Can-It-Forward Demo Videos Now Available on + Home Depot Gift Card Giveaway

Marisa at Ball Canning HQ

Back in July, I traveled to Indiana to participate in Ball Canning’s International Can-It-Forward Day. We were supposed to be streaming live from their brand new test kitchen (kitted out in Martha Stewart Living cabinets, counters and hardware), but there were some technical difficulties and the videos were never made available.

Happily, the Can-It-Forward team has been hard at work behind the scenes, and today, the videos of the recipes that we all demonstrated that day are finally ready for viewing! You’ll see the following demos…

Click here to see all the Can-It-Forward Videos!

demo at Ball Canning HQ

For those of you who missed the interactivity of International Can-It-Forward Day, fear not. Your friends at Jarden Home Brands have you covered. This Thursday, September 24 they’ll be live streaming an fall canning program starting at 3 pm ET. You’ll have a chance to ask questions and see a behind the scenes peek at that gorgeous test kitchen I mentioned earlier.

If you’re interested in tuning in, you can pre-register here. And if you can’t make the livestream, they’ll be posting the full video later in the day, so you can catch up at your leisure.

Now, for the last bit of good news. I have a $100 Home Depot gift card to give away to one lucky Food in Jars reader (I know. Two giveaways in one week!).

Jarden Home Brands worked with The Home Depot and the Martha Stewart Living Kitchens line during their kitchen renovation and the results are so gorgeous. If you like the looks of the kitchen they created, this giveaway is your change to bring a little bit of the same durable style into your own home.

Here’s how to enter:

  1. Leave a comment on this post and share how you’d spend $100 at The Home Depot.
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm east coast time on Friday, September 25, 2015. The winner will be chosen at random and this post will be updated with their name.
  3. Giveaway is open to US residents only (and is void where prohibited).
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left on the blog.

Disclosure: I am a paid Ball Canning Ambassador and was compensated for my participation in this year’s Can-It-Forward Day, but my thoughts and opinions remain entirely my own. 

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193 responses to “Can-It-Forward Demo Videos Now Available on + Home Depot Gift Card Giveaway”

  1. We spend so much time in Home Depot, it’s almost a second home. We are getting ready to remodel the master bath. Cabinets and tile are purchased so now we need fixtures. This gift card would help.

  2. I really want to build raised beds in my backyard next spring so I can grow more vegetables for home canning. I’m in love with dilly beans and pickles, but don’t have the growing space. This would be awesome for getting the raised beds put together.

  3. I was just at Home Depot this weekend, pricing out wood for a stool project my mom is helping me with. Wood is expensive! I would give the remainder of the gift card to my mom who is a Home Depot fanatic. It’s her second home. She can do EVERYTHING when it comes to house / garden stuff. Thank you for the chance to win! 🙂

  4. What a great giveaway! I’d probably spend it on gardening supplies (though my “garden” is just a few pots on my patio).

  5. I hate my old linoleum in my kitchen and have been itching to try those vinyl stick on tiles over it, so I would use it on those!

  6. I’m not totally sure what I’d use it for yet, but know I would find a use, as we are about to move into a new-to-us home in a couple of weeks, and it needs some work. Would probably using it paint, though!

  7. I love canning and anything else that I can do myself. It is not only saving money which is important, but it is the satisfaction I get from doing things with my own hands.I love Home Depot for the same reason I love canning!

  8. I’d beeline right for the garden section. I’d love to get some really great soil for my raised tomato beds next year!

  9. I would buy an orange tree and lemon tree. Living in south Florida, I would LOVE to practice canning some funky versions of preserved lemons with heirloom herbs and oranges with aromatic spices!

  10. I would get a rain barrel and everything I would need to help with my garden so I can have more veggies to can 🙂

  11. I’d spend it on shelving and organizational supplies for the wall above my desk to organize all of my cookbooks/canning info.

  12. I would definitely use a Home Depot gift card to buy a new hood for the stove. Ours is from the 80s and I don’t even want to think about the grossness up there.

  13. Oh gosh! I rent, so indoor renovations are not an option. However, I’m thinking of putting together some folding lattice/trellis/frame things for my container vegetable garden. When most people say that they have a container garden, they mean a few tomatoes in pots. I’ve got the Little Shop of Horrors with six 8′ tomato plants and cucumbers eating the porch. A little order would be nice, plus it would give me an excuse to get a nifty staple gun!

  14. I don’t buy plants at Home Depot any more because of their use of neonicotinoids. I’m planning on putting raised beds in the front yard with vegetables and bee and butterfly friendly plants so no neonics for me.

    But I do need a screen for my front door and some Levolor blinds for my back door so that’s what I’d do with a gift card.

    I’ll be buying my wood there to build the planters and repair a fence but not the treated stuff. Trying to get my yard completely organic.

  15. I would either buy jars and shelving for them cause my husband is getting mad I am stuffing them everywhere and anywhere I can find, or I would buy a new pressure canner cause I got mine used and it works but only when it feels like it and a new one would be great since my husband refuses to contribute to my canning addiction..

  16. I’d probably give it to my parents, as their dish washer is on the fritz, but I do like to wander the gardening section at Home Depot when I’m there 🙂

  17. I would be looking for new garden tools. I inherited my parents and they are slowly coming apart.
    And a plant or two of course!!!!

  18. What a surprise give-away! I already have a ceiling light picked out for my entry at the Home Depot and this give-away would sure help with the cost. Thanks for the opportunity!!

  19. It’s time to update the fire extinguishers. I’d start there and then wander to the garden section if I had any money left over.

  20. Oooh! I love Home Depot. It always smells so good, like fresh cut wood.

    Honestly I’d probably just wander around and put random things in my cart till I hit $100. Check out paint colors, look at sink faucets and lighting fixtures… I can spend hours there.

  21. I am in the middle of a couple of small projects in my basement and would most likely spend this gift card on a Dewalt circular saw and some new jig saw blades. This would be a huge help!

  22. We just moved into a new house and the walls are still bare, we’d love to paint and add fixtures which we’d love to do at home depot!

  23. We are building a fence around the school garden next month – any and all extra $$ goes towards that! Plus maybe some pvc pipe and rebar to build a few low tunnels for winter gardening for the kiddos…

  24. Home Depot has so much cool stuff….I would roam the store from end to end, then choose carefully…either gardening materials or painting supplies!

  25. I would check out their selection of canning supplies for more lids and whatnot, and then look for some good pots for my herbs as well as some supplies for banging together a worktable and shelves for my indoor gardening.

  26. We’re regulars at Home Depot. Our next project is repainting the interior of our home, so gift cards would come in handy.

  27. We also just moved into a new house, and our kitchen cabinets could use a face lift! A Home Depot gift card would help us get some new cabinet hardware I’ve had my eye on from Martha Stewart’s collection!

  28. Let’s see. How would I spend the HD gift card?
    My husbands air compressor has quit working, so I probably would give the gift card to him so that he can put it towards a new compressor. After all, it is his birthday today.
    Thank you for this wonderful giveaway opportunity

  29. There are so many ways we could use a $100 gift card at Home Depot – too many to count! I guess I’d start with grout cleaner for my kitchen floor – it would be a wise investment. 🙂

  30. Wow! My mother always said that if you own a home there is always something that must be done. How correct she was. Now I am planning to redo the floor in my entry way. And $100- would go a long way in that effort. Cheers.

  31. I would use the giftcard to spruce up my front porch! The chairs that I have are looking pretty sad and I have no tables for wine…uh, I mean snacks.

  32. fingers crossed! my renovation budget is dwindling fast and this would be exactly what I need to finish up the last stages of a room redo.

  33. There is a good bit that needs done around my house. So I would shop for bargains to do some of them. I would love to spruce up my bathroom. But then they may have some very cool kitchens items that I really need also. If I could replace my table and chairs with a movable bar it would be great.

  34. We’re still renovating the home we bought over a year ago, so this would go towards fence supplies to keep the dog in the back yard.

  35. My daughter just moved into her first apartment and I can think of a thousand things that could buy her for xmas at Home Depot…thanks for the chance!

  36. We live in an old house and are constantly in some kind of home improvement project or some kind of gardening project. Yes, semi-weekly visits to Home Depot. We have had a good garden this summer – I made strawberry jam and blackberry jam. From “Food in Jars” I have canned your vanilla rhubarb jam, a few jars of tomatoes, and I am about to try your recipe for pickled beets. Thank you.

  37. A good hand-vac, actually. That plus some more jars and/or storage lids would probably hit the $100 mark pretty quick. 🙂

  38. I would probably buy a really nice, large, standing fan, so I can keep my teeny apartment cool without turning on the AC in the fall. And then I’d go over to kitchen appliances and get a blender, or a nicer food processor.

  39. There are always so many projects to look forward to! I would love to set up a diy greenhouse so that I can start my fresh veggies and herbs earlier. Thanks for the opportunity!

  40. I’d use it to get my garden started! My cousin introduced me to the square foot garden concept and I can’t wait to get started! Seems like it’ll save space and save me from tilling half my backyard 🙂 Here’s a link I found about it (not sure if I’m allowed to post a link, but I am in no way affiliated with the site so I figured it’s okay)

  41. My husband and I personally gutted and remodeled our entire 1890’s Victorian home over the past few years (with lots of help from family and friends!). The interior is complete and we love it! But we’re currently about halfway done painting and repairing the exterior of the home. We’d use the money to finish those last renovations to call our place “home.” 🙂

  42. Oh – $100 at Home Depot! I just squealed like a little girl!

    I’d start with some painting supplies since I want to update the kitchen cabinets. Hardware, counter top…. Or maybe get a start on the little fence I want. Definitely get a step stool so my short self can stop crawling on the counters. I’m getting too old for that!

    I think I am going to need much more than $100 but it would sure help.

  43. I have no problem spending money at Home Depot. They have the best shelving units and I am looking for more. Always organizing.

  44. I would definitely put a Home Depot gift card towards more shelving and storage for my basement–all these jars fill up shelves quickly!!

  45. I’d put it towards a new dryer – my current one tumbles just fine, but that doesn’t do much good when it doesn’t provide any heat!

  46. Probably paint. With another winter coming the ceiling doesn’t look any less dreary than last year. Woodstove heating takes it’s toll after a few seasons.

  47. There are so many things I could spend $100 on at Home Depot! I’d like to get some Christmas decorations, paint for sprucing up our bedrooms, and I’d stock up on batteries and light bulbs.

  48. I hate to sound boring, but we are in need of paint updates on several rooms. I also would like to replace the water heater before it dies. Easy to spend several hundred dollars at Home Depot.

  49. We really need a new kitchen sink. Would like to have a new farm sink. I think it would be more comfortable for my mother who is 92. We both hope we win. : )

  50. I would definitely use the $100 to help with our half bath renovation. Think of the ugliest 1980’s bathroom you can and you have a taste of what we’re dealing with!

  51. A Home Dept card i would immediately use for some paint and one of those tents for sprayer painting (I have the sprayer!) and paint both of my kitchen tables.

  52. It’s not very glamorous, but I would use the $100 gift card to purchase a new fiberglass ladder that I’ve been eyeing at Home Depot! It will enable me to get a lot of outdoor chores done. Thanks for an awesome giveaway!

  53. We are in the midst of rebuilding our kitchen and dining area, and incorporating a mudroom… We’ve already spent several hundred dollars at Home Depot on this project, and it won’t be hard to spend more!

  54. We are about to embark on a total kitchen re-make…. to better suit my love of cooking and feeding people! I would use that Home Depot $ towards this.


  55. If I were the lucky winner of a Home Depot gift card, I’d use part of it to treat myself to something I’ve wanted but wouldn’t otherwise indulge in: A dehydrator! The balance would likely be used to buy gifts (that time of year will be here too soon). Thanks!

  56. I would get a shelving unit and storage containers for all the things I’ve canned, since they’re hiding in the back corner of the living room right now!

  57. $100 at Home Depot? I must admit that I have “new toilet seat” on the list. Always light bulbs and stuff for the garden. I’m dying for some front porch furniture. Maybe I could find a little bench or chair. Thanks for the giveaway!

  58. I would most likely buy something for our new nursery! Baby number 1 is due in January, and we have just started decorating! 🙂

  59. I’d fashion a new backsplash out of chalkboard paint and white subway tiles. I’d also purchase some open-shelving to display my canned goods 🙂

  60. Oh, the possibilities at a hardware store; I’m sure that I’d use $100 up in an instant! I’d probably wait until spring (canning stuff is gone, snow shovels are in) and then upgrade some of my canning supplies and get some lights for my sewing corner in the basement.

  61. Oh if I won, I would love to use it on canning supplies! I have wanted to try it, but never have. With fall coming, we still have so much in our garden that we need to pick, but I know we cannot use it all. I would love to learn to can some of it!!!

  62. New Dishwasher!! I used to use mine to sterilize jars before I can, but not any more….It just doesn’t do the job anymore.

  63. I’d get shelving for my pantry (which is actually a corner of my laundry room) so that I could store my canned goods more accessibly.

  64. The heat this summer has made hanging out outside a chore, even to garden the small areas that actually get sun. The gift card would go toward putting some fall color into the front and back yard beds and containers.

  65. I would buy a new juicer/steamer and if they had the ball jelly maker I would be hooked up yeah!! Thanks for an opportunity to win

  66. I think I would be on the look out for a strong single burner. I would love to find something that would allow the chutney to reduce while Hubby started dinner

  67. Oh, I think the living room needs some new paint, new cabinet knobs for the kitchen, and some patio stones for the garden would be great! Thanks!

  68. I’d put it toward new cabinets. Mine are insufficient and poorly-done. In fact, my whole kitchen needs to be renovated! But I’d happily start with $100 to buy one of the stand-up pantries that Home Depot has in their unfinished cabinetry stock.

  69. I have finally convinced my husband that we NEED a vegetable garden in the yard to keep our lone peach tree company. So I’d use it for the supplies needed to set up a raised garden bed.

  70. I’ve lived in my house for 12 years, and that whole time it’s never had a backsplash behind the stove. Talk about Mess Central! I would love to FINALLY put something in place there!

  71. I’d love to use $100 at Home Depot to upgrade my kitchen faucet. My current kitchen faucet is just too low to easily wash dishes and fill pots for the stove. =-)

  72. I would probably get either nice curtains or a humidifier for my firstborn, due in February. Or I would buy a ton of dirt to repot all my hibiscus because babies love flowers 🙂

  73. I’d love to purchase raised bed material for my organic garden, then can as much as possible! I love me some garden veggies and herbs!

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