Deal Alert: Sweet Cherries on Sale Tomorrow at Whole Foods Market

July 10, 2014(updated on October 3, 2018)

This Friday is the annual cherry sale at Whole Foods Market! Very exciting!

I start paying more attention to the Whole Foods Markets Friday sales starting in mid-June. That’s because every July for the last few years, they have one day when they put all the sweet cherries on sale. They go from being upwards of $4 or $5 a pound to a crazy low $1.99 a pound. As a cherry obsessive and dedicated preserver, you better believe that this is one sale that I do not miss.

Because I’ve been on the road so much this summer, I haven’t been paying as much attention to the sales at my local Whole Foods as I normally do. However, I stopped by earlier today and spotted this sign (and was so excited, I felt moved to take a picture and post it to Instagram). The cherry sale is tomorrow!

After getting a couple of questions about availability on my Instagram post, I did a little digging and found out that the sale price will be in effect at all WFM stores in the US (including Hawaii). There is a chance that they will run out of cherries before the end of the day, so if you want in on the action, make sure to get to your local store on the earlier side of the day.

If you’re intrigued by the idea of discount cherries, but aren’t sure how you’d use up a mess of them, here are some of my favorite cherry recipes from the archives.

pickled cherries

Sweet pickled cherries. Eat them with roasted meat or with some cheese like a deconstructed chutney. Or, if you want something appropriate for a burger, make yourself some cherry ketchup.

booze and cherries

Cherry bounce. It’s just cherries, sugar, and bourbon. What could be bad about that? Or, if bourbon isn’t your thing, what about cherry rum?

sweet and sour cherry jam

Sweet and sour cherry jam. If you can’t find sour cherries, try using apricots or raspberries in their place. It’s lovely, low sugar preserve that is one of my pantry staples these days.

cherry clafoutis

If you don’t feel like hauling out your canning pot, there’s also the cherry clafoutis, which is always nice. You bake cherries into a slightly sweet custard. Pitting is optional.

There are even more cherry recipes in my cookbooks. Sweet cherry butter! Bing cherries in red wine syrup! Sweet cherry compote!

However you do it, make sure you enjoy some some cherries this summer!

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19 thoughts on "Deal Alert: Sweet Cherries on Sale Tomorrow at Whole Foods Market"

  • This years Washington cherries are so perfect I cannot stop eating them. I live in Fargo ND and last week one of the grocery stores had them for the crazy low price of $1.48 lb !! This week another store has them for $1.98 lb with 25 cents a lb going to the Rape&Abuse Center and YWCA – all the more reason for me to keep eating !!

  • If you buy whatever they consider to be a case you’ll get a additional 10% off. Usually it’s 7lbs & it will say on the signs.

  • Yay- I love cherry bounce. Makes for a great gift for the holidays. Quick question- any recipes for a cherry relish? Have a hankering for something sweet and savory that might pair well with lamb. Any thoughts?

  • I did a cherry whiskey almond jam that ended up being a bit heavy on both the whiskey and sliced almonds (by accident – turns out there was a much smaller margin for error on both items than I’d expected) for using the jam on toast. But it makes an effin’ amazing condiment for pork chops, and it’s not too bad at all stirred into a dish of plain or vanilla yogurt.

    We also do ridiculously awesome smoothies with cherries, a few black grapes, lime juice, a couple of spoonfuls of plain greek-style yogurt, a bit of ginger syrup, and pomegranate juice.

    1. That sound like heaven on grilled pork chops! Plop it on top during the last 4 minutes on the grill. Mmmmmm

  • I just bought nine pounds of cherries earlier this week because I was afraid I’d missed the Whole Foods sale (which I took full advantage of two summers ago when I made cherry bounce, pickled cherries, and bourbon-soaked cherries). Luckily, Stop & Shop had cherries for $2.99/lb, which was still a great deal. I may have to make a trip to Whole Foods today to grab a few more pounds for freezing…

  • I was at the Free Library last night and am now totally inspired to try some recipes (I haven’t canned anything yet). I totally want to take advantage of the sale, but I’m going away tomorrow for the week and would really rather not try canning, for my first time, down the shore. Do you think that I can buy a ton of cherries today, pit them, freeze them, and then can them when I return next weekend? I only wish I had learned about the bourbon sour cherries before I went to the farmer’s market yesterday where they had tons of them for sale. Thanks!!!

    1. Yes! You can definitely pit them and freeze them. They won’t be good for pickled cherries, but they’ll do a number of other things nicely.

  • You might not have a Sprouts nearby, but if you do, they had cherries for $.98 per pound last week. Maybe you can catch that sale next year!

  • I made some brandied cherries for the first time this year and served some on top chocolate mousse. Can I say they are the cherry bom – b? Yes, it was a happy 4th – and 5th, and 6th.

  • thanks for these ideas! I’ve known about the sale all week and have been trying to think up good uses. I’m trying to decide how many people I know who might like cherry bounce. Do you normally just drink it as is, or is more of a cocktail ingredient?

  • We drove from Portland to HoodRiver on Wednesday and picked 40 pounds of huge sweet red cherries. I have 7 quarts of some lovely pie filing canned and have pitted and frozen the rest. FROZEN cherries are the best on hot nights! We have had a great year for cherries
    Love love cherries

  • I picked up a case this morning (18lbs) and am planning to make 9lbs into pie filling and then dehydrate/freeze the rest.

    Sadly, we went cherry picking just this past Monday. The orchard was nearly picked out – (it had only opened on Saturday!) – I took home 8 pounds, of which 1lb were red (a mix of sour and sweet) and the rest were Rainier (golden) cherries, at $7.99/lb. Ugh.

  • So I tried the cherry bounce you mentioned and I’ll know how it goes in November. Inspired by the alcohol + fruit combo, I tried the Boozy Maple Sweet Cherries recipe found here: After letting everything sit in the fridge for 24+ hours, I heated the mix so that I wasn’t putting cold filling into jars and then into hot water. But when I pulled out the jars, the syrup spit everywhere! And it was still boiling or bubbling for a good while afterwards. Needless to say, there was less syrup in each pint container at the end, about 1 cherry of height. The jars did seal but I still put them in the fridge.

    Can you figure out what might have gone wrong?

    Thank you!