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August 9, 2011(updated on December 6, 2021)

peach salsa

This last Saturday, I did a peach salsa demonstration at Linvilla Orchards in Media, PA for their annual peach festival. The audience was filled with stone fruit enthusiasts, as well as a handful of Food in Jars readers. It was so much fun to meet everyone who made the trek and I hope I’ll see even more of you guys on September 24 when I make apple-pear chutney.

giving demo

Speaking of canning instruction, this Saturday, August 13, I’m teaching a Garlic Dill Pickle class. There are still four more spots available in that class should you be interested in joining us. The cost is $45 per person and the class is being held at Indy Hall in Old City, Philadelphia. Leave a comment or shoot me an email (foodinjars AT gmail dot com) if you’d like to sign up.

two full jars

Also happening this Saturday, August 13 is the National Can-It-Forward Day. Organized this year by Ball and the Canvolution folks, the event will include coast-to-coast canning parties, live demos in Seattle and a full day of streaming programming all about canning. Click here to download the Web TV schedule.

Finally, it’s Canning Week over at Simple Bites. Last year, I wrote about canning tomatoes and this year, expect to see a small batch plum jam recipe from me up there later in the week. Last weekend at the Big Summer Potluck, Aimée gathered Shaina, Megan and me to film a kick-off video. Take a look!

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9 thoughts on "Demos, Classes, Can-It-Forward and Canning Week on Simple Bites"

  • Any chance you’ll post the garlic-dill recipe after the class? You know, for those of us who can’t quite justify 6 hours on the train for a canning workshop?
    If only we had European-type trains… 🙂
    Truly love the blog, thanks for all your hard work – and great tips!

  • Now that I know you in person, I’m going to stop lurking on your blog and comment, lol. Those pickles look lovely; definitely something I want to try this year!

  • How about that peach salsa recipe. I made one over the weekend and it was way to HOT, and I like hot. I haven’t canned it yet and was wondering if you think it will mellow or if I can add more peaches or and lime juice or if I’m risking death by salsa?

  • I know Marisa is too busy to answer questions, so I am putting this out for the rest of you….I need help. I have tried *3* batches of berries in my slow cookers for jam and every single one has burned. I don’t think the berries are scorching, maybe the sugar? I tried an old cooker, then a new one, used only low, cooked longer….argh! Any suggestions would really be appreciated. This is expensive and frustrating, I am scared to even attempt applesauce until I figure this out! Thanks for any help! Lisa at

    1. Yikes Lisa. I’m so sorry to hear that you’re having such issues. I’m not sure if I can help, because I don’t make jams in the slow cooker. I only do fruit butters, which don’t get any additional sugar until the very end. The slow cooker is really good for things that don’t have additional sugar.

  • I was there at your canning demo, I’m the one in the posted picture sitting all the way on the left. Your demo was really interesting and informative and I can’t wait to try the peach salsa recipe . Looking forward to seeing your demo at the tomato/pear festival.