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Over the years, I’ve managed to talk a fair amount about how I label my canning jars. In most cases, I just scrawl the contents and date on the lid with a Sharpie. When I’m labeling dry goods in the pantry, I use that same permanent marker and write directly on the glass (it erases with a swipe of rubbing alcohol).

Sometimes, when I’m feeling particularly fancy, I’ll cut out labels with pinking shears and tie them to the jars with red baker’s twine. And of course, I talked a lot about labeling just before the holidays this year.

canning jar label

The most recent addition to my arsenal of canning jar labeling options is this lovely stamp from A Sensible Habit. Designer Brandy Schuman has a pretty little selection of stamps that are perfect for marking your goods with style and charm. You can use them in any number of ways, from hang tags to rounds of paper that you slip under the lid (it would also work really well on those circle-shaped brown paper labels that Avery sells).

seville orange marmalade label

Now that I have this stamp sitting on my desk, I think I’m going to start putting prettier labels on my more giftable preserves, in the hopes that having them all dressed up will compel me to share more with my friends and neighbors (confession time: I keep far more of what I make than we can reasonably eat. It’s time to get those preserves out of my pantry and into the world!).

Thanks to Brandy, I have the stamp that’s pictured above to giveaway this week. If you’d like to enter for a chance to win it, here’s what to do.

  1. Leave a comment on this post and tell me about the person who most appreciates your homemade preserves.
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm on Friday, February 8, 2013. Winners will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog over the weekend.
  3. Giveaway open to U.S. residents.
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left via the comment form on the blog at the bottom of this post.
Disclosure: A Sensible Habit provided a stamp for me to use and photograph for this post at no cost to me. They’re also providing the giveaway unit at no cost. They did not pay for inclusion in this post and my opinions are entirely my own. 


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579 responses to “Giveaway: A Canning Stamp from A Sensible Habit”

  1. I like to be able to remove labels easily, so there is a big difference between the new pressure-sensitive adhesives and the old gummed paper. Some wine bottles still have gummed labels–think of licking a stamp.

    So, I bought a big roll of the gummed paper tape–the kind you have to wet to use. I punch out ovals with a big punch I got a craft store.

  2. Oh dear. I don’t much make homemade preserves. But I *do* make lots of homemade things, and I would say whoever gets to eat them appreciates them most. 🙂 And I LOVE this stamp and hope to do more canning in the future, tomatoes particularly.

  3. My father-in-law loves my pepper jelly, but my husband would definitely say that he appreciates my canning most of all. (What a beautiful and easy way to label jars!)

  4. I don’t need to win anything else – I’ve never been so in love with a tool as I am with the Korin Petty knife!! But I wanted to answer the question. I think my autistic son is my biggest fan. He’s an extremely picky eater with big texture issues, so he won’t eat a lot of things. I’ve personally worked him up to some, however, by making them myself and canning the results for consistency over a longer period of time. Strawberry jam is one such thing. He calls it “mommy jam,” and won’t eat any other kind. If you are picky about texture, home canning is a great skill to have.

    But I’ve also hooked a dear friend’s husband. He eats much spicier than she does, and he’s addicted to my peach chutney. She laughingly calls it jarred crack.

  5. My newly married friend tends to nab as many of my preserves as she can. She and her husband both are angling for me to make a new batch of tangerine marmalade.

  6. I share my home made preserves with family and friends and my patients during the holidays! Strawberry, blueberry…..and this year peach!!!

  7. I can a ton these days, partially due to inspiration from Food in Jars. I have searched stores for good looking labels for jars of goodies I make. Rarely do I find good looking labels. When I do they seem way overpriced. I finally bought a huge roll of blank labels to decorate, fill out and cut with pinkng shears to fit the jar lid. A great rubber stamp would be awesome!!!!!!!!!!!
    Also if anyone is looking for the tattler lids, I have lots of them(both regular and wide mouth, along with the rubber gaskets, I would like to sell. Marisa has my contact info.

  8. I make home made jams to satisfy hubbie’s cravings for jam and peanut butter sandwiches. There is canning otherwise I do like pickles and such. But the jams are his favorite. I would give that stamp a loving home:)

  9. Definitely my husband. Your spiced blueberry jam is his favorite food! And my entire family loves my homemade applesauce! This stamp will help me keep track of all those gifts that everyone keeps demanding!

  10. my mom, she never had anyone in her life cook for her. Now that I am married, my wife and I make foods for her, so she is super appreciative

  11. My son Dan is most appreciative of my canning. He’s away in grad school in NYC and when he receives a care package is like having a little bit of home there in the Big Apple. His favorite is Tomato jam which he eats with goat cheese….a step up from the usual college diet!

  12. My father-in-law has lost most of his sense of taste due to advanced age and medications. However, one of the few things that he can taste and enjoy is my Meyer lemon marmalade. He looks forward to each jar that I bring him and has it on toast almost every morning.

  13. My husband is my most appreciative “customer”. I make him a case of strawberry jam for fathers day every year. Unfortunately it doesn’t last until the next fathers day 🙁

  14. My father appreciates my canning the most–either he has a really refined sense of taste or none at all…..I’m not sure!! My family tolerates it…and every once in a while I roll out a winner in their eyes. Me…I love most of what I make…because I created it!
    Love the idea of a label stamp!

  15. This is definitely better than writing on the lid with a sharpie and would actually encourage me to be a little more creative. I love this idea!

  16. The secretary at my son’s school! I found this out quite by accident when I gifted a jar of preserves at the end of a school year, and she wrote the nicest thank you note! Now I make it a point to bring her a jar or two whenever I make a batch of something that turns out particularly well.

  17. Let me see here… Let’s say my entire family since preserved goods is what they get for all and any holiday. It’s the go to & more often than not my jars are plain jane with evidence of a sharpie attack.

  18. That’s a fun stamp! Honestly, I think I appreciate them the most… Especially after running out of jam and seeing what’s available in the stores. Thanks for the give-away:@)

  19. All my friends and family love the goodies I make. Now when ever they see me they ask whats coming next. And I am happy to start canning something new!

    I love your blog. You took the fear out of canning.


  20. Me! I am always so excited and pleased with what I accomplished. Sharing it with others is icing on the cake. I print up homemade labels, six per sheet of paper, and cut them out to put under the jar rings. I love labeling the jars!

  21. That’s a great stamp! I give lots of gifts in jars for the holidays and I’m not sure my mother would forgive me if she didn’t get her holiday jar of chocolate raspberry sauce.

  22. My sister really appreciates my preserves. She even lovingly looks through my books and throws out ideas for my next batch. I’ve ended up with the most awesome preserves from her requests!

  23. It would be really hard to choose who appreciates my canned goods more, but each member of the family appreciates something of there own choice. I love this stamp. I’m thinking I’ve got to have one before canning season begins.

  24. No one! I haven’t made any yet, but I plan to start soon! I do bake a lot, though, and I think my coworkers appreciate it most. I’m always bringing in new treats.

  25. It just seems weird to me that more people don’t know their way around a kitchen….I learned at my grandmother and mothers side..all my sisters did….I am the only one out of the 4 of us who preserves….
    My mom is my biggest fan, next is my boyfriend, whose parents can no longer participate due to age limitations..
    I also use a sharpie on my jars, so this would be a wonderful addition…and by the way, I have tried the stickers from Ball and they are ok, but not the greatest either..

  26. What a great stamp. I got a circle punch this year to cut out labels for my lids. A roll of gummed paper is a great idea.

    My dad stopped eating sugar a few years ago and so he especially appreciates my no-sugar apple butter and jams. They are a staple of his diet.

  27. I have an aunt who used to have to help my grandmother do lots of preserving. She hated the process so much she never did any preserving as an adult. But she sure does appreciate receiving small jars of jams and butters.

  28. My dad – he loves anything I make, even when he doesn’t. I’m 23 and he still eats whatever I can/cook, no matter what. His current favorites are my fig conserve and my dutch apple pie jam. He puts them on yogurt, biscuits, you name it.

  29. My grandson’s probably most appreciate, although they might not know it now, I’m pretty sure they will remember, “Grandma’s Jelly” like they call it, when they are older.

  30. “I am” the one that appreciates homemade preserves the most! As much as I would like to keep it for myself….I would give the lovely stamp to my Mum *Ü*
    She makes incredible orange marmalade, lemon curd, cranberry relish, pepper relish, pickled onions and pickled cabbage (can you tell she’s British??). I’m not brave enough to take on all these goodies because she creates incredible things that I adore in jars. THANKS!

  31. My family! My kids grew up eating homeade jellies and jams and thought that everyone did 🙂 When they grew up and moved away they realized that everyone doesn’t have preserves made by their mom. Many of my daughter-in-laws have ask me to teach them. I love that! This stamp would be awesome to have! Thanks….

  32. I think my mom and dad are my biggest preserves fans because the cooking thing skipped my mom’s generation. I love her, but I cook much better. 🙂

  33. My best friend Amber was upset last year at Christmas: we had been giving away our pickles and fruit butters, but she didn’t get any. So, all year long, when we would discuss the stuff we were making, her eyes would light up, and she would drop a hint. So this year, she got a big bag of various goodies: homemade kahlua, pickles, relish, etc…and she was delighted. It makes Christmas easy with friends like her!

  34. My grandmother loves my pickles and pickled peppers. I hope to make jam this summer with all of the delicious summer berries!

  35. I am the person who most appreciates my wifes preserves. I am also the first line of defense when testing new recipes or developing new concoctions. I am also the one most frustrated by myriad unlabled jars of jams, jellies, marmalades, and preserves – I have sample each one to find that favorite one. Its a terrible trial, I have so many favorites.

  36. My mom really liked that I made jalapeno jelly for her to give to her friends at Christmas. My co-workers liked having a selection of items at Christmas to choose from. And my dogs love applesauce that I make (but they are easy to please).

  37. This stamp looks lovely!

    My co-workers have been most appreciative of my preserves! I love making preserves, but my boyfriend and I don’t eat a lot of them ourselves. It was really nice to be able to share with my friends at work, and even nicer that they had nothing but good things to say about them. (And they even returned my pretty Weck jars!)

  38. My husband definitely appreciates them the most. He’s been tearing through our stock of grape jam. Next year we’ll have to make a lot more – fortunately, he loves to help!

  39. It would be my youngest daughter and her husband. They love the pepper jelly I make. She is even starting to can things. I would love to have this stamp.

  40. My friend Lisa is perhaps my biggest fan. She does not live in the area so I bring many jars when I visit. One visit she called before I got home to say that she and her daughter had just finished a jar each – without bread or anything, just right from the jar. That warmed my heart!

    The stamp is a lovely idea and I appreciate the suggestion of gummed paper! That could save a lot of money.

  41. My gay exboyfriend would be the most enthusiastic fan of my preserves, followed by my brother. The latter now gets stuck into preserving his own produce, the former remains enthused by the concept.

  42. My mom! She loves homemade canned items but hates the process of making them. So I usually make a large enough batch to share with her and the rest of my immediate family plus have a few to keep just for me.

  43. I think my father-in-law MOST appreciates my canning. He rather sheepishly asks for a jar of pickled beets whenever he stops in and practically skips out of here when I also hand him a jar of peaches.

  44. My grandmother LOVES my strawberry rhubarb marmalade/preserve/whatever its proper name is, the most. We’ve always had a garden in the backyard growing up and when the strawberries and rhubarb came in she and I would make strawberry rhubarb refrigerator jam together. She’s a “tea and biscuits” sort of lady and enjoys her jam and toast every morning. When I started preserving it two years ago she got so excited that she could finally have her strawberry rhubarb even in the winter months and have it be “in season.” We also make an amazing Mustard Pickle together every couple years (every couple years because we make about 30 pints worth)…the process of brining the veggies and the time spent together while preserving little projects here and there have been one of my favorite memories with her. 🙂

  45. My mom most appreciates my canned goods! We have a jamming weekend every summer and she is learning with me how to make more and more exotic combinations of fruits and spices and she loves to taste the ones I’ve made without her 🙂

  46. I love that stamp! Such a good idea.

    My mother is my biggest fan, but that doesn’t really prove any of my preserving skills now, does it? 🙂

  47. Probably my husband’s grandfather….it was something he had never experienced until we’d been married a couple of years and I started making jam again. We brought some to a family dinner and they’ve been hooked ever since.

  48. I have to say I think my sister-in-law Liz appreciates my jams and jellies the most. She’s always so excited to receive them, exclaims appropriately over them once she’s had them, and always returns the jars, which I really appreciate. (She’s no dummy – she knows she’ll get them back with more goodies in them!)

  49. Maybe I shouldn’t say this but I think I am the biggest fan of my home canned goods! I know what goes into growing the food, canning it & preparing it. I just love looking at the neat rows of canned goods at the end of summer! Of course Hubby devours it with gusto so I should say we tie for being 1st Place Fans…

  50. My sister is always grateful for the jams and jellies, dilly beans, etc. I give as gifts. They’re so much more meaningful than store bought gifts.

  51. I belong to a local Button Club and the ladies in the club are at a different stage in life than me and so over the making jelly/jam stage so when I bring my little 4 oz jars of jelly/jam to share with them…they love it…and of course i do too. 🙂

    thanks for an opportunity to WIN!

  52. It’s surprising, a lot of people do! Way more than stuff I knit for people. My mom probably loves it the best, though. She’s great at “preserves in action.”

  53. my dear sister in law and I are the only orange marmalade lovers in the family….I love it… that she thinks she is special when I make it just for US! She is special
    What a neat idea for a stamp!
    Enjoy your blog thank you

  54. my son. He loves pb&j plus the canned fruit. He will eat a whole pint of canned “juicy pears” if I let him. and yeah, I often do.

  55. Not surprisingly, it’s my friend that I go strawberry picking with that also makes preserves! We trade jars and we both appreciate all the time and effort that goes into making something so delicious !

  56. I host a group of 20 or so 20-somethings every Monday night. The single guys especially appreciate it when i bring out something in a glass jar.

  57. Aside from my own family, my brother-in-law and sister are my biggest fans. My brother-in-law told me that anytime I want to give him something, give him anything I canned!

  58. At Christmas, that would be Mary who loves my cranberry marmalade. The first batch I made was full blown then I found out Mary is a diabetic so I shortened the sugar. She asked me, “what did you do different? It’s not the same.” When I told her, she said, “awwww, you shouldn’t have changed it!”
    As to all of my canned goods…I enjoy and appreciate them most. It fills me with pleasure and pride to see my cellar filled with canned goods. I well remember Aunt Bonnie and Aunt Esther’s cellars…the women in my family have always appreciated being able to take care of our families…a necessary gift.

  59. My aunt-she’s the one other person in my family who cans (and she does way more than I do!) but whenever I bring her a jar I’ve filled I can be sure she’ll use it (and, hopefully, enjoy it) despite having shelves of her own preserves down cellar 🙂

  60. Eventhough my Mother is an avid canner (and my first teacher), she always loves to receive a jar of anything I make. She once told me that if makes her feel as if her legacy of goodness will always live on in the food I give to others.

  61. My husband most appreciates my homemade preserves! And I appreciate his help in making and putting them up. 🙂 But a second best would be all my new mom friends out there . . .

  62. My mother-in-law is the biggest fan of my canned treats. She enjoys homemade items but doesn’t make them herself. I’m also slowing winning over my very picky daughter!

  63. My grandpa! I gave out preserves this year for Christmas with a note saying to return the jar for a refill, and he returned all 3 jars within a week!

  64. What a great question, some family members never even muster a thank you after Christmas. I would say my friends who have kids, they always seem to be amazed I get anything done!

  65. My father. My mother has been making freezer jam for as long as I can remember, but it’s easy to lose track of it in the freezer. My father displays my jars in the refrigerator (top shelf!). It also gives us a common hobby–he has been canning venison for years (that’s something that I won’t do, although he tries to convert me time and time again).

  66. My Mom gets so enthusiastic over everything I make. It really makes sharing with her a total joy. She loves my jam, but goes crazy over spicy pickled giardiniera!

  67. my daughter. at 14, she really understands the importance of eating local, unprocessed foods, and is always ready to help with the prep work.

  68. My Father and My Grandmother. I’ve taught myself to make things that they have told me about from their days of growing up. It’s so fun to see their faces light up as their mouths remember tastes of years long gone.

  69. OMG that stamp is adorable .. and ingenious.

    The person who appreciates my jars of stuff (other than immediate family) is our receptionist at work.. she HOUNDS me for bread and butter pickles because they taste like “her mom used to make”

  70. Of last fall’s products – my daughter’s boyfriend – he has offered to do whatever to make MUCH more of the different salsas this year ; ) I’m taking him up on his offer, starting with getting the garden ready when spring shows up!

  71. My 90 year old neighbor, ‘Grandma Polly’, is the person who most appreciates my preserves. She especially loves my plum and pineapple jam.

  72. My friend of 45+ years, Joanie Baloney loves my plum conserve (w/ raisins & walnuts) AND my fruitcake and most of the other stuff I make.

  73. Oh what a fun topic! Without a doubt my Grandfather is the most appreciative. I make his mother’s recipe for Potsfield Relish. It makes 17 pints! But he will eat a quart in a week! He loves it but he always has to add that ‘it’s not exactly the same as Gram’s.’

  74. My 89 year old father! He’s living with us and so I get to pamper him with treats to appease his sweet tooth. Loves jams from our fruit on toast from my homemade bread (blueberry is his favorite), chutneys with meats and cheese from our farm, and the marmalades, too. They always elicit a heart felt “Mmmm, Cindy, this is really tasty,” no matter how many times he’s had it. And that makes it all worthwhile. I’ve found some wonderful recipes here! Thank you!!

  75. My dad is my biggest encourager. He provides much of the produce and honey from his garden and bees and I enjoy turning his gardening gifts into preserves, sauces, whole food canned items and salsas our family can enjoy the whole year. There is a pride on both of our parts and a special memory with my dad that will last forever.

  76. My friend Sarah and I are always swapping goods through the mail. We learned to can and preserve together in grad school; now that we are miles and miles away, we enjoy the packages that arrive with new recipes inside.

  77. I do believe that my little brother most appreciates all of the work that goes into each jar of deliciousness…with the actual deliciousness being an added bonus 😉 And yes, I really should start pretty-fying my jars, too!

  78. My mother, mother-in-law and daughter love my homemade preserves. I also can homemade applesauce and my daughter who is 4 refuses anything but Mama’s Applesauce. Makes me feel so good!

  79. It’s a tie between my best friend and my in-laws. I think my best friend appreciates the little nuances of flavors more, but my in-laws know firsthand the time and effort put into the jars. They both love love love receiving jars as gifts, though, so I don’t care about the whys and hows!

  80. That would have to be my DH! He loves everything I make…even the not so perfect ones! He helps me peel and chop when I go crazy and buy 40 pound boxes of peaches and pears and keeps me laughing the whole time. 🙂

  81. Anytime I make a new recipe, I guinea pig my coworkers that I eat lunch with. We are a table of 4 women and 1 man. The ladies are appreciative and offer good feedback but the man is always the most fun to watch as he tastes. I know his reactions are genuine!

  82. I have a couple friends who LOVE it when I give preserves. One year, I made jalapeño jam and my girlfriend raved and raved about it months later. I don’t think it was a particularly good batch exactly, I think she just loved having something fresh, that reminded her of summer, in the middle of winter.

  83. While everyone loves some homemade goodness, if I’m perfectly honest, it’s me who appreciates it the most. Only I know the full story behind the thought, time and care behind each and every jar…

  84. Who appreciates it most? Probably my mom or mother-in-law … My mom as a payoff for teaching me how to can and dehydrate, and my MIL for the unbeatable taste. And both of them as a reminder of the canning they used to do and no longer have the time, stamina or good health to do.

    I’d love to win this stamp; otherwise, it’s going on my Christmas wishlist!

  85. My Dad, who is in his 80’s grew up on home canned goods. His Mom canned chicken, pheasant, deer, elk, bear and all sorts of vegetables and fruits on a wood stove. It was during the Depression. Canning wild game along with her home grown and home canned goods kept them fed. Now, when I give Dad a jar of jam, he always tells me he’s been craving home made jam. He’ll eat a jar in a day, spreading it on toast. I think he’s the one who appreciates my canning the most, especially when it comes to peach jam.

  86. My son and his wife are happiest to receive my preserves, I think. Well, other than my daughter-still-at-home-thank-God and I. 😀

  87. I have two friends who really love my jams – especially seedless raspberry and fig. My dad really loves my dill pickles, though.

  88. Hmm, who enjoys the preserves? Other than my husband, it’d have to be the friends we picnic or road trip with. Surprise! Katie brought homemade bread and jam. They luck out.

  89. My husband and my two grown up kids love my jams. They have given them to their friends as gifts. This stamp will surely make it prettier!

  90. I don’t know if this counts as “appreciating”, but my brother in law once asked after getting a jar of pickled asparagus (I think), if my sister (not the one who is his wife) and I also made “real” pickles (ie cucumber). So he did appreciate when we made him some of those.

  91. I’m going to have to use alot of others respondents answer! My husband is my biggest fan!!! So much so, when I introduced him to Blackberries of WV, he turned around and gave me a big surprise. I took him along picking the berries, cleaned them and he listened very attentively when I showed him what needed to be done to can them in quart jars. The Next Day when I got home from work, he had snuck away from the house, picked 2 more gallons on his own and had them jarred up, processed and Cooling on the Counter!!! There is no better fan than someone that wants to learn!!!!

  92. I would have to say my oldest daughter out in UT is my favorite fan….well, maybe my dad too! Although she is away and starting her own family, she still wants Mom to show her how to carry on traditions! I am making a trip out to teach her about making jams from the summer fruits! Can’t wait to spend some time in the kitchen with her. Like you, I scrawl in perm. marker on the lids as to what I made…the stamp idea with the Avery labels is a great idea!

  93. Oh Man!
    My honey gives me so much grief about my jar labelling, or lack thereof, in some instances! This would be perfect in our household!
    I love stamping too!
    I have made fancy labels and I have just printed onto simple avery labels, I have sharpeid on the jars…. I have non labelled because I know what is in the jars! Ha!
    Perhaps this would help me turn over a new and consistant leaf!

  94. My co-workers (I use my canning and baking as “bargaining tools” when switching shifts) and elderly parents appreciate my canning! I love the idea of stamping a label for under the lid!! Why didn’t I think of that??

  95. Janis appreciates my raspberry jam the most. She hides it from her husband so he doesn’t eat it all up. When I’m making a batch, I always fill a quart jar especially for them. The best part is she knows to return the jar for refills.

  96. My aunts and uncles all like different things about what I put in jars. My mom likes some of the jams, my cousin and his wife like ALL THE THINGS, my aunt and uncle love the pickles, another aunt loves the “oddball” jams I make (wild blueberry and blue grape, for instance – invented because I wasn’t sure I had enough blueberries for a batch).

    My one cousin loves the pickled hot peppers I make just for him. My dad loves the jalapeno rings I make for him, and so far everyone has loved the sundried tomatoes packed in olive oil I made this summer! Grape tomatoes were on sale at the grocery store, 1/4 of regular price, so I bought a bunch and dried them in the oven. They were a huge hit.

  97. Whenever I give a jar of anything homemade to Dar, she does not hide it from her husband, she just opens the jar and eats the whole thing. Her favorite was kumquat marmalade. I too am guilty of not labeling jars, this would help and hopefully also for labelling the numerous pints of homemade ice cream in the freezer.

  98. It’s hard to say who enjoys my homemade preserves and canned goods the most (we often give them to people as gifts and always bring something canned when we’re invited to someone’s house), but it’s probably my husband.

  99. I am the one that appreciates my preserves the most. As it thrills me to know I am the one that prepared these jars of delight !

  100. I think my parents appreciate my at home DIY the most. I subscribe to the same labeling method you used to and usually ask my wife to label anything we are going to give away so people don’t have to decipher my chicken scratch on the lid to try to figure out what I gave them.

  101. The person who most appreciates my efforts is a friend of mine who is also into canning. We do lots of trades, and it’s great to make a big batch of one thing, and still get variety by swapping some of it for someone else’s.

  102. it’s actually my boyfriend–! i expected to be my own biggest fan (and i am, with the tomatoes), but my boyfriend will just break into jars of jams or pickled things of his own accord, sometimes eating a whole jar at a sitting!

  103. Ummm, sooo I really appreciate my mom’s preserves and would totally gift this to her! It would make it a lot easier to mark her jars in a “un-permanent” way, so when I re-use them I’m not wondering if it really is homemade ketchup in that jar or some marinara sauce instead (sometimes it really is hard to tell…). This is so cute!

  104. That’s so pretty! My mom loves my (your recipe) strawberry jam and keeps wondering aloud whether we have enough to last until next summer.

  105. My husband is my biggest fan! In the summer when I pick strawberries in our yard and make one or two jars of Strawberry Vanilla Jam, he is SO impressed! The hardest part for him? Waiting until winter to use it!

  106. My dad appreciates my preserves.. I have never seen anyone eat so much jam. His favorite so far is your tomato jam! I hope I win!

  107. I think my nephews most enjoy my jars, in particular the pickled beets and cucumber relish for homemade tartar sauce! Those cute little boys from Maine can’t get enough!

  108. Probably my husband. He’s always game to taste my concoctions, no matter how strange the combination might be. Whenever I purchase more canning stuff, he gives a little eye roll, but always laughs. “Hey, it benefits me, too!”

  109. My grandparents friends appreciate my preserves the most. I see them during the Christmas season and make sure I have an assortment of preserves to give to everyone, just like my grandfather did when he was with us.

  110. Can’t pick ONE person, but I can name ONE group! My husband and I have spent every single New Year’s day for the past 35 years with the same group of ten friends. This annual brunch is a treasured tradition and I dare not arrive without my basket of jars of Blueberry Nutmeg Jam! There are squeals of glee every time and it still warms my heart. Added Bonus: I get to see each friend at least one more time during the year as they show up at my front door to return the empty jar!

  111. My mother-in-law is always so excited when I bring her preserves! She’s so sweet, and we have such a fun time together. I hope that when they move up to us in May, that we’ll be able to start canning together!

  112. My friend Michelle always gets twice as many goodies as anybody else because she is so darn appreciative. It doesn’t hurt that she is generous right back as well…I have some fig-lemon preserves she made on my sandwich for lunch today.

  113. I’m not sure there is just one person that appreciates my preserves more than the rest—but I do have an amazing group of friends that ALL go a-titter when I have something for them. By far the most favorite? Your tomato jam! They go absolutely bonkers for it.

    Man! I love/need this stamp. I am the worst at timely labels…!

  114. I think my sister most appreciates my canning projects. She puts just about everything I ever jam into yogurt and always asks for a second jar.

  115. My sister! She is expecting her first child and swears that my strawberry ginger jam is the only thing that tastes good– so I send her a steady supply!

  116. Thank you for the giveaway! I’m pretty sure my husband is the one who appreciates my canned jams and preserves the most! he he

  117. I’m new to canning, but I’m hooked! It really makes me appreciate the labor of love of creating something scrumptious like jam by hand. My sister, whom I rarely see because she is across the country, enjoys my preserves the most. It’s my way of showing her I care.

  118. My sister and her family enjoys my homemade preserves and any other goodies they can sample. She works a 60+ hour week and enjoys my home cooked goodies. 🙂

  119. Somewhat sadly, the person who appreciated the jam the most was probably a former coworker. His mom had made preserves, but his wife had never learned how. I should slip a few jars in the mail sometime…

  120. Definitely my 83 year old grandfather. He always says, when I give him some jam, “you never forget about your old grandpap”. : )

  121. What a fab stamp – great idea. I guess my husband is my biggest fan (and assistant) – he’ll try it all but he especially loves my chow chow.

  122. My son is the person who most enjoys my preserves. He’s in college a couple thousand miles away and frequently asks me to send him jam. I think PB and my jam is what keeps him going!

  123. I haven’t had a person yet who didn’t love my homemade jams, but what I love the most is how many people want to learn how to make jam themselves. Over the last few months, I’ve hosted several “jam parties” just to show people the basics (which I learned mostly from Food in Jars!), and so many have now started making their own preserves. I love that I now have local jam swapping buddies!

  124. Way cool, and yes I’m a sharpie gal too!! I shared some of my green tomato pickles with my neighbor across the street and she LOVED them & she still talks about them to this day 🙂

  125. I think my family appreciates my food in jars the most. There’s nothing like pulling out a jar of canned peaches in the middle of a cold, Alaskan winter! Of course my kids love golden raspberry jam on their pb&j every morning!

  126. I think it’s my next-door neighbor, who brings me empty jars all year long in hopes of getting some of them back, full, come Christmas. Thanks for the chance to win!

  127. Hmmm… My husband, I think. But I also have to admit to being a fan of his pickles. 🙂 And my daughter isn’t quite old enough to appreciate them all yet. I’d love to be able to use this stamp on my jars.

  128. My very dear friend Becky most appreciates the treasures that come from my canner. Preserving during the summer months gives us precious time together, and a fruitful, healthy and downright fun hobby to share. We laugh and learn together; opening up a jar of salsa in January reminds me of the warmth of summer and friendship. (I so appreciate your blog, many of our adventures have come from recipes we’ve gotten from you; thank you!)

  129. My little Grandson appreciates them most! He loves the plain yogurt I make and each time he eats it he gets to pick out the flavor of preserves he wants to add to it. Sometimes he’s in the mood for a flavor mixture that can’t be bought in any store.

  130. My husband’s family is from Canada, and his mother grew up on a farm in New Brunswick. When her mother died, so did a legacy of home made everything…clothes, jam, bread…and it’s been over 50 years since she passed. My Mother In Law is 86 and we just moved her out her to California to be closer to us. I’d been canning tomatoes for a few years and since we finally had enough blueberries and strawberries come in this year, I decided to try my hand at jam. One morning we popped open a jar of strawberry and I got my greatest compliment ever. My MIL took a bite on some fresh baked bread and said “oh my…it’s like being home with mom again.” Every time I bake bread, she asks for jam. She’s eaten clean through the entire batch.

  131. The people who most appreciate my preserves are my friends at the Indy Food Swap! I trade almost everything I put into jars and get tweets about how much other swappers enjoy my jams and jellies for months afterward.

  132. I think my sister most appreciates my canning efforts. Not only for the preserves, chutneys, jams, pickles and sauce…but for the beautiful ease of having something delicious, home/local grown, and home-crafted with love to give as a gift to friends and neighbors.

  133. Since I’ve been following you and your recipes, it would be hard to narrow down who is the most appreciative! Think it may boil down to my husband or sister. Your Pear vanilla bean recipe is the current favorite! Thanks!

  134. If I’m going to be honest, I appreciate my preserves the most. But I’m sure to keep my family well stocked, they do enjoy them. (Just not as much as me!)

  135. The person who most appreciates my homemade preserves is for sure my mom. She’s been canning for as long as I can remember. Growing up, every summer I would help her pick berries so she could make the best jelly I’ve ever tasted. Then being a teenager, I had pretty much no interest in anything my mom was up to, so she was never able to teach me how to preserve. Off I went to college in another state and then on to my own life. I somehow never managed to visit my mom during her prime canning time, but I decided it was time I learn! I started by taking some wonderful classes offered by my local co-op and off I went. Now we share canning tips and tricks we’ve each learned along the way. It’s so nice to be able to share this with my mom and I know she appreciates all the love and work that goes into each jar.

  136. I haven’t built up the courage to do my own canning yet, but I know that I sure appreciate my mom’s preserves. If I win, I’d love to give the stamp to her. I have some of her various jams on my english muffin each morning. Yum!

  137. It’s hard to pick. Our extended family loves everything, because nobody else does any preserving or canning! It makes everything even more special.

  138. What a great idea! I like how you put the label under the ring, it takes away the need of any sticker-type label. Thanks!

  139. My widowed neighbor with two small children (5 & 7). His wife was a big cook and I think being able to serve a homemade meal means a lot to his family.

  140. Most definitely my brother! I’ve been supplying his entire family with a steady assortment of preserves for the past 5 years. He jokes and tells me once the jams stop so do the visits with my niece, who happens to be my favorite little person… so I’m not taking any chances!

  141. My husband gets to eat my homemade preserves the most since he lives with me, but my mom is probably the on that enjoys them the most. She loves trying new foods and flavors while my husband is less adventurous. 🙂

  142. My nephew, Parker LOVES my pickles that I put in canning jars, in fact when we start selling them to my customers we are going to call them Parker’s Pickles! I love this stamp and look forward to stamping all of our jars of homemade pickles with it!

  143. labeling is such a chore ..writing all that info in such a small space…i would love the stamp as i was going to order one from staples when the money was there to do so


  144. Everyone I know loves to “shop” in my pantry! But I think my daughter-in-law appreciates it the most. I make special sugar free seedless jams for her dad who has special health concerns & low sugar seedless for my grandson. along with lots of other low sugar canned fruits for the family. One of the best reasons I can is for the people I love & care about to have good healthy & safe foods to eat!

  145. I’d say my biggest fan is my dad. I’ve been supplying him with preserves for a couple of years now and he enjoys the fruitiness on his morning toast.

  146. This is just too cute! I like to use up every last little bit of special papers…this would be a really cute way to personalize label’d goodies in jar for friends! Thanks for the opportunity! If I don’t win, I might have to get one anyway!!!

  147. What a lovely stamp. And practical to boot! My colleagues are my biggest fans. They love my spicy peach salsa and always return my jars in hopes of them being refilled 🙂

  148. My husband eats the sugar-free, fruit only preserves that I put up this summer (strawberry, nectarine, peach, plum, and mixed stone fruits) every morning with homemade peanut butter on whole wheat English muffins. They’re also great on ice cream!

  149. My entire family enjoys everything that I preserve, but I think the one who appreciates it the most right now is my oldest daughter. She is currently a “financially challenged” grad school student 🙂

  150. This year that would have to be Coach Scott (my son’s wrestling coach) I gave him a jar of mandrin marmalade, he sent me a picture of himself, eating it straight out of the jar with a spoon!

  151. My dad is the biggest fan of my canning habit! I always make him something special for the holidays. This year was sweet pickles. Everyone else in the family hates them and gives him a lot of grief for liking them, so I made him a big batch to enjoy!

  152. Grandpa George! He once brought me 4 lugs of apricots to make him some jam. He wanted to make sure he had enough to make all the super-dupers (his own special toast) he wanted for a year. Boy was he surprised when i gave him 57 1/2 qts of apricot jam! Now, whenever i bring up apricot jam he rolls his eyes and then asks me if i would like some jam to take home!!

  153. In one particular instance, it was my best friend — I developed a low-sugar, locally-sourced peach/bourbon/ginger jam as her wedding favors this fall. And I’m working with another friend to do some putting up for her reception this fall. Lots of work but very fulfilling!

  154. I love this stamp! I’d have to say a fellow foodie friend was most appreciative. He lives far away and I sent 3 jars for Christmas. He & his wife looooooved them! 🙂

  155. I have a tie between my biggest fans. My husband’s grandmother absolutely loves my apple butter, and the ability to have it at any time is wonderful! My other biggest fan is my mom, who lives a 12 hour drive away. We may not be able to cook together but for when we visit; however, we can share a piece of the experience when we eat from the same batch of jelly while talking on the phone. I am so thankful for this skill to be able to share and connect with my family!

  156. Well, as many others , my fan is my husband. Strawberry jam brings back his childhood of picking strawberries. The sweet smell of strawberries in the hot sun and the big juicy berries . Maybe the smooshed berry that his brother in the next row had just thrown at him.

  157. I enjoy my canning the most. I love the whole process….from planning my garden, working the dirt, bringing in the harvest all the way to eating what is in the jar. Am I supposed to share?

  158. One of the people that appreciates my homemade preserves is my brother Nate. He shares my love of fresh, local and seasonal foods and preserves is the best way to enjoy them yr.round!!

  159. I have a whole fan club of folks who love to get gifts of preserves! My daughter loves many of the things I make but at 13 even praise comes with an eye roll!

  160. My sister is the biggest fan of my preserves because she can’t eat sugar and I make preserves specially for her with honey and other alternative sweeteners.

  161. my grandma is the one who most appreciates my canning experiments, even the ones she hasn’t tasted — she doesn’t scoff at the things my husband thinks are weird, like watermelon rind pickles, because she remembers her mom canning things like that. I need to get more canning stories from her!

  162. My five year old daughter. She is always eager to help me crank the food mill, hull strawberries or pit cherries. And always wants to eat our preserves!

  163. There is a tradition that when someone brings back my empty jars, it is their way of saying…. “more please.” Last night a co-worker of my husband’s, Deb, called to make sure we would be home and walked for 40 minutes, up-hill (I kid you not) to return 7 empty jars. Her way to get her work-out in, praise my preserves and kindly ask for more future filled jars. She also brought, as a thank you, a loaf of her homemade yummy pumpkin bread. Warms my heart.

  164. My whole family enjoy our canning goodies. From jellies to meats it does not matter. We all enjoy the fruits of our labors!

  165. I think that my mother appreciates my preserves a huge amount, because like most mothers she is so thrilled to receive ANYthing that I make.
    I am always amazed, however, by how excited friends and acquaintances get when they find out I make jams and pickles. For some reason I expect to get more “Why would you do that?” questions. I love that a simple jar of something I made can get people so excited.

  166. I am surprised to discover that my father-in-law LOVES anything I make, but also shares my love of pickles… I pickle everything for him and always look for his feedback. He loves everything, and always finds weird and delicious uses for them (pickled green bean omelette, anyone?).

  167. My sister-in-law LOVES my spicy pickled beans – uses them as stir sticks in bloody marys. For xmas, that was all she wanted. So she got 12 pint jars!

  168. My parents LOVE LOVE LOVE my preserves and pickles…every thing I make I have to double so I have enough to give to them!

  169. My brother and son that live 2000 miles away love to receive canned foods from me. They say it reminds them of home and to please send more!

    I love your book.

  170. Surprisingly my dad is the one who loves my canned goods the most. He’s game to try anything once, so we have quite the adventure together. He looks forward to a basket of homemade goodies every Christmas, made with love is better than anything I could buy for him!

  171. Our neighbors go crazy over our homemade jams and jellies each year. It’s especially nice since the fruit hangs on both sides of the fence.

  172. It is a toss up between my daycare children and my husband who loves my canned preserves and jellies. They like the apple butter best with buttered bisquits. We eat a lot of the fresh veggies that I can during the summer and the children love them.

  173. I just started canning last fall and gave my jars as gifts for Christmas. My friends enjoy my canning most because they always have something yummy on hand to serve surprise guests!

  174. I love canning, it is a very rewarding experence for me. My grandchildren love to consume the finished product and I love that they do! MK

  175. I have to say that I am the person who most appreciates my preserves this year. I had a baby ten days ahead of Christmas, and opening a jar of something tasty had been great. Chutneys are awesome for jazzing up VERY simple meals and just when I think the pantry is totally bare, I remember another little stash of canned goods. The work of canning was/is totally worth it!!

  176. My mom loves anything I make. My husband is my biggest cheerleader (and funding) of my food adventures, but my mom will eat anything I make, go gaga over it, and then brag about me to her quilting club. What more could I ask for??

  177. I’d have to say my friend, Laurel. Every time I share jams or curds with her, she not only thanks me for the gift, but once she opens the jar she also always takes the time to send me a note or text telling me how much she likes them. It makes me so happy!

  178. Great stamp! I think the people who benefit most from my jam making are my co-workers, they get to try everything I make. And one has a very productive plum tree so every year I make plum jam from his fruit, quite the collaboration! The person who appreciates it the most is my friend who also makes jam, we swap all the time and I know she knows what goes into to making it.

  179. My 89 year old Grandma appreciates it the most, now that her tastebuds are “ancient” she says my blueberry ketchup goes well on EVERYTHING! The jams and such are a hit with all my friends and family.

  180. I would have to say that my grandfather appreciates my goodies the most. Maybe it is because he grew up eating what my great-grandmother put up or maybe it is just because they are fabulous – either way I love that he loves them!

  181. I’d say my mother-in-law, who loves the jams and chutneys I bring her… when my husband and I visited her a few weeks ago we forgot to bring more for her – she almost kicked us out! 🙂

  182. Although I love doing things for others, I may come across selfish in a moment…however there’s nothing like crunching into a perfectly pickled pepper or cucumber or beet that you have grown, picked, canned and nestled away in your own pantry…Having the stamp would help with my organization for sure!

  183. I love this stamp! For Christmas, I gave my supper club girls each a jar of home-made Salted Caramel Sauce… They raved… Then I gave away some of the Tomato Jam I made from your recipe… Yep – people still asking for it! Love that… Now starting to hoard cute little jars for a salted lemon gift I want to do. I’m gonna add a cute card with your salad dressing recipe too… Think that will be cute…

  184. I just recently discovered canning because of my grandfather. He is originally from North Carolina. We went down for a family visit in October, and were walking around and found some muscadine grapes, my absolute favorite. My grandfather was telling me about how his mother used to make him muscadine preserves and he missed them. I went home to PA and he followed a week later with a HUGE box full of muscadine grapes. I decided to make some muscadine preserves and give it to him for Christmas. I made five jars, had one that did not seal properly (lucky me!). I gave the four jars to him for Christmas and he could not believe I spent the time to make the preserves and learned how to can at the same time. Not only did this excite him, it excited me to canning. I cannot wait till spring comes to plant my garden and start canning again!

  185. I canned a lot when my boys were young and we enjoyed everything from our huge garden. Now that I am a grandma I would have to say my biggest fan is my husband. He thinks it is awesome that we are using what we grow. He loves it that he can go down and grab a jar of whatever he wants and it came from our own garden.

  186. My grandfather! He’s the only one who can switch me from “saving everything for myself” mode into “loading up a box of jars to share with Grandpa” mode.

  187. This is a tough one. The few people I share my canned goods with really appreciate the gift and the time that went into it. My grandmother-in-law sequels in delight when I bring her my boozey raspberry jam, my sister-in-law loves my golden chili jam and refuses to share with her family, and one of my friends always returns the empty jar with something she made for me inside.

    My friends and family are awesome!

  188. Last summer I made Italian Plum and Fennel Jam with plums picked right off of a friend’s tree. I gave away most of the jars and we ate a few. We are now down to the final one. My boyfriend has been eating it by the 1/2 teaspoon every morning with this eggs and toast trying to make it last as long as possible. He has never been a jam-guy, but this one changed him. I love watching him savor it!

  189. My kids! They are my best taste testers and just want to eat straight out of the jar. The Husband comes in second but he some how gets me to make scones so he can sample…

  190. I love canning, and giving stuff away. My biggest fan at the moment is my 3 year old daughters good friend. She will only eat breakfast with my jam & brings me back the jar saying “more please!” It’s really awesome.

  191. i gotta say me. 🙂 but only because i’ve not really launched into actually making preserved goodies, i’ve only been a baker up till now, and well, everyone i share with seems happy with that.

  192. I’d say my mom and stepdad love my preserves the most. Sometimes sneaking spoonfuls straight from the jar, they savor all the flavors I send them each year!

  193. It has to be my sweet friend Nancy, who thought I was crazy for bringing my chest freezer to Brooklyn when I moved here two years ago. Oodles of dinner parties and pickles and frozen applesauce later, I haven’t converted her, but she sure seems to enjoy it when I bring her a box full of jars.

  194. Would love to have the stamp for give away gifts and my pantry. But I think my husband likes my sweets as well as the vegies and meats. Love to can would not be able to do it with out that sharpie to help me remember what things are.

  195. My daughters appreciate my homemade jam the most – my 10 year old loves to eat it and my 5 year old loves to help make the jam!

  196. My friend Janie and her husband are the happiest to get my goodies. Really though, it’s my husband who is may appreciate them the most even though he now takes them for granted.

  197. Definitely my husband. Even when we have canned goods from friends he will say “lets have yours, yours is better.” Its nice to always have someone in your corner.

  198. My husband’s co-workers love the pickles that I make. The first year I made them, that turned out to be a great thing because I made a TON of them. I didn’t learn to make small batches until later.

  199. My house sitter/hair dresser Lori loves my (your) Tomato Jam. She apparently eats it on everything. I make a full or half batch and just put in a jar or other container. I don’t even have to give it a water bath – she eats that much so quickly.

  200. My pregnant friends are my biggest fans. They love my jams and chocolate sauces on ice cream! They all get a few jars of homemade jam and a homemade baby blanket.

  201. It would have to be my daughter who is away at college. I send her several boxes of my preserves and pickles a year. She says it tastes like home when she eats them, as I use fruits and veggies grown in our own backyard.

  202. I would say my husband appreciates my canning the most. I have been trying to make marmalade recently and had none of it set. He has apparently been swiping the unset marmalade and calling it “Ice Cream Sauce.”

  203. My brother and his family are nuts over my salsa. This year, when giving him a selection at Christmas, he held up the Jalapeno jelly and said “I’ve been waiting for this.”

  204. My nieces and nephews are the biggest fans of my canning. Especially blackberry jam and peach jelly. Not just because they taste good but because we make an annual day of jelly and preserve making. We’ve been doing it for about 4 years now and each year we’ve rotated jobs although Brady says he wants to be the official taste tester forever. They’re old enough now to have other interests but they always choose to make jam with Aunt Kim. We live about 350 miles apart but I just saw them last weekend and we were planning this years preserving. We might try some form of banana butter this year too. It’s not just about the end product or the fact that they are learning something that used to be a necessity for survival. We have a great time and talk about it all year. Can’t wait until my grandson is old enough to get him started.

  205. I think I am the one who most appreciates them! From growing the fruit/vegetables, to processing, to a quick meal I’m in it every step of the way.

  206. I’d say it’s a tie between my aunt and my good friend Eric. My aunt loved my jalapeno pepper jelly at Christmas, but Eric comes over all the time begging the remains of whatever I’ve just canned.

  207. Recently, the person who has appreciated my food the most is my grandmother! She’s been having some of my jam every day for breakfast while visiting, and even got to try my watermelon pickles which she hadn’t had in decades.

  208. I’d say my whole family appreciates my canning efforts. From my husband (saves on food bill), to my kids who like to goad their friends into trying mom’s Fire Sauce, to my youngest brother & dad who eat with us every night, to my 86 year old grandma who is proud I am carrying on her traditions, & definitely me because heat & eat nights are so easy on mom!!

  209. My grandfather, until he started having to cut down on his sugar intake :-(. He’s one of the world’s most appreciative people of all food, period–he even liked all the hospital food when he had his hip replaced!

  210. My fiance’s professor. He is Italian and never had banana pepper mustard before, so I sent a jar. He returned the jar empty! (wanting more) LOL. As an adult I now understand the joy my grandmother felt canning & feeding people. 😉

  211. My Daddy loves to have Jams and Preserves with his toast or biscuits. We actually tease that he has a little toast or biscuit with his jam! He heaps it on and enjoys every bite.

  212. I’m actually wanting this for my Grams. I am the one who enjoys the fruits of HER labor and I think she would like this a lot. Thank you! 🙂

  213. My neighbors are always very appreciative of the jam I gift them. They say thanks by sending me a picture of their adorable kid with a jam-smeared face! 🙂

  214. The man in my life grows most of the things I can so it would have to be him! Although my Dad loves the jams and jellies I make, though I struggle to keep up with my Mom’s delicious jam and jelly goodies!

  215. my senior father – he loved my canned goods prior to his sickness but he loves my canned goods all the more now because we never know when the last of his days may be – I was so sad the other week when I had gone to visit him and he asked me for some salsa and my shelves were empty. thanks for the giveaway.

  216. All my daughters (I have 4) and my friends and relatives love to come and look through my pantry to see what I have and take some home. There is always so much to chose from. Made Huckleberry cobbler the other day..mmm good…

  217. I think it would be me, because of the convenience of having food handy that I have raised in my garden and I know all the ingredients that go into the jars.

  218. I’m doing this on behalf of my sister, because the rest of our large family appreciate all HER efforts. She and her hubby have started a family CSA garden, and we go out to her house for group canning efforts with her two stoves going all out. She’s purchased special canning equipment, like a huge rectangular stainless steel canning pot that covers 2 burners at a time, or this giant stainless vat we use when making salsa. My brother-in-law uses it when making maple syrup. As for the canning, there are chutneys, jams, dilly beans, tomatoes, pickles, relishes, and on and on. And then there’s the eggs, chicken and pork too. When nieces and nephews stop to visit, they leave with jars tucked into their arms…and bacon. She and her hubby rock, and we are all in awe of their hard work and generosity

  219. My nephew Jim loves anything I create…sometimes he sends me a picture of something I gifted him with simply ‘yum’ in the subject line. He’s a pleasure to feed. He especially likes my tomato basil jam.

  220. This is a wonderful idea! I love to stamp and last summer got the canning bug. This would be great because then you don’t have to put a sticker on the outside of the jar, which are a pain to get off if you want to reuse the jar. My parents appreciate my canned goodies – especially applesauce, something that my mom always made but didn’t this year so I was glad I had some canned and could share with her.

  221. My 5yrold grandson enjoys my Spiced Plum Jam the most. Although he is still confused as to why he can’t eat Jam the same way he eats applesauce.

  222. My 3 year old son loves my Very Berry jam. He insists on peanut butter and jam every day now. Too bad I can’t send it to school with him these days!

  223. I have sisters-in-law who are twins and they both love my preserves. They bring jars to their office to use during break/coffee time. BYW, the stamp is so cute…. I really would love to have one….

  224. I have a friend who’s rather, shall we say, set in his ways about food. Cold soup doesn’t really qualify as soup, scrambled eggs may only be eaten at breakfast, etc. — lots of food rules. One of his food rules is that there must be toast with breakfast and that there must be a dark-colored jam and a light-colored jam on the table for the toast. I am happy to keep him supplied with jam; since he always insists there’s nothing he wants for Christmas, he gets a big box of jams from me every year and enjoys working his way through them, pretty much ending up jam-less by the time Christmas rolls around again.

  225. I’d say my grandmother and great-grandmother, neither of whom have the physical capacity to do very much of their own canning or preserving anymore but whose recipes are still used by almost all of the rest of the family (well, those who do canning anyway). Or maybe my nephew, who will eat home canned green beans like he’s starving and no other food on Earth is edible, but won’t touch store-bought.

  226. I think my roommates most appreciate my homemade preserves. I made a large batch of tomato jam last summer, and we have enjoyed it on sandwiches since!

  227. My fiance enjoys my pantry goodies the most: especially the variety of jams we get out for Sunday morning biscuits. But I think my family appreciates my bringing them jars of yum whenever we visit.

  228. At the moment, it might be my friend, Chip, who has picked blueberries and strawberries so that I could make jam with him. He picked the most beautiful strawberries ever in Wimauma. Absolutely gorgeous red jam resulted. YUM!

  229. John, the son of a dear friend, enjoys my goodies the most. He’s living on a boat in southern Florida and is an adventerous cook and eater, so he’s always game to try new things. It’s fun to send him my goodies!

  230. I think my mom is the one who really appreciates my canning the most. She has a little rustic cabin that she goes to that only uses a wood burning stove for heat and cooking, no running water. She LOVES to make her meals with my canned food. She has started learning how to can her own food now. Makes me so proud!!

  231. my friends and family enjoy my canning the most as they are recipients of my canning efforts. Thanks for new and different recipes.

    I love the stamp..what a great idea to make the jars pretty and know what is inside

  232. My girlfriend enjoys the various things I can and preserve! We are both doing it now and it is really great to be able to make things many people think you can only buy.

  233. My children who are all grown and on their own really appreciate my home canned goods, I fill a box full for them at holiday time…and my husband does as well!

  234. My family! They love everything I’ve preserved, especially my Aunt Cathy. She puts in her requests for Apple Butter and B&B pickles every year and is always eager for something new.

  235. My husband…..he even helps me make them!! He is my official pot carrier!! It makes it so much easier when he does the heavy lifting and we work as a team to make yummy goodies!!

  236. My friend gets lots of preserves from us, because our families like to get together for dinner. I’d love to write something sassy in the contents like “windfall spaghetti sauce” when leaving leftovers at her house or passing on Jam. Thanks for the giveaway!

  237. Alas. . . I think I’m the one that appreciates my can goods the most. My family is kind of finicky so there’s nothing they seem to absolutely love. I give jam and other can goods away, but there’s no one adamant follower or lover of my canning creations. My brother might be the closest person to that. He was kind of in awe of the homemade pickles and peach halves I gave him.

  238. My grandmother is usually most appreciative of my fruit butters at least, she usually just eats them with a spoon. 🙂

  239. My beautiful cousin Maryanne is the person who most appreciates my homemade preserves. We live several states apart, but I love sending goodies to her because I know she not only appreciates them, but she appreciate me with every bite.

  240. Such a great stamp! I end up giving away a large quantity of what I can, and so far my family seems to have benefited from the arrangement the most.

  241. I have a select few people in my life that really enjoy my jams and preserves:

    1. My dad, who will stand at the kitchen counter with a spoon and eat jam straight from the jar if no bread is to be had. When my husband lost his job in 2011, my dad spent a small fortune on flats o strawberries, black as red raspberries for me to make jam just so he could get a couple jars from each batch. <3

    2. My BFF Amy, who lived thousands of miles away in Texas for several years used to send me boxes of pecans from her tree in the front yard, just moved to Pittsburgh this year (4 hours away is much more acceptable than a billion ;-)), and has since been the recipient of many jam jars. She gets to be a stay at home mommy with her toddler, who cries when Amy has a greedy moment and won't share with him a bite of fresh bread with my jam on it – and I have gotten some precious photos of him with evidence on his little cheeks that mom gave in to his protests. 🙂

    3. My friend and coworker Matt and his wife. Matt lusts for plums on par with myself, so every time I make plum jam of any variety, he expectantly waits for a jar and will complain if he hasn't gotten a pint jar quickly enough, which he devours at a rate his pancreas probably doesn't care for LOL.

    There are many others, but those are my favorites to give to. 🙂 thanks for the entry!

  242. I would have to say my in-laws enjoy my canning efforts the most. They live in Mesa, AZ and I live here in MN so getting it to them can be a fairly expensive endeavor. They are planning on coming up for my son’s Eagle Court of Honor and I plan to have them a box packed…less than 50 pounds of course! That’s a lot cheaper than shipping!

  243. My sweet friend Marcie practically swoons when I give her a jar of homemade preserves. As a working mom of 3 she just doesn’t have the time to spend hours in the kitchen doing what I love to do. So, it’s a delight to be able to bless her with the occasional jar of jam!

  244. My sister and I make various jams, marmalades and preserves and mail them back and forth between our two cities. Nothing beats a shipment of fresh orange marmalade 🙂

  245. My sister-in-laws 83 yr old sister. I made an apricot pistachio jam and she asked if she could buy every jar of it that I made! Sadly I only made 6 jars as it was my first attempt with this recipe. And yes, I gave her the few jars I had left and will be sure to have many jars for her to enjoy this year.

  246. My mom! She always asks me to bring home jars of pickled things for christmas. Last year she gave some of them out to her friends and now whenever I drive home I bring a whole flat of assorted pickles and jams.

  247. I think my daughter is the biggest fan. She does love a peanut butter and jelly, no matter what kind of jelly/jam I make.

  248. My husband loves the food I can for him. Often times I regret the time spent actually canning these items since unless I hide them, they disappear before they would have spoiled anyways.

  249. My family and friends definitely appreciate them. My husband is really supportive. I think overall though, I am the one who appreciates them the most because I have such a strong connection to the things that I create.

  250. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, my husband is the one who most appreciates my preserves. He enjoys my jams and jellies on his breakfast toast almost daily, eats pickles with his lunch, and often proudly gives my jars of pear butter and other recipes away to his friends and clients. I love how my hobby is a little part of his everyday routine, and that he would rather have my preserves than the store-bought equivalent any day.

  251. My Aunt Dawn is my number one marmalade fan. I made the myer lemon marmalade from your book as a Christmas gift and she has finished it already. For my birthday, Feb. 3, the bought me my very own jam pan – I am waiting anxiously for it to arrive. I have 4 lbs of cara caras and gingerroot standing by for my next marmalade foray!

  252. My little sister, whenever she visits she looks through the jams and chutneys and salsas and picks her favorites to take home with her, and when I go to see her she always asks me to bring some of whatever I’ve put up since she was here last.

  253. Our friend Linda loves anything we give her. She goes home with a half dozen jars whenever she comes over. From jam to tomatoes, tomato juice, picante sauce, pears and relish.

  254. What a fun a great idea – such cute labels!! My neighbors and my step-daughters get a thrill out of receiving some of my home canned goodies! Something about giving people you care about a home canned creation is very rewarding. I don’t personally know anyone else who cans stuff so it’s fun to see the joy in their eyes when I give them goodies I had fun making.

  255. My granddaughter loves my homemade strawberry jam! We actually picked the fruit together & she helped me make her first batch this past summer! It was so yummy!! I am looking forward to making another few batches with her & with a beautiful stamp like this would make the jars look so nice!!

  256. I think my boyfriend’s mother is the most appreciative of my canning, or she’s at least the most vocal. It’s nice to know someone else enjoys something that I’ve put so much time and effort into making.

  257. The person who most appreciates my preserves is my husband. It makes it all the better that we can partake of the preserved bounty together!

  258. My daughter Emily is away at college. Every time she comes home she “steals” at least 4-6 jars of my preserves… 🙂 It makes her feel like she is at home and it makes me feel very appreciated!

  259. My husband gets the most enjoyment out of and is definitely the most appreciative of my canning adventures. He is always my guinea pig, and can be counted on to finish a jar of anything left in the fridge. He also requested that certain items be left at home when I was giving them away at Christmas time. And, in the case of the really overly vinegar-y pickles- he never hesitates to tell me if something is not so great.

  260. It’s hard to answer… there isn’t one person who sticks out. I usually make preserves from what I can get on sale in the summer. I live in Western WA but try to get over to Central WA where the orchards are and buy fruit by the box. I don’t like to add all the sugar that a standard recipe calls for so I have been using the low-sugar recipes. I make a point of giving those to the family members who struggle with diabetes.

  261. I had in the past some lables that when the jar was emptied and you would wash the jar the label would simple disappear. Water soluble I think they were called but they were nice. Too bad they went the way of all good things. LOL

  262. My grandma loves it when I bring her a jar of jam. She always tucks it into the back of the pantry to save for a special occasion. I hope she actually eats it eventually!

  263. Two people, first my mom who prefers my seedless raspberry vanilla jam more than anything else I make. Second is my friend Ann who tells me that her idea of decadence is when she has the afternoon all to herself, she has a nice cuppa tea and toast with my orange marmalade. Warms my heart.

  264. Definitely my boyfriend–he eats jam straight out of the jar with a spoon, and he loves to affectionately tell the story of the night we canned tomatoes until 1AM (never again!).

  265. The people who appreciate my jam and TELL ME about it always get more! It’s a tie between my best neighbors, Donna and Darren, and my martial art teacher and her partner, Janesa and Marian. All four of these people love the Sour Cherry Jam that led me to discover your blog. And that makes me happy!

    Of course, I also love my jam!

  266. Over the holidays, my dear friend Anne greatly enjoyed the pear vanilla sauce I gave her. She served it over some cheese at a party I wasn’t able to attend. It was completely devoured and I was able to be there for her in spirit!

  267. My family all love and appreciate what i can.! Last year we had an ice storm in October and was without power for a week! Everything i had in the fridge and freezer went bad. But i had all my lovely canned jar’s on my shelf everything from chili and soups (even meats) to veggies and fruits.Boy did they appreciate it!! now they love getting little gifts of my canned jams and are starting to learn to can themselves.

  268. Both my brother and my daughter love my crabapple jelly and were comparing notes about how they ate it…both stand over the sink and eat it directly from the jar with a spoon. Most other people use it on bread!

  269. My best friend Diane appreciates my preserves the best, because she cans too.
    It’s nice because we both give each other genuine squeals of joy when we get new jars of goodness from each other.

  270. I think my mom most appreciates my new “hobby”. I have watched her for many many years, and I can only imagine how pleased she must be that her daughter would follow her example!

  271. My mom loves my jams – she’s still shocked I learned to can (she’s never done anything like that herself)! Thanks for the giveaway!

  272. My husband’s grandma is the one I love gifting to the most (she reminds me of my late grandma) and she loves my pickled beets!

  273. My husband appreciates my jam more than anyone else. Not only does it taste great, but he knows how much work it was to make it and clean up the whole kitchen. I’ve just made 6 batches of strawberry jam and preserves, noting the difference between each recipe, and finding out that I really like it with a lot of lemon in the jams.

  274. The person who most appreciates my preserves is my daughter. She is always willing to smear a spoonful of my latest flavor combination of a piece of warm buttered toast!

  275. Everyone I made “jalapeno jelly” for, sorry not jam this year, loved it. Encouraging as it was my first try and the garden had a bounty of jalapeno’s this year. To work my 2nd favorite love (stamping) into canning would be awesome! Thanks!

  276. Of course, my kids love Mommy- (and Daddy-) made preserves over all others, but oddly enough, my mother-in-law is also a big fan. We give them to her as holiday gifts and she won’t even open them while we are there so that she won’t have to share!

  277. My husband, Lynn loves almost everything I can and no matter what I come up with he always says “That sound great, when can we eat it”.

  278. The ladies at work love my bread & butter pickles! Everyone gets a jar for their birthday (and a second jar if their husbands eat the first).

  279. Most recently, my preserves were most appreciated by a friend at her wedding shower. Sweets to ensure a delicious first year of marriage! Love this stamp. I used a sharpie on here jars. This would have made the gift much more classy.

  280. My mom is the most vocal supporter of my canning, and she keeps saying that I should do more with the presentation than Sharpie marker on the lid. My local co-op has boxes of organic oranges and grapefruit coming in, and I’m going to be canning some for her.

  281. My friend Mariah is my most avid supporter. She is always up to try something new and truly appreciates all of the love and attention that is critical to canning.

  282. i think my 5 year old, who helps me with the preserving process. even if he doesn’t like the contents, he takes great pride in gifting them, or opening a fresh jar! thanks.

  283. hmm– who likes my stuff the most? i make that ridiculously easy strawberry freezer jam, and i have had the aunt of a sister-in-law ask for some. everyone loves to get it, it seems. my more involved projects are probably most appreciated by my girlfriend, a chef. she likes the cranberry grapefruit preserves almost as much as i do.

  284. I’d have to say my parents love my jams, jellies, and marmalades. I love popping by their house and dropping a jar off, collecting the old jars and listening to my mom complain about how quickly my dad eats the preserves. I’d love to have that stamp.

  285. Of course my mother is my biggest fan and most appreciative consumer. She loves to tell me stories of her growing up on the farm with her adoptive parents. The stories are priceless. She also tells all about how her mother canned… back in the day. It is amazing how much is the same and much is different, with our modern processing being the most different.
    Labeling is so important in our food preservation. Having a label would be fun and helpful!
    Thank you!!!

  286. My mom….she taught me as a young girl in 4H. I now live in CA with wonderful produce. Her favorite is Meyer Lemon Marmalade.

  287. My friends at work anxiously await each new treat I bring in to share. I would LOVE to own this stamp to dress up some of the gifts I give them.

  288. My co-workers like to keep tabs on what I’ve got canning over the weekend. I too write on my jar lids with a sharpie. I’m loving this stamp!

  289. My mom, who livesin another state, appreciates my gifts in jars the most. She tells me she opens them when she’s missing me the most 🙂

  290. My long-time friend (a widow) is always first in line to get a sample of any of my canning projects, especially when it comes to Apple Pie Jam or any relishes. She seems especially happy when I end up with a tasty syrup instead of jam.

  291. I love the stamp! I think right now my kids and husband- because I keep finding ‘one last jar’ of balsamic strawberry freezer jam in the back of the freezer. Exactly what we need in this cold snowy weather!

  292. My nieces appreciate my preserves the most and they often help me pick the fruit that goes into them also. I will make canners out of them yet! Seriously, though, I wish I could preserve their sweetness and shining innocence! Thanks for your generosity and the blog.

  293. I really don’t do enough canning to have jars to give away, so I guess my boyfriend and I are the ones who enjoy the results of my canning the most!

    I love the stamp!

  294. That stamp is GENIOUS! Two people-no three-come to mind as to most appreciating what I’ve canned-our friend Josh who loves apple butter, our friend Greg who thinks my bread and butter pickles are awesome, and our neighbors Dave and Regina for whom I researched an old fashioned tomato preserve recipe to put up their garden bounty that they so generously shared.

  295. This stamp is awesome! The person that appreciates my canned goods most is my mother-in-law. Although I’m no longer married to her son, she is my other mom. She lives with a son and daughter-in-law now that dad is gone. I like to make her day special by dropping off a nice half pint of jam or marmalade. <3

  296. My mom. I think she loves the time I put into making something special especially my diet conscious jams I made just for her for Christmas.

  297. my dad – for some reason he looks forward to the canned goods i give him on christmas. other people seem appreciative and think it’s cute, but my dad, for some reason, seems genuinely grateful.

  298. I made homemade Apple Butter for my staff, friends, and family for Christmas. This was the first time I had done that and people are still raving! Makes me feel wonderful…and I am thinking about what to make next! I would love to have this stamp!

  299. My whole family loves and appreciates my canning – especially come mid-Feb when there isn’t a fresh green in sight and all our bodies are craving the delicious tastes of summer!

  300. My family absolutely appreciates but I have to say that I love my canning. It’s therapeutic, creative, and gives me a great sense of accomplishment! Love to give as gifts or just enjoy with a scone, a good book and a cup of tea. The pretty packaging is my favorite!

  301. What a great stamp!!! The person that most appreciates my canning is my husband. He can always find something yummy to eat when I am late coming home. : )

  302. I think my daughter would be the most appreciative of my preserves. My husband is a close second, but she will keep a count of how many jars of (fill in the blank) of her favorites are on the shelves, waiting to be opened.

  303. My husband really likes them, but most expressively appreciative is a co-worker who thinks my orange marmalade keeps her healthy in the winter.

  304. Probably me–ha! I love to can for the sheer joy of it and no one gets more excited than me to open a beautiful jar of summer fresh heirloom tomatoes! That being said, I think my hubby and daughter like receiving the bounty of our garden any time of the year. 😉

  305. If I won this stamp I would give it to my mom in law. I am her most appreciative recipient, except maybe her grandsons who love her unsweetened apple sauce.

  306. My dear friend, Kathryn. The best part is she also cans and we WOW! each other back and forth. True friends, yummy bounty.

  307. My husband’s grandmother! Coming from a generation where there was very little waste (she lived in Germany during WWII) she doesn’t like to get retail items for Christmas & her birthday. Homemade creations that get used up are what she really appreciates and enjoys.

  308. My youngest daughter–the one with the sweet tooth–is the person who most appreciates my preserves overall. But the fig jam–all of the family loves that one with cheese.

  309. My daughter! I made 80 4 oz jars of jam for her wedding favors last summer – half strawberry, half blueberry. She commented that she loved the strawberry, but “oh Mom, the blueberry was REALLY good!” I had to make her a special batch with blueberries that I had in my freezer!
    Love your blog, and that stamp!

  310. Here’s the trick, the people I love the most (my family) don’t care for preserves. I don’t understand it. So, I end up with a cabinet full and cannot go through all of them in a year. I do give some as gifts to co-workers, but not enough to offset my preserving habit!

  311. This idea is a really nice touch, especially because cooking and canning for me are a labor of love, and I enjoy giving the food away much more than keeping it for myself. It seems like I always forget to date it, assuming the recipient is going to tear into it ravenously (only in my head…), so having it on the stamp is a great reminder.

    The person who most appreciates my labor is my grandmother, as she is who I learned this from. From apple butter to “Grand Daddy’s Sinful Salsa” to peach jelly to pickled okra to green beans, seeing her way of life and history skip a generation then get picked up by an unlikely recipient always puts a proud smile on her face! (but me more…)

  312. I make ketchup from locally grown, organic, dry-farmed tomatoes, and other local, organic ingredients. My parents in Illinois LOVE it so much and I bring home jars at every holiday and mail it to them during the year!

  313. The person who appreciates my canned goods the most is me! I spend lots of time planning my canning and I produce very little. I have to very carefully savor my products all winter long and make them last. No one can value what I produce as much as I do.

  314. I kind of wish it was my partner or maybe my mom (who cans a lot herself) who appreciated my preserved goods most, but it ends up being my friends, who get to partake in the spoils when I have overflow. 🙂

    I love the idea of circle kraft labels and this stamp!

  315. My husband is the one who most appreciates my preserving… but then, he’s the one who gets to eat the most of the results!

  316. Dad, definitely, which is a bit of a shame because he’s halfway across an ocean from me! It’s tough to mail the jars to him with sufficient padding that they won’t break, but I do so when I can (pun intended, hehe). I think my local friends appreciate it, but so far I don’t know anyone who consistently eats jam other than Dad. He has PB&J’s for lunch a lot 🙂

  317. What a surprise for me! I found Brandi’s shop on etsy and loved the stamps she had in her shop. I requested a simple change to the design she had available. The one she had said “made with love” on the bottom. I wanted something a little more generic, I asked if she could make a stamp with a little heart&arrow on the bottom instead. The stamp you have is the final result. She also designed a “please return jar” stamp that I could use for my local peeps. I told her to feel free to use the designs for her shop and she even gave me a discount!! Brandi RAWKS!!!

    • I was so excited to see the heart&arrow design that I replied before I saw the “enjoy” design, too. Believe it or not, that was #3 of the three stamps we collaborated on. Pinky swear. 🙂

  318. my friend, Cathy. She makes almost everything from scratch and never spends a dime! She always appreciates something homemade.

  319. My husband love my preserves, and is begging for strawberry jam this year. It’s just the two of us, but he takes the things I’ve made to work and brags about me. He’s so awesome.

  320. My husband. He has an autoimmune disease that makes it difficult for him to eat sugar, so I began canning no-sugar jams, or jams with alternate sweeteners, and now he can enjoy them!

  321. I love giving my canned goodies to my husband’s son and daughter in law. They give great feedback and check out my pantry for what’s new every time they visit.

  322. My friend, Michiko appreciates my new love of canning. She’ll “test” anything I am making and so far has liked all of it..

  323. My friend Dorothy, who is 90 years old and is limited in what she can eat because she has very few teeth left. She loves my canned pears and peaches and applesauces.

  324. My husband’s dad appreciates my canning the most. He is a widower who rarely gets home cooked food and this is a way I can mail him good food that will keep.

  325. My dad is a big jam guy and devours what I send him, but he especially likes clean and simple flavors like raspberry, strawberry or mixed berries.

  326. My 77 year old dad lives with us. I do all the canning from the garden and applesauce. I use his moms (mygrandmothers )recipes for chili relish and pickles. Even though he has dementia he always says they taste just like his moms.Its amazing he really doesnt remember much, but he remembers these every summer!

  327. I made some seville orange marmalade last weekend and it came out wonderfully! I had never made marmalade before and my friend and I made 3 kinds, in the 3 traditional styles. Such a fun (and exhausting) day 🙂

  328. This is a more difficult question than it seems. It might be a tie between my husband and a friend who also cans. (And I LOVE the stamp!)

  329. My boyfriend’s grandmother appreciates my canned goods the most because she feels that it is a lost art and not enough people my age know how to do it.

  330. my friend Marissa loves and appreciates canned goods. most often, I find other canners make a point to tell me that they liked a particular jam or jelly. (the stamp is awesome!)

  331. My sister-in-law really likes the jam I make. She’s pretty picky about breakfast, so I’m glad to be able to give her something she likes.

  332. My delightful brother appreciates my preserves the most, by far. He will send me an email every time he opens a new jar to tell me what he is using it on or with. Just today he opened a jar of cantaloupe jam I gave him for the holidays, and he gushed and gushed about it.

    I adore my brother!!

  333. I think the person that appreciates my home canned goodies is my sister-in-law, Chris. I gave her a bunch of stuff a few weeks ago and she told me that she and my brother had used it all except one large can of pear butter that they are saving for when they have company.

  334. I LOVE this stamp! The person who most appreciates my canning is my hubby! Such a good taste-tester!

    BTW – I just made your strawberry jam with vanilla and lemon…wowza! What a great recipe!

  335. The person who most appreciates my homemade preserves is my 9 yr old son. He has been eating home canned jams all of his life (including a stint with home canned babyfood 🙂 ). He loves his jams and products made with jam!

  336. My pickles have been well received this year, most especially by my pregnant co-worker who was stuck with the stereotypical craving.

  337. Probably my husband loves my canned goods the most, because he sees the work I put into them. I do have a brother in law who lusts after my raspberry jalapeño jam, though!

  338. All my sisters and my Mom. This year my daughter-in-law made a sweet pickle recipe of my Grndmothers that brought back a lot of fond memorys to my whole family.

  339. That person is Pierre, my husband’s best friend. Even when he makes the 2 hr. drive over to see us by motorcycle he brings a specially padded box so he can take home whatever jars we’ll give him.

    We gave him some gooseberry jam last time and he emailed my husband that week wanting to know what a gooseberry is and why we’d been keeping it from him this whole time.

  340. Hi!
    The person who most enjoys my homemade preserves or jams is my husband. I first started canning last summer so I haven’t had a ton of experience but I made two batches of strawberry jam with berries from my local farmers’ market. I had made an extra batch to give away at Christmas to my numerous family members as gifts. Come Christmas time I couldn’t find any of my strawberry jam. Turns out my husband liked it so much he ate it all! So I only had my not-quite-as-successful blackberry jam to give away (not as successful because I didn’t realize blackberries didn’t have as much natural pectin as strawberries so it was a little too watery.) Next summer I will have to either hide the gift batch or make a few more batches. 🙂

  341. I think my husband appreciates my canning the most – which is good, because he is a big help during the process (we generally peel tomatoes together and share chopping duty for salsa) and I’m not sure I’d maintain the drive if he didn’t notice the difference between our homemade salsa and store-bought.

    This stamp looks like a nice compromise between my meticulously made printed labels (date, contents, ingredients) that I only do when I can label all the jars and maximize my sticker paper (single sheet so I can cut out whatever shape I want – oval seems to work best for jar sides) and quickly writing on a piece of solid colored faux-washi tape that gets slapped on the jar lid.

  342. My dad. He always used to take canned fruit in his lunchbox. He’s now 99 but hasn’t lost his test for home canned fruit.

  343. What a fab giveaway! I would say husband is the one who appreciates them the most. Especially when I surprise him with a nice fresh batch of Strawberry or Blueberry Jelly and home made bread. =)

  344. What a fab giveaway! I would say husband is the one who appreciates them the most. Especially when I surprise him with a nice fresh batch of Strawberry or Blueberry Jam and home made bread. =)

  345. My mom and dad taught me how to can, so they are (and were) so supportive of canning and canners. They loved receiving goodies in JARS!

  346. I love sharing my canned treasures with friends and family. They love the fact that the love that is shared is the first ingredient in each recipe.

  347. I have only been canning for a few years although I helped my mother as a child. To say that, I think if she were still alive, my mother would appreciate my canning the most. She spent so much time making pear preserves and she always made 1 special jar for me. Of course, I think I eat most of what I can. You know what they say, “We eat all we can and give the rest away.”

  348. I would say that my husband is most appreciative of my canning efforts as he helps to maintain the garden that provides many of the ingredients that go into our preserves.

  349. Let’s try this again. Real entry: My mother-in-law. If I’ve put it in a jar, she’s eaten it. I’m still new to all this and it seems like she’s taking this journey of discovery with me. She wants to know everything I did or used. She will sit and watch me and ask all kinds of questions waiting to taste the final product. And I’m lovin’ it. =)

  350. I would say the person who most appreciates my homemade preserves is me because so far I have only made pickles.
    However I did gift hot cocoa and homemade vanilla (extract+sugar) for christmas and this would have made the labels extra special. I’m hoping to move on towards canned preserves when I move into a bigger kitchen. I’m sure I could do it in my current, but i have no space to store all the stuff I would make. HA!

  351. Too clever! My seven year old appreciates my canning the most, I think, as he has recently discovered that you can pretty much subsist on peanut butter and mom’s strawberry jam sandwiches! 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!

  352. The person who most appreciates my preserves is my father. I make all of the old recipes that his mother used to make, and he doesn’t have time to make. His favorite by far is the multi berry chutney, which I have to put into half pint jars, because he’ll sit down and eat a whole pint with a spoon if I let him!

  353. I would say it’s a toss up between my husband and my mother as to who likes my jams more…I caught my mother going through my jams looking for flavors she likes last time she came to visit. I gave her 3 different jars, one was a mystery jam as I forgot what berry I used….I did not put a label on the jar…my bad.

  354. Oh, what fun. My husband loves my preserves, although we are still working on vocabulary. He is from Uruguay and his native tongue is Spanish. Thus, all jams are “marmalade” even those that have no citrus rind. Nonetheless, it’s great to have an appreciative fan in the house.

  355. What a lovely giveaway! My coworkers appreciate my preserves the most–the are the perfect toping to their morning bagels, toast, and english muffins!

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