Giveaway: An OXO Berry Pack

OXO Berry Pack

Last week, in the first post of my new series for beginning canners, I wrote about the basic equipment you need to get started canning. The list included things like a stock pot to serve as your boiling water bath canner and a pair of jar lifting tongs to help you move your jars in and out of the hot water without injury.

Today, I’m here to talk about a few pieces of equipment from OXO, that while not absolutely necessary for basic canning, will make your canning prep work infinitely easier. This post is sponsored by OXO and features a giveaway at the end.

OXO Strawberry Huller

When I was a senior in college, I lived with two friends in an off-campus house. When we first moved in, we spent an evening unpacking our kitchen boxes together, choosing from the duplicates and making a list of the things we needed to fill any gaps in our tools. At that point of my life, I thought I was fairly well-versed in all available kitchen utensils, but when Andrea pulled out a pair of squat, metal pincers, I had to ask her to identify the tool. She told me it was a strawberry huller. Later, when strawberries came into season, I tried her huller, found that it was was far more trouble than a paring knife and wrote off strawberry hullers forever. Or so I thought.

A few years back, I found myself in possession of a OXO Strawberry Huller (I think it was included in a gift bag I picked up at a conference). Remembering my previous experience with hullers, I was ready to dismiss it. However, it happened to arrive right around the same time as a flat of strawberries and so I tried it. Immediately, I was won by its charms. It has the ability to remove the leaves and hard hull of the berry without pulling away any valuable flesh. It wastes so much less than my old paring knife technique and does it in less time, too. I am now among the huller converted.

OXO Cherry and Olive Pitter

The first year I canned cherry preserves, I was foolish. I pitted an entire flat of sweet cherries with an unbent paper clip. I learned the technique from a video on Gourmet’s website (oh, how I still miss Gourmet!) and thought that if it was good enough for them, it would be good enough for me. What I didn’t realize was that there’s a big difference between pitting a few cherries for a tart and pitting 8 quarts for multiple batches of jam.

By the time I was done, it was 1 am and I’d spent four hours removing pits from cherries. Though I was dizzy with exhaustion, before I went to bed I logged on to Amazon and bought myself an OXO Cherry Pitter. I’ve used it ever since and it has made my stints as a cherry processor far more pleasant.

OXO 3-piece Berry Set

Growing up, we had just one colander in the house. My mom liked it best that way, because it meant there was less to store and manage. However, almost every time I needed to drain or rinse something, I’d reach for the colander to discover that it was already in use. This led to many frustrating moments and overcooked pots of pasta. I swore that when I had my own kitchen, I’d have a few colanders around, to ensure there was always one available when needed.

I may have taken that promise a bit too far, because if one were to count the number of colanders, perforated berry bowls, and fine mesh sieves currently in my kitchen, they’d discover nearly a dozen different options. I don’t see them as clutter though, because in the course of a week, I’ll use nearly every one. I guess I do a lot of rinsing and draining.

Lately, as berry season has gone full-bore in the Philadelphia region, I’ve found myself turning to OXO Berry Bowl and Colander set more and more often. You can give your berries a good rinsing, pop the colander into the bowl and put it right onto the table, without dripping or an extra plate set underneath to catch extra water. The bowl also has a lid, which makes for easy leftover storage.

OXO Food Mill

Last, we come to the OXO Food Mill. This is the food mill of my dreams. When I first moved to Philadelphia, I inherited a large box of vintage kitchen equipment. It had all belonged to my Great-Aunt Doris and had been living in my cousin Angie’s garage for the last 15 years. Included in the box was a dented oval roasting pan, a rusty french fry cutter, and ancient Foley food mill. The roasting pan was quickly demoted to storage vessel, the fry cutter is still caked with rust, but the food mill went straight to the kitchen.

I used it for years, despite the fact that it was impossible to clean (it was a one-piece model without a detachable screen), had a tendency to discolor acidic foods, and was slighted dented (which made it hard to turn the handle smoothly). Two years ago, I bought a new food mill from one of those discount shopping websites, thinking I was doing myself a great service. The first time I used it, the little legs that keep it elevated over the bowl all snapped off. I was ready to swear off food mills entirely, when I used the OXO version while teaching a cooking class.

The screens popped in and out without pinching my fingers and were easy to clean. The supportive legs were sturdy and could take the pressure necessary to mill the tomatoes I was deskinning and seeding. And the handle turned smoothly and easily. It was my dream food mill and I use it all year long to make fruit butters, sauces, soups, and tomato products. I will never use another.

Thanks to the kind folks at OXO, I have one of these berry packs to give away to a Food in Jars reader. The winner will receive a strawberry huller, cherry pitter, berry bowl and colander and food mill. Here’s how to enter:

  1. Leave a comment on this post and share your favorite OXO tool. If you don’t have one, take a look at their website and name one you wish you had.
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm east coast time on Friday, July 12, 2013.Β Winners will be chosen at random (using and will be posted to the blog on Sunday, July 13, 2013.
  3. Giveaway is open to US residents only.
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left on the blog, I cannot accept submissions via email.
Disclosure: OXO provided me with the tools pictured in this post for photography and review purposes. They’re also providing another set of the same implements for this giveaway. They did not pay for placement and all opinions expressed are my own. Additionally, there are a few affiliate links in this post.Β 

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1,108 responses to “Giveaway: An OXO Berry Pack”

  1. I love my OXO cherry pitter! Beautiful design, and wow, does it ever work well! Having 2 in the house when we pit large batches of cherries would be even better.

  2. I have never heard of or used any OXO product. If I had my choice though, I think I would love to try the Food Mill.

  3. I have an OXO lemon zester that I love. There are times when the microplane is just fine and this one works great.

  4. I don’t own any, but the food mill looks awesome! I can applesauce in the Fall and have the old Foley one as well…. it is ready for retirement! Thanks

  5. I love all things OXO. My fave tool right now is the mandoline. I do not own any of the berry things, and would so love to! I have tons of berried and could use this! πŸ™‚

  6. OXO has a huge pancake flipper that I love, but don’t have. It’s sort of a luxury item when one has a regular spatula, so I’ve never indulged myself. Maybe someday….

  7. My favorite OXO tool is their regular ‘ol balloon whisk…but now that I see you’ve endorsed the cherry pitter… (I did a quart of cherries with the paperclip yesterday)

  8. I would love the food mill! Get those pesky raspberry seeds out of my jam and tomato seeds out of my ketchup πŸ˜‰

  9. I love my OXO tongs. They work so well and lock in a closed position so they don’t take up so much space.

  10. What a great giveaway! I have quite a few OXO products and love them all because they last and last and even though I’m hard on things I haven’t destroyed one yet! My favorite item has to be my mandolin slicer. I was always afraid to use one but because of the large guard I still have all my fingers πŸ™‚

  11. I love my OXO 9″ tongs. From picking jar lids out of hot water to flipped chicken on the grill, they get the job done without pinching my fingers.

  12. I would love to have an Oxo food mill! In our house we go through the PB&J sandwiches like crazy so I spend most my summer making jams of every flavor I can think of!

  13. I use my OXO bottle brush nearly every day. It’s super sturdy and great for cleaning water bottles and narrow-necked jars.

  14. I love, love, love my Oxo peeler. It peels things so nicely and smoothly and the larger sized handle gives my hands a break from gripping too hard while working in the kitchen.

  15. I love OXO products – I have arthritis, and the handles help me grip their tools better than anything else I’ve tried. The salad spinner is also very easy to use and clean. Great company!

  16. I agree with Molly, that pastry brush is always being used at my house. I especially like how easy to clean it is.

  17. I have many Oxo products, but the most used and useful in our household is the salad spinner. Close second is the wine stopper/pourers which are terrific. Haven’t met an Oxo product yet that isn’t welcome in our house.

  18. My OXO salad spinner is probably my favorite kitchen gadget. It cleans and stores heaps of lettuce beautifully…a very handy thing to have during early CSA season.

  19. OXO always amazes me with their gadgets. Things I didn’t know I needed until I saw it in the store! πŸ˜‰

    I am in desperate need of a mandoline. And any of the OXO look like they’d be great. But this berry pack is much more exciting! Just started canning last year and would definitely put all these items on my wish list, especially since we just started growing berries this year!


  20. My favorite OXO tool is the very thin bladed spatula! I couldn’t imagine struggling anymore with fat bladed spatulas to flip pancakes or anything! It just gets right under the food, no problem. I would love the food mill…I have an ancient one, that works, but an upgrade in time for canning would be ideal! Thanks.

  21. I love OXO products! My favorites right now are our POP containers – fantastic for general, air-tight pantry storage. I’ve been lusting after that cherry pitter though…and a food mill with legs! Far superior to my current one.

  22. The OXO potato peeler is the best! It does a fantastic job peeling and also has a digger thing on the end to get out the eyes. I would love to win these OXO items.

  23. I have and really love their smooth edge can opener . No more cutting myself when trying to wash cans for recycling!

  24. Hello! I just started canning a couple months ago and I am loving it! I would love to have a food mill. Thanks

  25. I have just started canning and have never heard of Oxo products. I do not own a food mill and would love to try it as well as other Oxo products. Anything to make my life simpler and canning more fun is always appreciated.

  26. I LOVE the soft edge can opener- as a mom with young kids, I appreciate the edges not being razor sharp, and it is quick and easy to use!

    I would love these canning supplies!

  27. I love OXO products! I received a bunch of different utensils and a nesting bowl set as a wedding present 8 years ago, and everything still works like brand new!
    Love this giveaway!

  28. There are so many favorites it is hard to choose! The whisk or the silicone basting brush or the tongs??? Can’t decide.

  29. I buy Oxo items when possible. My favorite would have to be my cookie scoop. Evenly sized cookies every time!

  30. This is my first year living on my own so I planted a garden and I am hoping to can most of it. I still don’t have hardly any canning supplies so the Food Mill would be on my long list of canning wants:)

  31. It’s crazy but my favorite OXO product is a vegetable peeler. It’s sharp and makes great peels! I would love to have a cherry pitter – I usually use the straw and bottle method which isn’t the best.

  32. It’s hard to choose, but I think my favorite has to be my Oxo tongs. When I bought them, they were the only alternative I had found to the scissor-handle style I had grown up with, and they were truly revolutionary to me. I still marvel at how perfect they are.

  33. Oh, sigh… the food mill for sure. I have priced them and its just a luxury item I cant afford right now. But oh the things I could do with it!

  34. My favorite OXO product? That’s a tough one, Marisa! If I really had to pick one, I would say the 1.5″ pastry brush. I went through so many pastry brushes – they get yucky after awhile – and I was tired of picking brush parts out of glazes and off. The OXO pastry brush coats well and leaves nothing behind. And it cleans up so nicely! Second and third place goes to the silicone coated wisk and their Lock-top boxes which I use to haul cupcakes to work and store leftovers. The foodmill looks fantastic!

  35. I have been eye balling that cherry pitter for some time…
    At this moment, the smooth edge can opener and the salad spinner are my faves.

    Would LOVE to get all these lovely goodies. Last year was my first year canning and I am already planning this year’s what-to-put-up projects.

  36. I have lots of OXO tools. They are sturdy and comfortable to use. At the top of the list of favorites? Probably the can opener. Smooth to use, and cleverly leaves no sharp edges for cuts.

  37. I currently am not an OXO product owner. However, my daughter is. The OXO canister set with its push-button-and-pop-open lids she has are so easy to use. I think the canister set is fantastic and would love to have a set of my own for storing the sugar needed to make jams and jellies.

  38. Living amongst the orchards in the Cherry Capitol (near Traverse City, MI) I LOVE my OXO Cherry/Olive pitter! My two year old prefers it to be used on olives… her favorite food!

  39. My favorite OXO item is my salad spinner! It has a stainless bowl with a rubber bottom that keeps it from sliding all around the countertops. It’s really easy to disassemble to clean, too. I’ve had it for years, but you’d never be able to tell – it works as sood as it did on Day 1!

  40. I am on the hunt for a really good food mill (within my price range), this one sounds excellent, if I don’t win I might just have to save up for it.

  41. My favorite OXO tools have to be the OXO Good Grips POP containers. I have an entire set, plus extras and use them to store just about everything in my kitchen. I really like that they come in different sizes to accommodate different needs, but regardless of size, they all stack together perfectly. Great space savers!

  42. Yes, please! I’m still using my mother-in-law’s old vintage cone mill and wooden pestle. I really need a new food mill. I only own one Oxo tool, a can opener, and I really do like it.

  43. My favorite OXO product is definitely the silicone pastry brush. The center bristles have holes in them that trap liquid which makes brushing on butter or egg wash so much faster and easier! And the fact that the whole brush is silicone and can go from a hot oven to the dishwasher and back while still looking perfect is an incredible innovation!

  44. My OXO whisk is likely my favorite. I love to whip things by hand, and the handle is just so perfectly fitted! That food mill also looks pretty good, though!

  45. I got the OXO food scale for Christmas a couple of years back and I LOVE it. I use it way more than I ever thought I would. So easy to use. All of these products look great! I do need a cherry pitter. I’ve been using the paper-clip method and it’s getting old.

  46. Cherry pitter, hands down! But that’s only because I don’t have the food mill, which is what I’m really eyeing in this prize pack.

  47. The lemon zester is wonderful when I’m making marmalade or twists for cocktails. I’m on my third because I keep lending them to people.

  48. I *love* their vegetable peelers. I have both regular and serrated. I buy them as an extra little housewarming gift for friends.

  49. Without a doubt, their vegetable peeler is the best one I have ever used. Love it! And, you can buy replacement blades for it so when it gets dull you don’t have to throw the whole thing away!

  50. I rely on my OXO can opener and on my OXO peeler–been using the (end of the) peeler for hulling strawberries, too:-) I use my grandmother’s 1920-era food mill and spice drum roller…would LOVE the giveaway set to finish out this season’s fruits and veggies. Just put up 40-some jars of plum jams and on to pickling the lemon cukes and other veggies this week. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your blog and lose much ‘beauty sleep’ roaming around on it. At 66, I figure, ‘What the hay–I can sleep when I’m dead!’

  51. Thanks for this giveaway! I follow your blog because of Susie Gibbs and Juniper Moon Farm! I love my oxo vegetable peeler, BUT now that I know they have a website, will most likely order the garlic peeler, because we have a huge garlic garden and I could really use it! I am am avid home canner and could certainly put the giveaway tools to good use!

  52. I have some oxo knives and a salad spinner, both are excellent. I need to get a new salad spinner though, ours got set on a hot burner and melted the bottom a little :0)

  53. That’s really hard to say, as I have LOTS of oxo tools in my kitchen. However, definitely one of the most-used is that strawberry huller, so much so that another one would be warmly welcomed. In So-Cal, strawberry season runs mid-January through the summer, and it’s so much nicer to just be able to pop a berry in your mouth and not worry about the icky leaves. It’s not a party around here without a big bowl of strawberries from the strawberry lady (they sell out of a truck around the corner, hooray!). I’ve gifted that strawberry huller, and the cherry pitter, to several girlfriends who coveted mine.

  54. My favorite OXO tool is the classic – the vegetable peeler. It’s comfortable, works better than most others, and is the only piece of OXO equipment I always replace as soon as I have to, both at home and in my professional knife kit.

  55. I love and use both my vegetable peeler and pizza cutter a good deal. Thanks for offering such a great package!!

  56. I love the OXO cherry pitter. I’ve been looking at their food mill and I think that may be my next investment. Unless of course I happen to win it. πŸ™‚

  57. We have the cherry pitter and it is so much fun to use. And it doesn’t hurt that it makes it very easy to sneak a cherry or two while doing the job.

  58. What a great giveaway! I agree, while you don’t NEED these items, they really make the job of larger scale food prep so much easier.

    I really, really want their steel chef’s mandolin. I used my mom’s over the weekend while we made sofrito and I fell in love with how stable, sturdy, and efficient it is.

  59. I do not have any of these products yet. However, that food mill looks awesome. I can all kinds of tomatoes and was thinking about trying to can my own tomato sauce, bbq sauce, and ketchup but removing the seeds with any of my equipment is a nightmare right now.

    Thanks for posting this information

  60. My best friend’s mom sent me an OXO cherry pitter last year, right after I had finished pitting our harvest by hand, and I was so happy to have it this year when our cherry tree produced three-times as many cherries! Dreams do come true!!

  61. My favorite OXO is the little 3oz measuring beaker. Great for lemon juice for canning as well as measuring ingredients for cocktails. And my food scale.

  62. Ooh, I would kill for all these items! (…metaphorically)

    My favorite Oxo possession is the ice cream scoop, which come to think of it doesn’t make me sound like much of a cook. But it really is a great design! I’ve also been eying up their cookie scoops for a long time.

  63. I have three OXO ceramic spice mills that I use for the few spices I need freshly ground on a regular basis. I love them, though I don’t see them available any longer.
    A new food mill would be so welcome. I have the rusty, ancient Foley, too. And no cherry pitter in our house, though several pounds of cherries due from the orchard this week!

  64. I would love the cherry pitter especially since I pitted cherries this weekend the hard way. I almost said the heck with it 3/4 of the way through, but finished, swearing I would never do that again…lol

  65. The vegetable peeler by far is my most used item but these all look so great especially for all the summer fruits we are eating! πŸ™‚

  66. What I really love are the mini measuring beakers – perfect to set out even the smallest liquid measures, easy to clean, and compact to store.

  67. I too love everything OXO I own, although I would love to win these because I haven’t tried any of them. I think I’ll go pretty boring and say I love my OXO vegetable peeler. It’s got that grippy rubber handle that means it won’t slip out of your hands even if they’re a bit damp.

  68. I have been eyeing OXOs food mill and cherry pitter for weeks and haven’t mustered up the courage to actually order one. I love the look of that strawberry huller too, I don’t like the pincer kind either, it’s nice to know there is an alternative! I hope I win!

  69. Thank you and OXO for offering this giveaway. Isn’t it funny sometimes when you think you don’t need a special tool to do a job, but when you use it you wonder how you ever managed without it?

    My most recent and most useful OXO product is the Salad Spinner that I splurged on. It has cut down on the effort spent at the kitchen sink rinsing lettuce and other green harvests from the garden this spring. The spinner also dries the leaves much better cutting down on the time the greens sit on the counter waiting for the excess moisture to dry before storing in the fridge.

  70. I have a few OXO pieces of equipment in my home kitchen, but the one that I use the most is the one OXO item that I’ve been using for years that lives in my knife kit at work. I’m a professional chef, and most of that kit is filled with expensive knives, but there is a OXO vegetable peeler that has lived there for years. It’s cheap, comfortable, sharp, and doesn’t break like a lot of other ones I’ve seen around the various restaurants I’ve worked in over the years. I run it over my diamond steel every once in a while to keep it honed, and it still peels carrots and other vegetables quickly and easily five years after the last time I replaced the old one with a new one.

  71. I would love to own the food mill. I remember my grandmother had this tool, and I would use it for numerous canning and cooking projects.

  72. I have so many oxo products Its hard to pick my favorite, The veggie pealer that works so much better than every other one I’ve had. Or the measuring cup with top readability, are a few.
    I also spent a very long night pitting cherries for canning one night last year and would love this & the strawberry huller to help with canning this year!!

  73. I would like to make all of these my new favorite OXO tools! But I have loved all of their baby/toddler feeding gear too.

  74. I love my OXO pizza cutter. We’ve had it for almost 10 years and it is still going strong. I must say a food mill is on my wish list so I would be so happy to win these tools. Thanks for the chance!

  75. I have a few different products and love them all from my measuring spoons, colander & nesting bowls to my favorite the Pancake “batter dispenser”. But what I really need is a food mill!!!

  76. I have an OXO can opener and a corkscrew that I’ve had for about 8 years now and I love them both! I have an old Foley food mill that I still use! It’s so bad, I’d love a new OXO one!!

  77. I love my oxo Veggie peeler. I use it nearly everyday. I would love the food mill, then I could quite borrowing my mom’s,

  78. My favorite OXO tool is a knife I picked up years ago at World Market – it’s my go-to knife in the kitchen, I love it! I also have a great vegetable peeler from OXO.

  79. I have a pizza cutter from them and a vegetable peeler. The peeler get the most use, but only because we don’t make nearly enough pizza πŸ˜‰

  80. I know it sounds silly, but the measuring cup is my far the most used — they are so much more durable than the little pretty ceramic ones I USED to buy before I had children! This sucker has lasted me YEARS and it’s still going strong!

  81. I share a cherry-pitting-nightmare learning experience with you Marisa. This year, I bought the OXO cherry-pitter from the grocery near my house, and batch #2 of frozen cherries was SO much better. Also, their food mill is on my to-buy list.

  82. oooh, I am just starting to get into canning, would love to add these tools to my arsenal. Looking at their website, I would love the cupcake corer What a handy little tool! I love cake decorating, and I am already thinking of the fun creations I could make with that tool.

  83. My favorite OXO tool is the one I am using at the moment. I love them all, naming one would be like saying you loved one kid more than the rest!

    The manual CAN OPENER is probably the most used and most appreciated, for its ease of service and its green efficiency.

    The small WISK is also an awesome tool – I am big to whip things up and that wisk gets the job done.

    Now I must mention the cookie dough scoops also – they have given my cookies uniformity – and who doesn’t love a cookie in a uniform? Thanks, OXO, your products are great.

  84. I’d LOVE the food mill. I have 18 tomato plants this year and I know a food mill would help speed up my cannning production.

  85. I have the angled measuring cups and LOVE them – especially the mini! A food mill would be fantastic – you should see the one I use…

  86. Wow, I’d love to have the OXO Food Mill. I have an old Foley Food Mill that has to be close to 45 years old. I love the look of the handles on this new model; I have arthritis in my hands and that makes it difficult to me to use a lot of things. This looks like it would be far more comfortable to use. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  87. My favorite tool of theirs is without doubt the vegetable peeler. I do like their silicone tipped tongs as well. Ah, oxo, how I love thee!

  88. I’ve always wanted a food scale, and now that I see that the ones on OXO’s website are quite affordable, I might have to finally realize my dream! I’m in love with all these giveaway products, too πŸ™‚

  89. I’m in desperate need of a good food mill. I have raspberries and blackberries in my garden and I really hate straining them to get the seeds out to make jam. I would also love to have a cherry pitter since I planted a cherry tree and expect to have it producing next year. Thanks.

  90. Woohoo a giveaway πŸ™‚ I love OXO’s serrated veggie peeler. The thing is awesome – it peels raw tomato skins!

  91. I have both the Oxo cherry pitter and the Oxo Food Mill, and they both get tons of use. (how did I live without them?)

  92. I love my cookie scoop, I get the same portion every time, so my cookies bake evenly. I also love my Oxo kitchen tongs, I have mulitple sets πŸ™‚

  93. I love my OXO peeler (not sure this is the professional name of the tool). No other peeler works as well!

  94. I love my OXO tongs, I use them for everything– from stirring pasta to helping with canning! I never have seen their food mill, that is now on my wish list.

  95. My boyfriend recently purchased an OXO mandoline and it is fantastic. I had never had a mandoline before, but now I couldn’t imagine not having one. It’s so handy!

  96. I have the OXO y-shaped vegetable peeler and love it, and have been thinking of getting the julienne peeler as well! These products also look great!

  97. I use my OXO vegetable peeler all the time and can’t imagine going back to one of the old fashioned ones.

    I must be getting old to find their comfort handles so indispensable!

  98. My OXO Melon Baller. I use that way more than I ever thought I would before it was gifted to me. I’m going to buy the food mill if I don’t win, I have an old, hand-me-down Foley that has seen better days.

  99. I have the Oxo food mill and I love it. Oxo has so many great kitchen tools but if I had to choose some others, I think it would be the 3 piece peeler set, the garlic press and the mandolin.

  100. I only have the cherry pitter (of the above) but since my kids can’t even eat cherries at all until I remove the pits it was an absolutely essential purchase otherwise we couldn’t eat cherries! I also LOVE their vegetable peeler, nice bulky handle grip.

  101. I just read a review of the OXO cherry pitter on one of my favorite food preserving blogs, they love it. My favorite OXO tool is the mango slicer, so much less messy than doing it all by hand.

  102. My favorite OXO tools are my silicone spatulas. I have 2 sizes and I use them almost every day. I would love to own that OXO food mill!

  103. My favorite OXO tools are my vegetable peeler, which is sharp enough to never have to retrace your swipes and my microplane for zesting lemons.

  104. My favorite OXO tools are my vegetable peeler, which is sharp enough to never have to retrace your swipes and my microplane for zesting lemons.

  105. Their salad spinners are the best! I have the little one, which is perfect for herbs or smaller salads. That berry bowl looks fantastic!

  106. I just bought an Oxo set of kitchen tools at Target when it was on sale recently for $30, it was quite a steal at that price considering some of the items cost around $10 a piece when bought separately. So far I love the whisk, the rubberized grip helps immensely when you need to really whisk something.

  107. I LOVE my cheese grater. It’s super sharp and beats using a dumb box grater any day. Thank you for the chance to win such a lovely prize!

  108. My OXO kitchen shears are hands down one of my favorite kitchen tools. From snipping herbs to breaking down a chicken, they do it all.

  109. I have two favorite OXO products, my salad spinner and my can opener. I have had both for about 15 years and they work just as well as they did when first purchased! Recently purchased the digital scale from OXO for baking and love that too. I am new to canning and would love to have these tools. Thanks for the giveaway!

  110. I love the cherry pitter! I don’t have one, but need one. I have a 2 year old that loves cherries, but cutting around the pit is such a pain.

  111. We have the y-shaped vegetable peeler- it’s awesome! I would love to have the smooth edge can opener. Used it at a friend’s house, and it’s so much easier to use than a regular can opener…

  112. I’m not too fond of most of Oxo’s utensils because I find their handles too bulky for my hands. However, we’ve got three of their plastic cutting boards, which are awesome.

  113. I’ve systematically upgraded most of my kitchen utensils to be OXO. They’re so much easier to use and often easier to clean. It’s hard to pick one, but if I had to, I’d say their stainless whisk w/the silicone top. The design makes it much easier to whisk for longer periods of time.

  114. I think the Good Grips berry pack will be a great addition to my kitchen. I use good Grips products already; potato peeler, pizza cutter, and potato masher. They are easy to use and last a long time. The berry pack will be the perfect addition to my canning tools – and my family loves berries, any kind of berry is good at our house. I love to cook with berries, eat them in my morning yogurt, and make sauces for ice cream toppings and pound cake. The berry pack will be used a lot!!!

  115. I love all my OXO utensils but if I have to pick I guess it would be the vegetable peeler…makes peeling so much easier.

  116. I would cry if I couldn’t have my OXO nylon-head tongs anymore — they are hardly ever clean at our house.

  117. I just spent two hours bonding with my OXO strawberry huller yesterday and thinking “I need a second one so I can put my husband to work, and also this should be the year I try cherry jam.” Hand to God. So, I definitely will use this kit!!

  118. I love my OXO garlic chopper, and use it practically every day, along with OXO measuring cups, can opener, kitchen scale, and more. I am lacking fruit-processing equipment, however… πŸ™‚

  119. I just spent two hours bonding with my OXO strawberry huller yesterday and thinking “I need a second one so I can put my husband to work, and also this should be the year I try cherry jam.” Hand to God. So, I definitely will use this kit!!

  120. The food mill would be an awsome addition to my kitchen. I love this site and your book. It made the canning adventure so much fun. I have tried several recipes without too much worry because they are small batches. I am from central CO, and love the jam recipe that uses cantaloupe. We have fresh Rocky Ford melons every week at the farmers market while they are in season. Who would have thought that cantaloupe would make yummy creamsicle flavored jam.

  121. I love my OXO wisk and measuring cups. Thank you for this wonderful giveaway. Good luck to all who enter.

  122. I think I would love the cherry pitter. I have their garlic press and it is okay, but I like the OXO bench scraper I have better!

  123. Those turntables look interesting…I have a lot of OXO stuff, mostly things like can openers. And a can opener had better be a good one or your quality of life will suffer.

  124. My favorite OXO tool is the medium scoop. It is like a tiny ice cream scoop and it makes perfectly sized cookies!

  125. I love most everything from OXO – favorite that I own is a scrub brush that doesn’t make my arthritic thumbs hurt.

  126. That food mill looks amazing. Every time my sister and I jam together, we complain about our food mill (like yesterday when we made 5 pints of gooseberry jam). We use my old one that I got for cheap at Target. The food mill part works fine but the feet are the problem. They’re perfectly well attached, but they’re too small for all three feet to fit onto any pot that has ever been mass produced on the planet. Which means one hand must always be kept on the handle (rather a problem when trying to get that last bit of unmilled food into the mill). A food mill with a properly sized base would be great.

  127. I agree about the cherry pitter! I just picked cherries last
    Week and would have never gotten through all if them
    Without it.

  128. I have several OXO products that I love, but I think my favorites might be the POP canisters that hold my flours and sugar. I’ve been using them for over 4 years and they still look and work great!

  129. I am amazed that I don’t have any OXO products. I’ know I’ve bought a lot for wedding gifts. I am gearing up for canning season, and just picked 26# of blueberries. I would love to have the food mill–thinking about blueberry syrup…yum.

  130. Favorite tools – PLURAL, are the digital timer, instant read thermometer, my wonderfl 22lb food scale, fat separator, and 3 piece peeler set. I think I have more pieces and would definitely love the canning/berry set! Love OXO products!

  131. I have several OXO products but my favorite (at the moment) are the measuring cups, ESPECIALLY the 2 oz. measuring cup. Love it!

  132. I love the flat peeler for potatoes and carrots and various other veggies. Also the salad spinner! I have a ton of blackberries here but need a food mill to grind out the seeds to make yummy jams for gifting.

  133. Favorite? Probably “the” ladle that is always used to fill jars. Just the right size and shape. And weight. And length of handle.

  134. It may sound silly, but I absolutely love my OXO ice cream scoop. It has excellent balance and a pleasing weight, and its general sturdiness makes scooping just about anything effortless.

  135. Oh, OXO…how many ways do I love thee?
    Salad spinner gets the most use. Cherry pitter is the best design. The citrus zester…that’s the favorite, though!
    Excellent giveaway…don’t enter me to win, as I have half of it all ready….going out to get the strawberry huller now πŸ˜€

  136. I did the same thing with the cherries and the paper clip! I actually ended up using a chopstick. Still haven’t broken down and bought the cherry pitter, but I definitely want one!

  137. It sounds silly, but I have a little refillable dish scrubber that I love. My favorite part is it comes with its own dish to rest in, so I don’t have to worry about getting soap/water/suds all over the counter.

  138. I would Love to have this Food Mill. The cherry pitter would be handy too. I love jams more than jellies. My very seedy raspberries and blackberries are ready for harvest and this mill would be so much better than cheese cloth and a sieve ! πŸ™‚

  139. I absolutely LOVE the cherry pitter – I had one that we used religiously for the longest time, ended up giving it to my FIL and MIL who have a cherry tree in her yard. She would make my husband and his dad pull the cherries ‘just right’ off the tree to leave the pits. They hated it, but loved the pitter!

  140. I could really use the Chef’s Mandoline Slicer for all the squash and cucumbers I’m getting out of our garden now!

  141. My favorite OXO tools are the garlic crusher (with the clever built in gadget to get the garlic bits out of the screen) and my several pairs of kitchen tongs including the ones with the silicon tips for non stick pans. I have more but there are the ones that get used almost daily.

  142. I love my salad spinner, soooooo much easier than trying to find enough towels to lay out several bunches of greens to air dry!

  143. I like their potato peeler. It has a nice wide handle that fits into your hand and the head doesn’t spin around like the old ones used to.

  144. My entire kitchen may be OXO. But I have to agree that I love their garlic press! Would love to try their food mill πŸ™‚

  145. Love my oxo vege peeler, apple corer and oyster shucker! Really easy to use tools. I have always loved the Oxo’s design aesthetic!

  146. I have the OXO Julienne peeler. The greatest invention every! Works especially well when you are overrun with summer zuchinne — makes long “noodles” of zucchini to use as pasta or in pasta dished. Also works great on carrots!

  147. This is my dream giveaway. After hulling 14 POUNDS of strawberries the other day, I think I have carpal tunnel. But my real dream would be the OXO Food Mill. Applesauce season is around the corner!

  148. Our “herb and salad” spinner gets used almost daily – it holds just enough lettuce for two! But that food mill is a thing of beauty…

  149. I love my OXO food masher (potato masher, but I’ve never actually mashed potatoes with it!) for crushing fruit for jam! Just in the last month I’ve used it for blueberries and strawberries!

  150. The blue locktop lunch set looks exactly like what I’ve been looking for, although if it was made of glass it would be perfect. Thanks!

  151. Wish I had the food mill! I have one of the vintage hand-me-downs mentioned in the post. While it’s not dented and works sort of ok, there’s only one screen, you can’t change them out. And it’s all one piece so really hard to clean. I’m drooling over the pics posted here!

  152. i love the muddler- for mojitos, mashed potatoes, guacamole, smushing berries, and everything in between. i love a multi purpose tool and it sure does the trick!

  153. I could really use their ice cream scoop. Mine broke about a year ago and I haven’t replaced it yet.

  154. I have a salad spinner that I use all the time. But every single one of the items in your post (except the berry strainer, which is a new-to-me product I hadn’t heard of before) has been on my wishlist! They have great kitchen tools!

  155. Let’s see..l this weekend I used the box grater three times, the muddled twice and the peeler a few times. Also reached for the flat whisk and used the Mandeline to make a fabulous beet salad. Love OXO!

  156. Looks like great products! I just put up 5 lbs.of figs. It’s kind of hot down here to be doing hot water bath canning, but I keep thinking of that tasty end product!

  157. I wish I had the food mill–especially for processing blackberries to make jam!! Removing the seeds with a sieve (my usual tactic) is one of my biggest cooking pet peeves.

  158. I have many, but I have two oxo vegetable peelers – sharp, comfortable, and enough for when I friend (or kid) wants to help!

  159. I love love love my locking 12 inch tongs from Oxo. And the salad spinner. I also love their Hand-Held Mandoline as it doesn’t take up much space in my far-far-too-small-apartment-kitchen.

    The Oxo cherry pitter and the Oxo food mill are on my wish list!! So I’d love to have them. πŸ™‚

  160. That cherry pitter looks wondrously time saving, but my favorite OXO tool is still the swiveled vegetable peeler. My life changed when that little time saver came into it. Potatoes, carrots, turnips… all much easier to serve.

  161. Love my oxo tongs and salad spinner . I currently have a freezer full of cherries so a cherry pitter is on my wish list!

  162. I love my OXO Salad Spinner,Tongs and Cherry Pitter and I love anything OXO but I really need a Food Mill for canning:)

  163. Though I would kill for any of the kitchen gadgets described above, I must rave about my OXO mango peeler. I first saw it on a show with Bobby Flay. It does such a good job working around that huge pit, and makes my life easier during mango season.

  164. I recently moved to Portland, OR and have been taking advantage of all of the nearby farms and have just started canning. I would absolutely love the oxo food mill, as well as everything else on the list. I love the clean design of the oxo product line!

  165. I haven’t tried their strawberry huller, but I do love my simple OXO vegetable peeler. I’m faster with it than a knife when apple season hits.

  166. What a great giveaway! I think my favorite tool I have is probably the can opener, because its the kind that cuts UNDER the lip instead of inside it. OXO makes great stuff! I’d love any of the items you’re giving away – I’m a kitchen gadget addict!

  167. Among other things I have an OXO whisk that I love. Unfortunately, my husband loves it too, so it’s often already dirty when I want to use it.

  168. Oh — love the vegetable peeler. Would love to try their food mill. I have a ‘Flotte Lotte’ German one. When I last used it I ended up with tennis elbow! (Tennis rackets and I have no acquaintance at all and that was the only unaccustomed motion I had been indulging in so that’s what I’m blaming)

  169. I love my Oxo peelers – I have two regular peelers and a julienne peeler. And my Oxo dry measuring cups and spoons. And my Oxo whisks. And my Oxo angled measuring cups! (Why yes, I am a bit of a junkie).

  170. I love my oxo vegetable peeler!! It fits nicely in my hand, doesn’t bite into my fingers & stays sharp even after peeling tons of apples, carrots & potatoes!

  171. I tend to buy OXO products because they are well made and work the way they are supposed to. I have OXO peelers (3), tongs (3), a salad spinner, and a kitchen scale. Love them all.

  172. I don’t currently own any OXO items, but looking around on their site, I realize what a shame that it. If I could pick one product as my favorite it would be the bottle drying rack. It would be super functional and looks good enough for me to keep it out on the counter!

  173. I second “veggie peeler.” Crazy how fast I could suddenly peel apples after I got an OXO. Very comfy, very well-designed.

  174. Wow – amazed by the number of comments already! I think the only OXO gadget I have at the moment is a slotted spoon! It’s handy, though. If I could choose some new ones, I’d go for almost anything in the Meat & Seafood section — like the shellfish set, poultry scissors, fat drainer or turkey baster.

  175. I have zero tolerance for a bad can opener or vegetable peeler – the difference between a horrible one and an awesome one (OXO for me) is so little and a bad or rusty one can injure you! Therefore, those are my favorite OXO tools… among many! As I read the four products being given away, my reactions were, in order: NEAT! OOOOH! Wow!!! WAAAAAAANT!!!!!!

  176. I love my OXO Dough Blender. It is my go to when making scones, pie crust, and biscuits. I don’t even precube the butter when I use it. It’s the greatest purchase I ever made, and beats busting out a food processor when all I want to do is make some morning biscuits quickly.

  177. All of these tools look great! The only OXO product I have is a can opener, it’s definitely the best & most comfortable one I’ve used.

  178. I love OXO products. my nested mixing bowls might be my favorite (they get the most use), or maybe my teeny tiny spatula (so twee and good for canning), or my countertop compost bucket that I cart between work and home every Monday to collect old coffee grounds and fruit peelings from my office. that food mill looks great; I have my grandparents’ old food mill which lacks the charm needed to make up for how difficult it is to use.

  179. After 28 Summers of eating, I finally bought and experienced my first cherry pitter (from OXO). There may have been a serenade of love and appreciation to the instrument, right there in my kitchen.

  180. I have a few OXO tools that I love and use all the time, one of which is a stainless steel strainer. The holes are the perfect size so that nothing falls through and mostly nothing gets stuck, and it never rusts! I really do with I had one of those OXO mandolines, though. I’d get a lot of use out of one of those!

  181. My first favorite OXO tool was a pair of tongs but they melted (user error), but the other two favorites are my peeler (makes even peeling large amounts of veggies comfortable) and my salad spinner (useful for much more than just salad).

  182. I think my favorite is their tiny spatulas. But I LOVE that food mill. I am always bothering my mom for hers and I think she might be tired of that. The different screens are genius!!!

  183. I have been wanting a food mill for oh so very long. I love that theirs have different inserts. i do have the peeler which I love.

  184. The salad spinner; our’s has lived with us for 15 year, and was bought by my husband as an ill-advised Christmas gift for our daughter, then 12. She had a bunny, and had to wash greens for her daily. I knew she would not be best-pleased, and he presented it as a joke-gift, which made her laugh. All these years later, it’s still making salads, though daughter is a continent away.
    My husband passed away some years later, and the bunny as well, but they are all with me, just a little, when I spin the greens.

  185. I love the Good Grips basting brush. It’s the first silicone one I’ve found that really holds a good amount of sauce for brushing or basting with.

  186. Are you kidding me! This giveaway is my dream. I’ve just come across a windfall of cherries and have now watched too many episodes of Mad Men, pitting in the dark. My mom has the colander, and we use it at her house all the time (also great for beans and sugar snap peas). My mother and mother in law both have foley food mills, but I have yet to find one at a garage/yard/rummage sale. Yet, I also want to get the oxo micro planer. We’ve gone through 2 kitchen aid ones and Bo have broken at the neck. But the food mill with different screens… That might be my next purchase. You know, if this giveaway doesn’t come through.
    BTW I’ve been referencing all sorts of your posts the past few days as I work my way through several gallons of cherries. Thanks for the great ideas. I just might pickle some tomorrow if I get adventurous!

  187. Love my OXO pizza cutter! I have the cherry pitter and was telling my neighbor how much I love it so if I win I will gladly be sharing this one with her. I must have that berry bowl!!

  188. Ummmm at the moment it is my OXO ice cream scoop lol 80 degrees plus humidity plus 7 months pregnant makes easy scooping a priority. But that food mill would be lovely once said baby is born. And my parents had a monster pair of Bing cherry trees and that pitter would have been much nicer than the old school metal syringe like contraption that left my hand crippled each july

  189. I have been desperately wanting the pie cutter/dough blender, since the OXO one is more like blades instead of the usual squirrely wires. I think I’ll buy it for myself for my birthday next month if it doesn’t make an appearance on its own. πŸ˜€

  190. I always wrote off strawberry hullers as well, finding them wasteful and annoying. I would love to try the oxo strawberry huller if you sing it’s praises! It would make things a little easier πŸ™‚

  191. I love my oxo food mill and I believe it has been worth every penny and then some! I couldn’t imagine making homemade roasted tomato sauce without it! I could always use another πŸ™‚

  192. I have the foodmill and it is EPIC! I use to evenly crush my berries for jam. It removes a nice portion of raspberry seeds so that the jam is not *all* seed!

  193. I had no idea there were food mills out there that were easier to clean than a Foley. I could really use one. Also, I love my jar spatula.

  194. I love my OXO mandolin. There are so many recipes that I just wouldn’t have the time or knife skills to do without it. I like that their tools aren’t too complicated to use, with good instructions and are easy to clean – very important! πŸ™‚

  195. I love OXO, they consistently have good design at great values! The tool of theirs that I use the most frequently probably has to be the humble vegetable peeler, it’s a little heavy but it has a lovely grip.

  196. Oh, a cherry pitter would have come in handy when I did 15 pounds last wk.. And mom would finally quit begging me to give her back her food mill, I loth giving it back because inevitably I need it ( the ancient 1 piece model it is)..

  197. While scrolling through the OXO website, I realized that we have a ton of OXO kitchen tools. OXO stores, spins, tosses, and turns (and even weighs) a lot of the food in our house. My favorite, though, is the V-Blade Mandoline. I am able to slice through huge amounts of veggies quickly and uniformly. Watch out thumbs, the mandoline is coming out!

  198. I have so many Oxo kitchen tools that I LOVE, so it’s hard to pick just 1 favorite. I guess I would say my favorite is the one I use most often – the vegetable peeler. A close 2nd would be the garlic press.

  199. I love all my OXO tools – especially my tongs, can opener, lemon zester, and of course – cork screw!

  200. I haven’t come across an OXO product that isn’t great. Their veggie peeler is probably my favorite – it stays sharp FOREVER, has that nice little scoop at the end, and just feels good in your hand. I’d love to try out the berry huller; I’m such a sucker for fresh berries.

  201. I love my OXO salad spinner-it sometimes seems like a silly single-use gadget but then when I have several bunches of greens to wash and store it suddenly becomes my very favorite kitchen tool πŸ™‚

  202. I love all of my OXO tools! The one that is appreciated most by my family is the Pizza Wheel πŸ˜‰
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  203. I have an OXO product I adore! It’s the Good Grips Fat Skimmer (2 cup) and now that I have one, I never want to cook in a kitchen without one. If I could change anything about it, I’d presto-chango it into the bigger version.

  204. I loved our OXO spatula so much that I registered for another one for our wedding. I ended up getting six more!!! They already last forever, so now I have an endless supply.

  205. It sounds so simple, but I don’t think I could live without my veggie peeler! It WAS my husband’s when we met, but after 13 years…it’s mine now!!

  206. I <3 my OXO Good Grips can opener. It is big fat and easy yo use. I have had it for years and it does not get used much anymore but I can not imagine having any other.

  207. That berry pack is everything I need! We just put in 6 strawberry beds and planted a cherry tree last year (yes, I know my expectations are skewed). I need a mill because last year’s black raspberries were just too seedy in their jam (your recipe… delish!).

    My favourite OXO tool is my garlic press. I use it constantly!

  208. I would give my left arm to have that cherry pitter. I just made cherry jam yesterday, and had to dig the pits out with my fingers! needless to say, it was a small batch of jam. as for the OXO stuff I already have: my tongs, garlic press and meat tenderizer see the most use. Plus I’ve kidnapped my moms food mill, so it would be nice to have one of my own when she realizes hers is missing.

  209. I can’t think of any Oxo stuff that I have in my kitchen, but man, that food mill sounds really nice to have…

  210. Every time I make strawberry jam I say I’m going to buy a strawberry huller and it still hasn’t happened yet.

  211. I love my OXO fat separator. It works so well, and all the excess fat from making gravy separates out and can be removed before it ever is presented to guests.

    The strawberry huller and cherry pitter would help so much in jam season!

  212. I have a lot of OXO tools. I love all of them because they are so well designed. My favorite one is the herb spinner.

  213. my scale. I never, ever thought I would need one but now I realize that weight is more accurate than measuring cups when baking. The scale has made a huge difference in what comes out of my kitchen!

  214. I have a bunch of little kitchen stuff from OXO. Off the top of my head I have an apple corer/slicer that is nice when the apple is perfectly shaped, works on onions too. A food mill would be nice for berries, I am not suppost to put berries in my sauce maker.

  215. I LOVE my OXO mini wisk. It’s perfect for mixing a small amount of dressing or making the sauce perfect for Mac & Cheese. Plus it’s small so it doesn’t take up a lot of space.

  216. I saw their adjustable measuring cup being used on Alton Brown’s show and I’ve been itching for one ever since. Other than that, the food mill would be awesome, or maybe that (totally not necessary) super cute avocado slicer/pitter.

  217. I love love LOVE my collapsible tongs and have lusted after the OXO food mill for several years, basically since I started canning. It’s been at the top of my list!!!

  218. I just bought an OXO cherry pitter to help with my first batch of cherry jam and a pie. It is amazing. I would gladly pass a second one along to my mother. She doesn’t know what she is missing. πŸ™‚

  219. I have a pair of OXO locking tongs. I use them for everything and anything, daily. As simple as they are, they are my most favorite.

  220. I’ve been eyeing the OXO food mill for a while and would love to have it when I can tomatoes at the end of the summer! Though it is a very simple tool, I definitely love my locking OXO can opener the most.

  221. It is hard to pick just one OXO favorite in my kitchen! I love my OXO Garlic Press when I make something that calls for a ton of fresh garlic, it makes the job quick and easy! But I could not live without all my OXO canisters in my pantry, awesone POP containers are air tight and keep the contents fresh!

  222. This year my daughter brought 2 of the lock top storage containers. She said they belong to a friend. I still have them πŸ™‚ and it’s been a month. Shhhhh you didn’t hear it from me. Going cherry picking this weekend. Our season is short. Seriously thinking of borrowing one from a friend.

  223. My favorite tool is usually my most recent acquisition. Right now it is my OXO batter bowl. It has markings for up to 8 cups. Often while canning, the number of jars needed is a guesstimate. Now I dump my ingredients into the bowl and measure.

  224. I sent my husband out on Thanksgiving for a potato peeler and he came back from the market with an Oxo peeler. Since then one of my favorite tools, making peeling so much easier than before.

  225. I have an OXO apple divider on my wish list … my old one survived the Great Apple Harvest of 2012, but I’m not convinced it will make it through another season! πŸ˜‰

  226. Hello… I really would like to try out the foley mill. Very cool and mine is sooo old. I also would love the 22 pound digital scale. It would be oh so handy for canning.


  227. I’d love that food mill! Use my Oxo cherry pitter all the time, though it’s not the cute red one you’ve pictured…

  228. My favorite Oxo tool is the cherry pitter. Last year I made a batch of slightly spicy cherry barbeque sauce after my husband came home with the pitter for me. It made the job so much easier!

  229. My favorite OXO tool is a small whisk that my late grandmother-in-law gave me at my bridal shower – it’s wonderful in a small container and looks as good as the day I got it.

  230. Dont have anyOXO… but would love the food mill! I have a huge patch of wild raspberries nd that sure would come in handy! So far I’ve picked 4 gallon ziplock bags of berries!

  231. Oh wow, I am in need of so many of these items (although I will have to take your word on the strawberry huller)! Thanks for this opportunity. πŸ™‚

  232. I love my OXO microplane zester.

    (I also have a dough blender from them that I adore, but the zester’s the item that’s in heaviest rotation. It’s pretty much constantly either in use or in the dishwasher).

  233. So many OXO tools live in my kitchen. The microplane, the 9 inch tongs, the vegetable peeler, the poultry shears. So hard to chose. So, I won’t.

    I have arthritis. OXO tools are a godsend to me.

  234. I have the food mill and LOVE it! I’ve used other food mills before, and they slip around and the food just spins on the grate- finding this one was a godsend. Now I need the other pieces in this set!

  235. Great post! Always love to hear about tools to make putting up food easier. Getting 4lbs of cherries from my CSA fruit share tomorrow and a cherry pitter would be handy.

  236. I use my OXO tongs just about every time I step into the kitchen and the microplane certainly comes in handy for everything from lemon zest to freshly grated cheese over pasta.

  237. Favorite tool: OXO salad spinner! It’s used at least once a day. Today it had fresh picked peas, strawberry spinach and some mixed greens get washed in it. I also like the fact that I can take just the plastic insert out to the garden, pick into it and then bring it in to wash and spin.

  238. I love canning and cooking and have done both for 20 years and recently I realized I have never owned a mandolin. I would love to get one from OXO, I think I may have to order one.

  239. The only OXO products I own are a set of mixing bowls we received as a wedding gift. But I love them! They are stainless on the inside, white on the outside with grippers on the bases so they don’t slide around while I’m mixing pancake batter or whatnot. These products look amazing, they would be an awesome addition to my kitchen.

  240. I love my veggie peeler, make that “peelers” plural. They have a place in a drawer but rarely see it I use them so much!

  241. Their vegetable peeler is the most comfortable ever. I keep thinking I should buy a couple more in case they don’t make them when I need to replace mine.

  242. I love the potato peeler (ok I guess it is a vegetable peeler)! It makes the job so easy. I also use it when making carrot or cucumber peels for a salad. Comfortable and sturdy!

  243. I wish I had a cherry pitter. I remember last year I spent a good hour slicing cherries in half, getting the pits out, then spent the rest of the day with red fingers. No fun!

  244. I love their cheese grater–there’s one with two sides that’s foldable and detachable and double-sharp so it grates when you run the cheese in either direction.

  245. My favorite item would be the Food Mill…..sooooo many uses…jams, applebutter, ketchup, pasta sauce…..too many to list!

  246. I have a really great can opener that they make, as well as some other good equipment – but none of these canning supplies!

  247. I love the meat tenderizer. I’m constantly using it for all kinds of applications besides just pounding or tenderizing meat.

  248. I have lots of their products – the angled 4 cup measuring cups, a peeler, etc. I’d love the digital leave in thermometer, the chefs mandoline, corn stripper, SS strainer

  249. oh gosh…i have a LOT of OXO stuff in my kitchen. i have their knife set, which i use multiple times a day and love. i also like their veggie peeler!

  250. I have an OXO veggie peeler that I’ve used for at least ten years-I’ll never go back to the old style metal peeler. Also, use the salad strainer and recently got the fat separator, which work s great to make homemade broths and stock.

  251. I’d love to have the food mill! I’ve been looking for a good one for a while now for all my berry and tomato projects and the OXO one looks great!

  252. I’ve had the veggie peeler for at least ten years, and will never go back to the old style metal peeler; also have the salad strainer and recently purchased the fat separator, which is great for making homemade broths and stock.

  253. I have none of their products, but I want a better fruit peeler. Mine is a danger to society and more importantly, me.

  254. I love my OXO whisk so much… I bought a second one just for when the first is dirty. *blush* I also loooooooove my OXO pizza cutter. doesn’t cut my hand or anything in my drawer, just pizza, correctly, EVERY TIME.

    I could talk about the mandolin or the salad spinner or the pop containers.. yeah, I’m a wee bit obsessed. πŸ™‚ Love this giveaway!!

  255. I like the Oxo peeler. Its a lot more secure feeling than the skinny all metal models, so I don’t have worry nearly as much about slipping and gouging myself.

  256. We love our Oxo salad spinner & vegetable spinner. They are efficient & durable, & I’d love to try more of their products, especially these canning & preserving tools. Also love Oxo cubes (all kinds), but that’s another story.

  257. I have the OXO potato/cucumber/zucchini/everything peeler. I’ve had it for years. Literally a lot of years and it is still in great shape and is used A LOT!!

  258. Oxo in general has some of the best quality and easiest to use small kitchen tools. I love their can opener and grater in particular.

  259. I have a bunch of items including micrograter and whisks but I love my pastry brush. It doesn’t melt for one. And it feels good in my hand. Did you know the inventor of this company just dies last week? He invented this company because his wife had arthritic hands.

  260. I have several nice OXO tools. But the ones I wish were in my kitchen are 1. the food mill you show, and 2. one of their mandolins.

  261. I have a number of their things but my favorites are the 1.5 tbsp scoop and can opener. Besides being good working tools OXO are kind to my arthritic hands.

  262. I love my mini salad spinner, helps me keep my leafy veggies clean and dry. Helps them last longer in the frig!

  263. I love my OXO peeler. I’ve tried many and this one is the most comfortable to use.Love the way they designed the handle.

  264. I have a peeler and tongs that I really love. I would like to get one of their salad spinners. I would also love to win this giveaway.

  265. I love my leave in thermometer. Makes it so much easier to check the temp without even having to open the oven door. No loss of heat or chance of burning oneself.

  266. Garlic press. I actually bent or broke 1 or 2 or 6 before I spent the money on an Oxo one. So far, it’s still going strong!

  267. The garlic press!… I have written off strawberry hullers as well. Your post encouraged me to give them another try! So thanks in advance.

  268. I love my leave Oxo leave in meat thermometer. The reader stays outside the oven so no more opening and closing the door to check the temperature of the roast. Best invention ever.

  269. I love all the Oxo tools I have already but don’t have any of these — would love to win the giveaway. Thanks for the opportunity!

  270. I splurged big time for that same food mill–but mine didn’t come with the other screens (weird!). Totally changed my life in the applesauce/apple butter department! Ha ha!
    That cherry pitter is going on my wishlist though–I spent sooooo much more time hand-cutting pits out of cherries this weekend than I did actually making my jam!

  271. Goodness, I can hardly name just one! If I must, I would have to say my OXO mini whisk since I use it every day to foam my milk for my coffee. But my salad spinner gets frequent work outs as well . . . I am coveting the food mill, however. The Norpro I bought fell apart the third time I used it and didn’t come with interchangeable screens. Love this giveaway!

  272. I would love to have the Food Mill! Where I live we have a lot of persimmons and this would make my life much easier when it is time to freeze the persimmon pulp!

  273. My favorite is my plain old potato peeler. The handle is very comfortable to hold for long periods while peeling lots of vegetables, not just potatoes. In my opinion, a good tool that is comfortable to hold is priceless.

  274. Their new locktop lunch set look fantastic. I love that they say they nest for storage and the tops lock so you don’t leak while traveling to work. I want those!!!

  275. We only have the fruit muddler. Looking at the site I enjoyed the “good cookie” spatula. The food mill would be awesome this year as we want to try to make our own sauce. Thank you for the opportunity.

  276. I too have sworn off strawberry hullers. Your post is making me rethink them. I’m hoping to get some cherries this year so the cherry pitter will come in handy.

  277. That food mill is exactly what I am missing! I’m not new to canning but new to canning tomatoes. Hope I have good luck!

  278. I love, love, love their salad spinner. When my son broke mine this past year, I went out and bought the exact same one because it works so well.

  279. I use my OXO grater all the time – the rubberized corners are genius! I dream of someday owning an OXO mandoline. *sigh*

  280. Pick me! Pick me! LOL. I use quite a few Oxo products, which I love. Right now, their veggie peeler and salad spinner are in HEAVY rotation. Thanks for the giveaway! πŸ™‚

  281. I have a few OXO salad spinners because we eat alot of greens around here and, much like your colander experience, every time I needed one, it was in use. I also have their ice cream scoop. Best scoop ever and we’ve had it a few years now!

  282. I don’t own a lot of oxo gadgets, but I have a few. I love to go to the store and daydream browsing all of their fun gadgets. The # 1 on my list to get is that food mill! Love it!

  283. My favorite oxo product is my zester! I use it all the time. And if I had to pick a new one, it would be new mixing bowls. I love mine, but they are over worked and underpaid. :p

  284. i have the cherry pitter too, and love the anti-splatter shield. I also really like OXO sealing BPA free containers and their veggie peeler. I LOVE the grip on the peeler. They make great stuff and i would love the food mill to make applesauce!
    Cheers, Lori

  285. I love all of my OXO products but had no idea they made a food mill. I would love one as I have all of the same issues you mentioned with mine. These products are amazing and last forever.

  286. I finally ditched my old, dull vegetable peeler a few months ago and got the OXO 3-piece peeler set. I love each of them, but especially the julienne peeler!

  287. I love the fruit miler, my mom had one when I was growing up , she makes this grilled peppers sauce with it yum.

  288. I have the oxo grater (fine hand held version) which I use daily for zesting, grating garlic or parmesan cheese. It is one of those tools in the kitchen I would not want to be without. Love your blog, have your book, thanks for inspiring me to try new things.

  289. I’ve never been on the OXO site before, wow I didn’t realize I was settling for my regular older make do tools. They have so many things I need. πŸ™‚ However as I read the blog today I came to realize that I basically avoid cherries because of pitting them and all the work that would take and is it worth it? Well, I hope to try it out and put away cherries for my family. I’ve just always said “no” in my head. Hope I win!!

  290. I have had an OXO apple slicer for years and love it. I use it for apples eaten out of hand and for apples being made into apple pie.

  291. Love their ice cream scoop. Soft handle means no sore hand after scooping dozens of bowls of homemade ice creams for friends at a party.

  292. Love their scoops!!! Love Love Love….. I use them for cookies, ice cream and so many other things.

  293. I’ve been looking for a quality food mill. There seems to be so many options out there, its a bit overwhelming. I’m so glad to hear you like using the Oxo brand and I am excited for the chance to add one to my canning arsenal. Also, that strainer/bowl combo is a dream! Where have you been all my life?

  294. I actually love their vegetable peeler. It’s comfortable to use, and I’ve had it for years and it’s still sharp.

  295. The food mill!! I borrowed it from a friend last year to make ketchup and it was indispensable! I would love to have one of my own and use it for tons of other recipes.

  296. I honestly don’t know how I ever lived without my Oxo salad spinner! Or can opener. Or garlic press. Or … oh heck, they just make great tools. Really want that food mill now!

  297. My current favorite is either the salad spinner or the potato peeler (which I gave to everyone in my family the first year they came out I think). What an awesome giveaway!

  298. I looked at the OXO website and was immediately drawn to the Julienne Peeler. It looks like it would save me tons of time since I’m not the world’s fastest knife user. Maybe I should go hunt one of these up!

  299. WOW! I can’t decide between my OXO jar opener or can opener. Both are necessities in my world as I have bilateral carpel tunnel. I’ve been using their products for over 20 years & I’ve never had a bad experience with them EVER! This is a an awesome giveaway. thank you for your posts, I enjoy them as well.

  300. OXO is such a great company with such well designed products. It is a delight to use any of their products. Kudos for a great article.

  301. I would love love love to have a food mill! I had one when my two older kids were babies but it got worn out making home made baby food and I’ve yet to replace it. I just found a delicious recipe for Passata in Food and Wine magazine that I am dying to try this year. It would be the perfect thing to make with all the tomatoes we grow in our community garden plot!

  302. The berry pack is awesome! I would love to try all of these. I have a few of OXO tools that I use all the time.

  303. I have loved OXO’s Smooth Edge Can Opener in the past. The berry pack looks very useable too. I’ve just begun using food mills with canning this summer and this pack looks great.

  304. My husband loves to make pickled sweet cherries and could benefit from the cherry pitter. PS – He loves your blog and we have enjoyed your book. Made lots of strawberry jam a month ago (and your strawberry syrup, yum!).

  305. My favorite OXO tool that I actually own is the apple corer/slicer. Makes it much faster and easier to serve apple slices to children, when I need to prepare more than one or two.

  306. I LOVE my OXO peeler and paring knife. They have been with me through a ton of processing jobs and are still going strong!

  307. I want the nifty little scale they have! i thought the pull out display was so smart for when u need to use a giant bowl. I’d love the cherry pitter too!

  308. Strange as it seems, while I love all of the OXO products, my mom has a cake tester (yes, I know, who needs a fancy handle on a cake tester?) that is just too cute.

  309. I have a ton of OXO products throughout my house. I am finding that I really need to invest in a food scale. I liked their 22lb one & I’m thinking that I may need to convince my husband that he needs it too. πŸ˜‰

  310. My Oxo peeler is the best one I’ve ever had. I have several of their products, but it’s far and away my favorite, by virtue of it being so much better than any other peeler, ever.

  311. I’ve never heard of OXO before, but after looking through their site I’m just about in love! I think the herb mincer would be amazing to own! They’ve got a really beautiful food mill on there too, wouldn’t mind that being in my kitchen! πŸ™‚

  312. I have the same old food mill! I did not even know that they made ones with removable screens. I am in love with the thought of that!

  313. Oh I have dreamed about getting an oxo food mill! Mine is as you described, legless, impossible to clean, and just generally frustrating. I have promised to buy myself one by the end of the canning season this year, but maybe I won’t have to! :o)

  314. I think this OXO food mill would become my favorite OXO product. My food mill is ancient and this one looks like it would be a good replacement.

  315. I love my strawberry huller and my food mill. The colander and bowl look excellent; I’m going to be on the lookout for those in my local stores! As for the cherry pitter, it must be better than the one I currently own. Mine works, but it’s not consistent. Count me in for the berry pack!

  316. My favorite OXO product is the simple vegetable peeler. I have used many different ones over the years but this one is the easiest, most comfortable.

  317. My favorite Oxo tool is their angled measuring jigger. We use it almost daily! For both making cocktails and cooking. We own a couple of them.

  318. I love my OXO lemon juicer! No more accidental pits in my food (usually they end up in my husband’s dinner!) After removing the seeds from blackberry jam with a wooden spoon and a colander, I really need that food mill!

  319. I’d really like to have one of those cherry pitters, would save so much time with our cherry tree harvest!

  320. It’s hard to narrow it down because all of their tools are great! I love my OXO silicone flexible pancake turner which we use for way more than pancakes around here, having a giant spatula is a dream come true. I also like that the mixing bowls stay put when you use them and don’t move around on their own. Thanks for hosting this, your website is wonderful and very informative. I am just getting into canning and would love to add the food mill and cherry pitter to my collection of tools.

  321. Love my cherry pitter, especially in cherry season! If only OXO made a product that got the cherry stains off your fingers after processing 20+ pounds…

  322. I have lots of OXO products in my kitchen and I love them all very much! Some of my favorites are my OXO POP storage containers, I can put anything in them from Sugar and Flour to keep them fresh, to the kids snacks on the counter for easy access. I just found your blog and I’m excited to read through some of your posts, I am new to canning, and I can’t wait to try some of your recipes! I have seriously fallen in love with putting all foods in jars!

  323. I really like the simplicity if their garlic peeler. I am a rub the garlic between your hands kind of girl. But not only do I end up smelling like garlic, I often cut my hands on the hard nubs as well. Some companies get over complicated with peeling garlic, I like that OXO’s is just essentially a flexible tube that acts like your own hands, but without the smell and pain.

  324. I just invested in the cherry pitter and was equally impressed. I love the handles of their more standard products as well like the pizza cutter and y-peeler. I try to stick to oxo because of this fact as I know their items last long and feel good in my hands.

  325. I love OXO stuff! We’ve been stocking our kitchen with it for years. For me it’s a tie for favorite between my smooth edge can opener (the first can opener ever not to wreck my wrists each time I use it) and my expandable cutting board with rubber grips that sits over the sink to make extra counter space.

  326. I just bought the cherry pitter and I didn’t even use it for canning yet. Pitting cherries for eating makes me very happy. I pitted about 2 lbs. and kept them in the fridge for a easy to pop and healthy snack. I never would have snacked on them it if involved spitting out cherry pits.