Cookbook Jitters

May 9, 2012

I first heard on Sunday. Amazon had copies of my book in stock and would be shipping them this week. I thought they wouldn’t start arriving until Friday, but this morning, a few friends got in touch to say that they’d gotten their copies today.

And then, when I checked my own mail, I found one waiting for me there (because I am a goofball, I ordered myself a copy through Amazon. I wanted the experience of having it appear in that familiar box).

I don’t entirely know how to articulate how this all feels. I’m thrilled, nervous and entirely freaked out. All I can say is that I hope you guys like it and that it finds a comfortable place in your kitchens.


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130 thoughts on "Cookbook Jitters"

  • Marisa, I am so delighted for your success! I will now go purchase my copy from Amazon!

  • My copy just came! I’m so excited. It’s beautiful – lovely layout and gorgeous pictures. Congrats!

  • Congrats! You must be very happy! Can’t wait to see what it looks like in person!

  • I got mine! Can’t wait to read it; and to harvest this summers’ garden produce! This is so cool Marisa! Congrats!

  • Got my copy today and sat write down with it to peruse! Lovely and useful! Congrats!!

  • Can’t wait to get home!!!!! I hope my Amazon box is there! I have lots of empty jars just waiting to be filled 🙂

  • Oh this is good news!
    I need to get into this canning…I love how much it’s changed.

  • I’m SO EXCITED FOR YOU! Our kitchen reno is about 99% finished and I have all my canning supplies at the ready! Can’t wait to check out your book for lots of ideas 🙂

  • Congratulations, how exciting for you! I am just checking it out on Amazon, looks fantastic! I love that the measurements cater for those of us in Australia too. Good luck… off to buy a copy now.

  • OMG! I can’t wait! I ordered my copy, like, 6 months ago! Sooooooo excited to try your recipes for this season!

  • Oh, so exciting! I didn’t preorder (I have trouble keeping track of my bank account if I’ve “bought” something that hasn’t been charged yet), but I am so excited to order and get my copy! It looks beautiful.

  • Congratulations on all of your hard work and is there any chance you could bring your road show to Cincinnati? I could fix you up with some organic produce and some willing canning students. I’m eager to see your book!

  • What a wonderful experience! Mine has yet to arrive so I’ll probably spend the day waiting on the porch for the UPS guy….Congratulations – you’ve worked so had!

  • Wow- its beautiful!!!!!!!

    ..and now I’m getting soooo excited for your event & class in August- eeeek!

  • Congratulations! I can’t wait to have one of these beauties in my hot little hands.

  • I can’t wait for mine to arrive! I know it will be great. I look forward to sipping a cup of coffee while I read, plan and dream. Congratulations!

  • Congratulations! I can only imagine how amazing it is to see your book! And, having just finished two masters theses, I know how nervous I am to have people actually read them! Yikes.

    I can’t wait to read yours, though. I am convinced it will be lovely!

  • YAY – there’s a nook version too! Have you seen what it will look like on a nook? I don’t have the nook color so I might have to read it using the nook software on a laptop because of the pictures. I may have to get that for me and a regular book for my daughter!

  • Congratulations!!!!!!! I can’t wait to get a copy- it’s on every wishlist, and I’ve told everybody that I know. I’m hoping to take your class when I’m in San Francisco for work in June. I love your blog so much, and I am so excited to get my hands on the print version. Thanks for sharing all your jam and pickle info!

  • Amazon emailed today to say my pre-order was on its way. Of course I bought it and can’t wait to hold it!
    What an exciting day for you. I can’t imagine! Hope you are celebrating in some way…

  • Congratulations!!!!!!!! I can’t wait to get my copy. I hope to take your class when you come to the San Francisco area. You inspire me! Way to go!

  • yay!!! so exciting and i can’t get wait to get my copy! i hope you are partying it up and carrying it everywhere – that’s what i would do anyway 😉

  • Wonderful news! Amazon shipped mine yesterday. We’re travelling, but I know what I’ll be reading the MOMENT I get home. Hearty congratulations!

  • Awesome!! Going to order mine right now.. Girl, where is your direct link to Amazon? 😉
    Thank you for what Im sure is a wonderful book! Blessings!

  • Mine shipped yesterday (in Canada) so I’m expecting it in my mailbox today!! I’m excited! Be proud!!

  • Awesome! That’s so exciting. I’m sure it’s a wild experience to finally see something you poured so much into.

  • Congrats Marisa,
    received your wonderful book yesterday, pre-ordered from Amazon.
    You were the one who got me started on my preserving journey, and i have enjoyed your sojourning very much.
    this weekend i will curl up with your ‘food in jars’ and a pot of fresh brewed hot tea …and savor your writings.
    You deserve all your success…you earned it !
    lots of love and continued success.

  • I just got a shipping notification last night. I pre-ordered a few months ago knowing it would be a lovely springtime gift to myself. Can’t wait.

  • EEEE Congratulations!!!! I am so excited for you! It went on my wishlist immediately (hopefully boyfriend will take the hint for birthday gifts LOL)

  • mine is waiting for me at home when I get back from a week of wedding planning I can’t wait to get my hands on it!

  • I received my copy in the mail yesterday. I. Love. It. I am so excited to make your recipes. I will be making your vanilla rhubarb jam with earl grey first.

  • Amazon tells me your book, which I pre-ordered months ago, is due to ship out next week. Really looking forward to reading it and working from it. Congrats!

  • CONGRATULATIONS! It’s so beautiful! I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy. Pour yourself a glass of champagne, girl– you’ve got some celebrating to do!

  • Amazon just told me my copy has shipped and I’ll receive it tomorrow! I can’t wait!!!! Congratulations, Marisa!

    1. Follow-up: it was already waiting for me when I got home tonight! It is just. so. beautiful. I’m in love with it already, just based on the look and feel of it in my hands. Started flipping through it a bit and can’t wait to really dig in this weekend. Thanks for all of the love, hard work, and countless hours you poured into this book! I know it will be a treasured resource in my kitchen for years to come.

  • got a message yesterday from Amazon that my copy had shipped! Maybe it will be home when I get there tonight!

  • Amazon just sent me a message saying there was a problem with my payment method – Ahh! I’ve updated it but now it won’t get here until the 16th. Can’t wait!

  • Congratulations! I am so happy for you. I’m also very excited to get my hands on a copy and start putting things up. 🙂

  • It looks fantastic. Congratulations and I am sure it will be very well received. I am going to check it out now!

  • Marisa:
    Congratulations, my dear!!

    I have just ordered 3 from Amazon.

    I’m so happy for you!

    Have a Joyful Day :~D

  • Mine is on it’s way (I Pre-ordered it from Amazon ages ago), and I am so excited I am giddy! I am so happy for you and am crossing my fingers that it’s a smashing success.

    I might give everyone I know a copy for Christmas. Or sooner if I cannot wait…..

  • How exciting for YOU! I’ve also pre ordered and they’ve notified me it’s on the way. HURRAY. Great Job! Gotta get my canning supplies in order for sure now! LOL
    Our peach trees are loaded and the cherries look to be having a good season as well. Hope the weather holds. We’ll give the book a real workout.

  • So very exciting. I can’t even imagine. Maybe one day. In the meantime, congratulations to you! What a huge accomplishment and something to be so proud of. BTW, I just signed up for your June class in L.A. Looking forward to meeting you in person and learning some fun things about canning.

  • Saw your post here and immediately popped over to Amazon to order it with Prime. I can’t wait until it comes! It was telling me it takes an extra 1-2 days to process though. Hopefully not! I’ve been trying to only get books from the library, but I don’t think I can wait that long to check it out. Can’t wait to read it!! Congratulations!

  • It’s great, Marisa; I like the size, the paper, the design, the stories . . . and the recipes. It’s been a pleasure to look through this evening.

  • I had preordered your book back in March. I got an email from Amazon earlier this week to say it was shipping early. Yeah! It was on the porch yesterday when I got home from work. I only had time to flip through a few pages before my regularly scheduled life settled in, but I have plans to get up close and personal with it tonight. From what little I saw of it, it is beautiful and I can’t wait to dive in! Congratulations!

  • Wow! I just heard about this book through my Simple Bites subscription. I checked it out on Amazon and the book looks amazing. I have a friend who used to can the most wonderful pickles. She stopped because it was so much work. I have always wanted to tackle canning myself (to try and recreate those pickles!) but it seemed so intimidating and labor intensive. Your small batch approach looks like something I could definitely handle and your book looks like just what I need to get started!

  • I received my copy yesterday and it is a BEAUTIFUL book! I love the lead in sections and I am so excited to start canning using your recipes. And the paper quality and layout is gorgeous. Great job! 🙂