Food in Jars on Facebook Live!

July 7, 2016

assorted jars with labels

We are smack dab in the middle of canning season and judging from the number of emails I’ve been getting lately, many of you are starting to have questions about adapting recipes, changing the sizes of your batches, and whether the preserves you’ve been making are safe and shelf stable.

Next Tuesday, July 12, I’m going to spend an hour on Facebook Live, making a small batch of honey sweetened jam and answering those canning questions that you’ve been sending me. As with all things like this that I do, this will be something of an experiment. I have no idea how many people will show up, or how well it will go. But I’m hopeful it will be useful and fun for all of us.

I’ll be streaming live starting at 9 pm eastern time (I’m starting kind of late my time, in the hopes that it will make it more accessible for those of you who live out west). It will live on the Food in Jars Facebook page, and if you can’t make it when I’m on live, you should be able to view it later.

I should be able to interact with everyone live during the stream, but I thought it would make sense to gather some questions with which to kick off the evening. So if you’ve got a burning canning question for which you’ve been unable to find an answer, ask it as a comment on this post. Or send it to me via Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

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7 thoughts on "Food in Jars on Facebook Live!"

  • Hi Marisa – I bet a lot of people would be interested in hearing about when (and how) you can change the seasonings/flavor of standard recipes.

    Looking forward to the event!

  • Hello – I love to add lemon zest to fruits when I serve them fresh – can I do that safely when making jams and jellys and preserves and conserves that do not specify adding zest in their recipes? Thanks for your time – love your blog!

  • Great idea! I am relatively new to canning but grew up around it with both my grandma and mother canning, however they were ‘old school’ and I am sticking by the new canning recommendations. I have a hard time knowing with the fruit/sugar ratio if it is required for safety or just there for taste. I prefer the recipes with lower sugar, such as fruit butters, or using an alternative to sugar however don’t always know in a sugar recipe if it can be reduced or changed without concern for safety. Thanks for the inspiration of preserving the season!

  • Hi Marissa,
    Deb Samuels here in Berlin, Germany where I come every late spring and summer. I do a fair amount of canning here because the strawberry season is long and they are delicious. I canned in the Weck jars for the first time with lots of help from your tutorial! But the most wonderful thing I have discovered is a combination sugar-pectin product called
    Gelierzucker from the company Dr. Oetker (produces lots of products for baking and canning). It made the most delicious strawberry jam with a 2:1 ratio of 2 parts fruit to 1 part gelierzucker. Do we have anything like this in the states? I want to bring back a suitcase full!
    I will send you a photo in a separate email.

  • Hi! I started canning last August and am addicted! I have all three of your books and LOVE all the recipes. My question is related to jar size and the water bath time. Is it okay to can different size jars in the same water bath? A lot of times, I like to can 1/2 pints and 1/4 pints at the same time to have smaller servings available. Or I have enough left to fill a 1/4 pint and would prefer to can versus put in the fridge.

    1. I will dig into this question tonight! But for the record, the processing time for most things is the same whether you’re canning in pints, 12 ounce, half pint, or quarter pint jars. You don’t change the processing time for smaller jars. The only time you change it is if you increase the size the of the jar beyond a pint.