Giveaway: Big Mouth Flat Pack Funnels

October 1, 2013(updated on October 3, 2018)

Big Mouth Funnels

In my years as a canner, I’ve tried nearly every available wide mouth funnel on the market. I own nearly a dozen different models made in materials ranging from plastic, to tempered glass, to stainless steel. One thing all these funnels have in common is that they’re bulky (much of my collection lives in a wicker basket in the living room, because there’s no room for them in the kitchen).

Big Mouth Funnels

Happily, Robin Bristow, a designer based in Australia, has recently developed a funnel designed to fit in kitchens with even the most limited cabinet space. Called the Big Mouth Funnel, this tool comes in two sizes and packs absolutely flat for easy storage.

Big Mouth Funnels

The small size is perfect for filling salt shakers, pepper mills, and spice jars, while the larger size can handle all manner of hefty jars. I’m planning on using one for trips to Whole Foods when I’m buying from the bulk section. I’ve often taken conventional wide mouth funnels with me to help dispense from bin to jar, but having a flat pack funnel in my kit will make the job even easier.

Big Mouth Funnels

I will say that I’m a little wary of using these funnels when filled up hot jars with jam or chutney just off the boil. They make no claims that they’re heatproof and so I plan to continue to use my traditional funnels for anything that is piping hot. Even setting them aside for those tasks, I can see them becoming invaluable over time.

Thanks to Robin and Big Mouth Funnels, I have ten pairs of flat pack funnels to give away! Here’s how to enter.

  1. Leave a comment on this post and share a kitchen or canning tool that you wish you could reinvent or redesign.
  2. Comments will close at 5 pm east coast time on Saturday, October 5, 2013. Winners will be chosen at random (using and will be posted on Sunday, October 6, 2013.
  3. Giveaway is open to US and Canadian residents.
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left on the blog, I cannot accept submissions via email.
Disclosure: Big Mouth Funnel sent me a set of their funnels to try and is also providing the ten for this giveaway. My opinions remain my own. 

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304 thoughts on "Giveaway: Big Mouth Flat Pack Funnels"

  • I’m just getting into canning and slowly building up my set. I love your Facebook page. I would be great if more of the canning tools collapsed down to save space as I have a small kitchen with limited storage space.

  • I would like a better functioning garlic press. It sounds like such a fine idea, but it’s messy and minced garlic always ends up tasting better somehow.

  • I wish I could invent something to eliminate the rainforrest-like steam that is created when canning for an afternoon. My windows end up dripping, my back door swells shut and I am too hot to be very pleasant. My hood just isn’t enough and opening the windows works unless it is freezing or much hotter outside than in.

  • I am getting ready to start canning. I’ve been wanting to for a long time, but haven’t had the time. Now I have the time and am a bit lost as to where to begin 🙂

  • I love this design. Not only for space, but so easy to clean. You could boil this up with our lids. I would invent a tool that gets air bubbles out quickly. Sometimes it slows you down and I like to keep things hot as possible.

  • I wish that my stove was a little easier to use! It needs to be larger and just plain designed better! If I have a large pot on one of the back burners, it’s nearly impossible to adjust the temperature without burning myself!

  • I would like to reinvent, or just own a canning rack and a canning pan that don’t rust without having to spend a ton of money. Both my rack and my pan are in dreadful shape. I gues santa knows what I need this year.

  • I started canning a few years ago. I love it. I have even started vacuun sealing jars with dry goods and o2 absorbers. I use what I can in equipment . I cut corners where I can except in the qualuty of my jarred product’s and the cleanliness of my equipment. You have a great site. I have just discovered it. I look forward to all the new ideas and projects I will learn from your site. Thank you for the hard work you put into it for us. Happy canning!!

  • I would LOVE to have an outdoor/portable canning stovetop that I could put out in the garage with some folding tables for all day canning extravaganzas. I can’t even heat up a pressure canner on my stove now.. 🙁

  • I would love to find a better claw to get jars out of the water once they’ve boiled. The tongs are too tricky for me especially as a lefty.

  • The canning rack, I would love to have a 2 or 3 story rack for holding jars in the water-bath. That means I also need a floor level burner, and one of the GIANT pots from the restaurant supply store. I’d have to add a lift, for I grow ever older, and the rack would be holding pounds of jams, jellies, veggies ect, I’ll need help lifting…

  • I would like a mini-canner for doing small batches of jam. Sometimes the only obstacle between doing a food project and not is the volume required.

  • I grew up on a farm, with my mom making/baking/canning/freezing most everything we ate (mainly because we were poor :)). 2 out of 3 of my sisters-in-law are devout canners. My other sister-in-law and I are just starting to learn the ins and outs of it, and just starting to gather tools. As far as tweaking kitchen tools, my stuff is pretty basic and everything I think I would like to tweak, I rethink and realize that there are better out there.

  • Standard shelves. They should have standardized can stackers/sorters by now. But I can’t seem to find a solution that fits my existing shelves.

  • I love these I have never seen them before? I wish that there were electric canners – there may be and I do not know it as I am new to canning – but living in a hot southern state – heating up the stove for a big batch is so yucky sometimes 🙂

  • Those look just perfect! We absolutely need to reinvente a garlic crusher! We would be saving so much time.

  • I love your blog. I haven’t canned in years, and just getting back into it this year. I have enjoyed reading your blog to refresh my memory and learn new tricks! Thanks for all the information.

  • I would like to see a better way to strain the seeds from blackberry and strawberry jelly. I’ve tried cheese cloth in a colander and a jelly bag, both are messy!

  • I would love to have a tool that cooked bacon standing up in the oven so the greased dripped off and didn’t cook in it. Maybe it’s already out there and I just don’t know ti!

  • I think it’s time to re-invent or re-design the chip-clip…can’t we do better?
    These funnels look awesome, would love to have them!

  • I would really like a veggie peeler that is easier to clean. I know the Y shape ones would be better, but I just don’t like using them. Mine has some design features that make it really nice to use, but also inhibit clean up.

  • Would love to have the stuff for mini-batch canning – I always feel so overwhelmed by how much work it is to do large batches of canning!

  • a sifter! I don’t know why, but it seems that every one I lay my hands on break or get jammed! So frustrating!

  • Love these…space isn’t the issue as much as the angle of the funnel…I like that this is wider and flatter, will be easier to actually get the goodies in the jar and not on the counter :)) Thank you, love your site

  • Those jar lifters! They are surprisingly useful, but I still have to think about which end is for my hands and which is for the jar every time I get it out.

  • I would redesign my apple peeler corer so i could clamp it on the counter or Table like the old meat grinders used to

  • I would (somehow) redesign the mortar and pestle. I love the idea of it but I always get frustrated with it.

  • i wish there was a jar lifter that worked as a regular tongs as well. I don’t like uni-taskers, but pulling hot jars out with my regular tongs = hot mess.

  • I would redesign stoves. An extra large burner that would hold a canning pot without rendering the one behind it useless would be terrific. All stoves with a pot filler faucet would also be nice.

  • These are cute little funnels. I need someone to reinvent the base to my grandmothers food sieve. It does not fit inside my big bowls when canning and is to small to fit on the outside of the bowls.

  • These look like they can be real handy while refilling my half gallon masons with flour and sugar.
    I would like to reinvent the hand crank beater! I have a vintage set and just adore it!

  • Just ordered a set! Marisa, you really do offer the most useful, on-topic giveaways that I’ve yet seen – bravo. I have now bought pretty canning jars, cuppows and now funnels based on your reco. I’ve been looking for a small jar funnel for ages for filling spice jars. Each time I buy fresh spices, I end up spilling a bit of precious spice trying to pour the spices from cello bag to jar – this will solve my waste issues. Thanks!

  • These are so cool! I wish I could find better jar lifters (not sure what they’re actually called-the hings you use to lift the jars out of the boiling water). I’m always worried I’m going to drop the hot jars.

  • Love the idea of these funnels! How nice to store them flat…..I would reinvent or improve upon the common blender. I know there are lots of really nice ones that have improvements on them, but they are also VERY expensive….I would want to add a mixer stick for regular blenders, along with making the pieces easier to clean/take apart, as in not so many pieces! Thanks for the chance! 🙂

  • Love it!
    I don’t have a tiny funnel and filling spice jars is always a frustrating experience. This little guy would be perfect, and it could even stay flat in the spice drawer between uses!

  • I would invent a way to put my stove on a lazy Susan so that it can be either an indoor or outdoor cooking surface depending on the weather. The kitchens in military housing were not meant to facilitate the level of canning I would like to be doing and the ability to flip my stove out on to my balcony like one of those secret doors in a Scooby Doo cartoon would be amazing!

  • What a great idea! I would reinvent pastry blenders – they never seem to be strong enough but end up bending eventually.

  • I wonder if anyone has made collapsible strainers. Big ones. I have to hang mine on the pot rack because they are too bulky. Oh – and someone needs to design an easy-to-clean cooling rack/baking rack/grid/thingie.

  • I wish there were more items that came in sets designed for small kitchens! (ie food storage containers, cookware) How hard is it to design a set that all nests neatly together?! These funnels definitely look like a great solution for small spaces.

  • Magnetic lid lifters need to be about an inch longer. I am forever buring my fingertips fishing them out of the sanitizing water! Come to think of it, they could also use a stronger magnet!

  • I want a water bath that I plug in like my electric tea kettle. One that would not heat the whole kitchen just the pot, and stay there as long as needed it.

  • I have no wide-mouth funnels, these look great! My biggest irritation is draining. I don’t want to stock multiple colanders but sometimes one doesn’t cut it, and don’t get me started on the gymnastics required for “drain but reserve” when using heavy cast iron.

  • What an awesome redesign of a tool–this is definitely one of the gadgets I’d redesign, simply for the storage. The other gadget I’d redesign is dry goods storage containers–so hard to find them in consistent shapes and sizes.

  • I would love to see BPA free heat safe plastic small and wide mouth funnels with built in strainers! This would make my double rickety set up obsolete for straining and bottlling gallon jars of brewed kombucha into the smaller bottles I then store in the fridge for the family.

  • Canning, for me, involves a lot of standing which is definitely a killer for my feet and back. I would love to invent or have something invented that was light, yet portable that you could throw down on the floor while standing over the sink, that would bring some relief. Love the collapsible funnels!

  • I would redesign my stovetop. The back sticks out just enough that the pots on the back burner sit too far forward. So it’s impossible to use the back and front burners at once unless they are both small which certainly doesn’t work on canning day.

  • I really need good long-handled measuring cups and spoons. The ones I have now are pretty good, but I’d like the handles to be just a bit longer to reach down in the container without having to really reach in or tip the container.

  • Hmm, I think I’m with the person who said colanders for draining. Although I have one that collapses that I think is genius!

  • after standing for hours at a time I would like to reinvent a floor mat that would keep my back from hurting and also easy to clean

  • These funnels look great! I have the same storage problem.

    I have bad luck with measuring devices. All the markings have worn off my glass measuring cups, and plastic ones just don’t last as long. I think it would be great to etch the markings into the side of the cups. Also, an indestructible tablespoon would be nice!

  • Such cool funnels! I love the idea of taking them along while bulk-shopping. They would certainly help in filling my jars. I would like to redesign my ladle so it would somehow actually scrape off the jam from the edges of the pot instead of leaving it there!

  • These funnels look great and would be a much needed space-saver! I really need something to help organize my cupboards.

  • Those funnels look awesome!! I am handicapped and have little strength in my hands. I know there are tons of devices for arthritic hands, I wish there were more such devices in the canning line —- jar lifters, colanders ( I have several but none of them have handles that are easy for me to handle) and the like.

  • Love that these are collapsible and easily stored!

    I would love to redesign the pressure cooker. Last night I burnt my fingers taking the lid off as I was heating it up and getting ready to put my jars in. It didn’t matter how I tilted the lid to release the steam, it still came back and got me! Thank goodness for good ole Aloe!

  • I’d love to invent a better wrack for my canning pan. I’m sure with a better design that huge pot could hold more than 8 pints.

  • I wish my food mill/strainer wouldn’t migrate when I use it. I’m not sure how I would change it, except maybe make a table that is thick enough and has indents for where the mill would sit. That would make me happy!

  • I would most certainly re-invent a skimmer for use on jams and jellies. I have yet to use one that is efficient and easy to use.

  • Oh, that one is easy! The China Cap… Big Mouth Funnels needs to address that monstrosity and its storage issues : )

  • these look great..I use my canning funnel for filling up my sugar perfectly and no sugar spilled all over the place from the bag. If I could redesign something I would make metal spoon and spatulas that don’t have the handle seperating from the spoon part all the time..most annoying thing when it breaks apart and I have to fish the spoon part out of hot liquid!

  • Those look so easy to store. The tool that I would redesign is the potato masher. I would design it to fit easily in standard cabinet drawer. It always gets caught on the top when I try to close.

  • I would love to see a redesign of bottle brushes. Longer handles, better bristles, sturdier sponge-tops. It would make washing jars a lot easier.

    Love these little funnels!

  • Stores flat for storage, extra wide opening for my extra large ladle, two sizes.
    Where have you been all my life!?

  • neat funnels! I wish someone would produce a slotted spoon set. Then we would have different sizes for different jars and foods. It would be great if they were Teflon also