Eat Boutique Mother’s Day Box Giveaway

I have a page in my red Moleskine planner (I can’t quite seem to give up the paper habit) where I jot down possible gift ideas for the people in my life as they occur to me. I’ve trained myself to think about birthday and holiday gifts well in advance because giving good gift does not come naturally to me. While I love a thoughtful, well-wrapped gift as the next girl, I’ve never been able to organize myself well when it comes to charming cards and lovely packaging. So I work extra hard to select good presents, knowing that I won’t be able to hold a candle to my craftier kin.

When I know the gift I’m giving needs to be particularly impressive (and the budget allows) I sometimes turn to the professionals. One such pro that I discovered recently (and mentioned in this post last month) is Eat Boutique. Designed and curated by Maggie Battista, Eat Boutique boxes include small batch, artisanally crafted candies, cookies, preserves and more. The boxes change seasonally and make gorgeous gifts for the food lovers in your life.

I’m extra excited to tell you guys about this season’s box because Maggie has offered up one for a giveaway. That’s right, one Food in Jars reader will be the winner of a box jam-packed with sea salt rosemary shortbread, handmade chocolate bonbons and rochers, blood orange jam, local honey cake, chocolate-covered honeycomb candy and honey orange ricotta caramels. Sounds pretty tasty, doesn’t it!

This giveaway will be open until Wednesday, March 30 at 11:59 pm. To enter, leave a comment describing your favorite edible gift. One entry per person please. The winner will be able to choose to either receive the box or have it sent to a friend (in the U.S. or Canada only). Good luck!

(If you can’t bear to take your chances with the giveaway, you can also purchase one of these fab boxes straight from Maggie by clicking here. Each box costs $65 and includes a hand written note.)

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378 responses to “Eat Boutique Mother’s Day Box Giveaway”

  1. I love to give pistachio-cranberry-dark chocolate biscotti. I make them about the same height as a quart mason jar, and then tuck in as many that will fit and finish with description on oak tag tied on with raffia πŸ™‚

  2. I used to give my mother a box of figs from Harry & David for Mother’s Day, but then there were a few years where the figs refused to produce on schedule (~grin~) and a few years where we couldn’t finish all the figs before they went off (~sadface~), and I haven’t had a reliable present for her since.

  3. My favorite edible gifts are my aunty lynne’s fruit and cheesecake bites. ‘Nilla wafers with a bit of cheesecake and pie filling on top in a mini cupcake tin. Totally “trashy” and completely awesome.

  4. i love giving homemade gifts. the best homemade gift i’ve gotten are some homemade caramels a good friend makes with her mother each year. heaven. honey orange ricotta caramels sound divine.

  5. I love homemade jams, and lately, homemade nut butters…I never realized how easy (and delicious!) smashing up almonds and chocolate and coconut could be! Amazing to give and/or receive.

  6. This reminded me of how much I enjoy or used to enjoy baking for people. For some reason, I am asked to bring salads to family functions. Salads are nice, but you know, I love baking cheesecakes, cobblers and pies. I love cookie exchanges.

    As for what I like to receive, there was (and probably still is) a chocolate shop in Sacramento at the Town and Country mall that makes chocolate truffles by hand. My husband and I used to give boxes to each other on our birthdays and anniversary.

  7. Homemade butterscotch sauce! Almost everyone I know enjoys ice cream, what better than to have something to warm up and pour onto your ice cream?

  8. Food is how I connect to people, after all, everyone has to eat. So I love to give anything edible as a gift. Since I often can’t pick just one item to give I tend to make gift baskets. This past holiday season my gift baskets included six kinds of miniature cookies, two kinds of jam, and a small bottle of limoncello. I had a great time putting everything together.

    Hands down the best edible gift I’ve ever received was a jar of homemade plum jam from my friend in Wales.

  9. The best edible gift is homemade almond toffee. It’s SO easy, and fun to find just the right container for just the right amount for just the right person!

  10. I love giving my homemade banana jam & a nice homemade fleece blanket, I can make this jam year round & everyone loves it!

  11. I love when people give chocolate covered anything! I like to give edible gifts in themes. Most recently I gave one to my brother with all things italian meats!

  12. I love to receive anything chocolate, especially truffles. I give a lot of homemade jams, because I grow the fruit, and I always have a lot around, so it is easy to grab a jar and put a bow on it. Fortunately people love them, especially flavors not easily found in the grocery store, like strawberry-rhubarb, pear, or peach jalapeno.

  13. For a girlfriend’s wedding a group of us bought a picnic backpack and filled it with tasty treats. We contributed locally made items (from each of our different states) as well as homemade goodies (pickles, preserves, etc) and a bottle of wine. I loved that it was very much a gift from each of us but also something different that she and her new husband could enjoy together!

  14. I make all kinds of gourmet, zany flavored, herb infused jams using ALL local or homegrown fruits and herbs. That’s my favorite gift to give, friends and family love them and look forward to trying my new flavors.

  15. Edible gifts are the best kind! A couple years ago a friend visiting me from New York brought a tin of incredible hot chocolate, which lasted me a year so I got to keep thinking of her whenever I used it! Of course I also love to give and receive homemade jam & fruit butter!

  16. My favorite edible gift to give are Theo’s chocolate bars. My favority edible gift to get is homemade caramel and/or toffee.

  17. I’m all about homemade jam and marmalade as gifts — most people I know don’t know how to can themselves (and don’t have access to the amazing year-round bounty I do here in CA), so they’re always excited to get it! Thanks for the giveaway.

  18. My favourite edible gift is chocolate-chip cookies. I just sent a box of home made cookies from Canada to the states πŸ™‚

  19. My father in law makes great hot sauce that we get every year in a Christmas package. I like to give homemade gift baskets containing granola, yogurt and jam or make up some crackers to give with a couple of jars of fruit butters and jam.

  20. My dad’s “angel bars”. I have no idea why he called them that, since they were dense and crunchy, and frosted with rosewater and sugar. Oh so tasty!

  21. My favorite edible gifts to give are loaves of whole wheat bread paired with my homemade jam. It’s nice because people can freeze the bread if they need to and the jam isn’t in danger of spoiling, so I don’t feel like I’m overloading people with sweets around the holidays.

    As for my favorite edible gifts to receive, I’m all about fancy chocolates and cookies. And wine!

  22. My FAVORITE edible gift to give is hands down something I have canned. I’d say my most prized canned item is my Pomegranate Jelly. But truly anything that I have cooked, baked, canned myself are my favorite gifts to give, they come from my heart and it cant get ANY better than that.

  23. oooooh that blood orange jam sounds heavenly. one of my favorite edible gifts is caramels, melt in your mouth kind, lol

  24. Whether sweet or plain, everyone seems to love a loaf of homemade bread! I’ve given all kinds, from fresh Irish Soda Bread to Chocolate Zucchini Bread or a sweet Christmas Stollen!

  25. I do a diy gift each year for christmas as like you I am terrible in the gift wrapping department. Plus I feel that store bought gifts are not as appreciatedas hand made. This last year was my favorite! I did not have amy money for gifts but I had a 5lb bag of sugar. I baked up a storm the week before christmas! For the kids I made homemade marshmellow that I paired with cinnomon cookies and chocolate drops for smore kits. The kids ran to mom and dad to have them fire up the gas grill so they could roast their marshmellows right away… And it turned out the adults were jelouse and wanting kits too instead of pie. Lol

  26. I love my sister in laws homemade cookies. She is the best baker around and we all look forward to what she will make and share next. She makes lovely gift packages and it seems she is always coming up with something new to share. Her gifts warm my heart and soul, and fill us with love.

  27. I love to get homemade canned goods–my faves are: salsa, green tomato relish, bread and butter pickles, and hot peppers.

  28. I love edible gifts because most people don’t need more stuff. My husband once got me some Berger Cookies after we moved away from their sales area. They’re so good.

  29. Not much of a baker, this new canning thing is a fab way to give food gifts! I started with mustards and each month I learn more & more and my friends and family are greatful for the prevention of further baked goods!

  30. When visiting family in southern California I love to pick some perfect Meyer lemons and naval oranges off my sister’s tree to give to friends when I return home. Dear friend made Meyer lemon curd right away and it was fabulous! Thanks!

  31. My favorite treat is a big bag of “white chocolate salties”. I’ve also heard it referred to as “reindeer chow”, but basically it’s pretzels, M&Ms, chex, etc. mixed together and covered with white chocolate. It is addictive!

  32. Most recently, I gave home made pomegranate syrup with the intent of creating a signature cocktail that evening for the birthday lady. I also included a jar of preserved lemons with two recipe cards and the promise of cooking said recipes a month later when the lemons had cured.

  33. I love to give anything homemade and try to match the gift to the person. If I can make it, I like to send gifts from small artisinal type companies. If you’re sending to me… chocolate. πŸ™‚

  34. All of the above! Seriously, love to give anything homemade especially my rustic apple butter. My husband makes great homemade bread so this is a great gift combination.

  35. Depending on how well I like you, my favorite edible gift is California capers and home-cured gravlax, perhaps home-baked bagels as well. The breakfast of champions!

  36. My most favorite edible gift was from this past Christmas: an all-out shopping spree at my local spice shop. It took *hours*!

  37. I love to give pies. I love to receive homemade bread and jam, although a friend gives me homemade beer on occasion that ranks pretty high up there too!

  38. In my family, I am “famous” for my pierogies. I give them to family for the holidays. It reminds them of when they were children, and now their kids are enjoying them!

  39. I love to give the younger members of our family (grown children, nieces, nephews) frozen homemade meals, such as lasagna, soups, other casseroles, etc. They’ve all got kids and work and are so busy! I like knowing they can come home and in a short time, with no mess, put a delicious meal on the table. And they LOVE my gifts!

  40. Not trying to enter twice, but I don’t see my comment — sorry if I’m messing things up. My answer is chocolate!

  41. Ever since I got into canning I love to give my jam, especially with fruit I’ve picked myself! Makes it seem extra special.

  42. I love giving homemade almond roca and cashew caramel corn. My first instinct is always to give more wholesome foods, but people are always so delighted with the less virtuous offerings, one cannot help but lean back in that direction.

  43. Jam! It’s always so fun to see what my friends have been canning (and they are all very used to getting pickles and jams as gifts from me on their birthdays…).

  44. If I have to pick just one favorite, I like to make mini panettone loaves to give as gifts on Christmas Eve. Beyond that, anything chocolate!

  45. Thanks for this post. I had heard about Eat Boutique but then forgot the name and had not bookmarked it. I don’t know if I can pick a favorite edible gift, but I LOVE those rosemary shortbread cookies from Lark. And Elaine Hsieh’s tea-inspired chocolates are divine. Another great Massachusetts company is Effie’s Homemade. I just ordered some of her oatcakes, corncakes, and nutcakes to send to my grandfather for his birthday this Sunday.

  46. Wow, that’s a tough one! My favorite edible gift that I ever gave was a basket full of home made flavored sugars and extracts. The receiver is an avid baker and from-scratch cooker, so I knew it would go over well! My favorite that I ever received was a big box of baklava from a local middle eastern bakery. So yummy!

  47. I love lemon curd. There are so mnay things you can do with it. Also, you can’t go wrong with a good tea, preferably something exotic.

  48. I am not a very good gift giver either. I have great potential as I have good ideas – they’re just never at the right time! When the right time comes around, I’ve naturally forgotten the good idea. It’s a sad, sad cycle. I hope this giveaway takes care of Mother’s Day for me!!!

  49. Chocolate is always a plus in my book… especially when it’s good chocolate. My favorite thing to give, though, is homemade cranberry sauce.

  50. I love giving interesting artisanal chocolate bars with fun flavours, like the dark chocolate with espelette pepper from Rochef Chocolates (

  51. I make gift baskets every Xmas with things I’ve canned throughout the year, candy, and cookies. I love giving them and people seem so excited to get them. I love to receive good dark chocolate.

  52. This year I gave jams, fruit sauces, corn relish, pickles, salsa, and homemade nut brittle as gifts. Because I make so much jam each year, I really like receiving the more savory gifts — unusual hot sauces, chutneys, etc. My aunt also made delicious caramels with sea salt that are amazing!

  53. I made homemade nutella upon request from my younger sister. Not only was it super easy to make, you’ll never make someone smile quite as much as when you say “I made you nutella”.

  54. My favorite gift to get is cranberry pumpkin bread from a fellow teacher. My favorite gift to give is homemade jelly

  55. On special occasions I will make Sarah Bernhardt Cookies a delicious macaroon filled with ganache and dipped in bittersweet chocolate …. Heaven!

  56. I like making biscotti. They last a little while and so don’t have to be eaten immediately. As for favourite food gift given to me – a nice crepe or pancake brunch with fresh fruit made by someone other than me.

  57. My favorite edible gift (although I’m ready to be swayed by Eat Boutique!) is a box from Zingerman’s – filled with breads, spreads, and brownies. Yum!

  58. I love making and giving chocolate covered pretzels and homemade carmel corn! (and love eating the extras myself!)

  59. I love to give and recieve food gifts. My favorite gift to giveis my preserves. although my Bread and Butter Pickles are a huge hit.

  60. My favorite gifts are a basket made up of local made gifts from my area of the country, Kentucky. I throw in some homemade canned jam of my own.

  61. A have a friend who is a professional baker – so I always look forward to her cookies, croissants, and breads!

  62. I like giving jams that we have made, but I like receiving candy! I would love to try those honey orange ricotta caramels!

  63. My favorite food gift to give is my homemade marmalade. I love getting cookie plates with lots of different kinds.

  64. Hi.. my favorite edible gift is granola!! you can put anything you have on hand and still tastes good. chocolate-covered honeycomb candy sounds soooo delicious.

  65. My fav edible gift was two ritz crackers with PB inside then dipped in dark chocolate…NUM! A friend made them for xmas last year.

  66. I love homemade gifts and food gifts are at the top of my list! Trying to choose a favorite is hard, but I’m going to go with birthday cakes. I love making special cakes for loved ones birthdays. It’s fun to choose just the right cake to match the person.

  67. I have a horrible sweet tooth, so any candy, cookies, or other sweets are always good in my book. I’d love more edible food gifts, rather than more stuff. Edible gifts are great! πŸ™‚

  68. I LOVE to make gift baskets. I get a kick out of packaging and preparing. I love sturdy baked goods. A balance between homemade and found articles. This is exactly the business I want!

  69. I love to give and receive anything homebaked, it just is so nice to be able to eat yummy sweets without all the preservatives/extra crud!

  70. Vidalia onion jelly is a divine gift to give with pretty little crackers in a nice basket. Different, but absolutely divine!

  71. Homemade cocoa marshmallows, dipped in chocolate and then in graham cracker crumbs. I’ve now got a list of people waiting for them. πŸ™‚

  72. I tend to give a lot of homemade food gifts. Some of my favorites are chocolate covered pretzels, peanut butter fudge and homemade jams.

  73. I love giving my latest canning creations away as gifts… that is, until I don’t have any more at home for me to eat! Last time I baked some fresh bread, ground some peanut butter, and gave a jar of homemade jam: Homemade PB&J. It was a big hit!

  74. You can’t beat plain ‘ol cookies! But I also like to give a good pie. Berry pie is my favorite! (And also what we had at our wedding!!)

  75. My most favorite edible gift is either sea-salt caramels (those fleur de sel ones), or chocolate covered pretzels, or chocolate-covered potato chips, or chocolate covered popcorn!

  76. I love to gift people with homemade bread and jam…..with berries
    handpicked by me! Black raspberry jam seems to be everyone’s favorite and so good on toast or melted a bit and drizzled on poundcake or ice cream or both!

  77. I’ve never met an edible gift I don’t love. But I do love giving whole, beautiful fresh pineapple. A symbol of hospitality, delicious and healthy!

  78. I love Lemon Curd. This year I had 13 meyer lemons on my dwarf trees that we keep inside during the winter. The curd is delicious. I am enjoying choosing special people to share this treat with….and of course keeping a little for me too!

  79. My families favorite edible gift was one my parents gave us. They made smoked salmon, beef jerkey (two different varieties), smokehouse almonds, and sugar and spice pecans. Homemade gifts are always our favorite ones to give and get!!!

  80. My favorite gift to give is homemade vanilla extract. It’s so easy to make and fifteen minutes of work makes enough to pretty much cover my entire list of people. The only probably is remembering six months ahead!

  81. My favorite edible gift is a fancy tin filled with peanut brittle — my Mother and I have been making the same recipe for 25 years and everyone returns the tins in hopes of us re-filling it for them soon.

  82. It’s kinda gross but I really like Carol’s Cookies from Chicago. They weigh a half pound each but they are really good!

  83. One of my favorites is homemade granola. Another is fresh, homemade bread with a jar or some yummy preserve – current fave is strawberry-rhubarb!

  84. Ooooooooooh! What a lovely gift!!

    Some years ago, my circle of friends decided that if we can’t wear it or eat it, we don’t need it. And, really, we didn’t, and have stuck to the promise to each other not to give clutter to each other. The edible gifts since then have been wonderful – too many to pick a fave.


  85. Is it poor form to de-lurk to enter a contest? Probably…but I’m with you there on the thinking about gifts way in advance (check out – I keep my lists there instead of on paper πŸ™‚ It takes me a lot of effort to think of good gifts. Anyway. My best friend is really hard to give to, and she would loooove this.

    Wow – these ideas are so inspiring…here’s my favorite food gift to give: a jar of home-canned tomatoes and another of homemade dried egg noodles.

  86. I love giving people homemade granola – it’s easy to make, you can customize the flavor and add-ins, and it’s fun to dress up a Mason jar full of delicious sweet cereal.

  87. My favorite edible gift…. Hard to say. relly ything that the gier has put thought into. It’s the thought that ensures I’ll love the treats!

    Wish me luck in the giveaway!

  88. I love to give anything homemade, but I especially love to give homemade vanilla extract. It’s so delicious and the recipient is so impressed. I’m actually making hundreds of bottles of vanilla extract as favors for wedding!

  89. Yumm! My favorite gift to give is homemade jam, which I make enormous amounts of. My favorite homemade gift to get is probably homemade candy, as I lack the patience or initiative to make it myself!

  90. I’m a fan of jams, pickles, canned asparagus, or any preserved veggie or fruit. But my favorite is probably sausage sticks or jerky.

  91. I love giving cookies or a cake–especially for occasions like birthdays etc. Unfortunately, I need to hone my canning skills etc., so I can share homemade goods with those who are too far away to receive cakes!

  92. I’m gravitating toward giving more homemade gifts all the time. Last Christmas we picked up baskets at the thrift store and stocked them with homemade jam, gifts in a jar mixes, and banana bread. The recipients loved them. I’m already thinking about next year’s baskets!

  93. My favorite gift to give is just homemade cupcakes in a fun flavor like Key Lime Pie or Orange Creamsicle. My absolute favorite gift to get is a hot pepper jelly. Poured over cream cheese… YUMMERS!

  94. Last year for mother’s day, I sent my mother and mother in law what I called brunch in a box: a bag of homemade granola, some great coffee beans from a local roaster, a jar of jam, a pretty new mug– it was a hit. But this box looks like a real treat!

  95. Every year, since I was small, my mum has made chocolate to give as Christmas gifts to neighbours, teachers, co-workers etc. I must admit that when I was too little to help, the best part was licking the spatulas clean.

  96. My favourite homemade gifts to give are cookies and marmalade. My favourite homemade gift to get are my friend’s cherry pies.

  97. for sure my fave edible gift would be homemade chocolate chip cookies! Especially if they are then also dipped in chocolate πŸ™‚

  98. It’s pricey, but when I can, I love sending people gourmet ice cream, mostly because I wish they’d return the favor someday!

  99. I have three favorite edible gifts that I give:

    Jams that I’ve made all year round.
    Fudge that I make during the holidays.
    Spiced cranberry sauce.

    The spiced cranberry sauce works well on it’s own or, even better, poured over a brick of cream cheese. At a cookie exchange party, I never asked to bring anything else BUT the cranberry!

    These are everyone’s favorites. I do other edible gifts (homemade barbeque and mop sauces, flavored oils, quick breads and quick bread mixes, and so on). But these are always requested if I’ve not gifted them!

  100. I absolutely love food gifts! Some of my favorites over the years to both give and receive are any kind of sweet treat (cookies, brownies, bars), jams and preserved fruit, and most recently pickles! What a great giveaway!

  101. My favorite gift to give is my moms recipe for Banana Bread–usually make 50+ at Christmas. My favorite gift to receive is any kind of Shortbread!!!!

  102. My favourite edible gift would be either high quality ingredients e.g. chocolate, vanilla, salt, etc. I’m a poor student and have a hard time justifying splurging or homemade preserves!

  103. I love to give away all sorts of foods, but my favorite is probably birthday sweets! I made pretty cupcakes covered with lady bug decorated candies to my best friend. She loved them because I didn’t just make one thing and split it up but I made one item just for her on her special day; a gift and a day that doesn’t have to be shared πŸ™‚

  104. what an AWESOME giveaway! my favorite edible gifts include, but are definitely not limited to….

    homemade soft caramels
    candied nuts
    homemade nut butters
    homemade BBQ sauce (i gave my partner 3 big jars for her birthday last summer and she positively swooned.)


  105. my favorite edible gift is anything anyone makes for me! when i make for others i feel homemade chocolate fudge sauce never fails to make others smile….you can eat it right out of the jar….

  106. I usually give jam, as it travels and keeps well, plus it’s homemade.

    The best edible gift I’ve received lately was a collection of organic dark chocolate with all kinds of stuff in it that I’d never thought of – one was dried raspberry & lemon bits, another was curry powder, another was banana chips.

    The best edible gift memory I have is chocolate chip cookies my mom sent to my dorm when I was in college.

  107. I love to give canned items that most people will use. I know a lot of people can’t have sugary jams or they are just used to their normal strawberry that they won’t venture out (I made cran-anana jam this year and got many upturned noses). I now give out my homemade canned salsa or marinara sauce. Everyone uses those one way or another!

  108. I love receiving my mother-in-law’s chili sauce which she cannned from my grandmother-in law’s recipe. I love it on eggs, chicken and meatloaf. It’s soooooo yummy!

  109. I love making my own gift baskets for special occasions. It’s so fun to put together things that we love and share them with friends and family. I think the most popular are the jams from our black berries.

  110. I now give my canned goods for Christmas, birthdays and other occasions. I used Marisa’s orange scones in a jar recipe complete with instructions and put a small jar of jam on the top then wrapped with clear cellophane and fancy ribbon for several people last Christmas. It looked fabulous!

  111. Favorite home made gift to give- bourbon vanilla extract (EASY to make, and lasts for a very long time). Favorite home made things I have received include home brewed beer and home roasted coffee! I love my friends!

  112. I’m a jam/preserves girl through and through – since I seem to be the only one in my immediate family bitten by the canning bug – its always appreciated! Then they ask for more πŸ™‚

  113. The best gift I’ve gotten was when our friend was experimenting with bread baking. We ended up with this amazing chocolate loaf and one of brioche. I think we plowed through the bread in a week.

  114. I have a granola recipe that’s seriously like crack, it’s so good. I like to package that up in some kind of antique jar (I’ll find one speicifically for that person) that the recipient will be able to reuse. Healthy, deliciously addictive, and useful!

  115. My roommate makes truffles to give as holiday gifts and they are delicious! I help her look for recipes and in some of the construction. When she asks for help on the size of a recipe, I always urge her to go bigger so we have some leftover for ourselves πŸ™‚

  116. One brother gives me his homemade barbeque sauce, and another brother gives me his homemade mole poblano. For Christmas I gave them my peach-ginger jam and salted caramels. I also make about ten pounds of beef jerky every Christmas for my three brothers, two sons, husband and a few other special people.

  117. I think homemade jam is always a fabulous gift, but if I had to buy something…Beaverdale Confections in our town has fantastic candy and they make their own marshmallows. My favorite are the kahlua.

  118. A variety of homemade truffles were a favorite I received one year. They inspired me to take a Community Ed class to learn how to make them myself. It was a fun way to try out a bunch of styles and recipes.

  119. My favorite edible gift is anything that I’ve made. I enjoy so much sharing my love of food with others. I especially love the ego stroke when they tell you how delicious it is.

  120. My neighbors, who have since moved away, used to come by at the December holidays with a pumpkin spice cake that was so moist and delicious. I have tried to continue the tradition, but have never been able to duplicate the recipe.

  121. Tomato Jam is my favorite edible gift to give. It gets the best feedback and it is something that most people can’t get on their own.

  122. my favorite edible gift (at this particular moment) is this amaazzzing hot chocolate mix I got at a coffee plantation in guatemala. I am not crazy about dark dark chocolate, but this stuff is magical. I also love to give (and receive) quick/sweet breads (zucchini, pumpkin, banana…yum!).

  123. I love any edible gift that can go in my freezer for when I bring a baby home. Or when a friend brings over dinner withing a week or two after the birth and we can eat, enjoy the baby and I don’t have to worry about cooking!

    This sounds wonderful and very unique!


  124. the best edible gift i was ever given was a surprise tea party from my neices. the cookies were a bit stale and the tea a bit weak, but we got to share it together (and wear tiaras).

  125. My favorite edible gifts to give is sour cream pound cakes and strawberry/kiwi jam. My favorite edible gift to receive is chocolate (dark!)

  126. My favorite edible gift to give that I make is chocolate chip pecan cookies. They are the best. My favorite to give that I buy is Kringle from O and H bakery in Racine Wisconsin. Finally my favorite edible gift to receive is sauce from the minister’s wife at my church. She’s in her 70’s and Italian. Her husband met her in Italy when he was in the Navy…and they have been back and forth between Italy and the US for 40+ years…her sauces are amazing…and I was lucky enough to learn how to make some of them from her.

  127. My favorite edible gift is probably these homemade chocolate peanut butter bonbons I make. They don’t involve any baking and so are easy to create even in the sweltering heat of a Texas summer. Although I did make some infused vodkas last Christmas that were pretty popular (but i guess that is more imbibe-able than edible!)

  128. I love to give away my canned goods….jams, salsa, apple sauce, etc. I also like to give away soap that I make, but sometimes it doesn’t come out as good as I want it to!

    I also make these pretzel candy treats that I make for my godson twice a year. It is the only thing he ever asks for!

  129. I always consider my summer pickle-making extravaganza as Christmas Shopping — this year I got started early with marmalade (got Blue Chair Jam book as a Christmas gift, so have been putting it to use). Pickles/jams are great (and appreciated) gifts to give. To get? I’d personally love to have a box of really cool citrus: seville oranges, bergamots, sorrento lemons, meyer lemons….

  130. My favorite edible gift was a jar of blueberries foster. It was a kind of blueberry preserve made with alcohol or liquour. I have been unable to find a recipe to make it at home!

  131. I’m the only one in my immediate family that does the homemade edible gift thing ( I do different themes at Holidays & bake the cakes from scratch on birthdays). But, at Christmas, we can always count on a loaf of Banana Nut Bread & Pumpkin Bread from my mother in law. I appreciate it when someone else puts as much effort in homemade edible gifts as I do.

  132. My favorite edible gift to receive is something that someone made from scratch. Knowing that want to share with me special. I love to give edible gifts that the person would really enjoy and not just eat it to be polite.

  133. My favorite edible gift is anything that I’ve canned. Usually it’s jam, but it could also be salsa or pickles. I also love to give away the extra vegetables from my garden that I’m not going to eat or can. I hate for anything to go to waste!

  134. I love making homemade doggie treats! I even invested in a set of dog-themed cookie cutters to make the treats for (the dogs of my) friends and family (and for my dog of course!)

  135. My favorite is actually a fruit butter inspired by a few of your recipies – a delicious, Christmasy flavored Cherry Butter. I like to make some kavring to go with it (a recipie passed down by my Norwegian great-great grandmother) and give it as a set.

  136. I am always flattered when people ask me to make them chocolate chip cookies. I made tins of different baked goods last year for christmas and seperated the layers with wax paper. My sister thought it was all truffles (the top layer) and let her husband eat them until he pulled back the paper and found the cookie layer. I got a very excited text message thanking me for cookies and it made me very happy to make her happy.

  137. I like giving “sand art” jars of cookie and brownie mixes. My son helps make them and they’re a great gift for just about anyone.

  138. This is beautiful!

    I love giving canned goods. They last for a long time, so nobody ends up with something stale or sticky, and there are so many options for canning that you can usually please everyone. This Christmas I gave homemade ketchup, mustard & relish!

  139. I’ve given “Cake in a Coffee Mug” kits for several years to friends, especially those with children. I love to mix up different flavors.

  140. I don’t have space for much of a garden myself, but when my friends supply me with fruit from their own yards I like to turn it into a delicious jam to give back in thanks!

  141. My favorite thing to give away….is a them like a dinner (canned tomato sauce (yes that I have canned myself), noodles and I have made and so on. Or if you are into breakfast those type of items and made by me. This is a very nice give away.

  142. I love giving cupcakes as gifts. There are so many varieties to make and everyone seems to love a good cupcake! It’s just enough to not be overwhelming (like a whole cake might), but still feels special, especially with a few jimmies on top!

  143. Fleur De Sel Caramels. I’ve made them for a variety of friends and they all love them. Personally I’d like a cupcake or ice cream.

  144. Besides fabulous jams (perhaps inspired by this blog!), I love to give out peanut butter brittle. Not peanut brittle, but soft, tender, delicious, crumbly, salty-sweet peanut butter brittle, sometimes dipped in dark chocolate, just to gild the lily. Once people have it, they always ask look forward to the next time I make it!

  145. Favorite Edible food? That is a toughie! Chocolate is always appreciate, guarded, and devoured with similar affection as a pregnant woman has for pickles…But I think I like Sand Plum Jam the best. I never knew of it’s existence until I came to Kansas, and now, I’m in love with the stuff!

  146. Favorite edible gift is spiced nuts. Something creative with the spice or sweet or a combination of both. I love that they can take something that simple and make it so incredible. I have had my run at making them but just like a sandwich they always taste better when someone else makes them!

  147. My favorite edible gift would be the things I always long for at a shop, but can never find the means to buy them for myself. Christopher Elbow chocolates, I’m looking at you!

  148. favorite edible gift: a tie between Mark Bittman’s tomato jam and dark chocolate-dipped caramels with sea salt. or, if I’m feeling generous, both. πŸ™‚

  149. Good chocolates for women, lets face it chocolate fixes alot! and Men something with sauces for grilling, you know men they love their toys:)

  150. My favorite edible gift was the wheel of baby alpine lace swiss my mother bought me for my birthday when I was in college, living mostly on Ramen noodles and popcorn. It became a birthday tradition, until I lost her in 1998.

  151. I love the tradition of my late grandmother’s cookie boxes at Christmas- everybody’s favorites all in one box!

  152. I love giving my homemade applesauce spiced with mulling spices. I tell people to warm it up and eat with fresh muffins!

  153. My new favorite is from Mouth Party caramels- chocolate covered hand cut caramels, sprinkled with sea salt!

  154. I love giving a sample package of all the Xmas baking I do, which can include anything from homemade hot chocolate balls, salted caramels, numerous types of cookies and tarts or whatever strikes my fancy that year.

  155. My favorite edible gifts to give are the ones that my husband and I receive right from the land around us and prepare ourselves. Wild rice that we harvest from the local lakes and maple syrup from our trees are very welcome gifts to friends and family.

  156. My friend’s Apricot Ginger Jam with homemade scones. Perfect.

    I’m only giving preserves these days — they’re so coveted. I like to place them in a pretty basket or hand painted box with a great cheese, some nuts, a bread and a recipe to make an easy glaze, tapas or sauce.

  157. My favourite edible gift is one of the amazing candy apples from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. I like every variety of candy apple they have, from plain and simple to gummy bears and sprinkles!

  158. Oh, I love pretty much any edible gift! But right now, my favorite would be any cookies given to me by my 95-year-old grandma. She still makes batches and batches of cookies for friends and family – independently! I love her!

  159. mmm… recently a good friend gifted me some homemade pickles. i went home and opened them immediately. they were amazing!

  160. I love to give away jams and pickled jalapenos from the summertime. The best food gift I’ve ever received was the fried chicken, mac n cheese, and collards a friend brought me a few days after I had my son. I was starving!

  161. I’ve just made limoncello and am looking forward to giving it as gifts.

    On the receiving end, Ghanian peanut brittle is a big hit around here.

  162. I love to give macaroni and cheese. The best food gift I’ve received was an amazing bottle of raspberry vinegar.

  163. I enjoy sending away boxes of cookies with my homecanned goodies tucked in as well. I think for myself, I like chocolate truffles best, but I did just receive a great box full of bottles of apple ale.

  164. I gifted homemade marshmallows this past christmas. They were great fun to make and so fun to hear everyone’s amazement that marshmallows can be made at home.

  165. My favorite thing to give changes depending on what I’m discovering. My gifts have evolved from applesauce to jam to relish to bread. I’m not sure what’s next!

  166. One year my mother and I worked for weeks on a Christmas package for my bother. It had all of his favorite home-make treats: fudge (with and without nuts) peanut brittle, six kinds of cookies, popcorn balls… silly thing must have weighed 15 pounds. He said he was the most popular guy in the barracks!

  167. I’ve been making flavored vinegars the past few years for family Christmas gifts, those seem to be well liked. My father-in-law LOVED the blackberry brandy I made him this year (I think he downed it in about 2 weeks) and I adore getting the homemade nut butters my uncle makes, the jams/butters/chutneys an aunt makes and, of course, the sweets that always come at Christmas time.

  168. Wow, that looks awesome. My favorite edible gift I ever made was a grapefruit and Meyer lemon marmalade that was more delicious for being ridiculously painstaking.

  169. I love making food treats for my friends with food restrictions. I love figuring out how to make their favorite baked good while keeping with whatever new restriction has come along. This year I tried canning for the first time and made quince jelly for all my family as Christmas gifts. It was a double bonus for us at my house- the quince came from the tree in our yard and the recipe I followed didn’t use lemon juice so my husband could enjoy the jars we kept.

  170. My favorite to receive is good dark chocolate.

    My favorite to give is roasted tomato and tomatillo salsa. Or if it’s for my friend Lorraine, zucchini bread because she loves it so much.

  171. Probably mead, though jam is usually a good one and takes considerably less time to make. Really, giving away any food makes me happy, I just try my best to make it delicious.

  172. I am just getting into canning – but I am planning on a mincemeat filling to give to all my English friends who crave mincemeat pies around the holidays.

  173. One summer when I was a teen, I took a job as a camp counselor. Since I was away from home for my birthday, my mom made my favorite chocolate cake, froze it, wrapped it in foil and mailed it to me. It was still delicious when it arrived, and there is nothing like a homemade cake when you’re away from home on your birthday.

    I really love to give strange marmalades or jellies to people, weird things they would never try themselves without a little encouragement. <3

  174. i have to say, and our friends and family would agree, having a stockpile of jams ready as last minute gifts is so helpful! perhaps the most craved edible gift coming from our kitchen over the years has been the orange-scented marshmallows. thanks, as always, for passing on the good fortune and gifts to your readers.

  175. My favorite gift that I can eat are the Chocolate Cadbury Eggs! Not the ones that have the whites and “yolks”, the solid chocolate ones. Ooooh…yum! Easter is my favorite time of year!

  176. Definitely candy! Sea salt caramels, fudge, orangettes. The sorts of things I love to eat but won’t usually make for myself.

  177. My favorite home made gift would have to be pretty much anything honestly. I was going to say jams but I think that’s a lie because I really just love anything someone prepared just for me!

  178. I love getting chocolates as a gift, and I also look forward every year to my sister’s Christmas shipment of sweet-hot pepper jelly. When giving, I like homemade jam and I think this year I’ll try more savory gifts, like a chutney or spice mix or something.

  179. When my daughter met her boyfriend she introduced him to our family tradition of gardening and canning. Last Christmas he gave us 3 jars of homemade barbeque sauce. Yum!

  180. For Christmas last year I gave what I thought of as samplers – a mix and match assortment of half pint jars of jam/fruit butter, mustards, pickled stuff – to my family.

  181. Salad dressings! Special salad dressings. I have a special recipe that we made up one year that everyone loves. It can be presented in pretty jars or recycled or new. And, for me, it’s always salad season.

  182. Love giving homemade pasta with a jar of homemade tomato sauce. This is especially popular at Christmas, when fresh tomato season is a distant memory.

  183. My favorite is biscotti. The flavor profile is so unlimited. Sweet, savory, with or without a flavored coating.

  184. I love the give themed edible gifts depending on the season, like homemade hot cocoa with homemade marshmallows at Christmas.

    My favorite recent was some Pralines from Myrtle Beach πŸ™‚

  185. I love anything that someone takes the time to make for me….as an avid (obsessive) canner I know how much work goes into anything made in the kitchen…it’s always a gift from the heart!

  186. In my transition to an almost entirely local and organic food lifestyle, I have discovered the beauty of giving seasonal fruits and vegetables as gifts. Okay, sometimes I put them into a cake or a bread. Sometimes I give them in the form of preserves. But one of my favorite ways to present, say, a bushel of beautiful apples from a nearby orchard, is simply as they are. Giving food to loved ones has raised the value of the gift-giving experience for me.

  187. Anything that comes in the mail and is edible is especially loved! Granola was a recent treat from a friend, and it was so nice to think of her every day at breakfast.

  188. At Christmas I love to bake Cream Cheese Braids which my friends always love to receive! Thanks for the giveaway!

  189. I love giving unusual homemade jams, and giving unusual food to my dad, who appreciates anything weird but especially fruit. I can’t really pick a favorite to receive, but I always love chocolate, tea, and fruit.

  190. Usually my food gifts end up being things I’ve picked up on travels to faraway places, although I have gone on homemade lemon curd–giving sprees as well.

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