Giveaway: Anolon Nouvelle Copper Stainless Steel 4-Quart Casserole

October 15, 2012(updated on October 3, 2018)

Anolon Nouvelle Cuisine 4-Quart Casserole

I’m always on the hunt for the perfect small batch jam pot. Something sturdy (but not enormous), non-reactive and with a low, wide profile for quick evaporation. It needs to function on an induction cooktop, conduct heat evenly and be nice to look at. I have a couple vintage enameled cast iron pots that checks most of my boxes, but they are so heavy that I’m always reluctant to wrestle one off the shelf for a quick preserve.

plums and book

However, a new pot came into my life a couple months ago and we’ve been making sweet, sweet jam (as well as sauces, chutneys and braises) together ever since. My small batch pot quest may indeed be over. The object of my cookware affection? The Anolon Nouvelle Copper Stainless Steel 4-Quart Casserole.

braised pork butt with leeks and cranberries

The stainless steel interior means that it will never leach a metallic flavor into my preserves and if I happen to burn something (it happens to the best of us), I can scrub away without worrying that I’m doing damage to the surface (a concern with the enameled pots). It’s got a thick copper disc at the bottom, which makes for good heat conduction and a pretty patina to boot.

Anolon casserole

I’m also a big fan of the shape of this pot (you don’t realize how hard it is to find affordable, good quality pots that are low and wide until you start shopping). The shallow depth means you get lots of surface area, which in turns promotes evaporation. Cooking the water out of the fruit effectively is a vital part of making jams, fruit butters, chutneys and jellies. Having a pot that aids that effort instead of fighting it makes for a better product every time.

Marisa with 4-quart casserole

The nice folks at Anolon sent me this pot to try out and now, they want to give one to one of my readers as well. I’m certain that whichever one of you end up with it will be so happy to have it in your kitchen! If you want to enter the giveaway, here’s what you do.

  1. Leave a comment on this post and tell me about your own cookware quest. Whether you’ve been looking for the perfect sauté pan or you’re on the search for a cast iron skillet like the one your grandma had, I want to hear your story.
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm east coast time on Friday, October 19, 2012. Winner will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog over the weekend.
  3. Giveaway is open to US residents (apologies to my more far-flung readers).
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left via the comment form on the blog at the bottom of this post. I do not accept submissions via email.
Disclosure: Anolon have provided both my review unit of the 4-Quart casserole and the giveaway unit at no cost to me. What’s more, they’ve compensated me for the time invested in this review with a 10-piece set of Anolon Nouvelle Copper Stainless Steel Cookware. However, my opinions remain my own and have not been influenced by the review unit or the cookware set.

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1,157 thoughts on "Giveaway: Anolon Nouvelle Copper Stainless Steel 4-Quart Casserole"

  • I would love to find a small cast iron pan for my jam making. I currently use a large one and your give away seems perfect for small batch canning. Thanks so much for your wonderful recipes. My family is enjoying all my delicious jams!

  • I would love to win this. I have the worst set of pots and pans. I keep saying I need to get some, but want to wait and get a good set.

  • I am still trying to find the perfect cast iron skillet that would be small enough to be light but bit enough to be able to cook enough food for when company is coming over.

  • My pots and pans are almost 40 years old. They look it. I love the look of this casserole and the fact that it can go into the oven is a big plus for us. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • I definitely need an overhaul in the pot category: I have only cheap nonstick pots and pans and they have a very short life. I would LOVE to have this pot for small batches.

  • After several sets of short-lived non-stick pots and pans, I have recently begun assembling a collection of better pieces more specifically targeted to particular tasks (I love my crepe pan!) and this sounds like the perfect new addition. Pots are the unsung heroes!

  • My husband bought me a few non stick pots and pans 8 years ago when we first got married. I have been looking for those perfect shaped stainless steel pots ever since I heard about the hoopla around non stick pans. And I think that this is THE ONE. I would love to win this because it would give me a reason to throw all the worn out pots that I have been using because of the sentimental value.

  • I’m pretty happy with my cast aluminum set from Costco (Kirkland) over all, but I hear you about making jam–I don’t really have anything wonderful. If I don’t win I may ask for this for Christmas.

  • Oh man! I am constantly in search of a quality stainless steel jelly roll pan (not non-stick!) that isn’t going to cost me $100 (since I want more than one). Very hard to find.

  • This does look like just about the perfect pan! I looked for years for a larger pan for larger batches and finally found one by accident, at a great price. It’s big enough to water bath in, yet has the larger bottom to height ratio that makes it wonderful for boiling things.

    Count me IN! Would love this one to add to the collection.

  • I love that pan! I am ALWAYS looking for a pan to cook everything in. I currently have a Caphlon that I hate…and may just be moving on to a Cast Iron something!

  • What a neat pot, I love it! I have been collecting Cast Iron pots/skillets. I love Griswold & Wagner Ware but also have some Lodge & unmarked brands.

  • My current search is for a short higher-volume pot that fits under the (too low microwave/hood) and that I can scrub when I do silly things like cook the tomato sauce down too far and start caramelizing it. In short (pun intended), a utilitarian pot. While I have a beautiful enameled pan that was a wedding gift, I’m afraid to scrub it, lest it lose its enamel. Plus, the lid for my favorite pot is missing in action.

  • My quest at the moment is to find a big cast iron pot to make stews and soups. I’ve always wanted one, but haven’t found one that I love.

  • I am always on the look out for old Pyrex dishes (does that count?) And also old dutch ovens. I recently found a bright orange, enameled cast iron, tiny dutch oven. Le Cruset? $9? Okay!

  • I’m still looking for the perefect cookie sheet for my oddly sized oven. Non-sticks are terrible! MAny are too long, leaving me unable to clise the oven door completely. A muindane, but very real, problem.

  • I’m always hunting to replace my enameled Dutch oven because it has chips in the enamel on the inside bottom. This looks like a good alternative!

  • I’d have to say that my quest has paralleled yours. I have lots of wonderful pans for most things but my quest for a good jam pot has been stymied. I’ve tried many and still haven’t found one that meets our needs. Maybe this one will.

  • My two options for preserving are my grandmotherโ€™s 6+ qt Revere Ware Dutch oven and a Kirkland 6.5 qt enameled cast iron Dutch oven. Both have issues besides being large; one is too heavy, the other too lightweight. I would like a Goldilocks pot, the perfect balance between the two. This Anolon casserole may be the one.

  • This looks like a perfect-sized pan! One time making do with a frying pan for mac and cheese will convince anyone they need bigger (but not massive) pansโ€ฆ

  • We HAVE been looking for the perfect saute pan. The one we have now does the job but it’s of course Teflon and flaking off. UGH! I’d love to get a new set of pots and pans that are COMPLETELY Teflon free, like the ones they use in Cook’s Country and America’s Test Kitchen. I love those shows.

  • My quest is for the perfect soup pot. I’ve got a couple ~6 quart models that are OK, but still not quite perfect.

    This Anolon pot looks like a perfect small-batch vessel for sure!

  • I was searching for a new chef’s knife and I found a Miyabi that I’m in love with, have to save up for it though.

    And after reading your post on canning in old bailing wire jars I’ve been on the lookout for those. I’ve got a few now that look like they’re in good shape, now I just need to find the rubber rings.

  • I’m always looking for a good 2 qt pot with high sides for the things I want to cook a little of, but won’t be able to splatter all over itself. Thought about asparigus pots for awhile before I realized they were too tall for proper stirring.

  • I just love any kind of cookware, however my current quest is for the perfect omelet pan. Every pan I get no matter how gently I clean it always ends up with omelet sticking to it! You are right… this casserole would make the perfect small batch jam! I have some peaches in the freezer from our bumper crop that would cook up nicely in it!

  • I currently use hand me down wear-ever pans from my mother for canning, but this casserole looks perfect for small batch preserving.

  • I’m in search of the perfect colander. Enamel seems to rust out quick, and small meshy ones are a pain to clean. I have a small ceramic berry colander that I currently like, but it’s small and has holes that are too big for pasta. The great search continues.

  • I’m on the lookout for a high sided pot I can water bath can in. I only ever do a few jars and don’t want to lug out the huge pot. That pan is awesome, looks great for jam.

  • My quest is for a double boiler big enough to safely heat a half gallon of milk for home yogurt making. Most 2qt double boilers won’t hold two quarts in the top pan!

  • well….aside from trying to find more of the smoked sea salt that someone abandoned in my desk at work, I’m always on the search for funky decorative items that no one really knows what to do with- which is probably good because I’m sure no one intended to use that egg cup as our official “tooth fairy tooth finder”.

  • I am currently on the lookout for a good 2 quart sauce pan, since I recently burned a batch of garbanzos on the bottom of my last one and wasn’t able to recover it. Oops. I am also a sucker for novelty shaped cake/cupcake pans. I don’t like non-stick though because of the off-gassing, so I try to find silicon ones.

  • I’m fairly happy with the pots and pans I have, but I do lust after the Le Creuset dutch oven, and dream of one day finding one at my favorite thrift store…

  • A couple of years ago, the house I grew up in burned down. The fire started in the kitchen, so we lost everything. One of the items my mom tried to save was her great grandmother’s cast iron skillet (I had hoped it would be mine one day.) She set it aside and forgot to take it with her. When she returned to the wreckage. The skillet was gone. Generations of spiced layers gone. Generations of cooking and savoring gone. (I am actually tearing up, I haven’t thought about it in years, really). I am married now and my husband and I have our own cast iron skillet. I guess my quest story isn’t so much about the perfect skillet, but the perfect seasoned experience. The old is gone, but the new one will take part in new food experiences.

  • That’s a beautiful pot! I have a few I like for canning, and my favorite is a french copper pot. But it’s so soft and has to be polished often! This design looks like it would work well.

  • that pot looks like the perfect size for cooking for two people. I am always looking for a vessel that is not too big or not too small.

  • A new pot!!!!!!!! I have been using a goodwill cast iron enamel for about 10 years now, a new steel one would definitely be a welcome treat.

  • Fifteen years ago I bought a my first set of cookware. All the pieces had black handles which, I have sadly learned the hard way, is the worst kind of cookware to buy. The handles break, fall off and replacements, after so many years, are not out there. Other than the handles, they are great.

    So my cookware quest/dilemma is this, I want new pots and pans but the guilt of throwing away pots that still work, overrules my desire for new ones.

  • I want to replace my 15″ nonstick pan. I love the size and use it often but want something healthier for my family.

  • Well, in spite of the search for the right sized cast-iron pan and the lusting I do after crepe pans, the real quest is for the perfect popcorn pan.

  • I’m looking for a skillet that I can cook with on my new glass cooktop, that will cook as evenly as my cast iron does. When my husband found a great deal on a new stove, I didn’t realize that since it has a glass cooktop, I wouldn’t be able to use my reliable old cast iron skillet. ๐Ÿ™

  • Ever since I started canning I have been on the hunt for a good cheap pot to cook down my preserves in. Since I live in an apartment and move almost every year a dutch oven just is not much of an option. This would be the perfect addition to my kitchen!

  • I have a really junky set of pans and need some quality items. I teach high school cooking but don’t have much at home for myself.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  • I was lucky enough to find a red Danish Kobenstyle enamelware stockpot on the street on trash day, a pot that I now cook with almost every day. Now I just need to save my pennies for a La Creuset dutch oven and my kitchen dreams will come true…

  • My parents currently hold the ownership of a complete set of cast iron cookware from my great grandparents. My grandmother didn’t want them because she had a cooktop and instead got a set of copper. Now, I’m recently married and moving to get my own kitchen sorted out, but miss the cast iron. I’m working on getting a set of coated cast iron for our cooktop, but haven’t made it yet!

  • I like cast iron, but sometimes I need some stainless steel. The stainless steel works much better for my tomato-based meals. I’ve been keeping my eyes open at the thrift stores, but winning this pan would be great.

  • I’m trying to figure out how to get rid of my nonstick stuff. Despite it being super expensive stuff from Calphalon and not using metal utensils, I still am finding it to chip. UGH.

  • I am on a quest to find affordable but exceptional versions of two geeky kitchen tools: a pH meter and a digital scale. It’s amazing how many digital scales have really expensive replacement batteries and have features that drain a battery much more quickly than needed. I do a lot of cooking that works best if you measure by weight rather than volume, so an accurate scale is important. But I’m rather poor right now, so I’m paralyzed by the possibility that I would drop anywhere from $40 to $80 and get a crappy scale! Eventually I’ll pick one, but I wish you could “test drive” them first. As for the pH meter, well, I know more or less which one I want, but again, can’t afford it right now. It would be awesome to be able to feel totally safe canning a recipe that’s tweaked a bit–plus I get to geek out, because OMG! pH METER! Or maybe that’s just me ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I am currently on the quest to find good bake ware… I am ashamed to say that most of what I am using comes from the dollar store, but it is currently getting the job done. Fall and winter are my baking seasons, so I am trying to find the right bakeware for me to accomplish the baking I am wanting to do.

  • I dream of owning a Le Creuset dutch oven, and sometimes I covet collapsible silicone kitchen items (like colanders). ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I always want more cast iron pans. I have 3 frying pans in different sizes (2 from my grandmother), but I would love a grill pan and maybe a cast iron dutch oven? Cast iron is the perfect cooking material!!

  • Those nice heavy, well balanced saute pans like All Clad make me want to cook. Those and Le Cruset Soup Pots!

  • I would adore owning a Le Creuset Dutch oven in a dreamy color. I have 2 cast-iron Dutch ovens, but would love to have an enameled one.

  • I am always looking for a good pot for making stews or jams. This looks perfect! I also have a nice cast iron one of similar shape, but it is VERY heavy…

  • i love that pot!! i am always searching for the perfect pot to cook in and that looks like a good one… i have my mother’s cast iron and my mother-in-laws to so i am well on my way to having every thing i need to cook in

  • I am looking for THAT pot! All my pots and pans are hand me downs and junky and I’m making do with what I’ve got. The pots I have are always too big or too small for what I want to do with them.

  • I would like to find a well-balanced 8″ saute pan, preferably non-stick for real French omelets. My favorite stainless steel pan is my barely 1 quart, in which I make white sauce or gravy. The anolon pan is absolutely gorgeous.

  • Well, it seems I’m in the same boat as most people. I am looking to replace my pots and pans. Mine are quite sad.

  • I’ve been looking for a saute pan for some quick cooking, but haven’t found one that I quite like yet. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  • I have been on the hunt for a vintage, all cast iron waffle maker that has a ball hinge that is still in good condition. My family had one when I was coming up, but sold it long ago.

  • I’ve also been looking for some quality stainless cookware but haven’t decided which to purchase; also want a Le Cruset dutch oven.

  • I am constantly looking for a flat skillet for pancakes…the one that I have is a calphalon “non stick” that I have had for 17 years and it is impossible to clean. I have scrubbed the
    Living daylights out of it and there are still some black bits around the edge. In my mind I just call it a “seasoned” pan!

  • I have been looking for a good enamled, cast iron dutch oven. I can’t justify spending the money on a Le Cruset one so I am still on the hunt! (I’ll probably end up with a nice one from Lodge… their cast iron is wonderful).

    Now i’m on the quest for this pot. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Honestly I need a nice big stock pot and also a roasting pan with a rack, but my kitchen is a little small, so I have space constraints.

  • This pan is soooo cute..and practical! It’s only the two of us now..hubby and myself…so this size fits my needs. I LOVE cooking in quality stainless steel. Have a set of copper bottomed SS pans now that simply never wear out! Hope to be the lucky one!!!

  • I love cast iron, but this would be perfect for the no-knead bread I made at my in-laws recently. I’ve been wanting to try it at home but don’t have the right pot!

  • I have slowly been purchasing high-quality items and dumping the junky college crap after realizing that it is ok to spend (a lot of! cripes!) money on something that will be well-loved and regularly used for its intended purpose. For me, they are not a status symbol of (perceived) wealth, but of a willingness to invest in my friends and family.

  • I am hunting for the perfect size pot for cooking two servings of pasta. Still haven’t quite found it! My other problem is that I am hunting for a lemon reamer like the one that my mother had, depression glass and the perfect size.

  • I, too, am saving for some big ticket items – a nice dutch oven, a good cast iron pan, and a stand mixer for baking. Thanks for this opportunity, this would be an awesome addition to my kitchen!

  • My cookware is cast iron, and I love it but the larger pieces are so very hard to lift and now with age and arthritus it’s getting painful. I’ve been looking for something lighter weight, but everything that looks good is too expensive for me so I would dearly love to win this.

  • I have been on the look out for great multipurpose cookware. Something I can use to cook fruit for jams and jellies in the summer, make rich stews in the fall, poach sausages or pheasant in the winter, or steam greens in the spring and that wouldn’t be as heavy as my current dutch-oven.

  • Thanks so much for the opportunity to receive a great pan, just the right size for empty nesters. I love your small batch canning recipes ๐Ÿ™‚

  • oooo,beautiful pot! I feel like my pots are the wrong sizes….one’s always too big, one’s always too small. I love all-clad, and I have been tempted to buy the Analon, but with some luck, I may get to try it for free! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • When I moved out of my parents house, I bought a cheapie pot to make pasta in. It lasted over 15 years and then recently my husband melted rice in it and it was ruined. We bought a replacement but its just not the same. I would love to find that pot again – your give away looks a lot like the same shape but much better made.

    If I win, I’m so banning my husband from cooking rice in it.

  • the perfect casserole dish. I keep finding ones that are too large, too small, too deep, too shallow – I feel like Goldilocks!

  • I moved into a apartment last year that has one of those itty bitty inlaw stoves. It may have four burners but they are packed so close it is hard to use my larger pots. I am having to rethink how I make my preserves at home. Since I can’t do my large canning pot and my large cooking pot at the same time I need smaller options. I am still in the process of figuring it out but the Anolon pot may be the perfect solution.

  • We have a bed and breakfast and are constantly battling with breakfast appliances (coffee pots, waffle makers, pans) and serving dishes (ex: non-sticking honey dispenser). The one thing we are on a continuous hunt for is a stove top griddle made from cast aluminum (apparently the best!) for pancakes/french toast.

  • I need some kind of pan that I can cook with in the oven. I have only a cast iron skillet to bake cornbread but nothing that i can put in the oven to withstand the heat so that I could cook a meal in the oven instead of the stovetop. STill looking!

  • I am always looking for cookware that will last. I do a lot of cooking now and know that I will only continue in the future, so I try to buy high quality items. No Walmart sauce pans here!

  • I love getting the reviews from America’s Test Kitchen on different utensils and equipment. I love my T-Fal pan because of it!

  • I have a red LaCreuset dutch oven that my family calls the “magic pot”. Everything I have cooked in that dutch oven has gotten rave reviews. I’d like to think that the cook had something to do with that but I’ll settle for the pot being magic.