Eat Boutique Winner

August 4, 2011(updated on December 6, 2021)

As is my norm, it’s taken me a few days longer than it should have to get a giveaway winner posted (it’s amazing you all put up with me!). Happily, I’ve finally gotten myself together and with the help of, have selected a winner of the Eat Boutique giveaway.

The lucky commenter is Claire, a world traveler who blogs at Spirit of Adventure. She said, “My favorite edible gift would have to be mustard – it stays for a while, so you don’t have to worry about sending it in the mail without refrigeration. It is a great festive holiday gift that can be made into so many flavors! Who doesn’t love mustard?”

Congratulations Claire. Good pick, mustard is awesome!

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5 thoughts on "Eat Boutique Winner"

  • Off topic, I’ve learned so much from your postings! Here’s something I don’t know–my canning rack insert for the big blue kettle has rusted. Any long term solution for that? I was thinking of SOSing it and drying it for the immediate use tomorrow, but I assume I couldn’t spray it with a sealer to prevent this happening again? Yum, did a batch of blueberry ginger jam this morning, had to, to beat the robins from my bushes!!

  • Hi Marisa, I’m relatively new to you/canning etc…My husband is having a cow as i have used up 2 refills of ink so far copying your recipes/instructions. it’s so fun. love your blue kitchen stove..and just everything ! Do you have any mustard recipes from the winner?
    All the very best to you always, and thank you for being such a wonderful teacher!
    Davidson, NC

    1. No mustard recipes from the winner, but if you’re looking for mustard, I recommend heading over to Local Kitchen and searching for mustard. Kaela’s got a ton of mustard recipes that are all good.

      1. …Thank you…you are so attentive and make us feel like we are the “only ones” ! You are a dear !

  • Love your blog and get a little jolt of excitement every time I see a new post in my inbox. This year I would like to try kimchi, ketchup, and canned pineapple. Already I’ve canned 5 recipes for strawberry jam/jellies, 1 herb jelly, asparagus pickles, blueberry butter and tomatoes. The season is still young!

    Bobbie in Northern Minnesota