Canning Chat with Punk Domestics

blooming artichokes

Gorgeous blooming artichokes at the Hollywood Farmers’ Market.

In the last two and half weeks, I’ve been to Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, San Jose and Los Angeles. I’ve led 11 classes and canning demonstrations. I’ve signed hundreds of books and met so many of you. And every moment of it has been magical. Thank you all for coming out, showing up, buying books and being so, so kind.

On my last morning in San Francisco, I met up with Sean Timberlake at Punk Domestics World HQ to do a live canning chat (which you can watch via the embedded video player after the jump). I answered a bunch of canning questions, told a few stories and gesticulated wildly (I really must learn to control my hands while talking). Afterwards, Sean and DPaul fed me chicken salad, cheese and pickles and sent me on my way.

Right now, I’m still in Los Angeles. I’m spending the day at my friend Andrea’s apartment, catching up on work and enjoying her breezy covered patio. I return to Philadelphia tomorrow and then I’m off to Connecticut this weekend. There are still spots available in both my class on Saturday at the Greenwich Historical Society and Sunday at the Nathan Hale Homestead in Coventry, CT. I’ll also be selling and signing books on Sunday morning at the Coventry Regional Farmers’ Market starting at 10 am.

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18 responses to “Canning Chat with Punk Domestics”

  1. I loved watching your video, but please consider not requiring that we log in through
    Facebook. Many Facebook apps are spammy and/or dangerous and all of them require access to private information for what can only be described as specious. Thanks!

    • Diana, it wasn’t me that required a login through Facebook, it was the application that Sean used to run the chat. I didn’t have any control over it.

      • Also — you’ll notice that below the Login via Facebook button there was a link that said “I do not have a Facebook account.” You can bypass the login.

  2. I can’t believe you will be in my neck of the woods! Alas – we will be in Virginia Darn it! So close yet so far. You will love the Coventry Farmers Market. We do!

  3. I just found out you will be at my local library, at which time we should be on the road for roughly 3 hours skipping town for vacations 🙁 What a bummer, I would have loved to meet you!

  4. One of those books you signed is mine, and I was so, so glad to finally meet you at The Pantry at Delancey! It was your words that got me interested in canning to begin with, and it’s been your recipes that have been lovely enough for me to send as holiday gifts to family (the apple-cranberry jam was a big hit a couple of years ago). Thank you so much for bringing your creativity and knowledge to me and obviously so many others, especially without a hint of superiority or pretension. You’re great, Marisa – really, thank you.

  5. I must have been living under a rock! Congratulations on your BOOK! I need to buy it now! You are ADORABLE “live”. This is a great interview. I watched the entire thing and really felt like I was there. You are so real and down to earth and knowledgeable. What an incredible story you have. You found your niche, the time was right, and you worked hard to make great food.
    Standing ovation. I preserve a lot, and believe it is a must living in Canada. It was a part of our way of life when I was a child and I also applaud you for revitalizing this almost once lost art.
    (10 dollars for 25 pounds of beautiful tomatoes? unreal!)

  6. I just put your book on my Amazon WishList – my birthday is in two weeks, so my fingers are crossed! Did you ever pull a winner for the knife giveaway?

  7. SO did not gesticulate too much. I believe proper gesticulation articulates your points in a more inclusive way. Bravo! Ok, kidding.. your hands were a bit all over the place. NO one noticed. The info was great, it was the final push I needed to get over my fear and get started. All of us newbies seem to gravitate towards the Strawberry Vanilla jam as our first foray into canning. I was no exception. My jam set too hard (faulty thermometer) but I was able to fix it with a little grape juice and all is well! On to lemon curd!!
    Seriously, keep doing what you do as long as you love doing it. But jeez, time for a break no? =) And then come to Canada!!!

  8. Marisa,

    Two huge thank yous! First, late last summer I discovered your blog when the tomatoes from my garden share were about to take over my kitchen! Tomato Jam saved the day and made me the most popular person with our friends. Everyone wanted some.

    Last Monday my copy of your book arrived. It is truly a great book. Forget what I have learned in a week about canning, the high quality book itself is worth owning. I love just seeing it on my shelf.

    Yesterday, I tossed much of the jam I had left from last year – all that was made using other recipes. Most have way more sugar and are jelled hard enough to fill in for the Hoover Dam! Your method (and Certo) have changed my life. Can’t wait for the peaches to start coming in next week… and soon more tomatoes. Maybe that’s three thank yous!

  9. Hi Marisa,
    Just a note to say that I did get your book for my birthday and just finished reading it, read it from cover to cover, it was so interesting and I got so many ideas. Here in northern Michigan nothing is quite ready to can yet but can’t wait to start. And you are so right about the tomato jam (I will never buy ketchup again). Happy Canning

    • I love hearing that you read the book from cover to cover! I hope you have lots of fun with it once you have more produce for canning!

  10. Loved seeing you!!! Now I have a lovely face to book with my great book. I am starting my canning journey tomorrow with strawberry jam. And I have a very very large pan to boil my jam in, sou doubling I will do.

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