Eat Real Food 2013 Calendar Giveaway

January 2, 2013(updated on October 3, 2018)

eat real food calendar

When I was growing up, there was always a calendar hanging on the side of refrigerator. Secured by a hooked magnet up top and two clippy ones along the edges, it was the repository for sleepovers, school plays, and the dates when were assigned to bring snacks for choir practice. Our lives were simple enough back then that a month of small boxes held a family’s worth of commitment without strain.

Up until last January, I still used a paper planner (though it was a whole lot more detailed than the old fridge calendar method). But as life expanded, there wasn’t enough space to hold all my to-do lists, deadlines, and reminders. I switched to a Google calendar and have breathed more easily since.

calendar pages

I’ve missed having a paper calendar, though. I like having a physical thing that helps me measure the days and weeks. And at the turn of each month, it’s fun to have a new picture to keep me company.

When Anna Hewitt from Seedling Design emailed, offering to send me a copy of her Eat Real Food calendar, I jumped at the chance to have a physical calendar in my life again. Printed on sturdy card stock, this monthly calendar isn’t bound together. That means you can arrange it in a grid on a cork board, or you can prop a single month on a bookshelf or stick it to the fridge with a magnet.


Each month features an image of a sewn design (handmade by Anna) that represents some different aspect of food and community. It is quietly charming and such a good reminder that we all need allow ourselves the time to nourish, sustain, and grow in this new year.

Thanks to Anna, I have a second calendar to give away to one of my readers. If you’d like to enter for a chance to win it, here’s what to do.

  1. Leave a comment on this post and share how you track and measure your days. Paper planner? Calendar on the fridge? Online datebook?
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm on Saturday, January 5, 2013. Winners will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog on Sunday.
  3. Giveaway open all.
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left via the comment form on the blog at the bottom of this post.

If you don’t want to wait to see if you win, you can also click over to Seedling Design and pick up a calendar for yourself today (before the new year too far underway). It’s just $20, which isn’t too much for a year’s worth of art and helpful reminders!

Disclosure: Seedling Design sent me two calendars, one to keep and one to give away. They did not pay for inclusion in this post and my opinions are entirely my own. 

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270 thoughts on "Eat Real Food 2013 Calendar Giveaway"

  • That calendar looks lovely! I always TRY to use a paper calendar, one of the small ones that fits in my purse, and gradually by the end of the year fall out of the habit. We’re foster parents, and our foster daughter arrived last January, so the first few months are full of little events that happened (like when she first sat up alone, as well as appointments and such), but now it’s just appointments. Those also go into my phone, because I can set up reminders and link things to my husband’s calendar.

  • What a pretty calendar! Beautiful! Would look great hanging in the kitchen.
    Typically I use my work Outlook calendar to keep track of my schedule, but I would like to have a paper copy with important dates available (and in plain sight) at home.
    Happy New Year!

  • I’ve tried several times to switch to a digital calendar, but just can’t do it. I like my old-school paper day planner.

  • My appointments are scheduled on my computer. But I teach at a title 1 HS in the suburbs. This means low income. Last year’s calendar posted on the wall was a gardening calendar, so students could not only see healthy vegetables, but also learn when to do things like “plant tomato seeds”. Whenever I would bring treats to school for awesomeness on tests or excellent behavior, I made sure to include their favorite: oranges. Who would have thought that a bunch of teenagers prefer oranges over donuts!

    Healthy eating not only is learned at home, but at school. I made sure during Friday lunch time tutoring, the students saw healthy lunches: homemade soups brought in mason jars, pretzels, apples, oranges, PB&J.

  • That’s beautiful! My mother-in-law always supplies us with a paper calendar — *but it would be nice to have one that’s more my style than hers!*

  • I use google calendar/phone calendar that sync together. I also make sure to write them on a magnetic paper calendar on the fridge so hubby and my son can see what is coming up for the week. I would LOVE to have this calendar hanging on the cork board in my kitchen! So pretty!

  • I ad-hoc my calendar with a freebie from our city or Half-Price Books, iCal when I need to figure out what days of the week go with which dates, and a markerboard on the fridge for upcoming doctor’s appointments. I also check FB everyday for birthday reminders. We just cleared the fridge off, though, and this little beauty would look great and would remind me to keep working on my sewing projects (I’m a total newbie there).

  • I use iCal on my laptop to keep track of all my personal to-dos. Yet his calendar is so beautiful and awe-inspiring, I would hang it on the fridge to keep track of our home’s cooking days and chore lists. Gorgeous!

  • I’m switching over to an electronic calendar this year after years of using a paper planner. I may switch back if it doesn’t work out!

  • Hi,
    What a cute calendar. It would look great in my kitchen.
    I have used a lighthouse calendar for many, many years.
    It reminds of my hometown, York, Maine.
    But for keeping track of dates I use sticky notes on the microwave.
    This way every one sees them.

  • I used to be a PAPER ONLY person. Each year I would carefully select the most perfect organizer that I’d cart along everywhere with me. Now, I use my phone- but love to have an array of lovely calendars (such as Anna’s) that I use throughout the house, studio and office. I still need to write things down, so I usually make some kind of handmade, makeshift notebook where scraps of paper, sketches and tons of post-its live.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win such a special calendar. Love it.

  • I still use a paper planner for work and personal, all together. I also have a calendar taped on to the kitchen door. I use a Google calendar to coordinate child activities with their dad – too many calendars!

  • I use Outlook calendar on the computer, although I’m not using it as much as I used to. I also have a calendar at eye level on my desk that I always use. If I can’t see it, it doesn’t get done.

  • Happy New Year! What a charming calendar! (AND I love your website too!) As for calendars, I use iCal for reoccurring events (birthdays, meetings, annual events), but when it comes to unique dates, creating timing/action plans or tracking contract hours I use a paper calendar and prefer a wall calendar above my desk. Whatever method, there is never enough time! 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity. pm, minneapolis

  • I’m an old school paper calendar kind of guy. never could get into digital, even when it was a requirement for my job, still had a paper calendar with everything in it I carried around.

  • i use two calendars one in my purse and a reference in the kitchen on the fridge. my fridge is a jiant magnet board it keeps me organized.

  • I can’t use an electronic calendar. I have tried, from calendar’s on my computer, palm pilot (reember those?!) and iphone, but nothing is as reliable for me as a paper calendar.

  • I’m really bad about it at home, but at work I have my Outlook calendar and my desk calendar. I splurged and bought a fancy desk calendar from Paperchase I think or some such fancy stationary store. It helps me to keep track of thing when I have something pretty to look at while I’m tracking!

  • I use a paper planner book for most things; I did digital for a while, and I loved it, but it was better when I had more places to be, meetings, etc. and fewer tasks to do at any time. I also keep a wall calendar in the dining room, not to write on, but just to glance at if I want to think about future weekends.

  • I love paper calenders. I have one on the frig that I use for appointments and things like that, and I have another one-usually a pretty one from our state’s conservation dept that we enjoy reading each day-and there I put birthdays and anniversarys.
    If I were to win this one-it will be my frig calender thanks for the chance
    Happy New Year to you as well-love reading your blog posts here Kathy

  • I use Google Calendar as it syncs home, school (teacher) and phone together. BUT there is a write on calendar magneted to the fridge for meals and more “home” planning.
    it’s a beautiful calendar, thanks for doing this!

  • I have been trying to transition to a google calendar, but still love the satisfying nature of a paper calendar where I can cross things off… It’s been a struggle.

  • My family uses a complex system of syncing online calendars to keep track of work (2), schools (3), and everything else. But I still love having beautiful printed calendars around the house.

  • It’s so beautiful!!! I use a calendar on my wall to track things monthly, and a “planner” type calendar from the Sierra club on my desk to track things weekly. And for work, I print out a month-long calendar I can write on to schedule my visits. What can I saw, I’m an oldest child Virgo. 😉

  • Happy New Year, Marisa! I love that calendar, the graphics are so wonderfully colorful and meaningful! I use paper and electronic calendars for my work and personal use. I use old calendars for their pictures to make children’s books and activities, I can’t find enough of them!

  • I have a work Gcal, a personal Gcal, a paper page-a-day style planner, a series of alerts on my phone’s calendar (still haven’t figured out how to link them, oy) and several stapled-together recycled pages for notes, figures, and scribbling. And yet I think I mostly keep things straight in my head — sometimes the act of recording a to-do or setting a reminder does enough to keep me on track.

  • I am a paper planner, I always have to have things written down and in front of me. Digital means don’t seem to work because I forget to go look at the information 😉

  • I have a large desk calendar on the wall in the kitchen, and a “paper” datebook..
    Not too hip, but functional!!

  • I love the look of this calendar – I still stick with paper calendars, can’t bring myself to go digital!

  • I use a google calendar for my official calendar but I always have a paper calendar hanging in my kitchen for quick reference 🙂

  • I use a paper planner to record major goings on, but also make a weekly “at a glance” scrap sheet where I add reminders to myself about which chores I plan to do which days (I also like listing downwards for the week, because this “daily to do list” format gives me satisfaction when I cross items off for each day). It’s a bit compulsive, but works for me!

  • I have a few calendars, my Android which syncs with my google for personal use. Outlook at work and a paper calendar in the kitchen. I could use another one for my home office.

  • Well I’m in school so I have a weekly and monthly planner to put all my assignments in. I like to be able to look ahead and have all my projects and homework laid out. Also, I have a smart phone so sometimes I will put reminders on my phone so it will buzz later and I won’t forget to do something. I love to have hanging wall calendars though! I don’t necessarily put anything on them but they are so pretty to look at.

  • I use the calender on my iphone, and I have a calendar (for looks) hung in my studio. However, I miss having a paper planner to look back on after the year has passes. Thanks for the giveaway. xoxo

  • Happy New Year! I love calendars, the idea of them and how they look, but I am not the best at actually using them. With a beauty like this, maybe I would be more inspired to calendar it up!

  • Great calendar. I like the fact that the pages aren’t all connected, giving you lots of options. At the moment we hang a regular old fashioned calendar in the kitchen and it holds all the family birthdays, days to take the trash can down the hill to the road (we only have bi-weekly pickup), doctor’s appts., etc. etc. Which reminds me, it’s time to get out the new calendar and fill it in!

  • paper planner forever! I feel very attached to my planner. one month per page spread. when I’m wound up, I take out my planner and take a deep breath and strategize a way to chill. (lovely one in the giveaway here — sewing pics are so warm!)

  • Calendar on the fridge and the TeuxDeux app for my iphone. Between the two, I manage to make MOST of my appointments!

  • Like you, I use a combination. I set reminders in my (dumb)phone for some things, but I also use a paper calendar to track bill due dates, appointments, and hours worked per pay period for my husband’s job.

  • This is gorgeous!!! To cute. We use a regular wall calendar (we tried the page calendar but I kept forgetting to turn the page)

  • I have tried electronic calenders multiple times, starting way back in the day with a Palm Pilot. I have never had any luck. I’m a visual person who also needs to write it down with an actual writing implement or planning disasters will happen. I have a kitchen calender for this.

    However, this Christmas my sweet husband and our lovely five year old daughter got me my own room as a present. For two weeks they crept down to our basement and worked. They scrubbed the floor, fixed the year-old hole in the ceiling (plumbing issue in kitchen above), got me a floor rug, arranged a desk, and so on. I was floored. In this lovely space of my own (I tear up just thinking of their thoughtfulness ), I could really use a calender. And one as lovely as this would be treasured.

    PS: I’m terrible at remembering the date. Multiple times in a day, I need to remind myself of the date by looking at a calender, my phone, something. I work at a library and deal with dates all day long and still can not commit it to memory.

  • I do a digital calendar for work, but I prefer an old fashioned daily planner to carry around and another calendar on the wall at home (which i do not have yet for 2013 :))

  • I use a small paper calendar for display (and for quick reference to dates/days of the week) and my iCal synched across all my devices.

  • So cute! I have my Google calendar for all my appointments but love a paper calendar for birthdays – and art in the kitchen!

  • I use Google calendar to keep track of my life, but I always keep a paper calendar hanging by the back door so I can look up dates and jot things down when I’m coming and going. Today I realized that I need a new one!

  • That’s gorgeous! I’m pretty oldschool with my calendars – I have a paper calendar on the wall with the whole family’s stuff written in. I got a paper planner to keep in my bag this year, as with three kids (soon to be 4!) I’m starting to have a hard time remembering everyone’s schedule on the run!

  • I use google calendar so I can send myself reminders! But I LOVE paper calendars and this one is adorable!

  • I keep two–a calendar on the fridge for quick visibility, and then an app on my Nook where I keep appointments and everything.

  • I use a paper calendar and stickers for distant events and appointments and a white erase board on my fridge for events that come up in the shorter term.
    Old fashioned, but it works for our family.

  • For many years, I used just a paper calendar, hung up near my desk. When it started to get too complicated trying to remember when I was doing what, I switched to a paper planner I could fit into my purse. Last year, I finally went digital and now use the Google calendar on my phone/laptop. Through all of that, though, I always had – and still have – a paper calendar hanging above my desk, where I write down everything’s that’s going on.

  • Gorgeous, gorgeous calendar! I use an online calendar because I can sync it with my work calendar and my partner’s calendar, but I love having a paper calendar on the wall. It’s good for quick reference and for seeing the weeks laid out without my millions of entries cluttering it up.

  • I have been trying to phase out of using my paper planner–using my phone would be so much more practical. But there’s something so satisfying about physically writing down my to do lists, grocery lists, events, etc, etc.

  • I’ve managed to switch over to Cozi (an online) calendar system. Hubby can log in no matter where he happens to be and even see my food shopping list 🙂 Since we still have little ones a paper calendar in the kitchen is a must. There are those special moments that still need x’s to mark the passing of time. Thank you for the post and Happy New Year!

  • I use a paper calendar with a printout of my google calendar taped to it. I wish someone would invite a great looking google calendar template. Maybe I will – one where you can import a picture and integrate it with the calendar

  • What charming designs! I love the look of these – after having purchased a “print at home” one last year (and was a bit disappointed with it) this card stock version looks perfect for 2013!

  • I like paper calendars too, for quick reference, but I live and die by the Google calendar. I have about ten of them, and I can click them there or away, and I can do it all from my phone, my tablet, my computer; anywhere I can get online. I share certain of them with people who need to know – my son gets access to the kids calendar, and my employee gets access to the several business ones.

  • A friend of mine takes pictures all year long then makes a calendar. it’s a wall calendar and easy to write on. Happy New Year!

  • I actually use both the Google calendar and a generic Staples brand month at a glance. I purchase my paper calendar book around October. The Google calendar helps when I am out and about to record appointments etc.. but I always transfer them to my good old paper calendar book which also serves as my mouse pad.

  • I use a calendar posted next to the sink. Without a dishwasher I still do all my dishes by hand and having a marked calendar close to where I spend a lot of time helps me remember what my week has in store!

  • I calendar everything on my phone (work and personal), but we also use a paper calendar for family appointments so everyone knows where everyone is going! I love to write out friends and families birthdays as well as vacations on the wall calendar. There is something about writing it on paper that helps me remember everything. (It also helps me look forward to my vacation time!)

  • For the family, we have a large, desk blotter calendar. Here we record who will be home for dinner. For work, I use an electronic calendar through Outlook.
    I love these illustrations, and hope my number is picked–that will be on my birthday, and this would be a great birthday present.

  • I love paper calendars. I always by the same one for my work wall (Ireland 365 days) and something different for home. They bring so much color to a potentially dull space.

  • I have a google calender for personal commitments, but I keep several paper calenders, one for the garden and animals, one near where I pack eggs from my chickens, so I can note down how many eggs I got that day and figure out “use by” dates for the cartons. There is something about being able to flip back and forth to see when I planted the carrots, or when the rabbit had babies, that I really like.

  • I am a farrier. I make my own paper calendar each year to keep track of my horseshoeing appointments, customer information, and personal life. Electronic doesn’t work for me. Phones, computers, digital assistants all croak and lose your information. Good old paper and pencil always works. Mum bought a cloth calendar every year and kept it on the fridge. After a year, it became the new kitchen towel. She was partial to pictures that looked like needlework.

  • In reality, I use ical, but I love to write things on a paper calendar. Not too long ago we put up a “command center” (a framed piece of sheet metal from the hardware store) which is a place we can write to-dos and a meal plan for the week, but I like to add any family events. It helps us all get ahold of the week!
    BTW, what a BEAUTIFUL calendar.

  • I’m not a slave to it although thinking on it makes me crazy – we gave a household shared Google calendar and I am subject to three different electronic ones at work-outlook and two share point calendars. I also had an I can has cheeseburger calendar last year that my cat was in.

  • I am still using a paper calendar…..I find the actual pen to paper soothing. This lovely food calendar would thrill the kids!

  • What a GREAT calendar!

    Still trying to find the perfect post-retirement calendar system. Used a Day Runner before they were popular, and several on-line calendars lately. For now, the paper, old-fashioned ones are still the best.

  • This is a nice calendar! I still use a paper calendar, hanging by the phone in the kitchen.

  • I use a weekly planner, but I also have a wall calendar. I love the art in this one! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • I use a paper calendar on fridge + digital calendar for work and on phone. Like others, it’s still hard to keep track of everything! This is a darling calendar.

  • love calendars ……….have 2 similar Maine coast and Ogunquit Playhouse. Never write on them can’t wait for the numbers to coincide with the day so that I can use them again. Use my I phone for dates and appointments but, always start my day with my coffee and paper and pencil to write my to-do list End of the day scratch off chores done and throw that paper away…………..feels good. Know what I mean?

  • At home I use the free calendar I still get every year from the college I dropped out of back in 1988. At work I use the calendar in Outlook.

  • Electronic calendar mostly, although I never seem to forget to look at it again after I enter something! I was just thinking I should get a paper one…