Cherry Swag Bag Giveaway from Northwest Cherries

Cherries in a bowl for the cherry swag bag giveaway.

Earlier this week, I got a box containing a little over 10 pounds of sweet, ripe Northwest Cherries from Washington State. I look forward to this shipment every summer and each time it arrives, I can’t quite believe my good fortune. After all, cherries are among the most precious of the summer fruit.

These cherries come to me as part of my participation in the Canbassador program. It’s an awareness campaign that the folks from Northwest Cherries and the Washington State Fruit Commission run in order to shine a spotlight on their beautiful stonefruit!

This is my seventh year participating in their Canbassador program (wrap your mind around that one!) and over that time, I’ve developed a whole bunch of recipes featuring their fruit.

Next week, I’ll start posting my 2016 recipes, but before we get to those, I have some fun news. This year, I’m not the only one who is going to get a box of delicious cherries. One of my lovely readers is also going to get a shipment of delicious Northwest Cherries, along with a swag bag that will contain a cherry branded water bottle and Oxo cherry pitter.

This cherry swag bag giveaway has a tight turnaround because we’ve got to pick a winner before the season ends (and cherries come and go quite quickly)! Use the Rafflecopter widget below and make sure to tell your friends.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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323 responses to “Cherry Swag Bag Giveaway from Northwest Cherries”

  1. I just finished a batch of sour cherry chutney and put up some pie filling for winter. With sweets, I think something boozy is in order! Love living in NW cherry country!

  2. Yum, fresh cherries, something I look forward to every year! I would make cherry preserves and eat the rest!

  3. My almost-5-year old requested cherries on top of his birthday cake, and asked if we could get a cherry pitter 🙂 This would be perfect!

  4. I love, love, love cherry jam and didn’t make nearly enough last year. Can’t wait to get to canning this some this summer!

  5. If I win, we would eat a lot of cherries! And then I would freeze some for smoothies, freeze in simple syrup for fruit salads, and make jam with others.

  6. A cherry pitter sound so wonderful! It’s on my to-buy (but not yet) list 🙂 I’d love to use these to eat fresh and make cherry butter.

  7. Roasted cherry brownies. A few batches, so I can freeze them for later. And I’d probably just eat the rest, since I adore sweet cherries 🙂

  8. I’ve been waiting all year to make my own Luxardo cocktail cherries to carry me through the year and give as gifts this winter. I would love to use these to do it!

  9. My kids have been asking for me to make a cherry pie. That would be lovely!. Some cherry jam would be lovely too!

  10. Cherry pie and jam are things I try to make every year, they are perfect bites of summer in the dead of winter.

  11. I will eat them as they are, one by one. My grandpa owned a fruit orchard in Clarkston, WA. He saved us big boxes of cherries!

  12. If I win I’ll try on of the recipes, but honestly they may all be eaten before I can do it (my wife LOVES cherries 🙂 )

  13. As exciting as the prospect of a box of cherries is, our cherry pitter broke last week. A new one would be amazing! Then I could pit those 10 pounds of cherries.

  14. I miss living in Washington where I can both binge on them straight out of the carton and make pies. Now that I live elsewhere I have to choose. =(

    Maybe some to eat fresh and some to make mini pies.

  15. We love fresh cherries! If there are too many to eat fresh, I would likely freeze some and make jam and / or a cherry pie.

  16. Thank you! We would probably just eat them all- they are SO GOOD. And as I grew up in WA, but am currently in OH, it would be a taste of home.

  17. I adore cherries but our squirrels ate them while they were still green and left none for us! I would use the cherries in jam and cobbler.

  18. Yummy!! I would eat them fresh and make a cherry clafoutis. I’d also freeze some for my smoothies as I love cherries in my berry almond smoothies.

  19. I always make cherry preserves, lots of relatives request it! And last year I made and canned a glaze for pork with rosemary that was delicious….but I might try something new this year!

  20. The ones we didn’t just gorge ourselves on would probably end up as a loose jam for filling cake, and probably some for the freezer to throw in cobblers. Oh god, cherries, YUM!

  21. If I won there would a lot of clafouti going on around here. Also, I want to try preserving them in alcohol this year European style this year. Thanks for doing this.

  22. I love cherries! Went cherry picking for the first time summer and my favorite thing I made with sweet cherries was cherry bounce inspired by an old post here! Another favorite was apricot sour cherry jam….I will definitely try to make both again this year 🙂

  23. I am addicted to cherries and over eat them every year. I have been known to makes them into pies. I usually consume them before I get home. We drive into the mountains to Brookside cherry’s the moment they open. I am not the only addict….we form lines to buy those wonderful cherries.

  24. What a delicious gift! Cherries are one of the few lip smacking delights that I look forward to each summer. I would eagerly use the batch for cherry clafoutis and brandied cherries of course.

  25. How not to eat them? 🙂 Fresh, jam, in a dutch baby, and frozen. Seriously, on a hot day, a frozen cherry is a wonderful and cooling treat!

  26. Canned brandied cherries! I love to can cherries up in a very light honey syrup to enjoy on those dark cold winter days. Even better with a spoonful of brandy added to each jar before processing.

  27. I would make our favorite cherry jam. And if any were left I would just can them. Provided I beat my husband and daughters to the leftovers!

  28. We love Cherries and living in Washington you would think we would find them at the local market, NOPE all our cherries are shipped in from California. So sad!

  29. Ever since I was a kid I’ve loved just plain old canned cherries, with the pit in of course. They are to die for when winter comes and of course I think they’re one of the easiest things to can.

  30. I’ll freeze some to add into yogurt later and create some sort of compote to eat on pancakes with the rest. And probably eat quite a few while I’m working on the compote!

  31. I would make jam with some, freeze some, dry some and find loads of inspiration to try … Homemade maraschino cherries anyone?

  32. Ooooh, what a sweet giveaway! If I don’t eat them all out of hand, I want to try making cherry mead like in my kids’ favorite book, Goneaway Lake by Elizabeth Enright.

  33. I love to use cherries in the German dessert Rote Grutze. We have a local variant of the raspberry called wineberry that combines beautifully with cherries and strawberries in this dish.

  34. How sweet is this!! I’ve been looking at cherry canning recipes lately and these would turn up all over the place!!

  35. Pit and freeze for winter clafoutis, plus try making some cherry fruit leather (maybe with added apples to ramp down the flavor intensity just a bit). And I want to try your cherry kompot!

  36. I used to pick cherries for my grandma. I’d eat so many while I was up there on the ladder and later in the house, she’d always warn me…and I did always get a belly ache, but it was always worth every bite!
    So, I’m sure I’d eat a bunch again just fresh. I’d love to make a cherry pie and try making some brandied cherries.

  37. I’d love to eat some fresh, and then try some new canning recipes – maybe from my Naturally Sweet Food in Jars!

  38. I buy cherries with good intentions of trying recipes but I end up snacking on them or using them in smoothies. I want to make barbecue sauce and jam.

  39. I would use the cherries to make some sauce and jam and / or make a pie or 2
    Thank you for this giveaway opportunity

  40. I love cherries, all ways. If there are any left after I gorge on the fresh ones, I’d make a good cherry jam!

  41. I would sit out on the deck on a sunny day and just enjoy!
    (then make some blueberry Cherry Basil Jam or some cherry pie filling!)

  42. After preparing the cherries for cooking. I would make my Cherry Pie Filling and can the mixture in quart canning jars.

  43. Other than eating straight away, spitting the pits as I go, they’d definitely find themselves in a Turkish salad with cilantro and walnuts + atop a yogurt tart! Cherries alone make me wish we lived in the Pacific northwest… Thanks, and cheers!

  44. My husband can eat his weight in cherries, so this would be Christmas-come-early for him. I’ll snatch a few to make cherry chocolate chunk ice cream, and try out a new preserve.

  45. I’ll go the savory route with port cherry sauce and BBQ sauce, and then the sweet route with cherry crisp and of course raw right from the box!

  46. Yum, yum, and some more yums! I would make a cherry pie first and foremost. Then, some cherry preserves and some drunken cherries would happen!

  47. Cherries are my favourite of the summer fruit and last summer’s frozen ones are almost gone! Cherry squares, cherry muffins, cherry everything, and eating out of hand!

  48. I make a lot of cherry jam every year. I’d love to experiment with some new flavors! Plus Cherry turnovers, pies! Yum!

  49. what a great giveaway – i’d put some up as pie filling, some as chutney, and then try out a new recipe or two. so much you could do with 10 lbs!

  50. I adore cherries but I usually wait until the price comes down. They’re a little expensive for my budget ?

  51. If I don’t eat them all outright, I want to try marinating some or infusing some liquor. Something not quite so sweet as jam, but deeply cherry-flavored.

  52. I would eat at least half of them right out of the box – then a cake and if there are any left a little bit of jam

  53. Is there anything better than the sweet cherries from the Nortwest? I don’t think so!!!
    Where do I start……pie……cherries jubilee. …jam…..eating them out of hand. Anything you do with them is a big treat. Love them.

  54. The ones my kids don’t eat might get turned into pie filling. I’d love to have some saved for later in the year.

  55. This would be awesome! Our local farm lost most of its cherry crop to a late freeze and I had wanted to make cherry jam this year.

  56. There are so many ways to use cherries, but I know I would use some in a recipe of honey-sweetened mixed stone fruits jam. Then I might make a jar or two of drunken cherries. After that I’d choose a couple of other recipes from your books to try – maybe a chutney or pickled cherries. A syrup might be nice to pour over pancakes or use to flavor sparkling water or champagne! 🙂

  57. I love cherries! They are so good for you and easy to eat. I need to start searching for cherry recipes. Cherry infused vodka sounds good and so easy to make.

  58. First, I would eat a lot of them. I would make a cheery pie (I love pie). And I would make some cherry vanilla jam.

  59. Cherries are my faaaaaaaaaavorite!!!!
    Definitely I’d make the iconic cherry pie
    I’d make preserves, with what’s left after eating cherries as a meal.
    If I was a genie, I’d blink my eyes and create more cases of cherries! Lol

  60. I would definitely be eating most of these fresh out of the box, since cherry season always seems so fleeting. I have also been wanting to try out a recipe I’ve had for cherry fool. Thanks for the chance!!

  61. Apricot Cherry Jam is a treasure! Now that we don’t live in Washington state, it is so much harder to get great cherries!

  62. Cherries are my favorite fruit. If they are sweet ones, I will eat them joyously and share with friends and family. If they are the sour type, I’ll steep in alcohol to make a delicious liqueur.

  63. Cherry chutney sounds amazing but you really can’t beat a good cherry jam on a buttered sourdough bread on a rainy winter afternoon. I have to hide a few jars so the kids don’t eat it all as soon as I make it.

  64. I would probably snack a lot on them and also can a family cherry sauce recipe that’s great to have on hand in the middle of winter! Pure red joy in a jar!

  65. Due to the late frosts, we don’t have a single cherry this year, and they are my absolute favorite. What can’t you do with them? I love cherry bounce, bourbon cherries, rosemary pickled cherries, sweet & tart cherry jam, cherry & lavender shrub, cherry-infused vinegar, cherry ice cream, pork or venison with roast cherries, cherry crisp…

  66. I would eat them fresh, I would freeze some because frozen cherries are delicious and I might even make a sweet cherry pie. Yum!

  67. I would first make a pie, because really you must. I make it with turbinado sugar and vanilla bean which is pretty cool. Then I might make (and put in jars!) pie filling and mango, peach chutney with the rest.

  68. Yay cherries! I’d make a batch of cherry bourbon, a pie or two, and maybe some cherry chutney (my favorite condiment ever for roasted poultry).

  69. definitely would try pickling some and baking tarts or pie but would
    have to save some for eating.

    thanks for the giveaway.

  70. Your cherry rhubarb jam was my favorite thing I canned last year. Such a pretty color and sweet treat flavor. I can’t wait to make more this summer!

  71. That sounds amazing. It reminds me–a co-worker has a sour cherry tree, and I need to ask if I can bogart some of this year’s harvest.

  72. I currently have a craving for cherry clafoutis, so that will probably be step 1. After that, there will be much research online for the best cherry recipes. Some of the cherries will have to be preserved, of course. Hopefully I can turn some into treats to share with my office – such a bounty should be shared!

  73. I’d love to try making up a batch of fresh cherry preserves to enjoy during the cold and snowy months and also make up some fresh cherry desserts. We all enjoy just eating the fresh cherries as their season is so very brief and sweet.

  74. I don’t think I’d get to put any cherries up. We gobble them up raw. I think I would freeze some. We won’t have a sour cherry season this year. 🙁

  75. I’d make a vat of cherry chutney! It was very popular at all the parties I went to over the winter… paired with crackers and goat cheese P:

  76. I love shrubs for drinks in the summer, so maybe a cherry shrub, and the pickled cherries and chutney sound amazing!

  77. I’m pretty sure I would have plans for peach-cherry jam, but end up eating most of them raw. I love cherries!

  78. First, I would make some cherry ice cream, eat some of them raw for snacks, and freeze whatever might be left!

  79. We planted a cherry tree in our yard last year, no cherries yet. Would love some cherries to preserve, ferment, freeze and just eat!

  80. I would be so excited to use the cherries in a variety of ways. I’d make a compote, and I’ve always wanted to make a clafoutis, for starters…

  81. I’m a newbie canner, but I’m already into my second round making your zucchini pickles recipe. If a bounty of beautiful cherries end up on my doorstep, I’ll be following your pickled cherries recipe!!

  82. I’ll probably eat most of the cherries fresh because they’re my favorite. I’d also like to make some jam and some pies.

  83. I’d save enough to try a jar of pickles and make a batch of ice cream. The rest will be eaten fresh in no time.

  84. I had a glut of cherries (something like 18 pounds??) a couple summers ago and tried all sorts of things, but hands down my favorite recipe was the “holiday cherries” recipe from Canning for a New Generation. Didn’t take too much work to process, capture the essence of the fruit, delicious spices, and syrupy texture great with yogurt for breakfast!

  85. I would eat some of them out of the box and others I would make cherry jam. Cherries are one of my favorite fruits so this would be awesome!

  86. With my niece, nephew, his wife and little boy staying with me for a month, we will just eat the cherries. Yum!

  87. Balsamic cherries! I made a few batches last year and they became coveted jars on the canning shelves. And the residual liquid was amazing salad dressing. Win-win!

  88. I would probably make cherry jam, and I’d also love to try the pickled sweet cherries recipe from the first Food in Jars book.

  89. If I win, I’ll probably can some cherry pie filling. I don’t have a pitter so I’ve never canned with cherries before!

  90. Last summer, I only made sour cherry preserves, so if I had these sweet cherries to try this year, I’d love to make a cherry butter. Fruit butters have been my favorite since starting to preserve, and sweet cherries seem perfect for this!

  91. Thanks for offering a giveaway!

    My family would eat most of them, but I would try to save some and make a small batch of a recipe from an Amish cookbook I’ve had forever.

  92. Love cherries so much and the season on the east coast was destroyed by warm weather in March.
    Cherry pie. Cherry ice cream. Jam. you name it!

  93. I would love to win cherries. I bought some earlier that went bad so I haven’t been able to get my cherry fix yet this season.

  94. Most would probably be eaten raw, but I would try to can at least some for jam. I tried making cherry jam for the first time last year and I cooked it too long so it was very hard. I need to try again!

  95. What a wonderful offer! I would make Black Forest Cake, and then some cherries in syrup for fancy cocktails, not to mention preserves and maybe some ice cream!

  96. I would have a hard time not eating by hand , I do Love me some Cherry clafoutis, and then there is always Cherry Pie <3

  97. We love, love, love sweet cherries! Hope we win so we can try making some cherry jam or even the sweet pickled cherries. Yum!

  98. There will be no cherries in my area due to a frost in April. It’s so sad. Cherry season is something I look forward to every year, and while we can cart cherries in from out of state it just doesn’t feel like the same thing.

  99. Cherries are my favorite fruit, and I love Marisa’s pickled cherries recipe, so if I win that’s what I’ll use them for.

  100. Cherries!
    I would make this amazing strawberry/cherry salad from 101 Cookbooks. I would also sneak some into a jam with rosemary (great dual purpose sweet/savory jam) and if there were any left—smoothies!

  101. I’ve always loved this cinnamon plum tea jam that Stonewall Kitchens used to make. I wonder how cinnamon Cherry tea jam would be? Would love to find out!!

  102. My family and I would eat until our bellies could hold no more! If there is any left, I’d make a cherry pie, and turn the rest into jam. Yum.

  103. So many cherries! The first thing I would do is stuff my face, of course. Then I’d make clafoutis, and jam, and cherry-vanilla ice cream. I love cherries. One of my earliest memories is Mr. Foster, the retired gentleman next door, lifting me up so I could pick cherries from his cherry tree.

  104. I would eat and eat and eat them with my family and neighbors. I would like to learn to make cherry jam but I don’t think there will be any left.

  105. I would look up cherry recipes for people with Gerd and make something for my friend who suffers from this. If I had leftovers, I would can cherry pie filling!!!

  106. Lots of cherry jam, strawberry-cherry jam, clafoutis, cherry coffee cake…so many cherries would be heavenly!

  107. I love cherries and everything made with cherries. I am in the process of making jam now and pitted 15 pounds of cherries. My hand looks like I’m a mechanic. Would be very grateful to win something so valuable.

  108. I would love to make a fresh cherry pie by America Test Kitchen’s recipe. I’ve tried their fresh peach pie just this past weekend for Father’s day.

  109. I have visions of mini cherry cheesecakes in individual jars. I would love to do more portion controlled desserts that are a bit fancy and seasonal.

  110. […] A couple weeks ago, just before I headed out of town to teach my Omega workshop and then go to my cousin’s wedding, I did a bunch of canning. I made roasted peach jam. I made a tiny batch of gooseberry jam. And I made a batch of sweet cherry barbecue sauce, using three pounds of cherries from my Canbassador booty. […]

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