Giveaway: Anolon Vesta Cast Iron 5 Quart Braiser

anolon braiser top

I have a minor cookware obsession. I shop thrift stores for old cast iron skillets. I scan yard sales for vintage Le Creuset or Cousances. And I pick up stainless steel skillets at discount stores, always in the hope of finding a piece that will eclipse all others.

anolon handle

Because of this preoccupation, I find that I’ve become something of a cookware attractor. One more than one occasion, strangers have walked up to me with gifts of grill pans and ancient canning kettles. And last spring at the IACP conference, I unwittingly chose a seat that had been marked as a winner in an Anolon Vesta 5-Quart Cast Iron Braiser giveaway.

anolon braiser side

I turned in the card that marked me as a winner (there were a number of us that day) along with my mailing information, and several weeks later, this lovely braiser arrived on my doorstep.

The outside is a shiny red and the interior sports a matte black enamel interior. The interior of the lid is studded with raised nubs that are designed to channel flavorful liquid back into the food as it cooks. It conducts heat beautifully, cleans up easily, and makes an excellent small batch jam pan.

anolon braiser lid tilted

Back in June, I ran into the ladies who help Anolon with their PR and gushed about how much I’ve enjoyed this piece of cookware. They were delighted to hear it and asked if I might like to give a couple of them away. I think I said yes before the question was even finished.

So that’s what I’m giving away this week. I have two of these Vesta Braisers for two of you. Here’s how to enter.

  1. Leave a comment on this post and tell me something about your cookware situation. Do you you have very pot and pan you’ve ever dreamed of? Are you a cast iron person, or do you prefer stainless steel? Or perhaps, you’re on a mission to find the perfect skillet to complete your batterie de cuisine.
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm east coast time on Saturday, August 8, 2015. The winner will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog on Sunday, August 9, 2015.
  3. Giveaway is open to US residents only (and is void where prohibited).
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left on the blog, I cannot accept submissions via email.

For more information about Anolon and their cookware, follow them on social media. Here’s where you can find them.

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Disclosure: Anolon is providing the two braisers I’m giving away at no cost to me. Additionally, the one you see photographed here was itself a giveaway prize, so I did not pay for it. However, no money has traded hands in order to bring this giveaway into being. This blog post exists simply because this is an excellent product and I’m happy to have an opportunity to share it with you guys. All opinions expresses are entirely my own. 

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729 responses to “Giveaway: Anolon Vesta Cast Iron 5 Quart Braiser”

  1. I for sure prefer cast iron, but I was happy to find a wide, heavy-bottomed stainless steel skillet at Village Thrift in Pennsauken last year. It’s great for dishes that might be a little messier than I prefer when cooked in cast iron, and it’s also great for small batches of jam.

  2. I bought a Le Creuset for an ex-boyfriend. I wish I’d taken it with me when I moved out. Sigh.

    I’ve been adding items to my cookware and this would be a fab addition!

  3. My husband and I just moved from a very tiny apartment into a less tiny apartment, which includes a decent sized kitchen. I’ve been eyeing all kinds of cookware now that I finally have a place to put it! This would be the perfect thing for small batch jam or a soup/stew for just the two of us!

  4. I just treated myself to my first cast iron skillet this year and now I don’t know why I waited so long! It is wonderful for frying and moving from stovetop to oven. I love it.

  5. I have a nice set of stainless but am dreaming of a staub…..Cast iron is great for stove top to oven and makes me think of fall stews and soups.

  6. I am drooling over the photos in this post! A good Dutch oven is the single “thing” that I miss most about having moved away from home. Most of my cookware is inherited or scavenged from thrift stores, although I have a beautiful 12″ cast iron skillet that was a wedding gift from my stepdaughters.

  7. My favorite remains the French stainless steel saute pan that I picked up at a community yard sale for all of $6. I still don’t know why I didn’t buy everything that guy was selling! It’s quite heavy, which makes it a bit of a challenge to work with sometimes, but it’s a wonderful piece.

  8. I am a bit of a Le Creuset whore and love the enamel cast iron for everything. While I don’t want the summer to end, I can’t wait for braising season!

  9. I adore cast iron cookware. Since I upgraded to a new convection oven- not all pans will work on my stovetop. Thankfully, cast iron still works! That red is gorgeous!

  10. I’ve picked up a few pieces of cookware at thrift stores, but have also received several of my grandmother’s sauté pans and pots. I love cooking with cast iron (have a few of her pieces including a muffin tin!) but this would be a wonderful and incredibly versatile addition. It would be perfect size for my family of 3. and the color!!! I love love love it!

  11. I like my cast ion basics, but I’m thinking about trying out an enameled cast iron dutch oven, so this would be perfect.

  12. I have a few nice pieces of cookware, but I never seem to have the right ones. I love enamel, though don’t have any pots that are enamel yet.

  13. I actually don’t own any style of Dutch oven. All of my pots and pans tend to be saute pans or saucepans. I’m really hoping to change that.

  14. I love my cast iron, but sadly they are not enameled. For canning I’m limited to my pasta pot and a couple sautee pans. This would be a much needed addition to my cookware.

  15. I recently switched to an induction cooktop, so I had to get rid of about half of my cookware. Fortunately, my heirloom cast iron still works on the new cooktop! I like enameled cast iron and have a dutch oven, but not a braiser. I also have to buy a new canner but they are really expensive for induction!

  16. That is beautiful! I have some cast iron and an old,old trusty Le Creuset, but I have nothing so suitable for small batch jams and I am once again in a small batch phase of my life.

  17. I have two nice cast iron skillets passed down from my mother and law. The red of the Anolon would perfectly match my kitchen!

  18. I have only one other enameled cast iron “dutch oven” pot, and it is fantastic! Mine is a red oval (the better to fit a whole chicken!) one by Staub, and I’ve been wanting a round one – this one would even match =)

  19. I have one Le Creuset Dutch oven and have always wanted a braiser as the Dutch oven can be a little heavier. The braiser would definitely fit my cooking needs and would look great in photos as I work on my first cookbook!

  20. I have a Le Creuset stock pot that I love! The rest of my cookware is hand-me-downs at this point so I am working on slowly buying the items I want that will last.

  21. I am slowly building up my supply of nice cookware. my favorites are my cast iron skillet and my old Le Creuset pot. I am in search of a perfect dutch oven and some more heavy bottomed pans for canning.

  22. I love the look of this pot! My kitchen is fairly well-stocked, pot-wise, but I mostly have MASSIVE pots that I use for large batches of homemade stock or canning. A small-to-medium pot like this would be a perfect fit in my kitchen, and the red matches a lot of the tools I have already!

  23. I am still in search mode for that collection of all right pans! I have several nearly rights and a couple “yes, I love to cook with this”! The search is part of the fun!

    And bowls too – I would love to hear what bowls people love after you finish with pans here! =)

  24. I have a mixture of pots and pans, and one great Cuisinart piece that I use a lot. I’ve been tempted to buy a cast iron piece at garage sales, but haven’t yet taken the plunge. Soon, though, I’m thinking! This sweet red piece would be a welcome addition to my kitchen 😀

  25. Oh man this pan is beautiful! I have a Le Creuset skillet from their outlet store, and it gets so much use that it lives on the stove. I have been oohing over an enameled dutch oven for forever. Winning one here, in what looks to be a very similar red to my skillet, would mean my skillet gets a companion on the stove top!

  26. Wow, this would be awesome! I’m living the apartment life with a single set of saucepans and two cast iron skillets. Having a giant braiser would be a huge help for small-batch canning and roasting meats/veggies alike!

  27. I have a mixture of pots and pans but the pan I have carried with me on trips is a cast iron skillet. We’ve also started trying to bake in cast iron. Cast iron is so versatile with the added benefit of working on induction burners unlike some of my beloved aluminum clad pans.

  28. I only have non stick pans. I could really use a deep sided pan that would work for jam, etc. I made peach BBQ sauce last weekend and my deep sided frying pan was millimeters from spilling over its sides while I simmered it down.

  29. I am also on constant lookout for Le Creuset. I recently replaced all of my non-stick pans that had gotten in bad shape with new T-Fal (I won’t buy teflon at a yard sale). Right now, I would love love love that braiser. I have so many uses for a good, deep, but not dutch oven deep, pan.

  30. What an excellent giveaway! Right now I have an enameled cast iron pan that I do most of my cooking in, but unfortunately, the enamel is starting to flake off. It’s a bummer, but it’s not a high-quality piece, so I can’t say that I’m surprised. I would love to cook in this piece of Anolon – I love that it’s appropriate for small batch jam! Score!

  31. My luckiest cookware purchase ever was a Cuisinart cast iron enamel dutch oven at Marshall’s. I go back occasionally to see if I can lucky again. I don’t own a braiser. I would like to.

  32. I love and only use stainless steel, cast iron, tempered glass, and enamelware. I don’t have a real braiser yet even though I braise a lot of different foods. That pan would be a dream come true. Affording to buy one is a long way off for me.

  33. We live in a small apartment with a tiny kitchen under the stairs, so storage is limited. I’ve paired down our pots/pans down to mostly enameled cast iron and a few steel pots that are also oven safe. I love doing braises, so stove-to-oven convertability is key for our pots 🙂

  34. i have a bit of a Staub addiction. So, so beautiful and cook like a dream. Other than too many pieces (can there be?), I love AllClad and Tremontina stainless.

  35. I have recently purchased my first cast iron pan. I actually keep it on the stove top after using it. Since it’s always there i have discovered it is becoming one of the most used items in my kitchen! It’d be fun to try a second piece!

  36. I love my enameled cast iron pans! I need to replace a few other pieces and will probably buy a few new ones soon…although winning one would be even better 🙂

  37. I recently got a large cast iron skillet that really helped round out my cookware collection. Still need a dutch oven.

  38. I have a rather limited set of cookware and none of it is pretty! That Vesta Braiser just makes you want to cook! Thanks for the giveaway.

  39. Right now, I’m stuck cooking in a hundred year old kitchen with no counters. My cookware isn’t fantastic, but I have a few good pieces. I would love to have a brazier like that!

  40. I LOVE cast iron…tho as I grow older I wish it was not quite so heavy. Perhaps lifting my iron pans will keep me in shape. I love their non-stick surface (when seasoned and cared for correctly)…and only wish my live-in son would learn to clean my pans immediately after using!

    I have picked up my cast iron pieces at garage sales and resale shops…my small cast iron dutch oven came from “Vinnie’s Boutique” years ago for the grand total of $3. I would LOVE to own this fabulous red braiser…it would go with my sixties Dansk 9 quart covered casserole.

  41. I do not have any quality cookware. I love that this can go from stovetop to oven! This one is not too big or too small – just right! This would be perfect since I recently got into canning for sauces and jams.

  42. We got a bunch of really beautiful pieces for our wedding – my favorites are our stainless steel pots and pans, and a cast iron frying pan. We’re pretty set with our kitchenware, but I always have my eye on more cast iron pieces with beautiful finishes.

  43. I love heavy stainless except to braise and for bacon. Both work great on my induction range, which I love even more than gas.

  44. I have a portion of what I want – four good pieces of All Clad – 2 sauciers and 2 pans. I also have one great cast iron skillet. There are several pieces I need to make my cookware complete. I do not have anything like this braiser and it would get me one piece closer to having a well stocked cookware cabinet.

  45. I bought a Calphalon set a long time ago (sadly, didn’t know I shouldn’t put it in the dishwasher, so have a couple ruined pieces…) and have a motley collection of other pans–old cast iron fry pan, IKEA stockpot, a couple little le Creuset pans with varying degrees of enamel. Would love to have a braiser like this that could go to table.

  46. I have recently moved and all of my things are still in my old home… would love to start over again with this pot

  47. I’ve been accumulating pieces over the years, including my most guilty pleasure — the Le Creuset dutch oven I took in a breakup. Would love my newest piece to have a better origin story!

  48. I still have my grandmothers cast iron fry pans and her favorite aluminum pot. I love them all because they were hers. Along the many years of cooking and baking I’ve bought a few things for myself but they wore out and ended up trashed or sold at yard sales. Sooooo in love with Le Cruset, but it’s on a wish list for the future. Thank you for a chance at winning such a beautiful braiser. It’s the perfect size for our new found empty nest. Roast beef would be my first meal with this pot for sure!!!

  49. My cookware is mostly what my mom scavenges from her annual church rummage sale – so it’s a motley lot, but the one enameled cast iron pot I have is my baby! It doesn’t get a ton of love in the summer, but all fall and winter it makes me soups, stews, and one pot wonders!

  50. I adore cast iron. I have a lot of nonstick aluminum skillets, but I use my cast iron skillet most. I would love to have a larger cast iron pot to work in. Right now, I just have the skillet.

  51. I have a really nice stockpot, but basically everything else I have is garbage. I’ve been coveting cast iron and/or enameled things for ages, but they’re not quite in my budget.

  52. I love cast iron – it’s pretty much all I cook with! I too am always looking for Le Creuset or Cousances at yard sales and thrift shops. Someday I’ll be able to buy a brand new one!!!

  53. Hi! I, sadly, don’t own any cast iron cookware yet. I worked at Williams-Sonoma for a few years during school and still never managed to purchase any le creuset (except an orange tea kettle, not cast iron anyway), but I have big dreams for this Christmas. Right now I make due with my Chefmate cookware from Target that I purchased in college and a fabulous 13″ Calphalon skillet from our wedding registry that gets used daily.

    Btw, tonight I’m making your cucumber dill pickles and zucchini pickles with a friend! Can’t wait… First time pickler here 🙂

  54. I have cast iron and enameled cast iron – the enameled is my favorite. Now I’ll have to look for Analon because I didn’t know they made such nice pieces!

  55. I’ve got a couple of Revereware pots I use for soups, an 11″ Rachael Ray skillet and several others I use much less frequently. This would be a nice addition.

  56. I once had a perfect pan… and it had a lovely lid that fit and everything.. but it was a oddly shaped 14″ pan and one day it had to be retired. And then I could not find another 14″ pan, 13″ too small and 20″ too large.. it seems so strange that I wonder if I even dreamed about my 14″ pan.

    I have often looked at enameled pans and wished for them. They’ve been on my xmas list for a few years but haven’t actually tried one yet. I will keep my fingers crossed!!

  57. I have cast iron skillets from my husband’s grandmother that are used several times a day. I was just saying a couple of days ago how I’d like to learn to braise veggies. This would be perfect!

  58. We have 3 Le Creuset pots, one was a wedding gift, one we purchased new, and one is a hand-me-down from my husband’s parents – so fun to use multi-generational cookware! Otherwise, we mostly use cast iron skillets.

  59. Enamel lined cast iron rocks! I’ve never tried Analon (but would love to). I am a Le Creuset junkie and search it out whenever possible.

  60. I love my cast iron skillets, but my heart gravitates towards vintage enamelled stockpots and such…which are always in some kind of sad, chipped state. I would love to win a brand new one!

  61. I am newly married, but never registered for any Le Creuset, which makes me sad! I do need a piece of theirs to own finally!

  62. There are so many pots I still need to own. I have a basic Calphalon set that has been my trusty companion for more than 15 years and a single, smallish Le Creuset Dutch oven. Cast iron is my secret love, though, and this would be such a beautiful addition to the collection.

  63. We are total cast iron folks, I love starting a dish on the stovetop and transferring it to the oven– omelet, dutch baby, etc. What we lack is some good sauce pans, pans that can really cook down fruits, and bowls. We need more bowls. Though really, I make good food with what we have. One of the things I do that I am not so proud of is that I borrow stuff and take a long time to return it. My neighbor and aunt lent us a mixing bowl, which we still have, and she asked after it. I told her she could come get it, and that it was serving an important function for us. And of course, in her typical generous way, she brought be a new bowl, and has yet to pick up her old one. I love this rural life of generosity and sharing, and know this pan could be shared among many, all the way up in Montpelier, Vermont.

  64. What a lovely pan! We have a hodgepodge of cookware, most of it hand-me-downs, including two cast iron skillets and a cast iron dutch oven from my grandmother. I love that most of our pans have stories. My favorite piece is our spaghetti pot, which is huge and blue and I picked up for $5 at a church rummage sale a few weeks before I moved into my first apartment. I have made a lot of meals in that pot. All kinds of noodles and potatoes (for mashing and salad) and it’s still going strong.

  65. I have my great-grandmother’s cast iron skillet, I cook tons of things in it, but I do love my set of stainless steel pots, I a sucker for the easy clean up!

  66. My mom gave me a set of Farberware stainless steel pots as a wedding present, because she received the exact some set for HER wedding and they were still going strong after 25 years! I’m slowly adding a mish-mash of cookware as I can afford it, from a regular cast-iron skillet to one beloved Le Creuset casserole dish. This would be a great addition!

  67. I have a few good quality pieces (enamel Le Creuset Dutch oven that I LOVE and cast iron skillet) but have always wanted a fancy copper pot. They look so pretty though I haven’t cooked in one to know if its prettiness is worth it. I’d also take an All-Clad saucepan any day!

  68. I remember my mom using cast iron all the time when I was growing up but alas, I did not keep any of them. Currently I have a flat cast iron pan and an enameled cast iron dutch oven. I also have stainless steel. I’m never afraid to have too many cooking tools!

  69. I have a lot of old cast iron that belonged to my mother and use it every day. I would love to cook with an enameled cast iron piece but my pan budget this year was for new Vollrath roasting pans. Still dreaming about a beautiful enameled pan though 🙁

  70. Cast iron is my cookware of choice. I also have stainless steel pans from my husband’s grandma that are starting to show signs of wear. It might be time to replace them.

  71. I have been looking for the perfect vessel to make short ribs in and this looks like it would do the trick very nicely. I’m drooling just thinking about it. Yum!

  72. I’m just getting started. I bought a big blue canning pot, the jar tongs, and jars…and a couple magazines/book. I’m loving learning more, and creative ways to can in smaller batches that I didn’t realize I could do.

  73. I have two Lodge enameled dutch ovens (3 and 5qt) that I love to death and use for everything from soups to casseroles to roasts to … (you get the picture). The super sad part is the enamel is flaking off in a few spots and the bottom has thinned and the whole thing is starting to fall apart such that I don’t use them if I can use another pot, for fear they’ll die.

  74. I have used stainless for most of my cooking. I recently bought an enameled cast iron pot and I love it.
    I need some more for my induction stovetop.

  75. I love enameled cast iron! I have a large oval Le Creuset dutch oven (in my favorite shade of purple!) that dear hubby gave to me for Christmas a few years ago. It’s my go-to pan for pot roasts and stews as well as jam, but it would be nice to have a smaller option for small batches of jam!

  76. After my daughter was born in 2013 I burned out the bottom of THREE beautiful pots- mommy brain- including my prized Orange le creuset soup pot I got thrifting for $2. My partner won’t let me buy anything nice now- but my track record has been clean since January 2014! Missing beautiful cookware!

  77. I use stainless steel mostly because I can put it in the dishwasher!! But our Le Creuset ends up getting the most use, even though we have to hand wash it. It’s worth the extra effort. 🙂

  78. I have a basic 7 piece Revereware stainless steel set with copper bottoms that was a wedding gift. My beloved husband has gifted me 2 All Clad stainless skillets, a Flame Le Cruset grill pan and Cobalt LeCruset oval Dutch Oven! Somewhere along the line I picked up a Martha Stewart sauté pan with a glass lid for $20 and it was a real find! My daughter moved into her first apartment last month and is still cooking with her college hand me downs! I’d love to gift her this! Especially since her new digs have an old retro red and chrome kitchen!&

  79. I have an assortment, as it seems most people do! I do love my All Clad pieces that we picked up when first married or have been gifted to us from my mom. From making steel cut oats in the morning to warming up some leftover chili in the evening – I usually have at least one saucepan going at all times!

  80. I love my Stainless pieces, a Cuisinart set from my hubby. I try not to use nonstick, but I have a couple to use for omlettes. I have an off brand enamel cast iron pot, but it has seen better days, and it’s HEAVY!

  81. We use enameled cast iron primarily, and augment (especially during canning season) with a gaggle of accumulated stainless steel from before we were married.

  82. I <3 cast iron!
    I have my one stand-by cast iron skillet, but I could really use something deeper.
    Thanks for having this give-away!

  83. I have both stainless and cast iron and find that I use each for different dishes depending on the recipe. I love my stainless Dutch cooker for making jam

  84. I got a set of anodized Calphalon cookware and some nesting cast iron skillets years ago, and that’s served me well, but I’ve needed a good, heavy, enameled braising pan for ages. I’ve eyed them in the store, and just haven’t gotten the gumption to buy one yet. This would be so useful! And I love red cookware–it just makes me want to cook!

  85. I do most of my cooking in an old cast iron frying pan I got from a farmer’s market vendor for $10, old Revere Ware (also $10 from a FM vendor), and a Lodge cast iron dutch over. I just got a 5qt Le Crueset dutch oven for Christmas that I love dearly. I’m hoping to upgrade one piece a year to quality pans for the long term.

  86. I have been lusting for a piece of enameled cookware and just when I was ready to spring for a discounted-yet-still-pricey piece at Home Goods they stopped carrying it! So my lusting continues. I have All-Clad pots and pans, a couple of Lodge cast iron pans, and an Emile Henry baking dish, but alas nothing enameled. This beautiful braiser would be my entree–finally–into the world of enameled cookware and introduce Anolon into my collection.

  87. I adore cast iron. I am always on the lookout for Griswold Cast Iron from Erie PA. I found a 9 inch skillet (with lid!) at a thrift store in Colorado and cleaned the layers of rust to make it my everyday pan!

  88. I’ve been wanting to try cast iron for a while now, right now I’m using a set of commercial hard annodized, which works well for most things, except eggs– I haven’t figured out how to cook eggs in anything that isn’t nonstick.

  89. I primarily cook out of a 12-inch Lodge cast iron skillet, a smaller ~6in nonstick skillet, an 8 qt All-Clad stock pot, and a 3 qt steel saucepan. Each piece is an upgraded from a mishmash of falling apart cookware I collected in college. I really enjoy cooking with cast iron and I covet an enameled cast iron dish.

  90. I love cast iron, but don’t have much of it- I also scour thrift stores, and it’s pretty rare to find any there!

  91. When I first moved out of my moms, she got me a set of three cast iron pans.
    When I moved out of that house, I forgot the pans and never got them back. Biggest regret of my life.
    My pans are mostly free from an acme promotion a few months ago. I’m trying to expand to get more quality pieces slowly over time.

  92. I like having a different array of pits and pans. This would make a great addition to my collection…And, I love red!

  93. I’m always on the lookout for additions to my battierie de cuisine at estate sales, yard sales, and thrift shops too. I love finding an item I would never afford new at a bargain price. And often the quality is better too.

  94. I gave my lovely 5 qt sautee le Crueset to my daughter.. And have regretted it ever since! My faves are heavy bottomed pots and pans, not particular as to wether they are cast iron or stainless. I love my copper jam pan though!

  95. I have a variety of pots and pans–my most used are my cast iron skillet and a large stainless steel skillet. My favorite is probably a copper and porcelain double-boiler that was my grandma’s–it is completely impractical, but absolutely gorgeous, and I can’t bring myself to get rid of it despite only using it once or twice a year!

  96. I didn’t want to like cast iron as I wanted everything to go into the dishwasher but it’s just so wonderful that it’s definitely worth the extra clean up time.

  97. I am a new canner just beginning to up my cookware game by adding in cast iron pieces, and this brainer would be the perfect addition!

  98. I have one complete set of pots and pans that my mom got us. They are a cheap stainless steel. Every piece of cookware I have is her hand me downs. I would love to update all my cookware. Thank you for the chance

  99. I use my grandmother’s Le Crueset, part of a set she insisted I receive in high school. It took me a while to appreciate the gift, and now I wouldn’t be without it. I use it for sauces and jam, and basically everything else. This means it’s often in use, and I have been considering buying a second one, or a third, fourth . . .

  100. this looks like a gorgeous pan. I’ve got a very mismatched set, some were my mother’s wedding presents nearly 40 years ago!

  101. I moved but apparently chose the wrong moving company, because I unpacked to find that among the missing items were all of my copper cookware, the cast iron, the le Creuset, and the chef’s knives. I stalk the thrift stores, but am struggling to rebuild my old, lovely collection.

  102. I love cast iron! I have a cast iron skillet, an enameled Dutch oven, and an enameled saucepan. I’d love to add a braisier to my arsenal!

  103. my only perfect pot is a large orange-red Le Creuset Dutch oven that was on DEEP discount ($50!). I snatched it up and wouldn’t put it down, and 6 years later it’s still my favorite: jam, soup/chili, bread, there’s nothing it won’t cook. That said, most of my other pans are cheap nonstick crap, and don’t even get me started on my pot collection. Sigh, one day I’ll get some more grown-up cookware…

  104. My cookware is very hodge podge. I have only been fortunate enough to add one or two nice pieces over the year. The rest are just practice. This is a very lovely cast iron piece that would be nice to add 🙂

  105. I have cookware that I have bought, cookware that was my mother’s, cookware that was my grandmother’s, stainless steel, cast iron, copper bottom pots, you name it! I love cooking with all kinds of pots and pans, and choose my “type” depending on what I am cooking. For frying and making cornbread, you absolutely cannot beat cast iron! I cook green beans and other stewed or boiled vegetables in my stainless steel. You can tell I’m a Southern girl by how many cast iron cooking vessels I have!

  106. I adore cast iron; I’ve got 3 skillets, a grill pan and press, and 2 Dutch ovens, one enameled (this is what I make my jam in) – all from Lodge. I try to keep my collection in check, but I’d honestly love to have more.

    My primary cookware obsession over the past year or so, however, has been sauciers – I picked a closeout 3-quart saucier from American Cookware, and my fiance and I were both so enamored of it that we picked up a 1-quart saucier a few months later. They are so useful and gorgeous, and I want one in every size!

    And obviously I’d have a copper jam pot if money was no issue!

  107. I have stainless steel All-Clad and a bunch of non-stick that makes me feel guilty because it is supposed to be less than healthy to cook on. I am looking for alternatives and am hoping this would work.

  108. Definitely a cast iron/ stainless steel kitchen here. Love the weight of it all. I even have me MIL’s old stainless steel pot, she used it for one particular canning recipe, I pull it out many times a week.
    Thanks, I enjoy your blog

  109. Years ago, my mother gave me a stainless steel set of pots and pans. Most of the handles broke, but the 2 quart pot is still in action and I love it. I use it every day. My other favorite is a deep cast iron fry pan that I splurged on one year for my birthday.

  110. I love my Food in Jars cookbook! I just canned dill pickles and this weekend is the bread and butter pickles!! I sure could use a cast iron pot to make a roast to go with the pickles…

  111. What a beautiful braiser! I have two cast iron pans (a Le Cruset Dutch oven and a Lodge skillet) they are the workhorses of my kitchen.

  112. We have a mix of pots and pans from all over, mostly stainless. I’m looking to replace all nonstick that we have with cast iron. Thank you for giving us the chance to do that!

  113. I too am a thrifter of le creuset. The trouble is, I often find pots missing their lids (autocorrect wanted kids, which could be appropriate, I suppose). I stalk ebay looking for the appropriate lids but then I’m faced with deciding how much I’m willing to pay and if I want to wait for a lid that’s the same color (who knows how long that will take) or just grab the correct size and have weird mismatched pots. I’d be wonderful to have such a lovely matching piece.

  114. I have some cast iron and some stainless. I’d welcome more cast iron, but have a ceramic cooktop that means my cast iron gets campfire use, the stainless is for the stovetop.

  115. I do love cast iron. I have a Dutch oven my mom bought me a few years ago that gets use every few days, and a cast iron skillet. I dream of collecting a bunch of enamel cast ironed pots and pans in different colors to add a splash of color to our kitchen.
    This giveaway would be incredible!

    (BTW: What we jar this time of year in Arizona? Everything prickly pear. Syrup, jam, jelly, marmalade…)

  116. My favorite cookware piece is a large, yellow dutch oven. It cooks so well, it looks bright and cheery, and, after reading this post, I now know what the nubs on the lid are for! I love it.

  117. I have different pots and pans for different jobs. I don’t own any enamled cast iron but I have always wanted a piece to add to my stainless steel pots and pans and cast iron pans and griddles.

  118. I finally, after years of searching, found a great quality nonstick wok and my life is so much easier now when I make stir fry. BTW, Jeremy told me about your obsession with a certain brand of cookware. 😉 I laughed because I can sure relate. 😉

  119. I have two cast iron skillets that I absolutely abuse with how much I use them. I’d love to add a few pieces to grow my collection. I missed garage sale season this year due to travel, but maybe I’ll get lucky…..

  120. I’m embarrassed to say that we hauled a set of cast iron frying pans around for a decade before I finally seasoned and started cooking in them. Now, we use them for just about everything; they rarely make it back into the cupboard.

  121. I also love my cast iron skillet. I’m very particular about what is cooked in it (no meat, although I know the grease would probably be a great seasoner).

  122. I still have dreams about the cast iron skillet my grandmother used to make biscuits in–discarded as too heavy to move to Arizona and I too young to appreciate that NOTHING would ever taste like those biscuits because of that pan! After my stint in culinary school, I use a mish-mash of assorted pots and pans, whatever is serviceable and practical for the job. Names don’t impress me much but this pan looks fabulous!

  123. Yes!

    OK, yes, I collect cast iron and love it, especially a very old, Wagner Ware No 9 “Drip Drop Roaster.” And anything stainless steel.

    Am hoping that if I acquire enough good cookware perhaps I might some day actually enjoy cooking. Not likely to happen, but it’s a good enough excuse to keep acquiring it!

  124. I am still building my cookware collection. I have a few stainless steel pans but I’ve been wanting a cast iron dutch oven for some time. I recently used a friend’s cast iron pot at a campfire gathering and I’ve been collecting dutch oven recipes ever since.

  125. Oh, I’m in love with this braiser! I have a red le creuset dutch oven I’m simmering puttanesca sauce in right now, and I have some thrifted cast iron pans that have become beautifully seasoned over the years – I love cooking in them. I actually grew up with terrible unseasoned cast iron pans that caused me a lot of stress in my formative years and was ignorant of their care until several years ago. I had no idea they could be so lovely to cook with! Other than the pans and the dutch oven, everything else is hit or miss cookware!

  126. My cookware is mostly hand me downs that were my grandmother’s that I got when I first moved out. Then, I have the few random pieces I’ve picked up since then – a large cast iron skillet, a non stick skillet, a giant pot for chili. I tend to replace things as they wear out, so none of my stuff matches!

  127. I’m using pots and pans that are about 15 years old and need to be replaced. We just haven’t decided what we want to get!

  128. ISO the perfect pots they all have a purpose and my Farberware set is loved to death. Seriously, it time for its retirement. Eeeech

  129. I just last year started using Lodge Cast Iron skillets and found that to be a learning process, the foods I cook or bake taste amazing and brown really nice. I no longer use a non stick variety of pans, I had purchased a high end line after using lesser brands and still find that the coating chips. I went back to using a small set of Cuisinart pans that I got for free when I purchased the Food Processor back in the 80’s or early 90’s. They are really nice stainless steel made in Korea with a copper core bottom. My dream is to have copper pans and casseroles. I also have a LeCrueset grill pan that’s pretty awesome. I’d love to have this Braiser in my collection especially for fall cooking – thanks for the chance

  130. I have a chain-store brand braiser that works well, but it’s a 3.5 qt. size. Would love to have a collection of these, especially something suitable for larger dinner parties.

  131. My wife would love one of these! She has been looking for one for a while. We have been going all cast iron and she enjoys the “heavy pots”

  132. I have several cast iron pieces and love ’em all! I do not have a good small batch pan though ~ I’ve been looking but so far had little luck. This piece is lovely!! And a perfect color…. ; )

  133. I am a vintage type of person and love the old things. I have my grandma’s old Revere ware from the 1940’s. And I like the set a lot, but am discovering that the set doesn’t meet all my cooking needs, particularly in regards to canning. And as I am attempting to flesh out my repertoire in the kitchen, apparently I will need to do the same the cookware. This would be a great addition, although I wish it was a different color…but not looking a gifthorse in the mouth.

  134. Bought my first Lodge 12″ cast iron skillet last year and I love it!! I can’t imagine using anything else. They are so pricey that it might be awhile until I get my next one. I love cooking with my cast iron and can’t wait to grow my batterie de cuisine! What an awesome giveaway!

  135. I am a vintage type of person and love the old things. I have my grandma’s old Revere ware from the 1940’s. And I like the set a lot, but am discovering that the set doesn’t meet all my cooking needs, particularly in regards to canning. And as I am attempting to flesh out my repertoire in the kitchen, apparently I will need to do the same with the cookware. This would be a great addition, although I wish it was a different color…but not looking a gifthorse in the mouth.

  136. I love cast iron! I have a set of frying pans I inherited from my great aunt when she stopped cooking. But no dutch oven. I really want to add one to my collection and I’m sure my mom would appreciate me longer stealing/borrowing hers!

  137. I have TONS of non-stick cookware. Some of its quite nice and I’m grateful for it. However for health reasons I am starting the slow switch to cast iron and other more natural materials. I would love to have this piece in my small but growing collection!

  138. I am obsessed with cookware – I have tons of both new and vintage LC and have been so fortunate to be able to buy some All Clad, win some All Clad – and have found two sets of All Clad at the thrift stores. I’d love to try out this beautiful pot!

  139. I have an aging set of calphalon and some odds and ends pots. I am trying to decide what to get next and would love to give beautiful red cast iron a try. With autumn approaching I will be dusting off my braise and stew recipes which mostly come from my mother and her Greek/Turkish heritage. I can just imagine leek.and celery stew with lamb shanks and avgolemono sauce.

  140. I’m a bit of a cookware nut. I’ve got all the essentials, and now I’m slowly acquiring all the extra pans I covet. I’ll find a recipe that calls for some particular size and shape of pan, and use that as an excuse to bring home a new toy. 🙂

  141. I have a bunch of basic stuff from Sam’s Club that my husband and I bought when we got married seven years ago. I also have a fourth-burner pot and a flat-bottomed canning pot for my glass-top stove!

  142. I have a pretty basic stainless set that we received as a wedding gift plus my canning gear but I am so ready to make room for some grownup and gorgeous cookware!

  143. For our canning, we mostly use a set of 3 stockpots that we got for $20 at Shopko (liked them so much we bought 2 sets!) They’ve been real workhorses for us but they’re pretty light and are starting to break down. Sure could use a fancy new pan!

  144. I love my cast iron, each and every one is sentimental. I have one my Grandmother bought when she first arrived in the U.S.- it was the first (and only) pan in their new country. The set my mother-in-law used for the last Sunday dinner she cooked before she died from cancer, the pot that was a wedding gift. Soon, I’ll use one to make my baby’s first meal. I see them and can tell the story of my family through them. I hope my son understands this love and wants to share them with his family.

  145. I’m getting married next year and my initial thought when we started planning is that I’m going to be able to register for all of these wonderful pans that I’ve never been able to afford myself.I drool over pans like this every time I go into any store that sells them. Owning this would be a dream!

  146. We have an old cast iron skillet handed down from one of our grandparents – it is amazing (and amazingly well seasoned!), and I always keep thinking I “should” look for more cast iron (or enameled cast iron) cooking vessels. And as for having everything I want pot- or pan-wise? Ha, far from it. But I am always looking, that is for sure. If I won the Lottery I think I could happily spend most of my winnings in a series of high-end cooking stores :-). I would love to have this Analon braiser, not so much for canning (I treated myself to a Maslan pan this summer), but for winter soups and stews. Yes, please :-)))))

  147. I have a few pieces that I really enjoy and a few more that I need. I love my cast iron pan and a few stock pots that I have loved too much. I think I am headed for a few new ones. Plus, I would love an enameled dutch oven. This pan looks wonderful.

  148. Oh my! What a lovely piece!

    I have several sturdy pieces of cast iron that I love and use regularly. I certainly don’t have everything that I’d ever want! I have a 3-qt. and an 8-quart covered dutch oven, this looks like the perfect in between size!

  149. I just started making jam and need to find a better pan. I borrowed a La creuset from my old boyfriend for a year and it was the best ever, so many things you can do with a Dutch oven!

  150. I love cast iron and this looks gorgeous.
    Use them for everything but eggs n stock. Don’t have one this pretty though…

  151. I have been a bit restricted in my cookware with a glass/electric stove top, but soon i will be moving to a place with gas. I cant wait to break out all my forbidden cookware again

  152. I was kind of intimidated by the whole seasoning and care process that goes with cast iron pans until my husband talked me into a vintage one from an antique store. All my fears that it would be high maintenance were entirely unfounded! It makes everything from scrambled eggs to pancakes to shallow frying projects so much easier! I’m a cast iron convert!

  153. I love cast iron. I have a similar pan in black that I gave away to a friend and I am really missing it. I would love to win this beautiful prize.

  154. I love cooking in cast iron. The nipples on the lid are critical for braising. I have a cast iron pot for 40 years that is still good as new but I would love this beautiful red braiser!

  155. I’ve always wanted a Le Creuset pot, but currently they are out of my price range. I might have to try the yard sale trick. Also, I’d give my right hand for a Mauviel Hammered Copper Jam Pan if I knew I wasn’t going to need it to stir the jam.

  156. My cookware situation is a bit embarrassing. Let’s just say I still have cookware that I’m sure isn’t recommended anymore.. Peeling and all! I’m definitely in desperate need of better/safe cookware.

  157. I am a very avid home cook and I wish I had nice pots and pans. Mine are okay, but I’m on a budget so the cookware set of my dreams will have to wait at least for now. In the meantime, I’m not letting that stop me!

  158. I’m a cast iron girl. I have an awesome Lodge cast iron skillet/ Dutch oven that is really 2 skillets in one. It is one shallow skillet and one deep skillet and the shallow one doubles as a lid for the deeper one so that you can use it as a Dutch oven. I cook almost everything in it. This pot looks amazing though, especially for jam making!

  159. I’ve been working with a set I’ve pieced together for years. I had a 5-quart similar to this but I lent it to someone and never got it back. Something like this would be perfect not only for my small batch canning projects, but also for the chili and soup I make throughout the winter months!

  160. I am a cast iron fan, both seasoned and enameled, with a few stainless steel pans to boot. Thanks for the giveaway!

  161. This looks beautiful. I am buying and renovating my first house and this would be a lovely addition to a new kitchen. Thanks for the giveaway!

  162. I am slowly getting rid of the hand-me-down and garage sale bargain cookware I have accumulated. Hoping to build up a really great set that will last me for years to come! This one is beautiful.

  163. Gorgeous!! That would go beautifully with the red accents in my new white kitchen. I myself had been on the lookout for the perfect “jam pan” — one that is deep and wide, but doesn’t cost so much that I would cringe every time berries spattered all over it. I found a very large saucepan at a restaurant supply store for a very reasonable cost and it might just be the winner — it has survived many jam making sessions already without staining or scorching.

  164. So pretty……… to do some slow simmer small batch butters and marmalade’s.

    I love cast iron for soups and sauces and have one uber cool orange enamel pot that I use all the time.

    Its an oldie but a goodie.

  165. Beautiful pot. I don’t know what I did before I bought two cast iron pots. I use them every single day. I will never go back.

  166. I have a ‘thing’ for cast iron enameled dutch ovens — I’ve even taken my favorite 5 qt Le Creuset on vacation with me.

  167. I’m in the slow process of swapping out all my stainless steel for enameled cast iron. For how I cook, the cast iron just seems better.

  168. I have a set of brown Le Creuset pots that have traveled with me across 5 states. We’ve see a lot of cooking together — triumphs and some pretty spectacular fails. I believe I bought them back in 1977.

  169. I use both cast iron and stainless steel, but my investment pot, the Le Creuset dutch oven, is my favorite pot for almost everything! It’s also red and would match this pan beautifully.

  170. You can never have too many good pots and pans. The majority of the time I use my cast iron pans of varying sizes, but have a green pan for a few things. I would love to add this to my kitchen!

  171. Cast iron skillet for just about everything in my kitchen but super excited to have added a jam pan to my kitchen this season!

  172. I dream of getting high quality pots and pans, on my wish list! For now, I make do with 2 decent ones and a few cheapies.

  173. we have been married 15 years. My wedding cookware is in need of updating. I have one enamel/cast iron Dutch oven that I love! I hope to add more pieces.

  174. Just after college, I had little money to spend on nice kitchen items, but I found an old Le Creuset pan at a swap meet for $5. I scooped that thing up and rode home with it in my backpack. (Those pans are extremely heavy!) I’ve upgraded a bit since then, but am in the process of trying to replace the nonstick pans that were a wedding gift. This looks like a lovely addition!

  175. I have both stainless steel and some enameled cast iron. I love them both. I like my cast iron frying pan, and my stainless sauce pans. Thanks for the giveaway.

  176. I love cast iron, in part because of its versatility between stovetop and oven in my teensy apartment, but I would LOVE something with a lid and handles like this! And so pretty and red 🙂

  177. I most definitely do not have every piece of cookware that I desire. As a matter of fact, there are exactly three pieces that I bought that I use routinely. There are a couple other ones I bought that I use occasionally but mostly, my everyday pots and pans are hand-me-downs. Since they’ve been being used by me for probably around 20 years, they’re certainly well made! I, of course, have my eye on several that I’d like. The Anolon pan looks terrific!

  178. I just finished college, so my cookware situation is a big mish-mosh of heap pans, old things from my great-grandmother, garage sale cast iron, and a Le Cruset(!) dutch oven that my roommate inherited. I’ve always thought that nice cookware was something I’d just live without for the next several years and eventually get as a wedding gift.

  179. I use various stainless steel pans and my husband collects cast iron, which I like to use, but have to store in the oven when not in use. I haven’t been lucky enough to find any used Le Creuset, but I would love to use this Anolon pan for canning; it looks really wide and stable.

  180. I like to keep my pots and pans collection small, so the fact that I feel I need to add this to my collection says a lot. I’d love to experiment with this braiser.

  181. I have a purposeful hodgepodge of pots and pans. I like to mix and match different types I have found work well for my needs, mostly cast iron. Le Creuset Dutch ovens are fantastic. This would be a lovely addition.

  182. This would make a great second pan for small batch jams which I do frequently for selling at our farmers’ markets. Thank you for the giveaway!

  183. My pots are cheap (all I could afford when I bought them) or inherited from my grandmother. I’d love a good quality pan like this one!

  184. I have an inexpensive set of course cookware that I purchased after my divorce and at the start of grad school (basically starting over before the age of 30). It’s now scratched up and I’m slowly trying to replace it with quality pieces of cast iron and stainless steel, but student loan payments make things tight. I dream of one day owning a 9 qt Le Creuset dutch oven… I’m hoping I make that a reality in the not so distant future.

  185. I’ve used Revereware copper bottom pans for years, but…for a number of years I’ve been starting to collect more cast iron. I love my grill pan with the raised ribs and my cast iron griddle, not to mention an assortment of skillets. I like the look of this pan, nice to have something that would look classy on the table, I’m not a dish things up in to another dish for the table type of person.

  186. I have a mix of Le Creuset, Orgreenic nonstick, random stainless and heavy-duty bakeware plus a tamale steamer I use for big boiling water bath canning jobs. And a 4th burner pot for small canning jobs!

  187. A flea-market enamel dutch oven is the go to piece in my kitchen, for everything from roasting vegetables to making stock and jam. It’s big for a small batch of jam, though – this Analon beauty would be a perfect alternative!

  188. I’m in a mixed marriage. I love modern non-stick cookware. My husband adores a perfectly seasoned cast iron skillet. Luckily we have enough room for both!

  189. oh yes, PLEASE! I grew up in the Cajun atmosphere in S/W LOUISIANA, where most men are excellent cooks. Unfortunately, in 2005, Hurricane Rita flooded my house with five feet of saltwater and Gulf mud, and ruined EVERYTHING. Moving to another house, I didn’t even have a spoon, much less any fine cookery. Still today, I have a ragtag collection of pots and pans, friends have contributed, many were meant to be thrown away. I would love to have that beautiful pot. A large Spring vegetable garden is planned and canning, too.

  190. I adore cast iron, and I have been wanting something for simply forever to replace our crappy aluminum 5-qt pot. This braising pan would be absolutely perfect!

  191. Over the years, I have had numerous types of pots and pans. When I first got out of college and established my own kitchen, I bought my dream cookware – a set of copper bottom Revere Ware. Do people even buy that stuff anymore? I haven’t heard the brand name in ages. But back then, it was THE standard by which other cookware was measured. They were wonderful and lasted a long time. Unfortunately, they became the property of my ex-husband after the divorce. Not that he knew how to cook anything mind you. Okay, so I did keep the littlest saucepan because I used it constantly. I still have it.

    I set up a new household. At that point, non-stick teflon pans were all the rage. So I bought into the convenience… over and over and over again as they would get chipped and ruined. I knew I didn’t want to eat teflon, so sadly I must admit that my fair share of teflon frying pans went into the landfill. What a waste of money. I feel shame…

    About 4 or 5 years ago, I splurged and bought an expensive set of Cuisinart Green Gourmet non-stick pans that tout a ceramic non-stick surface free of harmful chemicals and 70% recycled stainless steel handles. I own my own home now, am an urban farmer, and try to make more sustainable purchases. I have been very happy with this cookware and still use it. Well, except for the stockpot that my sister-in-law gouged numerous pits into during a visit. How she managed that, I have no clue. The stuff is damn near indestructable.

    I needed a new stockpot so I could make fabulous stews with all the veggies I now grow and lets not forget the home grown chicken. Mmmmm… bone broth is SO good for you! Or the canning. Can’t forget about that. Need a big pot or two to process all that food. I also started raising dairy goats so I needed a big pot with a heavy duty bottom for making cheese. I decided to go with a stainless steal set from Ikea that for some reason they no longer sell. I am in LOVE with the two large stockpots that came with the set. Not so much with the fry pans for some unknown reason. Perhaps because I prefer the Cuisinart ones I already had.

    On top of all these pots and pans stacked and stuffed into half the cupboards that are in my kitchen, I also do A LOT of cooking over a firepit, both at home and while camping. Yes, I’m one of THOSE people that bake bread over the fire each day to go along with dinner while out in the woods, and then top it off with a nice fresh fruit dump cake for dessert. Let’s call it glam-ping rather than camping. I mean, the folks at the other campsites are making coq au vin or spit roasting a whole home raised turkey are they? So because of this hobby (addiction) I also have a large collection of cast iron skillets, grills, and dutch ovens. Oh, and a totally amazing battery powered Auspit rotisserie. OMG!!! If you’ve never heard of this brilliant contraption and you cook over a fire, you simply MUST get one. Pure genius!

    So why on earth do I need yet ANOTHER piece of cookware? What I failed to mention above was the one (and only one) enameled cast iron dutch oven I owned. Note: Past tense. Owned. The enameled interior is supposed to last forever. Well, when someone borrows it, cooks acidic food in it, doesn’t clean it, and then forgets about it for months on end until you ask for it back, only to add water in order to soak off all that dried on who remembers what and then leaves it soaking for several weeks until you ask for it back AGAIN… Um.. yeah… My pig now gets his dinner in a very pretty, very expense,barely any enamel left on the interior cast iron dutch oven. At least he doesn’t dump it over.

    I loved cooking in that pot! It was about the most versatile pot I ever owned. I have decided that if I EVER buy any more cookware for my kitchen that I’m throwing all caution to the wind. I will make a very expensive investment in enameled cast iron. And not the cheap stuff either. No, we’re talking the expensive high end stuff that comes with a lifetime warranties to boot. But until that day, I’ll just have to dream about enameled cast iron cookware. Unless I won a pot in a give away.

    Did I mention that my kitchen is decorated with earth tone reds, oranges, and rust?

    LOVE your blog. Own both your books!


  192. I have stainless steel cookware and have been wanting to delve into the world of cast iron cookware. This would be a fantastic way to start!

  193. hi! 🙂 I have a ragtag pan collection.. A ceramic aluminum deep skillet, some decent fry pans, a anodized saucepan, a stainless dutch oven, and a cheap ceramic cast iron dutch oven I got on sale. Its alright, but I know the coating isn’t going to last much longer on it! Want something that will let me boil up all the yummy fruit I get from our local gleaners.. this week was cherries, peaches, and green pears! tyvm & G/B/U 🙂

  194. I cook only with cast iron , but I do use stainless when canning, which is my obsession. So my kitchen has a nice blend of both but not nearly enough.

  195. I discovered what a huge difference a good pan makes some time ago. I have a base in Sur la Table’s heavy stainless and a couple of calphalon pieces. I am hugely in love with my current set of pans. But I don’t exactly have the best set up. I have to currently make due with an electric stove top/oven that has the glass top. It’s the pits for a girl raised with gas, and I find I have to change how I cook — and above all, avoid getting molten sugar on that glass top! I have never learned to love cast iron – I don’t know why. But I do own one really heavy dutch oven for camping. So every time I have to cook in an actual fire (sometimes it’s easier than the darn glass top range) I haul out my one and only cast iron monster.

  196. Cast iron is my favorite, followed by any good heavy pan, whether it is stainless steel or non stick. And I have favorites, like my grandmothers old pressure cooker pot, which seems to magically make the best and perfect quantity of soup!

  197. I’ve almost phased out the aluminum cookware I received as a wedding gift 33 years ago, but I do fall back on some pieces like my 5-quart Dutch oven. I’ve purchased several high-end stainless pieces and a high-end enameled cast iron Dutch oven and love them. I have a 6-quart braiser, which I use, but it is a bit large. This 5-quart enameled braiser would be a better size and would be used more often for many things, from small-batch canning or spaghetti sauce.

  198. I’m a believer in having the right tools for the job, so I like a variety of cookware. I love my stainless Proline Revere cookware for most jobs but alas, they quit making it so I’ve had to scavenge eBay for replacements or to get an extra saucepan. Next, I cherish my Lodge enamel dutch oven. All the the fine qualities of enameled cast iron at a great price point. I still discover more great cookware out there all the time, so there is always a place in my kitchen for a new resident. The brassier sounds really nice! Hope I get one! It’ll go great with my Lodge pan 🙂

  199. For my birthday, my husband presented me with a Caphalon stainless steel set. He was so proud of himself – he had spent an afternoon picking the brains of some Bed Bath and Beyond staffer. Good thing it was the same cookware that I had decided I had wanted to buy. I have my mother’s Lodge cast iron skillet and a couple of cheap non-stick skillets (that’s what Alton recommends!). But no enameled cast iron…until now, I hope!

  200. I cook with cast iron and stainless steel exclusively. I have a couple of stainless pots in different sizes ans like them very much. I also have a full set of regular cast iron, which was what I used for years. It is either Lodge cast iron (the kind that was not pre-seasoned) or very old cast iron my MIL gave me from her MIL. We moved about three years ago and I splurged on a set of Le Creuset and love it. I would love this smaller braiser! I don’t cook huge meals anymore (empty nest) and so this size would be perfect for my husband and me.

  201. I love my cast iron and enamel cast iron. We also use our copper core stainless steel All Clad (a copper anniversary gift to ourselves). This size braiser is perfect for homemade tomato sauces, small batch canning and one pot meals. Love it!

  202. HI,
    I just love your blog!! Have booth your books!!! I love cooking with cast iron and would love to have this cast iron pan!! I only have the skillet. I’ve been wanting one of these cast iron pan for years!!
    I really love cooking with this kind of cookware!!
    Cooking with cast iron, every thing always comes out tasting so good!!
    Thank you so much for this great giveaway!!!
    Hugs, Teresa

  203. I have Revere pots from when I got married over 31 years ago, that only had a 25 year warranty. Just purchased a Lodge cast iron skillet that I love. I am in need of some new pots but have not found the time to shop.

  204. In the last few years I’ve been adding a few pieces of Le Creuset, Staub, and All Clad. I’d love to add this braiser to my kitchen!

  205. I would love a Dutch oven. A couple of years ago I had a”cheap” version that was lined with porcelain inside and despite packing with shirts, my movers managed to chip the inside so I had to toss it. Super disappointing I used that for everything.

  206. I don’t really have much for pots and pans. I have 2, and then I have my deep chicken fryer and a cast iron skillet.
    All my old pots and pans where from the 60’s , early 70’s which had the cheap Teflon coating inside of which was peeling off so turned all them pots into planters. Would love to get me a good, new set of pots and pans but it’s just not in our budget at this time so if I should happen to be one of the winners, it would be a great blessing.
    Thank you for this giveaway opportunity

  207. I made your Lazy Days peach jam this past weekend. Continue to use my stainless for small batches. Would love to win this for future jam making. Thank you for your great website. Come to North Carolina!

  208. I requested anodized aluminum (similar to Caphalon but less pricey) when I got married and also had some Teflon coated fry pans. Then I became a single mom and sold Pampered Chef for awhile so I got rid of most of everything and used the Pampered Chef non-stick cookware. My daughter in law accidentally dropped the covered 12″ pan last summer and the handle broke. This pan had been a favorite since I tend to cook in quantities. I picked something else up but it isn’t heavy and I don’t like the way it cooks (non stick but white inside not Teflon). A friend gifted me with Orgreenics and I love these fry pans. I bought myself a cast iron covered 3 quart fry pan last fall. I am learning to cook with with cast iron as well as on the grill. I want to get rid of the Teflon coated pans and the aluminum for healthier cookware at some point. Its on my wish list, just not in the budget right now.

  209. My grandmother and mother had the best pots and pans. Unfortunately since I keep kosher, I could not use them and they could not be koshered. Similar pots and pans today are outside of what I can afford. I do have a soup pot my husband bought me many years ago and I use that throughout the fall and winter. That is my favorite pot.

  210. loved the previous posts. now to mine, i too had the revere ware for many years until i ran across cast iron. i did my collecting on ebay. when it comes to this giveaway, this is my jam maker. bar none, it does the best job of making good jam (well i add into the mix too)

  211. I have a favorite vintage cast iron that was my grandmothers, and a harvest gold 6qt dutch oven which was a wedding gift in the 70’s. These are my workhorses. I am trying to replace my Revere wear (also a wedding gift) they are just not heavy enough!

  212. I have junk cookware and great bake ware. Want to upgrade but the brand I’m looking at is very expensive. I do have a cast iron skillet I use all the time.

  213. I have a mix of cookware but nothing fancy. My friend cooks uses cast iron for everything and I have been thinking about it. I have heard risotto is a dream to make in one. I would love to give this pot a whirl!

  214. I am a recent convert to cast iron cooking although I do use a fry pan that belonged to my grandmother. Would love to have a pan like this for jam & other wonderful things.

  215. I use both stainless steel and cast iron but really prefer the cast iron for most of my cooking, Love my cast iron Dutch oven and have been looking for a cast iron braiser so would love to win one.

  216. I have a set of RevereWare that I have been using since 1973. They don’t make this quality anymore.
    I also have a cast iron skillet that I love, but have to be careful on the glass top stove that came with this house.
    I also have a dutch oven that I use a lot.

  217. I might be tempted to run back into my burning house for my Le Creuset Dutch oven. Reach for it more than any other piece…jams, sauces, braising, browning. It sees lots of duty.

  218. I’m currently using pieces from my wedding registry (only two years old): Revereware, a Lodge Dutch oven, and a cast iron skillet.

  219. I have been slowly getting rid of my old (42 years of marriage) cookware, and replacing it with quality cast iron and stainless steel. Would love to win!

  220. Oh gosh, that sure is pretty! My current cookware situation includes a combination of cast iron pans and stainless pots. The collection is never complete.

  221. I have just one cast iron skillet and absolutely love it! The rest of our meagre supply of cookware is a mix and match bunch of mostly stainless steel pans and skillets. Since we moved back east last year and close to the kids and grandbabies, I’m doing a lot more cooking for company and an extra pan would be an immense help in the kitchen.

  222. I have Anodized aluminum mostly, which I enjoy. We bought a huge cast iron skillet, which I love, but I am nervous to make jam in. For jam I bust out a stainless steel pot that we have for dipping pretzels in lye at our annual pretzle party.

  223. My cupboards are overflowing with pans…most of which I don’t use. I need to do a major purge but I won’t give up the few cast iron pots and pans I have. They seem to really do the job with stainless coming in a close second. Thanks for a great blog with great recipes!

  224. My cookware is all over the place from the Revereware I’ve had for 37 (!!) years, to a flat nonstick griddle for pancakes, tri-ply stainless saucepans to my favorite jam making pan, the low wide Tramontina stainless pan you recommended. This braised would be an excellent addition as I don’t have anything like it! I suspect it would also be great for making Yogurt in.

  225. I’ve been wanting to add cast iron to my cabinets forever…right now I work almost completely with stainless. This would be the perfect way to start. =)

  226. I have very few pans, and most of those are on their last legs, lol! I don’t have any cast iron since its so expensive for me at the moment. I had a braiser on my Christmas list last year but sadly didn’t receive one. I did a lot of research and thought the braiser would be the perfect piece for our minimalist cookwear situation. I love this pan!

  227. My cookware is a hodge-podge of random things I’ve picked up. Some hand-me-downs, some bargains I’ve found, some stainless steel that I’ve been using since I first learned to cook. But a braiser like this is one thing I lack, and one I’d love to have!

  228. I have many cooking vessels but I tend toward my old standbys for specific tasks. My huge stainless steel for winter soups & stews, cast iron for frying & cornbread. I have a smaller stainless steel pot for jams & jellies. Although I’d love to try this pretty red one! My kitchen is red & white so it would fit right in!

  229. I have a really nice set of stainless cookware that we receded as a wedding present… And that’s about it! I would love to have a wider variety, but so far we haven’t made that happen.

  230. I have a stainless steel set (that my mom bought us for a wedding present) and a few other odds and ends mixed in. Like most people I have my one favorite pan for sautéing and my favorite pot for pasta, soups and stews. Would love to add this beautiful piece to my collection.

  231. Over the years my kitchen has seen a variety of cooking vessels, yet I’m always seeking new & improved. Have a great stainless Cuisinart soup pot & a favorite stainless fry pan. &, of course, a fine cast iron fryer. Love them all, ever welcoming a new & lovely pot or pan.

  232. My cookware is a strange collection of items found mostly at estate sales. I have borrowed two Revere ware stock pots from my mother for canning. She got them as wedding presents 60 years ago and they are in great condition! I don’t have anything on this order. This would be lovely!

  233. My Mom, sister and I are back together in retirement. We have a variety of pans from three households – trying to get the right pan for all of us has been a challenge. This looks like the ideal size for us.

  234. Personally I love cast iron but right now I only have a skillet in my collection. I have been trying to find a good dutch oven and corn bread pan for ages but just have not found the right one yet.

  235. As I’ve gotten older and my cooking has become diverse, I’ve been leaning towards my cast iron skillets. I have two–one with higher sides–that I can use for nearly anything.

  236. I’m a cast iron girl all the way – skillets in almost every size, two dutch ovens and a griddle, most of which have been found at yard sales! I have some stainless for canning, but I always find I need one more for jam making!

  237. I have lots of stainless steel because I bought a set at one time. I have one small cast iron skillet that I would fight anyone over. I love cooking with cast iron, it seems to have a “magic” in it. So here is hoping I win this delightful braiser. I think it would become a “go to” for cooking lots of things.

  238. I have some paderno pots that I bought at Christmas time which I like. Wow this pot would certainly inspire me to cook more.

  239. I have one large old iron skillet I got at a flea market a looong time ago, that I use all the time.
    Everything else is from here and there and have seen better days really. I would love a whole new shiny set of stainless.

  240. I have a whole hodge-podge of cookware because I am recently out on my own, but no cast iron yet. I really would like to get some because of the way everyone raves about it, and because it feels like the next step in my cooking journey.

    • You have to! And they’re not too expensive – you could get one for probably around $20 at Linens & Things or Bed Bath Beyond, and way less if you look at yard/garage sales. Even if it’s beat up and looks disgusting, they’re fairly easy to clean. I make EVERYthing in mine, from brownies and corn bread to steaks to tofu and broccoli. And, of course, jam!

  241. I’m a hard anodized aluminum convert. I had a great Calphalon set that cooked *wonderfully* but one by one, the handles all started to become loose and fall off. I picked up a relatively inexpensive Rachel Ray set to replace them. I’d never given her cookware a second thought, but they were on sale. I’m so glad I gave them a try because I LOVE them. Time will tell if they hold up better than the Calphalon set.

  242. I have my grandmother’s cast iron skillets, probably dating back to the late 19th century. They get messed up, I clean and re-season them. They will far outlast me, but my son has become a serious cook and will carry them on. BUT this Anolon would replace the 5 quart Le Creuset that a houseguest somehow managed to set on fire and then crack the enamel finish by throwing water on it. I ask you…seriously?

  243. I have mostly Revere Ware (some original wedding presents from 50 years ago), but would love to expand and begin to use some cast iron.

  244. I have a cast iron skillet, a cast iron griddle, and two aluminum (I guess) pots with mismatched lids that I use almost exclusively. The skillet is my small-batch jam vessel, the smaller of the two pots is my larger-batch pot, and man I cook everything possible on that griddle. They are definitely beloved items and I suppose the pots even have sentimental value as I happily stole them from my mother-in-law. (I don’t know if SHE was happy about it, but she likes getting jam, so…)

    I would not mind adding this gorgeous pot to my small collection!

  245. Cast iron all the way! (in other words, this would feel right at home) … my favorite piece is, funny enough, an enameled cast iron dutch oven from Ikea that is far younger than all of my other pieces, but performs BEAUTIFULLY!

  246. I have a cupboard full of pots and pans, but I don’t use most of them. I have mostly been using a enamel covered dutch oven and a cast iron pan that used to be my great-grandmas. I have been wanting the perfect pan to make jam though, this looks like a winner!

  247. My cookware is very eclectic – I am trying to learn about cast iron cooking and I am always looking for something better. I have more than I need, but less than I want =)

  248. I have several stainless steel pots and pans and pans, a single non-stick pan, and a few pieces of cast iron (frying pans, a casserole, and a dutch oven). I would love to have a proper braiser and this one is lovely as can be!

  249. I’ve never had any really good cookware and would LOVE to have one nice piece! I will say the best cornbread I ever made was baked in a cast iron skillet while living down South. Southerners do know their cornbread!

  250. I have mostly stainless steel, one cast iron pan and a dutch oven that I adore! My dream cookware that I don’t have yet is something Le Creuset.

  251. I’m always looking for the ‘perfect’ cookware and have rotated through a number of pieces over the years. It doesn’t all fit in a small kitchen and I have to remind myself to get rid of a few pieces now and then.

  252. Are you sure you weren’t writing about me when you wrote that you seek out cast iron skillets at second hand stores? My most favorite cast iton skillet came from a Goodwill; due to it’s age, it is shiny black smooth. Le Crueset Outlet stores are like magnets to me. I have blues and reds in various sizes – it’s a wonderful “habit.” It’s like looking for the perfect pair of black pants – the hunt continues! The perfect pan IS out there.

  253. I have the Faberware set that my Mom gave me when I got married. Pieces of my Grandmother’s old Club Aluminum and one cast iron fry pan. I recently retired and am eager to cooking alot more in the kitchen!!!

  254. Why stick with one thing to make everything? Every piece of cookware has its place in the pantheon of tastiness……which means there is always room for more cookware to expand the possibilities!

  255. My first cast iron pot was given to me in college passed down from my best friend’s grandmother. It is my favorite pot. Now I have a collection. They are great for making sourdough bread.

  256. We have a set of stainless pots and pans that I purchased 20+ years ago. I also have two cast iron skillets that I absolutely love! I would be thrilled to add the braiser to my collection, I could use a good pot for making jams and jellies, one pot meals, etc…

  257. I have a set of Farberware that is almost 30 years old, along with a Le Creuset pot and several All-Clad skillets. I would like to get some cast iron as well – I remember baking cornsticks in my mom’s pan when I was growing up and they were the best!

  258. I have a cast iron skillet but it’s really too small for my family of 5. I would love to try this brasier, seems so practical & pretty.

  259. I have a huge enameled dutch oven that I love, though it’s a bit big for some applications. We’re currently in the market for some new skillets and saucepans.

  260. I have a mishmash cookware situation. Some from the early years, some acquired along the way. Nothing matches. That beautiful red pot would cheer me considerably.

  261. Our cookware comes from many sources-$3 for my iron wok from a Chinese store 35 yrs ago. Left over Revere pieces, All-clad seconds, a couple cast iron gifts, some garage sale finds. Two non-stick skillets that I refuse to cook with as the coating peeled off in spots. I need to throw out or donate some of this stuff in my kitchen!

  262. Given that this is my second year canning I am still on the search for the perfect pan! I currently have a giant stainless steel stockpot which I use for most large batches. For the smaller batches I use a large non-stick sauce pan (not because I particularly like it, but it’s the best option I have). I always walk by store windows drooling at the shiny enamel cookware. I also keep my eyes peeled for nice used versions at estate and garage sales, but so far no luck. Maybe some day…

  263. I grew up with my mother cooking with cast iron and my grandmother. As each child moved out my mother would gift us with our own cast iron skillet. I now have a skillet, a small dutch oven and a grill pan. I love them all but I am still looking for “the one”!

  264. I have a nice set of SS cookware I bought myself a number of years back to replace the mish-mash of pots I had collected over college and early house years. They are great but I lost my cast iron skillet somehow and still gravitate towards Cast iron.

  265. I still use the inexpensive stainless steel cookware I bought 38 years ago. It’s pretty ragged now, with broken and missing handles and some warping, but still serviceable. I’ve purchased an occasional non-stick pan over the years, but they don’t typically last long in my household. I keep saying that once we build our new house, I’ll buy nice cookware, but after spending the money to build it’s more likely we won’t have a lot of extra money for cookware. I’d love to have all new pots and pans, but if i had them, what would I drool over when I go shopping? 😉

  266. I have been using cast iron occasionally and am beginning to use it more and more. So I am adding to my collections, very slowly, with only 2 pans at this writing. I would love to use this braiser in my small batch jams and preserves!

  267. The only thing I can say is, “Wow@ …be still my heart.” What a wonderful addition this would be to this 70-year old lady. Have cooked many, many times through the years in Cast-iron ware.

  268. After 20+ years of cooking in hand me downs, I finally splurged on a set of good pans, which I love. But I still find myself going back to old favorites from time to time. I’m always coveting something new, and have had my eye on a braiser for a couple of years now.

  269. I love my staub 5qt. I use it for so many things. I’ve even used it to can small batches of the short 1/2 cup jars, rather than drag out the giant canning pot. I used to just relegate my cast iron to camping, but I have been bringing in in for the winters and using it so much more. I am slowly replacing my original cookware. I had revereware, which have held up great for 34 years. The only one that broke they replaced no hassle….unforunately I am really liking a heavier bottomed pan, so I am slowly purchasing one piece at a time. The Revereware will be finding a home with my son as he buys his first home!

  270. I will admit to having an abnormal level of admiration for good cookware. Cast iron–enameled or not–is my consistent favorite. This braiser is gorgeous, and the perfect size for my household. If I don’t win it, I’ll put it on my wish list for my hubby.

  271. I’ve got the general cookwear I need–a skillet, a good soup pot, a good sauce pan etc, but I really want to try out some cast iron.

  272. I’m partway through replacing all the old nonstick cookware from a big set I was gifted years ago with stainless steel, cast iron, etc.

  273. My kitchen is a mish mash of different types of pots — old cast iron, newer stainless…even an old aluminum skillet that is huge, I love it! Over time, I’ve pared down to keep just the ones I like and use–a cast iron pot like this would be a welcome addition!

  274. The set of Saladmaster stainless cookware I bought 33 years ago is still going strong, and works great on my induction cooktop. What I’m longing for, however, is a nice big ceramic cast iron pot like this, in which to saute, simmer, stew, braise, and bake to my hearts content. I’ve borrowed a similar pot from my daughter, so I know how fabulous it is. Induction and cast iron are the perfect match.

  275. I’ve become a major convert to these enamel iron pots. Display them outside of the cupboard because they look so attractive

  276. I have a mishmash of pots and pans…stainless, nonstick, Dansk Kobenstyle. My go to for canning and preserving has always been the Dansk, but I’ve been itching to try cast iron. I’ve heard once you cook with cast iron there is no going back!

  277. I also hunt for cast iron and also anything that catches my eye to use in the kitchen or serve food on. I have lots of pots and pans. I’m happy if someone wins other than me. good luck everybody

  278. I’ve got the usual set of basic pots and pans, but this past Christmas my husband got me a 6.5qt enameled cast iron dutch oven and it’s by far my favorite cooking pot. I use it for everything from jams to soup to tomato sauce.

  279. My pots and pans are odds and ends scavenged together from IKEA and discount stores, with the occasional splurge. I have a pretty small apartment, so I have to be careful about what I add. I do love cast iron, especially in the winter when I make a lot of soups, and currently covet a good Staub. One day I’ll replace my IKEA stainless steel with something a little higher end, but for now, it’s serving me pretty well.

  280. I share your obsession with pots………….can never pass up the rows of pots and pans in the stores. One can never have to many……………

  281. I prefer cooking with cast iron and have one Le Creuset that I received as a gift. I love how I can use the enameled cast iron pot for cooking a wider range of dishes than the cast iron pans. Thanks for the opportunity.

  282. Wow, this pot is gorgeous! I have a mishmash of pans, but my go-to is always cast iron. However, I’ve found I don’t have anything great for small batch jam, so this would be perfect!

  283. I have mostly stainless steel, including a covered saute pan that is named George. But I have a few enameled cast iron pots that I use heavily.

    I should get a regular cast iron skillet, but I worry about keeping it seasoned.

  284. I have a set of stainless steel pots but also have an enameled pot that I am learning to love. I would love to know how to use cast iron but every time I try the food is a sticky mess!

  285. I love all of my cast iron cook ware. I have several cast iron skillets and one 6 quart cast iron enameled dutch oven that I use for soups and roasts. I do not have a braiser. I would love to have one. Good Luck to everyone!

  286. I recently ruined my trusty LeCruset, which I had been using primarily as my jam pot. The interior finish is deeply scraped and, I feel sure, unsafe to cook with anymore. I would put this pot to good use making jam, as well as countless winter braises. Thanks to Analon for making this giveaway possible!

  287. I have one cast iron pot, that is always my preferred pot to cook with. It has lasted for years, but I would love to add another great pot to my collection.

  288. Slowly accumulating good pans: one Staub dutch oven, one 12 inch de buyer skillet, one 8 inch cast iron pan.That’s all the good stuff for now!

  289. One day I was preheating some coconut oil in my enameled cast iron Dutch oven. I was going to put the onions in and start cooking, but the doorbell rang with my brother in law picking up his toddlers and the four neighbor kids were over. I went downstairs to get someone’s shoe and when I came up the oil was on fire. I put the lid over the pot and was pretty embarrassed. I still haven’t got that pot to not smell like burnt coconut oil. So this pan would be a Godsend!

  290. I use the cast iron pan that I inherited from my Mom for a lot of my cooking.
    I have an old set of Revere-ware for my pots and I too have shopped thrift stores and garage sales for that vintage Le Creuset.(not found yet!)
    I have always wanted a really good heavy duty pot like a the one above…thanks for the chance!

  291. I love these enamel pots. I would own one in every color and size if possible. They are useful for so many things and great for storing the leftovers after you’ve served it.

  292. I have very basic cookware — Revere sauce pans. And a great, solid pot (like a mini lobster pot, not sure what it’s called) that I bought on sale 20 years ago.That braiser is quite beautiful. Thanks for the giveaway!

  293. I have two large Le Creuset Dutch ovens, which I LOVE. I would really like to have a braiser this size for some of the smaller dinners in my future since I am now down to only two kiddoes left at home.

  294. I have wanted one of those for a long time, just never got around to getting it. I have a mish mash of pans. One cast iron skillet that is used more than any thing. Simply can’t do pancakes in anything else. It would be a wonderful addition to my kitchen. I have a small kitchen and can 3 pints at a time. Made your bread and butter pickles, yum.

  295. I use my cast iron skillets and Dutch oven the most. Have set of waterless cookware i use some but i’m always looking at enameled pans, just haven’t bought one yet.

  296. I have a mish mash of pots and pans. Never seem to have the right one for the purpose. Need to work on getting some better ones so this would help!

  297. How lovely and great addition to a kitchen! I use and love my dutch oven – it lives on the stove for quick access. I would like to use my cast iron more.

  298. I have a collection of pots and pans. I love the non-reactiveness of stainless steel but the pan I always keep handy is my 12 inch cast iron skillet. This pot looks like it would be an excellent addition to anyone’s cookware collection. Thanks, Marisa and Analon.

  299. Couldn’t live without my cast iron pots and pan. So versatile. I use them from making stews to baking bread. The one to win would be put to good use.

  300. Shopping for cookware is like shopping for shoes,you always find something different you like.I would love to have this pot to cook in.Thanks for the giveaway.

  301. Oh I would love this piece! I don’t have any enameled cast iron, but have admired from afar! I love the easy clean up concept of the enamel vs cast iron. I mostly use nonstick skillets, but have a couple pieces of regular cast iron. I should use them more often, but always worry the flavors of what I’m cooking will remain to affect the next dish.

  302. I buy one piece at a time, and never in a set. I have a Le Creuset, two sizes of cast iron, and a few sauce pans. I just bought a stock pot (and found your blog!) to can the multitudes of stuff coming out of my garden. Next need/wants are a deep skillet and a wok.

  303. Love Cast Iron. Love enameled cast iron. If any of your readers haven’t been converted to the incredible things you can cook with cast iron-I hope they explore! Like Marissa I haunt all sorts of sources for vintage American and European pieces. What I love about the Analon is the black interior. It’s so hard to keep the light colored interiors of some brands looking fresh. And I love the wonderful red Analon has chosen for this piece. I am not familiar with this brand but it looks sensational! Dare I hope?

  304. Although I have admired LeCreuset for many years, I have not taken the plunge and shelled out the money for one. I would fall over if I ever found one at a yard sale or thrift store!

    For my every day cooking I prefer stainless steel and have an Emeril set that my husband bought for me about 8 years ago.

    How I would adore this Analon piece – I can smell a good roast in my future!

  305. That pan is beautiful. Enameled cast iron love! I have not seen the Anolon brand. Thanks for introducing us. I am learning how to use my recently purchased, non-enameled cast iron skillet. Seasoning the pan and making sure to keep it seasoned has been the interesting part.

  306. We usually cook in cast iron, but use our stainless soup pot for braising. It would be cool to actually use something made for the job… love the idea of a studded lid!

  307. My favorite pieces are a large oval Le Creuset, and a set of four cast iron skillets. This braiser would be great for acidic dishes that are too small for the Le Creuset. It’s very attractive looking too. Cheers to whomever wins! Thanks.

  308. I use cast iron everyday as well as my stainless steel. I do not have a beautiful piece as the give away and it’s just the right size for all sorts of cooking. None of my cast iron has the enamel finish inside.

  309. Oh my ! What a beautiful pan !

    I have a mish mash of pots and pans I use for my cooking and canning projects and just this last week found a wonderful pot for small batch canning projects. I am always looking to upgrade or fill gaps in the selection of pans I have. I have some Lodge steel pans, some cast iron, and stainless, like I said just a mish mash, the pan your offering would be the most beautiful of all of them.

  310. I have a cast iron enamel pot that I love for canning. But I have been on the lookout for new additions now that it is getting scratched up and has a tendency for things to stick on the bottom if I’m not vigilant!

  311. I had a 5 quart aluminum dutch oven hand me down from my mother that I loved but it was horribly pitted and I was concerned about using aluminum so I asked for a replacement for a holiday gift. my wonderful husband gave me TWO la cruset pots — one is 3.5 qt and one is 7 qt. Lovely and generous, but I am still lacking the 5 qt I really, really need.

  312. I love cast iron. I have several pans sourced from thrift store and garage sales. I have one hand me down Le Creuset pot that I love. This would be a great addition to the collection.

  313. I have used enameled cast iron for years ! …the best and easiest way to cook all the tricky things !,,,with the added bonus of a forearm workout !


  314. I use my cast iron for most things. I have found two nice stainless steel pots (thrift stores) that have been so nice for soups. I

  315. I am a cast iron convert! My hubby dug out one of his families old cast iron skillets a few years ago. We cleaned it up and it was love at first use. My poor stainless steel pots and pans are now orphaned. Sometimes I use them out of pity but nothing puts a smile on my face like cast iron!♥

  316. I have had the same 10″ cast iron skillet that I bought when I got my first apartment 35 years ago. I use it for just about everything. I have also bought a cast iron griddle and a 6″ skillet and love them. I just don’t have trouble with things sticking to them and I do with other types of skillets.

  317. love this pan! not only is it the wonderful enameled cast iron, it is also small and RED!!!!!!!!! i am a canner so i have a lot of stainless also, but i LOVE cast iron. lovely pan i want one please

  318. Here’s my cookware situation: When I married, I moved in with my husband and my MIL, who is… a bit of a hoarder. It’s been a challenge to convince them that having *some* *quality* pieces is better than a metric buttload of crap. I’m slowly working through replacing or removing some of the nonsense in our cupboards. Please help me!

  319. I’ve pretty well set in most departments, with some Le Creuset, some excellent cast iron, and some restaurant frying pans, but my sauce pans are 25 year old Revere Ware, battered and getting pretty thin. Some day I’ll replace those with something with a heavier bottom – probably about the time that I can’t lift heavy pots any more!

  320. My husband is a chef and uses his cast iron pan for just about everything (eggs/bacon, chicken, pork, etc). I would love to add this beautiful braiser to his arsenal of cookware!

  321. I picked up a set of used Revere pans when we bought our first house 5 years ago. We’ve since converted the stove to gas and I’m in desperate need of something that can take the heat without the handles melting!

  322. I adore cast iron and All-Clad stainless and have just begun to enjoy the lovely quality of enameled cast iron with a large Le Creuset pot our son gave me. I adore them all. Love the idea of the smaller size of 5 quart and had not heard of Anolon, but this piece is beautiful. What do you braise in it, just curious.. 🙂

  323. My main cooking vessel is a brown Le Creuset pot that my mom gave me–she got it before I was born. But it has a hole in the enamel and sometimes makes my jam taste like metal or onions…so I need a dedicated jam pot. I hope I win!

  324. I recently purchased two “green pans” and they are fantastic non-stick. My husband cannot cook without them now.

  325. I have an old catherine holm pot I found at the thrift store I use for bread. I would love a new pot to try making jam in though!

  326. I purchased my first (and only) enameled cast iron pan a couple of years ago. It has become my go to pan and I am hoping to add to my collection.

  327. I have no cast iron, no dutch oven, no braiser, nothing even resembling one. I make due with cookware that has been gifted and handed down over the years. I would love to own this one!

  328. I’m still bemoaning the loss of the classic Calphalon hard-anodized aluminum, inside-and-out. I baby the few well-loved pieces I have (and yes I use them for canning!!). I refuse to use non-stick — and that’s all I can find now 🙁 I rely on vintage cast iron too.

  329. We have been on the hunt for a great casserole/dutch-oven type piece, ever since the lovely Le Creuset dish we had cracked! Now it makes for a great herb garden planter, but not so good for cooking in. This one looks amazing.

  330. I love cast iron but my made in china dutch oven can’t hold its seasoning at all so every thing sticks constantly.

  331. I feel like I have a pretty good collection of pots and pans, but my Le Crueset Dutch Oven is showing signs of wear and tear. The bottom of the inside is discolored and food sticks/burns there if I’m not paying attention to my stirring.

  332. My go-to pans for the oven are my Pampered Chef Stoneware. I probably use my Bar Pan (similar size to a baking sheet) every other day. For the stove top, I often use a large 12 inch cast iron skillet that we got an Elk Lodge rummage sale. For jamming, I am using a borrowed shallow wide saucepan. My stock pots were just too deep and too steamy to work with for jam making, but perfect for large batches of applesauce.

  333. I would love to win one of these beauties! I currently don’t have a very stocked kitchen because I was living in communities for awhile and we would share cookware, I am soon moving to a new place for the reason of finally having my own kitchen to preserve in… And I work for a farm so I have a lot to preserve. A pan that would work for single batch jam sounds so ideal!

    Thank you!

  334. This pot is gorgeous. Currently I am slowly replacing my pots for newer ones. I’ve had the same pots for over 20 years. Figure it’s time for an upgrade. Just a slow process.

  335. I just picked up a new-to-me Lodge cast iron pan at an estate sale, where some lady first told me I was crazy for buying it, then told me it was way too expensive, then just tried to trick me into putting it down. When I said no to all that, she asked if there were any more.

    Excited to re-season it and start using it!

  336. I love cooking in cast iron, and particularly love my Le Creuset pans. I’ve never been lucky enough to find any at a yard or garage sale, but we do have a outlet store close enough to go to to get my fix every so often ?

  337. I have a pretty well stocked kitchen, but everything is getting old. I would LOVE to have have a new, colorful pot for canning inspiration.

  338. I have a pretty well stocked kitchen, but everything is getting old. I would LOVE to have a new, colorful pot for canning inspiration.

  339. I have a cast iron dutch oven that I love. I am trying to acquire more cast iron pieces so I can get rid of my aluminum pans.

  340. My cookware is pretty random, mostly stainless, with a well loved cast iron Dutch oven for bread baking and stews along for the ride. This Anolon braiser is so over the top gorgeous, I could see myself using it all the time.

  341. I’m at a point where I have the basics so there are just a few specialty pieces I yearn for. This post looks like it needs to go on the wish list… Love the wide diameter for jamming.

  342. I too hunt for great kitchen gear at garage and estate sales. My most beloved and most used find is a cast iron cooker marked “Made in France” on inside lid. It has a retro look – pale yellow flowing into orange. If I had to choose just ONE pot/pan to use for the rest of my life THIS would be it!!! Would love to win the gorgeous red ANOLON for my daughter!

  343. I got rid of most of my cheap/old pots and pans recently and upgraded to cast iron and stainless skillets, and two enameled cast iron dutch ovens. I still need to upgrade my stockpot, and add a few other pieces, like a medium saucepan.

  344. Even though I am 35, I have only had hand-me down cookware from my parents. So my collection is random though I think I use the same 3 pots all the time.

  345. I am in love with this cookware! I am a big fan of cast iron and am slowly adding pieces to my kitchen of varied collection. I would be thrilled to have a new Analon braiser – a pan I do not own yet but would love for many reasons, including my fabulous braised lamb recipe. Also it would be such a help with my latest jamming and canning obsession!

  346. I have a soft spot for Le Creuset enameled cast iron. The enameled cast iron line from Lodge also performs beautifully and is a great value. I’d love to test out the Anolon to see how it compares!

  347. We have a mix of cast iron and stainless with one hand me down copper pan I cannot get rid of despite the fact that my induction stove renders it useless.

  348. I do not have every piece I’ve dreamed of but I want this pretty bad! Mine are super old 🙂 fingers crossed!

  349. You can never have too much cookware! I love the cast iron enameled pots, and have 2 of my own, but not in this size. This would be a great addition!

  350. I would love this pan. I have a mish mash of random pieces that I’ve collected over the years. The only pan that I really love is my 1 Le Creuset oval dutch oven. It is so versitile, though a bit too deep for making jam. It doesn’t cook out the water fast enough.

  351. I have a mix of cast iron and stainless + one enameled. I didn’t cook as much when I got married and registered for kitchen items. If I were to do it again, it would look much different. Everything I got back then is too small for my family now!

  352. Every year I toy, just toy, with the idea of buying a copper jam pan.

    You’ve put the Analon brand on my radar. This lidded pot/pan is gorgeous and I would put it to good use!

  353. I want to love cast iron, but it seems so high-maintenance with the seasoning! And I’m a little uneasy about not really washing a pan that I’ve cooked meat in. As a result, I almost always default to my stainless steal pots, although I have a Dutch oven that I love.

  354. It’s impossible to have everything I’d like to, for one thing, where would I store it? And there’s always something I didn’t know about to catch my eye. I love cast iron! I have to be sure to treat it nicely so the seasoning isn’t scratched, but it treats me well in return.

  355. We have his and her cast iron skillets from before we were married (30 years ago). Dear hubby’s is round, mine is square. I would love a braiser for all the wonderful dishes I could cook in it, from bread to chicken stews. Yumm.

  356. I definitely do not have the cookware of my dreams. Someday I will own all shiny stainless steel and gritty, deep black cast iron everything… But until then, I will make do with what I have, and will hope to have this lovely braiser join the collection! Also, I love red. Just sayin.

  357. I received a Le Creuset when I started my first job. Many years later I still use and love it. I make so many stews and soups in it. It is also wonderful because it can easily go from the stove to the oven.

  358. My cookware situation is a sad one. I have the same set of pots and pans I bought myself 15 years ago when I got my first apartment, mixed with a few pieces from my husband’s random apartment set. I work them hard, and they serve me well, but I have been working on upgrading piece by precious piece. It’s expensive, and never a priority, so it will be a slowww process. Thanks for the chance at this beauty!

  359. I do not shop for shoes. Nor purses or jewelry. I covet cookware above all! So…I am poorly dressed but well fed! I love cooking with cast iron. And, as luck would have it – RED is my favorite color!

  360. I have a well-used cast iron skillet and the set of Revere Ware I received as a wedding gift 35 years ago. This red beauty would be fabulous to brighten up my kitchen. Thanks for the chance to win it.

  361. I have been slowly changing over to cast iron, all I have is a few skillets so far. I love it, and it is much healthier for you than the non-stick pots. I would love a pot like this!

  362. I’m another cast iron girl. Seems like I’ve had my Le Creuset pans forever. They are battered and chipped, but still do the job.

  363. I have a cast iron skillet and a small older set of Revere pots and pans, but nothing like the wonderful braiser you are offering ~ it is pretty enough to go from oven to table as a serving dish and if well cared for can be passed down to the next generation. Gathering in our kitchen is an important part of our family time….we love working together chopping, slicing, and telling stories. I can picture this pan with its happy color right in the middle of our memory making. Thank you for the opportunity to enter your giveaway.

  364. My Dad is a fan of Le Creuset and has made sure all 4 of his daughters have an ample supply. No complaints here!

  365. I have never had any cast iron, but have always wanted some. I learned to cook in my mother’s and still miss it.

    Ever time I think I will purchase some, I am way laid by the price?

  366. My husband and I are newlyweds and I have been saving our pennies to get some good cast iron. Currently we have none. This would be amazing!!!

  367. I went through a breakup and left most of my kitchen wares behind, though I managed to keep the cast iron.
    After several years and several apartments I’ve landed in a great place with a great landlord, and I ‘inherited’ a set of heavy-bottomed pots and pans from the basement, left by a previous tenant!
    A braiser like this would just complete the party happening in my kitchen cabinets now. I recently made a dish that needed something like a heavy braiser and wow, it didn’t work out well without one 🙂

  368. I have a hodgepodge of cooking vessels but mainly non stick and cast iron. The braiser would be a welcome addition to my collection….I love to cook.

  369. I am not sure it is possible to be happy with all of your cookware. I am currently loving La Creuset but have cycled through several brands. I love cast iron and you can never have enough dutch ovens!

  370. We have a nice assortment of non-stick and cast iron but nothing like that braiser. That would indeed make a great jam pot.

  371. I love my cast iron, and l love my one Staub for stewing. I also have a few All-clad’s that I adore. Good cookware is essential!!

  372. Gorgeous pan. I have stainless steel, “waterless” cookware for most cooking, And a small saucepan I got at a Corningware Outlet that I use for bechemel, or gravy. My non-stick skillet lasted two years before being a stick skillet. I love my iron skillets for even-holding heat toasting-baking-frying,

  373. The only heavy-duty pot I have is a cast iron chicken fryer. I have dreamed of having a enamel cast iron “baker” like this.

  374. We have a great set of Anolon non-stick pots and pans that work wonderfully with our induction stove, but I still have a soft spot for cast iron. I would LOVE a pot like this to round out our collection.

  375. My favorite non stick skillet has recently given up the ghost and I am now on the hunt for a replacement. this would be a welcome addition to my cooking arsenal.

  376. I am SO glad to see that cast iron is making a comeback in this country. For a good many years it was that heavy “thing” that people’s grandma used in their cooking and “modern” women (which is not always a compliment as far as I’m concerned) wouldn’t touch one. I think Ree Drummond, the Pioneer Woman is playing a large role in the resurgence of the cast iron skillet. Also, every cooking show out there must be supplied with a good dozen or more Le Creuset Dutch Ovens. Now this company, Analon Vesta is new to me, I’ve not heard of them before. It looks great for many different uses. I need to keep an eye out for this line in my cooking supply shopping trips. I had to laugh when you said you scour places for vintage cookware, I do the same thing for cake pans, especially shaped or character cake pans. It’s SHOCKING how much discontinued Wilton Cake Pans can bring on different auction sites and I absolutely refuse to pay a fortune for one.

  377. I also stalk second hand shops and garage sales for old cookware. I love, love my cast iron – but there are some things you just can’t cook in them. I would love the opportunity to try something like this. I don’t often buy new, I spend the money on ingredients instead!

  378. I began my cookware collection in college with a single cast iron pot never used even once by my grandmother. Even though she didn’t know how to use it, my appreciation for its quality grew, along with my collection, to my current collection of 6 different cast iron pieces. My poor husband doesn’t know how to use any of them. I need some more cookware that he can cook with when it’s his turn to make breakfast. 😉

  379. My cookware “collection” has been rigorously culled due to 8 moves (and a couple of temporary stops in between moves) over 30 years. I currently have *almost* everything I actually need, less a good skillet and a slow-cooker . . . and a few gadgets that didn’t make it into the boxes. I’m scheming on a cast-iron skillet my mother hasn’t used in 20 years but will never part with! I like stainless steel for a lot of things, especially soup; I’ll use mild steel skillets for eggs and fish patties, but not for anything that has to cook for a long period of time. I prefer cast iron for a few, specific dishes: bacon, beef (steak or hamburger), campfire stew. This actually looks perfect for a slightly unusual application: solar cooking. Heat the cast iron braiser up with the solar reflector, then slowly cook the contents as it cools off.

    I own ONE grocery-store-purchased nonstick pan, for cooking/heating soup & rice over the propane stove in the camper, solely because it takes almost no water to clean up. I don’t much care for most of the nonstick coatings, especially over high heat. Don’t ever try to melt sugar in a nonstick pan. Ever. I threw out not only the syrup but also the pan and the Teflon spatula . . . it was that bad.

  380. I love getting new cookware! I use my cast iron more than anything else I have ever bought. WOuld love to add this piece to my kitchen!!!

  381. I have two small cast iron pans that were my grandmother’s and they are smooth and perfectly seasoned. I have a large newer pan that is well seasoned, but not the same flat smooth finish as older cast irons. I am keeping a look out for a battered old 9 inch skillet to reclaim from a yard sale box.

  382. I’m really looking forward to building up my cookware. I have had to reduce the cookware I’ve had in the past, after two back surgeries, I need to find some smaller pieces. This looks like a good size. Thank you for the opportunity!

  383. I’m grateful for the cookware I have, but would love to have a cast iron dutch ovens and braisers, along with a wok and some sturdier fry pans!!

  384. I do almost all my cooking in either cast iron frying pans or copper soup/stock pots. I would love a braiser to meet me in the middle. OH! and I just got the forth burner pot on your recommendation and am still finding my way with it.

  385. I’m a simple girl, when it comes to kitchenware. I prefer to have a few quality pieces, which include All-Clad and antique cast iron. I’ve always dreamed of owning an enamel cast iron!

  386. Oh, I wouldn’t want to share the plight of my “pan drawer.” I have a couple Calphalon pans, but alas, their innards have become scratched and scraped with time. I should treat myself to something better. This Anolon looks simply amazing!

  387. I just discovered that my cast-iron canning enameled pot has a serious need to be re-enameled!
    I love cast iron but use different pots and pans for different things.. but my favorite pan is a cast iron pan that my great grandmother owned and brought out west with her!

  388. I received my grandmothers cast iron pans and one pot many years ago, literally in her will LOL I have faithfully cared for them and use at least one every day for something. I have a too large jam pot and would LOVE one this size, how perfect for a few jars of fresh jam or chutney!

  389. I love treasure hunting at garage sales, but haven’t come across any cast iron in years. I have one skillet, and love it!

  390. I’ve always wanted a beautiful pot like this. And I’d store it on the stove top to give some pop to the kitchen decor.

  391. I am a huge fan of cast iron, and my college-age kids are too. I’m in the process of seasoning up a skillet and griddle for each of them for Christmas this year. 🙂

  392. I have quite the assortment of pans. His, hers, and some I’ve gotten since we married. I hope to switch to an induction cooktop soon, so I’ve been on a mission to find induction capable pans. I swap out the old ones as I procure induction pans (a couple of cast iron, and a few stainless, so far). I’d love one of these Anolon braisers.

  393. Wow! What a beauty!

    I also collect cookware from thrift stores and yard sales. I love stainless steel but cast iron is a close second. I’m always on the lookout for the perfect wide, shallow pan for jamming… This lovely pan would be wonderful to add to my collection! y

  394. Just lovely! Could use this pot on the..stove top or in the oven. Just thought that this would work on my outdoor grill

  395. I have a vintage cast iron skillet, but it is no match for your lovely give-away. Would love to make small batch jams in it when I win!!

  396. I love to can, I’ve never the cast iron for making my jams & such in, I use the Decaphalon, if that’s even spelled correctly. I make jams, jellies, syrup and some pickled items, also pear sauce.

  397. My current pots/pans situation is a bit more sparse than I would like. I find myself wishing for another sauce pan, for instance. I love my cast iron skillet and griddle, but there is a gaping hole in my collection between the skillet and my stainless steel stock pot. This beautiful 5 qt braiser would fill that hole nicely, I think!

  398. I have a hodge podge of my pots and pans, my moms and my grandmothers cast iron stuff. I am planning to “gift” my son with the pans that have Teflon and keep the stainless and cast iron for myself….I earned then 😉

  399. I have a very small collection of cast iron. I find every excuse I can to use it as much as possible. I dream of one day owning the 14qt Le Creuset dutch oven. I just think that it would be perfect for a giant batch of Sunday gravy.

  400. I am searching, essentially, for my mother’s high-sided cast iron skillet with solid glass lid (no metal, just a glass lid with a shaped knob). Nothing really seems to be quite the same, and I realize that to this day I still can’t lift it with a single hand when I visit home, but I’m trying to make some headway into using cast iron. My most recent attempts have been in the oven, attempting to use a small enameled cast iron pot as a dutch oven for a small loaf of sourdough. My overall pot collection is pretty minimal (I live in a tiny apartment), but one day…!

  401. I just graduated from college and still am hoping around small apartments with many people. But I love cookware and have a decent collection, some currently with me and some at my parents’ house. I had to leave the kitchenaid behind but brought a great stainless pan and wooden spatulas.

  402. I have a variety of pots and pans. I do have a stack of good nonstick skillets but prefer cast iron and stainless steel over all else. I have the stainless 1 1/2 qt saucepan that belonged t my late MIL. It is the pot that my husband was allowed to bang on with a wooden spoon when he was a tot. I have a tiny aluminum saucepan and lid that was part of my Mom’s first set of pans 55 years ago. I have a lot of cast iron. I keep my favorites on the stove in a stack and have a small shelving unit in my kitchen just for my cast iron. Once again, I do have one of my late MIL skillets and it is the one that made hundreds of batches of corn bread for her family. I also keep an eye out at thrift stores for a treasure. I bought my covered cast iron chicken fryer at a thrift store for $20. Winning this brassier would be awesome!

  403. I use to be a fan of non-stick. Now as I get older I really appreciate a good stainless steel pot that you can scrub the heck out of for years and it still performs as new. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.
    ErinLoves2Run at gmail dot com

  404. My husband and I still use the cast iron skillet we bought 35 years ago as our very first purchase for our kitchen! I bought a lot of Calphalon in the 90’s, when they still made it in the US, and it has held up well under heavy use. But, this beautiful red braiser caught my attention and it would be a welcome addition to our kitchen.

  405. I am just getting back into cooking for our family, but our cookery is pretty dismal.
    Would love to add some pieces.

  406. So cute! I have a mere three cupboards in my efficiency apartment, so my cookware situation is very spartan. However, I have a collection of red items (some of which are stored under my bed!) with the dream of eventually having a cherry-themed kitchen in a real house, and this would be a welcome addition indeed.

  407. I have always wanted a cast iron set of cookware; it seems like my odd pots & pan collection looks like Early GoodWill! 🙂
    Never bought a complete set of cookware in my life; hope it is not to late to do it! The red braiser would be lovely as I do have some red accent pieces.

  408. I am slowly converting all of my cookware away from tradition non-stick and moving towards a combo of stainless steel, cast iron and enamel cast iron. I will probably keep one non-stick around for eggs – at least until I get my cast iron perfectly seasoned! But, I am really loving all of my cast iron – and learning the tricks of dealing with enameled cast iron.

  409. I got a degree in Food Science in 2006 and started working in QA at a dry food processing plant (think spices) for the first 5 years of my career. I then switched to a job that I travel around and inspect suppliers for food safety compliance. Between a demanding job and a 3 1/2 year old, I have been too tired and have sadly let my love for creating great things vanish. We planted a garden this year and have an enormous amount of food we don’t want to go to waste. Naturally, I plan to spend my weekends canning but my science education has found a place deep inside my brain to hide. Reading your website has swept away the cobwebs of my brain and I now feel confident that I won’t kill anyone by preserving my goodies! Thank you for such an awesome site. A new piece of cookware would definitely be well loved in my house! Thank you.

  410. I love cast iron cookware! I use it in some form almost daily. My favorite piece is my grandmother’s cast iron dutch oven. I would absolutely love to add this piece to my collection!

  411. I am still using the same Farberware stainless pots and pans I received as a wedding shower gift in 1977! I would love new everything!

  412. I have most of the pieces of cookware I desire, but I’ve recently fallen in love with enameled cast iron, and use the piece I have for so many applications! Winning another piece of this cookware would be a dream come true!

  413. Pick me! Pick me! What a lovely, and very useful, piece you are offering! I’ve used a cast iron skillet since I could lift one. Four years ago I discovered a Le Creuset outlet store and found a beautiful navy blue Dutch oven that was incredibly discounted. That Dutch oven has become my absolutely favorite pot. A braiser would be a fabulous addition to my very limited collection!

  414. Thanks for another great demo class at the Collingswood Library tonight. After watching you make the plum chutney I’m thinking that recipe and this pan may be just what I need to jump in and start canning and jamming!

  415. I don’t have any enameled cookware – I’ve been looking to make a piece my next acquisition, but have keep debating on size, style, price range… this would be a great start (and fuel my new found addiction to small batch jam making)!

  416. I’m working with hand-me-downs from my grandfather. They are great pots and pans but quite the mismatched set! 🙂 I cook a lot in my cast iron skillets but save the Dutch oven for fall and winter – in gets a little too hot down in the south.

  417. My parents gave me a Food Network brand enameled dutch oven several years ago. It’s been dropped, kicked, burned, smoked, roasted, scalded, and moved four times since then. It has not held up well, unfortunately. The enamel around the rim has become more and more worn away, and the bottom and inside are stained no matter what I use to scrum or clean it. It’s time for a new dutch oven.

  418. My preference is cast iron. Easy to cook with and clean. I have two Dutch ovens and I love the broad base of the analon. Thanks!!!!!

  419. I have a set of American Kitchen stainless steel cookware by Revere. I am very happy with it. Except for the lids. Where the glass and stainless meet moisture collects. Ugh!
    I love to braise and have always wanted cast iron cookware!

  420. Our cookware is mostly inherited classic copper bottom stainless Revereware, which works great for us. I do have a newer 6 qt Dutch oven, though, & I like the look of the size & straight sides of this Ananlon pan. I can imagine lots of uses for it.

  421. I recently decided to throw out my Jenair grill/glass top stove. I’m ordering a 5 burner gas stove with electric oven. I am so excited but will need cookware that is better suited for my new stove. Please enter my name into your drawing!

    Thanks so much,

  422. I have an assortment of pots and pans that I have picked up over the years. However, I am nearly always drawn to the All-Clad whenever it is near me. *Sigh* My dream cookware would be an entire set of it.

  423. My cookware is a mix of many different things. I have one cast iron skillet, and I really
    like it. This pan looks amazing!

  424. ooohh I love this Pan and need it like now! 🙂
    I am like you I very seldom buy any of my pans new I look for good sturdy pans (cast iron being my favorite) at thrift stores and yard sales
    as I have just started making jams and jellies this would be a welcome addition to my collection

  425. I’m in the market for new non-stick Dutch oven, my old one is on it’s last leg. But I’m real interested in a braiser for jam making.

  426. I have one stainless steel fry pan that survived the house fire along with a cast iron fry pan that was also in the storage drawer under the oven and therefore did not burn. The insurance company said to throw them away but I just couldn’t as they are my favorites and miraculously survived.I should have thrown the insurance company away as they were worth about nothing. Love stainless and cast iron, will last forever and even through a fire.

  427. I love that pan! With just two of us here at home, I try not to have a bunch of pots and pans. I have both cast iron and stainless steel skillets, one of each. Would love to add to my cast iron skillet fetish! Thanks.

  428. I prefer the copper set of pans that my mom bought me for Christmas many years ago. I will cherish them till the day I die

  429. I would like a dutch oven to cook my famous chili in. I am currently using an old aluminum pot that has a “hot spot” in it. Bright side is the lid has only a few dings in it so it still fits well.

  430. My favorite skillet is losing it’s nonstick coating, so I am in search for something new.I have an enamel cast iron dutch oven I love, so I’m thinking a skillet would be great.

  431. Love that red and love cast iron. I have Mom’s old pans and they are broke in just right. Love the enamel cast iron pans.

  432. I am most of the way through a transition from nonstick to stainless steel cookware. On my wish list is a big stockpot to simmer a big batch of salsa in prior to canning. I have borrowed one for the past several years and am longing for one of my own!

  433. I’ve gone through a few pots and finally settled on Chantal a few decades ago. It’s steel with enamel. I love the glass lids I can see through. I especially love my woks or chef’s pan as they’re called now and I have all three sizes as well as two sized of roasting pans and several fry pans. Also a double boiler and steamer. I have a really large stock pot with a strainer for pasta.

    I just bought a Lodge cast iron Dutch oven set that makes a sauce pan and the lid is a fry pan. Still getting used to that.

    I have a vintage copper jam pan and I large copper pan for candy/chocolate. Also a copper pan for whipping egg whites as I want to learn to make the three different types of meringue.

    I really love enameled cookware and am considering enamel on cast iron. My Mother has a Le Creuset pan she loves. I think this braiser would be perfect for chicken cacciatore, a family favorite.

  434. I just bought my first cast iron this month- a pizza pan. I love it! I can’t wait to get a Dutch oven and have been shopping for the perfect one for some time. Yours looks lovely. Thanks for the opportunity.

  435. I, too, have a fascination with cookware. Currently I own stainless steel dating back to the 70s, a couple of cast iron pans and two Le Creuset pans. Being in my 60s, I still cook most nights mostly using the aforementioned pans, but am always on the hunt for a perfect non stick that doesn’t require reseasoning after acidic mixtures are cooked. Also love canning using two inexpensive pots.
    The beauty of this pot is something to behold! It would make me smile just seeing it in the pot drawer. In fact, I think I’m going to check out the website, in spite of trying to downsize my collection.

  436. 1.Leave a comment on this post and tell me something about your cookware situation. Do you you have very pot and pan you’ve ever dreamed of? Are you a cast iron person, or do you prefer stainless steel? Or perhaps, you’re on a mission to find the perfect skillet to complete your batterie de cuisine.

    My cookware situation… hrmm.. I have an assorment of pots & pans that I dont really care for. None of which are cast iron! I have been wishing for a great cast iron pan and braiser, but that darn LeCruset is just so stinking expensive and I dont know what other brands are good, and quite honestly I feel I need to do some reasearch on care & maintenance of them before buying something. I would also at some point like to have a skillet or two that is not non stick, that I can seriously scrub if I attach some food to it with too much heat! 🙂

    Anyway thank you for this opportunity and hopeuflly my birthday luck(yesterday) will help me win!

    And… keep up the good work on the blog!

  437. I’m still in my mid-twenties so have not picked up a lot of ‘quality’ cookware. My uncle has passed on a great cast-iron skillet that I love using! I would like to get a Creuset one day for my kitchen. Thanks for the post – love your site 🙂

  438. Wow…..what a cool piece of kitchen artillery. I can think of dozens of ways that beauty could be put to work in my farmhouse kitchen here in Texas…..fingers crossed!

  439. When I was in college in the late 70’s, I worked part-time in the housewares department at a high end department store. We carried stainless steel Farberware, and whenever it went on sale, we were deluged with customers. At the time I didn’t understand what all the fuss was about, but I do now. I saved up and splurged, using my employee discount in combination with a good sale price. I still use those pans daily, and they’re still beautiful after nearly 40 years.

  440. I use my parents stainless steel cookware they received as a wedding gift in 1972 as my go to set, but have added in a few key enamel coated cast iron and regular cast iron over the years….

  441. I have several pieces of enameled cast iron. All but one are from my parents. My dad always bought cool expensive items for my mom. The big Dutch oven that I bought is so heavy. I tell my hubby that is what is keeping me in shape in my old age ! It’s parrot green and has a perenant spot on the back burner of the stove. Function and beauty. Love to be in the running for your beauty . Thanks .

  442. I have about 3 pots that I LOVE, the rest are just the cheapies that I haven’t been able to replace yet.

    thanks for the giveaway!

  443. Most of my pots are stainless steel but I am in search of a great pan that I can keep on my stove top and do one pot meals in for hubby and me! thank you…..

  444. I have been lucky enough to have a couple vintage LeCreuset from my French meme’ that i treasure. I have been slowly collecting more well made cookware so I can pass them down myself. This pan looks so beautiful!

  445. I would love to have this! Right now I have traditional nonstick cookware but would love to start transitioning to cast iron. Wish I would have had this awakening years ago when my grandma and my mom got rid of their cast iron and switched to more “modern” cookware…

  446. I love cast iron. I have a dutch oven and a frying pan that were my mother’s. I love them because they transition from stove to oven seamlessly. One of my favorite dishes is boneless shortribs. Makes me want to make some tonight. I love my stainless cookware too–don’t want them to feel left out. 🙂

  447. That type of braiser is exactly the pan I’ve been wanting for my kitchen! I have mostly stainless steel but love my cast iron and enameled cast iron too.

  448. I have a mis-mash of cookware. But I love my blue cast iron le Cuesant (spelling?) Dutch oven and my Kilner jam pot. My old turkey roaster (it belonged to my grandmother) gets the most use during the summer as we slow roast our tomatoes before making them into sauce. Not too particular about all of my cooking items matching, just like the idea of having the best item for whatever I am cooking.

  449. I’m dreaming of a stocked kitchen with Le Creuset but I did get some Cuisinart pots and pans from work as a prize for my 15 years there so I can still dream

  450. I have been wanting to add an enamel cast iron piece since I’ve heard so much about them! I only have stainless right now. Thanks for the opportunity to win this!

  451. I, too, am obsessed with cookware. I’m always in search of the perfect pan, but of course, perfection varies depending on the purpose. I derive great pleasure from using good equipment in my kitchen, and I love that it helps me make good food. (Unfortunately, my budget doesn’t mesh with my quest for the best.) My dream is to get over my fear of cast iron and fully embrace the skillet.

  452. I have a wonderful collection of vintage enamelware — some from my grandmother (Le Creuset) and some from my mother (Dru Holland). My other “go-to”s include a 12 inch enamelware skillet that I could not live without and my Lodge enamelware Dutch oven. My mother used to complain that the pots were too heavy, but I love the way they cook and look.

  453. I am definitely a cast iron person. All my grandmothers and great grandmothers used cast iron. Nothing cooks like cast iron, especially for good country dishes like cornbread, fried chicken or fried green tomatoes. I have more than a few pieces but nothing as large as a dutch oven.

  454. I love cast iron. The one piece I’m really looking for is a waffle iron, but given how infrequently I make waffles, I can’t justify the expense. This braiser seems like it would be a good addition too. Sometimes it’s annoying how heavy the giant dutch ovens are.

  455. I have a mixture of older cooking pans, stainless and a Calphalon cast iron grill pan that I love.
    Definitely in the market for a nice new pan like this braiser.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  456. My project has been replacing the set of pans that I got for my wedding, piece by piece. The set was great, but I have a better idea now of the things that I actually use. Instead of going for matching pieces, I’m opting for a hodge-podge of the pans that I use the most often. I’ve collected some cast iron and a great saute pan. Now that it’s the end of summer, I’m thinking ahead about pans that can go from stove top to oven, like enameled cast iron.

  457. I love cast iron cookware! I have several Staub dutch ovens that I cook with most every week. Not only do they turn out wonderful braises and stews, but my arms get a nice workout lifting the darn things! I have been wanting to try Analon for a while but haven’t gotten around to it- nice to hear they work well for you. Is Analon as heavy as its counterparts?

  458. I’m an All-Clad and old cast iron fan. Cast iron for skillets and All-Clad for pots. While I have a number of beautiful pots and pans, I don’t have anything resembling a braiser and this one looks beautiful.

  459. The Le Creuset outlet store is like a candy store for me. I only own two pieces and like you am always on the lookout for used functional additions. This giveaway Analon looks, like you say, the perfect small batch pan. Would love to have one I could dedicate just for that purpose.

  460. I love pots like this! Cast Iron with a ceramic colored coating are my favorite! I also enjoy a few stainless steel pots for boiling and quick cooking. I collect pots like this, but only have a few of varied sizes. They are quite expensive, but definelty worth the money!

  461. These sorts of pots are the best. I’ve been slowly retiring all my more modern pans for older, often thrifted, iron pans and I enjoy each one more and more. A braiser like this could fill a great hole in the collection. Lucky someone!

  462. We love our cast iron skillets, but could really could use a braiser. Otherwise we have a stainless steel stock pot from the thrift store.

  463. I love cast iron! I currently use a Dutch Oven for braising so this would definitely be rounding out the current cookware situation.

  464. I have mostly good non-stickware. When we married, dh had one well-seasoned cast iron skillet that I try to remember to use because I like it a lot.

  465. My favorite cookware is my cast iron. I have several pieces including my grandmothers which is over a hundred years old, a piece that belonged to my mothers best friend’s mother (also over a hundred years ole) and a piece that was my husband’sgrandmother’s (over a hundred years old again), and I do use these on nearly a daily basis. I have just recently cleared nearly all of the rest of the cookware out of the cabinet and am replacing that with stainless.

  466. I am a cast iron person for sure. I love to fnd old pieces in yard sales and then with a little elbow grease make them good as new. I also rely on an old enamel LeCreuset to make batches of jam or soup.
    I love the heft of cast iron and the beauty and ease of enamel. This beautiful red braiser looks like the perfect size.

  467. I am slowly, one pot or pan at a time, upgrading my cheapy KMart college pots and pans to really nice pieces that I love cooking with. My only disappointment thus far has been the Le Creuset dutch oven that I bought, used about 5 times and then tried to return under the warranty when the enamel started flaking off. That didn’t pan out, and now I have a Lodge dutch oven that’s performed beautifully for a few years now.

  468. I am definitely a cast iron lover! Have large Le Creuset for soups and stews. Would love something like this for jam!

  469. Love cast iron, especially the large dutch oven we take camping! Also use a lot of nonstick skillets and noticed this morning how sad the smallest is looking from many mornings of frying eggs.

  470. I firmly believe that your cookware should be a collection. I made the mistake when I was first married to register for a 10 piece set. I use maybe 2 pieces of the 10! I love my Le Creuset and lodge cookware that I’ve gotten. I’m slowly parting with my old set and only getting things that I love. If you have cookware that you like, you’ll definitely cook more often.

  471. I have a large Le Creuset that I love! One year I was able to cobble together several gift cards I was saving that covered half the new year’s sale price at WS. I just squeezed by with coming up with the other half. I’ve had it over 10 years now. Cooking with it is wonderful and caring for it is like a zen practice for me. Besides that I have cast iron from my mom. This smaller braiser would be a welcome addition!

  472. I love using stainless and cast iron. Outdoor Dutch oven cooking is great in summer, and I have a huge stainless pot I love to use when canning.

  473. I love how tasty fried chicken is from an old deep dish cast iron! And the old aluminum cookware I find at yard sales are superb at conducting the heat so nicely!

  474. I love cast iron although I have some really nice pans from Viking that we got for our wedding. I would love to win one of these. Thanks for the giveaway.

  475. Dear mam,

    I don’t have pots and pans at all. All that I’ve is 2 small vessels which are very old and given to me by someone and absolutely no vessels. I’ve been looking to get a good cookware, prefarably stainless and (or) cast iron because I came to know that these are the only healthy cookware material and absolutely no non-stick or aluminium or anything else. I would like to start making healthy recipes in the dream cookware if I win it.

    Thank you

  476. I have several vintage (and well loved) pots that I wouldn’t live without. The first is my blue Le Creuset size G dutch oven. It’s indispensable for the overnight simmer of my chicken stock and is currently simmering the next batch of your amazing tomato jam from Amy! The second is my Wagner Ware/Magnalite turkey pan. I only have to see it on the shelf to start dreaming Thanksgiving dreams. Happy cooking, gardening, canning!

  477. Hi Marisa,
    Just found your blog thru Christy over @ Southern Plate. When I began reading this post, I was thinking, this girl sounds like a girl after my own heart. I too have a minor cookware obsession! I love shopping thrift stores & yard sales for old cast iron pieces & unique cookware. And who can pass up those nice stainless steel pieces at discount stores? This braiser would be a great addition to my collection. Who doesn’t have room for another pan?? ?

  478. I am slowly converting to cast iron. The 5 quart size would be a nice change from my enormous (and heavy!) 12 quart dutch oven.

  479. I have a set of Emeril hard anodized pots and pans my parents got for me years ago and a few other random pieces (plus a bunch of thrift store stock pots I use for dying yarn and fiber). Now that i’m starting to get into canning, I could certainly use some higher quality pot that are better suited to picking and preserving.

  480. Cast iron is my absolute favorite! I use it every day for almost every meal. If I win this will be a gift for my daughter-in-law.

  481. I have an antique skillet I’ve had for 30 years that I love, and also a cast iron dutch oven that cooks to perfection. Everything else is somewhat of a mish-mash, including my rice pot I’ve owned for many years (I can’t make rice well any other way). I don’t have everything I want but a braiser would be a wonderful addition!

  482. I have a stainless-steel pot and pan set that I bought at Costco a few years ago. I’d like to add a cast-iron skillet at some point.

  483. I am a cast iron convert after I had a bad string of luck with some non-stick pans. Once I learned how to properly care for and use my cast iron set, I took the plunge and have loved the change.

  484. We are arguing about pots right now. I have a sentimental attachment to mine but he wants new ones. He’ll wine some day but probably not as soon as he’d like.

  485. My wife and I were fortunate enough to happen upon a Staub sale; a particular color had been recently discontinued. Years later, the giant dutch oven we bought continues to be our most heavily used dish!

  486. Have a larger enameled cast iron pot for stews and soup, but this braiser is definitely something I could put to good use!

  487. I have a mix- some Dansk Kobenstyle from when I worked for the company 30 years ago, Vintage Griswold cast iron skillets that I have accumulated 1 by 1 over that past 25 years, Tupperware Chef Smart clad cookware also from when I worked for the company and copper bottom Revere Ware pieces that were my first cookware in adulthood. I think I need a 12 step program!

  488. My dream piece of cookware is one that I do not own yet but am saving up for! A blue enameled cast iron dutch oven from Le Creuset, just like my mothers!