Fork You Returns + The Geometry of Pasta Giveaway

Years ago, before the canning bug well and truly bit me, my husband Scott and I regularly made an online cooking show called Fork You. In all honesty, the production of the show was essentially our courtship, as it gave us an excuse to spend time together when we were just friends and weren’t yet able to fess up to the fact that we adored one another wildly.

When we did finally started dating (and very soon thereafter, living together) the production of new episodes slowed to a crawl, because we just didn’t need an excuse to hang out. And then, when our “crew” (friends Thad and Angie) had a pair of wickedly cute twin daughters and didn’t have any extra time to do crazy stuff like spend a Saturday afternoon filming cooking videos, well, Fork You went on life support.

However, I’m happy to announce that we’re bringing it back (or at least, trying to). We’re planning on featuring recipes on a monthly basis from some of the cookbooks that publishers occasionally send me, so that they don’t just collect in awkward piles in the living room.

The first book featured in this new season of Fork You is The Geometry of Pasta, written by Jacob Kenedy and Caz Hildebrand and published by Quirk Books. Quirk was kind enough to send us copies of the book, as well as some cash to cover ingredient costs (that was a first for me).

Take a look and let us know what you think. If I sound a bit stuffed up, know that we filmed this during the height of the cold I had at the end of December.

Oh, and if you want a chance at winning the copy of The Geometry of Pasta that we have to give away, leave a comment here and share your favorite pasta shape. Comments will close at 11:59 p.m. on Monday, January 31. We’ll be in touch with the winner soon after that.

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196 responses to “Fork You Returns + The Geometry of Pasta Giveaway”

  1. I am a pasta lover. My girlfriend went to Venice and brought me pasta shaped in the shape of all the tourist attractions. I don’t know whether to eat them or make earrings out of them!!! I do so enjoy your page.

  2. My favorite shape is chiocciole, specifically the whole wheat one from Bionaturae. It’s my favorite for pasta salads and casseroles. I love how the pieces fill up with sauces and tasty bits.

  3. Great how you 2 hooked up. I am looking forward to checking out the video! My favorite pasta is manicotti filled with cheese and spinach ohhh so YUMMY!

  4. I LOVE angry pasta. Pasta All’Arribbiata. LOVE it. First had it in Rome and now make it at home! I thought my friend, an Italian speaker, was playing with me when she called it that. Not true! It’s real!

    Pretty much penne (or whatever I have), olive oil, red peppers (sometimes I like to use black pepper) and parmesan. Then I am a happy camper!

  5. I enjoyed the video! I love to cook quick, simple sauces like the one you did. Penne rigate is a favorite pasta shape that I cook with. I would love to win this book!!! Looking forward to your next Fork You video!

  6. FUSILLI!!!! I absolutely adore this shape of pasta. It just seems to hold a lot of flavour, sauce and has a great bite. My favourite by far. Nothing to do with loving rifles(fusile?) but more to do with “little spindles”. πŸ˜€

  7. Orecchiette are one of my favorites. We love to add some sausage (fake stuff for this vegetarian), some mustard greens, and some red pepper flakes. Yum- super fantastic comfort food. And I love the romance of calling a pasta “little ears,” it helps remind me to listen.

  8. I have 2 that are my absolute favorites: Cavatappi for the nice bite to it and the lovely corkscrew shape, and #1 would be Bucatini…but it’s soooo hard to find!!! No one ever sells it around Lancaster!

    I would never, ever, ever again buy spaghetti noodles if I could get my hands on Bucatini…I’ve become obsessed with it…probably because I can’t find it. But I love it so, the few times I have had it.

  9. I love ALL pasta shapes but I guess if i have to pick it would be corkscrews with ridges on them…. however it is really hard to pick as I have erased my answer 4 times and picked a new answer just since writing my response!

  10. I love angel hair for some things, and bowties for others. I love them all, though. Lately my 14yo daughter’s been creating beautiful sauces & toppings for pasta~ heaven!

  11. Also, what I should have said (beyond ‘tagliatelle’!) is that you guys are adorable, and that this video is awesome. More soon please!

  12. My favorite pasta is rather “vanilla”, but I love spaghetti. The better to slurp you with! And when I say you I am addressing the pasta.

  13. Awesome blog!I just married my childhood sweetheart–who insists that I stay away from recipes and simply cook. So I stumbled upon your website looking for new ideas!

  14. I am absolutely in love with orecchiette. I like it with a black-truffle laced sausage ragu and grana, or as carbonara with peas…they nestle into the “little ears”.

  15. I love gnocchi – fills right up with sauce! On the sillier side, I love the moose-shaped pasta we buy at IKEA πŸ™‚

  16. My favourite is home made duck egg pasta cut extra wide like a papparadelle. Love a cream and pea sauce but I use smoked salmon instead of the ham. Oh and few mushrooms never go astray.

  17. I do not think I have a favorite…it changes with the meal. My husband has a definite favorite, bowties. He’d prefer all pasta recipes to be made with bowties. I cannot bring myself to do it, but I do know I’ll get a bigger smile and broader reaction from a plate with bowties!

  18. Orecchiette is tops on my list, especially in the summertime when I use it in a fresh corn and tomoto dish. Thhe little ears cradle the corn kernels and the juice of the tomatoes

  19. I am so happy you are back doing the cooking videos.
    This reminds me of a baked pasta recipe called Tortellini de la Nona (Grandmother’s pasta) in which tortellini is baked with all of those ingredients.
    I’ve never roasted brussels sprouts with nutmeg before. I can’t wait to try it.

  20. We’re fond of priest stranglers. It’s an easy pasta shape to make. Carbonara is our favorite sauce. No, brown butter and sage. No, oil, garlic, basil, and parm. Oh, hell, we like ’em all!

  21. I like letters because they’re fun. Otherwise, I really enjoy the taste of whole wheat pasta – the nutty, chewy texture/taste really does it for me and any kind of sauce.

  22. I just tried a new kind of pasta from Williams-Sonoma called molloni pasta. It looks like cork screws. It has a lovely flavor & holds sauce well. It’s my new favorite shape, but only for special occasions – it’s a bit pricy!

  23. Today it is Tripolini made very simply with butter, salt & pepper, with grated Parmesan. When I visited Italy last Spring, one of my favorite stops was at an Italian “supermarket” in Padua where I found so many new kinds of pasta I had never heard of.

  24. My Favorite is fulsilli. I love the long spin the whole way through… great shape with a lot of surface around and length. Love to have it with pesto or a classic meat sauce.

  25. Loved the video! I’m just now learning to make my *own* pasta, and would love a copy of this book for video! My favorite is definitely ravioli at this point (spinach & feta ravioli, if I’m making it myself, cheese ravioli if it’s store-bought).

  26. Oh, I am so glad that you are continuing Fork You because that is how I found your blog. I am a foodie and love to read cookbooks and now because of you and a few other great blogs, I am learning the art of canning/preserving. There isn’t a pasta I don’t like and could eat it every night of the week. Good luck! πŸ™‚

  27. Favorite shape definitely depends on context. My all-purpose favorite is wide rigatoni with lines. Casseroles and pasta salads are best with fusilli. Sometimes I like the texture of farfalle just to change things up (and it’s awesome with gravy because I don’t eat egg noodles). On the other hand, I could spend the rest of my life without ever eating spaghetti again and be just as happy.

  28. Congrats on reincarnating your show! Look forward to seeing it. I only started following your blog a few months ago, so I didn’t know about the show until now. My favorite pasta shape is probably orecchiette (with broccoli), but I also like bucatini (with something nice and saucy!). And you can’t go past orzo for quick and easy – especially if you’re making a salad.

  29. Fusilli and rotini for normal pasta. My daughter’s choir has a yearly pasta sale. Everything has fun shapes, and of those, I’d have to say the turkeys are my favorite, but the orange pumpkins are a close runner-up!

  30. This would be fun rekindle the ole’ TV affair. I used the small shell pasta in my soup last week it holds little bits of yum yum…have a great day and nice video…

  31. I’ve always thought that fusilli was a fun shape to prepare some pasta dishes with, but I think I’m in love with any shape of pasta. Thanks for the chance to win the book!

  32. Must I choose only ONE?? I love them ALL!! (Just look at all the jars filled with odds and ends of little pasta shapes…) Singly or mixed together, they are all wonderful. But mixed together is best because they are all there!

    Fusilli for salads, wheels for mac & cheese (plus whatever else is handy), homemade any shape for a simple bolognese…

    Maybe if there was only one to the exclusion of all others forever – oh, phooey, I STILL cannot choose only one! Maybe the one that is almost like elbow, but with ridges?

  33. Great Video!! I really enjoyed the show and look forward to more.
    Marissa your blog is so fun! I look forward to reading new posts when they come in!

  34. Whenever I buy pasta, I always always buy rotini – I just love the shape and how it holds sauce… HOWEVER, yesterday I went to an Amish Market here in Baltimore that I stumbled across and found a bag of homemade radiatore! I forgot about this childhood favorite of mine! The “little radiators” are definitely my number one!!

  35. My fave pasta shape is small shells. That’s so cute how you two got together romantically. Looking forward to checking out the video.

  36. I love papardelle with rapini and tons of garlic. I also use lots of penne (that’s my go to short pasta) and good old fashioned spaghetti.

  37. The comment about the wedding gift was hilarious. Fun and zippy credits! My italian connections always tell me that the pasta water should taste like the sea-which is to say quite salty!

  38. While there are certainly many wildly exciting pasta shaped named for clothing, body parts and mollusks, I simply adore “pastina.” Tiny little star-shaped pasta meant to introduce babies to the joy of pasta? My vote is there.

  39. Can we count gnocchi as pasta? That’s my favorite. If we don’t, then I’m a huge fan of raviolis, particularly those filled with pumpkin or lobster

  40. I just stumbled upon your site and there’s a giveaway! I’m dying to start making my own pasta so the book would be well-loved here πŸ™‚ Looking forward to you videos!

  41. I’m a sucker for the tiny stars and the alphabet pasta since it reminds me of my childhood. Farfalle is an adult favorite. I like to get unusual whole-grain shapes whenever they catch my eye.

  42. Oh, radiatore without a doubt! For some reason, when I was a kid, it was always special when my grandmother would give me radiatore shaped pasta instead of spaghetti or elbows (the only other two I knew of at the time). I don’t know why, radiatore were on the shelf with all the other pastas, it wasn’t so hard to pick up that box over another one. Whatever the reason (which would no doubt require years of psychoanalysis to uncover), radiatore is the winner, hands down.

  43. Well, I have always like the Bowtie – Farfalle. My Dad called them butterflies. When a was just a little one I loved wagon wheels!

  44. Very cute to see you guys cooking in your little kitchen! I, too, am a fan of the farfalle.. but my favorite is probably fusilli. And not just because I’m a Seinfeld fan. πŸ˜‰

  45. I like the scoobi-do pasta….it’s like an extra long and curlier macaroni….it’s not really the shape that does it so much for me…..I just think the name is funny!!

  46. Our favourite is shaped like little party hats with a pink and green stripe thru them. You can eat them just with sauce or stuff them, yummy!

  47. My favorite pasta is orecchiette! It’s name is Italian for “Little Ears”. How cute is that? These small, disc-like pasta bites are tender and hold sauce really well. Yummy!

  48. Ooooo, my favorite I only ever saw in Italy, more than ten years ago, so I don’t remember the name. It looks like a really thick piece of spaghetti, but on closer inspection, you realize it’s hollow. Like a long cocktail straw of pasta. Amazing squish and mouthfeel. Hope to eat it again someday.

  49. Angel hair is my favourite, topped with olive oil, tons of garlic, red pepper flakes, kalamata olives, parsley and parmesan. Yum.

  50. Though I use a dozen other shapes for “normal” pasta dishes, I’ve completely converted to orzo for soups or pasta salads.

  51. my favorite shape is campanelle–they hold sauce well and are easy to stab with a fork. and they’re pretty.

    loved hearing about your courting via cooking!

  52. Oh my God, that was adorable!!! I can’t wait to watch all of the other episodes.

    I would say that cavatappi is my favorite shape. Especially with broccoli rabe and lots and lots of garlic.

  53. cute video.
    My favorite pasta shape is fusli, It holds sauce well without having a hole to trap too much, also good for baked pasta dishes.

  54. How can you go past ear pasta – oriecchiette? Functionally it is great, scooping up all the sauce in those little creases. And you can always cheers to Vincent VG. and Chopper Reid (for those of us from Melbourne).

  55. I have to go with the classic and slightly boring farfalle. It was my grandmothers choice for making kasha vanishkas when i was little.

  56. I really have taken to gemelli lately – makes amazing mac and cheese. Holds whatever sauce really well. And its a break from the norms in our house of angel hair and penne.

  57. My favorite is wagon wheels…. remind me of when I was little & mom would make chicken soup with wagon wheels to get me to eat something…

  58. Chiocciole is my absolute favorite pasta shape. It’s such a fun shape and is amazing for gathering and holding sauce in the fat curved tubes. Love it! I think I’ll have to have pasta for dinner now.

  59. Holy Moly, you guys are adorable! I look forward to more of your videos! My favorite pasta is papparadelle, unless I’m going to bake it and then I prefer penne.

  60. I love pappardelle…but my husband’s favorite is orechette. It can be an interesting dinner discussion when we decide which shape to make!

  61. Aww, you two are adorable. My favorite kind of pasta is farfalle, which I actually never had until I came to college — my mother never used it growing up!

  62. Holy cats, you guys are adorable. I am also EXTREMELY jealous of that oven-on-the-top. Excellent work, you two.

    Our go-to pasta around here is angel hair because it cooks up so quickly.

  63. my favorite has to be alphabet pasta shapes.I know not a major culinary figure in the world of pasta,but it sure does make my day.I made soup-in-a-jar Christmas gifts and just happen to find alphabet pasta shapes at the store,JACKPOT! Even grown adults were happy to find that in the jars this year!

  64. My favorite pasta are orecchiette… I combine it with a sauce made of equal parts butter, soy sauce and plain yogurt with a dusting of nutmeg. toss with pasta and top with a little shredded prosciuttio. I call it Cassie’s Ears after my beloved Bull Terrier.

  65. My current favorite shape to eat would be boring, so I’ll just say how much I loved eating my mom’s chicken noodle soup when I was a kid because she used alphabet noodles.

  66. Definitely looking forward to more episodes of Fork You! My favorite pasta shape is gemelli. I just love how it’s little twists hold light sauces but it’s got enough structure to hang onto a meaty bolognese.

  67. Shells! I love the way they hold sauce or little bits of meat and veggies. The medium size is my go to for any kind of pasta-based casserole, especially mac and cheese and tuna casserole. I usually use them for pasta salad as well, since I can’t find ring shaped pasta here in Georgia. I love to add the tiny shells to homemade soup, and use the large ones for stuffed shells, which is the dish my family and friends ask for most often.

  68. That was a great video. Thanks for sharing! My favorite pasta is penne because it stands up to heavy mac’n’cheese type sauces and is easy to pick up with a fork in more slippery vinaigrette type dishes.

    What temperature and for how long did you roast the brussel sprouts?

  69. I remember Fork You!

    I think my favorite pasta shape is bow tie…or maybe gemelli. I like how they hold the sauce in their ridges (even if it’s just butter) and I like using those shapes when I make Macaroni & Cheese. MMM.

  70. I love bowties! They’re just so cute πŸ™‚
    I also like cavatappi, mostly because they’re in my favorite dish at a local pasta place.

  71. The shape of the pasta truly adds to the taste of the dish being prepared as we begin to associate certain recipes not only by their taste but how it feels, pasta shape and all, in our mouths as we eat the prepared recipe. This heightens our eating experience and develops our palettes! Pasta shapes, by their geometry have different densities and therefore affect the outcome of the recipe appearance and degree of flavor in each recipe. My favorite pasta shape when sitting down to a wonderful Sunday Pasta meal with homemade marinara sauce made with Jersey tomatoes, is MAFADELLA. This 10-12” long strand, mini lasagna, 1 inch thick pasta shape brings me back to my childhood when I couldn’t get enough pasta growing up! Full flavor.

  72. I’ve been partial to pappardelle lately, but that might be because it is easy to make with fresh noodles. In fact, we had a lovely sausage and veal ragu with fresh pappardelle last night. I’ve seen this book before, would love to own it.

  73. Marisa — How fun to see you and meet Scott! Love the graphics and music as well after the show. Must say bowties are my favorite pasta — they remind me of butterflies!

  74. Bucatini was my favorite when I was a kid…but now it’s probably penne rigate because I like how it holds the sauce better.

  75. food in jars…so glad I found you. any plans for doing cakes in jars? Pasta? I love the baby pastas..acini di pepe. Mary in Cincinnati

  76. My family loves pasta! My personal favorite shape is shells! We eat spaghetti using different pastas/sauces several times a week.

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