Dark Days: A Local Salad in January

January 18, 2010(updated on October 3, 2018)

all-local salad

I’m feeling a little lazy tonight, so instead of telling you about the local sausage we ate tonight with some of my homemade, home-canned, red sauerkraut (the picture is still on the camera, which is all the way across the room), I’m going to feature a little salad I had for lunch yesterday.

I had a lazy Saturday morning, so slow-moving and indulgent that it was afternoon before I managed to walk over to the farmers market. When you go to a farmers’ market within it’s last hour, you run the risk of finding nearly nothing left. I was fortunate in that I was able to pick up carrots, eggs, some gorgeous portobello mushrooms, a slab of locally made goat cheddar and most wonderfully, a bag of tender salad greens.

bag of local salad greens

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the fact that I was able to buy locally grown salad greens in January. It’s not like I live in Southern California or Florida. I’m in Philadelphia, where last week we had lows of 19 and 20 degrees. Finding them was a joy. To be perfectly honest, I haven’t completely abstained from salads during these cold months. However, they’ve been dull tasteless things in comparison to these greens. They were so soft and delicate. And, at $3.25 for a six-ounce bag, they weren’t that eye-poppingly expensive (the stand was even running a “two for $6 deal.” I’m kicking myself for not buying a second bag).

local goat cheddar

I tossed half the bag with a sprinkle of balsamic (not local), olive oil (nope), salt and pepper. Topped with some of that goat cheddar and eaten with a hunk of multi-grain baguette (also purchased at the Rittenhouse Square Farmers’ Market). I didn’t share this salad with Scott. I ate hunched over my bowl, chasing those last slivers of lettuce onto my fork with a bread crust. Had I had a red slicing tomato along side, I would have thought it was July. I was a balm to my potato-weary soul and I feel restored.

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7 thoughts on "Dark Days: A Local Salad in January"

  • I too am longing for fresh local veggies. Time to be looking for heirloom seeds and planning this year’s garden. I hope to make the garden at least 1/3 larger this year and widen my selection. This week I am going to get some citrus and try my hand at canning it.

  • I’m jealous. I paid $14 per lb. for the fresh local salad greens I bought at my farmers market on Saturday.

  • My potato-weary soul hear’s ya! I tried to grow salad greens in the house this winter and we had so many bugs flying around I finally just threw them out. Operation houseplant salad FAILED.

  • Hi there – I am new to your blog. I came over from Down to Earth. I am intrigued by the mysterious world of canning, so I am glad I stumbled upon you!