Giveaway: Assorted Goat Cheeses from Cypress Grove

Cypress Grove cheeses

When I was writing my last book, one of the comments my editor made on the draft was that she was afraid I was recommending pairing too many of the recipes with cheese. We worked to come up with some alternate suggestions for those headnotes, but many of the cheese pairing suggestions remained. The reason? Cheese and jam (or pickles, chutneys, jellies, etc) are downright delicious together.

truffle tremor

When run out of time to make a big salad or a pile of roasted vegetables for a potluck, I head for the pantry instead. I find a jar of of something homemade (tomato jam is always a good choice), buy a slab of creamy, crumbly goat cheese, and pick up a baguette. I set that out on the potluck table and watch as people eat up every crumb and drop.

bermuda triangle

A few years back, I did a very informal collaboration with the folks at Cypress Grove (they make the most glorious goat’s milk cheeses). Essentially, they sent me some cheeses and I dreamed up a tasty little jam to serve along with those cheeses. My recipe for Plum Star Anise Jam was one of the preserves that resulted.

bermuda triangle unwrapped

Sometime in the last year or so, I reconnected with one of the very nice people over at Cypress Grove and we decided it might be fun to do another round of recipes designed expressly for a few of their products. So they sent me some cheese and I got to work. So far, I’ve come up with two preserves that pair up brilliantly.

humboldt fog

The first recipe is a preserve that I’m calling a peach mostarda. It’s not a true mostarda, in the sense that it does not contain super concentrated mustard oil (which is quite difficulty to get in the US, because it an ingredient in mustard gas). I use generous amounts of mustard seeds, coupled with some sinus clearing cayenne to mimic the pungency of the mustard oil, and I think it works well. Whatever you call it, I like it eaten with a little wedge of Humboldt Fog.

purple haze

The second preserve are pickled plums that end up being a cross between a jam and chutney (recipe coming soon). I took slightly firm Italian prune plums and cut them into slivers. They sat with restrained dose of sugar, some apple cider vinegar, and a cheesecloth bundle of spices until they released their juices. Then I cooked it down until the syrup thickened but before the fruit lost its integrity. It’s delicious when you perch a bit of the pickled plums on top of a slice of Truffle Tremor.

sliced truffle tremor

The lovely folks at Cypress Grove a cheese prize pack to one lucky Food in Jars reader. It will contain a Humboldt Fog Mini, a wedge of Truffle Tremor, and a hunk of Midnight Moon in a snazzy Cypress Grove cooler pack. You’ll also get some other Cypress Grove-branded goodies, including a cheese wire for easy Midnight Moon slicing. Additionally, I’ll throw in small jars of these two preserves, so that the winner can try my pairings.

Here’s how to enter:

  1. Leave a comment on this post and share your favorite cheese and preserve pairing. Cheddar with caramelized onion jam? Apricot jam with chevre? Grilled cheese with tomato chutney? Let me know!
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm east coast time on Saturday, September 27, 2014. The winner will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog by the end of the day on Sunday, September 28, 2014.
  3. Giveaway is open to US residents.
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left on the blog, I cannot accept submissions via email.

Disclosure: Cypress Grove sent me a package of cheeses for pairing and photography purposes. They are also providing the prize for the giveaway. No additional compensation was provided. 

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436 responses to “Giveaway: Assorted Goat Cheeses from Cypress Grove”

  1. I love fresh cheve with habernero jelly or an amazing sharp chedder with apple ( or any) chutney or manchego with quince or fig jams. Too many to choose from!

  2. I love a tart goat cheese with a sweet and tart raspberry jam. The creamy texture of the cheese also pairs well with the texture of the jam!

  3. I’ve always loved jam on a grilled cheese sandwich; sharp white cheddar and tomato jam is a good one or strawberry jam and goat cheese for something more dessert-y. Or apple chutney with any hard cheese. Cheese and jam are the best!

  4. Manchego and quince paste is always a hit with me. My friend used to take a salsa, heat it with a little cinnamon and pour it over cream cheese. It was quite a tasty, unexpected combo.

  5. I love Humboldt Fog (so does my kitty lol)! I usually pair it with grapes, not preserves. However, I do LOVE some aged gouda with apricot or a red currant preserve. Thanks!

  6. Oh, OH, now we’re talking.

    I spent some time this summer making jam specifically to eat with cheese for my approaching retirement party.

    I have a nice balsamic fig that is okay but I just love the balsamic blueberry with rosemary. I eat it with soft goat cheese. I am going to make a balsamic strawberry sage before the season is over. That gives me three to choose from.

    I might even try my hand at a chutney.

    My favorite soft cheese is brie and my favorite hard cheese is a sharp aged provolone. I have no idea what jams might go with them.

    I go The Blue Chair Jam Cookbook for Christmas last year and have really been expanding my jam making adventures. I even bought some rose geranium plants so I’d have rose geranium whenever the recipe called for it.

    Next I really want to plant a bergamot orange and make marmalade.

  7. Homemade raspberry amaretto jam with a sharp cheddar or, even better, a manchego. I’ve only recently discovered some of the creamier cheeses with honey. I also rather like cream cheese with cocktail sauce on it, with crackers, but I’m kind of a heathen that way.

  8. Love the Humboldt Fog and Midnight Moon. Midnight Moon is good with homemade quince paste (membrillo). I also love pickled red onions with some good Mexican cheese as well.

  9. Spicy tomato jam with pretty much any cheese, though we are very partial to cahill porter, goat brie, and d’affinois when the opportunity arises!

    Favorite use of goat cheese is on a pizza(aka puff pastry dough, not handmade yet), with olive oil, that same tomato jam. We simply dollop each on the dough, shove into the oven and wait for the carmeled goodness to smear our faces! For some reason the jam tasted so good this way the first time I made it when I cooked it too long and it crystelized… I need to make a batch just for pizza. It’s way to much work to pry out of the jar just for slices. It is good the real way but not quite as yummy.

  10. I’m brand new to preserves and preserve pairing with cheese. I’m learning. 🙂 However, I do have a cheese pairing that I love…..a great wheat beer with blue cheese. If I win, you will be continuing my education. Thanks for the opportunity.

  11. I love my tomato chutney and either a sharp cheese or a soft milky one…odd I know, but either works really well. And I love Decater Dairy cheese with anything…..they are our local cheese maker and they are awesome.

  12. My aunt makes a mean baked brie with apricot preserves. I’m also a fan of aged gouda and apple butter, and fig anything (jams, chutneys, etc.) with chevre.

  13. My very favorite is an oldie but goodie – plain cream cheese and pepper jam or jelly either with crackers or on good crusty bread.

  14. It’s old and tired, but good old cream cheese and pepper jelly remains a favorite. Except now I have issues with dairy. So far, goat cheese is still acceptable but am just beginning to discover their pairing potential. These all look amazing!

  15. Not really a preserve but made a grilled cheese withHumboldt fog and roasted grapes (tossed in olive oil and roasted at 350 degrees for about 20 minutes). Amazing mix of flavors. Make sure to use a crusty bread.

  16. The old jalapeño jelly with cream cheese of my youth has given way to another sweet, spicy, creamy combo — cherry peach chutney on a chèvre log. But Humbolt Fog all by itself is one of my very favorite cheese treats!

  17. Made your Classic Tomato Honey-sweetened Jam two weeks ago. Tried it with creamy goat cheese spread on a cracker and it became the family favorite! Making more of that jam tomorrow- everyone wants some!! Thank you!

  18. What a delicious giveaway! I love homemade fig jam with any kind of cheese – from soft chevre to creamy brie to smoky gouda – and a nice baguette. I just love the way the little fig seeds crunch in my teeth. I love the texture of mustard seeds for the same reason too.

  19. I recently made a batch of Habanero Jam which we’ve been devouring in quite an indecent manner with goat cheese and crackers. It’s AMAZING!

  20. Definitely love a thick guava jam with white cheddar or mozzarella. We learned of this pairing while honeymooning in Honduras. Great stuff!

  21. Your pairings sound classy and delicious. Over here we usually throw some strawberry jam atop cream cheese on toast and call it a pairing.

  22. I’m pretty much a sucker for brie with any sweet jam (and I’ll probably take anything with cheddar also), but I haven’t really made much in the way of savory jams, so the mostarda and such sound interesting. Also, I REALLY love Cypress Grove’s Humboldt Fog 😀 It is one of my favorite cheeses!

  23. My usual favorite is goat cheese with fig or apricot preserves, but I have a feeling that feta with watermelon jam would be delicious to try!

  24. I make a blackberry and red, ripe serrano jam that I really like with Humboldt Fog. I also use the same serrano’s with peaches and like to serve that jam on (Gouda) melted cheese sandwiches.

  25. I love suggestions for cheese pairings—makes me try new cheeses.
    I have a pear-apple sauce with cardamom that is really good with Brie, and found a cheese from a local farm I love with tomato jam, but I have to taste it each time to remember which one it is.

  26. I like tomato jam with onion & chive cream cheese on a bagel. I’ve never paired any other cheeses with a preserve, I usually just eat them separately.

  27. My favorite to date is a pickled cherry (chez panisse fruit) with either Mt. Tam (sorry Cypress Grove, I think that may be one of your competitors) or Humboldt Fog. When I was pregnant I would day dream about Humboldt Fog. It was one of the foods I requested coming home from the hospital. I am not surprised that my toddler daughter also loves it. Although I haven’t made the pickled cherries in a while. I”ll have to remember that for next year…too late for sour cherries this year.

  28. I’ll eat gruyere with just about anything, but my favorite thing to pair with it would have to be apple preserves spiked with cinnamon and just a little kick of something spicy.

  29. I make a batch of spiced green tomato and apple chutney every fall. It’s a great way to use up the green toms that are still on the vine as summer wanes. I like it with all cheeses but know that it’s spicy, peppery tang would really pair fantastically with the sweet creamy goodness of Midnight Moon. What a dreamy match they’d be!

  30. its a fairly simple on, but my favorite pairing with a homemade preserve of mine is pepper jelly with cream cheese. Addictive on crackers!

  31. CHEESE! I think I am going to have to go for the completely classic and pick sharp aged cheddar with some sort of apple something. The problem there is that I really want just fresh apple slices…or apple pie filling. Okay, for actual jam, I like a serious fig and black pepper concoction with a salty white cheese of some kind. Super good with sheep’s milk yogurt, perfect with a little button of traditional goat cheese, and tasty with a crumbly aged parmesan, even. I am also the one who puts dark greens on this for good measure. Yay! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  32. I frequently enjoy either tomato jam and goat cheese or plum jam and blue cheese on toast, but just last night experimented with a baked potato stuffed with blue cheese, peas and pear jam – surprisingly delicious!

  33. We often have a Friday night “porch pounding” at our house with your tomato jam liberally spooned over goat cheese along with some Brassfield Serenity Reserve. Our neighbors just stop by with an empty glass and spend a couple of hours catching up.

  34. I wish I had a pairing to espouse–I think they all sound delightful! Except the moldy cheeses; I pass those on to people who appreciate them. 🙂

  35. I love that old favorite of hot pepper jelly with cream cheese, and I adore manchego with either the traditional quince paste or guava paste, and I’ve just thought of pairing paneer with aam ka achar (green mango pickle). One of the best pairings I ever had, though, was a soft chevre lightly sprinkled with Madras curry powder and topped with a finely-diced pumpkin pickle.

  36. I’m almost embarrassed to say that I like just plain old cream cheese on my homemade french bread topped with my homemade jalapeno jelly. YUM!

  37. I’ve been trying different combinations but I have to say peach butter is a great base for lots of cheese! and maybe some pesto.

  38. I love cheese! Really, I could make a meal of cheese, bread, and jam all day/any day! Right now I’m crushing on tomato jam and goat cheese on freshly sliced petite baguette rounds.

  39. There can NEVER be too many jam/preserve & cheese pairings. Never. We love apricot (or pear honey) with goat, homemade quince with a salty Spanish cheese and for a less sweet option, zucchini relish with cheddar or Colby Jack.

  40. Our native Capriole cheeses with an array of chow-chows, tomato jams (sweet or spicy) jams (peppers, peach-cayenne), throw in a handful of toasted walnuts! And probably a salad. Or make it a salad!

  41. Haven’t had a good chance to try many different cheeses… do love pepper jelly on a soft cheese though! This is a delightful prize!

  42. I’ve only just started canning this year, so I’m still discovering my favorites as far as what I like to make and to can. But I have discovered the deliciousness that is tomato jam (or the Herbed Garden Marmalade from the Ball Blue Book) on a slice of baguette or a woven wheat cracker with some fresh mozzarella. Or plain spreadable goat cheese with fig preserves or fig butter.

  43. I love just about anything sweet with a good chevre, but my favorites would be either a black pepper strawberry jam or a fig balsamic preserve.

    Humboldt Fog is one of our absolute dream cheeses!

  44. How can there be only one favorite! Gorgonzola with Pear preserves or a tangy cranberry jelly. Gruyere with caramelized onions and strawberry jam. And my all time favorite Chevre and fig – or brie and Fig – really any cheese with fig preserves melted between two pieces of really crusty grilled bread –

  45. This cheese would be good on a crostini with some of the plum preserves that Marisa made at an event when she was at West branch of the Free library of Philadelphia. Add it with a slice of lox on a crostini!

  46. I will eat any cheese with pretty much any preserve! Really, I just love cheese (I even have a dog named Cheese!). I’m a sucker for a nice creamy brie with some toasted walnuts and a fruity preserve, like a raspberry or blackberry jam. Mmm!

  47. I like cherry chutney alongside a ploughman’s lunch, featuring a salad, pickled onions, and any variety of hard, strong cheese, or soft, fragrant cheese (or both)… and good bread… and a pint of bitter.

  48. Wow! I thought I was finished canning for the season but all these comments are making me want to start looking for new recipes for chutneys and jams to put with new cheeses I have not tried. My favorite (so far) is blue cheese with tomato jam! I am going to look for this Midnight Moon….sounds delicious!

  49. I love anything with brie or goat cheese (pepper jam, slow roasted tomatoes, arugula pesto). Or a grilled cheese with any of the above takes a panini to an all new level. I would love to try these Cypress Grove cheeses.

  50. My go-to appetizer this year has been the delish and unique Mountain Top Bleu from FireFly Farms in Accident, Md (not kidding!) paired with your recipe for blueberry-ginger jam. Yum!

  51. Umm, what cheese and preserve pairing isn’t my favorite??? Haha, right now I’ve been devouring warm melty brie with a cranberry fig chutney type preserve, topped with pecans. Mmmmmmm

  52. I made a plum jam with fresh mint and basil last year (from the Pomona’s book) that was delicious with a plain goat cheese. That’s all gone now and sadly for me, I did not have time to make another batch this year.

  53. For the longest time I was pairing tomato marmalade with blue cheese, usually a Bleu brie that is cheap at my supermarket. Then it was hot pepper jelly with goat cheese, brie or just cream cheese. Now I’m back to blue cheese with whatever fruit jam I have around, usually mulberry!

  54. Gosh, I love Cypress Grove! I used to be the inventory manager of a cheese department and we couldn’t keep enough of their cheeses in stock, they flew off the shelves like mad!

    I think a nice fresh mozzarella and sharp balsamic vinegar onion jelly are phenomenal together. 🙂 Thanks for this opportunity!

  55. Peach or rhubarb chutney with soft goat cheese, apricot-almond conserve with Brie…haven’t tried it yet but I think pickled peaches would be delicious on a grilled cheese or with Brie on a cracker

  56. Yum! What a great giveaway! I love carmelized onions with feta. Something about the difference in texture with the sweet/sour is just so good!

  57. French Onion Jam with soft chèvre. Green Tomato Chutney with sharp cheddar. Apricot-Thyme Confiture with Brie. Beet Pickled Onions with Goat Gouda. We have a very productive garden and I’ve had to get quite creative — and busy — with ideas for using and preserving our harvest. I’d love to win this package to take to our wine-dinner club gathering next month that is an entire cheese-centered meal!

  58. I make a sweet chile jam that is served with goat cheese or cream cheese on crackers… I bring it to work potlucks where they’ve nicknamed it “crack jam” because they can’t stop eating it!

  59. Long a fan of Humboldt Fog, I’ve not tried any of their other cheeses! Humboldt Fog with any of my (your recipe) jams, jellies, chutneys is wonderful, but my newest favorite is plum cardamom jam with any spreadable cheese.

  60. I love the tomato jam with homemade farmer’s cheese or fresh ricotta from the farm market – actually, it goes well with any cheese!

  61. I’m pretty boring when it comes to cheeses. Right now, I can’t get enough of extra sharp cheddar and your salted brown sugar peach jam. Heaven!

  62. Mmmm… Brie and apricot jam baked en croute…. sharp cheddar with cranberry relish… any of the things you mentioned in your post… cheese is a wonderful thing and cheese plus jams is magic.

  63. I haven’t tried many pairings, but so far I have loved cheddar with caramelized onions and fig jam with aged anything. Thanks for offering this contest!

  64. My favorite pairing was something introduced to me by Di Bruno Bros a couple of years ago. A friend had scheduled that after hours tasting they do, and two things I discovered there are delightful together: Ewephoria, my current favorite sheep cheese, and drizzled on top, a maple syrup infused with vanilla beans. So amazing. <3 it.

  65. YUM! I love Cypress Grove cheeses. Our go-to guests-for-dinner appetizer is tomato jam + chevre. When I’m feeling a little more 1980s midwestern, I like hot pepper jelly with cream cheese. 🙂 Also, bread-and-butter zucchinis + sharp cheddar on a stone ground wheat cracker is oddly delicious.

  66. Ohhhhhh I love Cypress Grove. My favorite of late has been fig jam with something soft and spreadable (generally fresh chevre or homemade ricotta) on toasted challah or brioche. Traditionally, I’m all about cheddar with pickled onions.

  67. I enjoy some homemade chili sauce on cream cheese for a sweet treat, and some tomato candy with super sharp cheddar for a savory treat. Both served with good crackers or sliced French bread.

  68. I’m a big fan of an aged sheep’s milk cheese with honey from the comb, and of brie baked with pesto and sundried tomatoes on sliced baguette!

  69. I have been a fan of humboldt fog for years, but have never paired it with jam. My current favorite combo is plum preserves made from my sister’s plum tree with fresh ricotta. Would love to win this and try new things!

  70. A couple years a go I made the best spicy chutney from my yellow plum tree. I took it along with some chèvre to every gathering i was invited to. Needless to say, people loved it, scraped the plate clean. Only trouble is that I used a couple different recipes and I failed to write down what I did so I haven’t been able to reproduce it with the same results. I hope I’ll still get invited to parties. 🙂 Maybe this mustarda will put me back on top again!

  71. I pair every one of my jams and chutneys with cheese – mostly the pear and peach chutney with goat cheese or sharp cheddar. Chutney atop brie is my go-to appetizer when in a hurry. Just made your tomato jam and I’m pairing it with goat cheese for tonight’s appetizer for Rosh Hashana.

  72. I made a tomato jam and fresh mozzarella pizza a few days ago that might be my new favorite pairing. Prior to that, it was ale apple onion relish with a really sharp cheddar.

  73. Oh my goodness, my mouth is watering looking at that goat cheese…

    My go-to pairing is either tomato jam or a spiced pear jam, with an extra sharp local cheddar cheese and some homemade french bread. It has a good wow factor as an appetizer board. 🙂

  74. I’m on the low carb track and I found a recipe for Bacon Onion Cookies (yes please!) Those went really great with cream cheese and a smear of tomato jam.

  75. Not my fave combination, but I did have some fig preserves one time and my sister insisted on putting some sort of goat cheese with it. That was yummy, but I cannot remember the cheese.

  76. Admittedly I am new to this canning and cheese combo thing, but the other day I ate honeyed peaches over goat cheese and it was heavenly. I have also thoroughly enjoyed spicy jam preserves over… well… any cheese really. My grandfather owned a cheese shop… so in my humble opinion, there is no such thing as a bad cheese.

  77. Tried the cheese board at a recent dinner at Rappahannock in Richmond, VA. They paired local sheep and goat cheese with a fabulous house-made golden raisin curry jam. Been hunting for a similar recipe ever since so I can try this pairing again at home.

  78. This summer I made Tomato Basil Jam for the first time and oh my goodness, so good! I love it with a little chevre on crackers!

  79. I didn’t grow up classy enough to have fruit preserves and cheese pairings, so I’m still trying to explore and pick favorites on this one. But a fig preserve on a grilled (usually pepper jack) cheese with pear and bacon is always a hit at our house.

  80. I made an amazing Blueberry Chutney that pairs great with any soft cheese. I also love Apple Jam with a little cheddar cheese. Yum!

  81. My favorite pairing would definitely be raspberry jalapeno jam with goat cheese! The tartness of the berries marries perfectly with the spicy aftertaste from the peppers and creaminess of the cheese.

  82. With Brie, I make a currant jam/cranberry/walnut mixture that is awesome. Wrap that up in some puff pastry, and you have the most incredible baked brie ever.

  83. For this answer, I definitely fall back on my Brazilian roots. One of my all-time favorite cheese and preserve pairings is a mild farmer’s cheese or basket cheese (“queijo mineiro” in Portuguese) with guava jam/paste. In Brazil, we actually call this combo “Romeo and Juliet”, although I’m not sure why that name arose. I can’t get enough of it whenever I visit family in Brazil!

  84. Humboldt Fog is to die for (as are all the cypress Grove cheeses) and I love it with quince paste or tomato jam (just canned my very first jars and found your blog when searching online for “how do I can this?” thanks! ) Now how do we MAKE quince paste?

  85. It’s very basic, but I like bread and butter pickles on sharp cheddar cheese on a saltine or round buttery cracker. Textures and flavor contrast! And YUM!

  86. I love their Humboldt Fog. So, so good! My usual pairing is apricot jam with chevre, but there are so many options out there! I made a quince jam that goes really well with a smoked gouda. I couldn’t commit to making membrillo, but the quince jam was close enough for us.

  87. Brie with Raspberry Preserves! Sometimes I am put together and will put this on a cracker or slice of baguette; however, I have been known to eat it plain just brie and raspberry!

  88. I have been making grilled cheese sandwiches with my sister’s tomato jam and goat cheese! If i’m feeling fancy, I add some basil! Love!

  89. When I did a study abroad in Northern Spain, we tried a nice, mild tetilla cheese with the local membrillo (fig paste) on top. Never had better.

  90. Fig jam with sheep cheese on those expensive multi-grain crackers from Trader Joes, along with a bottle of sparkling wine makes any lunch feel like a picnic. I’m so happy to have a fig tree in my back yard!

  91. Jam and brie is definitely a favorite – anything not too sweet like apricot or something spicy like pepper jelly are so yummy. Looking forward to seeing your mostarda recipe.

  92. Oh, I love cheese and any preserve! Jalapeño jelly and cheddar on a cracker is to die for! I also love apple chutney and chèvre. Cheese and preserves are made for each other!

  93. We like Humboldt Fog with champagne. Oh, wait – you said preserves…..!

    One of our favorites is from your first book, the Caramelized Red Onion Relish, with a plain goat cheese – on baguette slices or plain crackers. Yum.

  94. Almost any kind of strong melty cheese with blueberry jam in a grilled cheese sandwich. Ok really I don’t see a reason to have fewer cheese pairings– cheese is lovely all the time!

  95. oh how I love cheese pairings! my favorite thing I’ve made is Michigan cherry & jalopeno jam served over goat cheese. but I can’t wait to try the tomato jam next. just made my first batch!

  96. I’ve worked as a cheesemonger for the past year in the Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia. After being around so much cheese (my shop specialized in Italian imports as well as outstanding domestic cheeses) I have many, many favorite pairings.

    I could talk about the beautiful counter-play between stilton and dark chocolate, or the tried-but-true chevre with fig jam. But one of my most unconventional pairings is also my favorite: aged gouda and tahini. It sounds weird, however consider that aged goudas tend to be quite sweet with some crunch from their tyrosine crystals and tahini has a rich, nutty twist. This pairing mimics the more traditional aged gouda and toasted nuts, except it allows for nut-free snacking and can make the transition from bread to crackers without a hiccup. This pairing even welcomes gluten-free or whole grain heavy crackers: the seeds add to the sweet/nutty play between cheese and sesame.

    It’s spectacular. And almost never recommended!

    Also, Midnight Moon is, without competition, my favorite goat gouda. And Cypress Grove makes amazing goat cheeses.

  97. I am such a novice! Ha! I take a dab of one of the jams I have on hand that interests me and stir in bit of rooster sauce. I pair it with cream cheese on a cracker.

  98. 9 year old extra sharp cheddar with raspberry jam…AND bacon. Because…BACON! (oh, and the cheese went really well with a dark chocolate fudge, but that’s another story.)

  99. Brie with tomato jam is my favorite, add some rice crackers to finish off the ‘ meal’. I also like donations with a raspberry pepper jelly or peach chutney.

  100. Oh man. I’m pretty basic – fig jam with a good goat cheese is all I need! Although lord knows I wouldn’t turn down any cheese – or preserve, for that matter!

  101. Call me old fashioned but my favorite is still a sharp cheddar with some cinnamon spices apple. I love variety as well but if I had to choose, that would be it.

  102. I’m getting hungry reading other people’s comments. I love brie with a berry jam (doesn’t matter what kind, although raspberry and blackberry are my favorites. Also a mild goat cheese with peach butter. Yummy!

  103. Reading the post and all the comments, my mouth is watering for cheese! I love any and all cheese. Hope to win the selection so I can try the recipe! Cheers!

  104. I’m not sure if a grilled mozzarella sandwich with pesto counts, so how about grilled cheese with peach chutney? I haven’t tried many cheese/preserve pairings yet!

  105. the world’s easiest and yummiest appetizer: boursin cheese with fig jam. My mom has to make 2 plates at holidays because the kids eat it all before the extended family arrives.

  106. Mine’s a bit mundane (but then, I haven’t done a lot of experimentation along those lines): Cream cheese and mild salsa (I like Pace chunky) with maybe a thin slice of avocado, on a homemade amaranth-and-rye cracker. Has to be * mild * salsa, mind you; hot will overwhelm both the cream cheese and the avocado.

    Pickled plums sound FANTASTIC.

  107. Sriracha peach jam and a frittata with herbed goat cheese – actually just did this with a Cyprus grove variety that had fennel pollen in it earlier this week!

  108. Well, I just realized that there is so many wonderful combinations I need to try. I love Brie with blueberry jam. I shared some with a friend yesterday. It was delicious.

  109. I had a brie sandwich with fig compote and sliced pears the other day, and it was amazing! I love Cypress Grove’s Humboldt Fog and eat it with chutney – yum yum!

  110. I love goat cheese, blackberry jam and horseradish on a turkey sandwich.
    another good one is grated cheddar mixed with cream cheese and chopped
    green olives w/pimento rolled up in slices of prosciutto. Yum.

  111. There are so many good choices, but I’ll go back to the first one that I really remember wowing me in my teens: warm Brie and apricot preserves on a French Baguette. Not the most original pairing, but it’s so good that I don’t care.

  112. […] Food in Jars is giving away assorted cheeses from Cypress Grove.  When I used to work as the inventory manager for a cheese department in an organic food store years ago (I love you, Integral Yoga!), we had the hardest time keeping these rich and masterfully made goat cheeses in stock due to their popularity.  Go leave a comment and enter to win! Ends on Saturday, September 27, 2014. […]

  113. I’m a huge fan of Humboldt Fog cheese. I’d eat that with this delicious pear jelly that my MIL makes on fresh baguette from my local boulangere. So good!

  114. ALL OF THEM. Okay, if I have to choose, I like a soft, spreadable goat cheese on a triscuit with plums preserved in star anise syrup.

  115. Tomato jam (I make mine with maple syrup in place of sugar, because I’m in Vermont) and a slice of wicked sharpest cheddar on a toasted baguette.

  116. My favorite is the classic goat cheese with local honey. Sometimes I add black pepper and/or fresh rosemary! Oh god I hope I win this cheese I need this cheese so bad I live for cheese!! Also your blog is super rad! 🙂

  117. your tomato jam paired with almost any cheese is delicious –
    Looking forward to trying my new peach rosemary jam with a brie or

  118. Fig jam + chevre is always a winner! I made fig jam for the first time this year just because I love that pairing but never want to spring for the fig jam at the store.

  119. It was at a party a couple of years ago that I had my first experience with preserves and cheese. It was a block of cream cheese that had been covered with apricot jam mixed with horseradish. It was delicious! I’ve had it a couple of times since, but haven’t tried any other combos. My sister LOVES cheese, so I’d definitely have to share this with her… And, maybe I’ll make her a gift basket for Christmas of a few preserves with cheeses- thanks for the inspiration!

  120. Last year I made fig jam from the fig tree in my community garden. The figs didn’t all ripen at once, so I dehydrated them as they did. Come December, I made the jam. It’s the best fig jam I have ever made. I love it with spread on the bread with cheese and then made as a grilled cheese.

  121. My favorite is a soft young cheese draped in some rhubarb cherry chutney. I made that chutney from the FiJs recipe substituting dried cherries for the raisins, which I was out of at the time. It’s amazing on a cracker or good crusty bread!

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