Eat Boutique Mother’s Day Box Giveaway

March 29, 2011(updated on October 3, 2018)

I have a page in my red Moleskine planner (I can’t quite seem to give up the paper habit) where I jot down possible gift ideas for the people in my life as they occur to me. I’ve trained myself to think about birthday and holiday gifts well in advance because giving good gift does not come naturally to me. While I love a thoughtful, well-wrapped gift as the next girl, I’ve never been able to organize myself well when it comes to charming cards and lovely packaging. So I work extra hard to select good presents, knowing that I won’t be able to hold a candle to my craftier kin.

When I know the gift I’m giving needs to be particularly impressive (and the budget allows) I sometimes turn to the professionals. One such pro that I discovered recently (and mentioned in this post last month) is Eat Boutique. Designed and curated by Maggie Battista, Eat Boutique boxes include small batch, artisanally crafted candies, cookies, preserves and more. The boxes change seasonally and make gorgeous gifts for the food lovers in your life.

I’m extra excited to tell you guys about this season’s box because Maggie has offered up one for a giveaway. That’s right, one Food in Jars reader will be the winner of a box jam-packed with sea salt rosemary shortbread, handmade chocolate bonbons and rochers, blood orange jam, local honey cake, chocolate-covered honeycomb candy and honey orange ricotta caramels. Sounds pretty tasty, doesn’t it!

This giveaway will be open until Wednesday, March 30 at 11:59 pm. To enter, leave a comment describing your favorite edible gift. One entry per person please. The winner will be able to choose to either receive the box or have it sent to a friend (in the U.S. or Canada only). Good luck!

(If you can’t bear to take your chances with the giveaway, you can also purchase one of these fab boxes straight from Maggie by clicking here. Each box costs $65 and includes a hand written note.)

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378 thoughts on "Eat Boutique Mother’s Day Box Giveaway"

  • I love giving a sample package of all the Xmas baking I do, which can include anything from homemade hot chocolate balls, salted caramels, numerous types of cookies and tarts or whatever strikes my fancy that year.

  • My favorite edible gifts to give are the ones that my husband and I receive right from the land around us and prepare ourselves. Wild rice that we harvest from the local lakes and maple syrup from our trees are very welcome gifts to friends and family.

  • I love to tailor to the one I am giving the basket to but it seems no basket is complete without chocolate.

  • My friend’s Apricot Ginger Jam with homemade scones. Perfect.

    I’m only giving preserves these days — they’re so coveted. I like to place them in a pretty basket or hand painted box with a great cheese, some nuts, a bread and a recipe to make an easy glaze, tapas or sauce.

  • My favourite edible gift is one of the amazing candy apples from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. I like every variety of candy apple they have, from plain and simple to gummy bears and sprinkles!

  • Oh, I love pretty much any edible gift! But right now, my favorite would be any cookies given to me by my 95-year-old grandma. She still makes batches and batches of cookies for friends and family – independently! I love her!

  • mmm… recently a good friend gifted me some homemade pickles. i went home and opened them immediately. they were amazing!

  • I love to give away jams and pickled jalapenos from the summertime. The best food gift I’ve ever received was the fried chicken, mac n cheese, and collards a friend brought me a few days after I had my son. I was starving!

  • I’ve just made limoncello and am looking forward to giving it as gifts.

    On the receiving end, Ghanian peanut brittle is a big hit around here.

  • I love to give macaroni and cheese. The best food gift I’ve received was an amazing bottle of raspberry vinegar.

  • I enjoy sending away boxes of cookies with my homecanned goodies tucked in as well. I think for myself, I like chocolate truffles best, but I did just receive a great box full of bottles of apple ale.

  • I gifted homemade marshmallows this past christmas. They were great fun to make and so fun to hear everyone’s amazement that marshmallows can be made at home.

  • My favorite thing to give changes depending on what I’m discovering. My gifts have evolved from applesauce to jam to relish to bread. I’m not sure what’s next!

  • One year my mother and I worked for weeks on a Christmas package for my bother. It had all of his favorite home-make treats: fudge (with and without nuts) peanut brittle, six kinds of cookies, popcorn balls… silly thing must have weighed 15 pounds. He said he was the most popular guy in the barracks!

  • I’ve been making flavored vinegars the past few years for family Christmas gifts, those seem to be well liked. My father-in-law LOVED the blackberry brandy I made him this year (I think he downed it in about 2 weeks) and I adore getting the homemade nut butters my uncle makes, the jams/butters/chutneys an aunt makes and, of course, the sweets that always come at Christmas time.

  • I love to give homemade jellies. My favorite is a carrot cake jam made with pears, pineapple and carrots. YUM!!

  • Wow, that looks awesome. My favorite edible gift I ever made was a grapefruit and Meyer lemon marmalade that was more delicious for being ridiculously painstaking.

  • I like to give people a fresh loaf of bread and a jar of homemade jam…I don’t know what it is about fresh bread, it’s just so awesome.

    Thanks for letting me enter!

  • I love making food treats for my friends with food restrictions. I love figuring out how to make their favorite baked good while keeping with whatever new restriction has come along. This year I tried canning for the first time and made quince jelly for all my family as Christmas gifts. It was a double bonus for us at my house- the quince came from the tree in our yard and the recipe I followed didn’t use lemon juice so my husband could enjoy the jars we kept.

  • My favorite to receive is good dark chocolate.

    My favorite to give is roasted tomato and tomatillo salsa. Or if it’s for my friend Lorraine, zucchini bread because she loves it so much.

  • Probably mead, though jam is usually a good one and takes considerably less time to make. Really, giving away any food makes me happy, I just try my best to make it delicious.

  • I am just getting into canning – but I am planning on a mincemeat filling to give to all my English friends who crave mincemeat pies around the holidays.

  • Jams jams jams…. I have been giving away jam to everyone lately! Getting excited for a new canning season!

  • One summer when I was a teen, I took a job as a camp counselor. Since I was away from home for my birthday, my mom made my favorite chocolate cake, froze it, wrapped it in foil and mailed it to me. It was still delicious when it arrived, and there is nothing like a homemade cake when you’re away from home on your birthday.

    I really love to give strange marmalades or jellies to people, weird things they would never try themselves without a little encouragement. <3

  • i have to say, and our friends and family would agree, having a stockpile of jams ready as last minute gifts is so helpful! perhaps the most craved edible gift coming from our kitchen over the years has been the orange-scented marshmallows. thanks, as always, for passing on the good fortune and gifts to your readers.

  • My favorite gift that I can eat are the Chocolate Cadbury Eggs! Not the ones that have the whites and “yolks”, the solid chocolate ones. Ooooh…yum! Easter is my favorite time of year!

  • Definitely candy! Sea salt caramels, fudge, orangettes. The sorts of things I love to eat but won’t usually make for myself.

  • I love receiving anything that is homemade, especially truffles. Last year my favourite to give was home canned salsa and red pepper jelly.

  • My favorite home made gift would have to be pretty much anything honestly. I was going to say jams but I think that’s a lie because I really just love anything someone prepared just for me!

  • I love getting chocolates as a gift, and I also look forward every year to my sister’s Christmas shipment of sweet-hot pepper jelly. When giving, I like homemade jam and I think this year I’ll try more savory gifts, like a chutney or spice mix or something.

  • When my daughter met her boyfriend she introduced him to our family tradition of gardening and canning. Last Christmas he gave us 3 jars of homemade barbeque sauce. Yum!

  • For Christmas last year I gave what I thought of as samplers – a mix and match assortment of half pint jars of jam/fruit butter, mustards, pickled stuff – to my family.

  • Jars of pickled jalapenos, accompanied by good quality tortilla chips. Everyone loves a do-it-yourself nacho kit!

  • Salad dressings! Special salad dressings. I have a special recipe that we made up one year that everyone loves. It can be presented in pretty jars or recycled or new. And, for me, it’s always salad season.

  • Love giving homemade pasta with a jar of homemade tomato sauce. This is especially popular at Christmas, when fresh tomato season is a distant memory.

  • I had a highschool friend give me a big box of homemade candy one year- buckeys, brittles, chocolate covered cherries. It was divine!

  • My favorite is biscotti. The flavor profile is so unlimited. Sweet, savory, with or without a flavored coating.

  • I love the give themed edible gifts depending on the season, like homemade hot cocoa with homemade marshmallows at Christmas.

    My favorite recent was some Pralines from Myrtle Beach 🙂

  • I love anything that someone takes the time to make for me….as an avid (obsessive) canner I know how much work goes into anything made in the kitchen…it’s always a gift from the heart!

  • In my transition to an almost entirely local and organic food lifestyle, I have discovered the beauty of giving seasonal fruits and vegetables as gifts. Okay, sometimes I put them into a cake or a bread. Sometimes I give them in the form of preserves. But one of my favorite ways to present, say, a bushel of beautiful apples from a nearby orchard, is simply as they are. Giving food to loved ones has raised the value of the gift-giving experience for me.

  • Anything that comes in the mail and is edible is especially loved! Granola was a recent treat from a friend, and it was so nice to think of her every day at breakfast.

  • At Christmas I love to bake Cream Cheese Braids which my friends always love to receive! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • I love giving unusual homemade jams, and giving unusual food to my dad, who appreciates anything weird but especially fruit. I can’t really pick a favorite to receive, but I always love chocolate, tea, and fruit.

  • Usually my food gifts end up being things I’ve picked up on travels to faraway places, although I have gone on homemade lemon curd–giving sprees as well.