Brit + Co Online Jam Making and Canning Class


Back in late July, I spent a couple fast-paced days in San Francisco, filming a jam making and canning how-to video with a collection of delightful folks from Brit + Co. Their goal is to spark and inspire creativity and they offer an extraordinarily wide range of how-to videos, tutorials, and products designed to do just that.

The canning class we filmed is now available for purchase! In it, I’ll walk you through the steps of prepping a canning pot, choosing fruit, cooking the jam (we used plum jam as an example, but the skills apply to any fruit), filling up the jars, and processing it into shelf stable deliciousness. If you’ve ever wanted to take a class with me but haven’t been able to, now’s your chance to do it, no matter where you are.

Buy Marisa’s Canning Class!

Once you buy the class (it costs a very affordable $9.99), you can watch it again and again (which is great, because it means you can always go back for clarification).  I’ll also be checking in and answering any questions that pop up.

For those of you who buy it, I’d love to know what you think once you’ve taken the class!

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5 responses to “Brit + Co Online Jam Making and Canning Class”

  1. Woot! Look at you, looking all jam-glam! This looks great. I’m a huge fan of this kind of keep and refer back on-line class, so will definitely look into what else they offer!

  2. So thrilled I just bought this – I have always wanted to take one of your classes!

    And the plum jam couldn’t have come at a better time – after years with no problems, I suddenly find I’m burning batch after batch of plums before they even begin to set! I’m looking forward to getting a refresher of the basics when I watch – but in the meantime, are there any common culprits I should be watching out for?

    • How are you testing for set? If you’re using a thermometer, the calibration might be off. Are there any other variables in your cooking set-up that have changed since last year?

      • Thanks for the quick response! And as you guessed, my cooking set-up has changed; new apartment, and so a new stove. I’ve used gas stoves before, though, and am noticing jam burning way before it’s even close to set – my guess is the flame is too high, but I was wondering if you ever notice a difference with different brands of sugar or anything like that?

  3. I’m actually really interested in learning how to use a pressure. One of the reasons I love this blog is that it has helped me get over some of my kitchen fears. Before I started canning I was always afraid that I would kill me family with homemade pickles and strawberry jam. I’m working on my next project – Lacto-fermented hot sauce! Maybe the pressure cooker would be next.

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