Cuppow Review and Giveaway

January 25, 2012(updated on October 3, 2018)

cuppow front

When I worked in an office, mason jars were a regular part of my commuter food world. I layered oats and yogurt into wide mouth pints for breakfast and I toted coffee in those discontinued pint and a half jars freezer jars that I love so much.

There’s one very large issue with drinking coffee from mason jar (particularly the taller ones that I like so much). The very significant risk of spillage. More than once, I nearly knocked over an open jar. A dangerous things when your work machine is a vulnerable laptop.

cuppow back

Though I work from home now, I still find myself reaching for an empty mason jar when it comes time for morning coffee or tea. Because of this habit, as well as the fact that I’m generally crazy for any new jar-related item (all in the interest of research), I ordered the Cuppow approximately 12 seconds after hearing about it.

For those of you out there who are wondering what the heck I’m talking about, here’s the scoop. Cuppow is a reusable (BPA free) plastic lid, designed to fit on a wide mouth mason jar. You use a standard ring to fasten it into place. It works equally well with wide mouth models of pint, pint and a half (if you can find them) and quart jars.


So far, I love everything about this product, from the eye-pleasing, letter press packaging to the heft and feel of the Cuppow itself. I spent the morning using mine to drink my milky tea (coffee and I are on a break right now) and it performs exactly as I hoped it would.

It offers a similar drinking experience to that which you have with a disposal Starbucks cup, down to the slight whistle from the vent hole on the opposite side. No leaking, no mess and far less risk of spilling all over my workspace.

cuppow jar cozies

There is one issue when you use a mason jar for hot liquids. That is the inevitable heat transfer to your hand. Because I’ve been using jars for coffee and tea for years now, I have a small stash of hand knit and crocheted cozies from a few of my readers to slip around my jars. However, you don’t have to get something so fancy. A clean, orphaned sock would also do the job nicely.

cuppow on full jar

Because I asked nicely, the guys at Cuppow have given me one (1) of these mason jar lids to give away to a Food in Jars reader. Here’s what to do for a chance to win.

  1. To enter the giveaway, leave a comment on this post and tell us about your morning beverage ritual. Do you drink coffee or tea? Hot or cold? Or you like my husband, who prefers his caffeine cold and carbonated?
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm eastern time on Friday, January 27, 2012. Winner will be chosen at random (using and will be posted to the blog on Saturday, January 28, 2012.
  3. Giveaway is open to U.S. residents (so sorry, Canadians. I’m not controlling the shipping on this one).
  4. One entry/comment per person, please.
Disclosure: Cuppow is providing the giveaway unit. I bought and paid for my unit with my own money. All opinions expressed remain entirely my own. 

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986 thoughts on "Cuppow Review and Giveaway"

  • This looks fabulous! Depending on the weather here, it’s either some strong Irish breakfast tea or a carbonated beverage of some sort on really hot days.

  • I have to have WaWa coffee in the am…24 oz half coffee half hot chocolate. I also have my own homemade cup cozy that I crocheted and felted.

  • Coffee! Hot! Repeat! Every morning, without fail. Would love a cuppow for the morning walk into work. I will treat it well and knit lots of lovely mason jar cozies to deck it out stylishly.

  • I’ve been using an espresso machine to make decaf, & using the steamer on it to warm raw milk. I need a large cup/container for the milk, & then I pour the espresso into it. Yum! Goat’s milk is even sweeter, I think.
    Love your blog! Keep writing, I’ll keep reading 🙂

  • I love this product! So glad you found it.
    I ordered one for myself last week, and 4 for friends.
    I juice in the morning. This product means I can juice double!
    One for breakfast, and another in a mason jar travels for a mid- day snack.

  • I like hot and iced coffee, black if it’s good coffee, with some half & half if it’s not very good coffee 🙂 I’m also a fan of coconut milk creamer. I drink tea occasionally, but coffee moreso.

  • Growing up, I lived with my parents, two siblings, and my very Cuban grandmother. She would make Cuban coffee every morning right after she woke up and it filled our house with this heavenly smell. That stuff was *strong*, and the smell and taste of it always remind me of her. She’s well into her eighties and still drinks it every day.

  • My morning drink ritual is hot tea. No matter the weather, I have to have at least one mug of hot green tea. When the weather’s hot, after I have my tea, I may have a glass of orange juice.

  • I don’t have a morning routine really, it changes with the seasons and my schedule. The last few months it has been a cup of coffee at home before I leave for work then one to sip during my 45+ minute commute. I have a ceramic travel mug but lost the lid ages ago so more than once I’ve wound up with coffee all over myself and my car. I saw these somewhere else on the web & I was so very excited because I honestly didn’t know why these didn’t exist yet. So simple but great. *fingers crossed*

  • I have to vote for cold & carbonated. I get up very early, make breakfast, lunch & a large jug of ice water for hubby to take to work. I used to make him coffee too, but I seem to have a mental block concerning it. Hubby says it has to do with me not liking coffee so I just can’t make good coffee.

    Then, after he leaves for work, dogs & I go back to bed. Unless I have baby birds to feed. Then I feed babies before I go lie down

  • Despite years of making espresso every morning, I now love Nescafe–strong–with sweetener & freshly ground nutmeg. Occasionally a pinch of dried, pulverized orange peel is delicious in it too!

  • I take my coffee with me in the morning, and usually to all the after school soccer and lacrosse games too. Now I have to go knit 100 of those cute cozys! I ‘ll need a cup for that too!

  • I simply could not function without my morning cup(s) of coffee. My husband knows not to “poke the bear” 😉

  • I always start off my morning with a glass of water and then a half glass of orange juice. Next, I either head into work fire up our La Marzocco for a Cortado or Americano, or brew some strong coffee in my Chemex at home. My drinks are always hot, never iced.

  • Most often sweetened and lightened hot coffee in the morning. Sometimes hot tea. Am thinking that these would be terrific to use while gardening – iced beverages would not warm up so fast, maybe. Certainly, little critters would not be as likely to join the party!

  • How cute! I tote jars in to work all the time. Most mornings I hastily fill up my thermos with coffee before hitting the road, but I have to admit I sometimes love those days when I forget my coffee/run out of time… and just have to stop at my favorite cafe for a latte instead.

  • Wow do I love this idea!!!! I enjoy my morning beverage on the couch with a little public radio background! Today it was tea as I’m a little ill, usually its a dark roast coffee. Either way I soften it with milk and sweeten with raw sugar or honey (obvisouly in tea…)

  • Most mornings ….the coffee pot gets to rise and shine…out comes the coconut milk and we all happily enjoy each others company….sometimes ….the tea kettle gets jealous and so off we go with a wonderful cup of tea….my tea collection rivals my shoes…an addiction only next to canning…what does that say about my psyche?

  • As a Canadian, I am pre-empted from being part of the mailed give-away. Thus allowing for my little bit of negativity, to creep in.
    It is an new idea, for me, of drinking coffee or tea out of a mason jar. Although vague recollection of seeing others do so?
    My favorite drinking vessels in my kitchen are borosilicate glass cups. Glass also known as hard glass. Like, remarkably, mason jars. I used to have pseudo mason jars with handles. The annoying thing about those, was the screw on glass would not fit lids.
    I do see these lids to enable drinking from jars, more safely. As a good idea! Worthy of merit and appropriate praise.
    However, it will still not be a choice for me; around the computer, or not. Since I prefer the elegance of a glass cup or mug with a handle and bereft of lumps, bumps and logos.
    Not a big fan of take-out coffee either. Since I only drink a couple of cups of either tea or coffee, a day. Using quality ingredients; that take-out seldom offers, despite it’s burdensome cost.
    I do however like and appreciate this site for it’s help and suggestions for me. I like it’s emphasis on jarred foods. As many others, as witness the feedback on this page.
    Good luck to all! Seeking to win the “Cuppo” lids!

  • My morning ritual invloves freshly brewed, organic, black, unsweetend tea (definitely caffeinated) with lots of ice. Simply divine. The only thing that would make it better is a nifty Cuppow of my very own 😉

  • Recently, I began perfecting my morning coffee routine by purchasing a hand coffee grinder and a good pour-over cup. So far it has paid off with delicious fresh-brewed hot coffee. So that is my morning routine and how I like my coffee…

    The reason I’m so excited by the Cuppow is because I’m trying to be more inventive by making smoothies to cure my mid-morning hunger pains without eating the fattening foods always sitting in our break room. I could make a smoothie in the morning and then just pour it into a mason jar with a Cuppow and take it to work. Perfect, right?

  • I start my day with a cup of coffee. I however like my caffeine any way I can get it. Hot, cold, carbonated, coffee, tea, cola it really doesn’t matter. I like the idea of mason jars with the cuppow lid. What a great way to be green!

  • i drink coffee in the morning and i like it strong. i use a bialetti stovetop moka pot to make my coffee. anything expresso roast, italian roast, etc. i heat my milk too.
    in the afternoons and evenings i drink tea. if it’s cold, i use a mason jar!

  • I usually like to have one cup of coffee in the morning to give me a jump start and then I switch to tea. Too much coffee makes me anxious.

  • Each morning I make an iced coffee with my cold brewed coffee, some homemade chocolate syrup (or leftover crushed candy cane) and some evaporated and/or skim milk. Cold brewed coffee has spoiled me. I had a sip of my husbands standard brewed coffee (made from the same beans) and spit it out. Can’t stand the regular stuff anymore. This cuppow will make a great birthday present for my sister.
    I’ll have to make her a cozy too.

  • I must have hot coffee in the morning. I like iced coffee as an afternoon treat in the summer, but not in the morning. Tea with milk is good just about any time.

  • Local coffee I make at home…….with some hot chocolate mix I make myself, some “table cream” and every once in a while, some Bailey’s!

  • I like to drink hot tea in the morning at work but I go full stream ahead and drink coffee on the weekends to get through my to do list

  • I like to drink hot tea in the morning at work but I go full stream ahead and drink coffee on the weekends to get through my to do list

  • I love to make iced coffee in the summer and I always take it in a mason jar so this is brilliant!

    The best recipe I have found for iced coffee is from smitten kitchen.

  • I used to be a cold carbonated morning drink person… then quit soda… briefly drank coffee but could not get used to hot drinks first thing in the AM (although on a weekend brunch love it!)… now drink ice water… have been thinking of going to mason jar for my water at work… this would help!

  • my daughters and I have herbal tea every morning, mostly from mixes they made for us that are heavy on the peppermint! 🙂

  • I JUST started drinking water and tea from mason jars! This lid excites me to no end! My first morning beverage is coffee in my favorite double walled mug because I have to have it piping hot!

  • Caffine doesn’t always agree with me, so my morning mug is usually just filled with water. And now that you suggested the idea, a mason jar of water on my desk would be much prettier than a coffee mug. A couple times a week, as a special treat I, have some Spice Market orange cinnamon green tea. It has been my absolute favorite tea for awhile now!

  • I do mine cold and carbonated! Right now I use a reusable cold cup I got at Starbucks which is fantastic for reducing bottle waste. I just heard about the Cuppow also but was a little hesitant about the price.

  • Has to be hot coffee, splash of milk, nothing sweet in it. I can’t get out the door in the morning without it! I do have lots of canning jars and lots of yarn stash, I can see some projects in my future!

  • NEAT! I make hot coffee every morning with an aeropress, which I highly recommend. I would totally use this for kefir, smoothies, tea, and cold coffee too. 😀

  • I drink about 12 oz. of hazelnut mocha coffee every morning – I mix my own cocoa creamer and add hazelnut syrup to French-pressed coffee. Sometimes in hot weather, I will make this cold-processed and then ice it.

    I also drink green tea sometimes during the day. Right now, my favorite way is to make a blueberry-ginger shrub/switchel concentrate and mix that with the tea.

    Both yummy!

  • I have a fill up black coffee in my reusable insulated mug but I just love this idea (esp with the knitted cozies).

  • I love coffee black in the morning in the evening my daughter and I will make our own iced coffee. We pretty much drink everything out of Mason Jars I do have a favorite coffee cup but this would make me change that really quick! And if I don’t win I am definitely gonna buy one for me and hubby!

  • I am in love with coffee, I switched to half caf since Im breastfeeding. It almost killed me when I was pregnant and couldnt stand the taste or smell of it. I usually drink half a pot every morning.

  • I absolutely HAVE to have my coffee every morning. My sweet hubby, the “coffee fairy” usually leaves it on my nightstand every morning. Haven’t drank it from a mason jar–but I take yogurt, soup, salad to work in jars. My coworkers think I’m crazy, haha! Now to figure out how to make those jar cozies 😉

  • Mmmmm, I drink hot tea with milk and honey in a favorite tea mug…. and would love to add a favorite jar in with my mugs with this great lid!!

  • My morning bev is hot coffee with half and half (or whipping cream if I’m a houseguest in a H & H free house) and always going cold on me while I work in the mornings. Fingers crossed, though I’m buying one anyway for my little bro, the mason jar sipping king.
    thanks friend for sharing the Cuppow wealth with us!

  • oh my! I’d love to have this! I usually drink a hot cup of green tea (and am a competent knitter able to make myself a cute jar cozy 😉 ) in the morning at work but have to use a lidded mug (so no mason jars at work. yet) but I do drink out of my jars at home too…

  • i’m a hot tea/chai kinda person.. but i was sitting here the other day sick with a mug of bonebroth thinking.. hhhmmm bonebroth could easily replace hot tea, and be even heathier for me… so much nicer on the tummy….
    i’ve been wanting a few of these lids since i saw them….

  • I recently quit coffee for the 2nd and hopefully last time. Unfortunately it just doesn’t work well for me. However, I am learning to love tea and still enjoy decaf =) Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Hot Coffee is my choice in the morning. In the Summer, I go to Yard Sale and that Cuppow looks pretty nice! It would be very handy to have when I am shopping for bargains!

  • I brew up my cup of coffee from the Keurig and take it with me in the car on the way to the gym. I would love to have that cuppow since I always take my cup “to-go.”

  • If its a school day, I put yerba mate in a travel mug, fill it with hot water, and then, once at school, stick my bombilla in and sip away.

  • Since my doctor put me on a no coffee diet…I’ve been having hot milk with almond syrup to have that comfort and slow wake up that a hot liquid provides.

  • new orleans style – chicory cold brewed coffee with a hearty pour of whole milk and agave nectar. over ice. nom.

  • I’ve never been a coffee person, but I do like an occasional cup of tea. Mostly, I start each morning with a meal-replacer shake. I’m just not much of a breakfast person!

  • Hot tea – black! Maybe flavored, maybe green, maybe oolong….but always tea! Can’t stand coffee! And I need to make me some of those cozies!

  • One cup of coffee (milk, no sugar) in the morning; two cups of tea in the mid morning and early afternoon, and one herbal tea (with honey) to unwind at night.
    I bring jars to work to transport my yogurt. I would love to have one to enjoy beverages in my favorite Atlas Mason Jar!

  • I love this idea ..cuppow looks wonderful. So glad you shared the idea. I start with a protein shake made with Silk or just good ol columbian 8 o’clock coffee.Cant wait to try it.

  • I drink several cups of coffee every morning and usually black. I have a coffee mix that I love to drink in the evenings called Toffee Coffee Latte. Delicious! The cuppow lid is a great idea!

  • I’m normally a coffee drinker, milky. I’ve definitely toted coffee to the workplace in mason jars, usually when I bike in, since I don’t have a bike coffee mug holder.

  • On the cold winter mornings I go for a Tal Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte and in the summer when it’s a lot warmer I go for a grande black iced tea, no sweetener, both from Starbucks.

    I have tons of yarn in my stash, would love to make a cozy for my mason jar mug if I win!!!

  • “Tea. Earl Grey. Hot.” Ok, so I’m not Captain Picard, but I like dark dark English Breakfast tea with a hearty helping of milk and a touch of honey.

  • I love to have a cup of hot herbal tea….no caffeine for me. I like egyptian Licorice Mint by Yogi. And that cup/jar would work just great for it!

  • Fingers crossed. I make a cup of deacaf in the morning, pour in the cream, have a sip or two, and let it sit on the counter all day as I run after two little kids. I end up drinking it sometime in the afternoon. Let the botulism poisoning begin!!


  • In the winter, it’s hot coffee. In the summer, it’s iced coffee. Either way, I take it black. The cuppow is such a great idea. I can’t tell you how many travel mugs I’ve lost, and I can’t tell you how many jars I have.

  • I am an iced coffee fiend and I would love to use a reusable, non-chemical leaching mason jar to drink my joe. Super cool product and I would love to win it!

  • Hot espresso with hot milk. My husband laughs at me when I drink out of mason jars. I know feel completely justified! Thanks.