Canning Cookbook: Home Made by Yvette Von Boven

Homemade cover

My cookbook collection is out of control. Just like the jars, they are in every room of our apartment (oddly, except the kitchen. There’s no room in there for anything other than food, cookware and me). I’ve tried to go cold turkey and abstain from new books entirely, but occasionally, there’s one that is so beautiful and alluring that I can’t resist giving it a permanent place on the shelves. Home Made by Yvette Von Boven is one such book.

Homemade spine

Yvette Von Boven is a European food stylist, freelance writer and restaurant-owner who’s work regularly appears in a variety of magazines and other publications. Home Made was published first in Dutch and was named the Dutch cookbook of the year in 2010.

Homemade - Making Jam

One of the things that most charmed me about this book right off the bat was the tone it takes. Chatty and confidence-inspiring, after reading her instructions, you’ll feel like you can take on any one of these projects. However, before you dive in to any of her preserving project, I would recommend that you also acquaint yourself with current USDA standards. This book recommends the inversion method for sealing jams and also gives instruction on how to reuse canning jar lids, both ill-advised according US standards.

Homemade - Duck Ham

The pages are filled with lovely, useful illustrations like the ones you see above. I love a recipe that’s written with drawings instead of simply typed in the conventional fashion. There are also a number of recipes I’ve bookmarked, like the butternut pickles (a refrigerator pickle, not a processed one) on page 162 and the rose tea marshmallows you see below.

Homemade - Rose Tea Marshmallows

And just so I don’t give you the impression that this book is only a preserving and food crafting one, you should know that the pages are also bursting with recipes for delicious-sounding things like Chicken Kebabs with Honey, Prunes and Walnuts (page 253), Salad with Celeriac, Goat Cheese, Pomegranate & Tarragon (page 176) and the Vanilla Fritters with Zabaglione (page 330). Who’s ready to eat?

Disclosure: I received a free review copy of this book. However, my thoughts and opinions are, as always, entirely my own.


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27 responses to “Canning Cookbook: Home Made by Yvette Von Boven”

  1. Aw girl, why’d you go and do that! My collection is already far too big. I read them like novels, and I am a total sucker for unusual sounding recipes like these. Though vegetarian, I do buy books with meat if I still get enough out of them, and it sounds like I would with this one. I’ve also been wanting to do a butternut pickle. I saved the one from Quick Pickles: Easy Recipes for Big Flavor when I gifted that book, so I’ll have to compare these.

  2. looks like a lovely book!
    I am glad you mentioned the canning regulations, I am a Brit living in Japan. I have never done much canning before usually just a jar or two at a time so I have never worried too much about the long term storage since the produce gets eaten quickly. Anyway since the earthquake and the radiation problem I have looking into canning on a larger scale, buying fruit and veg in bulk from non affected areas so we have plenty of ‘good’ food to get us through the winter. I have noticed that a lot of North American bloggers use the spilt lids yet when I have discussed canning with non North American friends most of them re-use old jars and lids and when making jam turn the hot jar upside down as soon as the jar has been filled.
    So, now I am totally confused and not sure which method is safer, the upside down method is better for me because we don’t have the split lids here but I do have plenty of empty jars. If you could shed some light on the matter I would be very grateful. TIA

  3. Hmmm…I may need to make another shelf for cookbooks!
    Call me a rebel (or crazy, it’s ok) but I have always used the inversion method for sealing jams, USDA be damned!
    Sorry…got caught up in the moment 😉

  4. Looks like a wonderful book! My collection has grown and added on top of my own family’s recipe collections. Pretty soon, I’ll be taking over another room in the house. 🙂 I like lots of visuals too, especially if it’s a new recipe. I can’t wait to try more canning recipes and share them with my readers and members.

  5. I fell in love with the stylings of Yvette von Boven a while back, and have been waiting for the release of her book. Looks every bit as imaginative and wonderful as I thought it would be. Thanks for sharing her work!



  6. I SO want this book. I have been buying more and more make-your-own cookbooks (Karen Solomon et al) I want to know what’s in my food, ya know.

  7. Drool! I had to add it to my wish list on Amazon too. Would you mind writing a review on Amazon? There aren’t any yet. I’m trying to find info today on canning with my current ingredients from the garden and creating individual soups in jars so I don’t make a ton extra…I really would like to skip the whole cooking part first. Any thoughts on that? I want to make my lentil soup wich we all love in quart sizes. Any advice on that is appreciated. ~Anna in Alaska

  8. I reviewed this one over at Bookslut last month and I have to say, it’s maybe my favorite cookbook of the year so far.
    Try the fresh cheese recipe. It’s a great beginner cheese, and she does an ingenious thing with two empty cans to make a cheese form/press. It was really good with apple chutney.

  9. Thank you so much for sharing such detailed images of this book. I tend not to use cookbooks because I favor the internet, but the sheer design of this book will definitely put this book in our kitchen. You are always such a great source of info. Thank you!

  10. I grabbed this book on our honeymoon in new york. Sure, I try not to buy cookbooks anymore, but I just could not walk past this one and I haven’t regretted it. Oddly, I haven’t even tried any of the recipes yet but it is such an enjoyable reading experience that I already love it 🙂

    Also, we Europeans tend to freak a lot less about reusing lids and stuff like that 😉

  11. I got this book for mothers day. I look at it every few days to see if I can try my hand at one of the recipes. It is a beauty, easy to follow instructions, simple ingredients. I have lavash in the oven right now!

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