Giveaway: Bee’s Wrap Sandwich Wrappers

An assortment of Bee's Wrap sandwich wrappers

I first tried Bee’s Wrap back in early 2013 and quickly tumbled into food storage love with it. It’s a reusable food storage product made from wax-imbued fabric. You mold it over plates, bowls, and things like hunks of cheese in place of plastic wrap or foil, using nothing more that the heat of your hands and the slight natural stickiness of the wax to keep it in place. Using it gives my after dinner clean-up a sense of satisfying timelessness.

An opened Bee's Wrap sandwich wrapper

In the beginning, Bee’s Wrap only came in flat sheets, but more recently they’ve started making wrappers designed to keep your sandwich neatly contained and ready for lunch time. These sandwich wrappers come in three designs (classic, geometric, and clover) and the button is imprinted with the image of a busy bee. Needless to say, I am entirely charmed by these wrappers.

Close-up of the Bee's Wrap sandwich wrapper

And so, that’s what I’m giving away this week. Three Bee’s Wrap sandwich wrappers. There will be three winners, each person receiving one of these nifty wraps. Here’s how to enter.

  1. Leave a comment on this post and tell me something that’s cooking in your kitchen this week.
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm eastern time on Saturday, July 2, 2016. Winners will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog on Sunday, July 3, 2016.
  3. Giveaway open to United States and Canadian residents. Void where prohibited.
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left via the comment form on the blog at the bottom of this post.

Disclosure: Bee’s Wrap sent me the wrappers you see pictured above for photography and review purposes, and has also providing the giveaway units. The warpers were provided at no cost to me. All opinions expressed here are entirely my own. 

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341 responses to “Giveaway: Bee’s Wrap Sandwich Wrappers”

  1. Those wrappers are so cute!! I’m leaving town tomorrow so have been on an “empty the fridge” kick. It leads to some interesting meals…juevos rancheros with a side of kale for dinner anyone?

  2. The beets I got as part of my CSA are getting roasted and served with goat cheese and a drizzle of balsamic.

  3. We’re just back from vacation. I desperately want to cook and stay home for a while, but it’s still hot and cooking anything elaborate isn’t happening. Maybe a simple pasta or some grilled burgers.

  4. It’s been so hot here…my garden is loving it. I cooked some carnitas style pork and fresh onions a couple days ago, so I’ve been heating up bits of that and making tacos. The sungold cherry tomatoes from my garden have been making the best salsa. Other than that, it’s been salame, cheese, bread and fresh basil pesto.

  5. Tonight was an aborted attempt at Lebanese when I realized there was zero citrus for the freekeh taboulleh and a dearth of homemade bread. We had snausages instead on top split buns.

  6. Granola will be cooking tomorrow! And I always use one of those sheets on my big baking bowls if I’m putting it aside for a while before baking. Love them! Would love to try the wraps too 🙂

  7. Love bee’s wrap. I’ve been perusing all things blueberry! We have the nicest u-pick farm and it’s hard not to take advantage of it.

  8. Love these, especially the honeycomb one! I’m making pound cake and lemon curd this week for a dinner with friends. The perfect summer dessert!

  9. It is so hot, I’m mainly sticking to fresh salads and fruit in the kitchen. 🙂 The occasional quick pickle as a side never hurts though. Thanks for the giveaway!

  10. I would love to try these wraps! Got some great cucumbers and have been making cool cucumber/dill salad.

  11. Zucchini,yellow squash, & asparagus on the grill. Yum
    I haven’t tried bee wrap. Thanks for the chance.

  12. Too hot to cook here, but I will be mixing up a lovely cilantro dressing for our main dish salad. I use a Bee’s Wrap for cheese. It was a gift from my sister, and I love using it!

  13. I just pressure cooked some hardboiled eggs and quinoa that I’ll mix with kale pesto for breakfast today. Gotta use those CSA greens!

  14. These are beautiful! I have a loaf of bread rising in the kitchen for a friend and a jar of homemade jam to go with it. I still have pineapple jam to make this week.

  15. in addition to making rhubarb nectar with the last of the rhubarb from the garden, I’ll be making my own pectin from the very green gooseberries. As for cooking, it’s Canada Day on Friday so too much food will be being cooked and consumed but it will be delicious.

  16. I made pulled chicken enchiladas last night. Forgot to serve the Mexican-inspired pickled zucchini with them! Oh well, there’s always lunch 😉

    I love these wraps. We just got out second beehive Monday. I’d love to win the one with the cute little bee ?

  17. Picking blueberries today so everything I make this week will be with blueberries. Blueberries muffins, blueberry ice cream and of course blueberry jam.

  18. Raspberries are in so we are eating lots of those, as well as peas. I try to cook with peas every night when they are in season.

  19. Home made Ham Salad and Broccoli-Bacon Salad for a friend that under the weather. Food in Jars: A few weeks ago, made three batches of Rose Petal Jelly; plus one batch of Rose Petal Syrup.

  20. I have made granola, a cherry pie, and an apricot and cherry crisp so far this week. I have a whole chicken in my fridge waiting for supper, but I can’t decide how I want to cook it.

  21. Gooseberries just came in to the farmers market this past weekend, so there’s going to be some jam making going on to work through a big batch of berries.

  22. Them wrappers look amazing and oh, how very useful they would be.

    Let’s see; what’s cooking in my kitchen,????………….well, with this Texas heat, ME mostly :}

    In my very large crock pot I prepared a Large Pork Butt Roast and made into pulled pork and topped with good, homemade BBQ Sauce.

    Thank You for this wonderful giveaway opportunity

  23. We are in a hot spell and so “cooking” as little as possible. Lots of salads and smoothies here, maybe some grilling as well.

    I’m in love with Bees Wrap as well, the smell is heavenly and it works so well.

  24. Have wanted to try the bee wrappers for a while now! Last night I dug the last jar of pesto from the bottom of the freezer and tossed it on grilled veggies over pasta. Getting ready for my last big art show of the summer and then the canning jars get a good washing and canning season begins! WooHoo!!

  25. I am going to make mango jam this week. Never tried making it before, but I know it’s delicious on pancakes!

  26. I just found out we are getting more zucchini in our CSA subscription tomorrow, and we haven’t yet finished last week’s, which means it’s time for zucchini bread!

  27. Yesterday my niece visited, and I made mozzarella, roasted red pepper, and pesto panini. We also enjoyed a salad I have made over and over- an italian-flavored salad with red onion, chickpeas, salami, mozzarella, and tomatoes, tossed with a garlic and oregano vinaigrette. I love those food wraps- better than plastic!!!

  28. I’ll be working on a recipe for matcha cookies. I recently tried a recipe from a blog, but wasn’t entirely happy with it so I’m going to tweak it.

  29. I love the idea of these wraps!!! This week is broiled mahi mahi with lemon, today I will be trying my hand at quick pickled onions. For the past 2 weeks I have been on a cold brew coffee kick and even made popsicles!!! Yummies!

  30. I’ll be making strawberry shortcake this weekend for a Canada Day BBQ. I’ve never done this before, but I’ll be experimenting with graham crumbs in the shortcake too. That’s the perfect time to experiment, right, when you’re cooking for a crowd?

  31. We too have been using Bees Wrap for a year or so. Didn’t think of wrapping leftover block cheese, however. Thanks for the idea!

  32. Right now the only thing cooking in the kitchen is hardware! I’m painting the upstairs of our 1930’s house & have removed all the door hardware that’s covered! So it’s a chore to get all those layers of paint off!
    But I’ve always thought about getting these reusable wrappers, just never followed thru with it!

  33. we got a great assortment of herbs in our herb CSA this week, so i’ll be making up a chicken salad to use some of the tarragon.

  34. I expect to cook some curry this week. Mostly, though, I’m making smoothies and freezing strawberries to take advantage of the short and yummy strawberry season in PA! I’ve made jams (your low sugar version is a favorite) but I don’t really eat bread or use jam very much, so I decided not to do that this year…

  35. It is the perfect time of year for fresh veggies – and as hot as it is in Alabama, we aren’t cooking so much as cutting them up and eating them raw.

  36. Yogurt! I am try to get back into the habit, babies and moving wrecked a bunch of habits. Just started up water kefir but am already a day behind… Oh well! It’s forgiving

  37. I love Bee’s Wraps. It’s a great way to wrap up some cheese for a picnic. Add some cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, lemonade and chicken salad- instant picnic.

  38. Dill pickles are on my schedule for today. My garden dill is ready and waiting to be used!
    And we love dill pickles.

  39. Broccoli! About 12 of them sprouted in the garden at once. 2 already went to flower. I must use what I can work with!

  40. I will be making chutney this weekend. One of my favorite condiments and I am out! I use whatever fruits I have lying around. This week I think it will be nectarine and pear…

  41. Love these. I make them with a nylon liner but would love to try bees wax wrappers. Our CSA just started so I made a batch of “salad pickle” with Kale, Chard, and Beet stems, and garlic scapes. Super Yum.

  42. I’m going abroad for a month so instead of making something I’m getting rid of all my left overs. Those sandwich wrappers are adorable and so useful.

  43. Tonight we’re making fried rice with leftover rice and as many farm share veggies as we can stuff in!

  44. I will be making bread .Today it will be my weekly whole wheat loaves and tomorrow it will be easy sourdough.I will make this using starter from a friend and she will help me get the consistency right.

  45. My daughter decided to become a vegetarian on her 13th birthday for a year. It has been a challenge and we still eat meat at times and have her substitute, but has also been a change for us overall. We are nearing the home stretch with only a month to go! This week we made a vegetarian meat loaf and served it with mashed potatoes. I haven’t ever made my own meat loaf, and this will now be my go to!

  46. I’ve got a couple of things going in my kitchen this morning. I’ve got a quart jar of Indian style/spiced sauerkraut fermenting (first attempt at making sauerkraut!) and I’ve got two loaves of seeded oat bread rising. The summer squash is starting, so earlier this week I sliced some, tossed them in a mushroom and sage flavored olive oil, placed in a dish, sprinkled with breadcrumbs and Parmesan and baked them. Looking forward to making relish with the next batch of zucchini. 🙂

  47. These would be great for my husband’s lunch. As for cooking? I’ve brought back a nasty cold from vacation, so anything that’s easy 🙂

  48. We are visiting PA this week, so I’m on the lookout for black raspberries to make jam with this week.

  49. I live in the South, so I’m trying not to “cook” too much since it is so hot. Salads, precooked heat and eat beans and rice. I have some of the bee’s wrap and would really love to try the sandwich wraps! Thanks for a great giveaway.

  50. last night was miso cod and cauliflower rice with sauteed kale – yum! although next time i think i’ll skip the sugary bits of the miso marinade.

  51. Leftover soup! I’m going away for a few days and have this panic that anything I leave in the fridge will be horribly spoiled or otherwise inedible if I’m not there to look at it over a weekend, so into the soup pot it goes.

  52. I need to get started on my pickled beets! I have several ready in the garden. I’ve got to figure out something to make with zucchini. I have an abundance of it and need a dish for s family party this weekend.

  53. This summer I have to complete a series of courses, and had to put my garden and canning on hold for one summer. Sad, but it will be worth it in the end. So, this week I was given gallons of sweet cherries. With limited time the kids and I are drying them. I plan on using it in popcorn, granola bars and trail mixes.

  54. Hopefully pickles will be canning in my kitchen later this week! My cucumbers are growing like crazy, and I have one jar left!

  55. I’m all about dinner salads this summer – taco salad, Thai chicken salad, a simple grilled chicken Caesar. Satisfying but not too heavy.

  56. Geez, this product look awesome. I’ll cook another half-batch of your strawberry-coco jam this sunday, and also orange tomatoes jam from your book, if i can find any at the market. And maybe a simple strawberry vanilla jam if i can…. is it enough??? 🙂

  57. Mmm. Thai Chicken Salad. Slow Cooker Vegetarian Enchiladas. Season’s first pesto. Smoked Feta and Tomato Tart. By the way, somewhere on the web there are diy instructions for beeswax wraps. Can also be used to “reimpregnate” wraps when they lose their waxiness.

  58. These would be great to keep cheeses on. Love the idea. Used to take sandwiches to work in plastic bread bags. I could make 3 out of one bag using the twisty ties. Like this idea better.

  59. The weekend will have kids and grandbabies here for the 4th, I’m sure grandma will have to bake chocolate chip cookies, and there will be pasta salads and a brunch-time french toast casserole in the mix; the guys will be in charge of the barbeque.

  60. My husband is retiring from the military next week after 27 years of service. I am completing some canning of corn and making corn relish with the remainder of our corn from our co-op!

  61. We have a visitor coming this week and homemade macaroni and cheese is what I typically make to welcome guests, so it’s going to be cooking this week.

  62. I am trying to go more green so this product would be a nice addition. This week I am acutally making blackberry vinegar.

  63. i am getting a flat of blueberries from my csa on saturday – so i will be doing something with blueberries….blueberry shrub, blueberry jam……..

  64. I’ve been slowly tweaking my egg sandwich go-to breakfast, adding tomato jam, different seasonings, using different types of breads for it. So delicious!

  65. I just roasted a chicken to make some chicken salad for lunches. And tonight I’ll make some bone broth!

  66. I just made a small batch of mixed berry jam using Pomonas Pectin for the first time. It turned out well!

  67. Garden is sprouting lots of kale and swiss chard…we made a wonderful potato, ham and greens chowder…ym!

  68. Two things are cooking this week at our house! We’re lacto-fermenting for the first time (we got a huge amount of beautiful radishes at the Farmer’s Market) and we’re testing the waters of sugar-free (completely) fruit preserves because I can’t eat any form of sugar anymore.

  69. We’re dealing with our local bounty — zucchinis the size of my arm are going into lasagnas, tots, and pickles while plums from a friend are becoming jam, pie filling, and ice cream (I may save some to flavor a beer).

  70. Tonight is Fuchsia Dunlop’s Sichuanese Chopped Celery with Beef along with canning some blueberries we picked last weekend.

  71. I’m trying a new curry sauce recipe tonight. I think it’s going to go over potatoes, broccoli, carrots and cabbage.
    I’ve got a miso noodle soup for a few lunches.

  72. Fondue. No really, fondue. My daughters, ages 9 and 5, came across a nice glass fondue set at the thrift store and were immediately smitten with the idea.

  73. I love these! They are the best! This week I am taking it quite easy in the kitchen department since we just moved this past weekend and have a 10 day old too! I am going to make some date pinwheel cookies though for when my mom and grandma come visit tomorrow.

  74. Hoping to convince my boyfriend that he really does like grilled corn by making a charred corn salad on our tiny balcony BBQ

  75. Peaches! Our weather this spring has resulted in lovely peaches, plums and nectarines in our weekly CSA boxes. There’s only so much that one household can eat in a week, so I have a batch of peach vanilla butter in the crockpot now and plan to turn the plums into preserves in the next couple of days.

  76. It was take-out pizza last night because sometimes that’s all I can do. But this weekend will be pie. Glorious pie. Mmmm. Can’t wait.

  77. It’s been too hot and humid lately to do much cooking, so it’s been mostly stove-top or cold. Mac and cheese (or, more properly, mac and cheese sauce) with peas last night!

  78. We had pork and green chili burritos Sunday. Chicken breast’s in their own gravy with celery, onion, garlic and sage over noodles and baked sweet potatoes. We’re having leftovers today, yummy

  79. I’m in love with super green smoothies! Check out their website. You can make them and freeze them for a quick grab on the go.

  80. Yesterday I had my first try at making slow cook Pork Carnitas. Fantastic with some Avocado Crema, lettuce, tomatoes and a fresh tortilla.

  81. I love the Bee’s Wrap that fits a baquette! Would love the whole set. Making garlic scape pesto today with scapes from my csa.

  82. The heat finally broke, so I think there will be some pickles made this weekend. Plus, I’ve been craving peach cobbler.

  83. Herb roasted grape tomatoes from the farmers’ market and buffalo chickpea wraps (wrap is wrapped in Bee’s Wrap to take to work!)

  84. I made a batch of the Lightly Pickled Cherries with Bings and I am planning on doing another one with Rainiers, swapping the cider vinegar for rice wine vinegar.

  85. My kitchen is contained chaos this week: thyme and rosemary hanging to dry, sourdough starter is burbling away, about to become my first homemade loaf of sourdough bread tonight, and I’m dealing with 12lbs of u-pick strawberries. From the farmer’s market I made garlic scrape pesto, roasted new potatoes and broccoli and have been devouring kohlrabi raw with salt. The garden just put out it’s first green beans, not quite enough for a jar of pickles yet, but give it a few days!

  86. We’re finishing up leftovers, so nothing cooking until they are all gone. But this weekend I’m thinking of making a few different shish kababs.

  87. I’ve got chicken stock, banana muffins, and kombucha going right now. 🙂 Lots of fun kitchen adventures this time of year.

  88. This week I am making peach vanilla butter in my crockpot. Smells absolutely fantastic. Can’t wait to slather it on some toast!! I save cut onions, lemons, oranges with a product called the “rubber blubber”. A fantastic item it just stretches across the cut face and air seals it…..I then either leave it on the counter or refrigerate it. Keeps items fresh for days/week.

    Would love to try the bees wraps!

  89. I am making tomato sauce! I have Better Boys and Romas coming in like crazy, so Sunday I blanched and peeled some. They’re waiting in the fridge for me to de-seed and turn into some awesome marinara!

  90. I am searching for things to do with tiny pears, cling peaches and plums that are starting to filllll my extra refridgerator and your blog is my favorite place to find ideas!

  91. Strawberry everything! Made some strawberry jam earlier this week, strawberry tarts, and lots of spinach salad with fresh strawberries and a strawberry jam dressing (great way to use up last years!)

  92. Tonight we’re making yogurt-marinated grilled chicken in pitas with tzatziki and cucumber tomato salad

  93. A friend JUST told me about these Bee Wraps! Having them cross my path a second time in just a couple of days must be a sign. Let’s see from the kitchen this week we have a spinach and roasted pepper risotto, lentil coconut spinach soup, creamed potatoes and peas, and graham cracker cupcakes with vanilla buttercream frosting.

  94. How easy/difficult are the Bee Wraps to clean? Dinner: yesterday spaghetti (loving those tomatoes I canned last year to get me through to this year’s ripe ones), today: leftovers, best meal of all! tomorrow: birthday dinner for 3-yr-old grandson… chicken strips, strawberries (however many are ripe, they’re just starting) watermelon, peas (wish they were fresh, but they’re almost ready) and for dessert cupcakes.

    • They aren’t hard to clean at all. You just wipe them with mild soap and run them under cool water to rinse. If you use really hot water, the risk is that you’ll wash away the wax.

  95. I am working to clean out the freezers and pantry in hopes to refill it with the summer garden. So we have eaten lots of canned pears (already out of the other canned fruit). We have had lots of frozen berries, corn, broccoli and cauliflower. This weekend we will get our beef for the year so all I currently have is chicken. But life is good and we have plenty!

  96. On the stove right now: strawberry chutney and strawberry honey vanilla jam with pomona’s pectin–both from foodinjars!

  97. Raspberry syrup, my first preserving project of the season, thanks to a gift of berries from a friend’s backyard.

  98. I just made a dill yogurt (using homemade yogurt!) sauce to go over baked salmon – yummy! I’ll use any leftover salmon for a good salad. Later this week, I’m going to cook up some maitake mushroom just with olive oil, salt, and pepper. If you haven’t tried maitake, you should!

  99. Our CSA share has included beets two weeks in a row, so it looks like it’s time for me to pickle some beets!

  100. I might make a meatloaf, but I’m not sure if I want to turn on the oven in this heat!

    I have some Bee Wraps flat sheets and they’re great.

  101. Right now in the crockpot porck chops with sliced potatoes and onions in a mushroom dijon mustard cream sauce

  102. Taco salad to use up all the lettuce coming in from the garden. And trying out Alana Chernila’s coconut yogurt!

  103. A big summer salad with borage flowers, pea pods, bibb lettuce, and chicken along with some lemon verbena, lemon grass and lemon thyme iced tea.

  104. The Cherries are here!! The Cherries are here!! Besides eating 40 pounds, I’m making Cherry Jam & Cherry Cough Medicine. What’s that?? you say??? Cut Cherries in half & toss the pit. Put in a two quart canning jar until about half full & pour in two cups of sugar. Fill up the jar with the cheapest vodka you can find. Screw on a plastic lid or lid & ring – I turn the lid around because you don’t want to seal the jar. When the sugar has dissolved, add another cup of sugar. The vodka will turn dark cherry red & will thicken with the sugar eventually. You can store this in the fridge if you like but I tuck it into the Booze cupboard. You can eat the cherries over ice cream but beware, they’re soaked in alcohol!!! I take 1 oz of this concoction when I have a bad cough. The alcohol depresses the cough reflex & helps you sleep!!!

    I usually have two or three bottles of this in plum & even citrus fruits in the cupboard reserved for times when you need a little extra to help you sleep.

  105. Tonight we’re grilling ginger ponzu chicken, sesame soy beef and fresh pineapple. We’ll serve them with fresh steamed green beans, jasmine rice, and quick pickled cucumbers. Just the ticket for a California heat wave.

  106. Just finished a batch of strawberry vanilla preserves, next up is slow cooker short ribs for a 4th of July Rib-Off!

  107. Canning strawberry sauce, freezing strawberries, black caps, and mulberries, canning cherry juice and rolling with the seasonal produce!

  108. I made dill pickles Sunday…..our son ate a jar by himself. I doubt that was healthy. Tonight is mexican pizza.

  109. Garlic scape pesto chicken with roasted beet salad and cauliflower pancakes for my birthday dinner tonight. Yummy!

  110. Bad chicken. Yes I left a whole too long in the refrigerator. I kept hoping it would be ok after I took it out of the wrapper and rinsed it. Today before I went to work it went into the trash! Not all was lost I made zucchini casserole.

  111. Chicken wrap’s are what is cooking in my kitchen! <3 I am praying to win this, I have never tried these before, and would love to!!! Thank you!

    Erin Bricker

  112. Homemade pickles! Tried making them for the first time since my cucumber plants are doing so well. They’re delicious!

  113. Last night, I made quick pulled pork tacos for dinner. tonight is Italian sausage and peppers. tomorrow is my husband’s birthday steak, roasted spaghetti squash and asparagus, and Friday will probably be Alton Brown’s waffles. made a loaf of apple cinnamon oatmeal bread this weekend with my own canned applesauce, and just finished canning a case of cherries – cherry preserves and cherry almond jam. it’s been a busy week! 🙂

  114. This week we’ve got shrimp scampi for grown-up and box Mac and cheese for the kids. Glad I’m a grown up!

  115. Vegetable ratatouille made by my son’s! My two teenage boys love cooking and get a kick out of working together in the kitchen collaborating on new ideas and flavors. Summer time and summer ingredients are always the most anticipated and the aromas are incredible! I’m truly lucky to have two young men that have a passion for simple foods wholesome foods made from scratch 🙂

  116. I made Blueberry lavendar jam (30 half pints) and home made Scottish shortbread (only 4 ingredients…the real deal) to have at my tea party this weekend. The jam is for the home made current scones, of course! I plan to try to make lemon curd from your cookbook for the first time too. Yum.

  117. I’m trying to use up a backlog of CSA produce this week – harvest started the weekend we left for vacation, then last week I didn’t cook either because we had relatives visiting, and this week’s harvest is upon us. Lots of greens to use up! I’m making some collard greens and some rancho Gordo beans in the crockpot tomorrow with onion and leftover Easter ham that’s been languishing in the freezer, and whipping up some cornbread and honey butter to go with it, and this weekend it will be a goat cheese, kale, and sun dried tomato frittata. Possibly some kind of hash with rainbow chard and sweet potatoes as well. Whew I have some work cut out for me to get in front of it all…lol! Thank you for the giveaway! I love their sheets, would love the sandwich wrapper for work! 🙂

  118. Tonight we’re making stir fry with zoodles and tomorrow shredded beef tacos. I love been wanting to try these wraps!

  119. Got a small batch of cucumber pickled this week and made a tiny batch of peach/pomegranate BBQ sauce.

  120. Pork chop w roasted corn salsa, chicken thighs in peach salsa over brown rice and the last of the strawberries into jam!

  121. We’ve been on a homemade pizza kick. Last week I made a very large batch of pizza dough since we were having guests over for dinner and ended up sticking half of it in the freezer. So I pulled it out yesterday and made pizza with it, using the canned pizza sauce I made last month. We did vegetarian pizza last week, this week was ground beef with mushrooms and orange bell peppers. And there was enough leftover from last night that we’re having it again tonight, in spite of some of it being lunch as well.

  122. What I made this week… today actually! From your book, pickled lemon cauliflower, pickled red onions, and pickle relish. Also making the pie dough for tomorrow’s mixed berry pie with organic berries from the farmer’s market.

  123. These would be a great fit for my kitchen right now since my family is eating a lot of sandwiches to avoid heating up the house more!

  124. Some kind of slaw and a whole mess of bbq chicken. I need to find a watermelon to round things out!

  125. I am making stir fry with greens and the last of the garden peas this week. Plus I’ll be throwing in whatever is left over in the fridge!

  126. I’ve been working on perfecting my buttermilk biscuits. Someone at the farmer’s market had blackberry bourbon jam, and while I rarely buy other people’s jam, I couldn’t resist that. So, I need something perfect to put it on!

  127. Vegetarian chilli with quinoa and all the vegetables that didn’t get used up this week. It’s my daughter’s favourite!

  128. Making sour cherry jam tonight. Tomorrow evening we are picking strawberries to make jam this weekend.

  129. I’ve been cooking lots of soups and sandwiches, and a particularly spectacular lamb burger besides. 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  130. I’m new to your site but entirely grateful for it! I had 4 c of plum purée from our trees and I wanted to make a low sugar no pectin jam (all I had was one cup sugar and no pectin in the house -FAIL!) I asked my hub to find the temperature at which jams jam and he found your site. I’ve been reading and having a good time since! Thanks for the info and thanks for the fantastic, informative site!

  131. The grill has been lit for dinner every night this week–pork chops, chicken, burgers. Thank you for offering this interesting product.

  132. Trying to integrate strawberries into meals 2-3 times per week. I froze several variations and have had smoothies, Dutch baby with sauce and strawberry ice cream. Garden is starting to produce so have mixed salad greens, peppers and will grill eggplant poppers.

  133. Last night I cooked blueberries, sugar, cornstarch and habanero peppers together to make a spicy blueberry sauce that I poured over Brie and served with crackers. It’s awesome to have fresh berries growing in my backyard!

  134. I came home from vacation with several pounds of cherries, so I’ve been cooking up huge batches of sour cherry almond preserves. I’m guilty of eating an entire pint jar in less than three days, along with a loaf of sourdough bread and more butter than any one person should eat in one sitting. At this rate I won’t have any left by the time Christmas rolls around…

  135. I made homemade pizza tonight for dinner since it was a nice day to have the oven on, and tomorrow homemade chicken tacos in the crock pot! i hope i win!

  136. I made potato salad, coleslaw, wilted lettuce, and bratwurst this week. Had plenty of left overs to pack lunch for most of the week! I love an easy summer menu!

  137. Lots of crock pot meals and rice cooker help using the timer as we march through a packed week. Trying maple Dijon chicken in the crock pot tomorrow.

  138. I love bee’s wrap and that’s what’s covering the tabouli and hummus in the fridge that I fixed yesterday to take to a picnic and outdoor concert. Perfect summer meal!

  139. I’m making spaghetti and meatballs for dinner tonight, and steaming broccoli and carrots for my 6 month-old!

  140. Trying to think up a July Fourth dessert for picnic that includes blueberries, but isn’t just the same-old ‘fruit pizza also with strawberries’ kind!

  141. Basil is plentiful right now so this week we had Thai Basil Chicken and Spicy Pesto Shrimp. Both are served with zoodles. Love that spiralizer!

  142. I’ve been making a lot of things with my CSA vegetables – I hate to let them go to waste! Highlights have included polenta with sauteed chard, grape tomatoes and a basil yogurt sauce, delicious salads and cold noodle salad full of veggies.

  143. Me me me!!
    Nothing is cooking this week because I’m away for a few days…But spagetti sauce will be on the week-end!

  144. We picked blueberries yesterday at a u-pick, and I am going to try drying them for the first time. We’ve already enjoyed them with yogurt and granola a couple of times, and I might make a buckle with them as well.

  145. We have a cook out this weekend and since me and SIL are both with buns in the oven, we will be whipping up some virgin, something fruity! maybe melon-y. to go with our bacyard festivities!

  146. Sauer Kraut is currently fermenting on my counter, and I’m about to create some peach jam.
    It’s my anniversary today so I’m grilling steaks and making potato salad to enjoy outside with a big glass of wine with my husband.

  147. It’s all farmer’s market goodies this week! My favorites have been snowpeas and tofu and angel hair pasta with kale and chickpeas.

  148. Lots of great stuff cooking this week, but the most fun is all the new purees for my six month old’s first foods!! It’s so exciting to introduce her to the marvelous world of food.

  149. In honor of 4th of July, we are making a Sparkling Blueberry/Strawberry Lemonade sweetened with honey from our bees 🙂

  150. I just finished pressure canning 6 pints of chicken bone broth and 6 pints of beef bone broth. Whew!

  151. I’ll be making something delicious after I visit the farmers’ market Saturday. Definitely a salad, maybe a quiche and/or a frittata.

  152. Jam! Lots of jam. There have been some terrific sales on fruit in my area lately, so I’ve been buying cherries and apricots with abandon.

  153. I’ve made a few batches of strawberry freezer jam and I’m currently working on a batch of your strawberry maple butter! Yum!

  154. Pasta salad, probably with chicken and artichoke hearts, and a lemon-olive oil dressing. Last night was tossed salad and tuna cakes; night before was corn on the cob and Swiss chard, and chicken available for those who hadn’t had enough lunch.

  155. I have had a pretty busy week, so it has been leftovers and take out mostly. I did make some pasta with sauce made from lasts years frozen, oven-roasted tomatoes and fresh basil.
    I use my bees-wrap mostly for wrapping cheese, which it is amazing for!

  156. CSA produce — broccoli, beets, English peas, lettuce. We picked 28 pounds of blueberries, but we are eating them raw!

  157. Lots of new canning recipes – peach BBQ sauce, peach mango salsa, dill pickles and I baked a delicious peach and blueberry coffee cake. I think I am on a blueberry kick.

  158. I’m making sautéed zucchini with poached eggs this week,
    I take my lunch to work every day, would love to try bees wrap sandwich wrappers!

  159. Nothing this weekend, as I’m away, but picked up a flat of sour cherries at the farmer’s market last Saturday, and spent last weekend on sour cherry jam, your Bourbon Cherries (perfect for winter cocktails), and a cherry galette for dessert.

  160. Whatever vegetables I had in the fridge Stir fry and it turned out so good! Like really surprised good.

  161. Salad with fresh veggies from our garden! Oh! and tomatillo scrambled eggs…. If you’ve never tried that combination you don’t know what you’re missing!!!

  162. Those wraps look fantastic. I am going to have to give them a try. At my house this week we are serving up egg salad sandwiches and peanut butter sandwiches with strawberry rhubarb jam.

  163. We had to be away during Easter, so the lamb has been hanging out in the freezer since then. We’ll be having lamb, greek salad, tabbouleh, etc.

  164. Made salsa verde for the first time with home grown tomatillos, Anaheim chilis and cilantro, got rave reviews and can’t wait to make more with all the veggies growing in my garden this season!!!

  165. Copper River salmon, grilled on a bed of green onions on a cedar plank. It shares the spotlight with a green salad with snow peas and tiny fiingerlng potatoes (all from my garden). And friends of course.

  166. Peach preserves! I made peach butter and your salted brown sugar jam this week – both delicious.

  167. It’s been a tough week, cooking-wise, but last night I made Chinese chicken lettuce wraps.

  168. I made some mixed herb pesto in an effort to stay on top of my herb garden, and I’m about to head into the kitchen to make peach bourbon jam from “Foolproof Preserving” by America’s Test kitchen. I’m also trying to figure out what to do with an abundance of eggs that I got for free. Might try pickling them since I’ve never had pickled eggs before.

  169. Made a mulberry pie this week. Now looking what to do with lots of white & yellow peaches from our trees. That’s why I’m on your site!

  170. Older son made the traditional Canada Day butter tarts this week! We use our own maple syrup instead of corn syrup.

  171. I just bought some pickling cucumbers and about to make my first batch of pickles. Fingers crossed!

  172. I’m making apricot jam and have some left overs that are going to become honeyed apricots…excited!

  173. My nephew stayed with us this week so it’s lots and lots of kid food. Too tired to cook when running around after kiddos all day!

  174. I would love to try these. In fact, my lunches this week were a lot of egg salad sandwiches made from my chicken’s eggs and featuring garlic scapes from my garden. It would have been neat to have these to wrap them up in.

  175. Summer is definately in full swing in the desert southwest, so our garden is finished for the season. The 10 pounds of tomatoes on my counter will be turned into marinara sauce and tomato jam.

  176. My elderberry tree’s bumper crop is coming on fast. I’m figuring out which jam/syrup/cordial I’m going to try first.

  177. My a/c compressor went out yesterday, so there will be no cooking in here until Tuesday or later (as soon as I can get a repairman). So I’ll be picking up ready made food from the deli. :/

  178. A whole flat of tart cherries: maraschino cherries–with and without booze, cherry jam, cherries in a ginger syrup. The best way to spend a summer day.

  179. We’ve got key lime pie with a ginger-cinnamon graham cracker crust, walnut brownies, and beef barbacoa tacos with an avocado-cucumber salad on the menu for the 4th! Thanks for the chance to win such a handy thing.

  180. I’m making the most of this long weekend! I’m working on pickled garlic scapes, pickled beets, strawberry lemon balm syrup and spiced strawberry butter as well as my grandmothers blueberry tea cake!

  181. I’m making raspberry jam and I’m thinking about making ice cream this afternoon! Yum!

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