Foods in Jars Favorites from the 2010 Fancy Food Show

June 30, 2010(updated on October 3, 2018)

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On Monday, I played hooky from work and spent a day strolling the Fancy Food Show with camera in hand. I tasted some amazing things, including delicious cheeses, shatteringly good chocolates and snack-y items galore. But since this is a blog (mostly) about food that comes in jars, those were the items I sought out and made mental notes about. Here goes…

preserved green walnuts

Harvest Song Artisanal Preserves is a New York-based company that imports handmade preserves from Armenia. All their spreads are divine (my friend Tenaya gave me a jar of the Tea Rose Petal preserves for my birthday last year. That jar didn’t last a week) but these Baby Walnuts are just amazing. They pick them green, brine them and then pack them in a sugar syrup. They are soft, tender and delicately flavored. I’ve never before tasted anything like them.

delicious jams

Their other jams are pretty wonderful as well, particularly their sour cherry and wild strawberry. Definitely not preserves you see every day.

Colorado Mountain Jam

I loved the pear jams from Colorado Mountain Jams. The basic pear was really nice (and got me all excited for pear season to return) but the pear ginger was amazing.

delicious jellies

I loved these boozy flavored jellies from Cherith Valley Gardens. They also have a product called Spirited Peaches that are essentially wonderful canned peaches packed in a syrup to which some almond liqueur has been added. I think I know how I’m doing my peaches this summer!

Justin's Chocolate Hazelnut Butter

A mini-trend I spotted was that everyone seems to be making a Nutella-like chocolate hazelnut spread. This one from Justin’s Nut Butters was sweet tooth satisfying. However…

Askinosie chocolate hazelnut spread

This one from Askinosie was far richer and more intriguing. Made from scratch with hazelnuts from Lyndon, Washington and roasted cocoa nibs and cocoa powder (both made by Askinosie with beans sourced from Davao, Philippines), it made this dark chocolate lover do a dance of joy right there in the aisle (and then squat down to get a better picture).

tumeric-spiked nut butters

They say that tumeric has a number of positive effects on health. Sadly, most Americans don’t get enough in their diets (unless they’re Indian food junkies). This product, called Nutmeric, combines the flavor and spreadability of almond butter with the vivid health benefits of tumeric. It also happens to taste really good.

Root Cellar Preserves

Root Cellar Preserves makes a mean pickle. Seriously. Those Zesty Sweet Pickle Chips go in all tangy and gentle and just when you’re least suspecting it, the spice leaps out and grabs the back of your throat in a most fabulous and tasty way. I aspire to make some bread and butters just like this in the very near future.

goat's milk caramel sauces

These goats milk caramel sauces were everything a caramel sauce should be, with just the smallest hint of the complexity of goat’s milk. The fact that they come from a place called Fat Toad Farm just makes them that much better.

Bamboo Utensil Set

Okay, so these aren’t edible, but I was smitten with them nonetheless. I’ve been actively trying to reduce my consumption of plastic utensils of late. I do this mostly by keeping a set of mis-matched silverware at my desk at work. However, I do wish I had a set of these Bamboo Utensils to keep in my bag. I think it would help me be even better. Plus, what a cute carrying case they come in!

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19 thoughts on "Foods in Jars Favorites from the 2010 Fancy Food Show"

  • What a delectable array of jarred yumminess. Many intriguing ideas to contemplate and try at home I think. Thanks for sharing your finds.

  • nutmeric! so intriguing. i bet that would be awesome for savory uses too. in place of peanut butter in peanut sauce?!

  • Everything was alittle off the beaten path from what I normally see around here. I’m glad you had a wonderful time!

  • My friend has a fork and a spoon on her key ring – she just bent the handles back around on themselves (like those baby spoons) and hooked them on a ring. She also carries a multi tool for the knife

  • OOOH did you get a chance to taste the sweet potato butter? ABSOLUTELY to die for. looked at the ingredients and plan to try to whip some up in the fall.

  • I have the bamboo utensils, great and eco-friendly addition to the lunch box. Can you tell me who makes the baby walnuts? Can’t tell and I think I need some!

  • Lynn, those baby walnuts are made by Harvest Song Artisanal Preserves. Click on the link (on this site, if something is in bold, that means that it’s a link) to see the page where you can buy them.

  • My daughter Tracey Luke introduced me to your blog and I love it! I have a question that hopefully you can help me with.I am making the crisp in a jar recipe as a wedding favor, will i need to water bath the jars after baking?I want them to be cooked and ready to be eaten.Thank you for your help.

  • I have a set of to go ware utensils, they are great! I bought a set to give as a gift last year and had to get some for myself.

  • My bf gave me a set of the bamboo utensils, and they’re lovely! I also think it’s neat that the set includes a pair of chopsticks.

  • So, if you were moving across the country, say next week, into a smaller place, would you keep your jars? I’m discovering a have a LOT of lovely little jars…

  • Love your blog! Want to tweet your posts to the world but need the tweetmeme button to do it easily. It forms the tweet, adds a tiny URL, then allows tweeter to customize as desired. I added it to my blog and really love it. Best…Susan

  • Yum! I like the Spirited Peaches idea since I love anything with almond. I had a spicy bread and butter pickle down here in Florida while on vacation called Spickles. Defintely going to attempt something similar before summer ends.

  • Ah! Fat Toad Farm is SUCH a cool place. I mean, the name is great, but the people who run it are even more wonderful… plus, their goats are so sweet! That caramel has gone a long way to get to you from Vermont. I’m glad you enjoyed it!

  • LOVE the purpose of your site! And even better, that you ditched work to go to the fancy foods show! Sad we missed it this year 🙁

    NEW Fans from @Sugar_Loco