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May 21, 2010(updated on October 3, 2018)

canning jar mug

I’ve been following the blog Lelo in NoPo for at least four years now. I first discovered it when its author LeAnn began to contribute gorgeous food images to the Slashfood Flickr pool. Occasions to email quickly developed and thanks to our mutual love of canning and Portland, OR, an internet friendship bloomed. LeAnn recently launched a radio show called Lelo Homemade on and on her May 14th show, had me on as a guest. Take a listen if you’re so inclined!

My latest article in Grid Philly is live and it’s all about canning! Click here to see the digital edition. Pages 24, 25 and 26 are all mine. If you prefer a blog-style format, you can find the same content here (the canning article) and here (the recipe box).

My poor little OpenSky shop. I’ve struggled a bit trying to find products that would be useful and affordable for you guys, particularly since my primary goal with this site is to encourage homemaking instead of buying. Unfortunately, we’ve not been able to find a source for affordable canning jars (shipping costs make them prohibitive). However, I have managed to find a few things I think you all might like. The first are drinking glass jars, like the one you see above. Best thing about them? Regular mouth lids fit right on. They come in sets of 12, so if that’s too many for you, find a friend and split the box.

The other item I’ve got in stock are boxes of those fantastic white plastic lids. These aren’t used for processing, but are amazing when you want to use a jar to stash dinner leftovers or store dry goods. One thing to note is that they aren’t watertight, so if you’re using a jar in place of a water bottle, reach for a standard lid/ring arrangement. Right now, just the wide mouth ones are in stock, but check back tomorrow for the regular size.

Later today, I’ll have my May Can Jam recipe up. Curious about what I made? I have just three words for you. Orange Rhubarb Butter.

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7 thoughts on "Friday Miscellany"

    1. Oh no! I thought I checked to make sure that they were still in stock. 🙁 Thanks for pointing that out, Stephanie.

  • oh that magazine looks awesome!! looks like philly has it goin’ on. and your article and spread looks so nice! did you take the photos or did they provide those? looks like you are recommending the 2 part lids, but they show your jam in a wire bale. too bad to send conflicting messages…

  • Oh gosh! I made an orange-rhubarb *jam* the other day with some clove, cinnamon and allspice that was so good, I sent a jar to my aunt, the food professional, to show off a bit. Can’t wait to hear about your orange-rhubarb concoction.

  • Kate, I took all the photos that appeared with my article. I hear you about the conflict between the styles of jars (I most certainly do recommend using the standard mason jars with the two-piece lids, particularly for beginners), but it was the nicest image I had of that recipe and I didn’t think it would lead people too far astray.

    Emily, your orange-rhubarb jam sounds delicious!

  • On the lids / watertight issue:
    I have a large collection of Classico brand spaghetti sauce lids – which are a standard narrow mouth jar size. So that’s what I reach for when I want waterproof and not plastic!