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November 1, 2010(updated on October 3, 2018)

Food Vol. 2 059

Last week I mentioned that I’d started a Food in Jars Flickr group and that I hoped some of you would join and share your pictures. Lo and behold, so many of you have come forward with some of the most gorgeous, delectable images I’ve seen recently. Like this photo above from Susan. Those colors are amazing!

jam is good

Or this half-empty jar of raspberry (or is it blackberry) jam with the charming little spoon from boodely. All I need is a piece of toast and I’d be ready to dive right in.

And don’t pickled peaches sound like the best thing ever right now? Jess has stocked her larder with these fabulously labeled jars and I am quite jealous.

I’ll feature three or four more pictures next weekend, so please keep your pictures coming!

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11 thoughts on "From the Food in Jars Flickr Pool"

  • Ooops … just noticed these are user-sumbit photos. Sorry. Question still stands for your other photos though,


    1. Most of the time I use a 35mm 1.8 lens on my Nikon D90. I used to the 50mm fixed lens, but I found it a little limiting. The 35mm gives me a bit more space.

    2. My photo was taken with a good but old point-and-shoot camera – Nikon Coolpix S4. This camera is really good if the correct light already exists. I usually track when bright shade happens in my backyard, or sunbeams come in my kitchen window, then take the pictures. As winter comes, the quality of my photos will diminish if I start to use the flash.

  • Imagine my surprise at opening your site and seeing my picture! Thanks for choosing it. I made these four pickles on my birhtday in July. My husband asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday and I told him – farmers market, then pickles! The onion pickles are from your recipe, though I add a bit more sugar for my taste. We go through those like mad.

  • My picture shows cucumber pickles, sweet red onion pickles, sweet carrot pickles, and zuchinni relish. I used my Grandma Betty’s zuchinni relish recipe. I think she has a pretty big sweet tooth, as this came out really sweet. I added some flavor by roasting the bell peppers and adding jalapenos.

    1. Some people like the combination of peaches and cottage cheese for a snack or side dish, which I can imagine would be especially good with the sweet and pickley flavors of pickled peaches.