Canning Projects for Late August + Reminders

August 28, 2015(updated on December 6, 2021)

bowl of peaches

I am about to dash off to teach a weekend-long workshop up at the Omega Institute, but I wanted to drop in with a couple reminders as well as some suggestions for good things to can this time of year.

First up is a reminder that tomorrow is last day to get your first month of MightyNest’s MightyFix for free (it’s $10 a month after that). Make sure to use the widget in this blog post to get that deal.

Our friends over at Fillmore Container are sponsoring a couple giveaways right now and I thought you guys might like to know so you can toss your hats in the proverbial ring. On their blog, they’re offering up a Mason Jar Meal Kit to help with packing lunches and eating well. And over at Countryside Magazine, you have a chance to win a water bath canner and a Fillmore Container gift card.

Finally, the winner of last week’s Wusthof Clip Point Paring Knife giveaway is #290/Amelia.

peach mostarda

Peach Mostarda. This tangy, slightly spicy condiment is wonderful with cheese or cured meats. I’ve also used it as a component in braised chicken thighs, to very good results.

peaches in the pan

My Low Sugar Spiced Peach Jam is a winner for anyone looking to capture the flavor of summer without bogging down their jam with buckets of sugar. It’s a classic and is delicious on a nut or seed butter sandwich.

finished plum jam

This Plum Cardamom Jam works beautifully with the late summer Italian prune plums that I’m seeing in the markets these days and a jar makes a very nice holiday gift. And speaking of plums, these pickled slices are awfully good as well.

peach chutney

On the honey sweetened front, might I suggest either this chutney, a slow cooker butter, or my beloved lazy peach preserves?

So, those are my suggestions. Now it’s your turn. Tell me what you’re preserving this weekend!

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18 thoughts on "Canning Projects for Late August + Reminders"

  • This weekend? Halved plums in honey syrup, the nectarine compote you just posted, and maybe roasted corn salsa…

    I’m anxiously awaiting the peach dipping sauce you mentioned recently – I’m wanting to do a peach or nectarine bbq sauce type thing!

  • Ah – I just snagged the last 2 boxes of plums at our CSA last night with your Plum Jam in mind! However, they’re not quite ripe enough for my liking yet, so I’ won’t get to jam them until Monday.

  • In the last 2 days, I’ve finished 20 pints of peach slices in cinnamon syrup, 11 half-pints of tomato salsa, 12 half-pints of peach-tomato salsa and 10 half-pints of your honey sweetened peach chutney. I’m done for the week!!

    1. I think you are nailing it with the peach-tomato salsa which is my plan as well. I’ve been buying it from our local Amish and it IS fantastic, but need to get out of my comfort zone and make it myself. After all, that’s what life is all about =)

  • i just made that plum cardamom jam a couple weeks ago (with brown sugar!) and it’s amazing. my son asks for “pum jam” every morning now. i’m debating peach jam this weekend, but might just get lazy and slice them and throw them in the freezer. if i’m feeling ambitious, i may head to the farmers market and start on the tomato canning for this year (plain whole peeled).

  • Nothing will probably be canned this weekend, but only because this whole week was full of making classic dills, horseradish spears, pickled hot peppers, and a melange-o-fruit jam!

  • I’m making tomato sauce and batches of sourdough bread! My husband wanted (and got last weekend) 4 cases of pints of your tomato jam this past season!

  • It’s tomato time! Just getting ready to can bruschetta & then up next is a batch of salsa. Maybe some zucchini relish after that…

  • Peaches are about as cheap and tasty as they’re ever going to get in Alaska – so I just made peach salsa. Also canning lots of wild berry jellies and jams. I’ve done both spiced and unspiced blueberry jam and salmonberry/red currant jelly.

  • This is my first summer preserving; I’m basically working my way through Marisa’s recipes, both on this site and from her first book.

    This weekend: a second batch of Italian plum jam; whole Roma tomatoes; gingery beets; tomatillo sauce; something with the four lbs of peaches; and something TBD with three pints each of raspberries and blackberries.

    Very interested in this peach-tomato salsa!

  • Pickles, pickles and relish. So many dang cukes coming out of the garden right now! Carry on, preservers, carry on!

  • I just picked up some odds and ends at the market to get some last minute preserving in before school starts for everyone — grape tomatoes to make the roasted tomato puree from your second book, I sliced up a dozen peppers for the freezer for stir fries this winter, some peaches to slice for freeze for pies, apples to make the apple filling also in your second book, and then my father gifted me some tomatoes and hot peppers so I guess I will make some salsa and some pickled peppers. It’s going to be a busy Sunday!

  • Yum! Unfortunately, I haven’t got any peaches, but I think I’m going to make some more apple sauce or apple juice, or perhapse something to use up my blackberry harvest.

  • Spent yesterday canning Damson plums. Did 7 pints with bay leaf and 7 with cardamom pods. I think the bay leaf is the winner but further experimentation is required as the flavours are very subtle. Also made a chocolate plum clafoutis. yummy goodness. The left over plums will go into plum quick breads for the freezer.

  • Made a combo of peach/nectarine salted caramel jam and the vanilla plum. I was going to do some Apple pie filling but I’m going to wait until next week since I’ll have more tomatoes so I can do them all at once.

  • Made your salted brown sugar peach jam. I had peaches left from a half-bushel. I also canned pears because they got ripe – I was waiting on them and suddenly, RIPE. I’m canning several things plain because the baby will start eating solid foods this fall and I want to have homemade options for her.

  • Last week I made peach raspberry jam and peach blueberry jam (with a few raspberries thrown in for a good gel) and they both turned out great!