Food in Jars and Fillmore Container at the Pennsylvania Farm Show

January 8, 2016

Farm Show Picture

Here in Pennsylvania, we don’t have a summertime state fair. We have the PA Farm Show, which sets up each January in the the sprawling PA Farm Show Complex and Expo Center (and if you think about it, it makes sense. Farmers, growers, and preservers don’t have time for a fair during the height of the season. Doing it in winter is far smarter).

For the last two years now, I’ve spent a couple of days at the Farm Show, hanging out with my friends from Fillmore Container, offering a series of canning demos, and sampling the many treats that the farm show has to offer. This year, I’ll be there on Monday, January 11 and Tuesday, January 12, to demonstration and hopefully sell a few books.

Here’s the schedule:

Monday, January 11
1:30 pm Pear Ginger Conserve from Food in Jars
3:00 pm Winter Fruit Mostarda from Preserving by the Pint
6:00 pm Honey Sweetened Pear Vanilla Jam from Naturally Sweet Food in Jars

Tuesday, January 12
10:00 am Winter Fruit Mostarda from Preserving by the Pint
1:00 pm Honey Sweetened Pear Vanilla Jam from Naturally Sweet Food in Jars @ Family Living Stage
3:00 pm Spicy Pickled Cauliflower from Preserving by the Pint
6:30 pm Caramelized Red Onion Relish from Food in Jars

In celebration of the Farm Show, Fillmore Container is currently offering up a giveaway of some of my favorite canning gear. The pack includes a signed copy of Food in Jars, a blossom trivet, a case of my beloved wide mouth half pint jars, and other good stuff. Click here to enter.

Fillmore Container will also be hosting Amanda Feifer (author of the fabulous Ferment Your Vegetables) and Richard Kralj from the Penn State Cooperative during the show. Amanda will be there on Wednesday, January 13 and Thursday, January 14, talking about fermentation. Richard will be there to offer up a pressure canning demo the morning of Wednesday, January 13.

They’re also currently hosting a giveaway of some of Amanda’s favorite fermenting gear. Make sure to enter that one here.

For more about the preserving events and activities taking place at the Fillmore Container booth at the PA Farm Show, check out this post. You’ll find us on the Main Floor of the complex, in the Family Living area.

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12 thoughts on "Food in Jars and Fillmore Container at the Pennsylvania Farm Show"

  • Hi Marisa!

    I won’t be traveling to Penna for the Farm Show, tempting though that may be, but I do have a request. Or a suggestion, if you will. Next time you are doing a demo in Portland, what do you say to a pressure canning show and tell? I think this is my logical next step in preserving (hello, beans!) but I am intimidated by the pressure! I’m afraid the darned thing will blow up! I would love to see a step by step demo to give me a boost in confidence.

    Just throwing it out there!

  • I can get gravy in #10 is very cheap. I also have unfilled jars that would do serving size gravy. Can you recan gravy?

  • Going to the PA Farm Show on Wednesday. I actually checked your blog a few days ago to see if you were going to be there but this post was not up yet. 🙁 Maybe next year…

    1. Oh shoot! So sorry to hear that I’ll miss you. Still, Amanda from Phickle will be there Wednesday and she’s great. So you’re not entirely missing out.

  • Enjoyed your 3:00 Farm Show canning demo so much, we came back to watch your 6:00 demo too. Great presentation and thanks for answering so many questions. The sample of Honey Sweetened Pear Vanilla Jam was delicious and I can’t wait to try and make it!

  • Ok, so after leaving the canning world for a few years (simply a lack of time, mostly), I’m getting back into it. I water bath canned before, but am really considering grabbing a pressure canner and giving that a go. I don’t want to invest a ton of money into it, but I’d like to get one that isn’t garbage either. Do you have any recommendations of cheap-ish priced pressure canners that are also sturdy? Thanks! 🙂

  • I am so bummed I checked your events calendar and didn’t see that your were attending the farm show. Hopefully you will be there next year!?

  • Loved getting to meet you. I didn’t have a chance to hang around for the mostarda demo … do you use mustard oil or a wine extract or … what?