freshTECH HarvestPro Sauce Maker Giveaway

Need a little help getting your tomatoes preserved this season? Check out the freshTECH HarvestPro Sauce Maker from Ball Canning!

freshTECH HarvestPro Sauce Maker

We are in the midst of tomato season here in the Philly area and I’ve been in something of a canning frenzy trying to get as many put up as I can before I hit the road again. I find that there is a huge flavor difference between home canned tomatoes and grocery store ones, and so I know that I’m going to be said come January if I don’t take action now.

I used to do most of my tomatoes whole and peeled, packed in water. However, these days I find that I like to do a fifty-fifty split of whole tomatoes and tomato puree. I started doing a lot more tomato puree a few years ago, in large part because an electric tomato press came into my life.

There are a few different brands of these handy machines on the market, and this year, our friends at Ball Canning added one called the HarvestPro to their freshTECH line of appliances.

running the freshTECH HarvestPro Sauce Maker

Having used a number of different tools for pressing tomatoes into sauce, this HarvestPro Sauce Maker is by far the easiest to set up, run, and clean up when you’re all done. It doesn’t splatter like my previous electric press, and the motor base plants itself solidly on your countertop. I’m a huge fan and will be making permanent space for this in my kitchen (or, more realistically, in my coat closet).

Right now, all the freshTECH appliances are 15% off on the Fresh Preserving website (I’m also a really big fan of the Electric Water Bath Canner). If you want to see it in action, I’ll be streaming on Facebook Live tomorrow night (Tuesday, August 23) at 9 pm eastern time for about a half hour to show you how it works.

I also have one of these handy machines to give away this week. Use the widget below for your chance to enter!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: Ball Canning sent me the HarvestPro you see pictured here for review purposes and they are providing the giveaway unit. What’s more, I am also a paid brand partner. However, this post is outside our paid agreement. I just really liked this particular machine and so asked if I could share it with my readers. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

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255 responses to “freshTECH HarvestPro Sauce Maker Giveaway”

  1. Not sure what my favorite way is yet……this will be my first year doing tomatoes!!!! (I hope this was the spot I was suppose to comment)

  2. I love making salsa, canning tomatoes whole in water, making tomato sauce, or soup. This would make things so much easier for tomato purée AND apple sauce!

  3. I’ve never had anything to preserve … actually making my own sauce would change that, tho!! That’s a cool little machine!!

  4. Just spent yesterday & part of today making a huge batch of Bulgarian Lutenitsa, a tomato-red-pepper spread. Would have loved to have the machine you mention to smoosh the tomatoes. I ended up using my food processor to puree as finely as it could, then putting it through my food mill to get it smoother & lose all the seeds & skins that were left. Turned out incredibly delicious, ‘though, and that’s what’s most important!

  5. I do them crushed in their own juice, and use at least one jar a week all year round. I also make salsa and pizza sauce. Love this time of year!

  6. I’ve done salsa and for the first time pizza sauce this year. I’ve never made sauce before so it was an experiment. We have so many tomatoes in the garden just now getting ripe!

  7. I usually turn them into salsa (“Mailman Salsa,” a recipe we got from our mail carrier, Mark), but this year I think I am going to put up some sauce, too!

  8. Soon there will be new jars of tomato jam and salsa filling the pantry, along with the 100+ canned tomatoes. I simply cannot stand the tinny taste of store bought.

  9. I like to can whole tomatoes, salsa, rotels, tomato soup, gumbo soup(without the meat), pasta sauce and anything else I can think of. So far this year all I have done is whole tomatoes. Up next is the fun stuff.

  10. I usually roast and freeze tomatoes, and make a basic freezer salsa from tomatoes, garlic and jalapenos roasted together. I’d like to try making more sauce — and this year I might get enough paste tomatoes from my garden to put up some sauce!

  11. I don’t really do enough to warrant a high tech motorized mill. I have a little hand crank one I really like.

    But I’ll enter anyway. Maybe if I had one, I’d can more tomatoes.

  12. I’ve always made sauce and canned them. This year though, I’m preferring to oven roast them with a little olive oil, basil and garlic, then peel, puree and freeze. It seems to make a less acidic sauce that way and that is what my stomach needs at the moment. I love to pickle my green tomatoes in beer. So good with sandwiches.

  13. I love tomatoes so man ways. Frozen whole, canned in chunks, as sauce, as salsa, bbq sauce, whole, and want to start canning as juice. This looks like an amazing tool and I haven’t seen it before! Very exciting.

  14. Lately I have been doing just regular diced tomatoes but I would love to try making sauce or puree! I have the fresh tech electric canner and love it! I bring it outside when it’s too hot to process in my kitchen!

  15. What a great time saver this would be. We make Pasta and Pizza sauce as well as garlic tomato sauce and crushed tomatoes to use all year.

  16. I do love to sauce tomatoes! By favorite is the dehydrate and powder. Makes for a great sauce thickener and you can use all the skins and seeds! No waste!

  17. I have been freezing whole tomatoes to use year round. One year when I had a glut of tomatoes I made tomato paste and it was the best thing I ever made. If I had this machine tomato paste would be on my list every year because it would be much less work.

  18. I can equal amounts of salsa and tomato sauce. I just bought the Freshtec Electric Water Bath Canner this year, absolutely love it. I can process more jars than before, since I have a flat top stove.

  19. I’ve been using my Kitchenaid strainer attachment to make sauce, but this looks like a winner, with two screen sizes, larger auger and cleaning brush. Hope I win!
    Last night I used my dehydrator to dry some tomatoes. The idea is to use them in recipes, but I can’t resist chewing on them like candy!

  20. I have a hand crank juicer, but would love this machine. I usually can 40+ pasta sauce, salsa & tomato juice. This machine would make the process so much faster!

  21. We did a mixture of salsa and the Animal, Vegetable, Miracle tomato sauce. The sauce maker would make our tomato processing so much easier!

  22. I probably make about 50% of my tomatoes into chopped form to be added to soups and stews later on, and just add some salt and lemon juice and use a waterbath for canning. The other half of the crop goes into salsa.

  23. I have a bleak tomato harvest this year, but This does not hold me back! A chili sauce cook out is planned for this weekend and oh boy could I put this baby to work! And it’s my birthday today. Maybe I am the lucky winner?

  24. At the moment I have been freezing some but sure would like to make tomato sauce
    Thank you for this giveaway opportunity

  25. This is my first year of canning. I can’t wait to take advantage of all the great Jersey fresh tomatoes. Thanks for all the great recipes and ideas.

  26. I do diced, a regular salsa, your roasted corn salsa, and tomato chutney with the ripe ones and make a green salsa with the green ones or pickle them. I go through buckets and buckets of tomatoes and love it!

  27. I have always frozen my marinara and whole tomatoes before. This is the first year I’m going to try canning them. The local tomatoes are several weeks behind due to the weather so it will be another 2 weeks before they are ready. I have my order in already with my favorite local farm for 2 cases!

  28. I make pizza sauce out of *orange* tomatoes. It looks like butternut squash but tastes incredible and makes the best homemade pizzas. I could make a LOT more sauce with this tool!

  29. We are a tomato loving family and like to can whole and diced tomatoes to make soups, sauces, casseroles and salsa.

  30. I usually pack most of mine whole in their own juices because they’re so versatile. Also put up a few dozen jars of salsa.

  31. I’ve always used the hand-cranking Foley Food Mill, this neat appliance would make the juice/ sauce making so much more efficient. I’ve not used the mill quite as much in the past 3 years as time is much more limited with my work schedule, so I’ve been doing mostly stewed tomatoes. A beautiful jar of rich tomato juice would taste so great right now!

  32. Wow that is 10 kinds of awesome! I’m just getting into canning tomatoes and I did fresh tomatoes that I cooked in the slow cooker for a while before I put it into jars.

  33. Ha! Had to laugh about storing this in the coat closet! When I looked at it and thought – Wow! That would be great to have! – I also immediately thought… Where would I store that? But I have a load of tomatoes sitting on my counter top and will probably make salsa, as I haven’t won anything yet. What else, besides tomatoes, is it useful for?

  34. Nice, no more cranking or turning by hand the food mill. I can a lot of tomatoe products, from sauces to your jam recipe. Thank you for a chance to win

  35. I am a beginner. I’ve made blueberry and peach preserves, pickles and this year relish. I’m hoping to can some tomatoes this year. This machine looks like it would make it a whole lot easier. Pick me!

  36. Oh, this looks like an awesome appliance to add to my arsenal! It would sure make canning tomatoes a breeze. This year, I added pizza sauce to my canning repertoire…woo hoo!

  37. This would be so handy. I’ve been wanting to make sauce. I usually can diced tomatoes, but would like to branch out and make soup and sauces also.

  38. We roast about 400 lbs from our farm every year. And then run them through a food mill – this would be so much easier!

  39. I would love to try this appliance. Have put up 80 lbs. of tomatoes so far this season…blanched and quartered with bottled water and lemon juice.

  40. I love making paste. I pop it in the oven to bake the moisture out and then can it in small jars. I love adding the paste to my soups to give them extra roasted tomato depth!

  41. My husband’s ONE requirement from my veggie garden every year is tomato, any style. I’m usually up to my ears with them! This would be soooo wonderful to help me preserve sauce every year!

  42. This summer I am cooking up squash and tomatoes and freezing the mixture. It makes a nice taste of summer added to pasta in the winter.

  43. My favorite way to preserve tomatoes is plain ol crushed tomatoes. So versatile and useful! I love my marinara and my sun dried, but crushed tomatoes are essential to my daily cooking!

  44. favorite way to preserve tomatoes, this season, is a simple sauce – marinara, or maybe a basil-garlic out of Ball. and i always put up tomato paste.

  45. Although I can no longer eat tomatoes due to dietary restrictions, a former neighbor of mine taught me that you can freeze tomatoes whole and then pull them out individually as needed and run them under tap water to remove the skins before adding to a cooked dish.

  46. I’ve been harvesting bags full of tomatoes these last few weeks and would love to try canning a sauce instead of my normal whole tomato method – thanks for the great giveaway!

  47. I haven’t done tomatoes in a while but lately, I’ve been making Chicago deep dish pizzas which require crushed tomatoes. That machine would make it a snap!!

  48. I usually peel, cook lightly then freeze Have an old Italian juicer that makes tomato juice but would love,love the new motorized version

  49. We put up 20 pints of plain tomato sauce this weekend (and broke our immersion blender in the process). Hopefully it’ll last us until next summer!

  50. I usually blanch grind and strain the puree. They can the puree. It’s a long process to do by hand. I usually do 50-75 jars to last me the winter season. This would be a great addition.

  51. I like to make salsa and pizza sauce, those things get used the most in my house. I last used my food mill to make the sauce, but this things looks even better! Though it might be a bit bulky to store.

  52. I would adore trying more sauces! Currently I preserve tomatoes by drying them, making tomato relish, and chutney with the green ones. 🙂

  53. I love to just can tomatoes any and every way. I can alot of tomatoes crushed because they are so versatile. My family however votes that salsa is their favorite way to can tomatoes.

  54. So far, I’ve only made tomato sauce, pasta sauce and pizza sauce, all in the freezer. I’m still anxious about pressure canning, but I would like more shelf stable sauces, plus whole tomatoes and tomato juice and salsa.

  55. Whole or quartered peeled tomatoes – I use them mostly for slow cooker soups. Now that I’m retired I think puree might be added and my daughter is going to show me how she makes the most fabulous dried tomatoes.

  56. My newest (favorite) tomato recipe for canning: Tomato Chutney. I did add sweet bell pepper (this was not in the recipe). so yummy

  57. I have never preserved tomatoes before because the work scares me! I hope to make some of your tomato jam this month, or ketchup!

  58. Haven’t had the opportunity to preserve tomatoes in large amounts before, this year I am finally able to do some! I love drying and slow roasting tomatoes and making savory sauces.

  59. I like to can whole tomatoes as well as make sauces – I make a lot of tomato based soups in the cooler months so home canned tomatoes are essential!!! It’s so nice to open a jar of home made sauce with all the summer veggies already in it – why it’s almost soup all by itself. Every once in a while I even sit down with a pint jar & eat the whole thing for dinner instead of cooking, hahaha. There’s no taste like home grown, field tomatoes that have been allowed to ripen on the vine!!!

  60. I can whole tomatoes as canning season can be busy and I don’t usually have the time for sauce. Then I can use them for a whole host of things

  61. I have never canned tomatoes they usually don’t last in my house my family loves to eat them like apples. This looks like the perfect thing to make my own sauces. I love to try new things and to have things that make it easier is great.

  62. My favorite way to use tomatoes is my a homemade chutney and tomato sauce. I just bottled off 7 jars of chutney and now I’m getting ready to bottle some whole ones.

  63. I haven’t tried canning tomatoes yet but this looks like a cool machine. I love the electric waterbath canner…so nice to have a clear stove top!

  64. I like to roast and freeze tomatoes for soups and spreads, but winning this sauce maker might just change my ways!

  65. How sweet is this! My tomato crop this year is near failure, but I know where to beg more than I need ; ) Next year – great crop. I really like having tomato puree on hand all winter and get tired of using my food press – this would solve that problem!

  66. I usually roast tomatoes and turn them into sauce for freezing, but would love to give canning a go with this handy machine!

  67. I have all your books and love them! This would b.s. awesome to win since we are trying to home can all our own preserved item and not rely on the grocery store

  68. My favorite way to do my tomatoes now is with my electric roaster. I blanche them and give them a coarse chop them I pile them into the roaster and let them go for 3-4 hours. after they have cooked down I add onions, peppers, and my spices and let them cook for another hour or so with the lid off. Then into the hot jars and process in a hot water bath for 45 minutes. Nothing like that fresh tomato flavor all year round.

    P.S. You can fit an entire 25 lb box of tomatoes into the large roaster. 🙂

  69. HI, I love making the tomato powder with dehydrated tomatoes. If I can find a really good deal on tomatoes at the Farmers Market I am going to draft Jeremy into coming over and helping me make tomato soup and can that. Cousins day!

  70. I have always wanted something like this for making tomato sauce in summer. Right now I have my trusty dehydrator to preserve them.

  71. I love roasted tomatoes with garlic and onion; I purée this and freeze it for winter goodness! Got a new dehydrator, so want to try drying them too.

  72. Two year ago I tried to make sauce and it did not go well. Right about the time it thickened up enough to start thinking about sterilizing the jars, my water bath canning pot sprung a leak. It took till 12:30 am on a work night doing batches in my stock pot. Here’s hoping this year goes better.

  73. I love a lot of ways but favorite is crushed or diced! I leave the skins on too. It’s the most user friendly, can be used for so many things later. Thanks for the giveaway! 🙂

  74. I have been oven roasting in olive oil for use out of the fridge in salads and breakfast scrambles, but am about to be underwater in tomatoes so would love a gadget like this!

  75. We usually roast tomatoes but last weekend we made tomato jam. A friend is looking for a machine similar to this as he is borrowing a friend’s machine to make apple puree that he is then turning into fruit leather using a dehydrator.

  76. Nothing better then fresh spaghetti sauce. I get so bored with the whole prep work of the tomatoes but when you taste that sauce during the meal it makes it all worth it. I bet this handy machine would make life so much easier!

  77. I’ve used a hand-crank model to process tomatoes for a number of years, but it now leaks badly. I also used it for apple sauce and pumpkin puree. My favorite way to can tomatoes is in dices, since that’s the way I usually use them.

  78. I hope I win! I have never canned tomatoes before but my 24 (!!!) tomato plants are getting veeerrryyyy heavy with green fruit so I’m preparing for a deluge in a week or two.

  79. I have only canned tomatoes one and was surprised at how much work it was! I found a recipe in the “Ball Blue Book guide to preserving” for Basil – Garlic Tomato Sauce. It was a great sauce to use as a base for many Italian dishes I enjoy making. I would make the sauce again if I had an easier way of processing the tomatoes. This machine would really help.

  80. Tomato basil soup…spaghetti sauce would abound with this device! If only my tomatoes had ripened better this year. We had a bizarre crop. But I just bought a bunch at a farmer’s market to make sauce with.

  81. Matt and I were just looking at some of these sauce making gadgets and wondering how they’d compare to our chinois/hand press. That is the only way we’ve done tomatoes (sauce, mostly) and we own all the required tools, but it sure seems like these contraptions would be slick, if they worked as well as promised. So, I am glad to hear your review of this one, as we’d been reading up on them already.

  82. I can tomatoes every year but always just chunk them up and do it that way. I’d love to do something different and think this would be a great start.

  83. Strangely enough, I make all kinds of salsa for other folks. But for myself, I am usually doing diced or sauce, maybe I’ll branch out into pureed or crushed this year!

  84. My favorite way to preserve tomatoes is roasting them, then popping them in the freezer to enjoy all winter. But–this year I have plans to do some canning of whole tomatoes as well!

  85. My favorite way of preserving tomatoes is the tomato basil jam! (I also love just plain ol canned tomatoes to use in chili and things like that, but that tomato basil jam has a certain WOW factor that makes it taste like summer in a jar…)

  86. I like to roast some and freeze or can them whole packed in water. I’ve never done much with sauce since I don’t own a food mill. This would sure make it easy to can tomato sauce!

  87. I’ve never had to preserve my tomatoes. I eat them as fast as I can grow them. Maybe the problem is I need more tomatoes.

  88. I’m a fan of simple diced tomatoes (though recently we’ve been tearing through our batches of arrabiata sauce).

  89. I like to preserve tomatoes in jars to use later for pizza and pasta sauce. I also like to dehydrate and freeze them, they are excellent on sandwiches and pizza!

  90. Crushed plain tomatoes in jars is my favorite way to preserve them… so easy to open them up for soups, stews, or whatever kind of sauce we want.

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