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Bee's Wrap

I work hard to make my food storage is as waste-free as possible (though I am very far from perfect). I take reusable mesh bags to the farmers’ market and grocery store for produce. I often tote glass jars to the bulk section when I need to restock my dry goods. Our leftovers go in wide-mouth jars and Pyrex containers with snap-on plastic lids. The one thing I’ve really struggled with is finding a good way to keep things things that need close wrapping.

unfolded wraps

I wash and rewash plastic bags, but they don’t last forever. I sometimes succumb to the lure of plastic wrap, but I hate the idea of swaddling food in a single use cling. Happily, I’ve discovered a new-to-me product that has solved most of my food covering woes.

Called Bee’s Wrap, these food-safe wrappers are made from sheets of organic cotton fabric that are imbued with beeswax, jojoba oil and tree resin. You wrap them around food, bowls or plates and use the heat of your hands to mold the fabric into place. So far, I’ve used them on hunks of cheese, cucumbers, and to cover bowls with rising bread dough. I adore them.

Bee's Wrap on cheese

I first learned about the Bee’s Wrap when I got an email from Sarah, the woman who makes them. I asked her to tell me a little about her product and how she started making them. Here’s what she said.

I love to make things and my husband and I love food! I grow and preserve almost all of the vegetables for our family of five, make our bread and my husband raises pigs, chickens and lambs for food. We have dappled in a lot of projects from making beer, cider, yogurt, milking goats, and lots of sewing.

As my children are growing out of babyhood I was finding a need and desire to enter the workforce, but wanted to be close to home and work for myself. Within an ongoing exchange of ideas, my cousins suggested that I make wax infused cloth to use in the kitchen. It was such a lovely idea and after some time I started experimenting and researching it.

The practicality, common sense, and environmental benefits was so amazing I felt I could turn it into a business that would help to support us, as well as provide a great product. I also just love working with beeswax and fabric.

folded Bee's Wrap

I find that these wrappers are quite easy to care for. They clean off with a quick wipe of gentle dish soap and a rinse in lukewarm water (you want to avoid the hottest water your tap can produce, in order to prevent the wax from melting off the fabric).

I’ve found that these wraps can do nearly everything that plastic bags and Saran wrap can do. The only exceptions are covering dishes in the microwave and helping prevent dough from sticking while rolling out. Sarah does recommend that you avoid using them on meat, poultry and fish, to help prevent any cross-contamination or funky smells from developing.

They last a good long time, and when they eventually wear out, they can be composted. You can’t say that about the more conventional plastic bags and wraps!

wrapped food

Thanks to Sarah, I have a set of three (small, medium and large) Bee’s Wraps for giveaway today. Here’s how to enter.

  1. Leave a comment on this post and share your favorite trick for leftover storage.
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm on Friday, February 22, 2013. Winners will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog over the weekend.
  3. Giveaway open US residents only.
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left via the comment form on the blog at the bottom of this post.
Disclosure: Bee’s Wrap gave me a set of two wraps for review and photography purposes and has provided a set of three wraps for this giveaway. They did not pay for inclusion on the blog and my opinions remain entirely my own. 

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811 responses to “Giveaway: Bee’s Wrap”

  1. Great idea! There are so many ways I would use bee wraps. I love avocados but an entire avo is a little much for me at times…I would use a bee wrap to cover the other half until later…:-)

  2. What a creative use of materials to create something we all can use! I’d be ecstatic to give these a try for our family of six (who is always, of course, trying to cut costs!). Thank you so much for the information on the Bee’s Wraps, and the giveaway! 🙂

  3. Wow, these look awesome! My favorite leftover trick is putting leftover soup into widemouth pint jars. It’s the perfect amount for me and my toddler to eat for lunch (with some bread and fruit/veggies on the side), and the soup will just slide out of the jar into a saucepan after a few minutes sitting in hot water!

  4. if I have leftovers and they are freezable they go in the freezer, if not I use jars, sometimes I try to do my best to suck the air out of bags using a straw to get it more “air” tight. never works for me though. 😉 Thanks for the giveaway.

  5. Hi! I read your lovely words all the way out here on the island of Oahu.

    Just today I made a special trip out to the local co-op to try and see if they had any organic meyer lemons left (they are local out here, yay!) so I could try my hand at a few of your recipe suggestions..

    Anyhow! I am VERY intrigued by this beeswax wrap. I spend a lot of time cleaning, organizing, and bringing old plastic bags with me to the bulk section when I go shopping. I am also a collector of used jars and containers because they come in so handy for storing baked cookies and cookie dough, rising doughs, and all kinds of other cooking and baking odds and ends.

    But I must admit that I too suffer from the cling-wrap need, especially when its a pie with one slice removed or a loaf of sweet bread. I have tried (and mostly failed) at saving and washing the cling wrap, but her product sounds FANTASTIC. Reusable, compostable, and supporting a small business. Thanks for pointing her out, and thanks for the great writing as usual.


  6. Oh this is such an amazing product! I dispose plastic wrap. We use pint and quart mason jars in addition to glass Pyrex containers with lids. I’m buying some if these for sure!!

  7. I don’t really have any neat thing that I do, mostly jars and plastic containers. I do often just pack stuff up ready for individual portions for lunch, and either get it ready to grab in the morning or freeze it to use up later.

  8. (Sorry, part of my comment didn’t post)

    Currently, we do our best to store foods in the packaging it came in or use the jars, containers, etc. that we’ve been using a long while.

    What a creative use of materials to create something we all can use! I’d be ecstatic to give these a try for our family of six (who is always, of course, trying to cut costs!). Thank you so much for the information on the Bee’s Wraps, and the giveaway! 🙂

  9. I like storing in old glass jars (old Folger’s jars I believe to be exact). They remind me of my childhood and remembering my grandmother use the same jars. 🙂

  10. I have been longing for a few Bee’s Wraps since I first saw them recently! As for storage, I don’t know if it’s my favorite per se, but I do enjoy putting leftovers in the best-size glass container for the amount (and yes, as we eat the leftovers, I’ve been known to put what’s left into a smaller container). Somehow, it makes the food seem fresher and more appealing! 🙂

  11. wow! My family was just discussing this sort of thing the other day- “what is an alternative to plastic coated butcher paper?” And here it is! I’d use it to wrap fish in the freezer.

    My fave “trick” for food storage is actually keeping our compost scraps in the freezer, so they don’t smell or attract flies. I also an proud of the fact that we the feed all of it to our chickens, and we have almost no true waste from the kitchen!

  12. These look great!! I’d love to win a set! My favorite way to store left over soups or anything liquid, like stock, is in pint and a half sized mason jars. Fill to the freeze line, but not higher and freeze. When I want to eat the contents, I put the jar in some warm water to melt the outer bit of liquid. When it’s defrosted enough I slide the contents into a sauce pan and heat it up. Because the pint and a half jars have straight sides, the frozen log just slips right out once you get some air behind it. 🙂

  13. I was just considering the problem of storing bulk foods this morning. I have access to a lot of recycled jars of various kinds, thanks to the people I live with. But I have trouble finding the appropriate size storage for a single person’s needs.

    I am very intrigued by this product, and am sharing your post with my friends.

  14. I do a lot of crafty folding and tucking. A family I used to work for had a handy trick: cover a soup bowl with a small plate! As long as you are careful, it is a fantastic option, especially since you use what you already have.

  15. Oh wow, I can’t wait to use these. I hate plastic! These will be great on the big chunks of cheese I like to purchase!

  16. What a great giveaway! I can’t stand to throw things out either, so my cupboards are a giant mish-mash of jars, containers and other bowls (mostly plastic =()…I’d love to try this out!

  17. Wow these are brilliant! I re use the plastic ziplock bags, use mason jars and glass Pyrex as much as will fit. I also reuse plastic containers from takeout, butter, sour cream, etc until they break and then recycle them!

  18. I use a lot of Mason jars for leftovers, sending lunches for my husband and children and even my coffee. My second go to is wax paper.

  19. These are so cool! I mostly put leftovers in mason jars, or plastic containers, although I have been buying a selection of pyrex containers to replace some of the plastic ones. I would love to try this product!

  20. New to learning about sustainability, but am exploring everything I can. I have been reading about the disappearing of the bee populations, and feel that if we can increase their use to the general public, there might be more effort into preserving and expanding current populations. Wax cloths can go a long way toward helping. I would love to help spread the word.

  21. Wow- greatest thing I’ve come across by far! As for me, the brightest idea I’ve come up with is DIY cloth storage bags, some with Velcro, some with zippers, and repurposing any glass storage container I can (molasses jars, lavender sugar jars, etc) I just emptied the last of the mayo into an little (previously emptied and cleaned/sanitized) pimento jar this afternoon 🙂 but the beeswax cotton—-this stuff takes the cake!

  22. I like to use my largest (8C) pyrex liquid measure, and then put a salad plate on top. Works pretty well for soup, chili, leftover salad, etc.

  23. I love storing in glass — either Mason or recycled jars. Although, I’m definitely going to have to try out these wraps! Very cool!

  24. Wonderful idea. I’m trying to change some of my wasteful and ,possibly, harmful kitchen habits, such as using cling wrap and this sounds like a useful alternative. Otherwise, I keep leftovers in plastic bags, plastic containers and, lately, mason jars.

  25. It’s not really a leftover trick, and its not particularly sustainable- but I frequently use my vacuum sealer from foodsaver. It lets me buy in bulk and freeze in portions; I may of save as much as I’d like on plastic, but it cuts down on the styrofoam packaging that meats on in, and saves me a LOT on lost food, in both the fridge and freezer. These look fantastic, an I’ll definitely be looking for some in the near future. Thanks!

  26. These sound like a great idea. I was raised to reuse things as much as possible. It’s nice to hear about a family that is living like they are. Gives me hope for the human race.

  27. I have a lot of spices in various size bottles, several from the same company. Having several 3×7 (?) loaf pans I know longer use, I placed the bottles in categories (sweet baking, savory cooking) in each pan and was able to stack them in the cabinet. It’s a lot easier to pull out a pan and look for what I need and makes for more efficient storage.

  28. The only trick i use for leftovers is portioning them right away into school lunches so that they aren’t forgotten. I also store in Pyrex and canning jars.

  29. I love these beeswax cloths…what a fantastic idea! I have been slowly purging all plastics from my home. I love using any glass containers that I can find that have lids. My leftover tip comes from my Grandma Brown. She taught me to save all small scraps of leftover vegies, potatoes and meats in a glass jar or two, for the week. Then every Friday she made “boarding house hash” using all of the leftovers put into a baking dish and baked until warmed through. If you have any cheese it can be sprinkled on top…yum!

  30. no super-neat tricks here… mostly keeping things in jars and reusing jars/containers that things came in, whenever possible. i do keep trying to get myself to freeze things in cubes and then dump said cubes into containers in the freezer; so far the best i’ve done, though, is left over bits of lemon juice, and a container of frozen lemon zest.

  31. Have to say, as many others have, mason jars!
    I do also love the concept of these, being a beekeeper, and as a Cheesemonger they seem like a perfect wrap for the sometimes challenging to wrap (and keep happy in wrap) cheeses.

  32. I would love to try this product. I wish I had something like this to use as my “trick” only consists of re-using and washing out the plastic bags for as long as I can. I need something like the Bee’s Wrap.

  33. I like to make or buy large quantities and then freeze them into smaller portions using silicone ice cube trays or silicone cupcake liners. Then I have meal sized portions of handy things like tomato paste, pesto, flavored (simple) syrups, stock, etc..
    Otherwise I use mason jars, reused jars, pyrex, and repup0sed take out containers for leftover storage.
    These look great!

  34. As a new beekeeper, this product is exciting to me. Everyday I learn new uses for products that come from the hive. Bees are amazing creatures. I love to find products that can be used again and again. A goal of mine is to reduce the amount that goes out in our garbage bin every week, and to be able to use all of the food that comes into the house:)

  35. This wrap sounds so useful. I would love to try it. My mom always washed out glass jars to reuse. I’m continuing her habit of using cleaned old glass jars, Mason jars and I love the Pyrex glass containers for leftovers. The European Frigovere square glass containers are perfect for storage in tight spaces.

  36. I have re-usable bags for produce, sandwiches and lunches. I use snapware for leftover storage since they are for the most part water tight and made in the USA!

  37. I like to use cheesecloth to cover things sometimes and reuse by washing by hand in the sink. It’s drawback is that it cannot come into contact with moisture. I would love to try these out! Thanks for the contest.

  38. I have been wanting to get some of these and would love to win some!!

    Am weeding out all the plastics in the house and these would help a lot!! Thanks for the chance to win some!!

  39. I completely need these. I’m awfully at storing things. I wish I had glass storage, but I just don’t have the money for em, so things succumb to plastic baggies, which inevitably are leaving some sort of plastic residue and sometimes even taste on my food. Ick. HALP!

  40. Oh thank you for highlighting this product! I have been looking for something like this. My “trick” is probably already known to many, but here goes: whenever I cook a meal, I make enough extra for leftovers for lunches, especially for my Significant Other who is a full time student right now. So, I will make a big batch of soup, for instance, and then divide it out into aliquots – usually into wide mouth pint jars – that he can grab in the morning as he is leaving for school. It’s so easy and I feel good knowing that he is eating well and we are not using plastic-ware for his food.

  41. I love pyrex and glass jars for cold and dry storage.
    Reuse any plastic baggies that come my way until they have holes.
    Wax paper wrappings.
    This Bee’s wrap looks lovely!
    Thank you

  42. I’ve been covering things in the fridge with teatowels, but they don’t provide the kind of sealant it sounds like these will – great idea! If you’re building a mailing list, please add me, otherwise I’ll forget where I found you!

  43. I love this!
    What a great find.
    Can’t wait to try it myself.
    My favorite way to store leftovers is in all the vintage, covered, glass pyrex I find at garage and estate sales.
    Reusing instead of buying new and they are so much cooler than new anyway!
    Love from,

  44. I have a bunch of different sizes of canning jars at the ready. Then there is the “work” containers. Lock-n-lock for those. The silicon seals DONT leak. I love that. Yea, they are plastic, but I’ve been using them for years and it’s better than the zip lock bags that take a use or two and get tossed. I’d love to try the bees wraps

  45. These are so amazing! I would love to have them! I re-use jars of things I buy (pickles, peanut butter, etc.) and also Mason jars I buy from thrift stores. 🙂


    This looks like the best thing since sliced bread (in a cloth bag)!

    I still use plastic containers that came with yogurt or salsa or something like that, but as I can afford to, I’m slowly moving towards more glass. I almost never use plastic wrap, but still keep it on hand for that one thing that you end up needing it for. On my shelves, I use old pickle jars for storing dry goods, but those aren’t really “leftovers”.

  47. I find parchment paper very useful for sweet bread loaves with sugar topping. I wrap the loaf first in parchment, then in plastic. Seems to keep the sugar from melting. Of course, maybe that’s just me? Beeswax coverlets seem the way to go. Where were they when I needed them?

  48. My dad and I always used to find my mom’s habit of washing and re-using ziplock bags, plastic wrap and food jars to be kind of annoying.. but once I was on my own I realized how practical it is. Also use a lot of Pyrex for leftovers and lunches.

  49. I think the key is to minimize: I eat most of the food my wife and I prepare. Another trick is that I bring some sandwich bags with me wherever I go in case I don’t finish something I’m eating out and about.

  50. This is awesome! We’ve been struggling with a need for something like this for a while. We use a glasslock “Tupperware” and a lot of mason jars but there are some things you just need plastic wrap or bags for! And how lovely to directly support a family with goals and priorities like ours (grow your own food! Work from home!!). I’ll be buying some soon but I’d love to win a starter set!

  51. I don’t have any tricks for storage yet. These Bee’s Wraps would be a good place to start! I have to get rid of all the plastic in my kitchen. It’s been implicated as a source of my migraines. So I’m trying to gather glass and ceramic containers.

    Thank you for the chance to try these out!

  52. I use the foodsaver to vaccuum seal leftovers in bags that I wash and reuse as many times as I can and I also vaccuum seal dry things in mason jars. These cloths sound amazing and I would love to give them a try.

  53. I’d be really excited to try these for wrapping cheese – especially my parmesan. I’m never very happy with wrapping my expensive parmesan in plastic wrap.

  54. I would love these I am always trying to find ways to store leftovers. I usually end up putting them in a container to avoid plastic wrap but that takes up a lot of room

  55. Like many others, I store nearly everything in wide mouth jars. But I would love to try these especially for cheese! Thanks for the chance to win.

  56. Sounds like a great idea. I still have too much plastic in the house. These wraps sound wonderful and it would be great to help a new budding business.

  57. This is so very cool….. My trick is using all those yogurt containers over and over again as well as reusing plastic bags. You can never tell what is really in the fridge because it all looks like yogurt!

  58. one trick i do have is freezing soup in the smaller glass jars.
    easy to grab for work.
    just dont try it on the larger jars. they break.:}

  59. I put any leftover veggies in a large plastic container I keep in the freezer. Once it is full, I chuck it in the crock pot, voila! Veggie soup!

  60. I wipe off & re-use aluminum foil along with plastic bags & various containers. No cling wrap in this house – mainly because I hate using it. Sandwiches & lunch snacks get packed in snack taxis (another work-from home mom’s product). But the bee wraps look like a great addition to any kitchen!

  61. these look great! I guess I need some food storage ‘tricks’, but I do use canning jars and my vac sealer for leftover storage.

  62. This is amazing and I need it. I loathe wrapping things in creepy chemicals after spending all that money on organic food. I have a lot of glass jars and glass containers but this is perfect for cheese and the odds and ends I am AMAZED.

  63. I’ve been trying to rid my house of plastic for years, which became an even higher goal since reading an article in Sunset Magazine about a zero waste house. I loathe using plastic…that dinner will still be around a thousand years from now, thanks to ziploc and saran wrap. So I store in glass, use cloth, wash baggies. I would LOVE to try these. Do you know if they can be used to freeze things?

  64. It’s like you were at dinner with me Sunday night when we were talking about the guilt we felt because we had covered the dishes we’d brought with plastic wrap!

    We switched from plastic containers to glass about a year ago, but there are times (like when we go to dinner with friends) where the bowl I want to take doesn’t have a top, and I resort to something else.

  65. I use what I have depending on what I want to store–reusable produce bags, reusable storage bags, foil, plastic containers and bags that get washed/reused until they leak. I’d love to try Bee’s Wrap–especially for cheese!

  66. I recently ditched all the plastic containers in favor of pyrex and mason jars. My complaint with pyrex is that they leak, and so I still use plastic wrap (nothing worse than trying to clean bacon grease or fish sauce out of your backpack). These look great – what an fantastic idea!!

  67. Mostly I rely on Pyrex for leftover storage. Plastic baggies, unfortunately, also come into play quite a bit–I’d love to replace them with something like this.

  68. I reuse bread wrappers for double wrapping bread to freeze,and save almost any container I get. Why throw out a nice plastic container with a cover, if I can use it to store something else in? I re-wash them and they last a very long time….that is unless the husband puts it in the dishwasher and melts it. 😉

  69. What a fantastic idea. I do miss cling film sometimes. (P.S. Not entering the giveaway since I’m not in the US, just wanted to comment on what a fabulous product they look like. 🙂 )

  70. I’m fond of employing saucers in my food storage. For a sliced tomato, this means putting it face down on the saucer and refrigerator. For food in bowls, it means putting the saucer (or larger dish) upside down on the bowl and placing in fridge.

  71. These sound wonderful! I’d like to try them to wrap my soaps! Pyrex has been my choice for leftovers. I much prefer glass to plastic!

  72. At Christmas time, my family exchanges gifts. The same tins and plastic containers have been going around the family for years now. I take reusable bags to the supermarket and even to the clothing stores. I keep one plastic bag to use many times over for the meats before recycling it. My town recycles plastic.
    I would love to have these; so many ways to use them.

  73. I use various tricks–Tupperware and Corelle bowls with a plate as a lid. Did you know those are made in “units” and that works?

  74. I don’t have a favorite leftover-keeping technique, I’m sorry to say, because I find them all so wasteful. I love my glass-with-plastic-lid Pyrexes, though. I’ve lost a few at work but never had to throw one away because it wore out like the reusable plastic containers can. I love love love the idea of compostable wrappers.

  75. I love to freeze soups and sauces in mason jars, making sure to leave enough head room of course, so they don’t explode. I also love wrapping leftover cookie dough in wax paper (or bee’s wrap!?) and sticking it in the freezer for easy cookie-making later on.

  76. I also use the plate over a bowl method, but also the opposite, a bowl over a plate. I watch second hand stores for glass bowls with glass lids for storage.

  77. Really great idea!
    I reuse any container I can. Including those Chinese take out containers and I use mason jars for a lot of my storage.

  78. This looks awesome! We wash our plastic bags and reuse ’til we can’t, but I’d love to get away from plastic. Mason jars are our friends, as well.

  79. I’ve been struggling with this myself! The best thing I’ve come up with is to ditch the overflowing drawer of plastic and slowly collect Pyrex refrigerator dishes with lids. Practical and they make my fridge look adorable!

  80. These days, most leftovers go into glass jars of varying sizes, but keeping cheese fresh & not dried out is one thing that I haven’t been able to do without plastic.

  81. Whenever I don’t use an entire container of tomato paste, I make one tablespoon plops onto a cookie sheet, freeze until solid, then wrap individually to use one at a time when needed for soups or other items that don’t need a full can of paste. The bee’s wrap sounds amazing. What a great idea!

  82. My favorite storage at home is a set of Sterilite containers with snap down lids my mom has. In the dorm, I use plastic Mardi Gras cups with lids. At the hunting camp, I use old cottage cheese and yogurt containers. I don’t know why we don’t just standardize from one place to the other…ah well.

  83. We aren’t very clever around here. :/ But we do use the Ball freezer jars with lids and regular glass jars to store in. They seem to work ok, but these are very cool! Thank you.

  84. I try hard to put leftovers in see-through containers, because if my husband can’t immediately see it, it doesn’t exist, even if I *label* it! [Sigh.] I also freeze any leftovers from stuff I make, because he only recognizes leftovers from dishes he’s made. (He’s a great cook, and does most of the cooking, so I can’t complain, though!)

  85. My favorite trick is to have a massive quantity of tupperware on hand so that there is always a size that will fit.

  86. I use Pyrex dishes mostly and the occasional piece of cling wrap or foil. I’m happy that I have had my same rolls of both for over a year now… so I know I’m using them very sparingly! The beeswrap sounds wonderful…

  87. My “trick” for leftovers is that they become my husband’s lunch the next day. It’s the best solution for us. We use our leftovers, and my husband doesn’t have to buy lunch (or I don’t have to make sandwiches).

    These covers look awesome!

  88. We, also, used the covered Pyrex bowls to store our leftovers and then take them to work then next day for lunch. Thanks for the giveaway..

  89. My roommate came home with a stack of snappable plastic containers, so we use those and all sorts of jars. But my cheese storage is still an unsolved problem.

  90. I use Pyrex like you as well as reusing plastic bags. How great to have a solution for plastic wrap – I always feel guilty using it too!

  91. I just can’t do the washing out of plastic bags, so I’ve tried hard to remove ziploc bags from ordinary rotation. Generally I find wax paper, wax paper bags and aluminum foil can do a lot. We have a GIANT, seriously giant, pile of old deli containers that our favorite dairy uses for yogurt, ricotta, mozzarella, et cetera, and they can’t re-use…so we do. It doesn’t work well with my desire to reduce plastic use.

  92. I do many of the same things – Pyrex, jars, yogurt containers, plastic bags get reused, including the ones that grocery store products come in (like bread). I also like the green plastic bags that let produce “breathe” – use them many, many times before discarding, and they help fresh things stay fresh longer.

  93. thanks for reviewing these- I was wondering how they’ve worked out. I can make a roll of plastic wrap last for years. I hate the single-use stuff!
    now that my dog is quiet elderly, she eats most of our leftovers as she’s rejected her dogfood. I save anything veggie for my lunches in the flip-top le parfait jars, or in a small bowl covered with a saucer.

  94. So many good ideas here- i often make things more complicated than they need to be…but I do use mostly mason jars in my tiny fridge. I’ve been coveting these since I saw them on another blog recently…soulemama or smallmeasure…?

  95. This is such an amazing idea. I often use wax paper for cheese but I know that it is coated in something yucky. Mostly we use jars around here and old pyrex refrigerator containers. I’d love to have something to tightly wrap cheese and bread dough.

  96. I’ve used quart and half gallon size mason jars for storing dry products (rice, pasta, nuts, brown sugar, dried cranberries, etc.) for years. Love the way they look all lined up in the cupboard. Our dinner leftovers go into microwave safe containers and the next day or so they’re eaten at lunchtime. We too wash our plastic ziplock bags which are used over and over until they are torn.

  97. I reuse containers as much as possible with large Jif containers being my favorite all purpose storage (we go through at least one large jar of peanut butter every week!). Great for dried beans, leftover soup, and even the boys’ craft supplies!

  98. I use Pyrex with snap lids or ball jars of all sizes, but there are always those weird extra things that won’t fit in anything and this waxed cloth would be perfect!!

  99. I like using divided containers for leftovers. They are really handy for tomorrow’s lunch. I now have some better ideas after reading the above comments, though. These wraps look awesome, I would love to try them.

  100. We have always re-used plastic and glass containers for leftovers storage. I never understood why anyone would spend money on plastic tupperwares! Recently, though, after learning about the problems with plastic, we have started to use more glass, and I actually bought some new glass pyrex storage containers. A word to the wise: Never ever ever heat up food in plastic containers! Doing so will leach toxic chemicals into your food.

  101. I store my leftovers in mason jars so I can tell what is in them. Any leftover onion also goes in the jars. This works really well for me.

  102. I recycle any plastic containers with lids – yogurt, cottage cheese, sour cream – for leftovers. They are usually just the right size for someone to take in their lunch the next day. Now, about this beeswax stuff…I’m intrigued! It certainly could help reduce my ziploc use!

  103. I mostly use jars and pyrex containers to save my food. A while back I made cute reusable sandwich bags they work well for snacks but these look AWESOME!

  104. I use glass jars to store everything. My favorite is using wine bottles for my olive oil! I would really like to try bee’s wrap.

  105. Instead of throwing away the containers things come in (butter, sour cream, etc.) I wash and reuse them. I don’t microwave in them, but they work for freezing single portions or large quantities. They’re also good for storing bulk spices like salt. Glass containers also get washed and reused. I can’t afford to buy all kinds of pyrex, especially when I get all these containers for “free.”

  106. What a great product! We use tons of the rectangular Pyrex containers but every now and then the plastic wrap still comes out… so these would be a nice addition to our lineup.

  107. We typically use Mason Jars and pyrex with lids for our storage needs, what a great solution for other sizes/shapes of food. I love the Bee’s wrap idea… good luck on your new business, I will make a post on fb for you.

  108. I NEED these….I too am so frustrated at times with food storage & these look great…
    I re-use my mason jars for most left overs but at times give in to the plastic wrap & always feel so guilty doing it….

  109. I have these shower-cap looking plastic covers of miscellaneous sizes that work great for just about everything I put in the fridge! They just fit right over bowls and container that don’t have lids. And I wash and reuse them!

  110. I have graduated to all glass containers with lids…I believe they are Pyrex. I also like the reusable elastic covers that look like shower caps! They work well.

  111. Lots of Pyrex with lids. We have pared down our storage container collection so everything has a lid and it is easy to tell which lid goes with which container. I am so glad to have eliminated searching for matching tupperware from my life.

  112. I use glass containers but have been looking for a way to store cheese without using plastic wrap or plastic bags. These sound perfect!

  113. These look fantastic and win or not, I might buy a set to try out at my house. We’re almost completely reusable in the food storage department, but have the same issues you do (though I try to use aluminum foil if I have to use something, because I can reuse it once or twice if I’m careful and then recycle it). Mostly though, mason jars and cleaned out glass jars with screw tops from other foods I do have to buy are great for keeping left overs or dry goods.

  114. I just recently eliminated plastic storage bags and have been relying on cloth ReUsies alongside glass jars and storage containers. I have been hesitant to give up my plastic wrap because there are some instances where it’s necessary without an alternative. The cloth bags are excellent, but do not provide the tight seal that plastic does and this bee’s wax paper looks like it might do the trick!

  115. Most of the same tricks as above, but I end up consuming too many plastic bags, particularly in the freezer, since I freeze a lot of local produce; I do reuse the bags that had non-meat items, and try to use only repeatedly ‘pre-used’ bags for meats since those I throw out after use.

  116. Ball’s giant-sized quart glass jars. Even though they’re a little too “hipster mom”, they keep the bugs out of rice and flour and can be used for a myriad of projects, (making preserved lemons with a few right now).

  117. How cool! We use lots of glass containers to cut down on waste, but this would be great for times when you just need to wrap something up.

  118. Lots of pyrex containers! We like them so much better than plasticware at this point. Also, reusing food jars (peanut butter, tahini, etc.) is very handy.

  119. How interesting! I was so happy to ditch the plastic containers when I discovered the little glass Pyrex lidded bowls AND realized I could use my smaller canning jars for food storage. However, there are still a few times that I reach for the plastic wrap… like to cover egg or potato salad, which I like to cover with something flexible that can be pushed down onto the surface of the food to keep it from drying out. Would love to try these sheets!

  120. I have never heard of these, thanks for all the info on them. I would really love to win these. I have collected allot of vintage enamalware and glass with lids from our resale shops nearby-and use those for most of my leftovers. for wrapping I use wax paper

  121. These are awesome!!! We use a lot of glass containers and canning jars for storing leftovers, but they don’t work for everything.

  122. I keep bits of hard cheese like parmiggiano and aged goudas in a wide mouth pint jar with just one little nail hole punched in the lid. The hole is small enough so the cheese doesn’t dry out too quickly and the cheese can breathe! Cheese likes cheese paper but it’s not reuseable and sometimes hard to find and expensive…

  123. What are leftovers?

    I can only convince my husband that a ball jar is good for so much. We use the heck out of our plastic takeaway containers until they are unsalvageable. Then they hit the recycle bucket.

  124. These are fantastic, I’d love to give them at try!
    I’ve just recently started storing liquid leftovers in canning jars — why it took me so long to realize this is the BEST way to transport and store soup, I’ll never understand….

  125. What a wonderful idea!!! I try to reuse every container I buy for food. Everything from yogurt to cheese containers. When buying the initial item I chooses one where the packaging can be reused over single tear and trash packaging. .

  126. We don’t have many leftovers at our house. My boyfriend works construction 6 days a week 10 hours a day. I pack a lunch every day that includes a mid morning snack and a lunch. This is where our leftovers go. 🙂 However, I would love to have the wrap to use in food preparation. Thanks for the giveaway!

  127. Would love to win these! My favorite ‘green’ storage tip is to reuse takeout containers for freezer storage! I store leftovers, yeast, nuts, summer fruits, and anything else in them. 🙂

  128. We just recently got rid of almost all our disposable plastic containers in favor of Pyrex glass storage containers. While the lids are still plastic, the containers are easy to store, microwavable, and last as long as you can avoid breaking them. An added bonus is that since they are clear, we can see everything with ease, rather than trying to peer into filmy plastic.

  129. I love this! I don’t use plastic wrap. Instead I have a number of Pyrex containers with lids in various sizes. The Pyrex covers most of my needs, but I do have to use ziploc bags with my cheese and even though I reuse them I hate contributing plastic trash to the landfill. This seems like a great alternative to that!

  130. These look simply amazing. Amazing! I’m so glad brainstormers come up with these simple and effective ideas. Save the planet!

  131. I’d love to try these. I try to store all of my food or leftovers in glass, but sometimes there is a need for a tight wrap and these look perfect. 🙂

  132. My cousin introduced me to these amazing wraps. So smart I love the idea of not having to use saran wrap for everything. They mold (I mean shape, not the green fuzzy type) to the bowl or product you are wrapping so easily. Love them.. and would love to have my own

  133. I got rid of plastic a while ago. I try to use the pyrex containers as much as possible, yet they still have a plastic lid. Those wraps are an awesome idea, they would be wonderful for the occasional plastic wrap.

  134. I love these! I’ve struggled to with not using plastic wrap. One of my favorite things to do is put the food in a cereal sized bowl and then cover it with a small plate. Thank you for the great giveaway!

  135. I reuse glass jars (pickle jars, etc) for dry storage. Leftovers that go in the fridge go into Tupperware containers – some of which are from the 70s, so I know they last.

  136. These are awesome! I also use glass and other reusable containers, but struggle with cheese in particular. I will buy some if I don’t win!

  137. I use my mason jars as much as I can, and plastic containers when I can’t. I admit that I also resort to plastic wrap sometimes, but I wish I didn’t have to. My sister uses these reusable plastic shower-cap-like things that you can put over bowls to cover them instead of single-use plastic, but I haven’t yet found anything like that where I live.

  138. Well, I am often annoying my roomie by using plastic bags to cover food (he thinks it’s gross)–I am not sure how much more he would like this option, but I think this Bee’s Wrap is so rad! I totally want to try it!

  139. I have those snap-lock glass containers for storing leftovers for lunch. When freezing, I try to use mason jars – I recently IQF-ed some carrot chunks and stashed them in jars.

  140. glass jars all the way… truthfully we have a problem and just can’t stop collecting jars. we finally had to break down and build more jar storage space… and of course, start collecting again.

  141. I always use glass storage containers. I’ve found some vintage Pyrex refrigerator storage containers at resale shops and garage sales that I enjoy using.

  142. You know, honestly I’ve had a hard time with food storage recently. So many crazy little plastic tubs from old sour cream, and mismatched tupperware. These are fantastic and I love love the way they look. Thank you for the giveaway (and for bringing them to our attention!).

  143. I absolutely adore my Pyrex containers (like yours, I think). I’m still trying to find a good freezing option, other than resealable plastic bags.

  144. unless the leftovers are packaged into meal ready containers ready to grab out of the fridge for the work lunch the next day, they seem to never get eaten…..

  145. Hi Marisa! Thank you and Sarah for this generous giveaway! I use glass and some plastic still, for food storage. I think these wraps would be a good alternative to using plastic wrap. Thanks for sharing! Blessings from Bama!

  146. I use bpa-free snapware which doubles as storage and travel containers for lunch, and mason jars for liquids/soups. I use ziplock bags for cheeses once they’ve been opened, though, and this looks like a great alternative!

  147. I put everything in canning jars. Even breakfast in the morning. Oats and fruit in a jar, get to work and add boiling water. The reusable lids are awesome! For breads, we put them in a bread bin. Love these cloths!

  148. What a great idea! I love to use my canning jars and have a cloth bread bag to keep bread fresh. I also buy small batch olive oils and vinegars from a local company that reuses the bottles.

  149. For freezing purposes I use the Ball freezer containers. For refrigeration purposes, i use various canning jars and on occasion zip-loc bags.

  150. OMG these look fabulous! What a great idea! I use mostly glass for anything that can be reheated. I do use some plastic containers for storing those things that are not going to be reheated. I don’t store long term in plastic. I never use plastic wrap anymore, but I haven’t gotten away from plastic freezer bags yet. These would be a great addition. Thanks for showing this.

  151. No tricks; I tossed out all of hubby’s plastic containers and replaced them with pyrex storage containers. Sometimes I’ll use the mason jars.

  152. I want these with a geeky food saving passion I can’t explain. Right now I’m using a product called Bowl-overs that slip over bowls/cups/jars/etc. and I like them a lot but they aren’t coated so they don’t retain moisture inside the bowl so sometimes things dry out. Beeswax coating is sure to keep that from happening. Thanks for the contest!

  153. These look great! Same as most, I love my Pyrex and canning jars for storing leftovers. Sometimes, if it’s something that will stay home, I’ll just put a plate over a bowl – learned that habit from my ex’s mother.

  154. I use ball jars for most of my food storage. I freeze soups, etc. in wide mouth ones.

    thank you for the opportunity to try a new product.

  155. I use Tupperware, glass jars, and leftover takeout containers for most storage, sometimes supplemented by plastic wrap. But depending on the meal (and who was around to eat it), I can sometimes pop leftovers directly into my tiffin for lunch the next day.

  156. I’m actually in the process of figuring out what would be best for storage. I want to get away from plastic, even BPA free, and have had little luck finding something locally that would work. This looks great, I will be looking into it as an option for my family!!!

  157. Everything old does indeed seem to be new again 🙂 Waxed and oiled cloth was used for centuries to wrap food before plastic was available–glad to see it as an option again!

  158. How lovely, and best of luck to Sarah! We use Mason jars and recycled glass jars for all of our food storage needs. I occasionally use plastic wrap, which I truly hate using for a number of reasons—but my 2013 New Year’s resolution was to remove all things plastic from my kitchen, so hopefully the plastic wrap will be gone soon!

  159. I use canning jars or reusable plastic containers, I have replaced cling film and ziplock bags with cellophane. Unlike cling film or ziplock bags it’s 100% biodegradable. The ones I buy are made in the US from Cottonwood trees grown and farmed for this purpose. It can be heat sealed and does come in the ziplock style. They are more expensive but for those few times a year I really need something disposable I find they e work great.

  160. I try to store leftovers in pyrex and jars as well! And if I used a pyrex to hold an ingredient of a meal (like it held the cheese that grated and used in the dish) and it is the right size to hold the leftovers I totally cheat and use the dish without washing it. We eat our leftovers up quickly and I adore anything that shortens dish time!

    And I would LOVE to try these!

  161. I love using mason jars for my leftovers but it would be nice to just throw one of these on the dish sometimes instead of moving leftovers to a new container.

  162. I use glasslock containers mostly, with occasional plastic wrap or plastic bags. These would be a great replacement for the plastic.

  163. Once a week we do ‘mish mash’ eggs: a fittata or egg casserole with all the leftover bits and bobs from the week thrown in: cooked and raw veggies, bits of cheese or bread, any last scraps of rice or other grains. As we go through the week, I pile all the future contributions in a few snap containers in the fridge. Yummy every week!

  164. I use a range of glass jars, plastic containers, and ziploc bags, so I’m very interested in this — Bee’s wrap is a great idea!

    Thanks, Marisa — I’ve been so enjoying your book.

  165. We use mason jars, bowls with plates as lids and I keep a big Pyrex in the fridge to toss partially used veggies into throughout the week! This bee’s waxed cotton is genius!!!

  166. That is seriously cool! I’ll definitely be ordering some to try out. Right now I use mostly mason jars for food storage, but I struggle similarly with cheese and stuff like that.

  167. We’re currently in transition from reusing plastic to glass.
    We’ve also been working to make our own beeswax infused muslin but our is not so cute yet 😉

  168. Well, I use plastic containers and that product that rhymes with ‘Dress and Peal’. I really like that stuff, but would love to try this product. I think I’d use it mostly on butters and jellies that I’ve already opened, but can probably come up with more uses…looks that you might come up with quite a few uses.

  169. I am forever saving lightly used foil, and plastic baggies. I have made a few shower cap-looking covers out of oil cloth. I’d love the try the bee’s wrap! Thanks for the giveaway.

  170. I don’t have many tips for storing leftovers, but I am happy to say my partner and are getting better about putting things like cheese, cut vegetables etc. in storage containers rather than in a plastic bag. I would love the chance to try out this ingenious product!

  171. I use a little bit of everything that might be handy. I hate throwing things out. Freeze a lot of leftovers though for little tidbits now and then. Thanks for the chance :o)

  172. Great product! Now that the grandchildren are growing out of their ‘I can do it’/droppsies, I am switching my plastics out for glass bowls & mason jars. Yea! 🙂

  173. This is one of the most brilliant ideas I’ve seen in a long time. I, too, have reluctantly used plastic wrap and I do my best to push aside the waste factor. Thank you so much for sharing with us.

  174. What a cool product! Very creative, and I love that everything can be used many times, and even used again as compost!

    My trick is probably like yours: I love to put soup and other liquid leftovers in tall Mason jars (I bought plastic caps for storage). The tall-and-narrow dimensions are exactly right for pouring out soup, and the whole jar can be heated in the microwave.

  175. I use glass jars, and also lidded pyrex containers. If I need to store something that is in a bowl, I usually just put a plate on top of it.

  176. Canning jars for sure. And like another food blogger, I find that leftovers stored in glass get eaten a lot more quickly than the ones stored in plastic. Also, I try to bake and cook in casseroles and pots that have lids so I can put them directly into the fridge when they’re cool. Using the pots lets me put them right back on the stove to warm up the leftovers.

  177. I tend to be a tupperware user for leftover. For things that need to be wrapped, I tend to go tin foil (at least that can be recycled, unlike saran wrap). It try to cut down on my waste in general – reusable containers for lunch, that sort of thing – but a new way to store things would be great.

  178. I have a set of nylon produce bags that I got from Gardeners Supply (think Vermont Country Store also sells them) which I use for stuff that doesn’t need airtight storage. These wraps look great for stuff that does.

  179. These would be SO awesome! I hate using plastic wrap, but have been re-using plastic baggies forever, since that’s what my Mom did. I would be very pleased to use and share this product 🙂

  180. Leftover food storage??? Well we have 3 boys ages 19, 16, and 13 so they typically take care of any possible leftovers we might have… but in the event we do have leftovers it is typically wide mouth mason jars, glass bowls, and yes even some BPA-free plastic containers. Right now we are reusing plastic bags in school lunches but I would love to get away from that!

  181. These are amazing! I have recently been converted to the use of wide mouth mason jars for food storage. Why would I use anything else?!?

  182. These are ingenious!

    I usually just use a glass bowl or glass storage container with lid or a plate on top. No fancy ideas here but plastic wrap is not allowed in the house.

  183. My favorite trick for leftover storage is not to leave anything out on the counter. I find a spot for any items that do not have to be refridgerated in a cupboard where general house dust and animal hair is less likely to reach.

  184. Like many people, I use canning jars for leftover storage, etc. Thanks for the opportunity to win this ingenious product! I’ve been struggling with a good way to wrap cheese.

  185. we have a bunch of smallish sized glass containers that we use for leftovers, they are the perfect size for lunch. I find that having them around and accessible encourages us to use them instead of reaching for plastic wrap!

  186. I would love to try this product. I too have been working hard to eliminate the unnecessary production of trash in our home. We recycle and reuse but I also find myself reaching for the plastic wrap more often the I care to. This looks like a product that could take the place of plastic often.

  187. These look amazing! I have’t found a good solution for plastic wrap yet (although these look like they might do the trick!), so I try to use thrifted pyrex and canning jars like many here have posted.

  188. What a neat product! I think I would use it for wrapping cheese the most, since I think you’re not supposed to just use plastic wrap but I’m concerned about unfortunate fridge odors seeping in regardless. I don’t have many tricks for leftover storage except perhaps to splurge on the Pyrex pan sets that come with covers. Woot usually has deals for these every couple of months, but they’re great for making casseroles and such be stackable in the fridge.

  189. apart from mason jars (hard in the early fall when all are in use!) I’ve discovered that since I lack a pie keeper my largest mixing bowl or largest frying pan lid can cover a pie plate in the fridge, reducing my need for plastic wrap. I’ve also gotten very creative in transporting items in one container and arranging on the platter when I arrive, to cut down on plastic. I haven’t bought any wraps (or even aluminum foil) in three years but I’ve got to admit, this is a brilliant product that would make that so much easier! Thanks for sharing!

  190. Anything I can do to avoid storage in a ziplock bag…I have glass containers of all shapes and sizes that I use. Being a VT gal, I’m digging this giveaway!

  191. Glass jars! It isn’t anything new or original…maybe that’s why I love them so much. They are affordable, reliable, reusable reusable reusable, so easy to clean (unlike plastic), and beautiful.

  192. These are amazing. I have been frustrated w/ plastic wrap, too. We like the glass containers that have plastic lids for many items.

  193. I always use glass containers to store food in the refrigerator and the freezer. I also wash and reuse any plastic bags and use wax paper instead of plastic wrap. I have not seen these Bee’s Wraps before but I love the idea.

  194. I, too, keep leftovers in the pot they were cooked in with a tight-fitting lid on top, because who needs the extra dishes? I also save zip ties and rubber bands, so that I can easily secure just about anything.

  195. These look excellent! I am trying to reduce my use of plastic bags for food storage. I re-use them, but they’re so annoying to wash!

  196. These look great! I’ve been putting most things inside glass containers in an attempt to avoid plastic wrap, but the big containers fill up the fridge really quickly.

  197. Holy crap, I NEED this!!! Amazing! What a fab idea! I use a lot of mason jars and Pyrex, ramekins, etc for storage, and it just depends what it is. Today, I brought a few leftover items for a taco salad at work (we had pulled venison soft tacos last night). I had a bit of leftover jarred salsa, so I threw in the leftover meat and sour cream topped that, all in one jar instead of 3 different ones. I just have to grab some lettuce and veggies in the cafeteria and dump my jar o’ leftovers on top, and tada, yummy lunch!

  198. I usually wash and reuse my plastic ziptop bags, and I also replaced all my plastic tupperware with Pyrex dishes that come with leakproof lids. I can use them for serving and then throw the lid on and stuff it in the fridge as soon as dinner is done, no extra dishes needed!

  199. Oh my gosh that is wonderful! I want some right away!
    I think it will be particularly good for cheeses.
    I try to use mason jars but sometimes end up using plastic wrap since waxed paper doesn’t stick and I feel guilty every time I throw plastic away. I am taking your post straight down to my local homesteading store to ask if they will carry your product as well. Brilliant. Thank you!

  200. This is the first that I have seen these. I have been wanting to find out what was available and am thankful that you shared this work and information. We use lots of glass jars and pyrex.

  201. Kind of an interesting idea. I’m not sure how sanitary they’ll be over time though if I can’t wash them in really hot water. Interesting though.

  202. I use canning jars and condiment jars for leftovers. I should can them but mostly I just dump in the leftovers and put them in the fridge. These wraps sound amazing and I can’t believe I’ve never seen anything like it on the market before. I really want to order (or win!) some and try them out.

  203. I use wax paper on cheese and it is workable – but of course does not want to stay wrapped tight. These wraps would be a great addition to my kitchen.

  204. These look very interesting! We don’t do much in the way of leftovers, if there are any, I put them in old glass refridgerator dishes and they get eaten for lunch the next day. But, I do buy in bulk. And that I’ll divide into meal-sized portions and freeze until I’m ready to use it. I’ve just started using a Seal-a-Meal for my meats, too.

  205. As a beekeeper I LOVE this idea! I use mostly glass containers to store foods. Or bpa free plastic containers for items in the freezer.

  206. these wraps look wonderful! i don’t know if i have any tricks but i re-use lots of containers and we wash & re-use ziplock bags. i also save bread bags and use those as storage.

  207. I, too, use glass jars for food storage. My favorites are the large jars that I buy for artichoke hearts. The labels come off easily and they are large enough to hold a nice amount of dry goods. I’d love to try the bee wraps. Thank you!

  208. What a great idea! I struggle to keep plastic out of my kitchen and reuse as much as possible, these seem like a wonderful solution. I tend to store a lot of things in glass jars and if I have leftovers that I plan to use quickly I put them in a ceramic bowl with a plate on top.

  209. I reuse containers a lot but I have to use plastic – especially for my husband’s work lunches. He works in the food industry & they allow no glass at all inside. I’d love to try these.

  210. With two active kids, we don’t typically have a ton of leftovers – but when we do, I have some glass storage containers that I try to use. I hate using plastic, but haven’t managed to quite get rid of it all yet!

  211. I, too use glass jars and old yogurt containers/tupperware for storage. I dislike plastic wrap and think these wraps are a great idea!

  212. I usually pack up a serving of leftovers for lunch or dinner the next day, and then I put up the rest in the freezer. For something like a block of cheese, I usually put it in some sort of container (I’m trying to eliminate the plastic ones, but sometimes I don’t have the perfect glass container).

    And, the Bee’s Wrap looks like a brilliant idea! I have a friend with a birthday coming up, and I can bet she’d love these…

  213. I use my old mason jars, glass Pyrex and other jars that have been washed. I use snack bags made from cloth to store cut up items in the fridge.

  214. I use jars/bowls for my lunch and for home and would love to try these wraps, but the schools have the kids throw away any open containers to prevent problems with bugs and beasts, so they have to stick to baggies and plastic wrap.

  215. We have a bunch of Lock-n-Lock & Snapware, along with some smaller Pyrex casserole dishes for leftovers. I also use more plastic baggies than I’d like. I’ll use Mason/Bell jars for dry & some refrigerated stuff, but I don’t trust myself to not drop and break them with the chest freezer. We do a lot of cheese at our house, and it would be nice to have a good way to wrap up the leftovers without needing plastic bags or having a bunch of air along with it in a Snapware.

  216. I am working on cutting processed food out of our diet and making everything from scratch, but I’m not there yet. For now, I save the containers (glass jars etc.) that foods come in and reuse them to save leftovers.

  217. I love the way my parents store leftovers. They serve side dishes in glass bowls, and then store the leftovers in the same bowl, covered with a plate! Talk about no waste. If we were slightly less clumsy, I think it would work in my house, but all I forsee is broken plates if we tried.

  218. I use a lot of jars for storage. My trick for leafy greens, mushrooms and other veggies is to put a barely damp paper towel in the bag when I get home from the store and that seems to help ward off any spoliage from excess liquid.

  219. I have two mini cast irons (#3) with lids, one enameled and one not. I use these for leftovers that need to be heated up, as they fit in the toaster oven. Oh, and of course lots of jars used for leftovers.

  220. I do the mason jar and glass bowl with plastic lid thing too but also have a set of plastic covers with elastic around the edge that are meant to cover bowls but I wrap them around all sorts of things.

  221. DIY sandwich bags! I have leftover PUL that I used to make cloth training pants for my toddler daughter. It’s cute waterproof fabric so I thought, why not sew it into reusable sandwich bags and cut down on my use of disposable plastic? Plus, it’s strong enough to go through the washer like my cloth diapers do.

  222. i’d love to give these a try – anything to get away from plastic wrap! i don’t have too many tricks for storage beyond gladlock glass containers and canning jars – i love the beeswax wrap idea!

  223. I save glass jars too ! Hint.. quart canning lids fit glass mayonaise jars. Also, if a glass jar’s lid has rubber lining, it can reused for making jams and jellies. Seals tight and good for things that do not have to be water bathed or pressure canned!

  224. I’m also a big fan of glass storage containers. I have a handful of stainless steel containers as well. Whenever I need to use plastic wrap I wish I had another solution. These wraps look great!

  225. Once a week we freeze individual portions of left overs before they spoil, so we have ready-made meals for days we don’t feel like cooking. But my favorite trick is to freeze chick peas (I make them in big batches in my pressure cooker) on cookie sheets, and then bag them. That way I can take out just what I want. Great for salads!

  226. I actually use old cotton or linen napkins that I’ve soaked in mineral oil and then washed to remove most (but not all) of the excess oil for things like bread, veggie stumps, etc, that need help with moisture rentention. but I’d love to try these, looks great!!

  227. i always re-use jars for storage…they come in many shapes and sizes and can be washed in the dishwasher after the labels are removed. i even use them for homemade jams and jellies.

    love this idea! brilliant mom!

  228. These sound amazing – I’m trying to retrain our young family to use jars for leftovers, freezing soups and the like. Plus they’re SO pretty when we have too much and share with our neighbors! Thanks for having such a cool giveaway!!

  229. I’ve gotten rid of my plastic storage containers and now use glass. I keep leftovers near the front of the refrig and even better, my husband like leftovers, so they never stay around for long.

  230. I wrap fresh herbs in damp paper towel and place in an open plastic bag. Except for basil which I put a fresh cut on the bottom of the stem and set it in a glass of water on my window ledge. They actually root sometimes for me and them I have a new basil plant to pot up! MK

  231. I would love to try these, to see how long they last, how well they clean up for reuse, as well as how well they store for future usage!

  232. I take after my mother and wash and re-use aluminum foil. These look fabulous and I’ll probably buy a set if I’m not the lucky winner.

  233. We reuse jars, plastic yogurt (etc) containers, plastic bags, aluminum foil, anything we can. But a reusable saran! I love it!

  234. I would LOVE to try these! I have just started keeping bees and am interested in anything with bees wax. I reuse glass jars–they hardly ever get out to the recycle bin!

  235. We mostly use jars and the heavy-plastic cambros from cash & carry to store things, but most of the time I only buy what I need and we eat it all. More shopping time, but less waste.

  236. My favorite leftover trick is to use leftovers for my lunch the following day! That way, leftovers don’t get lost in the fridge (only to be found later when they’ve turned into unidentifiable blobs resembling science projects), and I save money by not buying my lunch at work. Plus, with leftovers, I know exactly what went into my food because I made it the first time around!

  237. These look really cool. I’ve been looking for a good way to wrap cheeses in my ‘cheese cave’ (modified refrigerator).

  238. We’re trying to be better about leftovers (and other things stored in the fridge). Mostly, we use (and reuse and abuse) plastic containers. But that’s mostly because I don’t trust my almost 2-year-old to be around glass containers that much and not see how far she can throw them. Or is it that I don’t trust them to bounce properly when she does. Either way, I’d love a better way to store/wrap cheese when we only eat half a block and these look perfect. 🙂

  239. I tend to do the “put it into a bowl and put a plate that fits in on top” method b/c all of my jars/tupperwares spend more time dirty or full rather than empty

  240. What a ingenious method of storage! I don’t have any real tips. I try to use my tupperware or glass bowls with lids and if I used foil in the baking process, I try to reuse it to cover if necessary. I’d love to try these wraps though.

  241. Oh wow! This is pure brilliance! I’d love to use those knowing how much more eco-friendly they are.

    I have purchased some of those plastic lids for the mason jars and we store many leftovers in there, they slip right into lunch bags and are great for heating things up later (minus the lid!)

  242. Jars and pyrex are the norm around here. I’ve also been saving the hard plastic containers that fresh herbs come in from the store and reusing them for longer storage of fresh herbs from my CSA this winter. Bee’s Wrap would be fantastic for those few things for which foil/plastic wrap is needed!

  243. I use canning jars for leftovers…..however I still find myself using some plastic bags for some things. What a great new idea!!

  244. I live alone. If I know I’m eating leftovers from lunch for dinner, I cheat a little! I’ll go ahead and fill a bowl with a single portion, cover the bowl with a plate (which forms a temporary seal long enough to last the 5 hours or so until dinnertime), and put it in the fridge. Then the leftovers can go straight in the microwave later. I hardly have to stop reading my book to fix dinner!

  245. These look amazing – I would use them for cheese, butter,cucumbers (yes!) and for all kinds of things. How super! (I have one friend who will wash her plastic bags over and over and over, beyond the point that I would ever keep them – I think I might get her some of these….)

  246. I’ve been freezing soup in wide mouth mason jars – they defrost in the fridge just fine (and warm up in the microwave perfectly) and then I don’t need a separate bowl to eat.

  247. I really hope I win these because they sound great! I don’t like to use plastic wrap either and it’s great to know there’s another option.

    I think I got my favorite trick for leftover storage here on your blog: when freezing things in Pyrex containers you can write right on the container with a sharpie pen, and later erase the writing with rubbing alcohol. Great idea! Once I thought I was taking a container of chili to take to work for lunch, but at lunchtime I saw it was actually a container of spaghetti sauce! With this great new idea that won’t happen again.


  248. What a great idea. Our leftovers are eaten for lunch the next day so they go into lunch sized tupperware containers so they can be reheated at work. Other leftovers are stored in glass jars in the fridge, dried goods are stored in glass canisters in the pantry. I still use plastic wrap for cheese though, so I’d love to give this a try.

  249. I use a lot more plastic than I should, but I do tend to reuse containers a lot. Interesting article–I really didn’t know there was a cling-wrap alternative! Thanks 🙂

  250. I store almost everything in steel ice pop molds – my refrigerator looks like it belongs in a weird lab devoted to the study of popsicles!

  251. What an interesting product! I mostly use reusable plastic containers for food storage, and occasionally a plastic ziplock bag. I’d love to be able to use these for cheese and other such fridge items.

  252. What a clever idea, would love to try some. I usually use mason jars to store my leftovers or some plastic bowls.

  253. My mom gave me a Costco sized cling wrap years ago and I still haven’t finished using it. I use mostly glass for all my food storage an occasionally, plastic bags for homemade frozen cookies. I haven’t figured out how to freeze them otherwise.

  254. I’ve found that I have to store leftovers in clear or see-through containers (preferably glass) or they end up unused before it’s too late. These Bee’s Wraps look like a great way to help preserve opened packages and leftovers without waste. Thanks for the chance to win some.

  255. I freeze the vast majority of our main-dish leftovers in single-serving portions. It makes lunches that much easier to pack: just pull out a single container, pack with side dishes, and it’s ready to reheat or eat cold at lunchtime.

  256. This is brilliant! I use a motley assortment of glass jars for leftovers, but buying bulk items from my co-op presents a creative challenge. Even our fastidiously anti-plastic shoppers occasionally stop in unexpectedly and unprepared, and those of us without vehicles have to additionally calculate what we can carry in weighty containers. A light, reusable, and biodegradable option would be a great suggestion.

  257. These look amazing! We tend to store leftovers in individual portions in reusable plastic containers or canning jars. That way they are ready to grab for lunch. Cheese often goes in ziplocks, tough I do have a couple of washable fabric snack and lunchbags that we also use. They cut down on the plastic bag usage in lunches a lot.

    Thanks for posting about these. I wasn’t familiar with this product and think I may need some 🙂

  258. i generally cover bowls with plates and plates with bowls at home 🙂 for work i have reuseable lunch containers, so all in all i don’t use that much disposable wrap, but these look perfect for blocks of cheese, ferments stored in the fridge, etc.

  259. Aside from jars of every shape and size (of course!) I always feel smart when I just wrap lettuce and other produce in a dishtowel! Easy and works well.

  260. These are a great idea! I have some glass storage bowls, which I use a lot of, and I use wax paper bags for cheese/lunches, but these would be fantastic for so many things!

  261. Wow, what a great idea! My food storage tricks are nothing special–the only real oddity is that I once had a lid that fit perfectly on top of large cans. Nothing like being able to lid a half-full can and stick it in the fridge!

    • I’m just chiming in, but I know they sell reusable can lids for pet food. I know that might seem a little weird, but I have seen them there.

  262. Yep, jars are my favorite. I try to us not-really-canning-jars such as those for pasta sauce so I don’t use my precious real canning jars. (I get friends to save them for me since I buy so little of these commerical products now.)

    These Bee’s Wrap clothes sound great! As long as I could keep my husband from throwing them in the wash.

  263. I like this! I still use waxed paper (which always reminds me of the sandwiches my mom made for us for school lunches). this sounds even better if you can re-use it several times.

  264. Wow, how cool! We always look for large glass storage containers at thrift shops and such and re-use our plastic bags for as many washes as they’ll survive.

  265. The closest thing I have to a trick is the plate+bowl combo.
    Although I did have a friend that would make “cheese hats” from the one end of the cheese wrapper. Hard to explain, hard to do right, but nice when it works…

  266. What a great idea! I love the idea of a reusable cover-up for foods etc! I am having a hard time trimming down the “plastics” we use for our food (plastic wrap & baggies, I’ve totally stopped storing my food in plastic, yay me!) but this is a great solution to ridding our house of plastic wraps & baggies. Cool product, thank you so much for sharing!!!

  267. I generally vacuum seal leftovers and cheese, but I would like to try the Bee’s Wrap for my cheese so it will stay fresh and last longer.

  268. Hands down my favorite trick for leftovers is to never go out to eat without carrying along glass to go containers. The cost of a meal gets divided into two meals, I eat less, and my lunch for the next day is in a safe re-heatable container that I can eat right out of. Plus they last longer than plastic tupperware.

    Bee’s Wrap seems like a lovely way to avoid transferring leftovers from serving dishes, thus dirtying another dish.

  269. What a great product! I mostly use glass now for storage – either canning jars or pyrex-type containers – but that obviously doesn’t work for everything!

  270. I try to use glass to store food and succeed almost all the time. These beeswax sheets sound like a great solution for those times when glass won’t do.

  271. Lots of reusable containers, especially microwave and freezer safe. Like others have mentioned, I also split a big dish up into individual portions and store. It makes it easier to vary meals for one person while being cost conscious. I have definitely run into the issue of keeping cheese without using disposable products, so these sound great!

  272. They look so interesting! I often wrap thing in wax paper using a special folding technique and rubber band to try to keep as much air out as possible. Otherwise we use a lot of glass jars and containers.

  273. I’ve been using glass Pyrex bowls for my leftovers. In fact, I think I need to invest in a new set! They get used a lot!

    I’d love a set of Bee’s Wrap. Thanks for the giveaway!

  274. Not necessarily a leftovers tip, but I reuse bags from cereal to store my homemade bread. They work beautifully and I swear somehow keep it fresh longer than anything else.

  275. I use mason jars for storage, but also have and love vintage refrigerator dishes. Of course old yogurt tubs are also useful, but I try to avoid plastic. I love the wax covers, thinking about how difficult it would be to make them…

  276. What an interesting idea to keep things fresh. Normally when it comes to fresh food I try to buy in smaller amounts so I don’t have leftovers. I’d love to try this with cheeses.

  277. I’ve had the same roll of plastic cling wrap for 4 years because I wash & save produce bags from the grocery store to use for plastic wrap when I need it. Works great in the fridge; I wouldn’t use them in the microwave.

  278. These are pretty neat! I use an awful lot of plastic wrap and I wonder how much of it I could save with a product like this.

    My favorite tip is probably to split-up your leftovers into individual servings right away. Soup, for example, will get used-up quicker if all you have to do is grab the jar or container from the fridge and shove it in your lunch bag (or the microwave if at home). Personally, if I have to scoop it out of the bigger bowl or pot in the morning, I’m probably going to end-up eating out or eating something less satisfying or healthy. Plus, if you don’t eat it all, it’s easy to stick the smaller containers right into the freezer.

  279. I have a set of pyrex dishes that came with two different lids – plastic (BPA free) for storing and glass with a silicone gasket for heating in the microwave. I love the fact that the glass lids help keep the microwave clean. I also use a LOT of glass jars.

  280. My favorite trick for leftover storage… is to use glass containers on anything that will be reheated and to also have a husband who likes to eat leftovers so nothing ever goes to waste!

  281. This is the coolest product EVER!! We use pyrex dishes with glass lids that can then be popped straight into the microwave. But we also use plastic bags and the occasional tupperware. . .

  282. Oh my. A trick? I usually just reuse a plastic bread bag to cover leftovers in bowls or dishes… just slide the whole thing in the bag. I haven’t bought plastic wrap in years. I do use foil, though.

    These fabric wraps look amazing!

  283. I use lots of jars to hold leftovers and lunches. Years ago a co-worker looked at my jar and said, “You know they make disposable plastic containers for that use”. These days people seem to understand better!

  284. Totally cool! I have mostly been using jars or glass containers. These would be great for covering bowls. Thanks for sharing your discovery.

  285. These are so cool! I’ve been searching for a plastic wrap alternative! We use lots of glass containers like Pyrex and Ball jars.

  286. These look pretty cool! I’ll freeze bread by double wrapping in an extra bread bag (saved from a previous loaf). Specifically for turkey dinners, I’ll freeze the leftovers in layers in 1-2 serving size: for example turkey, then cranberry sauce, then stuffing, repeat. That way I have the full meal ready to go.

  287. I make our bread here a couple times a week and I have made myself some linen drawstring bags to keep them in.
    I would love some of these to wrap my cheese in.

  288. I love Pyrex glass containers- so easy to clean up and not wasteful at all! Some times I’ve even found them “used” at a thrift shop.

  289. I am SO trying to get plastic out of our lives! I too use the mesh bags for produce. I’m also a frequent visitor to our Goodwill and Value Village stores and constantly on the lookout for glass containers of all shapes and sizes.

  290. These look wonderful, and would be a great addition to the reusable mesh produce bags and grocery bags we use. For leftovers, I like to use my canning jars–they are great for most storage; I use waxed paper for cheese and the like, although I LOVE that this is a much longer term option.

  291. Cool idea – you always find the neatest new products, Marisa. I am boring about leftovers – I use plastic containers or ziploc bags most of the time. Everything gets washed and reused as long as possible, though. I am toying with buying a set of glass containers.

  292. I love using mason jars for basically any and all storage. However, sometimes you just needs some plastic wrap… until now. These look amazing! Thanks for the post.

  293. I would love these.

    I try to use glass containers and jars but I am working to break my husband’s habit of using plastic baggies once and throwing them out.

  294. I have glass containers that I love – they don’t stain, don’t smell and are great sizes – the only downside is the weight.

  295. I usually just use glass pyrex storage bowls. I switched also to “reusies” a brand of resuable and washable baggies for lunches, etc, but still haven’t completely kicked the plastic habit. Would love to try some bees wrap!

  296. How have I never heard of these?? My tip, like others, use jars and pyrex bowls for everything. No plastic here. For cheese I have been washing and reusing the same zipper bag for ages.

  297. I’m really trying to switch everything from plastic to glass in our home. I just bought a new set of clear glass Pyrex containers 50% off, plus the over 55, shop on the first Wednesday of the month 10% off discount. I like being able to see what’s inside a dish without having to take the lid off.

    These bee’s wax cloth covers are such a unique idea! I’d love to give them a try!

  298. Wow! Thanks for this post. I’ve been trying to use elastic bowl covers more for food storage, but this sounds much healthier and more eco-friendly.

  299. I use canning jars for storage of food and even non-food items. I’ll also clean (and scrub off the labels on) the jars that some grocery items come in and re-use those. I haven’t come up with any plastic-wrap alternatives or tricks (liking some in these comments, though), so I’d love to try the bees wrap.

  300. I try to reuse any glass jars or containers from anything I buy at the grocery store. I’ve also taken to buying vintage pyrex in the pretty colors and patterns since it’s not plastic to use to store food. Plus you can bake and cook in it too!

  301. My best trick is to wrap cheese in first a layer of parchment paper (compostable after use) and then a layer of aluminum foil (reusable or at least recyclable). Keeps it way fresher than just being in plastic and it lasts much longer!

  302. The things I do have been said by other readers. I do use plastic wrap a good bit, but I like the plastic bowl covers that look like shower caps. They are reusable many times and are easy to use. They don’t go in the microwave.

  303. Years ago I got rid of all my plastic containers and switched to glass. I use canning jars, Pyrex and Glasslock containers. However as a cheese person, I still use the “breathable” cheese papers for wrapping pieces we don’t finish. I would love to see how these Bee’s Wraps work for cheese.

    One of my “tricks” for reducing waste: I use the same coffee bean bag every time I go buy beans. When I get home the beans go into a ceramic jar and the bag goes into my “junk” drawer. Then, when I need new beans I pull out the bag and head to the coffee shop. Not only do I save a bag, I get a $.25 discount.

  304. I use a lot of ball jars or storage, but I also scour ebay for vintage anchor hocking glass storage containers with glass lids.

  305. I am old enough to remember when there were no plastic sandwich bags; everything was wrapped in waxed paper. I still use it today for all kinds of things. My favorite trick for storing cheese is one I learned from my aunt whose husband was a milkman: after slicing off a hunk of cheese, spread a thin layer of butter or oil over the cut, then place waxed paper folded 2 or 3 times over the end and secure with a rubber band. I then place the block inside a plastic bag but do not make it airtight. I throw very little cheese away. Would just love to try some of these new wax wraps. Thanks for the tips!

  306. Pssst… don’t tell your random number generator that I’d be happy to buy this product if I’m not a winner! We’ve managed to cut out most plastic wrap and bags, though cheese seems to be our hold-out. I’d love to switch to this. My mom bought what are essentially shower caps in various sizes that fit over serving bowls (though I haven’t seem them sold here- she got them abroad), I use the ol’ put a plate on top of the bowl trick, canning jars, and loads of pyrex.

  307. Canning jars and glass bowls are our main storage vessels. I do use the occasional plastic container to carry nuts or similar dry foods for snacks at work. But, this is a very interesting product …

  308. In addition to re-using plastic produce bags, I also use the liners from cereal boxes. They will work fine for most moist foods.

  309. I use a set of bowl covers that look like shower caps in various sizes (I actually forget where I bought them), but these look way more versatile. I do use ziplock bags and reuse them, but they wear out quickly and are a pain to wash. So these would be great!

  310. I was always embarrassed when my mom made me (and my 4 siblings) bring home the plastic sandwich bags, and even paper lunch bags. We looked so “cheap”. But then I had 5 kids of my own – and did the same thing. We recycled before it was cool 🙂 Now my daughter, as an adult tells me that she too washes out her sandwich bags for her own lunches! I would love to try the newest in re-usable wrap!

  311. love the bees wrap! I wash the few ziploc storage bags I have with the laundry. It makes me cringe to know that these bags are marketed to be tough and strong, yet disposable after holding a sandwich for a few hours. reuse! reuse!

  312. Curious — I’ve bought a very similar product from a Canadian company called Abeego. I LOVE them, and find I use the smallest sizes the most often. They’re a fantastic product.

  313. oooohhhh bees wrap! I struggle with what to do with cheeses and end up using zip lock bags, but this would totally solve the problem

  314. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you about how great mason jars are for food storage. I even use them to carry leftovers to work sometimes.

  315. I think you may have just made my day. Glass containers with plastic lids are my main storage method, but for some things I use and reuse plastic bags or aluminum foil. I actually detest (and I think I am not exaggerating very much) plastic wrap. It doesn’t work very well and the smell really bothers me.

    I’m obsessed with waxed canvas at the moment, so this continues that theme nicely…

  316. In our kitchen we use jars and pyrex, and plastic bags. Our biggest challenge used to be eating the leftovers before they got lost in the fridge and went bad. We got rid of our full size fridge and switched to a single door under-counter. Now we’re forced to use the space more wisely and leftovers have to get eaten before making something new.

  317. One of my favorite things to do is keep my kids from eating junk food like box cereals! A good friend picked me up gallon size 6 ml bags from his work. So I made blueberry/zucchini waffles in bulk. Froze them individually in the freezer. Then broke them apart and put them in gallon size freezer bags. The kids put them in the toaster in the morning for breakfast! I also make breaksfast biscuits with sausage and eggs and freeze them individually! Easy quick breakfast for my kids and no store bought stuff! Healthy and homemade everyday without me having to mess up the kitchen every day!

  318. my favorite trick for leftover storage….. if it’s leftover veggies from prep or a salad, i toss it in a canning jar with my leftover pickle juice: in a week, i have pickled carrots/daikon/peppers/beans! you can even do this with boiled eggs! voila, you have great finger food…..

  319. If I know I won’t be able to use a leftover within a few days, I will pop it in a mason jar with a plastic lid, then put it in the freezer. Sometimes I’ll use my foodsaver, depends on what the food is. Lately I’ve been saving up a bunch of leftovers, then the kids and I bring them to my grandmother who lives alone and no longer cooks (she doesn’t want to cook for just one). She LOVES getting home made meals 🙂

  320. I’m not much of a guru on leftover storage. mostly I put cut onions and limes and such cut-side-down in a glass bowl. and I use lots of jars.

  321. These look really wonderful. I don’t have a lot of tricks for leftovers. I usually put things in pyrex bowls with lids, or cans. But my husband uses plastic wrap like a fiend and I would love to have him use this instead!

  322. I also try hard to be as waste free as possible, but I fall far short of my goal. I would love to give these a try. Thanks for sharing the knowledge of this product with us.

  323. I usually use Anchor glass containers to store leftovers and really hate it when I need something to stretch over the top of a bowl or cup and have to use plastic wrap or tin foil! This product sounds like a great alternative.

  324. These will replace the green produce bags that I currently use and is such a great idea. I am so anxious to try them for different applications.

  325. I use Rubbermaid containers with lids. They freeze well, too! But I need something for more casual usage. My husband always just sticks stuff in the refrigerator, hoping, I think, that it will not dry out.

  326. Ooo, how cool! I was just poked fun at the other day for re-using a sandwich bag–glad to hear other people are “crazy,” too!

    Here’s my favorite food storage tip: When working at a cafe, I saw that the chefs had a roll of masking tape and a sharpie attached to the fridge on a string. Every time something went in, they labelled it (date + contents). I transferred this practice to my home kitchen and it helps remind us what should be eaten first. Less waste!

  327. I put a serving or two in a rubbermaid containers before we serve our meal. It cuts down on what we eat at that meal and gives me a couple lunches for the week.

  328. I mostly use washable BPA – free plastic containers (though never for heating in the microwave) and reusable mason jars. When I have to use plastic wrap or foil, I re-use as much as possible. I’d love to give these a try!

  329. I’m slowly trying to convert myself from plastic lunch containers to glass, as items break (usually from jumping out of the freezer! yikes!).

  330. Hmmm tips. Here goes:
    Any time there is left over rice goes into the freezer to be added to soups and fried rice.
    Mason jars are a great way to store any sort of left over. I have a stash of already processed lids that I wash and reuse any time I don’t need to seal the jar so I am not wasting new lids and then wondering about the seals (when I open a processed jar, I use something like a churchkey that will make a dent in the lid so I know which have already been processed).

  331. I mostly use canning jars and glass pyrex storage containers for storing leftovers. If I need something larger, I break out my “vintage” Corningware or Pyrex casserole dishes.

  332. I like to use small canning jars and make a point to divide up leftovers right away into individual servings that I can freeze or use. If left long in a bigger container, I’m more likely to forget and waste it.

  333. I’m working hard at getting over my ‘plastic addiction.’ I did find some reusable bowl covers that look like shower caps. And, I’m using my Tupperware stuff till it wears out. In the mean time, I’m working on using canning jars and such for leftovers.

  334. These look great! We pretty much use the usual suspects, glass jars, pyrex etc. One of my other favorites is fabric zip topped bags for the kids’ snacks. We used them for party favors for our sons’ second birthday party and everyone else loved them too.

  335. We use Pyrex for most things. I’ve got some new Weck jars, though, and they’ve been great for small portions of leftover salads, desserts, etc. And they’re so fun to eat out of the next day!

  336. Whatever’s handy. Jars, of course, Rubbermaid containers, wax paper, occasionally plastic wrap, zip bags, foil – especially if I already used it in the cooking…

    Love this idea!

  337. Leftover storage… hmmm. Mason jars are great, of course. But we love our Preserve products, also – especially the ones with the screw-on lids.

  338. I’m still using plastic ziploc tubs that are years old. I’m phasing these out with old glass jars that I can’t use for canning because of the lid size. Would love to give these a try.

  339. Wow, these are so awesome! I use more saran wrap on top of bowls in the fridge than I’d care to admit. This looks like a perfect alternative!

  340. I reuse every possible container…yogurt, cool whip, margaine, you name it, I reuse it. I even reuse cardboard egg cartons as seed starters, they work wonderfully.

  341. With three kids that prefer to pack their school lunches, our favorite thing to do with leftovers is to package them up in individual containers (we love the glass snapware) right away. This way, their lunch is ready to go and takes no extra time in the morning.

  342. We use mostly canning jars. But it’s always a challenge when we have something that needs a plastic-wrap type thing. We scrounge around for old plastic bags or try to reuse foil, but I thought there must be a better way! These would be perfect!

  343. I’m a mason jar kind of girl. :o) This would be PERFECT for blocks of cheese and covering food in my fridge. Thanks for sharing about these and for the giveaway!

  344. I have no special secrets lol I use glass conatainers for storage or jars because they are every where in this house and when I use zip lock bags, we re use them as long as we can. We do get awesome ziplock bags with our CSA order that has holes in them that keep my veggies fresh a lot longer than the grocery store type. And those we wash and reuse until they are literally falling apart. I do always wrap my cheese in wax paper to keep it fresh longer. SO these would be perfect for that and of course all my other food strorage needs. Great give away

  345. Like others, I use mason jars and other glass vessels as much as possible; I also use wax paper and wax “sandwich” bags for a lot of leftover vegetables.

  346. I also use mason jars for leftovers. I managed to make one box of plastic wrap last over three years! But I fear I’m already halfway through my current box. I would LOVE an alternative!

  347. We swapped to glass containers for leftovers because it was easy to forget what was in the plastic ones when we couldn’t see them and far to easy just to chuck the whole thing once it had spoiled. There has been a heck of a lot less waste of both food and containers since we swapped.

  348. Freezing leftover soup/stock/fruit juices in muffin tins or ice cube trays has been an absolute life saver for me! Good quality lemon juice ready when jamming season hits 🙂

  349. My favorite tip is for reusing ziplock bags- after they are washed, they are dried upside down with a magnet inside, attaching it to the refrigerator . No wasted counter space:). Looks like an interesting product!

  350. Ever since I ditched my plastic containers, I’ve just been using glass dishes with lids. But I’ve never seen a great alternative to the plastic baggies or wrap. These look fantastic!

  351. Plastic wrap always seems to cling to itself in a bunchy lump, so I try really hard to avoid even trying to use it. This product seems much more manageable, as well as having the benefit of being reusable.

  352. I use my canning jars (just ordered another case of half-pints from Amazon today!) exclusively for storage rather than plastics and they take up so much less room than bowls in the refrigerator, plus I am dehydrating leftovers before they can go bad. NO MORE WASTE! I vacuum pack every jar and things stay fresh so much longer!

  353. This looks like a fabulous product.

    I’m all about eliminating disposables too so my fingers are crossed and I’m ordering some on Feb 23 if I’m no the lucky one.

    I buy shaved Parmesan at Costco in large, square, clear containers. When they’re empty I wash them and use them for shelf storage of dry goods. They use space very efficiently and make the contents readily identifiable.

    The tea I buy comes in metal canisters with airtight lids. They’re too attractive to toss so I use peanut butter to remove all the adhesive from the labels. Then I can sew an attractive fabric or oilcloth sleeve to replace the label. Tag them with the contents like stationery supplies, sewing items. Or use them for food gifts like granola, spiced nuts, etc.

  354. We’ve slowly been removing plastic storage from our lives. I try to use glass containers only, but these covers would really extend our options when leftover are in glass bowls that have no lids.

  355. I still have lots of plastic storage containers that I’ve used for many years, glass jars and plastic produce bags. I also use lots of cling wrap–I’d love to try the Bee’s Wrap.

  356. Wow, those look so cool! I, too, use mesh bags for produce and bulk bin purchases, glass jars for freezing, and I’m endlessly washing Ziplocs. For anything that doesn’t need refrigeration, like pie, muffins, scones, or the like, I just wrap in a clean kitchen towel and leave on the counter. I find they actually keep better than using plastic or tinfoil, which tends to make baked goods soggy.

    I will have to check out these wraps. Thanks, Marisa!

  357. I also primarily store leftovers in glass containers and store bulk items in glass jars. I have had issues with the plastic lids for the glass bowls falling apart or disappearing altogether. These would be a great solution for a long lasting lid.

  358. Like others, I wash and reuse my ziploc & other plastic bags until they are completely dead! I’ll often make use of my collection of small asian-style bowls to save leftovers – using one as the container and another slightly smaller one upside down as the lid. This wrap looks amazing though, I’d love to try it!

  359. This is a fascinating product! I sometimes store leftovers in the pots and pans I made them in so I can reheat them on the stove and not have to dirty another item. For quickbreads, I will just place it back in my loaf pan and throw a kitchen towel over it.

  360. My husband and I keep an inventory of our refrigerator and freezer so we don’t forget what we have and lose leftovers to spoilage. Sometimes we write the list on paper and sometimes we use dry erase directly on the fridge.

  361. I use canning jars and baby food jars for the freezer. I love the look of these wraps and would definitely buy some if I don’t win!

  362. I use a combination of (many times reused) Ziploc bags, Pyrex glass containers, canning jars, and plastic. I have also been known to use a sheet of aluminum foil 3 to 5 times before recycling it. I hate producing waste and love that there’s one more waste-free alternative for me.

  363. I haven’t used plastic wrap in years. I typically reuse glass jars or plastic yogurt containers to store leftovers. If I don’t win this giveaway, I definitely am going to get some of these wraps!

  364. I use glass storage for most everything and have replaced many paper products, but I have been searching for a replacement for cling wrap forever. So excited about these wraps!

  365. I use canning jars to store foods and also for snacks on the go for the kids. I also love unbleached wax paper bags for items that I don’t want to dirty an entire glass dish for.

  366. i love using a slice of lemon to help keep sliced fruits and vegetables from browning in the fridge (this does not work for bananas, nothing will save those things).

  367. my fav is to use all of our old synergy kombucha bottles as grain silos in our pantry. they are nice and tall, using the vertical space that we’re usually so bad at filling!

  368. I prefer mason jars or some type of glass. But, I work in a jail and cannot bring glass containers to work, so I have to have some plastics around.

  369. I like glass tupperware, but I sure do use a lot of quart-sized yogurt containers! great for freezing stock or soup without worry of the mason jar cracking as the liquid freezes.

  370. I love my empty canning jars for food storage. But another trick I have is reuseing empty food containers and bags. I buy corn tortillas when I don’t have time them I reuse the bag for homemade tortillas.

  371. Our Chinese takeout soup comes in plastic quart containers that have become lifesavers for me. They are the kind Ina Garten uses on her show. I make big pots of chicken stock and soups and freeze the leftovers in them. Noticed yesterday that my husband moused one and is storing a portable supply of snow-off salt for chasing away snow in it! This bee’s paper sounds like a fabulous idea. Thanks for the intro!

  372. I wish I had a trick. I use lots of glass storage containers and lots of mason jars. These look really amazing.What a neat idea!

  373. I use all sizes mason jars for storing in fridge, freezer and cabinet.
    I would love to use less plastic wrap, still looking for a way to freeze muffins and bread loaves with out plastic or foil…

    would love to try these!

  374. I try my best to use leftovers as best possible. I store in plastic or glass containers to eliminate waste. What I don’t use or forget about, I compost.

  375. What am awesome product!! I use mason jars for storage, and I reuse plastic bags over and over. I only use parchment paper and tinfoil, and reuse my tin foil over and over, and then recycle it. These would definitely help full the gap, when those solutions aren’t that great.

  376. Keep a calendar or wipeboard on the fridge and write the leftovers on the date you fixed them. That way you don’t forget what have, it inspires you to use it and keeps you minful of how long you have to use it up!

  377. I don’t know if this is a trick but instead of having tupperware we save all our yogurt and take out containers and use those to keep our leftovers.

    I’ve been wanting something like these for a long time, though. Thanks for the chance!

  378. Everything leftover goes into jars. My dry goods go in jars that have some sort of flaw or are too old to process, but my leftovers mostly get stashed in my pint and a half jars that I am in love with.

  379. I’ve never heard of these, they are such a great idea! I’m moving all our tupperware over to glass and I try to use plastic bags as little as possible. These I’m going to have to get.

  380. These look amazing! We are not that creative and store leftovers in bpa-free plastic containers with locking lids or in glass jars. I’d love to mix it up with these!!!

  381. I have been canning for a few years, but only this year did I really catch on to being able to freeze things in jars. This is the perfect way to keep leftover soup! I now almost always have a quart jar of something in the freezer.

  382. plastic rubbermaid. although I remember growing up my mom had these things that looked like hair nets, that fit right over the bowls. you’d just watch them in warm soapy water and reuse.

  383. This seem amazing! I won’t use plastic wrap and, like you, I reuse plastic bags, but they don’t last forever. This seems like a really great solution. thanks for showing them!

  384. What a great idea!! I especially like the idea of using to wrap our homemade bread, which is always an odd shape and does not fit well into any reusable container. I love the idea of wrapping cheese, and I think they would work well for other odd shaped items that I am stowing away for future use.

  385. I wish I had something clever to share, but we typically use tupperware or jars. I find that especially when I use tupperware on cheese that it just doens’t last as long as when I use a plastic bag… I would love to give these a try!