Finished Chive Blossom Vinegar + Bon Ami Winner

June 9, 2011(updated on October 3, 2018)

finished chive blossom vinegar

It had been my intention to get this post up last night, but instead, I spent a good four hours straight tethered to my stove making a batch of Strawberry Lemon Jam (same essential formula as this jam, only skip the vanilla bean and use the zest and juice of four lemons) and retesting several cookbook recipes (Grape Jelly, Gingery Pickled Beets and a revised version of these Sweet and Sour Pickled Red Onions).

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Now, I want you to think back several weeks. Do you remember this post, in which I urged you to stuff a bunch of chive blossoms into a large jar and cover them with some form of light vinegar? I hope you did it, because I have a strong hunch that I’m going to spend the next year praising this simple infusion.

After three weeks sitting on my counter top, I decided that last night was the time to strain and decant the vinegar. I did an initial strain with a regular sieve to remove the blossoms and then did a finer strain, pouring the vinegar through some cheesecloth in order to remove the flowers’ tiny seeds. The vividly colored jar you see above is the result. Happily, it doesn’t just look good. It has wholeheartedly adopted the essence of the blossoms. I can’t wait to make some quick pickles with it and whisk it into a lemony vinaigrette.

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Also, thanks to all of you who replied that you were interested in the bulk produce buying group from Monday’s post. I will be in touch over the weekend with more information, so stay tuned.

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We got winners! pulled up numbers 46 and 162, which correspond to the comments left by Danielle and Cathy. Congratulations ladies, I’ll be in touch shortly to get your information.


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28 thoughts on "Finished Chive Blossom Vinegar + Bon Ami Winner"

  • Please be sure to post how you end up using the vinegar–I have tried it myself (should be done next week)and am looking forward to using it!

  • Gosh darn it I am kicking myself for not picking my chive blossoms in time to try this out!!!

  • I also lobbed off my chive blossoms (and begged some off of my mom’s much larger garden) and stuffed them into a jar and topped them off with vinegar! I can’t wait to see how it turns out – and please do let us know what recipes you devise with this luscious purple goody (I keep forcing my husband to look at the color and he’s not nearly as impressed as I am!) Great idea – can’t wait to try it! And as soon as our CSA starts in another week I plan to use the extravagant strawberry yield we’ve heard rumor of to try out your strawberry vanilla jam! I ordered vanilla beans and they’ just arrived on Monday. AND THEN I’ll use some to make vanilla extract! So many exciting bottled happiness to come 🙂 Thanks for you ideas and inspiration.

  • hi! I came upon a bunch of chive blossoms at the farmers market last week and, remembering your vinegar, was inspired to bring them home with me. I put up a pint jar with white wine vinegar, and after just a week the color and aroma are incredible. I tried a bit in a vinaigrette a few days ago — fantastic — and plan to steep the vinegar for another 2 weeks or so to really intensify the flavor. thanks for this great idea!

  • My blossoms are ready for picking! Can’t wait to try this.

    Question: Do you think this would work with sage blossoms as well?

    1. Susan, I’ve never encountered sage blossoms before, but I don’t see why not! Give it a try and let us know how it turns out!

  • My chives hadn’t yet bloomed at that earlier post, but did just recently–this is a good kick in the pants to get out there and pick those blossoms and make this great looking vinegar, finally! Ah, always so many things I mean to do…

  • i am totally trying this! i made some a few years ago (which i still have a little bit of) with garlic chive blossoms. i don’t know if it was the garlic chives or the fact that i left them in the vinegar for far longer than i was supposed to, but it is crazy strong! i’d love to hear how you use this vinegar, so i know what to do with mine!

  • I made some chive vinegar last week. They look so pretty in the jar. I almost hate to strain them. lol
    This will make a nice gift with some sort of recipe attched.

    Thank you so much 🙂

  • I have some steeping right now. What are your thoughts about using the blossoms, perhaps pureed into a vinaigrette?

    1. The blossoms surrender most of their flavor over to the vinegar, so I don’t know how much they’d contribute to a vinaigrette. However, it’s certainly worth a try!

  • Is it too late for me? I was just looking out my window and thinking…Where did I see the post about chive blossoms in vinegar? I am so happy you posted your update. My only question is: Am I too late? I still have blossoms. Should I try it?

  • I also made the chive blossom vinegar. It will be ready officially tomorrow! Looks lovely already. I was also inspired by this and a post from Well Preserved(I think)who was deydrating hers, and used my leftover strawbery hulls to make a vinegar from them too. They have another week to go. I may try making an onion top vinegar next. I love all the FB connections to so many great blogs!

  • I just started mine last night too it looks wonderful. Mine’s been steeping since 4-30 I love the color and it smells good too I put mine in the fridge. now to think what i am going to use it for!

  • That jar looks beautiful! I haven’t managed to get my hand on any chive blossoms yet this year, but I want to make some if I can find them. I also grow society garlic so might try it with those blossoms next time I get a bumper crop.

  • I made this as well and strained it two nights ago. It tastes wonderful and the color is just gorgeous! So glad I made it after you posted yours! Thanks!

  • Thanks for sharing this recipe. I was impatient and half of the blossoms were not yet in full bloom when I lopped them off. Will see how it works out.

  • Wait, a revised version of sweet and sour pickled red onions? This is my favorite canning recipe ever. I made 4 cases last summer and have been gifting them all year. When and where can I get my hands on a revised recipe? The BEST!!! YUM!

  • I’ve been using last years chive flower vinegar all year, and I can say you are very right about the lemony vinaigrette! Also though, a total knockout in grainy summer salads. But that pink! Totally gorgeous.

  • I started a jar of my own two days ago, and it’s already that same vivid shade of purple. Can’t wait to try it! It’s also piquing the interest of the teachers in the school I cook at. I decided to store it in our science classroom as it’s the coolest spot in the building, and people are commenting on it.

  • I live in Las Vegas and grow fruit and vegetables for my CSA. I am also a food preserver and love your site.
    Have you tried infusing your favorite vinegar with Lime Basil leaves. It is wonderful. I make my own vinegar from wine grapes grown here in Las Vegas and infuse it with Lime, Christmas or Thai Basil. The local chefs really enjoy the special bouquets of flavor. Thank you for your version of great vinegar.