Fair Food and The Brewer’s Plate (+ Giveaway!)

March 1, 2013

Fair Food Farmstand

Philadelphia is fortunate to have a number of organizations that work to support the local foodshed, connect farmers with restaurants and shoppers, and generally spread the work about the amazing food that is being grown, raised, and produced through the region.

One such organization is Fair Food. In addition to running a very visible Farmstand in Reading Terminal Market, they do an amazing job of connecting producers with restaurants and institutions who want to use local food in their kitchens.

Each year, Fair Food throws a grand fundraiser called The Brewer’s Plate, in which they bring together nearly fifty area restaurants, brewers, cheesemakers, and bakers for an orgiastic evening of tasting and sipping. This year’s event is coming up on Sunday, March 10 and runs from 5:30-9 pm at the National Constitution Center. General admission is $70 a head and VIP tickets are $140 (it gets you early admission and access to an extra, less crowded area).

Fair Food has given me a pair of general admission tickets (a $140 value!) to give away for this year’s Brewer’s Plate (sadly, transportation to Philadelphia is not included). If you can get yourself to Philly on March 10 and want a chance to win the tickets, here’s what you do:

brewersplatewinner The winner is commenter #69, Michele G., from RowHouse Livin’.

  1. Leave a comment on this post and share a reason why you like to eat locally grown/raised/products foods when you can.
  2. Comments will close at 12 noon on Monday, March 7. The winner will be posted promptly to the blog.
  3. Giveaway open to anyone who can get to Philadelphia on March 10.
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left via the comment form on the blog at the bottom of this post.
Disclosure: Fair Food gave me a pair of tickets for giveaway, as well as an additional pair that I can use. However, my opinions are my own and uninfluenced by these tickets. No cash changed hands. 

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73 thoughts on "Fair Food and The Brewer’s Plate (+ Giveaway!)"

  • I love to eat PA local because I want to preserve the beautiful and unique rural culture of Pennsylvania for my children & grandchildren.

  • I like to support local farmers and local businesses, so I eat at restaurants that support local farms and businesses whenever I can. You know the food you’re eating is always fresh and local!

  • I’ve been waffling over whether or not I’ll buy a ticket, but I’ve kept that day mostly free anyway. (Then again, I could do my taxes that day)

    It’s gotten so that the main reason I’m buying local is because I’ve met the people growing my food, and I want them to succeed.

  • This would be an amazing opportunity, especially since we’ve never been.

    Eating locally gives me a real sense of pride about where I live, and I think that’s great. I like supporting small, passionate businesses, and of course I love growing and making my own food!

  • I love supporting local farmers and artisans because I like to support the local economy and have a better idea of where my food comes from.

  • I like to buy and eat locally when I can because my family owns a small organic pecan farm and our livelihood has come from people who value good, sustainable, local food. So I get to eat good food, know the people who produced it and pay it forward!

  • I buy local food to support my local farmers – there is simply no reason to transport food across the country or around the world when a similar (and often BETTER) product is available locally.

  • I love to support local farms and buy local food because I love hearing about where food came from from the people who grew it. They have an unmatched passion for what they make and grow. Sharing in this conversation keeps us connected to our food and makes me appreciate it all the more!

  • I like to source my food locally for a variety of reasons, most prominent being the food os fresher, and the means it is produced easy to dicover.

  • We eat locally as much as possible. We belong to a CSA and shop at the local coop. We love to support local farms and businesses. It is important to support your local community plus the food tastes so much better.

  • I like to know that I am supporting my neighbors when I buy their food. That, and I feel like I am reducing my carbon footprint when my food isn’t hauled across the country to reach my plate.

  • I went to a vigil tonight, and was reminded once again of the support to be found in our small town. As I looked out at all the mourners, I was proud to have invested in so many lives as a neighbor, teacher, and also consumer. Eating local preserves great communities like mine.

  • Mostly I like to eat locally/seasonally just because it tastes better. But I also like supporting small local farms and producers. The money means more to the farmers than it does to Del Monte.

  • I love knowing where my food is coming from & being able to go out & see where if I want…..supporting the local farmers & not giving my money to the big guys who don’t care about anything more than my money!

  • I like knowing the people I’m buying from. They always make you feel like a VIP when they know who you are and what you like and what you expect. The fact that helps the local economy is also a plus.

  • I try to eat locally because I know the food is fresher and it has a much smaller carbon footprint when it hasn’t been hauled around the world.

  • I love eating locally through my CSA because it’s a great opportunity to meet the people growing the food my family eats.

  • I like knowing where my money is going and what’s going into my body. There’s something special about supporting local farmers who raise your food with you in mind rather than just heading to the grocery store.

  • I like to buy locally because I am lucky enough to live in a community that still has farms and farmers in it, so it is nice to give my purchasing power to a friend in the community rather than someone I don’t know. I am also amazed by the freshness of locally grown products. Sometimes they may cost a bit more, but they actually last so much longer, so I rarely throw anything away because I haven’t cooked it or used it fast enough.

  • I like to eat local for a variety of reasons. Taste and supporting local farmers/producers of food are obvious. I’m also trying to minimize my footprint by minimizing the fuel needed to transport the food to me.

  • I eat locally because I get to know my farmers and support the local economy. By getting to know our farmers, we know what goes into the food we eat and get an understanding of how the animals are raised. Farmers are much more informational and often more truthful/clear of how the animals live. My husband and I own a pastured poultry farm, and what started as a hobby has bloomed into a full time farm because we could see and taste the difference between the food we grew ourselves and what we used to buy at the grocery store. As far as the produce we eat, its well known that freshly harvested produce is far more nutritional than food grown across the country and shipped out. There are so many reasons we should eat locally, and that was just a few 🙂

  • I like to eat local because the food tastes better. Sure you can only have strawberries part of the year, but they taste 100 times better than the off season ones!

  • Tastes better! The veggies I get from my CSA are a thousand times tastier than anything in a grocery store.

  • You can taste the incredible difference between a tomato flown in from halfway aacross the country and your own backyard. Not to mention, I love knowing my money is supporting small businesses and fair wages.

  • We joined a local CSA (Eckerton Hill Farm) this year and have fun utilizing all of the amazing produce in our weekly share.

  • Eating fresh, local, and seasonally produced products is critically important in sustaining local economies, environments, and, ultimately, the health of that locality. When you consume fresh, local, and sustainably produced products, you support local growers/producers and stimulate not only their immediate economy, but you support them in remaining in the area, running their business, and thus supporting others to whom they pay rent, but other ingredients, etc. Consumption of these goods also cuts down on waste in a substantial way, considerably reducing the carbon footprint of production and transportation. Fresh, local, sustainable products combat GMO and result in a reduction in the need to prepare crops and products for longer shelf lives, travel, etc. Fresh/local/sustainable is important in ensuring that consumers get the biggest nutritional bang for their buck – since produce begins losing nutrients when picked, the best way to make sure that you are getting the most complete representation of a product’s nutritional profile is to consume it as close to harvest as possible. Seasonal, fresh, local, and sustainably produced products also yield greater flavor than mass produced and out of season produce and food products. Not only is fresh, local, sustainable, and seasonal better tasting, its a choice you can feel good about. By consuming and supporting fresh, local, seasonal, and sustainable products, we are not only saying that our bodies and families are important, we are building community and recognizing the love, pride, and effort that goes into each and every bite. We are consuming love and in turn showing our love through our support of what small local producers give us everyday. Buying locally produced XYZ may seem like a small choice at times, but its a small choice that, in fact, impacts the global community in a vast and meaningful way.

  • Because we want to eat healthy foods, we buy locally grown when possible. We have established friendships and relationships with neighbors that are mutually beneficial.
    I love visiting the amish lady who has a wealth of information about so many things!

  • I like to eat and buy locally because I grew up raising livestock on a little farm less than 20 miles from center city. I appreciate the work that goes into raising healthy food, and I enjoy knowing where most of my food came from.

  • I like eating local foods because they’re fresher, and it’s fun to be able to see the places where your foods come from!

  • Living in Southern California, I know how far the farmers must travel to provide us with the opportunity to purchase their produce. I appreciate and want to encourage them to continue to come to our area, so I feel it is of the utmost importance to be a regular customer. In our dense area, it is important for consumers not to take for granted where food derives from.

  • I want my local neighbors to succeed and I believe it is the best nutritionally! Plus local just tastes better!

  • I like to eat and buy locally for a few reasons; hands down number one is taste; its a bonus to meet and support cool artisans, while being able to learn and know how things were grown and produced.

  • Eating locally exposed me to a whole new world of wonderful foods. Before I moved to Philly, I had never eaten mushrooms, let alone ramps, pawpaws, watermelon radishes and my favorite, South Philly figs. Buying food from people you can get to know knits you into a community that encourages stewardship of land, concern for neighbors, and adventures in eating.

  • I love eating locally grown seasonal organic foods for a few main reasons. The first is the superior taste, quality, and of course for the support of the local farmers. The second is because I think that our current global economy will eventually be unable to support itself. If as communities we can shop and eat locally there will be an infrastructure in place that will sustain us as the global economy recesses. Lastly, I am an artist and I think that taking the care to raise produce (and cheese and beer!!) in a small setting is an important artform to cherish and save. What a great event to both support and raise awareness for local economies! Thanks!!

  • I love to eat locally grown food because it’s fresher, better tasting, and better for the environment. Used to do my food shopping at Reading Terminal when I lived in Philly. Now, I’m a train ride away in NJ.

  • I buy locally grown food mainly because I love food and want to enjoy every aspect of it. Beyond that, I love how buying local can strengthen communities and economies. And you can’t beat the excitement of going to pick peas and strawberries after a long, cold winter!

  • I eat local because I love supporting local businesses; the food is more sustainable; and dammit it just tastes better!

  • I try to eat locally because it’s better for our health and the environment. If I have a question about my food I like being able to ask the person who grew/raised it.

  • I like to eat organic and local because I grew up growing my own food and I’ve spent time on a few farms since then.

  • Thanks for doing this giveaway Marisa. I love to eat local because I know that it tastes fresh and get to meet the farmers that grow the food. I go to farmer’s markets in NJ (near my house) and prefer organic. I also like to eat in season and keeps the price down.

  • What an awesome giveaway!! Our family is trying to eat local and support our local farms. We belong to a csa & shop at farm stands for almost all of our food!!

  • I try to eat locally because I like to shop outside at markets….talking to farmers and finding veg I’ve never seen before and because I like to eat what is in season….tastes the best!

  • Eating locally grown food is the best way to ensure that your food is coming from a reliable source, is grown in season- when it is meant to be eaten- as is as fresh as possible! I love the Fair Food Stand and would love to be a part of this event!

  • One reason I like to eat locally grown products b/c it reminds me of my childhood and my grandparents farm.

  • Taste is the primary reason, but I also love being in touch with the seasons and nature – the places and elements that actually produce the food. Someday I will have the space and time to grow more things myself, but eating food that was grown, tended and picked nearby (recently, and not shipped across the country in boxes) is the next best thing.

  • We do CSA(s) and grow our own. Local is delicious. I can’t get to Philly but would give the tickets to my sister who lives in Philly.

  • I like to eat locally grown food because I like supporting small, local businesses. Additionally, small farms are more likely to practice organic techniques. I get a weekly CSA share from a farm 10 minutes away from my apartment and I’m very happy with it!

  • I eat and buy locally because this country girls, country is growning smaller. I’m determined to help keep the farms around me farms!

    Also what a great event! I’m near Philly but never make it to this because…well many becauses.

  • I love to use locally grown foods for my family for so many reasons- it’s fresh, it helps build community, it helps to support local families & businesses and it helps my kids see the real cost of food! Thanks for sharing! I’m a country girl at heart, but would love a chance to get back to the City of Brotherly Love! 🙂

  • I’ve just started my second season as a farm apprentice on a CSA near Philly. It’s exciting and encouraging to read all the comments of people who appreciate and value local, sustainable, seasonal and delicious food, especially as I look down the road to a farming career. When you buy local chemical-free food, you’re not just feeding your families in healthier ways, or even just feeding your communities in more holistic ways. You’re bringing up opportunities for a whole generation of young people like myself to have rewarding jobs and decent careers, and you’re helping to change the brokenness of our world’s food systems for the better. Thank you. Thank you! Keep supporting us, and we’ll keep making it worth your investment!

    I’d love to get to the Brewer’s Plate to celebrate with the folks who are cooking with and eating Philly’s local food, but a $70 ticket isn’t in the apprentice’s budget. Here’s hoping I win!

  • I eat local not only because it is better for our communities, our bodies and our land, but also because I want to teach my children the value of real food and where it comes from… and where it should come from!

  • I could go into the usual fluffy stuff, but really? My 3 kids will eat 4 jars of pickles in a day. Yeah, that’s the 24 hour day. Not some magical 6200 hour time warp one.
    They also managed to kill a 10 pound box box of just picked blueberries the morning I had the gall to have a migraine and sleep till noon one Sunday after a farm visit. There are three of them. One is four. I think she pooped blue for two weeks.

    Really, I don’t need “buy local” so much as “sell your kids to a farm in exchange for produce because that is what it really is going to amount to, anyway”.

    Did I mention that the little turds ate all my cherry tomatoes directly off the plants last year?

    I need tickets to something. Food show, winery tour, whatevs. 😉

  • I like to eat locally because it helps the environment, and it is healthier. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • One of the surprising benefits of eating locally, I’ve found, is the relationships I’ve built with some area farmers. There’s a greater sense of community — of connection to the land, and to one another — when we all participate in the business of local food. Thanks so much for the fantastic giveaway!

  • We eat locally grown foods for numerous reasons, but mainly the food is higher quality than mass produced and shipped around the world variety. I also am a huge advocate for supporting the local economy (farmers, farm stands, small restaurants, etc).

    Thanks for the great website and awesome giveaway!! Cheers.

  • I like to eat locally sourced food because of the opportunity it gives me to talk with the producers. It can be a real treat to talk with “my potato guy” or “our wine lady” at the farmers market week after week!

  • I am trying to eat locally for so many reasons! First and foremost, locally grown food just tastes better; it’s usually fresher and “younger” than food that has been raised for shipment. It’s also better for the environment; it eliminates the need to use oil for gas to prep and ship stuff across the country and it eliminates the pollution that is an inevitable by-product of shipping. Finally, it usually encourages local small business and discourages Big Agro, which is a good thing in my book.

    I’m in the Philly area and would love a chance to spend my paycheck at the Brewer’s Plate 🙂 Thanks!

  • Every Sunday afternoon my boyfriend and I have a ritual of shopping at the Fair Food Farm Stand at the Reading Terminal Market and other local farmers markets. We love supporting the local farmers, learning about living a self-sustainable lifestyle, spending quality time together, and actively trying new recipes with different, experimental ingredients. When you buy local you feel more connected to the community and have a better sense of where the food is coming from, fostering a feeling of great respect for the local farmers and all of their hard work when trying to provide us with quality produce, dairy, and meats. We believe that good food helps bring together families and communities by making you slow down and enjoy a good, quality meal together. Furthermore, a healthy lifestyle helps keep you feeling energetic in this fast-paced world. Overall, we love eating local because we feel that the food is healthier, fresher, and ultimately better tasting!!

  • I like to eat locally since you usually get a great product made by local producers who really know their product start to finish, it supports the local economy and you are also supporting a trade (small, local farming) that is making a comeback in a time where large companies making mass produced GMO, hormone laden food dominate the market.

  • Shopping at the local farmers markets not only make me be more creative in the kitchen (given what is available week to week), but also the variety and the freshness cannot compete with the supermarkets!