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I have a confession to make. I haven’t canned anything in over a month now. I’ve been collecting groceries with every intention of committing them to jars, but I’m experiencing something akin to canning block (as you can see from the picture above, my kitchen’s been messy enough lately without pulling the canning pot out of the hall closet).

However, I’ve got a nice, big daikon radish that needs to be pickled (as well as some green tomatoes), some cranberries that are intended for chutney, salmon to be packed in oil and pressure canned and 25 pounds of apples sitting on my dining room table, so unless I want all these lovely things to go bad, can I must (and there’s no better way to beat a block than to charge straight through it).

In the meantime, here are some links I’ve been collecting lately for inspiration and emulation.

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15 responses to “Canning Catch-up”

  1. I would so love to can some tuna, but I’m not sure I’ll have time this year. I too have tons of apples sitting in my kitchen (a bushel) to be made into sauce and butter and some caramelized apple marmalade with thyme.

    I know exactly how you’re feeling about not getting any canning in, although you have a good excuse since you got married.

  2. I think we all go through a canning block or cooking block or what ever…..just don’t let it win! You can do it. There is so much to be canned right now and with a pressure canner all the time.

    Me, I’ve canned 14, 1/2 pints of tuna, chicken soup, and apple butter last week. This week I’m canning chicken stock, more apple butter and chick peas (yes, I do have a pressure canner). I have more tuna coming soon to can. I’m going to be doing smoked salmon in a few weeks. I’m working 12 days in a row starting on Thursday. I work full time, teach part time and there are times I had 2 days off a week. Oh and for my engery!

  3. yes that was my point too! you just got married, and all that goes with that, planning, entertaining, etc. however, with all that produce you gotta move! happens to me too sometimes, or i just have all these ideas and then before i know it i have a ton of food-in-waiting and only so many ‘spare’ hours in the week.

    anyway – good luck getting back on the saddle. 😉

  4. My husband said it seems like I’ve been canning for four straight months. He may be right there . . . . I just canned apple butter today and left the rest of the apples for fresh eating (400 lbs of apples DOES take its toll on the space availability on the kitchen counters!)

    Tomorrow I hope to get to the pomegranates. It’s a small batch this year, but I have a plan to do them differently than last year, and I hope it will go faster.

    I do understand letting the apples sit a while! Thankfully the apples will wait a bit (unlike peaches!)

  5. Your picture has convinced me that I need more jars. That, and today’s experience of trying to find containers to hold all of my staples I bought in bulk. I like the fun shaped jars you have.
    Today I was convinced to buy a pressure canner–my friend just came back from Alaska with 100 lbs of salmon he wants to can. I’m hoping if I help can…

  6. Wow, I’m envious of the jar-bounty!!! How lovely of your friend to share them with you.

    Thanks for the link to the brandied-fruit idea. I’ve got some sour cherries in my freezer and may just thaw, pit, and brandy some of them.

    I also have a vanilla bean just staring at me from my spice rack and am thinking: hmmmmm that may be yummy in pumpkin butter! I just received a crock pot from a friend, and I think that fruit (squash) butter is going to be the very first project.

  7. I just came across your blog; well done! I have been toying with the idea of canning for Christmas gifts this year, so I will be closely following your blog for some ideas as to what I should make.

  8. I just pulled the peaches out of the freezer that I’d bunged in there with a mere blanch and a promise when my grandbaby decided to put in appearate 7 weeks early this summer! He is doing well, now, thank heavens after a longish stay in the neo-natal unit.

    So the peaches are becoming peach butter and the apples are waiting their turn……

    My point is that life gets in the way of life sometimes – babies and husbands and so forth. It’s OK, people come first.

  9. I’m interested in canning, but I’m concerned about the BPA in the lid seals. If the seal never touches the food, I think it would easy to just wash the rim after opening the jar, but I have no idea if the seal even touches the food, since I’ve never canned anything before. What do you think about this?

    -on another note, its very exciting to find another person with the same name as me, as rare as it is!

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