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April 9, 2013(updated on April 24, 2023)
Put 'em Up Fruit cover

Oh friends, I am very excited to share this book with you! It’s Sherri Brooks Vinton’s newest work and I have a feeling you are going to love it. Called Put ’em Up! Fruit, it is filled with recipes on how to preserve fruit and then use up those preserves. If you’ve ever wondered what to do with your jams or chutneys once you’ve made them, this is the book for you.

Put 'em Up Fruit spine

I have long recommended Sherri’s first book (Put ‘Em Up) to people looking for a comprehensive canning book and I’m happy to find that this new edition is equally useful. The first 40 pages of the book are devoted to setting canners up for success.

There are tips on kinds of fruit that work best for preserving, a definition of terms, detailed information on pectin, a primer on achieving set for jams and, of course, everything you need to know about safely canning your food.

Put 'em Up Fruit introduction

From there, Sherri moves her readers into the recipes. These are organized alphabetically by kind of fruit (it starts with apples and ends with tomatoes). Within each section, there are both recipes for preserves using that fruit and recipes that help you use up that preserve.

This means that the recipe for Classic Cherry Jam is nestled up against a matching one for Sautéed Duck Breast with Cherry Reduction and the Dried Apricots (done in the oven) are paired with Wild Rice Salad that features dried fruit.

Put 'em Up Fruit cherry ancho chili jam

I’m looking forward to cherry season, so that I can make the Cherry Ancho Chile Jam and the Pulled Pork Tacos that feature that preserve! Sherri has made several videos to go along with this book. They’re fun, because you get a chance to see her make a preserve and then use it right in a recipe. There’s also one there that features the basics of boiling water bath canning, which is certain to be useful to some of you

Put 'em Up Fruit back cover
Disclosure: Storey Publishing provided a review copy at no charge to me. I was not paid to run this post or say nice things about this book, I just happen to think it’s pretty darn great. 

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591 thoughts on "Cookbooks: Put ’em Up Fruit"

  • Strawberry Rhubarb pie with preserved strawberries AND rhubarb! Mmmm….Would LOVE to win this book!

  • The sun came out in Seattle today and that means it’s almost canning season! Last year, my husband joined in and I taught several friends how to make and can jam, mustard and fruit butters. I can’t wait to get started again! Thanks for providing much needed inspiration over the winter! I would love a new cookbook to expand my “putting up” horizons!

  • I love to use my jams to flavor buttercream and to use as filling for cakes! My kids also love to mix them into their yogurt.

  • Oh jeepers. Is this book as good as it sounds? Seriously. Cherry Ancho Chile Jam and the Pulled Pork Tacos it rode in on? Well.

    I do make a lot of blackberry jam, because I have 3 acres of wild blackberries. When I’m not using this jam for filling danish or other pastry or thumbprint scones, I love it mixed with mustard on a *real* cheddar cheese sandwich. Of course, fruit (jam) laced sauces are often seen served with the meats on our table.

  • I’ve been waiting for a way to try your three-citrus marmalade which I preserved a few months back. I stumbled upon a cranberry-marmalade upside down cake recipe that was scrumptious! And it turns out that I like marmalade on its own, too.

  • i love using homemade applesauce as an oil substitute in all sorts of baked goods. it makes everything so moist and delicious!

  • I love to glean fruit, and I love to make jam, but the truth is I don’t eat much jam. But I do like to round out my packed work lunches with a half-pint jam far full of delicious full-fat yogurt and a big dollop of jam. Yum!

  • Our favorite thing to can is blackberry jam and I could just eat it out of the jar. In recipes, I like using apricot jam on pork. Roasting, slow cooker, or just spooning over pan fried pork chops, it’s all fantastic.

  • My favorite way to use up preserves is in an everyday cake! Marmalade makes a fantastic tea cake, sour cherries are superb with a chocolate single layer cake, and apple butter works great in a spiced bundt cake.

  • What a wonderful new cookbook! We enjoy Jammer Scones and I also love to make my own pop tarts. Mmmm.

  • Seems like most of the jams made last summer have been eaten over the winter with steel cut oats for breakfast. Boring, but that’s how I’m enjoying them.

  • not a recipe per se, but i always like to use up my jams in smoothies. it adds a little extra flavor than just using honey or other sweetener.

  • This book looks great!

    My favorite use for jam is on toast that’s been freshly buttered. There’s nothing better!

  • I’m still trying to figure this out! I made some vanilla melon jam last summer and decided that I don’t like it plain very well. I’m still trying to use it up!

  • Jams and jellies make a great add in for salad dressings. One of our favorites is Rosehip jelly with balsamic vinegar and hazelnut oil. A little fresh herbage-rosemary, lime basil, or thyme, and a neutral flavored oil to thin out the consistency a little, and it’s all set to go. Cherry Brandy jelly with red wine vinegar, avacado oil and chives is very nice too.

  • It almost never makes it to recipes because any open jar is dipped into w/ crackers. I use soft jams for yogurt.

  • I love fruit preserves in cakes – mixed in the batter to flavor it, spread between the layers or melted & poured over the top as a glaze.

  • It’s pretty basic, but I love a good surprise muffin, with the dollop of jam hiding in the center

  • hands down, most of my jam is used to flavor and sweeten plain yogurt. much healthier than buying the flavored stuff off the shelves.

  • It’s gotta be in a marinade! I love the sweet and savory combo in my pork, beef, and lamb marinades.

  • Honestly, my favorite way is spread on a hot homemade biscuit. It doesn’t usually make it to another recipe, though I’d love to try some ideas.

  • This book sounds great, I’ll prolly buy it even if I don’t win. I happen to be eating pork chops cooked with a combination of spicy orange marm, apple cider vinager with a bit of cumin and coriander on the chops. Real tasty!

  • When I make a layer cake I always spread a homemade preserve between the layers before frosting. Apricot is my absolute favorite with raspberry a close 2nd!

  • Put ’em Up got me started on canning – love it! I’m sure the fruit version is even better. My favorite way to eat my jams is on plain yogurt. Can’t beat it!

  • I bought SBV’s book a couple of years ago and love the arrangement/formatting and the photos of the finished products! No clever uses for jams in my house, but all the breakfast standards work for us – toast, yogurt, pancakes.

  • Ree Drummond, the pioneer woman, has a strawberry oatmeal bar that calls for strawberry jam. An easy way to have tie yummy “on the go”!

  • Lately I’ve been putting jam in my plain yogurt — it’s really good. I also like mixing it in when I make scones.

  • I love to use my apricot jam with a bit of finely chopped jalapeño to brush on shrimp before putting on the grill. It is so yummy!

  • I thin apricot preserves with a touch of soy sauce, and then use that as a glaze for duck. Jalepeno jelly also works great with lamb instead of mint jelly (but I make both). I can recommend a dollop of mint jelly in the bottom of a glass of iced tea. Otherwise, I infrequently do any “recipes,” we just eat the stuff straight. Every now and then I wind up with something that doesn’t get used up quite as fast, then I have to figure out what to do! I’m not as creative as I should be when that happens.

  • I love to use my cider jelly for my ham and any other meat that needs a coating.Its amazing!!!!

  • I usually make a ham glaze at Easter out of orange marmalade. This book sounds great:@)

  • I’m still working on how to use all these yummy preserves–so far I haven’t managed to be much more creative than using slightly-thinned jam as a glaze for pound cake, so this book would be a real help to me!

  • I love to make mystery muffins with as many different kinds of jam/preserves that I have in the frig.

    1. I love, love, love this idea! I make all my own salad dressings, but I never thought of putting my jam in one. Thanks so much!

  • I’ve never gotten much further than jam on toast or biscuts. Sometimes I spread some on roasting meat, but not near often enough. I need this book to expand my horizions and add a personal touch to same-o, same-o food.

  • I am not so exciting.. toast and biscuits are my favorite medium for jam. It is also my “syrup” for pancakes and waffles. But I have used them with pairings of cheese and fruit and occasionally as a glaze or mariniade.
    Ok..a little exciting.

  • You had me at the tacos made with the cherry ancho jam (oh, Amazon!…)
    I definitely need to get more creative with jam… I have been mixing marmalade with fruit, nuts & seeds in my oatmeal, making turnovers, pairing it with cheese and crackers, etc. – but my fav is Greek yogurt and fig jam breakfast parfaits with walnuts & pumpkin seeds. Now, do I have another jar of fig preserves lurking in the pantry?…

  • I use jam to fill my mini tarts. I used to make them for holiday parties, but now my relatives insist that I make them for all of our family functions.

  • Sometimes I run across a jam or jelly that I think I could just eat with a spoon! I pack it up into those tiny 4oz. jars & stack them in my liquor cabinet. To use them, I dump them in a cocktail shaker, rinse the jar with vodka & add that to the container with some ice. Then I just shake, pour, & enjoy! This isn’t quite as healthful as some of the other suggestions, but it’s sure is nice on a warm evening watching the sun go down!

  • We love our savory jams with cheese and crackers. And I like to use some of that peach bellini jelly as a bribe!

  • I use my jams stirred in plain yogurt, but I’m always looking for new uses. This book sounds great.

  • I use my cherry jam as cake or cupcake filling, and use applesauce to make my ‘go-to’ last-minute company’s-coming or potluck cake, which is the applesauce cake recipe from an old version of the Betty Crocker cookbook.

  • I love homemade jam stirred into yogurt and on a good PBJ. I love homemade jam so much more than store bought jam, but obviously need to be more creative!!

  • I mix jam with greek yogurt and granola. or eat it on toast. or with a spoon. I could definitely use some more ideas.

  • Most of my jams are gifts, because funny enough, I am not a huge jam lover. I do love my blueberry lemonade jam. On toast. I may mix some into vanilla or plain yogurt- but haven’t gotten around to it.

  • I pretty much stick to jam on toast or hot pepper jelly with cream cheese and crackers, or sometimes heat up a jam or jelly as an ice cream topping. I’d love to have more ways to use my preserves.

  • My Grandson’s love my dewberry jelly on biscuits or stirred into home made yogurt–they call it ‘Grandma’s jelly’.

  • MMM..tomato chutney on top of samosas or curried cauliflower crepes have been rocking my tastebuds this winter. Looks like a great book!

  • I love putting jam in my overnight oatmeal! A simple way to sweeten without dumping in a bunch of sugar.

  • I love to use raspberry jam flavored with rose geranium in a pan tart – it’s got a delicate and unique flavor that really makes the dessert stand out.

  • My favorite thing to do with my strawberry jam is just to use it on toast or a bagel with cream cheese, so that I can really taste the flavor. I love the concept of this book, what a great way to share her ideas.

  • Over ice cream, in yogurt, on scones, in tiny cookie turnovers… there is no favorite!!! Can’t wait to see inside Sherri’s new book, loved the first one!

  • I’m so boring…I just like jams on toast with some cream cheese. Maybe this is why I need to learn to expand my horizons??

  • I just saw this book in the bookstore yesterday. It looks really nice, and I like her first one and use it a lot.

    The only preserve I cook with is applesauce in things like muffins. I very often serve one of my chutneys along side some plain, grilled chicken. It lets me cook the chicken quickly with no fuss but still have lots of flavor when eating it.

  • I like to use jams between cookies, (and PB & J thumbprints! yum!)

    I’m curious though, were vegetarians, and most “use up your preserves” recipes I see involve meats. how useful, really, would this book be for me? (besides the recipes for the preserves themselves, that is)

  • Honestly, my favorite way to use my jams and jellies is on a piece of toast. Yummmm. That is dessert. I also like to use conserves with cheese and crackers.

  • I use my mango chutney in a family favorite recipe for tropical chicken served over brown rice and topped with green onion, fresh mango slices and almond slivers. Yummy!

  • I love to use peaches preserve to make my birthday cake filling. It’s yummy, sweet, tangy and moist. Can’t wait to try new ways to use them!

  • My favorite way to use up preserves, etc. is either to put them on plain yogurt for a tasty dessert or to make linzer cookies and jelly rolls.