have been using that I have to stand on a stool to see into πŸ™‚ since I had my daughter a year ago I’m trying to do small batch canning now in a regular stock pot and so far I’ve just been using a dish towel for a rack. Its a little sad. I have coveted this rack since I saw the first post a few months ago….

  352. We use a traditional canning pot, but we did start out with just a large pot with a towel on the bottom. Thank goodness for garage sale canner finds! πŸ™‚

  353. I only just got a real canning pot this past year, and love it for big batches, but the metal lifter-rack-thing has a weird kind of corrosion and leaves a film on my jars, would love to switch to this trivet, looks perfect!

  354. I’m not entering into the contest (so if my name gets picked, please don’t tell me πŸ™‚ ), but I just wanted to say that I bought one of these after you featured it in an earlier post. My friend and I did our first large scale canning session (we put up 28 jars… which is large for us because we’ve each only made a batch of jam before) and I brought it to use. We didn’t use it this time because we had issues with the room on the stove, so we couldn’t streamline the process like I thought we could. However, I’ll definitely be using it in the future in the pot to sterilize the empty jars while the canning pot is loaded with the full jars. Then, when the canning pot is still hot, we can add a new set of full jars. This weekend, the canning pot had to do double duty, sterilizing the jars and the processing the jars, which slowed things down. Thanks for the tip on using the trivet!

  355. I have done both. Right now I am a traditional canner with the traditional canning pot. In the past, I have used a large pot with a thick kitchen towel or some of the rings on the bottom of the pot to elevate the jars. I love the trivet. It sounds like it works really well and it looks great too.

  356. I would love this trivet! I have been using a small rack out of a pressure cooker in a much larger pot. I have to be careful that it is centered so that jars are not sitting on the bottom of the pot. I tried to buy a traditional rack for canning but it is about 1/2 inch to large in diameter. I NEED this trivet! πŸ˜‰

  357. I use an old bamboo washcloth! I use a stockpot for a water bath and was 2/3 of the way through my first recipe when I realized I needed something, and the washcloth was the most handy!

  358. My canning rig is usually just a big pasta pot and I will either using canning bands on the bottom or the pasta strainer that comes with the pot. The only problem with using the strainer is that it reduces the number of cans I can process at a time.

  359. My rig isn’t so special, but after purchasing a traditional canning pot w/a rack at a yard sale, it was just too big for my house, so got rid of it and use a regular stock pot. For a rack I poked holes in the bottom of an aluminum pie plate. It works, but I’d love this!!! Fingers crossed!

  360. I have the traditional rack (which has rusted over the years) and to make a second layer I have a wire rack that I place on top of the other jars, but I have to be very careful on how I place the jars. I’m usually holding my breath each time I can.

  361. I have a few pots I use for canning. I do have the traditional speckled canning pot because it is a good size for large batch canning. I don’t use the jar lifter rack that comes with it, though. I hate that thing! I’ve used a round rack I inherited from my grandmother, but it tends to rust when I leave it in the pot as the water cools. I’d love to try the silicone trivet!

  362. I use our tall stockpot with a dollar store strainer head in the bottom. Does the trick. would love the trivet to replace the strainer πŸ™‚

  363. After years of putting up jams & pickles, we went a little crazy last year and canned over 400 jars of all kinds of incredible stuff (I blame Food in Jars for that!). Kind of wore out my old black enamel pot, but for Christmas I got 2 new pots! Yay! But the canning rack that came with the Ball stockpot is already rusting and it’s a pain to use anyway, would love to replace it with this beauty.

  364. I have one of those big cheap graniteware pots. I replaced the rack with a better stainless steel one that (so far) is a bit more rustproof. I do a lot of big batches so that’s a good option for that. I’m intrigued by the trivet for smaller batch stuff that I could do in my stock pot, though.

  365. I’m pretty straight up traditional…I can the way my mom and grandma always did it. Guess I’m afraid that if I try something out of the ordinary it will be messed up and all that food and the time it took to prepare it will be wasted! I do love the idea of using this trivet!

  366. Before finding FIJ, I thought I had to use the canner rack and wait 40 minutes to heat the gigantic pot. Now, I can do a few jars at a time in my favorite stock pot with nothing on the bottom. Although, they rattle a bit. Thanks for the tip!

  367. I have an awesome pressure cooker that does double duty as my canner. It may not have a huge capacity, but it is soooo much quieter when pressure canning. However, I have another pot the same size (not a pressure cooker) but I only have one rack insert. This trivet would double my regular canning abilities!

  368. I only recently started canning again and since I no longer have my old equipment, I had to make do with what I have. Not proud to say this, but I drove a knife through a sturdy old metal pie pan to make several holes. I then turn it upside down and set the jars on top. Not ideal, but it works for now.

  369. Traditional canner here….bought everything I needed but I hate those metal racks and have been thinking about silicone alternatives for a while now. This would sure hit the spot!

  370. We received a traditional set-up as a wedding present. I love it to pieces although sometimes it’s a bother to heat it up for only a couple of jars. My friend bought one of these after you suggested it, and she loves it.

  371. Traditional setup here at home, but at my SIL’s house last month I made a makeshift rack – I used kitchen twine to tie jar rings together and put them in the bottom of her largest pot. It worked great for canning a batch of B & B pickles.

  372. I have a large canning pot, but I mostly use a tall sided stock pot with metal rings set in the bottom. It works for small batches!

  373. I’ve got the traditional water bath canning pot, but I use a rack from and old beat up pressure canner I found at a thrift shop. It’s much more substantial than the one that came with my canning pot, and the openings are small enough that my half pint jars don’t fall through.

  374. I am a traditional canner using a stock pot but the rack on the bottom is our vegetable steamer rack. I unscrew the center post and fill the well with a face cloth to create a balanced surface. It works but not well, sometimes the expletives coming out of the kitchen when I lift the jars out are not very lady like……..oh well. It is a little tippy. πŸ™‚

  375. I used to use a cake rack/stock pot, but my cake rack got so rusty I caved in and got an actual canning pot! I’d love the trivet for smaller jobs in my stock pot, though.

  376. I’ve got a graniteware canner with a rusted wire stand thing in the bottom. I also have a pressure canner (used to be my MIL’s) that has an aluminum disk in the bottom with a rusty cage type thing that holds the jars. I don’t dare lift it out just in case it should break at the wrong time. The blossom trivet looks wonderful.

    I’m canning some tomato jam tonight! And covering my tomatoes too — it could freeze overnight, just when my tomatoes are ripening.

  377. This is my first year of canning. I bought the traditional speckled canning pot but the bottom isn’t completely flat so it doesn’t make complete contact with my glass stove top. I think I could use my regular stock pot for canning if I had one of these cool trivets!

  378. I have a pressure canner and a water bath, but lately I’ve been avoid the water bath since its rack has been leaving gross film on my jars that is a huge pain to clean off.

  379. I use a hot water bath in my largest stock pot and random piece of metal that elevates the jars off the bottom of my pot that, I think, came from my 1980’s pressure cooker. Definitely not perfect but it’s worked for the past few years.

  380. I just use my biggest stockpot, a kitchen towel instead of a rack, and rubberbands around tongs to lift jars… πŸ™‚ it’s very cobbled together, and not ideal, but it works!

    • Wow! That really is the Mcgyver way of canning!! Ever thought about what you could do with dental floss and chewing gum!? :). Good job though. You show gumption, dedication and cleverness.

  381. I’m pretty traditional, but racks have always been an issue. Some the rings are to far apart and it’s hard to balance 1/2 pints on them. They rust with many uses etc. Recently found one I really like, but this trivet looks great!

  382. I had been borrowing all my canning equipment but found a water bath canning pot at a flea market – however the rack which holds the jars is very rusty so I would love this. Thank you!

  383. Oooh, this looks very user-friendly! I have a very traditional set up with the old speckled enamel pot and the wire rack. The wire rack looks worse each year and I’ve often wondered if I should find something else. I’d love a chance to try this, thanks!

  384. Before purchasing my now canning pot set up, I was using a large pot and dish rags on the bottom to keep the jars from ratteling.

  385. Have been collecting things I need to can with, beginner. Planning my garden for next year. Just found your site and so excited about all the advice you give, thanks!

  386. I use a traditional canning pot that belonged to my 92 year old mother in law. I think I’ve used it more than she did, the pot is still great but the basket is a rusted mess. I’d love the chance to try the trivet. Love your site!

  387. Well. While I do and have used many things, my favorite is an old dial-gauge pressure canner I bought from an uncle. Water bath, pressure, whatever, I love it. My most creative thing has to be using a metal trivet for a rack, and a magnet from a kid’s science kit for a lid lifter.

  388. I started canning with a big stock pot (12 qt IIRC) and some lid rings tied together, then I was using a washcloth (the lid rings rusted right away due to using wire to tie them together). The next year I upgraded to a black enamel pot plus canning rack so I could process quart size jars. But I really would like a streamlined smaller set-up that blends seamlessly with my everyday kitchen – it feels a little silly filling up that big black pot for 2-4 half-pint jars.

  389. I use the bottom of my pressure cooker with the steamer insert that came with it (though I was sad to learn that you can’t use a pressure cooker as a pressure canner!)

  390. oh, i want one! i use a traditional canning rack for my big canner – i’ve had to replace it this year because of the yucky rusting… and when i just to pint jars i often use my pasta pot with a washcloth on the bottom. not such a great system…

  391. Marisa, i’m having a devil of a time getting the thing to not float and curl up into itself. Can you describe this maneuver of yours that gets the darn thing back down flat into the bottom of the pot?

  392. I am cooking up a peach butter for my very first attempt at canning as I write this! I’ve had my eye for ages on that same 12qt Cuisinart stock pot that you use so because I took the plunge and bought that, I held back on the trivet and am making do with a kitchen towel as mentioned on another post in the archives somewhere. I’d love one of the brightly colored ones though! The kitchen towel seems to be interfering with the bubbles in the boiling a bit.

  393. I use a traditional canning set-up I inherited from my mom. I do however have a smaller canner that could really use a silicone trivet!

  394. I use a pint canner, quarts won’t fit, ‘cuz my stove is too small! The rack is a cake rack maybe… I’ve wanted this trivet since I saw is some time ago and couldn’t remember where! I’m pretty sure now that it was here!

  395. I’m a sometimes canner, usually doing stuff that I can freeze or eat soon. I hope to find Mom’s canning stuff when I clean out the basement, and get serious about canning again.

  396. I was using a pot with a cake rack in the bottom but that only fit half pints. I just purchased a pressure canner at a garage sale but don’t really know what to do with it! However, it has come in handy as I am now able to water bath pints in it! πŸ™‚

  397. I have only used traditional tools. I don’t own a canning pot, so I only can when I am able to borrow one. I did spring for my own tool set though, so I didn’t have to worry about losing someone else tools when my kids put away dishes. πŸ™‚

  398. I began my canning career about two months ago. Bought a standard enamel canner, but it’s HUGEl My stove is electric and very slow to heat it up the canner. I’ve since bought a tall stockpot to replace the canner. It’ll hold four quarts and a pint jar. And for pickle brine, I bought a “4th burner pot”, which has a perfect spout to pour from and a nice silicone handle that stays cool. My small pressure cooker doubles as a jam pot. I think it’s the perfect set-up for small-batch preserving.

  399. This is my second time canning. I hear popping so I did it correctly. I use a very large stock pot that I have. I do think it time to invest in the proper thongs.

  400. I use a borrowed stock pot (handy to live next to a good friend–we’ve been borrowing his for years) and my husband cobbled together a rack for the bottom out of unused paint stir sticks. Every time we can something, that rack cracks me up, but it’s starting to show its age. We have an aluminum pressure cooker, but it advises against using it on our glasstop stove. *sigh*

  401. I’m a traditional type canner. Canning pot, ball jars. This spring/summer I canned strawberry jam, your strawberry vanilla jam (delish) blueberry pomegranate jam, mango chutney, sweet pickles, pickle relish, jalapeΓ±o jam, and pickled cherry peppers. I did take your advice and bought the Kuhn Richon third burner. I love that pot. I’ve used it a few times now when I have just one jar left over that wouldn’t fit into the full canner. That’s perfect! I also use it while I’m canning to hold my rings and lids. And it holds a dozen of eggs perfectly to hardboil. Love your blog and your book – thanks for all you do to help make us better at what we love to do!

  402. Most often, either the PC or the Victrio stainless steam canner, but overall just try to use the smallest pot necessary to get the job done. This trivit is a GREAT alternative to the pie racks. And now that you mention it, I seem to be using them less often, perhaps simply because they have become quite difficult to find in my neighborhood and mine are in pretty bad shape now.

  403. I’m a more traditional canner but not afraid to experiment. I did but the ‘fourth burner pot’ and have used it for a few things. I consider it a good investment and will probably get one for each of my daughter-in-laws for their ‘kitchen gift’ for Christmas.

  404. I’m a reluctant traditionalist, using the rack that came with the canning pot. I know what you mean about those flakes that come off in the water. Ick.

  405. I inherited my mother’s traditional canning set-up a couple years ago. Although, I’m pretty sure now that canning is ‘vogue’ and I use it to make all sorts of things, she’s regretting giving it away!

  406. I usually use a big old fashioned enamel pot, but the first rack that came with it rusted, so I replaced it with a replacement metal rack that I don’t like as well, as it has ridges that prevent placing jars of various sizes easily together. I think using this trivet would be much more flexible and would accomodate teeny quarter pint jam jars up through quarts.

  407. I have a traditional rig, with the black speckleware kettle. The rack is rusty and I hate it. I often use a bunch of spare bands zip-tied together as a bottom rack.

  408. I recently purchased one of these trivets and I to have a problem with it floating when there are no jars holding it down. How do you maneuver it to get it back into place?

  409. i use a le cruset stockpot (found on the cheap at tj maxx) and canning rings zip tied together for the bottom. i think the silicone would be better though.

  410. I’m just getting back to canning after a long absence, largely due to health issues. I’m eager to use anything that can make it less strenuous to put nutritious, local food onto our shelves and in our stomachs. Thanks for sharing your experience & knowledge!

  411. ummm, let’s see..we have the enamel pot for the water bath canning, and we have a pressure canner that holds 7 quarts. We just use the normal jar rack – which I hate! This trivet looks like a worthy alternative.

  412. This would be great. I use a folded towel right now. Talk about floating…….. Oh well, at least it works, although I have burned my fingers numerous times. Ouch! And other not so nice things. πŸ™‚

  413. I could never fit my oblong cake rack into my smaller pots when I was doing
    a small canning, so now I just use a large 16 or 24 qt. pot so the rack fits.
    The round trivet looks interesting

  414. I used to use a little rack that didn’t quite fit my pot. Lately I’ve been using a silicone trivet (not nearly as lovely as this one though).

  415. I use a traditional stock pot and whatever is free at the time for a rack. Usually some similar square trivets stacked or lids banned together. I would love something that fits correctly!

  416. i am a traditional canning gear user, but often when i’m canning a huge batch of something and/or i’m short on time i’ll use a second stock pot and line the bottom with extra canning rings so i can crank out extra jars at a faster pace. it works great in a pinch!

  417. I have two of the traditional canners for water bathing (just bought the second one that will fit inside on my stove, the other one is for my propane stove outside, but my favorite is my big granite wear pot that I found a grill rack to fit into it for double stacking pints and 1/2 pints!

  418. I am pretty much a traditional canner–although I do sometimes use a stock pot with a pressure cooker insert to elevate the jars off the pot bottom. The trivet is a GREAT idea!

  419. I have a different setup for each batch size that I tackle, but usually I’ll use my stock pot and a round cooling rack. Though I need a new cooling rack because the one I have is starting to develop rust! Eek!

  420. I just started canning this year so I”m a newbie. I use a stock pot that I”ve had for years, the same one I use to blanch peas, and a plastic Ball canning rack and lifter. My husband and I have enjoyed canning!!!!

  421. I have a canner that I picked up at a garage sale with the traditional metal basket that is slowly rusting throughout this season. The trivet looks interesting!

  422. I am a newbie, and came across your website thanks to a mentor/friend who is teaching me how to can. This system looks great! Thanks for considering me πŸ™‚

  423. We have a 4 gallon pot with a veggie steamer in the bottom. I’ll be honest, it’s not great. The steamer wants to tip over and so we use two jar lifters to stabilize and remove. I’ve been looking for a replacement but numerous things have failed. I brought home something just last week and it almost almost fit. But not quite. But things get canned and it gives us something to talk about.

  424. I have a tradtional canning pot set up. I have to say that it bugs me. I really do not like the flakes from the rack and the tendency to rapidly rust. I have not gotten around to cahnging it but I would like to do so soon.

  425. What a great solution. I’ve got a cobbled together canning setup and have been using old jar rings, then a metal trivet (that’s now rusting so i’m back to jar rings). I would love to have something reliable that doesn’t rust or require lots of adjusting. I think I’ll look for one even if i don’t win your giveaway. Thanks as always for a great blog full of awesome information.

  426. Why, just 2 weekends ago I was thinking about this trivet and my lack thereof. (I wanted to make a double boiler out of two pots, instead of a bowl resting on top of a pot, so that I could make cheese with less constant stirring)

    For half pints and 4oz jars, I use a 5 quart soup pot that came with my cheap-o set of pots from K-Mart. But it’s not quite tall enough for pint jars. Then again, I’m mostly putting applesauce in the pint jars, so I’m pressure canning those, anyway (just to be safe… and because it gives the applesauce a rosy color). And quarts are almost exclusively tomatoes or vegetable stock, so those are getting pressure canned, too.

    What can I say? I like many small jars of jam so that I don’t have to be loyal for long.

  427. I started out using old jar rings tied together when I started canning a few years ago. Now it’s a stainless steel pressure cooker insert, which is better but I’ve been looking for something better. That trivet is a find!

  428. I use the Ball small batch canning set up in a stock pot, and I love it. I don’t use quart jars, and the rack holds the right number of jars for the small batches that I normally do. If I do larger batches, I do have a traditional set up that I pull out.

  429. Oh, that trivet is so cool! Sometimes I use the rack that came with my canner, but I find it clunky and annoying, so I’ve gotten in the bad habit of leaving it out. The Blossom would be a lovely addition to my canning system. Thanks!

  430. I use either a 6 qt stainless steel stock pot or an enamel one. The enamel one has a steamer insert so that serves as a rack. My only investments so far were the jars & lids and a jar lifter, which is a necessity!

  431. Oh! this is so cute and would be perfect. I’m using a bit of a cobbled together canning set up. A big stock pot, usually lined with a kitchen towel-not the easiest to work with. πŸ˜‰ I love your blog, and refer to it over and over again. Thank you!

  432. I use a large stock pot and a washcloth in the bottom. For a while, I was using a set of tongs to lift my jars… I have since bought a jar lifter!

    I actually have this trivet on my Christmas wish list!

  433. I have the traditional 21-qt canner but very rarely use it. I prefer my cheap (cheap, cheap, cheap) stock-pot & a smaller rack.
    I plan to show my friend how to can in a week or two and this would be perfect to get her started.
    Marisa, I can’t thank you enough for this site. Between it and your book you have given me so much information and inspiration that I am encouraging everybody to check it out and try canning.

  434. For smaller canning jobs, I used an old stainless steel steam rack (one of my mom’s favorite things on loan) in a black stock pot. It worked, but the steam rack turned black (shhh– don’t tell mom) and i never quite got it all off (i need to figure out how to get it clean before returning it- any suggestions?).

    The black trivet would be perfect- I won’t have to worry about getting the black off since it’s supposed to be back plus it would be so much quieter!

  435. I use a trivet in a smaller pot if I’m just jarring up a couple of 4 oz or a half pint or two, and a cake cooling rack in either of my larger pots, one for making small batches (less than 5 half pints) or large batches (up to 10 pints).

  436. I have no special tools except the jar lifter, lid lifter and funnel that Ball sells as a kit. I used a steaming rack for a while but didn’t like the icky way it interacted with my hard water. I now use a blossom trivet too. Mine is lime green. I also use a tiny splash of vinegar in my waterbath. Keeps the jars and pot nice and shiny.

  437. I don’t have any special equipment!
    I use a stock pot, and two soup spoons to lift the jars out.. its a bit dangerous at times, but at least its always exciting! I would love to actually acquire some real grown up canning equipment though…

  438. I’m a traditional girl but as I start expanding my canning horizons and start making smaller batches I would love the flexibility this product would give.

  439. I use the rack that came with my large canning pot but I can tell it’s only a matter of time before it will need replacing. For smaller canning jobs I use the small batch green canning basket from Ball.

  440. I started out using the granite-ware but when it started to chip & rust, i decided to go for stainless steel, i bought a giant martha stewart pot from macy’s and it works better than the old one did. but i still use what looks like a pizza pan with holes in it on the bottom.

  441. I have a canning rack, but the wires are too widely spaced and let the jars tip. I’ve used my pressure canner rack, which is flat but doesn’t work when I have both canners going. This looks very interesting.

  442. I started canning this year and am loving it. I use a regular canning pot and rack but have been looking for something to use in the bottom of one of my soup kettles and haven’t found anything to fit. This would be fabulous!

  443. When I do small-batch canning I use a folded dish towel that constantly floats to the top and ends up being a hot mess. This looks not only neat, but pretty!

  444. I use a metal steamer, the kind made of interlocking petals that can fold up or down for different sized pots. Works like a charm….

  445. I have a large water bath pot and a pressure cooker canner. I don’t have a metal rack to put in the bottom of my water bath, I borrow my grandmas. I sure would love one of my own. And I love your blog, I love to can!

  446. This trivet looks awesome! I have a canner with a traditional rack, but when I am just doing one or two jars, I put a cloth napkin in the bottom of a smaller pot. Air gets under the napkin and as it moves and tries to float, it can sometimes knock the jars over.

  447. When I process big jars I use the rusty big ‘ol rack that came in my canning pot. For smaller batches/jars I use the progressive canning rack, but it doesn’t exactly fit and tends to shift. I’m loving that the rubber trivet would just stay put!

  448. I have a HUGE canning pot from Costco, but am looking for something to use for just the small batches. I never thought of using a trivet… Fantastic idea!!!

  449. This season I’ve been experimenting with the Kuhn-Rikon Fourth Burner Pot. It’s tall, slender, and includes a rack. It’s just the ticket for the small-batch canning I’m also experimenting with.

  450. I use the green plastic “starter kit” basket from Ball in an 11-12 quart IKEA pot I got during one of their specials a few years ago. Works as well as I imagine anything else would!

  451. Depends on how much I’m canning – I love my Kuhn-Rikon 4th burner pot for small batches and a standard enamelware pot for larger batches.

  452. Depends upon which pot I am using. My favorite pot came with a rack that I found practically useless and my favorite rack only fits one pot! The dilemma of it all! Would love this trivet as a solution.

  453. I have the traditional canner and rack, but my rack is getting rusty and gross, so I’ve been looking for something else. Thanks!

  454. I use a regular canning pot and rack I picked up a couple years ago, but the rack is pretty rusted and I love the idea of silicone since it would avoid that problem.

  455. I am a round cake cooling rack person. My set up is not ideal. I tried to use a larger pot but my flat top stove could not get the water to a boil. So I can only can pints, or 1 quart in my 4th burner pot (which I also purchased at your recommendation). Before I got the cooling rack I used butter knives.

  456. I have a traditional canner I won from Ball that I use for big batches. For smaller batches I use the 4th burner pot by Kuhn Rikon? I found these pots at a freight damaged store for $7.00! I bought one for everyone I know.

  457. I have a rusty (but not very old) canning rack. The idea is nice, but why would they use something that rusts?? So for now I use a washcloth in the bottom of my stockpot. It works ok, but I’d imagine this would be perfect.

  458. I use the rack from my pressure cooker inside a bigger stock pot. The rack has not fared well after about twenty jamming seasons. The trivet certainly looks a bit more forgiving for those times when a jar slips out of the jar lifter.

  459. I’m a traditional canner. I use this big pot I got years ago at a local drug store. Stainless steep canning rack. That’s it! πŸ™‚

  460. I’ve got a few options.
    For large amounts, I use my pressure canner (new! super excited about it!). It came with a rack and is deep enough for water bath canning quarts. Before that, I used a tamale pot, which came with a built in steamer shelf — that was nice, but required heaps of water and hardly fit over my burners.

    If I’ve got something small, I use my pasta pot, with a cake rack in the bottom. It works okay, but the rack was cheap and I don’t imagine it will hold up forever… a trivet would be great instead….

  461. Mine started as just a stock pot with the cooling rack at the bottom but even doing pints in there was kind of tough, they barely fit. Now I use our beer brewing pot and while it takes forever to heat up, I can easily do several quarts at a time! I need to get a bigger rack at the bottom though… Maybe a cool silicone trivet!

  462. My round cake rack fits perfectly in my big stock pot, but sometimes I just use a smaller pot and a thick washcloth I knitted. A trivet makes so much sense!

  463. I’ve been covering one of these since attending your class a few weeks ago! I use a wire canning rack in my canning pot and some jury-rigged rings in my stock pot (in which I process quart jars because there’s more space). But one of these would be much better. πŸ™‚

  464. I actually ordered one of the trivets off of Amazon after attending one of your classes! Haven’t had a chance to try it yet – planning to try it today with the raspberries I picked yesterday.

  465. No canner here – I use a stock pot with a cotton cup towel in the bottom. to keep the jars from rattling. It’s what my godmother used to do, and she’s who taught me to can (she was a home-ec teacher from the 50’s, so I figured she knew what she was doing!).

    A silicone trivet would be kind of awesome! Right now I have a very, very clean towel at the end of the process, so I use it to wipe up the counter, etc. But the trivet is really pretty, and adheres to my “multi-use” philosophy for anything I try to fit into my really tiny kitchen.

  466. I most often use a canning pot, but since you mentioned using smaller pots, I have used canning rings in the bottom as a riser of my smaller stock pot when I have only a few jars to process.

  467. I have two canning pots–one that fits 7 pint jars and one that’s bigger that I hardly ever use. I did just get the 4th burner pot after seeing yours in action at the book demo!

  468. I have a traditional canning pot, but the most horrible rack ever. Jars don’t sit right in it, and it adds so much room at the bottom that certain jars don’t fit into the pot at all. I definitely need a new one and have had my eye on this one. Thanks for the giveaway!

  469. I use a big Le Creuset for the jam-making, and a stainless stock pot for the water bath. So far I haven’t used anything under the jars to prevent clattering, so this would be a nice upgrade πŸ™‚

  470. I have the basic ball canning set with pot. It works just great although the basket did rust the bottom of the pot a bit after sitting in there between uses without a paper towel layer.

  471. I use my stockpot as my boiling water canner. I think I’ve only ever made 3-4 batches of stock in it, but it has been used countless times for canning. For a trivet, I use the perforated aluminum plate that came with my father’s old pressure cooker. My father & that old pressure cooker are long gone (and, in the case of Dad, greatly missed) but the trivet has gone on to perform its duties well. It raises my jars just off the bottom of my of my stockpot for safety, is light, & easy to clean. Sadly, it is also beginning to show its age & warping a bit…

  472. I learned canning by helping my mother and grandmother. I have an enameled canner for water bath canning and a small aluminum pressure canner. My ex- mother-in-law got me a big aluminum pressure canner at a yard sale.

  473. It depends on the pot I’m using as to my rack/towel set up. If I’m doing a mini batch, I’ve been known to throw a towel in the bottom of a smaller pot, but if I’m lugging out the whole canning pot set up, I use the rack. Not terribly inspired, but functional!

  474. For small batches, I use a variety of different size pots (depends on the jar size) and line the bottom with canning jar rings. Works great. Can really use this method on any size pot.

  475. The mother of one of my friend’s helped me do some canning; sadly, she has had to move in with a daughter and I can no longer go to her house for assistance. I need to start doing this on my own!

  476. I use a dish cloth in the bottom of my water bath enamel pan, as my rack was rusted. I keep thinking I should get a new rack, but either I don’t think of it in a store or I am feeling frugal..I have used the dishcloth method for a couple of years now. There seems to be less breakage. I WOULD LIKE TO TRY TRIVET! The dishcloth is floaty. I know an amish woman who uses a stovetop trivet..the part over a burner?

  477. I use a traditional 7 quart water bath canner with the lift-out rack. I have two of them–picked up one at a yard sale for 5 bucks! And when I can in large quantities, I am so glad to have two! Also works well when canning together with someone else.

  478. When I process tomatoes I haul out the big ole canning set-up from ball. And tomatoes used to be the only thing I canned because it seemed too big a chore to haul everything up from the basement for a few jars of jam.

    Since discovering your site and book (love that it is for smaller batches I rarely have a need for 24 pints of blueberry jam) I have started using an asparagus steamer for small batches of veggies from my CSA and garden. I have expanded to pickled jalapenos and beets and look forward to applesauce. It has been life changing and has had me rethinking the way I process the tomatoes. converting my stockpot into a canning pot with one of these trivets will eliminate the need to store that big pot for a once a year event.

  479. I bought a stainless steel rack for my big pot, so it doesn’t rust. I would love, though, to use the trivet in my smaller “jelly canner” pot!

  480. I use a conventional water bath canner, but for small batches, or tiny jars, I use the bottom half of my smallest pressure canner, with the rack that came in it. I would love to have one of these trivets, because then I could use a pot I have as an “in between” size canner.