Giveaway: Big Mouth Flat Pack Funnels

October 1, 2013(updated on October 3, 2018)

Big Mouth Funnels

In my years as a canner, I’ve tried nearly every available wide mouth funnel on the market. I own nearly a dozen different models made in materials ranging from plastic, to tempered glass, to stainless steel. One thing all these funnels have in common is that they’re bulky (much of my collection lives in a wicker basket in the living room, because there’s no room for them in the kitchen).

Big Mouth Funnels

Happily, Robin Bristow, a designer based in Australia, has recently developed a funnel designed to fit in kitchens with even the most limited cabinet space. Called the Big Mouth Funnel, this tool comes in two sizes and packs absolutely flat for easy storage.

Big Mouth Funnels

The small size is perfect for filling salt shakers, pepper mills, and spice jars, while the larger size can handle all manner of hefty jars. I’m planning on using one for trips to Whole Foods when I’m buying from the bulk section. I’ve often taken conventional wide mouth funnels with me to help dispense from bin to jar, but having a flat pack funnel in my kit will make the job even easier.

Big Mouth Funnels

I will say that I’m a little wary of using these funnels when filled up hot jars with jam or chutney just off the boil. They make no claims that they’re heatproof and so I plan to continue to use my traditional funnels for anything that is piping hot. Even setting them aside for those tasks, I can see them becoming invaluable over time.

Thanks to Robin and Big Mouth Funnels, I have ten pairs of flat pack funnels to give away! Here’s how to enter.

  1. Leave a comment on this post and share a kitchen or canning tool that you wish you could reinvent or redesign.
  2. Comments will close at 5 pm east coast time on Saturday, October 5, 2013. Winners will be chosen at random (using and will be posted on Sunday, October 6, 2013.
  3. Giveaway is open to US and Canadian residents.
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left on the blog, I cannot accept submissions via email.
Disclosure: Big Mouth Funnel sent me a set of their funnels to try and is also providing the ten for this giveaway. My opinions remain my own. 

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304 thoughts on "Giveaway: Big Mouth Flat Pack Funnels"

  • My funnels are used all the time. Only problem is I just moved to an apartment with limited kitchen storage space. These flat funnels would be a huge asset to me !!! If I do not win ( Which I NEVER win anything anywhere I register ) I will purchase these useful items !

  • I wish my kitchen had a place or stand to safely put a laptop. Cookbook stands don’t work anymore.

    Just bought your book, btw.

  • I am a new canner, and I am having trouble with the large stockpots that I use to steam my jars in. As I am short, I have to stand on a stool in order to take my jars out so as not to burn my wrists or arms on the rims or with the steam. I have been placing my jars in my dishwasher and running a cycle without soap, just for the steam. For the empty jars, I pour a bit of vinegar in the soap dispenser to help sterilize them and the tops. I also need more jars. I would love to try these funnels, since I am finding that every thing is a try it case. But I am enjoying the process. My next project will be all of the green tomatoes that I have on my few plants. I cannot believe that four plants have given me so much produce.

  • I love these! Do they hold their shape well when assembled?

    I would redesign spoons/utensils to indicate which are safe for the stove (i.e., heat resistant) with some sort of universal icon. I’m always forgetting which are solely for mixing bowls and which can be used in pots/pans on the stove.

  • Colanders and/or strainers are perhaps the most irritatingly difficult to store items in this house! Even with several, there is always a task for which none of them is quite suited. ARrrrrrrrrrG!

    These look great!

  • Love the look of the funnels! My stove/overhead fan needs an overhaul. My water bath pan barley fits. I like the idea of the colanders in varying sizes as described above!!!

  • Amazing! who would have thought fold flat funnels.. So perfect.
    I think I would try to do something about whisks, I mean non of then really seem all that sturdy, and they rust so easily. Even the silicone coated ones have fallen apart on me.

  • To be honest, I have no idea because I do all my canning with jerry-rigged implements 🙂 I’d like to reinvent my kitchen and try out the real stuff! Thank you for the giveaway!

  • Love this idea for use in bulk container situations in stores! I would love for someone to invent a trivet large enough to cover the whole bottom of a large canner that could also be used to add a second layer of pint jars in same canner rather than stacking jar to jar. The present trivets are not quite large enough to fill in the bottom of canners, leaving jars slightly tilting when filled.

  • These flat funnels look great! Funnels & strainers are what is like to redesign, as they take up too much space and are not adjustable.

  • I would like to find a long handled dipper for reaching into the corners of my big stock pot. I always seem to get burned at least once on my knuckles.

  • I, too, have trouble with colanders-in particular, the metal ones that always seem to have a low point around the base where liquid collects and doesn’t drain out. There must be a better way to shape them/position the holes so that things can drain fully.

  • The bulkiest thing in my gadget drawer is the pineapple corer/slicer, so I wish that darn thing could be collapsable.

  • I’m going to stick with the theme of colanders. I’m not sure what I’d do to fix it, but I kind of hate the ones I have…

  • I’m pretty comfortable with most of my kitchen stuff, but if someone were to invent/design a canner lid (It would have to come in standard sizes or somehow be a bit adjustable.) that would whistle (You know, like a teapot.) when your canner comes back up to a full boil, I would be in the market. Little, flat, narrow funnels would be a happy replacement for a (usually dirty) piece of paper, too.

  • The funnels are adorable.

    I’d love a water bath that could cover 2 burners and hold more jars at a time.

  • The jar lifter could use an update. So much drama and suspense, feeling like your jar will drop at any second…

  • These remind me of what we call the “Cone of Shame” after your dog has had surgery. Ha Ha
    What I would want done differently – pressure cookers make me nervous due to my inexperience.

  • I have yet to find the perfect rubber spatula. The ones I like have a seam where the spatula meets the handle (germ fest….eeew), and the one-piece spatulas are always too floppy. There has to be a better one out there, but I haven’t found it.

  • I’d like to reinvent the magnet tool that can pick up lids from the bottom of the pot – I need one that is longer to reach all the way to the bottom of my canning pot for when I sterilize them.

  • I would love a better jar “grabber”. They are too short and I always scald myself at least once during my canning!

  • I would like to have jars that are more square shape than round. We used to have some older ones that always seemed to fit on the shelves better than the round ones. Not sure if that is clear to anyone, but I know what I meant, LOL. This funnel looks like a fun gadget to have that you would probably find a ton of uses for. I think I would like to try them, may buy a set….

  • Flat funnels are a great idea! I love my foley food mill but wish it felt more secure on the bowl during use and wish it was easier to clean!

  • There needs to be a better heatproof handle for my cast iron – I have had multiple silicone ones that just seem to stretch out and slide off! I use my cast iron every day, and the dish towel just doesn’t cut it! These funnels look like such a great idea for using at the coop so I don’t have to bring my canning funnel!

  • I would love to redesign my apple peeler. I love that it peels cuts and cores the apple, but it rusts so darn easily. It needs a more acid resistant coating.

  • I wish I could find a pair of locking tongs (I love those!) that was easier to wash – I’d hate to think how grimy they must get right in the locking mechanism where I can’t fit the sponge.

  • I would redesign a colander so the bottom is a funnel of sorts. All my colanders seem to keep an awful lot of liquid in them unless I roll them around!

  • electric can openers, at least the one we have, the top keeps falling off and it gets dirty quick. Making it non-stick would be nice.

  • I wish I had a jar lifter that could handle my Weck jars a little better. Even regular Ball jars feel like they’re going to fall from the lifter, but I actually did drop one of my Wecks a few weeks ago. Luckily it was right above the rack, so, no harm done.

  • I’m sure there are some out there… but I am in need of lunch containers that are small-ish, light, and WON’T LEAK when jostled around in my bag all day. Too many soup spills.

  • Wow! Just what I need not only for bulk canning but for putting coffee, alternative flours, I’m gfree, and sugar into my canisters! Pick me..Pick me!! 😉

  • wish I had some long handled, narrow rubber spatulas to get all the goodyness out of the bottom of jars.
    Thank U 4 this opportunity. These flat funnels looks pretty awesome and sure would save space

  • I would love a jar lifter that has thin but soft padding on the handles so when I lift the heavy hot jars out of the canner i don’t hurt my hands.

  • I have never found an oven mitt I have liked. I just feel awkward using them. I need a glove I think. One with fingers that doesn’t make my hand itch.

  • I would create a better jelly strainer. One that’s not small and rickety and that you don’t have to hang from your cabinet.

    Also, long-handled, rubber tip tongs and a long-handled jar lifter. I have burned my knuckles too many times.

  • That’s amazing! I’m so tired of giant canning funnels! Taking them for bulk shopping is a great idea. I would probably have said that I would redesign the canning funnel; now if only there were a heatproof version of this one as well, we’d be all set.

  • These Big Mouth Funnels are a splendid idea! I’m crossing my fingers that I will win a set. The kitchen tool that I am desperate to reinvent is the immersion blender. I love that tool but I am afraid to use it with all of my enamel coated cookware. Even my stainless steel gets scratched by the blender. I would love to see a cylindrical silicone piece that could be retrofitted onto my immersion blender and would cover the bottom of the blade housing. That way metal would not be touching and clanging against the inside of my expensive pots and pans. Thanks!

  • I think it would be cool to recreate a ladle to match and work with this funnel. Like one that would require only one or two ladle scoops to fill my jar.

  • I really wish someone would design a bottle brush with a sturdy shaft/handle. Those wimpy coat hanger quality shafts just don’t cut the mustard. They’re always bending and they rust. Who wants to clean with a rusty brush?

  • These are great! I just started really getting into canning this year and I haven’t bought any funnels yet. These would be a great addition to my kitchen.

  • I wish we could re-design jar lids so that they could be re-used for canning instead of being used only once each.

  • A ladle that would measure for proper headspace for each size jar with a button that you push to pump the contents into the jars….no muss no fuss…

  • I’d probably redesign a handheld canopener so that it would open store bought cans without slipping. This looks like a great product.

  • These look great, I camp a lot and often find myself making tin foil funnels. I also make lots of herbal tinctures, powders, etc. They would be great for the smaller jobs. I think I would have added another notch for making them taller/thinner/more upright, I wonder if you could notch them again for that purpose? I’d like to reinvent strainer shapes to fit down inside containers rather than have them sit on top.

  • Th canning chore that really bugs me is putting the rings on hot jars. The tools for this i have used are next to useless.

  • I just started using Weck Jars, which I love, but I don’t have a funnel that will fit the small lids. Since these won’t work for hot liquids, do you have any suggestions – more of a plea for help than a re-design.

  • I wish that there were color-change indicators that you could stick on/in a jar to make sure that items had been canned at the right temperature. I’m sure I’m doing it right, but it would be nice to have something that reassured me.

  • I’d like a grater that’s easy to use and doesn’t run the risk of removing the top layer of my skin. Oh, and is easy to clean.

  • This is not a reinvention, but a wish for the good ol’ days! When I go to get my jars out of the cellar to begin my summer canning I always pull out the old mayo glass jars. We are not able to save them and use them for canning anymore because they are all plastic! These funnels are awesome!! I love to see all the really helpful gadgets that you find! Thanks…

  • If you had asked yesterday I would have said the funnel! Today I would say a ladle with the pour lip on the right side for my left-handed DIL. If we don’t win, where can we buy those funnels?

  • I am still looking for an apple slicer/corer that will give narrow slices. All of the ones at the stores seem to produce fat slices!

  • I would love to redesign a way to get all the tomato seeds out of all my tomato recipes! The food mill is great, but so time consuming!

  • These are GENIUS!

    I would reinvent the garlic press. I end up having to pick garlic out of mine all the time. I might as well just mince it.

  • These look great — kind of like the makeshift rolled-paper funnels I sometimes use, but actually usable for liquids! I wish I could design some sort of padded box with stackable layers for storing empty jars of different sizes. I’ve been breaking them right and left recently.

  • I’d redesign knife sharpening stones and steels so they work at the right angle, work more reliably. I can never keep my knives sharp.

  • How about if every kitchen tool would work this way…usable, but flat when not in use! Can you tell my kitchen is full to bursting with things? I love gadgets, but try to not get anything that I don’t use or can make do without.

  • I can’t tell you how irritated I get by rusty canning bands and canning racks. Especially the canning rack! Why can’t someone come up with a coated metal canning rack that doesn’t have to be replaced every canning season or so? I know Ball makes the green one for smaller jobs but I want a full sized one! And, how about a granite ware canning pot that’s made huge for quarts actually BE tall enough to have extra room atop the quarts? I’m lucky if I can get a full inch. Usually, the water boils over and I have to mop my kitchen floor after canning with quarts. And with that, someone’s suggestion above for a longer jar lifter to avoid burns. Perfection. 🙂

  • These would be so great for filling spices!! I generally buy spices in large quantities & rnsfer them to smaller jars. These would be great for that.

  • Do you actually take jars with you to the bulk section?? I have been thinking of doing that very thing, but it seems like a hassle on bicycle. Do you just take the jar to Customer Service to be weighed ahead of time? I’m fascinated!

  • I have yet to find a jar lifter that can be used with one hand safely, and also has a good grip on the jars. Home canning folks never seem to have enough hands ….

  • I would reinvent the apple peeler, corer spiral slicer so that it doesn’t leave bits of peel and maybe doesn’t make such a sticky mess. 🙂

  • These are genius! Being married to an industrial designer, I get all sorts of grief over how poorly designed all my implements are whenever he steps into the kitchen.

    It would be nice to somehow redesign jar lids so they’re reusable. I feel rather wasteful getting new ones each time I can something, just so I know the seal will be good.

  • I would redesign the little gadget to take out air bubbles trapped in the jar. I hate it and forget to to it half of the time.

  • I would like to see some improvement on the jar lifter. Maybe I am a little sensative to the heat but I would like there to be a bit more distance between my hands and that boiling hot water.

  • I wish someone would make an inexpensive boiling water bath set up that actually covers quart jars by two inches of water with enough room that the water doesn’t spill out.

  • I wish I could find a water bath canner insert that is easier to get my jars (all sizes including 1/2 pints) in and out of!

  • I wish they would invent a glass-top stove that would stand up to the heat from a canner. (maybe they have but mine is too new to replace!)

  • Oven mitts that are not clumsy. Tongs that grip well. These funnels make more sense. So easy to fit to the jar size and make filling easier with the wide opening.

  • I agree with the need for a better colander – my ideal one would fit my sink and could be lifted from one side to the other.

  • I wish I could invent a rust resistant basket for water canning. My caner will last forever, however the baskets do not.

  • I wish I could find a food mill that not only has the holes on the bottom but also on the sides and is more shaped like a cone. Also the handles on the canning rack need to be longer and as someone else stated the racks should be coated so they don’t rust and last longer. Love your canning recipes – THANK YOU!

  • What a clever idea! These would be so useful in my tiny kitchen (which is likewise overflowing with cooking tools).

  • A salad spinner. Our cheapie one just broke, (I think we wore it out) and we have yet to find one to replace it.