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March 19, 2010(updated on October 3, 2018)


Many months ago, I set up a Facebook fan page for this blog. You see, I do some social media stuff for my day job and so figured that if I was learning about it for work, it might be a good idea to also apply that information to the project that fills my free time. But then, life intervened (as it so often does) and I let that fan page lay fallow. Or so I thought.

Last weekend, I was prompted by a comment on the blog, asking me if I wouldn’t please post notifications on the fan page when I published a new post, to take another look. I was startled to discover that my empty little page had a number of wall comments and more than 50 fans. So I decided to dust it off, get a a snazzy URL (www.facebook.com/FoodinJars) and pay attention to that space. So, if you happen to be a Facebook-minded person, feel free to head over there and become a fan of Food in Jars. I’ll make a point of checking in daily to answer questions and post blog updates.

If you’re more of a Twitter person, I’ve also started using the account (@foodinjars) I created lo those many months ago, to send new post notifications. Click here to get to that account. My personal Twitter handle is @marusula* and if you’re so inclined, you can follow that account as well.

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top view

This blog regularly gives me the opportunity to put my jar obsession on public display. Thing is, I actually do have other culinary preoccupations. Case in point? My waffle iron collection. However, thanks to Dan at Waffleizer (one of my new favorite blogs), I’ve been given a chance to put my waffle irons on display.

Sadly, these days, I have but three. In past years, the number crept up as far as five (I’ve been known to give them away, when I find a waffle aficionado who I know will put the iron to good use). To see the full set of waffle iron photos I took that day, click here. If you suddenly find yourself struck with a waffle craving, this pancake mix also makes a mean waffle. I think I might make a batch of these waffled hash browns to go with. Just because I can.

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*Marusula is a nickname my sister gave me years ago and somehow, it’s become my handle for most social media things. Had I known how identified we would become with these handles, I might have chosen something slightly more dignified. But it’s too late to change now. And really, that’s okay.

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