Dark Days: Roasted Potatoes, Local Greens and a Cast Iron Frittata

February 1, 2010(updated on December 6, 2021)

Dark Days dinner

Scott and I spent the weekend away, and by the time we rolled back into town tonight, I was hungry, tired and totally weary of eating food prepared by others (admittedly, part of my fatigue came from the fact that we didn’t plan particularly well and ate more fast food than I typically eat in a month).

On the drive home, I took mental stock of my fridge and pantry, and cooked the meal you see above three times over in my head before we had even crossed back into Philadelphia.

Roasted purple potatoes (they’ve been kicking around for nearly a month now, so they were a little wrinkled but cooked up just fine), a little salad (I was praying that these greens, which I bought a week ago, hadn’t turned to sludge in the crisper, and aside from a few wilt-y pieces, were just fine — a testament to their freshness upon purchase) and a frittata made from Meadow Run Hill Farms eggs, some of the ham from last week’s pizza, a hunk of hard goat cheese from Hail Family Farms and some buying club onions and chard.

We were sitting down to eat within an hour of getting home, without calling for take-out or resorting to a heat and serve option. And most of that wasn’t active time, I de-stickered and washed all those jars I bought over the weekend while the potatoes roasted and the top of the frittata set up in the oven. Proof positive that eating local can be quick and simple, even in these dark days.

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7 thoughts on "Dark Days: Roasted Potatoes, Local Greens and a Cast Iron Frittata"

  • For some reason I love that part of cooking that comes before you are even in the kitchen — taking inventory of what’s in the fridge, coming up with combinations that sound appetizing at that moment and putting together a meal from what, to some, might just be random ingredients.

  • Eating like this is our favorite way to dine. Looks like you’re at my house! I wish I had leaned to cook and eat like this growing up and as a newly wed. We’d have been a lot healthier in the ‘early’ days. I use to think that because I worked, I couldn’t do this (I WAS tired, but compounded my tiredness by not eating right!).

  • cooking in my head – I do that all the time! I’m positive I’m a better cook for it.
    I’ve noticed over the past few years that the first meal back after vacation is really important to me, even if we were eating decently on vacation. It’s a home/hearth/welcoming thing for me.

  • Anne, they were just local salad greens from one of the vendors at the Rittenhouse Square market. I don’t think they’re dandelion greens though, as they’re really tender and sweet.