Giveaway: $100 in Jar Credit From Fillmore Container

down a warehouse aisle

Everyone’s path to canning is a little bit different. Some start doing it because they want to make the most of a produce glut. Others preserve because it helps them feel close to their mother, aunt, or grandmother. And then there are those for whom the jars themselves were the gateway to total canning preoccupation.

four ounce comparison

That’s how it was for me. While I did grow up with a mother who canned, I was acquiring jars long before I began filling them up and processing them. Truly, I am something of a jar junkie.

Over the last few years, one of my favorite sources for canning jars beyond the narrow range you can get at the grocery store has been Fillmore Container (I liked their jars so much that I talked them into becoming a site sponsor!). While they offer all the Ball jars you could possibly want, they also have a deliciously wide array of other options.

solo four ounce jar

And so, for this week’s giveaway, the lovely folks at Fillmore Container and I thought we’d do something a little different. Instead of picking out a particular style of jar to feature and then giving some of that size and shape away, I’m going to feature a few of my favorite jars from their catalog and let the winner choose their perfect jar.

solo four ounce jar

One jar that they carry that I love is the straight, smooth-sided four ounce jar. They don’t have any of that quilted nonsense and they’re perfect for preserves meant for gifting. I wrote about them nearly two years ago and still adore them.

various half pint shapes

Another jar that makes me happy is their eight ounce regular mouth jar. It’s a bit squatter than the the conventional half pint jar, but that just makes it feel extra sturdy in the hand. A few more pictures of that particular style can be found here.

four sizes of hex jars

For those of you who can’t bear for your holiday gifts to look just the same as everyone else’s, then the hex jar is for you. Fillmore Container keeps four sizes in stock. The 1.5 ounce is perfect for samples and variety gift baskets, the 4 ounce option is the same size at the smallest quilted jelly jars that Ball makes, 6 ounces is a nice in-between size that you can’t get with a mason jar, and 9 ounces is simply a generous half pint jar. 

six hex jars filled with peach and tomato jam

And just so you know, Fillmore Container doesn’t just carry jars and closures. They also have a number of fun jar accessories. You can get everything from lids with holes in them for straws to the stripy paper straws to pair with those lids.

Here’s how to enter this giveaway:

  1. Leave a comment on this post and tell me how you’d spent $100 at Fillmore Container. Would you get yourself some new jars? Buy a few cookbooks? Or would you go crazy with the accessories and candle making gear?
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm on Saturday, June 28, 2014. Winners will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog on Sunday, June 29, 2014
  3. Giveaway open to United States residents only.
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left via the comment form on the blog at the bottom of this post.

P.S. I got to go behind the scenes at Fillmore Container a few years ago. The photos from that tour can be found here.

Disclosure: Fillmore Container has sent me lots of jars over the years to test and try. They’re a site sponsor. And they’re providing the prize for this giveaway at no cost to me. However, my opinions remain entirely unbiased and my own. 

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1,303 responses to “Giveaway: $100 in Jar Credit From Fillmore Container”

  1. With $100 I’d stock up on wide-mouth half-pint jars (I can’t get them locally *sad face*). I’d also love to have some of the smooth-sided 4 oz. jars, and some hex jars, and some swing-top bottles for my vinegars and syrups, and…. it would be hard to choose! I just love Filmore Containers!

  2. I’d buy growlers (since my husband is a homebrewer), jars for myself (moving to a place with a walk in pantry!), and then party supplies for the 60+ person cookout we’re having in a few weeks 🙂

  3. I really like the hex jars for gifts, but am also in need of some 4 oz jars and love that they are smooth sided!

  4. I would love to have some more Amber Boston Round containers for making homemade vanilla and giving as a gift. The plain jelly jars are great too, and the Dairy French Square jars could be great for making and storing sauces.

  5. I would buy some hex jars for gift giving, and then get a ton of jar accessories! I would love the cherry pitter, a cuppow, and a few recaps. I would probably also get some wide-mouth half-pint jars, I only have one and I love to pack yogurt in it for my lunch.

  6. I am looking for some 1/4 pint jars for tomato paste. I am making my own for the first time this year and am really looking forward to those cute little jars!

  7. I love them too and have bought a lot of jars and lids from them. I think I’d get a stainless steel funnel. I have a plastic one, but don’t like the plastic all that much with the hot liquid. I’d get some wide mouth smaller jars to store some dried fruit in. Not sure what else. There is just so much to choose from.

  8. I would buy hex jars and smooth-sided jars for the many batches of jam yet to come this summer. I’d also get my brother some amber-colored containers for his home brew.

  9. I would love to give my sister in law some jars. She just got married and they are expecting their first little one soon. My mother in law and I planned on using jars for an Italian soda bar at her baby shower in August. That way, she could keep the jars afterwards for baby food.

  10. If I had $100 to spend with Fillmore, the hex jars would be the first thing I’d buy. Since I have some vanilla extract and your cherry bounce recipe in the works for gifts, I’d also want some amber and Woozy jars too! I might have to chip in some of my own cash too, because that Yorkshire drink dispenser deserves a spot on my granite bar. 🙂

  11. I’d definitely get a bunch of jars- just canned some strawberry jam yesterday night, and realized that I ran out of the 4 and 8oz-size jars that are perfect for gifting!

  12. I LOVE Fillmore, been using them for years now. I’d probably get my tried and true smooth sided 8oz lug jars (and gold lids) I use them for my home canning as well as for my small business.

    While I do like the hexagon jars, they aren’t cost effective for me =)

  13. I have a ridiculous jar fetish and would use the gift certificate to expand my jar collection to include some shapes and sizes that I don’t currently own. A recent trip to a local restaurant has upped my desire to use the pint and a half jars as drinking glasses, too.

  14. I would probably order the straight sided 4 oz jars or the straight sided 8 oz jars. I have ordered both in the past, and I love the lack of design/quilting so I can more easily label my jars!

  15. With summer produce on the way, I’ll need lots of 4-oz and 8-oz jars for all my jellies and jams. The 1.5oz jars are great for sampler gift packs!

  16. I’d get a bunch of different types of jars to experiment with. I have tons of the standard Ball Jars (and order the quilted 4 oz jars from Fillmore), but I’d love the opportunity to play around with some of the others.

  17. I would definitely buy some jars and cookbooks. Maybe even throw in some
    Jars for the hubby and his beer making ventures.

  18. I’ve been needing 8oz wide mouth jars. I want some of the new green mason jars too. I’m a jar lover as well.

  19. I’ve had my eye on some 1/2 gallon containers for awhile. Switching most food storage to glass jars has been wonderful for the pantry and the 1/2 gallon are a great size for rice, beans, popcorn, and other whole grains. Also the hex containers would be wonderful for storing dried herbs from the garden.

  20. Smooth Jars! Why are they so hard to find? I have four that have been picked up at various thrift shops, and I will not let those out of the house. So I guess fun smooth jars is what I would get! Thanks!

  21. I was just thinking I’d like some plain 12 ounce jars for tomato sauce. Sometimes 8 ounces isn’t quite enough, but a pint seems to be too much for pizza.

  22. Would love to purchase some of the jars.
    Could spend that 100.00 and have a great time choosing cookbooks or accessories. I love to make
    preserved lemons, in the spring when my tree is full.

  23. Oh I love Fillmore Container jars! I have their 8 oz, 16 oz. and sauce jars but would love to buy the hex jars for gift giving! I would so stock up and have fun choosing which ones to get! Thank you for a great giveaway.

  24. I would totally stock up on cool different jars. I have tons of standard Ball jars in lots of sizes, but would love some of the cool hex jars!

  25. I would stock up on jars for my annual Labor Day canning extravaganza with friends. Tomatoes, beets, pickles, and more!

  26. There is truly too much to choose from. I would probably go crazy on jars that are hard to find in stores, like the hex jars.

  27. In addition to making some freezer strawberry jam (I’m a newbie at all this), I would like to get some citronella oil and make mosquito-repelling candles for everyone I know.

  28. Oh my goodness! I didn’t know about Fillmore Container–what a marvelous site, something akin to the penny-candy store of my childhood. I’m seriously eyeing their 1 oz. amber bottles and lids, because this year I’m brewing up big batches of whole-plant echinacea tincture and elderberry tincture…and perhaps I can bottle up some of it as quirky-but-practical Christmas presents…. Love your blog and books, by the way. Thanks for your good words.

  29. I would love to get an array of jars for gifts to give. My 16yo and I love to can and make lots of jellies and jams to give away.

  30. More jars of course…one can never have too many especially when you gift the fruits of love and labour.

  31. I would stock up on jars – my family and I can almost everything possible (a favorite joke is “We can pickle that!” from Portlandia

  32. I would stock up on wide mouth jars, lids, and maybe some recaps. We are hoping for a good turnout from our garden this year and I am sure I won’t have enough jars!

  33. I would definitely get jars – particularly the smooth 4 and 6 oz. Of course I am certain to be tempted by lids and accessories too!

  34. I would love the credit for the straight jars perfect for labels! Been wanting to start my bath salt business! These would be a great help! Thank you for the opportunity! Love and light-Elisha

  35. Oh goodness! I would have some fun!
    I would definitely get some glass—probably the smooth sided ones. And then maybe some different tops for the jars as well. But I might pick up some goodies in the party supplies area too!

  36. Oh, I would love this! Nothing but cool, different jars! Nothing looks better in a pantry than jewel colored jams in pretty containers.

  37. I would spent it for Hex jars for the canning I do every year. Since I always give away a lot of my canning fruit jams & don’t ever get my jars back . I am always needing Hex jars.Love them.

  38. I love the plain jars… Most of mine have designs in the glass but they work perfectly well so I haven’t replaced them.

  39. I love those hex jars. I would have to get a few of those. Also, I need the cherry pitter, and a hardcopy of Food in Jars. (I only have the kindle version.) If I had any money left, I would definitely grab a couple of the dairy jars- so cute!

  40. I love the jars at Fillmore Container! My favorite would be the 6 oz hex jar – they would be perfect for our holiday gifts! We used their 4 oz jar for our wedding gifts last year.

  41. Just discovered your wonderful little site this and I’m fairly new to caning so I’d probably end up with a copy of your book and as many small jars for gifts as my money could buy!

  42. Combination of canning supplies (metal funnel, gallon jars) and jar accessories (cuppow lids, metal straws). I got a bad start on my garden this year, however the strawberries are producing like mad, now, and there’s a lot of cucumber plants out there…

  43. I would start with some canning funnels but would probably end up getting some jars and/or hot sauce bottles.
    We used Fillmore jars for wedding favors (locan honey) and they were great to work with (the jars, and the folks at Fillmore).

  44. It is canning season so I will be all about getting jars jars and more jars. I do like the colored jars for storage or alcohols but I go for the clear ones with my jams and pickles.

  45. What wouldn’t I spend $100 on! Goodness! Though likely it would be jars in sizes I can never seem to find at the store- stuff for gifting and large ones for sauce/tomatoes and probably some accessories too- because those are fun! Awesome giveaway!

  46. I would spend $100 in Fillmore Jar Credit by buying various sizes of canning jars and lids. I have fallen in love with jam making and ‘can’ out of enjoyment. I love to water-bath can items from my own raised bed garden and turn them into party favors or place in gift baskets for the Holidays and send to family and friends. The beautiful jars would be a wonderful addition to my canning endeavors. Diane

  47. I love the variety of jars and lids offered by Filmore Containers and it will take some time to decide what I want to purchase!

  48. I would buy jars and some more canning accessories! Right now I have to borrow things every time I want to can…

  49. I would buy some amber bottles for my seed saving venture and some of those fancy elite ball jars to can my butter. I also saw a couple books I need 😉

  50. Ooo. Storage lids, for sure. And Cuppow lids – I’ve been wanting those but can’t justify them yet. And definitely some jars, too. I love the green and blue Ball jars.

  51. I am in love with all the colored lids and bands they have in stock right now. I’d definitely have to splurge on some of those.

  52. I would stock up on some summer berry jam jars! I’m getting excited about the fruit onslaught that will arrive soon, ready to be canned.

  53. I would use it on jars for my honey, making jams, apple and pumpkin butters, oh my gosh, I can think of so many things!

  54. I would buy all the pretty jars I could! I’m very new to canning but have two big plum trees in my back yard that are begging me to make jam. i

    • I would be a canning fool.. Strawberry jam, peach preserves.. You name it.. I would be canning those yummy summer fruits and giving a lot of it away!!

  55. Like a kid in a candy store! I would get some fancy jars, because I never do, and use them for gift giving… but only to my favorite people! And, maybe some accessories… or cookbooks!

  56. Hmmmm…I think some pint and a half jars and those straight sided 4 oz jars. Oh, oh, and some accessories if I still have some $$ left.

  57. The straight-sided half pints are very versatile, for making yogurt, packing lunch and so much easier to clean!

  58. I used to can jams and jellies all the time with my mom, and am just starting again now that i am out on my own.. i would get all the jars i need.. wide mouth, straight side, and some pretty quilted jars as well! would definitely put $100 to good use!!

  59. I would definitely spend it on jars. There’s nothing more satisfying than walking into your own pantry full of canned food you made yourself. One can never have enough jars and variety of sizes is a must. Thank you for your consideration.

  60. Jars, jars, jars. I do most of my “Christmas shopping” over a jam kettle and not all of those jars find their way back. Straight-sided…. cooooooollll…..

  61. I am not only a jar junkie but a CONTAINER junkie!

    I would spend $100 easily buying different size jars and different lids.

    …..exceeding my account by far!

  62. We plan on personalizing mason jar mugs with chalkboard stickers and using them as place markers and favors for our upcoming wedding. This would go a long way to helping us get started.

  63. Oh my, I had no idea! Always use Ball. I’m loving the hex shape and curious about the mention of candle making . . . Can’t wait to check out their website. Thank you for the introduction!

  64. Do I have to choose right now? 😉

    I do love those hex jars. Really distinctive;

    They have cookbooks too?

  65. I have a substantial number of old pint and quart bail wire jars that I use all the time but never want to give away, so definitely, jars that I am willing to part with.

  66. More jars please! I love jars and am always looking for more – because I love to fill them and give them away!

  67. Id love to get a variety , those hex jars are great, and I also love the straight sided 4 oz and 9 oz. lids with holes, sure! fun straws? sure! so much to choose from! its awesome that you do these giveaways!

  68. I’m spending the summer away from all my canning gear SURROUNDED by gorgeous produce in California. I’d get enough jars and some lifters so I can put up some of this FRUIT.

  69. I would get mostly jars, and canning accessories. I also love the 4 oz straight sided jar. But I think my favorite are the 8 oz square mason jars.

  70. It’s so hard to pick – I’ve been stalking their site for years, kind of paralyzed by the wonderful choices. I would probably end up getting a sampler so that next year, I would know *exactly* which jars to buy in bulk.

  71. tiny jam jars! I think canning single servings might be my new calling.
    Also, stocking stuffers! I think my 3 year old would be enchanted to
    find jam in his stocking.

  72. Can you seal the lids on the hex jars?? I didn’t think you could. No matter- with every batch of jelly I make, I always have a bit left over, or I leave a full jar out of the canner, and pop it right into the fridge for immediate consumption- no seal required! My word, what would I do with a $100 credit at Fillmore?? I’d start whittling down my massive wish list of items from their stock!!

  73. I would love looking through the site and I am sure I would have to have some jars, but I might also buy some of those accessories. The cuppows are something I’d like to try.

  74. I need jars! Over the winter, I use my preserves, and by early spring, the jar cabinet is full, and I think, “That’s a lot of jars. I will never fill that many jars next year.” But then I do. And now I need more. 🙁

  75. I dream about Fillmore jars, so I would definitely buy jars. I would look around the site though and buy something just for me? A cookbook? Accessories? I just don’t know. There is so much to choose from, it is absolutely hard to say. I can promise you that I would have a lot of fun spending the money, that is for sure!

  76. I would use the gift to restock on my Jar collection, over the years, I dont always get back the jars that i give to friends or as gifts, and by the end of farmers market season i always find myself needing more jars to get the end of the season crop saved for the long winter

  77. First-I would get jars to can in-then maybe cookbooks- then canning stuff! I would just go crazy!! Love it!!

  78. Oh boy would I ever have fun spending that credit! I would get some half gallon mason jars for food storage, some ball 24 oz widemouth jars, maybe some ss straws with punched lids. 🙂

  79. I would love to pretend I would try and spend the money on something other than jars, but nope. This Christmas I sent out gifts using the tiny 1.5 oz jars and I need to do it again. Jars!

  80. I would definitely get some fun and different jars, but I would love some accessories too, probably some different lids and a couple jar boxes for sure!

  81. I would buy some jar, to be sure – probably some hexs, because I’d LOVE to give out samples! Maybe some Cuppows as gifts (I recently used one at a conference and among Environmental Science teachers it was a BIG hit!) I’m sure I’d find other odds and ends I “couldn’t live without” that would make my home canning even more fun!

  82. I’d get some great jars for pickles. My cucumber plants are off and running and soon I will be overrun. So, I’ll be trying lots of new pickle recipes and would love to have pretty jars to can them in.

  83. I’ve kept away from that site for I would sign over my dog. I imagine a $100 certificate would quickly get sucked up in jars, then a few more cookbooks added to the cart… yes! Yes! Help me spend my money!

  84. I’d be shopping for a little bit of everything. Straight side jars are beautiful, I’d love to get my hands on one of the cherry pitters, and it’d be fun to pick up a bunch of jar as a drinking glass accessories.

  85. Jars jars jars. I never seem to have enough of the sizes I need when I need them. Plus, while many people return their jars to me, many are never seen again, so I’m always needing to restock! And now that I have a shelving system in my garage dedicated to my canning gear I have somewhere to stash them!

  86. Wow, what a decision. While I’ve canned and collected jars my whole adult life I’d most likely go for the cool accessories . The re- cap is genius . I make lots of homemade sauces and concoctions and these work great. Also am loving the freezer containers I’ve been using the last two years. When entertaining in summer, wide mouth jars are my go to glassware so the straws would make my guests jealous for sure.
    Love stopping by and visiting your blog knowing that youngsters are getting hooked on the canning train.
    Keep up the great work !

  87. I would use it to stock up on jars. I gift so much of what I can that I never have enough jars. And this year we will be making blueberry jam, starwberry jam, raspberry jam, huckleberry jam, oregon grape jam, and salal jam.

  88. I’d finally get a canning pot. I’ve been using a stock pot for years. Now that I’m getting into jars larger than a pint, I need a proper water bath canner. If there was any left over, I would order a bunch of lids. I have the darnedest time finding JUST LIDS in my area. I don’t need any more bands. Whenever I see a box, I swipe it up. I don’t need the case that they make you order online, just a few dozen in case a batch gets much larger than envisioned.

  89. I would definitely go for Jars of all different sizes. I don’t always can, but I’m a big fan of making gifts that go in jars…for baby showers, weddings, birthdays, you name it, I have a gift idea that will fit in a jar for it!

  90. I’d get accessories! Stainless steel straws, Cuppow lids, reCap tops, and the Preserving with Pomona’s Pectin cookbook

  91. I would get jars for my wedding next October. We are using so many different size jars for many different things such as candle holders and our wedding favors. We are paying for everything ourselves so this would help tremendously!

  92. Wow, this would be so fun. I’d probably finally try the lids that don’t require the ring and flat. I’d invest in some more hex jars for the yearly salve making and literally just have a grand old time perusing their stock.

  93. Having easily had $100 in my shopping basket with them before, it would probably look a little something like this: upgraded (or no longer improvised) canning equipment, especially a metal wide mouth funnel, some beautiful milk bottle containers for my pantry, wide canisters for baking ingredients, a few more Cuppows and some metal straws, another box of amber bottles for my annual vanilla extract making, some more 12 oz quilted jars, and then we’re way past $100!

  94. I would love to get some new jars! It seems I always loose about half my stash each year from gifts. I would love to restock!

  95. I love tiny jars! I’ve got a bounty of Rhubarb right now and I know some of my Rhubarb Orange Marmalade would look great in those HEX jars. 🙂

  96. I ordered 150 of those cute little smooth sided 4 oz jars and it’s all your fault 🙂 My son wants jam to give out for wedding favors so I have a lot of canning ahead of me. After this, I’ll need to stock up on more jars!

  97. “They don’t have any of that quilted nonsense”–this, exactly! I’ve never liked the quilted jars. I would probably get the straight, smooth-sided four-ounce jars and accessories. Or maybe some of the new green jars…

  98. Cookbooks and accessories would be my first target for $100. Some blue jars would be nice too. 🙂

  99. Hi, Ooooooh! what would I do w/ a gift certificate? Well, small straight -sided jars but I would love to get some accessories , for sure. thanks, Mary in cincinnati

  100. definitely jars! in lots of shapes and sizes – I’m almost out again, and probably will be after I finish the cherries and tomatoes I got this weekend!

  101. I would love to try some of the smaller jam jars. The Hex jars look to be fun to process and give away with canned goodies inside as gifts. I would purchase the cookbook Preserving by the pint! I love the idea of canning just a couple of jars as needed. I have always blocked out a weekend /better part of a week to can tomatoes and make salsa. It is exhausting.

  102. I could easily spend the $100 on jars! Fillmore has so many fun and unique jars; thank you for the amazing giveaway opportunity.

  103. Those hex jars! I neeeeed them in my life! And probably a bunch of accessories, too. And wide mouth jars of every size. I never seem to have enough of them…

  104. Jars, jars, jars!! Lots of sizes and shapes! We love them for anything from canning, to storing supplies in our homeschool room, to giving homemade gifts!

  105. But of course it would be JARS. Need more to make individual desserts like strawberry shortcakes, etc. so I can give them away or take to picnics. Love these assorted jars.

  106. Such a difficult decision! I think I’d have to split between my two passions… canning and candle making. This season syrup jars will come in handy and those 8oz straight sided jars will be perfect for country style candles.

  107. We had to build a whole extra cabinet just for my jars. I eventually began to can but for me the preserving was just a way to use the jars. Which I use for everything so accessories for me please!

  108. if i was fortunate to be the winner i would purchase some of the lovely hex jars. they are so different and exciting. thanks for the give away!

  109. I’ve been yearning for some of those straight-sided 4oz jars! I could get lots and fill them for holiday gifts for my kids’ teachers!

  110. I would absolutely buy some jars that are different from the traditional Ball/Mason jars. In fact, I’ll probably do that even if I don’t win.

  111. I would definitely spend the $100 on mason jars, lids, and candle scents. I use all of the above for crafts and gifts. I just received my shipment today from Fillmore Container and to me its like opening Christmas presents! The prices are very cheap and yet you get great products! Im a bargain shopper so I look for the best prices. Never a disappointment! Keep up the good work!

  112. The possibilities are endless but my 1st pick would be the muth honey jars, then the hot sauce woozy. I’d love to get a bunch of tops with straws too!!

  113. What beautiful little jars! I would pick up some of the hexagon jars and also fun accessories for this preserving adventure!

  114. Easy-peasy. I’d get small jars for gifting, more lids, and maybe a couple big pretty pickle jars if there are dollars left over!

  115. I would pick the 1.5 oz hex jars. I am planning on making jam and putting into little jars for my wedding next years and that size is perfect as a favor to guests.

  116. Oh, my goodness! i would probably go crazy with the hex jars and try my hand using the lug lids. Perfect for gift-giving, especially for the jams that cost a bit more to make.

  117. OH oh oh…I would buy jars! I have so many wonderful veggies coming up in my garden this year and will be trying to preserve as much as I can! (hahahahaha totally didn’t intend that pun!)

  118. I would positively LOVE a chance to get more jars – I’ve really ramped up my canning this year now that I’ve gotten a pressure canner, and I’m definitely running short on jars now!

  119. I would get canning jars. I love canning jars in all different sizes to store everything in my kitchen from bulk grains to spices. Sometimes I find something new to make in an infusion and I have jars everywhere. A friend sent lemons from Arizona and I have jars and jars of lemoncello in the works.

  120. Wow. Just wow. I would fill every type of small jar they have fruit jelly and salsa, give a jar on special occasions to everyone I know, then develop a reputation as “that crazy canning lady” as I handed them with a small loaf of wheat bread to street people and bike cops waiting for a light to change. There is nothing prettier or more soul satisfying than jam or salsa in a glass jar during a long, dark Northwest winter! Thanks for a new source of utterly cool jamming equipment.

  121. Where to begin?! I’d love to get some of the vintage green jars, haven’t seen any in my area… yet! I also dig the jar closures/toppers, and the Ball plastic freezer jars– they are perfect for making and freezing stock, but my local stores stopped selling them a few years ago!

  122. This prize will be well spent on jars and canning gears. I am using improvised tools and I’d like to have legitimate canning tools. I want to win, please!!!!

  123. I would get some of the adorable hex jars to finish that spice rack project I’ve been working on (for 6 months) & some wide mouth 1/2 gallon or gallon jars to make cold brew tea in. I have one that is a regular mouth & it just doesn’t work w/ my tea strainer.

  124. I would buy a bunch of the 4 oz. straight-sided jars + lids and make a whole bunch of tiny jam-favors for my upcoming wedding! Probably the nectarine-lime, the chunky tomato, and the cantaloupe-vanilla…

  125. I am totally swooning over the straight, smooth sided jars you featured here and would totally stock up on those for gifting jam later this year!

  126. Oh my- that $100 would be gone in a heartbeat!! I can mostly jellies and jams, and give most of it away to friends and family. Some folks are great about returning the empties…but most aren’t. So I’m ALWAYS on the lookout for new jars.

  127. I would split up my win. I would get some really pretty jars like those great six sided ones and at least your new cook book. I don’t have it yet.

  128. I would finally experiment with lug lids (I’ve been a little apprehensive about trying them out).
    I might also get a few hot sauce jars since my husband has started fermenting his own hot sauces.
    If that doesn’t use up everything – I’d probably stock up on some Pomona’s (my new go-to pectin).

  129. I am a cookbook addict so I’d have to spend some of my winnings on at least one of those…..the jars look wonderful and I can always use a few more… so I would use up the winnings in no time! Thank you for the chance.

  130. I’d start by getting a new set of spice jars, and go from there. My husband would throw his hands up in exasperation at my growing “jar habit.”

  131. I would buy as many beautiful jars as I could to stock up for all of the canning creations I have planned this year, not to mention the paw salve I’d like to make for my dogs this year too! 🙂

  132. I think that I would just get a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Some hex jars, some vintage green jars, some new accessories, paper straws, etc. I’d probably end up ordering more than the value of the prize.

  133. I would spend it on jars! I love jars in every shape and size for all kinds of things! Oh and I
    love cookbooks too! I need to get my hands on one of your cookbooks so I would do that too!

  134. I would love those more petite 4-ounce jars for gifts! Just gave away some of your stone fruit jam in regular Ball 4-ounce jars as favors at my birthday brunch 🙂

  135. jars are such elegant food storage. i’d buy tons of jars for making holiday gifts of jam and jelly, plus a few to keep around for sauces and pickled deliciousness.

  136. I love JARS! I would use them to can and in crafts. I use jars for everything. I have been so upset. I am canning some this year. And my grandmother who passed away, has loads of jars. But my family will not let me have any of her jars. I am disabled and live on a limited income and they who have all the money they will ever need and can buy as many jars as they will want, will not let me have any. So a $100 would sure help me out. Thanks!

  137. First of all, you made me laugh with this line “They don’t have any of that quilted nonsense…” !

    I would definitely buy a bunch of jars jars jars – I’ll be doing some preservation workshops and I can give some of them out to new canners!

  138. Wow! I would start with jars for gifts (hex and the 8oz regular mouth) and then move on to a few accessories, if I could even narrow my choices!!

  139. I would definitely buy some canning jars of various sizes. Besides preserving food from my garden, I’m trying to use less plastic in my life. Glass canning jars make a great replacement for plastic tupperware type containers. The newer glass storage containers in the same aisle as plastic containers are around $4-5 for each container! With mason jars you will never have to stop using it because the lid is lost, and at around $1 each they’re a bargain! I love the options for lids and the Cuppow is really something I would use.

  140. I’d get a bunch of out-of-the-ordinary jars. The ones I admire so much, but really can’t afford. Square ones; squat ones, hex jars, and that really lovely Oval Hexagon Jar.

  141. I just started canning a few weeks ago. I wod get accessories and just use it to stock up on more jars since I’m just starting out!

  142. Ohhhhhhhh The first many hours would be spent perusing the possibilities! Cookbooks and jars would be near the top of the list but accessories?! Maybe stuff completely new to me!!….

  143. I need the cracker jars! I decant all packages and store dry goods in mason or other glass jars (pantry is in garage, keeps critters out, and it’s nice looking!!).

  144. Boy oh boy! I’d be buying jars and lids and canning accessories. I use the bare minimum when I can! I use regular metal tongs to lift jars out of their bath, same tongs to pick out lids and rings. I know, I know, go buy some for gods sake!

  145. I think I’d have to just get some jars. I was actually at the hardware store today because I needed new quart jars, and I thought about getting some of the green jars, instead of the plain clear. I have some of the green pints, but they had quarts also. But they were twice as expensive and I just couldn’t bring myself to pay for that. But $100 of free stuff, I could get all kinds of fancy jars.

  146. I am in love with decorating with these jars. But I am also just starting to can. So I would definitely be getting jars and cookbooks.

  147. I would definitely be buying jars. I have a pretty good set of larger jars, but I’d like smaller ones for either finally dealing with my spice collection or for gifting preserves! Oh, but accessories would be so lovely too…

  148. A jar shopping spree…that would be a whole lot of fun! I’d get jars and the lids with holes and who knows what else! Oh, please pick me random number thing!

  149. I am sure I would choose jars. I love colored jars and non standard shapes like the hex jars. Then again, the whole $100 would buy their 20 qt. stainless steel water bath canner…

  150. I just moved across the country, and I had to give away my jar collection (not worth it to ship them, unfortunately) so I would definitely use this to get jars! My dry goods need some shiny new homes 🙂

  151. I would buy enough hexagonal jars to can my first harvest from my bee hive this year. Christmas presents of organic local honey in Filmore jars!

  152. It would be so fun to pick out jars for my blackberry, grape and peach jams/jellies! Also, I would purchase a few jar accessories for fun!!

  153. Strangely enough, I’d buy the candle making stuff! I’ve started exploring beeswax and what it can do. I love it, can’t get enough!

  154. I would love to buy new twist on lids for fridge storage.
    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  155. I’d love to use the $100 to stock up on new jars to use for all of my upcoming canning adventures – lots to prep for the holiday gift-giving time!

  156. I would love to expand my current jar collection to experiment with canning my goodies in jars other than Ball jars. I’ve always have been psyched to try some of their hex jars.

  157. Elite Ball jars, a Heritage jar (for cookies), maybe some cookbooks, and definitely one of those glass honey bear jars–oh, for cute!

  158. I would love some of the tiny hex jars. Sometimes it’s just so hard to give away a large jar of jam if I’m not sure the recipient is going go like it.

  159. I’d use it for canning supplies. I taught my niece to can last summer, and I would love to be able to get her set up!

  160. I’d rather have jars than jewelry! I would like to have a least a dozen of both green and blue Ball vintage jars in pints, the Elite Ball jars in 8 oz., Pomano’s pectin, and some small jars for storing herbs. What a dream!

  161. I would run amok probably. I need some more plastic lids for my jars when I’m storing kraut or open canned goods in the fridge. I also need some more pint jars, a cherry pitter (seriously, I just did 10 pounds with a small funnel, I need that pitter for next year), your new book, and I’d like to get some more spice jar tops, as they fit perfectly on the Penzey’s jars that I keep breaking the caps off when I drop them. Also, I really, really need lids.

  162. I am about to move to a new house with lots of room for a big garden. I’m going to need some canning jars and supplies!

  163. Definitely jars, especially some of the smaller, straight sided ones. And milk bottle jars, large storage jars, hex jars…Can’t have too many jars, can you?

  164. Gosh, I don’t even know what I’d get with $100! Probably some jars for myself and some for gifts, and maybe a few new canning tools because mine are pretty old and bare-bones. And lids. Lots of lids.

  165. I would probably mostly go for jars – those hex jars look amazing! At least one cookbook would be on my list, though. They carry a few that I have had my eyes on.

  166. Our CSA starts this week and my husband has been known to pickle the heck out of whatever veggies he can get his hands on, so I’d like to get him stocked up with some fun jars for the season. I’m also eyeing the Elite Ball jars for preserved lemons to give as holiday gifts.

  167. As if I don’t own enough jars . . . but I just have such a weakness when I see unique jars. And Fillmore is such a cool place. I like to browse their website and stopped in one time when I was in Lancaster and picked up an order. Awesome place!

  168. I just got back from your class in Eugene, Oregon, armed with a signed copy of your new book and so eager to get started! I have some ugly quilted jars that I would love to replace with some Fillmore jars. Those Hex jars sure are nice.

  169. More jars! The last time I was making something, I forgot to check the quantity of empty jars I had before I started. I ended up using some random sized jars I had laying around. But now I either need to buy more or use up the stuff in the jars.

  170. I would definitely use it all on jars. I can’t seem to find them anymore second hand and their selection is so unique!

  171. I would love to stock up on jars and accessories. Last year was my first year canning, and I loved that I was able to give so many things as gifts around the holidays. Problem is, now I’m out of jars with usable lids and it’s too early in the new season for that!

  172. If I won I would get jars, jars, jars. I use them for EVERYTHING. My partner would totally lose it, though, because he thinks I have too many and doesn’t like storing them. So choose me and make me really happy and him really sad.

  173. I’d love a jar buying spree because I’m always collecting jars and then giving them away filled as gifts (plus of course lids to seal them up).

  174. So many jars. I grew up in a home full of jars because my grandma always sent us jam and peaches, and I miss having them around. Plus, those short 4-oz ones are a great size for snacks or breakfast on the go. (And the smooth sides look so nice!)

    …Okay, and maybe a cookbook or two as well. Got to start somewhere, right?

  175. I love fillmore containers! We discovered them 2 years ago when we were going to can strawberry jam for our wedding! They were wonderful and had the best jars and at the best price! I would totally use the money to finally fulfill my dream of buying those sweet squat wide mouth ball jars. I have always wanted to use them in my canning!

    Who knows!? Maybe it would kick me into figuring out a canning business?

  176. Oooh I would get jars! And lids to go with. I just started canning in the past year and I’m already using up all my mom’s spare jars. I could definitely use some of my own. Particularly small sized one as I have a number of recipes from your new cookbook tabbed to try!

  177. Geez… it would be so hard to decide. I’d probably load up on 4oz and 8oz jelly jars as I tend to give that size away the most (and never seem to have any left at the start of the next season). I’d like to try the tiny little sampler jars.

  178. I would get some different jars–I like those hexagonal ones! I would probably get some accessories and I’ve been wanting to try candlemaking!

  179. I finally got my jam on this year for the first time and I am loving it! It is something I have been wanting to do for years. This site has saved my strawberry jam tonight (it didn’t set) – thanks for all the advice. Would love to have the $100 to buy anything and everything for jamming!!

  180. Hi Michele and I’m a jar-aholic too. More jars seems to be the only cure. Thank you for the opportunity to add to my collection!

  181. I would love to buy some jars with the giveaway and maybe a cookbook to help me figure out what to can!! What an exciting giveaway!!

  182. I would buy some jars…and then some more jars…and then to mix it up a little bit, I’d buy some more jars, lol!!! Then I’d “jam out” to my hearts content!!!!!

  183. I would use the gift to buy jars for storage! I have been digging into my stash of canning jars to store things like dry beans,dates,and coconut. I need some more jars before fall canning hits!

  184. I’d stock up on some of the more unique sizes that are hard to find locally. The hex jars really strike my fancy

  185. 🙂 Goodness….so much to choose from.

    Vintage Green Mason Jars (just cuz)
    Mason Jar lids with holes
    Daisy Mason Jar Lids
    A few more ReCap lids
    Some Woozy Hot Sauce bottles with caps and shrink covers

    I think I could do a lot of damage with $100.


  186. Great giveaway! Loving the straight sided jars too. But I have my eye on the Montana jars or juice and sauce jars or those jar boxes. Those would be great for travel.

  187. I would buy jars because I have made so many pickles and salsas I have run out! Also would like to make some dandles

  188. I would definitely get all jars. Mine definitely have a large net flow out of the house. I love those smooth sided ones!

  189. I would love some of the cool shaped jars, and then a bunch of accessories like jars with holes in the lids. I love all the old jars in odd shapes. I have collected over the years that I only give to members of my family with canned stuff, because I know I will get them back.

  190. how to choose? I love the 8 oz regular mouth. I’m also a sucker for the 8 oz wide mouth jars. And beeswax candle making, and cookbooks. Or I could spend it all on the stainless steel canner – so pretty AND functional!

  191. I would but lots of the 1.5 oz hex jars (they’re so cute!) I also love the 4 oz jars, couldn’t say no to a new cookbook or two. It all sounds great!

  192. I would definitely spend it all on jars! I am a jar fanatic too.. and it’s driving me crazy that I’ve given away some of my favorite styles of jars filled with pickles & preserves & haven’t gotten them back 🙁

  193. Jars absolutely! & maybe some accessories I wouldn’t otherwise think about getting. I would be really fun to spend some time deciding.

  194. The 6 oz jars sound like the perfect size – thanks for mentioning those! Those would be on my list, as well as other varieties.

  195. I have become obsessed with jars. I take dry goods out of their store containers (rice, beans, seasonings, etc) and jar and label them. They take up less room and if I have enough, I share the contents with daughter. Works.

  196. I would love to get the six piece basic canning set, a Cuppow, straight-sided 8-oz jars, a cookbook or two, pectin and lids. I would go all out!
    Thanks for your great giveaways.

  197. Six years ago I became a Wedding planner. In those six years I planned 37 weddings. Now-I’m free!
    I have a summer to do whatever I want…and what I want to do…? Is can. I’ve never done it before, so if I won the $100 I’d ask you where I should start and go from there!

  198. I know exactly what my first purchases would be: new lids for my Mason jars (is that too boring?) and a stainless steel funnel!

  199. I still have frozen cranberries from Xmas and was wanting to make Cranberry BBQ sauce, so would need the bottles and just couldn’t afford them…so other than cookbooks, that’s what I would get.

  200. I’d use it for JARS! I ran out of most of my preserves this past year, so clearly, I need to increase my canning fun.

  201. I’m a foodie and jar loving girl! Pick me! I have just begun making jams and want to begin canning! I’d love some new jars. Thanks.

  202. It’s too hard to choose! I would need to pore over every choice! I love gadgets but I also love jars. I collect cookbooks. I would need to work at it but what a great dilemma!

  203. My name is Marian, and I too am a Jar Junkie! LOVE jars, have them hidden in all sorts of corners in the house. Would love to try some of the smaller jars – you know – portion control for when I have a jar and a spoon in my hand!
    Love your blog

  204. I would also get jars to put my essential oil potions in. Eczema cream, joint pain cream, body butter, lip gloss, face wash, moisturizer, sun screen. Thanks for the opportunity, I go through a lot of jars.

  205. I make a lot of preserves and jams for gifts. Would love some
    unusual and small jars for this. especially for my spicy apple
    butter and orange marmalade.

  206. I just adore those cute, lttle jars. Wouldn’ they look great with grainy mustards in them. Would also like some accessories for drinking from my jars.

  207. I just adore those cute, lttle jars. Wouldn’ they look great with grainy mustards in them. Would also like some accessories for drinking from my jars.

  208. i have used up all my jars so i would get jars as i a starting to get tomatoes and beans always liked the hex jars looks for jams

  209. I love the old jars with the blue glass and different shapes. My jar collection could use some new jars from Fillmore they have a lot of great things.

  210. I would love more wide mouth jars. I make things and giveaway and so not many wide mouth jars left.
    Jars are handy as you can store so many things in them.

    We have a ant problem every hyear and that works good.

    Would love some of the new style jars, just haven’t been able to afford them

  211. Since my mantra for years has been ‘you can never have enough mason jars’, I’d order jars; my favorites are the straight sided 4 ounce and 8 ounce. I’d also get some of the colored lids with and without straw holes. : )

  212. I too am a jar junkie, just never knew I had a title. My friends also must be jar junkies because after giving them some of my latest jam, I don’t get the jars back. So the prize would really come in handy making me happy but also my friends !I love yor cookbooks!

  213. I would spend it all on jars!! What great fun to have $100 just to indulge myself in containers! I have all your books already and have been using the wonderful recipes in them as well as your blog to treat friends and neighbors (can you ever really have too much jam, especially strawberry rhubarb?). I think not!!!

  214. I would love to have some of the unique jars to use for canning for gifts. I love to give my grandchildren jars of jam, jelly and sauces . I’ve always loved to can and I use all sizes and shapes.

  215. I LOVE those little hex jars! I make jam to send my soldiers and that size would be so perfect and a nice little surprise for them. Thanks for offering these 🙂

  216. When you spend your time and show your love by canning at home it deserves to be presented in a special container. I would love to use the hexagonal jars because they are special too.

  217. Some new canning jars, and a few of those lovely six-sided jars for “gift” jams and butters. I always have to replace my jars, not so much because they get damaged, but because people never return them.
    I would use the coupon to pay for the shipping, as it is so expensive for me!

  218. I started canning when I was making homemade applesauce for my one-year old son. Then I started selling at my local Farmers Market. From applesauces mixed with other fruits, to beyond-mainstream flavors of fruit butters, jams, jellies and sauces, my canning repertoire has exploded!
    My son is now seven and loves to watch me can. Sometimes he helps put labels on the jars. We talk about the science behind the whole process. He even comes to the Farmers Market to help me sell!
    I love the smooth sides for labeling the jars and would buy a variety of sizes. The 4 oz jelly jar would be perfect for my JellyBelly Watermelon Jelly!!

  219. Wow. I don’t even know. I’ve never done it before. I didn’t even know some of this stuff existed. That cuppow stuff is cool. And the hex stuff would be cool for candles if I start doing that again. And my husband wanted to make hotsauce, so maybe some of the small bottles. And homemade salad dressing is better for you, so those bottles would be good too.

  220. Those 8oz regular lids jars look like a dream for canning and for packing lunches! Though cookbooks are NEVER out of the question…. Thanks!

  221. I would buy jars, jars and more jars! I’ve already purchased the one piece lids from Fillmore this season and love them.!

  222. My Grandma used to give me a small jar of black raspberry jam that was ALL MINE for my birthday gift each year. She had 31 grandchildren, so buying gifts was out of the question. No store-bought gift could EVER have the meaning of something so delicious and memorable made by hand. I am finally teaching myself to can this summer, so this would be a wonderful way to kick start my canning adventure!

  223. I think we should coin a new word, “jarhead”! I love jars of all types because of their shape or size or unusual lid or color. Two of my favorite jars are the old blue mason jar and a heavy, squatty and clear jar with a thick red lid. One is great for arranging flowers and one is great for gifting a lovely jam. So, here’s to all of the jarheads out there! I would use my store credit to explore Fillmore’s more unusual jars for gifting at Christmas or birthdays.

  224. I would love to use the store credit to get a plethora of jars to use to gift jams to my family and friends this year!

  225. I really want those hex jars. I’ve checked them out on the site before and couldn’t decide which lids to order. Seeing them filled with some of your deliciousness just makes me want to get canning on my Christmas presents.

  226. My friend Stephanie makes the best jams and she is such a great friend. I would love to give this to her as a gift….and eat the jam should would give me in return!! 🙂

  227. Let’s see where to start. First I would check out the lids, I use jars for storage in my pantry so some fun lids would be first on the list. I also like the little 4 oz. jars, good for spice mixes and craft room storage. O my I have a long list !!!

  228. i would almost certainly indulge in things i haven’t let myself get yet (we’re still building a stock of basic jars) – like juice bottles, or the lug jars, or salad dressing bottles. and i’d need to get some recap lids as well – several articles have explained how they work well for ferments.

  229. Hmm… I always give away many of my jars during the holidays, and then I have to restock for my own use. So if I had this credit, I would replenish my jar supplies and pick up enough jars to cover my holiday canning for a few years to come!

  230. Since I’m brand-spankin’ new to canning, I would purchase a cookbook and some rounded jars! The rounded jars look so clean and professional…I can imagine how nice they’ll look in my gift baskets this Christmas!

  231. I would mix and match. I’d love to add some new equipment to my kitchen, but also need books and jars. What a great giveaway in support of a fine art!

  232. I adore this hex jars! Would grab some if those for gifts, some smooth 4 oz ones for me and I would def pick up some accessories for gift giving! I love using jars in my holiday gift giving. Especially when I can involve the children!! 🙂

  233. I am a total jar junkie. I would load up on smaller sized jars since they are perfect for gifting and the perfect size for our small family.

  234. I’d definitely buy a supply of jam sized jars in a few different sizes. And then, a few lids with holes for all year long non-spill fun.

  235. I’m new to canning and would love to get a variety of jars to get me started and excited about pursuing canning further!

  236. Pick Me! I need to restock my jar supply so will probably get more jars. I love them hexagon jars plus, just maybe I might get myself a cookbook.
    Thank you for this wonderful giveaway opportunity

  237. love unusual jar shapes….. but hate to give them away…… love to try small batches of unusual combinations…. just for me….!!??

  238. How wonderful. I would love to have some smooth sided jars, as labels NEVER fit smoothly on those bumpy ones. I love to label my gift jars, but end up having to put round ones on the top. Where can I get these locally I wonder!

  239. I would definitely check out more jars. I made 148 jars of jam and jelly last summer, and canned beets, pickled peppers and dilly beans. Gave a lot away and didn’t get that many back, so I’m going to need a lot more this summer. Jam season is here.

  240. Without a doubt I’d spend it all on JARS JARS JARS!!! And maybe a cookbook or two, after I’d picked out all the JARS!!!


  241. I would order jars. I’ve wanted to start canning for a while and now that I have 4 kids I’ve been looking at what jars to get, how many, etc…it’s an intimidating thing to start without someone to show you. It seems most people learned from watching someone else.I would love to teach my kids, especially the 6 year old who wants to be a chef.

  242. Hi! I just started canning and just found your blog. I started because last year I had a tree full of pears that went to waste. This year I am determined not to waste anything from my fruit trees or vegetable garden, and we are going back to a local u-pick strawberry patch today for a second round of jam making. Like you, I was a jar junkie beforeI started filling them, so I would spend $100 getting a few of each of the beautiful jars you featured on this post. THANKS! Looking forward to following.

  243. Oh my gosh! What wouldn’t I do with that prize! I’ve already spent it a dozen times over in my head. Let’s see, I’d get some lovely hex jars for fig marmalade (for Christmas gifts), some heritage jars in blue and green (every size) because they are just so pretty, a beverage dispenser & stand to replace the ice tea pitcher I broke recently… The list just goes on and on.

  244. Once I recovered from the faint, brought on by the thought of credit at Fillmore Container, I would definitely try the smooth-sided 4 and 8oz jars.

  245. I would use the money to get some of the green vintage jars. I love those! I would also buy a few cookbooks and accessories.

  246. hands down – i would get rid of all the plastic containers in the house in one fell swoop! i find that one can never have enough jars of any type.

  247. The first thing I would buy are the 4oz straight sided jars. After that it would be more jars and then candle making supplies.

  248. Jars, jars, jars! I would LOVE to upgrade my collection! Please put me in the drawing. And thanks for the introduction to them.

  249. Pretty jars! Well, I’m a cookbook junkie so I would probably get a cookbook and some jars and some accessories and spend a lot more than the give-away cash. So far I’ve only canned tomatoes. I wanted to try green beans this year. We HAD a bumper crop until the deer got to them – argh!

  250. With this wonderful gift I would be able out extra tummies up for my family. Everything from has and jellies to stewed tomatoes. It would be a great help for my house.

  251. I have recently returned to jam-making, and last night’s batch of Strawberry Basil Jam left me needing more jars! I love the hex jars – that would be lovely for the Blackberry Jam I’ll be making later this summer…

  252. I would love some of the 4 oz straight sided jars for small batches of thicker things like butters and mustards. I would also love to try out some of the accessories. You can never have enough jars or accessories.

  253. I’d stock up on jars for the new season (probably Elites and other fun shapes), plus some bottles for infused liquors and cordials I’ve made.

  254. I would stock up on those lovely hex jars. Then I could use those for gift giving and not have to replenish my stock of workhorse jars for home use. Every spring I find myself replacing at least a case of each kind of jar because of Christmas gifting.

  255. Holy moley! I’d buy vintage-looking jars and be all set for Christmas gifting. On the agenda for this year is peach lavender jam (to die for!) and salsa featuring our heirloom tomatoes. Wouldn’t that look lovely!

  256. I’ve been looking all over for small/short jars – the 4 oz smooth side and the 8 oz regular mouth jars are perfect. I’d keep half for myself and trade the other half to my sister-in-law for some of her fantastic jam.

  257. Oh what I could do with $100 in credit!!! Since I make candles and love Fillmore’s fragrances I would stock up on many of my favorites like Warm Apple Pie and Eucalyptus Spearmint. Then I would get a case of Nature Wax C-3 wax too to make my 100% soy candles. Oh and I can’t forget about their lovely 12 oz tumblers too. Oh so much to get 🙂

  258. Oooo difficult decision, just went to Filmore, so many choices, need to take some time and peruse all available items, I use jars, amber bottles, canning items, will take my time Katerina today from my PC

  259. This is such an exciting giveaway! Of course I would stock up on special jars…especially for gift giving of all my homemade canning products! I would also love the Blue Ribbon Country Canning Cookbook for myself! I would have such a fun time picking out so many products I want to try! Thank you!

  260. Oh man. Since I think my husband would kill me if I brought MORE jars home, I have to vote for jar accessories. You can do so much with a jar!

  261. I LOVE Fillmore jars! I use them for all kinds of things, including home-made fruit syrups and all kinds of extracts. I could easily put $100 to good use on jars, lids and accessories.

  262. I would add to. My jar obsession! Wait,are those candle making accessories? And look at all the cute extras! How is a girl to decide? Jars it is-you can never have to many!!

  263. Oh boy! I would stock up on little jars. I am always gifting them away with delicious fillings! And who knows, maybe a cookbook or two.

  264. We love to preserve fresh produce from our farm in new and interesting ways. These jars would be the perfect way to showcase the bounty for gift giving.

  265. Ooh, I would definitely try all the different kinds of jars that I could! Now that sounds like a canning party!

  266. I would get the small sampler jars. I am loving making small amounts of your yummy jams, jellies, pickles and carmel. I came from a large family in North Carolina. I remember the bushels of peaches, corn, berries and apples we would can. So much !! Always the same!!! But, still yummy…
    Making samplers is perfect for my little family now. Lots of choices and something different daily..
    I enjoyed meeting you in Eugene and thank you for a great Monday afternoon. 🙂

  267. I tried not to look at the website to closely, I really can’t buy anything right now, we are in the process of building a house. But, I did see some jars that would look great on my new counters. The cracker jars and the drink dispenser jar. And then there is the drink accessory category! I would love some lids from the Cuppow line.

  268. I would go absolutely crazy with $100.00 to spend at Fillmore Container. Every time I order from them, I order what I need and a different jar to try. I use the 8oz bottles for extracts and the small hex jars for diy spice mixes. Every time I go to pickup my order everyone at Fillmore is pleasant and it makes it worthwhile going to them.

  269. Wow… how fun would that be! I usually get jars, etc. from garage sales and goodwill, so it would be really fun to select things to try… maybe some different sizes or styles of jars and a few “accessories”. It would be such fun to pick out some pretty things for gift-giving too.

  270. I would love to get an assortment of non-standard jars to make my collection of delicious canned items look a little more exciting.

  271. I love jars. I love using them for pantry storage. I love the six sided jars – I have never looked at their catalog so who knows……

  272. What a great giveaway…. I think I’d have to go with a mix of goodies if I won. I see your book on the site and I always need jars. Then there are the cute star lids I don’t have yet. And I’m eyeing one of the huge canister jars too!

  273. jars! espcially for gift giving. I’m addicted to canning and each year I tell myself that i will only make a few items to give away and a some basics for our own pantry..and every year I fail miserably! Hope to see you in Seattle!

  274. I would go for a little of everything–maybe some of the new accessories and definitely some of the unique shaped jars for gifts.

  275. I would get new jars for canning my salsa and jam, and jar accessories when I use them for storage and beverages.

  276. If I won I would have to get some JARS! I have all the cookbooks I need to start putting away my fruits and vegetables as soon as they are ready, I could just use a little wider variety of jars!

  277. I definitely need to restock on jars as I’ve given out so many with the jams and jellies I made last year! I might get a few extra other items as I’m always on the lookout for new products!

  278. I would love some new jars in different shapes and sizes – love the small hex jars. I also want a few new books.

  279. Hmm. How about some of all of the above??! I’d probably do some different jars; I’m tired of the quilted ones, so some hex shape would be fun. And a cookbook. And some accessories. :). Oh, and you need to come demo in Canada!

  280. I would definitely go with a bundle of jars. I’m in need of a few new sets for jamming and pickling this summer.

  281. I like the smaller straight sided jars. I’d get some of those, some accessories, I’d be like a kid in a candy store!

  282. I, too, love the smooth plain jars, so I would get some of them. I also think I would get some different accessories, especially the tops. Lastly, I’d check out gadgets, to see if there is something I am not familiar with but could use, or just admire.

  283. I would definitely go crazy and order a bunch of new jars! I’m trying to do canning on the cheap, so all of my jars are basic yard sell finds. I would LOVE some nicer jars for pretty products.

  284. After checking out the website, I would go crazy, period. I particularly like the straight sided jars and the array of lids.

  285. I am new to canning so I would get supplies. Also I am getting married, and I am going to purchase mason jar mugs for my guests.

  286. Those hex jars in a variety of sizes are calling my name! Wouldn’t one of them filled orange-cranberry sauce and decorated with an evergreen/pinecone sprig look ravishing under a Christmas tree this December??

  287. Jars, jars, jars!! My grandmothers were the great canners, skipped my mother and her generation, and now my sister and I can. Sometimes it goes like that. For my mother, canning meant you were poor. To me, canning means you care about your food and love the process of putting food up in jars. I love those jars.

  288. I would definitely get the hex jars for Christmas gift canning as well as some accessories. I think I’d like to get some wine and vinegar bottles and find something for syrups and shrubs as well. Pouring out of a Ball-type jar is not ideal.

  289. I would buy as many of those hex jars as possible. They are so cute! They would be perfect for the small jars of preserves I’ve started giving away to family at Christmas.

  290. I love Fillmore container!! I make hot sauce and get all my bottles from them! They have a wide mouth woozy bottle that is perfect for the thicker sauces!!

  291. I love jars! My mom just gave me her collection of vintage canning jars- so beautiful! I would buy more canning jars in pint & half pint sizes. Also some pretty ones for general storage. Thanks for the generous give away!

  292. if i won i would get Preserving by the Pint Cookbook, and i would also get a bunch of little canning jars. I LOVE them just started using them this year i devour the thrift stores and have picked up quite a few of the cute small can jars. i would put my homemade Rhubarb ketchup that i made for the first time this yr.

  293. I love those straight sided smooth jars! I love everything to do with canning and jar accessories and would enjoy getting any of them.

  294. I would spend it on jars and cookbooks to give to my friend and two daughters to spark an interest in canning for themselves. They love what I can, but I’m sure they would find lots of things they would love to can for their own families.

  295. Since I am new to the canning world, I would buy a good starter kit and some attractive jars as I would like to give as gifts at Christmas!!!! And, I just love jars too! They can be used for so many things than just canning!!!! Thanks for the opportunity!

  296. I would buy new jars and accessories! I just love jars of all types. I am growing a boatload of tomatoes and can’t wait to make tomato jam.

  297. I would get some of those fancy Jar Caddies – JarBox. I desperately need those. I would also get some of the plain jars. I think those are beautiful.

  298. I would get some smaller jars for smaller batches. I used to can a lot of large things — tomatoes, letcho, etc., but now most I’m just doing a few jars and having small jars makes the batches look bigger and seem to last longer!

  299. Oh man this will be so hard, I love to can so I love jars all sizes and shapes , I not only can with jars I live in the country so I put nearly everything in jars to keep the mice from destroying it. And I would absolutely love to get some of the jar boxes, I have home canned goods under the bed, in closets on stainless steel shelving I bought. So after giving it much thought oh this is so hard I would get jars!

  300. I would get a little bit of everything! Fillmore is so economical and they offer so many USA made options. I love them!

  301. I started a garden this year- yikes!- but so far, so good- I plan to can a variety of things, and so I would stock up on canning supplies and their very so-cool accessories!

  302. I need some jars because I’m always giving away my awesome preserves and don’t get the jars back. Would love love love these jars!

  303. Oh my, I would go crazy buying some of these… and a few of those… and maybe some of those new lids. So much to choose from!

  304. I’d start off going slightly crazy on Boston rounds and dropper caps, because I have a new obsession with homemade bitters. Then I’d spend the rest on wide mouth jars for canning, and if any was leftover I’d have to get some bottles for my other new obsession: shrub syrups.

  305. I’d totally get jars. I’m so over the “quilted” jar look. We store a lot of stuff on shelves where we see the sides more easily than the tops of the jars. It’s a pain in the a$$ to put labels on the “quilting”, and you can’t see any detail of the contents. Feh. I’d get smooth-sided round or I’d get the hex jars. I’d probably get cookbooks too, but that’s just because cookbooks = crack in my head. 🙂

  306. Oh my I want some of everything. 16oz Jars for water bath canning fruits this summer, closures for jars I use for dehydrated goodies, some scents, some larger jars for lemonades and other drinks and an assortment of different specialty jar closures… can you tell I have a list ?

    I would be DEEEElighted to win !

  307. WO WO YEAH!!! I AM NUMBER 555 Lucky lucky number!!! :))))
    I would just go crazy!!! Am a new canner and have both of your books!!!

  308. Money has been a little tight around here for extras like canning supplies ever since I went to part time to go back to school. This would give me a great opportunity to stock up on a nice variety of fancy jars and bottles (the kind of stuff I can’t buy locally here) to fill for holiday gifts!

    I’ve always wanted to give those hex jars a try.

  309. I’d split it between the non quilted jars and getting equipment to try something different for me (like candles!).

  310. Would love to get some new jars and the hex design is pretty for gifts,,,,also a new stainless steel funnel wide mouth for canning tomatoes and peaches….oh and the pour cap would be nice too!

  311. Oh my goodness! I would go jar crazy! I LOVE differently shaped and colored jars and (per your recommendation) I’ve checked out Fillmore’s site before and was drooling the whole time. I even have a list on standby of all of the pretty jars I want to buy!

  312. My sister is getting married this fall, and we are making jams for favors. I think she’s going to LOVE the hex jars!

  313. I checked out the Fillmore site and WOW they offer some much. I’m new to canning so it was a little overwhelming and exciting checking out their site.The different shapes and sizes of the jars and the cookbooks they offer, along with the accessories would be helpful for me to build up my supplies for canning. So, I would have to buy a little of everything..LOL..jars, accessories, your book, Food In Jars. I have your latest book , Preserving by the Pint, and love it.

  314. A little of everything – definitely some of the unique jars, maybe a cookbook or two and some cool accessories.

  315. I would love to get a variety of everything. I carry on the tradition of canning from my mother and grandmother. This is such a great offer.

  316. Wow, so much to choose from. I’d probably go for more straight sided pint jars because those are best for freezing stocks. And I’d be tempted by cookbooks for sure.

  317. Jars! Really like the look of the hex jars. Can never have enough jars, especially when gifting distant relatives and friends. Although, I could be tempted by accessories too!

  318. Jars of all sizes and fragrance oils too! Definitely a variety – some larger for fermented drinks. Probably some of those lovely amber bottles and growlers so the hubby can have ways to store his homemade beer! Pick me! Thanks!

  319. Years ago I started keeping my spices, grains, rices, pulses and flours in glass jars. Not only do they look great lining the walls of my way too tiny kitchen, it also helps me keep an eye on levels to make purchasing so much easier. Plus! I’ve converted a great many of my friends to the practice. So I’d definitely purchase more food containers and some of the more beautiful larger containers.

  320. I’d spend a bit of it on the practical stuff – a new jar lifter, big funnel, one of those magnetic lid wands would be nice! But then I’d blow most of it on fancy new jars. Those hex ones are so pretty!

  321. Jars and accessories. Would like to replace my current (newer) canning jars which are not made as well as they used to be (and often crack around the bottom) with something of better quality.

  322. I would buy jars because my mom and I had our ‘first’ garden this year, first one in years, and want to can!

  323. I’d probably go a little nuts & spend way more than $100!! I’d HAVE to get jars, all sizes, shapes, etc and accessories, cookbooks I think it could be a dangerous place for me to go shopping!!

  324. I would get jars!! I am new to canning (brought on when we moved to a house with a massive apricot tree) and have just been getting my toes wet. The only jars I’ve used so far are the basic ball ones I can get at the grocery store, so I am really eager to try some new jar shape/sizes with the summer produce I have!!

  325. I’d get some jars for myself (a junkie too!) and some for each of my kids. They are across the country and are love canning jars too. What a lovely giveaway. Adore Fillmore. Thanks!

  326. Not that I need any more of either, but jars, and more jars, and cookbooks (not that I need any more of those either!).

  327. I would get jars! I am out of larger jars because I’ve been transferring all of my bulk goods into jars instead of plastic and now I’m out of larger canning jars! Canning season cannot start like this!!