Giveaway: Big Mouth Flat Pack Funnels

October 1, 2013(updated on October 3, 2018)

Big Mouth Funnels

In my years as a canner, I’ve tried nearly every available wide mouth funnel on the market. I own nearly a dozen different models made in materials ranging from plastic, to tempered glass, to stainless steel. One thing all these funnels have in common is that they’re bulky (much of my collection lives in a wicker basket in the living room, because there’s no room for them in the kitchen).

Big Mouth Funnels

Happily, Robin Bristow, a designer based in Australia, has recently developed a funnel designed to fit in kitchens with even the most limited cabinet space. Called the Big Mouth Funnel, this tool comes in two sizes and packs absolutely flat for easy storage.

Big Mouth Funnels

The small size is perfect for filling salt shakers, pepper mills, and spice jars, while the larger size can handle all manner of hefty jars. I’m planning on using one for trips to Whole Foods when I’m buying from the bulk section. I’ve often taken conventional wide mouth funnels with me to help dispense from bin to jar, but having a flat pack funnel in my kit will make the job even easier.

Big Mouth Funnels

I will say that I’m a little wary of using these funnels when filled up hot jars with jam or chutney just off the boil. They make no claims that they’re heatproof and so I plan to continue to use my traditional funnels for anything that is piping hot. Even setting them aside for those tasks, I can see them becoming invaluable over time.

Thanks to Robin and Big Mouth Funnels, I have ten pairs of flat pack funnels to give away! Here’s how to enter.

  1. Leave a comment on this post and share a kitchen or canning tool that you wish you could reinvent or redesign.
  2. Comments will close at 5 pm east coast time on Saturday, October 5, 2013. Winners will be chosen at random (using and will be posted on Sunday, October 6, 2013.
  3. Giveaway is open to US and Canadian residents.
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left on the blog, I cannot accept submissions via email.
Disclosure: Big Mouth Funnel sent me a set of their funnels to try and is also providing the ten for this giveaway. My opinions remain my own. 

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304 thoughts on "Giveaway: Big Mouth Flat Pack Funnels"

  • I would like the USDA to do testing on the steam canner. I’m sure it works fine, but since it’s not tested, people shun it for water bath canning. It seems pretty obvious to me that it’s safe- steam is hotter than boiling water, after all. They way the heat may not penetrate into every nook and cranny, but anyone that’s been in a steam room knows that is silly. But alas, there’s no official testing of it. I use mine for jellies and jams only.

    1. Hi, wondering how long the magnet tool lasts when it is repeatedly submerged in hot water.
      The flat funnels are worth a try.

  • I’d re-invent the drying rack. I mean, my growler bottles aren’t supported for drying on the rack at all. I know there’s special racks for drying just bottles, but with a whole square foot of counter space, I can’t give into losing precious real estate! The racks should do more and take up less room!
    *hops off soapbox*

  • My cupcake/cake carrier. It takes up a lot of space. And it is so big, it doesn’t fit in the sink good to wash either.

  • As someone who moves A LOT courtesy of Big Daddy Army and always has kitchens of various sizes (from closet to hugely awesome), these would be amazing. Not only will they pack easier, they don’t take up a lot of room, and would come in super handy for so many things!

  • The jar rack for water bath canners. Although I recently found one that will hold all size jars, there is still no way to ensure that jars don’t tip over. Every time that happens, the jar doesn’t seal properly, very annoying…

  • Oven/canning mits that can still work when they are wet. I can’t seem to keep mine dry and then the heat conducts right through them…

  • i think the rack holding jars in the canner needs a redesign! always tipping over…do i just have an outdated one? i swear i had to replace it a couple years ago…

  • A ladle that could flatten or store neater would be wonderful…I feel like mine is always so bulky in the jar I have all my cooking utensils in. It’s always getting in the way and catching on things when I go to take another utensil out.

  • I really think that someone needs to reinvent the pot. The biggest cabinet in my kitchen houses all of my pots and pans and it seems as though I cannot keep it in order. Every time I open the doors, pots come jumping out at me.

  • I’d like comfy, durable, heatproof and flexible gloves that could wear during the canning process, help tighten lids, put jars in water bath and more. Rhonda

  • The apple corer/slicer. Every one I’ve owned/used is either bulky and hard to wash or it dulls easily and is still hard to wash. They almost always are challenging to line up and so miss part of the apple core which then needs to be sliced off with a paring knife.

  • Jar lifter that really holds on to the jar. I have almost lost the jars so many times.

    Love the funnels. Great idea.

  • I would like a bottle brush that can clean jars & bottles better. The brush style doesn’t clean evenly & foam pompom styles break apart too easily.

  • I would love a kitchen fairy to clean up after me! She came once, years ago, and I haven’t been able to lure her back! These are so much cooler than the paper plate I keep rolling into a funnel for dry stuff!

  • I’d reinvent the can opener. I’ve tried all different types and brands and have never really found one that works well and is easy to turn (weak hands).

  • I would like a lightweight or lighter weight ceramic bowl that also had a pour spout and stacks easily The plastic ones don’t last long and the bigger Pyrex are weighty and don’t stack well.

  • I would like to make non-disposable can openers. No matter how much I spend on one, within a few months it’s all warped and stupid. A dependable can opener that doesn’t hurt my wrist. That’d be nice.

  • I’d love to see my canning rack redesigned. I don’t even use mine because the spaces are way too big, causing jars to tip over. These funnels look awesome!

  • I wish they’d reinvent the standard pot holder! I hate that there are 2. A friend made me one that was all in one (attached like mittens that go in a child’s coat sorta) and could hang on the oven door. I loved it so much and used it until it fell apart. haven’t seen one like that since!

  • I wish for a collapsible yet sturdy strainer for the times when I am making tomato sauce or grape jam. I have an old style funnel strainer but it takes up a lot of cupboard space for such a rarely used tool.

  • The jar lifter! The rubber started coming off mine from the first time I used it, and it doesn’t always hold on to the bottles! So irritating!

  • The magnet on the wand used to get lids out of hot water is never strong enough. I found a telescoping wand with a stronger magnet in a computer supply store that works much better than all the cheap ones in the canning supply areas.

  • Could someone please invent a stand mixer that packs away as flat as these funnels? 🙂 it is a personal favorite appliance but SO bulky and heavy!

  • OMG, these are amazing. I live in a small condo and storage for my canning supplies is very limited. These would be a wonderful replacement to my other funnels which are quite bulky. And the item I would like to reinvent is the wand that lifts up the lids from the hot water. The magnetic is very weak and small and difficult to pick up a lid much less hold onto it so I can place in on a jar.

  • Oxo makes a nice egg slicer with a screen to help clean out the bottom, but the the top and wires are still very difficult to clean. Needs a makeover. Also, anything that is single task needs to be reinvented into a flat stacking multi-tasker! Thank you.

  • A jar lifter that will easily grab that one jar that has fallen over in the boiling cauldron of water and steam.

  • I would re-invent my knife block so that it has some sort of child proofing on it to keep curious little fingers from pulling them out (it hasn’t happened and hopefully never will). I have a 2 yr that has figured out that she can push the chairs from the kitchen table to the counter to get stuff off, so I keep my knives tucked away until I use them but would love to have them on my counter top instead. As others have said I think the funnels are a wonderful idea.

  • kitchen timers never “last” for me – they stop working, get all messy, I use them constantly – expensive or cheap I have to keep replacing them.

  • How about a good thermometer! I have about 5 of them all for different things and reasons and I would love to have just one or even maybe two that can do everything!

  • I would like a great way to store rings for canning jars. I have quite a collection. I don’t spend time putting them on clean jars, because they have to be removed for sterilization. I read that plastic clamshells from produce would hold a nice amount and stack, but I don’t buy produce in those plastic things. Right now, I have taken wire hangers, untwisted them and threaded them on, retwisted. But when I need to grab one to put on a jar I’m giving away, that isn’t very convenient.

  • I, too, would reinvent the drying rack. It takes up too much space, but it needs to be bigger for all my dishes.

  • The rack for a water bath canner that maybe could be adjusted for the different jars you can get. I had purchased square ones and then had to find something for them to sit on in pot.

  • I’d improve tongs! The ones with springs take up way to much space when open and the ones without springs are shaped oddly.

  • Maybe nesting casserole dishes if the don’t already exist. Every time I open my cupboard a pyrex landslide seems certain!

  • Colanders. They’re bulky and hard to store; does anyone make a collapsible colander that can be used to drain boiling hot pasta ??

    1. yes- I got one at Home Hardware – it’s collapsible and thick silicone – I use it for hot stuff all the time!

  • I’d love a strainer that is easy to hand wash…. I feel like I’m always having to poke funk out of those tiny holes after I’ve already washed.

  • I wish pan and pot lids were easier to store. They don’t go anywhere! I don’t have any genius ideas for how to redesign them, though.

  • Cheese grater! The upright version is so difficult to clean and the same goes for the rotary style grater! Maybe I just need tips on how to clean them without shredding my sponge….

  • I grew up watching my mother can, and I do just what she did to protect my hot, canned goodies…I put a couple of towels over the jars just to make sure there is no cool draft to cause bursting. I would love to have a thermal-type canning blanket or holder just for this purpose. I haven’t found anything yet to replace the towels.

  • These are such a great idea! I used to work for a company that sold fold-flat dinnerware… these are along the same lines but seem to have many, many uses.

    As for a kitchen item that could be improved, I would go with the food mill. It never seems to want to hook on to the bowl I want it to, or to stay hooked while I crank 🙁

  • I have a favorite set of Ontario Knifeworx kitchen knives with wooden handles. They’re old, well used, stay sharp & have been used for everything a paring knife or meat cleaver can’t handle. They can slice a ripe tomato as well as the best Ninja knife! The problem is cleaning. I wish there was some way to redesign the handle to clean it properly. I’ve scraped & toothbrushed & soaked in bleach but I just know that edge is still crawling with germs!!

  • Cool idea! Most of my ideas over the years have been actually done by someone, but it would be cool if you could nest canning jars to store them.

  • i have bulky kitchen tools/items hanging off of peg boards attached to the kitchen walls. love the idea of these collasipable funnels

    1. I tied a large split ring (ordinary key ring) on mine, and just slip it on or off as I need it open or closed to store.

  • A reasonably priced food mill that doesn’t break on me in the middle of processing 160 lbs of tomatoes! Love the design of the flat funnels. Especially great for those of us with tiny apartment kitchens.

    1. Oops i’m new to canning so i’m not really sure which item i’d like to reinvent yet…. give me time lol!

  • Completely new to canning, and having a lady teach me soon. These would be great to have her help me with. ( and make me look like I know at least a little SOMETHING about canning hahaha Love all your ideas! Thank you for sharing.

  • I love my wooden spoons, but I wish there was a plastic analogue that didn’t get so warm and melty. Wood is hard to get clean (germ-free)!

  • These are SSSSOOOO cool!! Very clever. Why did it take so long for a genius to figure this out!?? I would have to say that canning jars would be nice to nestle in to each other. Storing them takes up a lot of space.

  • Shorter, wider canning jars without any embossing or lettering of any kind on them that are STACKABLE after canning.

  • The insert in a canner. It would be AWESOME if that baby was adjustable so that you could fit different jars into one canner – not at the same time as each jar requires different lengths of time – instead of needing different sized canners for pints versus quart jars!

  • I would redesign the jar grabber. The plastic edge bars melted off after my first canning session. It still works but I think it could be better.

  • I’d really like a better canning rack, one that I can use for quarts, pints and half pints. The two that I have work, but not very well.

  • A somewhere-in-between sized jar that’s not too big and not too small for gifting jams and jellies…it’d be great if it was pretty to boot! So hard to find just the right size for all those family members and friends.

  • These funnels look great. How fantastic to be able to store them flat. I wish empty jars were easier to store…too bad they can nest or stack more neatly.

  • I agree — these look fabulous! I love anything that folds flat. I have some Tupperware containers and two different sized colanders that fold relatively flat.

    I would also re-invent the jar grabber, although I’m not sure how. I always feel like the jar is going to slip out of it 🙁

    Love your website!

  • I’d like to redesign some pots and pans that will actually stack together and stop taking up so much room! These funnels sounds like a great idea.

  • I’d redesign the spice rack. I have yet to come up a good way to store spices so they don’t take up so much space and are still organized. Love the flat funnels! What a clever way to store an odd-shaped tool.

  • I would redesign the magnetic lid lifters. My mother uses them and they are never very effective. This fellow who invented the flat funnel is a genius!!