Beer in Jars + Jars on Blogs

July 20, 2009(updated on August 18, 2021)

beer in jar

Last night, Scott and I had headed down to Headhouse Square for the fifth annual Good Food, Good Beer evening. It’s a fundraiser for our local Slow Food organization and it’s the third year in a row that we’ve attended. It’s a fun event, because you get to taste five different small plates from local restaurants and drink a whole bunch of beer (nicer for me than for Scott, as he’s not a beer guy) for $32 (no worse than what you’d pay for any other night out).

I made a point to bring my own glass, because otherwise, I end up tossing a whole bunch of plastic tasting cups. And, because it’s me, my to-go glass was actually the wide-mouth pint jar you see above (pint jars also work nicely as a reusable cup for iced coffee. Just sayin’). I feel refreshed just looking at it!

And on to the jars on blogs…

Hello cajun pickles! Oh, and three takes on the same pickle brine.

Pickled radishes. 

I used my mint syrup to make a quart-sized mojito last Friday night. Here are a couple more homemade cocktail syrups.

And answering a canning safety question. Rebekah Denn ponders the safety of home canning.

3 responses to “Beer in Jars + Jars on Blogs”

  1. thanks for the connection! I just finished having three friends over to teach them how to make and can jam. It was my first foray into sharing canning with others (besides giving away the end product), and our discussion was very interesting. Some are interested in learning how to can, others are interested in being more involved with their food. Personally, I just find it a fun challenge.

    Off to finish canning my bread & butter pickles!

  2. wow–canning is really going mainstream. it was only last year that i felt like i was still one of the few… no longer! all of the new canners will certainly have a better winter this year.

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