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November 15, 2010(updated on October 3, 2018)
canning hydrangeas

Gorgeous hydrangeas from

This weekend has gone by in a blur. Earlier tonight I finally paid a bit of attention to the quince juice I’ve had in my fridge since Tuesday. It’s now jelly (though it took a change of pots and several small burns to make it so). I’ve been sending plaintive wishes to the various gods of preserving that it finds its way to a nice set.

Pickled Hot Peppers

Lovely layered pickes by Meighan

While you feast your eyes on some of these stunning photos from the Food in Jars Flickr group, I have a couple of reminders to share. The first tidbit is that I have just two canning classes left in 2010. Next Saturday, November 20 I’ll be leading a class on Cranberry-Apple Jam and on Saturday, December 4, we’re doing an Apple-Pear Chutney. Both classes are 11 am to 12:30 pm at Indy Hall (20 N. 3rd Street). Cost is just $45.

Fridge Pickles

Oh my! Such pickles! By

Later on Saturday, November 20, I’ll be teaming up with my delightful friend Tenaya (you may also know her as Madame Fromage) for a cheese tasting at Quince Fine Foods. This month, we’re pairing triple creme cheeses with three of my jams and chutneys. The tasting starts at 4 pm and costs $12. If you want to sign up, Tenaya has the scoop here.

Jar Labels

Old maps as jar labels. Brilliant! By

My other bit of news is that the latest issue of Grid Philly is now available online and around Philadelphia. I wrote an article for them all about giving edible gifts and included three recipes. I’m totally in love with the Spiced Pear Bread I created for them and can’t wait to make it again. Click here and flip to pages 32-33 to check it out.

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10 thoughts on "Classes, Tastings and Photos from the Flickr Pool"

  • Love all the beautiful pics and congrats on the article! I just made pomegranate jelly… I will have to go add it to the flickr group!

  • Those labels are such a great idea – hope no one minds if I steal it! Also, thanks for sharing my fridge pickle picture. It is rare I take a picture that does not make me shake my head in shame…

  • Hee hee: I’m glad you saw those hydrangeas. Thought you’d get a kick out of them.

    And how cool are those reused maps as labels? Love that.

  • How can you keep peppers/any veg from dulling in color when you can? The picture above I don’t think is yours, but it’s so bright! Do you know a trick to prevent discoloration? All my pretty pickled peppers are blah looking!

  • I too am now in love with that spiced pear bread. I substituted pear butter for the applesauce and used fresh cranberries for half of the pears. And of course I added pecans. It was so good I made it again tonight! Thanks for sharing that recipe.