Cuppow Review and Giveaway

January 25, 2012(updated on October 3, 2018)

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When I worked in an office, mason jars were a regular part of my commuter food world. I layered oats and yogurt into wide mouth pints for breakfast and I toted coffee in those discontinued pint and a half jars freezer jars that I love so much.

There’s one very large issue with drinking coffee from mason jar (particularly the taller ones that I like so much). The very significant risk of spillage. More than once, I nearly knocked over an open jar. A dangerous things when your work machine is a vulnerable laptop.

cuppow back

Though I work from home now, I still find myself reaching for an empty mason jar when it comes time for morning coffee or tea. Because of this habit, as well as the fact that I’m generally crazy for any new jar-related item (all in the interest of research), I ordered the Cuppow approximately 12 seconds after hearing about it.

For those of you out there who are wondering what the heck I’m talking about, here’s the scoop. Cuppow is a reusable (BPA free) plastic lid, designed to fit on a wide mouth mason jar. You use a standard ring to fasten it into place. It works equally well with wide mouth models of pint, pint and a half (if you can find them) and quart jars.


So far, I love everything about this product, from the eye-pleasing, letter press packaging to the heft and feel of the Cuppow itself. I spent the morning using mine to drink my milky tea (coffee and I are on a break right now) and it performs exactly as I hoped it would.

It offers a similar drinking experience to that which you have with a disposal Starbucks cup, down to the slight whistle from the vent hole on the opposite side. No leaking, no mess and far less risk of spilling all over my workspace.

cuppow jar cozies

There is one issue when you use a mason jar for hot liquids. That is the inevitable heat transfer to your hand. Because I’ve been using jars for coffee and tea for years now, I have a small stash of hand knit and crocheted cozies from a few of my readers to slip around my jars. However, you don’t have to get something so fancy. A clean, orphaned sock would also do the job nicely.

cuppow on full jar

Because I asked nicely, the guys at Cuppow have given me one (1) of these mason jar lids to give away to a Food in Jars reader. Here’s what to do for a chance to win.

  1. To enter the giveaway, leave a comment on this post and tell us about your morning beverage ritual. Do you drink coffee or tea? Hot or cold? Or you like my husband, who prefers his caffeine cold and carbonated?
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm eastern time on Friday, January 27, 2012. Winner will be chosen at random (using and will be posted to the blog on Saturday, January 28, 2012.
  3. Giveaway is open to U.S. residents (so sorry, Canadians. I’m not controlling the shipping on this one).
  4. One entry/comment per person, please.
Disclosure: Cuppow is providing the giveaway unit. I bought and paid for my unit with my own money. All opinions expressed remain entirely my own. 

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986 thoughts on "Cuppow Review and Giveaway"

  • Some days I like to mix it up a bit. Some mornings I start off with hot coffee, then switch to Hot tea. Then some days I start with my hot tea, then switch to my coffee. 🙂

  • I am lucky to have a Hubby that will make me coffee using Organic Taylor Maid Coffee from Sebastopol, CA every morning. On the weekends, I make tea in my wide mouth Kerr jar using organic loose leaf teas. This lid would be awesome!


  • If I’m using the french press, I make a big carafe of coffee, half goes into a quart mason jar to be drank cold the next day. If I’m using the AeroPress (the usual), the cup of choice is either the one coffee mug in our house, or more often into a mason jar. I like my coffee lukewarm as well as hot, so the glass walls aren’t such a problem. I’ve had my eye on the Cuppow for a few weeks now!

  • I drink hot coffee with fat free Half and Half, cold tea with a little bit of sugar, and hot ginger tea at night! I would love to have one of the Coppow to take my coffee to work at an antique store in Metter GA!

  • every day, iced coffee or iced chai tea: 6 oz of it, 6 oz milk, and a bit of vanilla syrup. divine! And always in a canning jar 🙂

  • Oh, I love this! Definitely a hot coffee first thing in the morning if I’m expected to be any kind of productive!

  • The only routine part of my morning is that I do drink something! I go through phases, some days a good cold Dr Pepper does the trick, others a nice hot cup of Texas Pecan Roast coffee, and at other times I whip up a batch of iced coffee which fits perfectly into two quart Mason jars which I keep in the fridge.

  • I have only recently fell in love with Mason Jars. I now use them for anything I can think of. Storing leftovers, esp! Kids now drink from them-they think the small jelly jars are made just for them 🙂 Drinking coffee in one would be a dream come true! Great work on the Cuppow people for serving a need!

  • As a brand new coffee drinker (it had always been tea) I now find I can’t start without that “cupa.” While I am not a new canner, I am a rediscovered one. I canned years ago when my children were young, and now I am enjoying it again. So the idea of combining two joys is great – I love this idea.

  • As a non-caffeinated person, I don’t really have a morning beverage ritual. I do however, love a hot cup of herbal tea on a chilly afternoon or evening, and being able to travel at will with my drink of choice would be lovely. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • I’m spoiled, every morning, every day- my husband and I wake up at the same time and he prepares a coffee for me without me ever having to ask him. I usually am just asked to specify if I’d prefer espresso, french press or on occasion tea instead. This is a great giveaway and a terrific way to make using our mason jars easier to use for our drinks!

  • tres mariposas from vermont coffee made in the chemex with half and half. some mornings, i’m tempted to pour the half and half directly into the chemex and drink it out of that, but hopefully my kids will start sleeping til at least 6am soon.

  • I usually start with a hot homemade latte in the morning and advance to a black ice coffee in the afternoon. Keeps me going throught the day!!!

  • Every morning I make myself a pumpkin pie spice latte with my el-cheapo espresso maker. I even have it in the same mug every day. I shutter at the thought of trying to survive my day without this ritual!

  • How awesome are those lids? I drink hot chai tea in the morning. I gave up caffeine because it made my reflux worse.

  • Our morning beverage routine is anything but routine — it varies wildly from homebrewed kombucha to fresh ginger tea+honey to cold brew coffee heated and served with (goat) milk and maple syrup to fresh squeezed grapefruit juice to molasses coconut milk — but anywhichway you look at it, it would be way cooler with that jar topper. How brilliant!

  • There is nothing better than a hot cup of Earl Grey tea in the morning when it is cold outside! I have a big glass of sweet tea for breakfast on those warmer days. I am not a coffee drinker so I go through a lot of tea. I have a Keurig coffee maker to make my hot tea.

  • I always start my morning with a big cup of hot coffee with a splash of homemade coconut milk, or for a splurge french vanilla coconut coffee creamer. I then switch to tea for the rest of the day, hot or cold just depends on the season. I love the idea of using the jars for hot beverages. I already use mason jars for storing food and for cold drinks. I am going to have to get busy and make some jar cozies.

  • I make coffee in a French Press every morning and drink most of it at home while getting ready. I use canning jars for everything — food storage, bulk food purchasing, water glasses, and yes, drinking coffee & tea on the go. I made myself some cozies to protect my hands from hot coffee & tea in jars, and to be honest, I’ve never worried too much about spilling. I usually bring along a lid and ring if the jar’s really full, then open it when I’m someplace stable. I’d be interested to try the Cuppow, though, and I hope this catches on.

  • My mornings on the weekend usually involve coffee and some homefries that I make myself with onions, spices, sometimes bell peppers, maybe some spicy chorizo, english muffins, etc.

  • Oh, every morning, we roll into the kitchen, DH makes black tea for himself, I make coffee. He has 2 cups of tea, then a coffee. I’m a simple 2-cup-o-hot-coffee-per-morning kind o’ guy – so yeah, a pint jar is my dealybob. I can’t believe I didn’t invent this. I can’t believe it. Gah.

  • I’m a Yorkshire tea drinker. I too have been using good ole mason jars and sadly have had a spill or two. The Cuppow lids look wonderful..I will be hunting them down for sure. Thanks for the chance of trying them.

  • I drink tea in the morning. I compost the tea-bags or leaves. I drink coffee too. I try to scrounge spent coffee grounds for composting whenever I can. I keep a container in the car incase I’m at at a function with a big percolator. My baby worms love tea and coffee, as much as me!

  • Ummmm, yeah. So, I LOVE MOCHAS. I live in Brooklyn, so I have to endure the disdainful looks from the purista baristas, but I careth not. Give me chocolate-y goodness in my espresso and steamed milk, or give me nothing. Oh, and to the peeps who made the cozies: LOVE THEM.

  • It’s a can of V8 on the drive to work and hot tea at the office for me. I’ve never used mason jars as a cup but recently saw a cold beverage version with a stainless steel straw that I’ve ordered, so you never know – it could become my container of choice!

  • About an hour before I wake up, I usually rouse, delight that I still have an hour left to sleep and when I do wake it will be to a hot cup of coffee – usually a locally roasted medium/dark blend. My coffee is usually followed not too far off, with a cup of jasmine tea.

  • I love it iced in the morning! I thought with winter I would go back to the hot side, but I love my iced too much! This would be great!

  • Chilled chai tea with soy, or hot “Constant Comment” tea always get my day off to a great start!
    I’m really intrigued by these lids and hope to try one out!

  • I love a hot pot of English Breakfast tea made in a bodum french press with a bit of honey. So decadent!

  • Every morning my mom and I share a pot of hot joe. What we don’t finish, I drink iced later in the day. I’m using mason jars for everything now: canning, storing, drinking and burning candles. Love those mason jars!

  • For me it’s a cup of hot coffee immediately after I get out of bed. In fact, I get up, walk to the coffee machine and stare at it until it’s finished making my cup of coffee.

  • I love coffee, I love tea – hot and strong or just i-cee! I have a couple mason jars with handles, so this would work great. Please let me be a winner and receive one!

  • Wow! What a brilliant invention. I’d love to have this to cut down on waste, as I’ve got quite a stash of mason jars already, mostly wide-mouthed!

  • I have a cup of coffee every morning, workday or no workday! Gotta keep it even! I like just a little flavored creamer. Peppermint mocha is my fav, but a nice french vanilla also hits the spot!!

  • My husband and I use only mason jars for our glasses at home and I use them to pack drinks and food all the time. I love a good glass of iced coffee in the morning with some half and half and raw sugar.

  • I have a cup of instant coffee every morning. I know, lame, but since having a newborn, I’ve leaned heavily on this convenience:) I love Cuppow, if I don’t win, I may buy myself an early birthday present.

  • Every day is different for me– Some mornings I choose early grey (milk & sugar), others genmaicha, and less frequently coffee. Almost always there is a tall glass of cold water beforehand.

    Next they need to come up with a Weck Cuppow! (That will take more ingenuity, with those dang clamps and all)

  • Leaded coffee with cream every morning. I have been searching for something just like this! Mason jars are my favorite for cold drinks (lid with a hole and a straw), but haven’t found a solution I love for hot drinks.

  • I stir a teaspoon of alfalfa honey into a hot cup of fresh lemon juice. When I’m feeling especially British, I warm up some almond milk on the stove and steep Earl Grey.

  • I have to drink 2 shakes in the morning for a medical diet. Once those are down I can finally have my tea! I drink homemade chai masala with unsweetened hemp milk and stevia to sweeten. I grew the stevia myself, dried it, ground it, and steep it to make an extract. Worth the wait, right? 😀

  • My morning ritual is definitely coffee in my travel mug (wih half and half and a little sweetened condensed milk. Am I the only one who’s discovered this wonderful concoction??) Over the summer I did take iced coffee and tea in quart size mason jars. Having a cupow would help the fronts of my shirts to stay clean. 🙂

  • I love my coffee in the morning with a little half and half and sweetened condensed milk. I did start using the quart size mason jars in the summer for my iced beverages. A cupow would be perfect for that. 🙂

  • Homemade cappucino, yum. I have to say that I am truely inspired by all of the ways people are using mason jars. So very cool!

  • Although this is pretty darn cool, I have a glass Teavana infuser that holds 16 oz of tea. So if you pick me, flip a coin. Heads, it goes to 673. Tails, 315 gets it. Didn’t read either comment, just picked #s at random

  • Organic Guatemala roast, french pressed. Milk and sugar. Alternatively, Lady Grey tea, milk and sugar.

  • I start with a glass of water with lemon and then have a small cup of coffee with fresh raw milk and some sucanat.

  • Mostly hot tea until summertime when it goes iced. I struggle with what to tote in because I dislike the common metallic travel mugs, so I often end up using disposable which makes me feel guilty. Really want this Cuppow!!

  • We make a Melita drip cup for each of us every morning. I love to use my Mason jars and have a nice snug nubby sock tht I call my “socktea” too keep my hands from burning.