Gift Guide 2016: Things for the Canner Who Has Everything

December 6, 2016(updated on November 25, 2019)


This week, I’m running a handful of short gift guides featuring some things you might like to give or get this holiday season. I’m kicking off the series with a couple things that you could give to your favorite canner who already has every other canning tool and gadget imaginable.

You might look at this guide and think it’s really short. And it is. You see, I’ve recommended a lot of gear over the years and you just don’t need me to suggest the same things over again (I’ve linked to those prior gift guides below, if you do need more ideas). But these are two things that a canner who has everything he or she needs might just enjoy having.

  1. Wusthof Epicure 2-Piece Prep Set – This lovely knife set is a gorgeous and useful upgrade for anyone who spends lots of time in the kitchen. I’ve had these knives in my tool kit since the spring and I reach for them all the time. The wooden handles are comfortable to hold and just get more gorgeous over time.
  2. GIR Ladle – I’ve used a lot of ladles in my life and this is the best one I’ve encountered. The bowl is made of flexible silicone. That means that you can scrap every last drop of jam out of the pot. It also holds a full cup, which is just enough to fill a half pint jar.

For more gift giving inspiration, check out some of my gift guides for years past. You’ll find favorite tools, good gear for cooking and canning, and my favorite mason jar drink lids.

And finally, because it’s Monday and the folks at Wusthof are kind and generous, I have one of the knife sets you see above to give away. Let’s do it the old fashioned way this week.

  1. Leave a comment on this post and tell me share something you’re looking forward to giving this holiday season.
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm eastern time on Saturday, December 10, 2016. Winners will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog on Sunday, December 11, 2016.
  3. Giveaway open to United States residents only.
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left via the comment form on the blog at the bottom of this post.

Disclosure: Wusthof provided the knife set you see pictured above, and is providing the giveaway unit, both at no cost to me. GIR also provided the ladle as a review unit. However, my opinion remains entirely my own. I both am sent and buy a lot of kitchen gear every year, and these are stand-outs! 

The winner of this giveaway is #165/Mary H. Congratulations Mary! 

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251 thoughts on "Gift Guide 2016: Things for the Canner Who Has Everything"

    1. Looking forward to giving bottles of my homemade vanilla this year! I started 4 months ago. I now just have to strain the pods into some adorable bottles I found ( that can be canned to seal as well), I found the correct caps for them to make it work…and I even have some non-alcoholic vanilla as an option for some friends with sensitive children. Can’t wait to make them up and give them out!

  • I made sweet pickled jalapenos this year for the first time. aka “Cowboy Candy”. Excited to give those, as I’ve become rather addicted to them myself.

  • I’m looking forward to giving my time. I’m heading home to spend Christmas with family for the first time in many many years and taking my 3 year old too!

  • Made a double batch of Pepper Jelly yesterday! Looking forward to gifting it along with sliced baguette and goat cheese throughout the Holiday season.

  • I’m so looking forward to giving some of my Black-n-Blue Spiced Jam (blackcaps and blueberries with hints of cinnamon and vanilla). :o)

  • im looking forward to making and giving my great niece her very first christmas stocking .. she is just a bit over a year old and last she she got a baby quilt i made.

  • I have canned many item from the garden this year in hopes to share with friends and family for Christmas . Two of the most requested items are the blueberry jam and green tomato relish hope everyone enjoys the gifts.

  • I’m looking forward to giving the bulk of the things I canned this summer (pepper jelly, smoked tomato jam, pickled garlic) and giving my partner the Love in the Time of Cholera tote bag she wants but doesn’t know she’s getting. 🙂

  • Always gift jams and preserves I’ve made. Excited this year because they’re all “naturally sweet!” Yes, i know it’s still sugar, but less of it. And they tastecso good a little goes a long way!

  • I am looking forward to gifting apple cider caramels that I made this weekend. I have to make sure not to eat them all before I gift them though!

  • I’m looking forward to giving a vintage dollhouse and furniture to my kids. Also some nice Penzeys spice sets.

  • I’m looking forward to giving my sweetie a book about bread baking (and would love to give him these knives!).

  • I’ve made a selection of jams and pickles over the summer that I’ll be gifting to family and friends. Many of the recipes came from your books–so thank you!

  • I’m still working on making my gift list, let alone buying for it, but I’m excited to gift a custom-made puzzle of our family farm to my mother – she loves puzzles! thanks for the giveaway chance!

  • I’m looking forward to gifting my dad a meal subscription. He’s recently retired and really loves to cook now!

  • I made our nieces and nephews Superhero pillows. Our friends and family will all be getting jams, pickles and barbecue rub and sauce!

  • I’m looking forward to giving my 4- and 6-year old little cousins matching kitchen aprons with their names embroidered on them, and their very own wooden kitchen spoons as well. Also got their mom a matching apron! They love making things together in the kitchen, and I love to encourage any sort of cooking/baking 🙂

  • The best batch of jam I made this year was peach pie jam. I’ll enjoy giving it to my jam loving family. I also made and canned peach syrup. That is going to a select few but it is wonderful. I am also making raggedy quilts for my two college age children.

  • I made some regular mustard and some maple chipotle mustard to give to friends and family. And I got my wife tickets to a concert she would love to see but wouldn’t ordinarily get to attend.

  • One of our friends gave us a beautiful handmade wooden spatula, and another friend saw it and fell in love with it. Excited to give her one when she gets back in town!

  • I am looking forward to giving the gifts I purchased from small businesses (online & in person)! I’ve got some local honey, pottery, beard oil, goat’s milk soap, a gorgeous wooden cheese plank, waxed canvas dopp bags (that I still need to make), and even the Gift of Apertivo! I decided not to make too many handmade gifts this year because time has been short, so buying handmade and/or local is the next best thing (and some might say even better)!

  • My formerly always barefoot daughter has suddenly and completely embraced outrageous knee high socks. I’ve got socks with hula hooping bears, flying owls, rampaging pink elephants, lounging red pandas, Moon faces, hamsters and enough mushrooms to carpet a forest floor. I’ve never been so excited to give socks to someone as I am this Christmas.

  • Oh dear, I’m looking forward so much to paying off my daughter’s school loan (and she doesn’t know!) because she’s worked so hard & gone without so much for several years in order to pay her loans. I’m super proud of her & glad I have a little extra to provide over Christmas this year!

  • I’ve got some Slivovitz hanging or in jars that will finish infusing right around Christmas. I’m looking forward to giving a few bottles away to friends who have been waiting since September.

  • I made a couple of batches of hot pepper relish that I am giving to family members, it became a favorite of mine to can.

  • Every year my siblings and I make a calendar for each of our parents filled with the artwork we’ve done throughout the year. Mama loves to see the wide range of subjects and, believe it or not, after ten years Papa is still surprised when he unwraps his!

  • I’m most looking forward to gifting a wrap that I’ve been knitting my mom, and lemon curd I’ve been canning because yellow is such a happy color that brightens everything!

  • I’m looking forward to giving my family each a jar of homemade concord grape butter. They’re mostly city folk, so I’m sure they’ve never tried it before

  • I will be giving away lots of types of homemade caramels! I finished wrapping a ton of gingerbread caramels this evening.

  • I’m looking forward to gifting the fruit preserves I made this summer, especially a black raspberry jam I made with berries I picked myself at a local berry farm 🙂

  • I’m looking forward to gifting Zing bow and arrow sets to our sons. They will have so much fun using them in our new yard!

  • I’m knitting and sewing doll clothes for my little sister’s huge doll family. We even got a doll-sized Christmas tree to put the presents under!

  • Felted soap -practical, pretty with a pinch of luxury. Each soap is made with the recipient in mind based on color preferences, scent, and moisturizers.

  • I’m giving myself permission to take time for myself, and hopefully get back into the kitchen (which I’ve been too busy working to return to in months).

  • My sister wants to start canning (I got my Mom into it a few years ago) so I bought her a pressure canner. She lives in a small place and I got her the pressure canner because she can use it to do boiling water bath canning to start but then she only needs the one pot if she wants to move on to pressure canning in the future. Very excited to see what she makes first!!

  • I am going to be giving everyone my prickly pear pickles this year, a sweet cinnamon pickle made with prickly pear juice, perfect on the holiday table in place of cranberries!!!

  • I am so excited to give away the variety of jams and jellies that I made this summer! Peach, apple cider jelly, cranberry, and blueberry earl grey!

  • My boyfriend is a wine aficionado and told me some months ago that he wants a wine aroma kit. He explained that they’re quite expensive but aren’t too big an undertaking to make yourself and he wasn’t sure why he hasn’t gotten around to doing so. I’m sure he’s mostly forgotten telling me about it. 🙂

  • I’m knitting and sewing clothes and accessories for my little sister’s huge doll family. We even decorated a doll-sized Christmas tree to put the presents under.

  • Looking forward to giving homemade gifts. A wooden crane for my 5 year old grandson and an end table for my youngest sons first apartment.

  • Every year my greatest treat of the season is seeing what wonders my friend has captured in a mason jar. This was a hard year for her (family losses) so I found out at a get together that she as not been able to put up one jar of goodness. Everyone was crest fallen. Evidently i am not the only one looking forward. It has inspired me to take up her mantle. Cookie Swap next weekend will have to make up for it.

  • Besides giving away many containers of bourbon peach jam, I am also gifting my mom a thermopen (because I love mine so much and I know she’ll use it all the time)!

  • I always look forward to giving away Christmas cookies. My best friend and I will absolutely destroy my kitchen churning out our holiday favorites! I might kick out a candy of some sort this year too.

  • My favorite jam this year (beside the concord grape that is already gone) is Peach Pie and I can’t wait to share it with my jam loving friends. I am also making raggedy quilts for my 2 college aged kids. I’m so glad to be making our Christmas simple once again.

  • I’m looking forward to giving my homemade caramel sauce to a lot more people this year, I love giving homemade things, they have more meaning.

  • I’m giving peach jam made from seconds I bought in Fredericksburg tx this summer, and blueberry jam made with my homegrown blueberries!

  • I’m giving lots of custom engraved pencils. Useful and fun! And lots of jam, of course. With little ceramic spoons tied on to the jars. (I could really use some new knives — they look great! Thanks for the giveaway!)

  • I’m looking forward to my third year of making and gifting apple cider caramels. And pleased that I found local art prints for several folks on my gift list.

  • Concord grape jam, blackberry jelly, pear butter if I get to it (the pear sauce is in the freezer, just need to cook it way, way down) and some reusable fabric gift bags. Maybe the chai masala from Table Matters for a couple of people.

  • I am giving my granddaughter pasta attachments for her kitchen aid. She loves grandma’s homemade whole wheat pasta.

  • My partner is getting a calender stuffed with experience coupons and tickets — sporting events, concerts, activity vouchers — one for every month of 2017!

  • My son who is an avid cook was given a Lodge dutch oven last year that somehow a giant chip broke out of the bottom inside. He was super bummed since Dutch ovens are not inexpensive kitchen gear and not likely to replaced right away. Luckily, I found brand new Le Crueset Dutch oven on Craigslist for way cheap. So I am looking forward to giving him that for Christmas.

  • I made *so* much applesauce this season that I’m hoping I can pare down that stash a bit in the holiday gifts 😀

  • Made 94 more jars of fig jam packed with French orange brandy.. And I still have thirty !preounds of frozen figs. Taking a break before doing more.

  • Favorite things to give away this year is Pear Cardamom jam and Cranberry butter. One has a rich earthy taste like nothing I have had before and the other is bright and cheery for the season. I also love giving the Cantaloupe Vanilla jam I made this summer – a reminder of summer and the benefit of starting Christmas presents in Auigust. ?

  • I’m making baskets full of home canned goods, small kitchen tools, and candy to give away. …been prepping all year for the holidays!

  • I’m looking forward to giving the kiddos a their big gift- a trip to a local theme park- because it’s an experience and not a thing! We’ve been trying so hard to decrease the number of things in our house!

  • I’m looking forward to giving my stepdad the Tile so that he doesn’t lose his car keys or his phone. This is particularly exciting because he loses those things regularly, but also because I am notoriously bad at giving good gifts and I think I finally hit the mark with this one!! On a culinary front, I’m looking forward to making your cranberry shrub as gifts for my husband’s co-workers this year, along with the requisite cookie tray.

    And those knives!!! Yes, please! I’m just saying, December 11 is my birthday, just saying… 🙂

  • I’m giving my mom a pillow with the words to a song she used to sing to me on it. I hope it makes her smile as much as it does me!

  • After a visit with his brother and sister-and-law, my spouse raved about their touch-free trash can. I mean he really raved about it, for days. So on Black Friday, I got him one of his own, along with a year’s supply of trash bags for it. Not the most romantic gift, but I know he’ll be delighted with it, and I can’t wait to see his face when he unwraps that big package.

  • My favorite thing to give away is a basket of my homemade goodies. Jams, pickles and sourdough bread are always a treat to receive.

  • I love giving things……we made pickles, jams, and jellies to give this season. It is such a blessing to put a jar or two of yummy goodness in a little gift bag with a card to say “thank you” or “Merry Christmas” this time of year!

  • I am looking forward to giving a dutch oven, & baking dishes as well as clothes and games for the kiddos for Christmas! Thanks for an AWESOME GIVEAWAY!

  • I’m looking forward to watching people dig into my annual batch of melt-in-your-mouth Linzer Hearts, slathered with homemade raspberry jam!

  • I am giving people I supervise and also some friends small wooden boards made by another friend.

    We are also giving the gift of love with weekly supportive cards to a friend undergoing chemotherapy for a rare form of cancer. Yesterday we found out that the chemo is working, so she and all her friends are joyous and smiling today!!