A Canning Tee-Shirt to Benefit Seed Life Skills

Green canning tee-shirt with an image of canning jars on the front

Do you want to get an awesome canning tee-shirt and do some good? Here’s how.

Yesterday, Liana Krissoff, author of Canning for a New Generation*, launched a campaign on Teespring to help raise money for Seed Life Skills by selling cool canning tee-shirts. They are a nonprofit organization that is working to develop a home ec curriculum that is useful and relevant for today’s students (you might even say that it’s Home Ec for a New Generation).

Seed Life Skills was founded by Hugh Acheson after his disappointment with what his daughter was learning in her home ec program. After complaining to school administration, they challenged him to do it better and so he did. The students will learn any array of practical skills, like how to cook with real, whole food, how to minimize waste, how to can and preserve, how to mend their clothes, and also how to manage minor financial tasks like picking the best cell phone contract.

The program is launching this year in Athens, Georgia and the hope is that it will roll out across the country over the next couple of years. There is more about Seed Life Skills here.

Wanting to help, Liana teamed up with designer Jake Genen and he created the canning tee-shirt you see above. There are several versions up on Teespring and if enough people place orders, they will go into production. All the proceeds (minus taxes) will be donated to Seed Life Skills. The shirts are available until Thursday, June 16 at 11 pm.

*A new edition of Canning for a New Generation will be published next month, so if you’re thinking of pulling the trigger on a copy, consider waiting for the new one!

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5 responses to “A Canning Tee-Shirt to Benefit Seed Life Skills”

  1. what an awesome program. I am going back to school to get my FACS license because I have seen my special education students graduate without the practical skills they need to survive.

  2. My favorite pickle is the dill. We love them, but I can’t seem to get the firmness correct. Do I need something else for crunchiness. I never know if I should begin timing when you put into boiling water, or wait until it reboils! I also wonder if I could put a little sugar…sometimes the vinegar solution makes them really sour.

  3. What a wonderful life skills program! As to pickles- my favorite recipe is still my mom’s bread and butter pickles. She seemed to have nailed the lovely balance between sweet and vinegary. Yum. Can’t wait till the pickles are ready at my local u-pick farm and I can replenish my supply.

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