Deal Alert: Crate & Barrel’s Canning Kit

August 9, 2012(updated on October 3, 2018)

canning kit

Yesterday, an errand took me within spitting distance of Crate & Barrel. I’ve been wanting to stop into a physical C&B store since they re-released the Dansk cookware (of which I’ve long been a fan). However, before I was able to make it over to the Dansk display, another table caught my eye. It was a massive array of canning tools, Weck jars (sadly, they were the only piece of canning gear not marked down) and pots, much of which was on deep discount.

canning tools

Of all the items on discount, the one that caught my eye was the canning kit. Regularly priced at $12.95, it was now just $7.95. Though it includes two tools that I think unnecessary (the tongs and the jar opener), it’s still a great price if you’re in the market for a jar lifter, wide mouth funnel and lid wand. It’s a terrific little starter kit if you’ve got a friend who has expressed interest in canning but just doesn’t have the right utensils yet.

A note: I was not paid, compensated or even asked to post about this sale. I just happened to visit the store and spotted the bargain. 

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24 thoughts on "Deal Alert: Crate & Barrel’s Canning Kit"

  • I have this set! I must admit that I have never used the tongs or the jar-opener, and actually had no idea what the jar-opener even was. (Ha!) But I use the funnel, wand, and jar-lifter every single time I can. Love em.

  • I wish we had a Crate & Barrel. Sigh. We do have a Big Lots though, and while there yesterday I noticed they had boxes of 12 Golden Harvest (made in the USA) half-pint jars for $7.95. I prefer the smooth-sided Kerr jars, but for the price I’ll deal with the fruit pattern.

  • I use the tongs to pull the empty jars out of the boiling water before I fill them! I find the jar lifter pretty unwieldy for that, so I love the tongs 🙂

      1. It would be, if I didn’t already have another version of this set with all the tools hanging out in the canning basket in my pantry 🙂

    1. I use the tongs to lift empty jars from the canner, too — and the jar opener to brace the hot jars as I use the funnel to pack them with hot product.

      If I maintain the right grip, I can even hold the filled jar with the jar opener, just below the screw threads, use the lid lifter to place the lid on right, then grip the jar as I twist the lid and band tight. That way, there’s no finger contact with the jar until the seal is made.

  • And if you’re in Canada, and can’t access a Crate and Barrel easily, Home Hardware had the same kit on this week for $5.99. I also got a food press (I’m a little excited) on sale for under $30. Yippee for applesauce in the fall!

    1. I ordered a 3 galloon pickling crock that was on sale at my local Home Hardware, and it was also about $30.

      I love how eclectic Home Hardware’s offerings are. Betcha can’t get canning supplies at Home Depot!

  • Oh, it’s RED. Sigh… my Ball kit is blue and while it does the trick just fine, I am sooooo partial to anything red for my kitchen.
    Thanks for the tip!

  • Perfect timing, I just received a 10% coupon from them 🙂 thank you for posting the sale. I would’ve never known.

  • Walmart sells a Ball kit with all the bits and the spacer thing 🙂 for about $8.00….I am not a Walmart shopper but there is a lovely one in Central Square, NY, minutes from your Liverpool seminar!

  • I have to speak up for the jar opener, not for home-canned goods necessarily, but for the many commercial jars and bottles with stubborn lids. I’ve had a yellow one just like the red one above for years and it’s the only kitchen tool that has never failed me.

  • I am heading over there today to look – I have all of these items, but definitely need a second pair. When deep into preserving, I am never alone, and one set never seems to be enough!

  • I have this exact canning set. While I never use the jar opener, I love the tongs. They are great for pulling whole tomatoes or peaches out of the boiling water when scalding them for peeling.

  • Funny, I had no idea what the jar opener was until someone said something, but it makes sense now. Until that last batch of pickles we made here just the other day, I would have said the wand was pointless, but I sure wished we had one! Frustrating how the lids get under the rack in the hot-water bath…

  • I just used this set today! I made jam and used the jar lifter, the magnet to lift the lids, and the funnel to pour the jam into the jars. It worked really well! Definitely a steal for $8, I paid $12 a few months ago.

  • I just made Amy’sTomato Jam….I have never had it brforer and will never be without it from now on. Easy and sweet and tangy and a litte spice at the end. I wae eating a frozen pizza, I slathered some of the jam on it, and a new pizza was born. I cannot wait to make flat bread pizza with this as the sauce.
    I have been making my way slowly through your book. Love it.

  • For Canadian readers, I saw a kit with the exact same components on sale for $6 at my local Home Hardware this weekend.