Giveaway: New Products from Ball Home Canning

New Ball Jars - Food in Jars

For the last several springs, Jarden Home Brands (maker of our beloved Ball Jars) has brought out limited edition colored jars as part of their Heritage Collection. The first year, they released pint sized blue jars with a regular mouth. In year two, we got green jars, in a wide mouth quart and a regular mouth pint. Last spring delivered purple jars in wide mouth quarts and regular mouth pints.

New Ball Product Line 2016 - Food in Jars

Sometime back in the fall, I’d heard that there wasn’t going to be a Heritage Collection this spring. I took that to mean that there wasn’t going to be any new products at all. Happily, I was very, very wrong. Late last week, two giant boxes filled with jar goodness landed on my doorstep. I’ve been looking forward to sharing the fun with you all, so let’s dig in.

New Blue Jars from Ball - Food in Jars

First up is all the new jars. I was delighted to see the new Collection Elite Color Series Jars, which currently come in blue and are available in regular mouth half pint, wide mouth pint, and wide mouth quart. What’s particularly exciting is that these jars are here to stay. They’re not a limited release like the previous Heritage Collections were. They’re sold in cases of four and the price ranges from $7.99 to 9.99.

New Half Gallon Ball Jar - Food in Jars

Next up is the Super-Wide Mouth Half Gallon Jar (the round jelly jar is just there to give you a sense of scale. We’ll talk about those in a minute). Much like the gallon version that’s been available for the last few years (I have two of them!) this jar is designed to be used for food storage, as a design element, and in crafting applications.

You could use these jars for refrigerator pickles and fermentation, but the lid isn’t designed to be in contact with acidic ingredients and would eventually corrode. I find these do best with dry goods or tea bags. This jar typically retails for $9.99. [Ball | Amazon]

Round Jelly Jars - Food in Jars

Now, to the round jelly jars, brought back by popular demand. Their official name is the Ball Collection Elite Design Series Jam Jar and this jar wasn’t been in production since 2006 (though you can often find them in thrift stores and at rummage sales). They hold 8 ounces of product, have a cheerful fruit-themed embossed exterior, and are sold in packages of four for $5.49.

Pour and Measure New Lids - Food in Jars

Also new to the product line this season are lids. You’ll find blue metallic lids and bands in the Collection Elite Color Series (in both regular and wide mouth) as well as a nifty new Pour & Measure Cap. I’m especially excited about the Pour & Measure Cap, because it offers a new way to serve from a mason jar.

The bottom half of the cap remains screwed onto the jar and the top half pulls off with a gentle tug, revealing two pouring options. I can see using it for milk (when you need room and so pour the remains of a bulky container into a smaller one) or homemade yogurt. The only thing I wish is that it had a silicone seal, to prevent any chance of leakage.

The blue lids and bands retail for $3.99 to 5.49. The Pour & Measure Cap costs $3.99 when purchased independently or $5.99 for a cap and jar combination.

Pour and Measure Cap - Food in Jars

Thanks to the good people at Jarden Home Brands/Ball Canning, I have one set of everything you see pictured in this post up for giveaway. You’ll get all the new blue jars, the super wide mouth half gallon, the round jelly jars (I’ll have another chance for you to win some of those in the coming weeks, as well), the blue metallic lids, and the pour cap to give away to a very lucky person. Here’s how to enter.

  1. Leave a comment on this post and me which item in this post you’re most excited about
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm eastern time on Saturday, March 19, 2016. A winner will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog on Sunday, March 20, 2016.
  3. Giveaway open to United States only (so sorry!). Void where prohibited.
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left via the comment form on the blog at the bottom of this post.

Disclosure: Jarden Home Brands sent me everything you see pictured here for photography and review purposes. They’re also provided a second set for the giveaway. No additional compensation was provided. All opinions expressed here are entirely my own. 

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729 responses to “Giveaway: New Products from Ball Home Canning”

  1. I really like those little round jelly jars–aka Elite Series jam jars. Those beautiful blue jelly jars are right up there on my favorites. It’s hard to choose.

  2. It’s the round jelly jars for me too! We had a few of those in rotation, but as of this winter, they have all been given out with a gift of something yummy in them because they are just so perfect for that. Had wondered where they came from (may never know although maybe I did buy them years ago) and why I’d never found them in a store!

  3. Amazing! I had no idea there were so many varieties. I was *this* close to ordering a ton of these jars this week online to use as flower vases for my wedding in June to place on tables. I see how that I have some awesome options for mixing and matching colors and styles to play with now. So glad I came across this!

  4. Those Ball Collection Elite Design Series Jam Jar sure are cute! Looking forward having some in my jar collection.

  5. I like that super wide mouth half gallon! That would be great for dry beans and so many of the things I store in my pantry. I also love the round jelly jars…I have a bunch and they don’t get given away like the regular 1/2 pints do 🙂

  6. The Pour and Measure Caps would come in super handy in our home, as we store everything from homemade cocoa mix, granola, chocolate chips etc in mason jars! Love the colors, too!

  7. Big storage jars are fantastic! Also love the color of pickles in the blue jars… Freaks some folks out but I love it!

  8. Oh my Goodness, I’m so excited about this! Thanks for posting!

    I recently inherited 2 or 3 of the round jelly jars from my Grandmother, who has been using them for refrigerator jam for as long as I can remember. I’ve always loved them and I’ve never seen them anywhere (even thrift stores) and was even questioning who made them. They don’t say Ball anywhere on them, but they do fit regular rings and lids. I’ve been hesitant to even put them into my storage rotation (or submit them to a BWB) because they’re irreplaceable. Anyway, I’ll be stocking-up on the round jars now, no doubt!

    I’m kind of excited to see them extend the colored glass line. They’re very pretty and great for dry goods, but I wasn’t impressed with them for actual canning. I realize they were originally designed to keep out certain wavelengths of light (and thus preserve the food better), but a side-effect is that they make all food appear murky and dark to the eye, which isn’t very pretty or appetizing. Perhaps I’ll pick-up a couple of wide-mouth blue jars for dry storage. It’d be awesome if they’d release the half-gallon ones in colors, since those are usually used most for dry storage.

  9. Wow! The pour & measure cap hands down. I use my Ball jars for everything from storing grains in the pantry to salad dressing in the fridge. I can see getting a ton of use out of the pour & measure cap!! Thanks as always for such a thorough and informative post! x

  10. Oh, that pour cap would be so handy! All of the other pouring options I’ve seen have a little round hole with a plug in the top of the cap and no spout, which seems like it would get messy. This looks like it could work for dressings (although I agree it would be nice if it was silicone sealed) or homemade drinking yogurt.

  11. I love the idea of the Pour & Measure Cap. I store of lot of stuff in my jars in the ‘fridge and using these would be a great way to easily dispense what is inside.

  12. The blue jars are beautiful but I’m most excited for the round jelly jars! I definitely need to get some this year they are perfect for gifts!

  13. The pour spout is genius! I use jars to store spices and don’t know why I have never thought about looking for accessory products like this.

  14. I love the Heritage Collection. I use them for canning (for gifts), for storage in my pantry and for storage in my bathroom. I love that they are colorful and make my pantry FUN to go into.

  15. Those round jam jars are everything I need in life… Especially once they are filled :). Thanks for the opportunity!

  16. I’m torn between the 8oz jam jars and the wide mouth half gallon jar. The first are so cute and the latter is useful!

  17. How could you not love it all!!!!!! I can think of plenty of uses for each item!! Plus I just got your new book today!!! It would be a dream to have them to try with your new recipes!!!

  18. Who can like just one? I did love the purple jars last year also,went to buy them and they were sold out…I love the new wide mouth jar awesome. I did buy this book to pack for lunches in the jars, all I need now is the jars!!

  19. How exciting!!!! I love all the new stuff each spring. Super pumped on the extra wide mouth half gallon for tea bags!!

  20. I like the Pour & Measure cap, but also the super-wide mouth big jar – will be great to be able to get a measuring cup in & out easily!

  21. The round jelly jars! Feeling rather (ahem) mature upon hearing they haven’t been in production in 10 years. I have only one in my current collection, and would love more!

  22. The new lids are amazing, both the metallic blue and the Pour and Measure Cap. Though the round jelly jars are sweet.

  23. I am crazy about those embossed jelly jars. They are so pretty. I have a few from garage sales but I’m excited to see they’re back in production!

  24. I love the little round jelly jars. I’ve used them in the past for red pepper jelly and lemon marmalade, which make such pretty gifts!

  25. I love the pour spout lid! We’re starting beekeeping this year and that would be a great way to store and serve honey. Of course, the jam jars are adorable, too.

  26. The half gallon jar. I’ve got a plastic container I use as a catch-all for the ingredients I use to make oatmeal packs for breakfast and this is cuter than that AND it has a flat lid (always a plus in my small kitchen)

  27. I’m so torn – we would use all of these! We do use the small and larger sizes for lunches and reusable water/tea containers. Love the blue!

  28. Since at 64 I am a relatively new canner ( since 2013) I would love the new jars. Your book Food in Jars was my starting point. Now I make jams,pickles and canned fruit. I love it! Thanks!

  29. I am definitely most excited about the pour and measure caps! I make such a mess trying to pour out of my jars.

  30. The pour and measure jar–I frequently bring infused teas, water, etc. to work and this would be great!
    Thanks for having such fantastic giveaways!

  31. I’d love one of those Super-Wide Mouth Half Gallon Jars! I’m switching from storing my sugar, flour, rice, etc. from plastic to glass.

  32. I like – and I’d use all of these, but I would get a lot of use out of the Super Wide Mouth Half Gallon Jar. I have half-empty boxes of teas in my cabinet, and that’s a great suggestion for a way to keep them!

  33. I love the blue jars and the pour spout cap is really cool! To hard to decide, because I use jars for everything! You can never have to many jars!

  34. That pour and measure cap is awesome! I love all the pretty colors of the jars and have lots of pint size blue ones, but the cap would be very useful. But then, those pretty jars would be great for making some jellies from your new book.

  35. I love the blue jars! I put all of my spices in the green ones, but I think the blue ones are more “me”. 🙂

  36. Weirdly, must excited about the 1/2 gallon storage jars. After going through a bout of meal moths in my dry goods (which, as anyone who has ever experienced it knows, takes FOREVER to resolve), now ALL of my dry goods are in jars of one sort or another. So would love a set of these.

  37. I love the round jam jars! I have 1 of them left from the last time they were produced and have been longing for more ever since!

  38. That big half gallon jar would look awesome in my pantry. I’ve been organizing everything with jars and it looks so tidy now. I think I would put tea bags or packets of hot cocoa mix in it. 🙂

  39. I am excited for the return of the jam jar! I have a couple that were passed down to me and I can’t wait to get more!!

  40. Definitely most excited about those adorable jelly jars! My Mom and I are coming to Philly this weekend for your preserving class….can’t wait!

  41. I really can’t choose between the new blue half pints and the re release of the jelly jars. Both are going to be rotated into my collection asap!

  42. I can’t decide if I’m more excited about the blue glass jars because I’m a sucker for anything blue glass or the half gallon jar because I’m a sucker for great storage containers for my kitchen!

  43. Super-Wide Mouth Half Gallon Jar is a must have! I have the perfect place for it in my kitchen.That’s the one I want for my tea bags, love seeing the tea bags in a jar on the counter.

  44. I’m excited about those blue wide mouth point jars. They’re my favorite size to use in the kitchen. Also, colored bands are thing to be awesome with my Cuppow lids!

  45. I’d love the half gallon jar to hold spools of thread. But seriously all of Ball’s products are beautiful and practical.

  46. The round jelly jars. But the wide mouth half-gallons are awesome! I just don’t can in those quantities any more. *sob*

  47. I’m over the top excited about the pour top! How useful for someone like me who is trying to portion things out a bit better!

  48. That super wide half gallon round jar would be perfect for all of the granola that I love from Food in Jars as well as my own modifications!

  49. The Pour & Measure Cap! Right now I use a jelly jar and white plastic lid for vinaigrette and sometimes I’m left with a mess on the rim. Seems this new lid would help deal with that issue!

  50. I’m torn – the jam jars are so cute! But the blue jars are so pretty! And no longer limited edition! Someday I’m going to give a “fancy” outdoor party and everyone will have a colored mason jar to drink out of.

  51. I am nearly speechless with excitement. I absolutely love everything in the collection. Please don’t make me choose a favorite child!

  52. I can’t pick just one item!! I am so excited to see color in the new products. If it says “Ball” I love it. Thank you for sharing.

  53. I love the round jelly jars. A cute jar that will stand out on your pantry shelf, and as an inviting part of a he breakfast table. Thanks to you & Jarden Home Brands! Keep canning!

  54. I am the most excited and nostalgic about the round jelly jars! They remind me of the jellies my Grandma used to put up. In fact I still have a few of hers that I am very protective of 🙂

  55. I love the round jelly jars- I’ve had them for years, since they were in regular production. But since some family moved to Europe, I have sent a few overseas by special request. Would love to stock up on these jars!

  56. The round jam jars, closely followed by the half gallon storage jar. A lot of my canning is for gifts, and I love the look of the round jars. I also find myself frequently grabbing a quart jar for storage – but sometimes it’s not big enough. Plus I love the look of that oversized lid.

  57. The half gallon jar is so awesome! I love storing things in clear glass…..I have buttons and stamp pads and ribbons in my jars in my craft area. I enjoy storing pantry items in jars as well……the half gallon would be great for bulk foods like the grits I buy for my kids’ breakfasts!

  58. The pouring jar looks so useful, but I admit that the blue jars make me so nostalgic that I think they are my favorite.

  59. The round jelly jars are adorable. Love the look of the blue jars when empty. Kind of wondering what they look like with different jams in them…

  60. The half gallon super wide mouth! I make water kefir and right now I have it in too big of a jar and it would be so nice to have it in the right size! Also those round jam jars! Soooooo cute!

  61. The big storage jar looks amazing! I’ve just moved to a new apartment and am putting lots of thought into food storage.

  62. I’m most excited about the round jam jars, but I’m pretty excited about the half-gallon jar as well. I rather like the shape of it as well as just the volume. I’m toying with making my own kombucha this year (mostly deciding if I want to dedicate the space in the kitchen). This year I suspect I’m going to go bonkers with canning and fermenting, so all the supplies I can gather ahead of time, so much the better!

  63. I love the round jelly jars. I have 6 I was given and would love to pick up more. We are slow jelly/jam eaters so 8 oz is just the right size.

  64. Loving the pour and measure caps. We store fresh goat milk in quart jars and it’s always a bit of a struggle not to spill it!

  65. What great jars. I am already wondering what my beautiful deep purple canned plums would be in the blue jars. I have a couple of the little jam jars from last decade. I can see the half gallon jar as a great fermenting crock.

  66. I can’t stop thinking of the round jam jars…they just seem so perfect.
    That large jar would be great for food storage .

  67. I am excited about them all but most the round half pints as they are the best for jams for gifts. And of course the half gallon for vinegar…thank you

  68. So many cool new items this spring! I’ve always loved those fruit-stamped jelly jars and have treasured the ones I’ve found in my mom’s canning cellar. So glad that I can get more now!

  69. Blue wide mouth pint- I have one clear wide mouth pint that is my favorite drinking glass, but blue is my favorite color, so would love a blue one!

  70. It’s silly but I like the blue lids and rings best! When the blue jars came out, I bought a ton. And now I will have color coordinated rings and lids. 🙂

  71. Those jelly jars are stunning. I think my habanero gold pepper jelly would be visually stunning in these jars. This would be perfect to give as gifts to a few friends and teachers I know who like it hot!
    Good luck to everyone!

  72. The half gallon jar is adorable! But they’re all cute!

    Funny about the jam jars…I have some of those in my jars, I didn’t know that they weren’t made recently. They aren’t my favorites, but I do think they are nice.

  73. I love the wide mouth half gallon jar! I use canning jars for my canisters. This would be realliynice to use for my rice. It would be easy to scoop out.

  74. Ii have been looking all over for the 8oz ellite jelly jars.. I been postponing making my raspberry jam until i get them so winning them would be a real treat.

  75. Total fan of the little jelly jars. I always look for them in the thrift shops.
    I think the pouring cap is also a great idea. I’ve been dealing with trying to pour my milk into my coffee from a canning jar lately and I just make a huge mess untill the jar is about half empty, then I can get it.

  76. The new measure and pour item is very useful. I am a fan of the plastic lids also though they are a bit harder to find in stores.

  77. I have to pick ONE favorite?! I want them all but I’m excited to see the half-gallon in person. Sounds like the perfect container for my homemade granola!

  78. Finally a jar that one can get a pouring spout on to use without spilling. Will have to look for some to help me with canning.

  79. I like all of the jars, which I use everyday for food storage, but I would especially like to have that measure and pour lid! Thanks for highlighting the new products!

  80. Gosh, I like all jars but do love them cute little jelly jars and also those 1/2 gal. jars are awesome. Love the blue ones as well.
    Thank you for this wonderful giveaway opportunity

  81. Love those fat little jam jars! Great to see an older company coming up with so many new ideas. I’d use the pour & measure lid to take milk with me on trios for my grandson so he could drink right from the pour spout.

  82. I am excited by all of them, I love jars! But, the wide mouth pint and the pour cap is my favorites. These would be great for salad dressings and my homemade almond milk! Love them!

  83. Im excited about those cute round jam jars! So many jams to make and fill them, it’s almost strawberry season here. I bought the b,he wide mouth pint and quart jars as soon as I saw them, I haven’t seen the rest yet though. The half gallon would be great for my new pantry, so many legumes and grains and nuts to store.

  84. I love all the canning jars as that’s what I store most of my dry goods in so my food pantry looks organized. I really like the Super Wide Mouth Half Gallon Jar and who wouldn’t like the pour cap and jar?

  85. I have been missing those jelly jars. Most of mine have disappeared over the years, so I am excited that they are back!

  86. The Super-Wide Mouth Half Gallon Jar is my pick. I luv the size and the unique square shape.
    Most definitely going to get a dozen to fill at xmas time!!!

  87. The round jelly jars have me excited. The standard jars are great for their purpose, but sometimes a jelly & jam needs to shine!

  88. I like the colored jars; I just wish they would make them with just a “hint” of color, and they would be more like the older ones.

  89. I love those little jam jars! I have a couple of them and they’re precious to me – but I had no idea they were manufactured so recently!

  90. The colored jars are lovely. I am most excited, however, about the half gallon jar — I would/will use it to store dry items like pasta in my pantry, and the pour cap– for my yogurt & kefir. I already have some of the small jelly jars which make lovely gifts when filled with jell or potpourri.

  91. I’m storing everything in glass these days. No residual smells or tastes. So, the big jar is really great! But I’m really loving they are bringing back the jam jars too!

  92. I excited about all the new products, but if I chose one it would be the pour and measure top
    I think that one is nifty!

  93. I love the new spring it’s.s! I think my favorites are the round jelly jars or the super wide half gallon. The jelly jar are so cute. I use jars in the kitchen for ataorgae already and the half gallon jar would add a new shape to the collection. Thanks!!

  94. Definitely the half gallon jar. I’m in need of some nice looking, reliable storage options. Not to mention, paired with some cheesecloth instead of the lid, it’ll make for good smaller batch kombucha brewing!

  95. Thank you Jarden for staying flexible and adding new products and re releases. I am a big fan. I especially am enamoured with the pour and measure lid and half gallon jar. I am a big canner and jam maker and a constant purchaser of your products. Recently had German friends visiting from Germany. They are as obsessed with your products as are all our friends in this small German village where we have a second home. Just as Kilner and Weck have a place in American canning hearts so do Ball and Kerr in Germany. Give la difference! But Ball and Kerr you are my favs.

  96. I LOVE LOVE LOVE colored jars and lids! They make everything look extra special. I would love to win this set!

  97. If I only had to pick one, it would be the half-pint blue jars–they are so cute!!! I also am very interested in the pouring cap.

  98. Oh, I love everything in this new set! But the half-gallon jar would be perfect for my granola, or for brewing kombucha. And the jelly jars are just too cute, i love them. It makes me even more antsy for the berries to grow and jam-making season to begin!

  99. The measure and pour tops have me thinking about all the ways it would make my life easier. I use my jars for everything from canning to decoration. My spices are stored in jam jars with the shaker top and fermented foods are stored in the refrigerator with the plastic tops.

  100. I’m lovin’ the round jelly jars! Every Christmas I gift my jellies and jams so these pretty jars will make them extra special!!

  101. Pour and Measure Cap! Yay…Salad Dressings…mix, store and pour all from the same jar. Also love the 1/2 gallon jar for storage of dry goodies.

  102. I am excited about the blue wide mouth jars. Every year for the last 3 I have bought 2 packs of their colored jars to use as drinking mugs. Thank you! (I am also so sorry about your mother-in-law. Blessings to you and your families.)

  103. I’ve got a slew of those jam jars – I had no idea they’d stopped making them! But I’m mostly giddy about those half gallon jars – perfect for kombucha!

  104. I am so excited about the cute round jam jars…. I can see spicy peach preserves or tomato jam in those jars along with some blackberry and strawberry vanilla jam!! I am also in love with the blue jar because I missed them last go around. I am still on the look out for purple!!

  105. Exciting to see all the new products – just love ball canning jars. Especially like the wide mouth half gallon jar, I use canning jars to store all of my dry goods that I buy in bulk this one would really come in handy.

  106. Oh my. How can you ask me to pick a favorite – they are all great.
    But okay – if I must, I will go for the blue metallic lids. What a great pop of color for my treats.

  107. I am most excited to use the round jelly jars, every year I use dozens of them and pass out as gifts. An addition to the pantry would be welcome!

  108. I think the super wide half would be the best for me. All ball products are great and its nice to see new shapes and designs coming out. thanks for sharing the info

  109. I think the big half gallon would look wonderful on my kitchen counter for storage. I think a few would be used n my craft room too.

  110. I love the round jam jars- so charming! But I also think the blue lids are very cheerful and they made me smile. 🙂

  111. I love the round jam jars. I sometimes get bored with the standard jars and am always looking for fun, new ways to present my preserved goodies. The new jam jars are perfect for switching things up! Thank you so much for the chance to win. 🙂

  112. I think I’m most excited about the gallon jars…I have a ton of grains that we eat on a regular basis and having all those ugly packages in different sizes makes my counter look really messy…the gallon jar would do great!

  113. I love the wide mouth pint, I use those the most when canning and storing food. I love that Ball is helping to keep canning relevant.

  114. I think I’m most excited about the pouring cap! I store grains of all sorts in half gallon jars and this feels like a less messy way to portion them back out!

  115. I love it all but I think that Pour and Measure Cap is the absolute bomb. That will come in so handy for so many things. The shade of blue on the Elite Design is gorgeous. Thanks for the opportunity!

  116. I like the pour and measure lid, I use my mason jars for EVERYTHING and this will definitely make it easier in the kitchen and for cleaning.

  117. I would love the blue caps to dress up jam and jelly gifts. It’s fun to see all the new items and think how I’d use them.

  118. Those all look great! I think the pouring cap is a great idea. It would also work for when you steep multiple servings of tea in a mason jar and then need to divvy it into individual mugs.

    I can’t believe that jar is a half gallon–it looks small in the photos! Love my tall half gallon jars, but a short one would also be phenomenal, to use on closer-set shelves.

  119. So very happy that they have brought back the small round jars! Years ago, when I first learned canning from my grandmother, these were always our favorite and we were So disappointed when they stopped producing them. Can’t wait to find them again this season!

  120. Ooh, the pour and measure lid would be perfect for jars of homemade yogurt. I’d also love a set of the half-gallon jars to store rice and pasta and look pretty doing it!

  121. I have one round jam jar that I love, it would be great to get some more! I’m a sucker for colored glass though, so pretty!

  122. So I have been admiring (coveting??!) the wide mouth pint and quart blue jars since I first saw them a few weeks back (online). This weekend, while on a road trip, I came across them in a store!! I considered that fortuitous and snatched them up!!
    I think the pouring cap would be nice to have, especially for the small amount of milk in the large jug taking up way too much room in the fridge!
    What a great give away!!

  123. The pour lid is it for me. I take concentrated tea extract and cold-pressed coffee concentrate to work all summer long to make iced tea and iced coffee. The lid would be perfect to control spillage. I may just have to buy a couple anyway!

  124. I already have plans for the super-wide mouth half-gallon jar — perfect for a big stash of oatmeal in my pantry cabinet. And with the large opening I can leave an extra measuring cup in there for convenience 🙂

  125. What’s not to love here? Pour lid is a great idea and I’m
    in love with the colored mason jars. I love the smaller siized

  126. I love the round jelly jars. They used to have some with strawberry bands and lids. I would love to have those again. Please, please, please!

  127. It’s a cop out but I’m excited about every single item! Hard pressed, I’ll say the green pourable cap! But oh my, those blue jelly jars…!!!! Next thing you know, I’ll be the crazy jar lady on a new episode of Hoarders. Haha! Thanks for the giveaway.

  128. Oooh, I love the super wide mouth jar. It’s a good look for storage… I wonder how stackable they might be.

  129. I love those little round jelly jars! I am always making jams as gifts, and they would be perfect… Guess I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for those this spring!

  130. Those round 8oz jars are so cute!. Those would be great for the gift jars I make. Everything does look really nice and the new options for lids looks cool.

  131. Definitely excited about the jelly jars! They look like the jars my grandmother had – I have fond memories of eating strawberry jam from these while growing up in Maine.

  132. I am so excited about the Ball Collection Elite Design Series Jam Jar… I have a couple in my collection that I have coveted.

  133. OMG!!! I must have all the new jar things! Although I think the pour and measure cap is the mostest exciting. Thanks for the really great giveaway.

  134. Love the round jam jars – so pretty, and make a nice presentation for gifts & our church sales. I also like the blue jars, but avoided buying them because I’m thrifty (cheap). The pour & measure cap would be great for making my own salad dressings.

  135. I am most excited about the Super-Wide Mouth Half Gallon Jar for storing all kinds of dry foods like my oatmeal, or protein powder.

  136. Although I love all those wonderful products, I LOVE the Pour and Measure cap and jar! I can think of all sorts of things I’d like to store and use with that: homemade yogurt, dressings . . . that “Texas Caviar Salad”.

  137. The round jam jars are wonderful for gifting! I can’t wait to get some of them. Also, I love the pour and measure cap. I make cold brewed ice tea in quart jars almost every day and this would be ideal for mess free pouring.

  138. I’m really looking forward to the new half gallon, wide-mouth jar. And looking forward to this years canning!

  139. I’m IN LOVE with the half gallon wide mouth jars for soups, stocks, lemonade, iced tea, fruit salad, green salad, dry storage – and on and on and on…!!!

  140. the half gallon jar! sometime i need juuuuust a little bit more room than a quart jar can give me for things like oats, grains, cornmeal, etc.

  141. I like the little round jam jars the best with the pour & measure cap in a close second.
    I too, have avoided the colored jars due to cost, so winning some would be the cat’s meow.


  142. I am excited about them all! But if have to pick most excited about the pouring lid. Would allow me to use jars for a bunch of new purposes.

  143. I’ll toss my hat into the ring. I’d love the Elite Design Jam Jar -especially since I’ll be experimenting this season with lower sugar approaches to jams and jellies. Yesterday morning I opened ‘low sugar plum jam.’ Thank you for all of your thorough experimentation and passing it along! -WendyB

  144. The extra wide half gallon jar is absolutely awesome! Would love to use it as a canister along with the gallon jar you added in the links and then the jelly jars are next. They are perfect for jelly but also perfect for the homemade baby food I make for my grandson.

    Thank you!

  145. I am most excited about the half gallon jar {can we just admit everything looks better a bit chunky?} and the pour and measure lid. If you’re canning, it might as well be pretty. Thanks for this!

  146. ALL OF THEM!!!! No, really, the blue jars are the best. No, the little round jelly jars are the best. Oh, except that the other new items must find their way home with me! (Just wish they would do the plastic stuff some color other green. White would be good.)

  147. Whoa I’m loving the blue metallic lids, they somehow take a traditionally homey looking product and make it look Sci-Fi!

  148. I would love any of the products! I do a lot of canning but also use the jars for drinking, salad dressing, etc. Thanks!

  149. I love using the colored jars for themed gifts! These blue jars would be perfect for springtime gifts or summer parties!

  150. The store & pour jar lid is pretty fun and the round jars…big or small would make my day! I’m partial to round or circles, I guess.

  151. I am excited that the blue jars are back to stay. I am hoping to use some for my wedding centerpieces and then later on for actual canning.

  152. The blue wide-mouth pints – I love that size and the wide mouth makes it great for yogurt, leftovers, sauces, etc. And that super wide-mouth half gallon is cool, too.

  153. I’m most excited about the jelly jars! I recently taught a dear friend to can, and these would be a perfect gift for her since I can’t bear to part with the vintage ones I received from my grandmother.

  154. I’m excited about the 1/2gal. jar and the new pour cap. One bout with pantry moths and storing things in glass containers rather than original plastic packaging becomes almost an obsession!

  155. I remember those round jelly jars – it’s good to see them back. But it’s the half-gallon jar I’m the most excited about. Nice big jars are hard to come by!

  156. The Pour and Measure Cap looks awesome! I also can’t wait till I get my hands on those jam jars, they are just soo cute!

  157. I’d take any and all of them. But if I have to pick I’d say the wide-mouth jar and I think the colored lids are kind of a fun

  158. The super-wide half gallon jars have me dreaming of revamping our kitchen food storage with some pretty (and organized) open shelves and a line of jars. Thanks for sharing! I’ll keep an eye out for these in my local stores!

  159. ANY ! of the larger jars-say the half gallon . We live in the woods(!) and have quite a time keeping the pantry critter free! Glass storage works the best!

  160. The 2 piece pourable cap looks terrific, as does the 1/2 gallon jar. Oh, and the jelly jars. Heck, it all looks great.

  161. I’m debating between the little round jam jars and the blue jars. I know the half gallon would be very useful for baking ingredients but the little round jars made me so happy.

  162. I love that large round bar and of course the round jelly jars are so very cute. I have a couple of those and NEVER gift them 😉

  163. Everything here looks great though I’d have to say the pour and measure and the half gallon jar. I have so many dry things to store

  164. Oh I love the blue jars, but the half gallon storage jar I have been looking forward to. I have two of the gallon size, and would love to have the half size! I do lots of canning and share with family and loved ones, and these blue would be ideal gifters!

  165. I really love the blue jars but they make pickles look terrible, so the green jars are for pickles and the blue jars are for jam. Would love to have a few more blue jars for storage too.

  166. I would love to start a storage jar collection with the big one for all my teas, and the smaller ones for things like cereal, special flours, and dried herbs.

  167. Wow – how do I decide??? I think the wide mouth blue jars are great as I don’t use the regular mouth size as much. The rounded jelly jars are super cute too!

  168. Hmm, The super wide mouth half gallon jar or the variety of blue jars. Which one?? both are great. Also like the pouring jar lid.

  169. The round jelly jars, OMG, how adorable. BUT, those quart size blue jars… I can see hundreds of preserving and storage uses for those. And of course the pour and measure cap, now that it exists, how can I not covet it? Great new product lines!

  170. I’m excited about the super wide mouth half gallon jar, but I do love them all. The little round jelly jars are so cute to showcase your jams.

  171. This is an amazing giveaway. I LOVE Ball jars and I am a crazy canner. The round ones are so beautiful and would be perfect for giving away relishes and jams!

  172. I am so excited tof get some of the blue jars, I cannot wait to can up some veggies and show them off in those blue beauties! Thanks for doing a give-away!

  173. I was super excited the wide mouth blue jars but now that I know about the extra-wide mouth half gallon…wide mouth blue jars who??? And the jelly jars, oh my! I don’t care if I win, just hashing this new knowledge is prize enough! Thank you! ?

  174. OMG! I have been hoarding my round jelly jars since 1996 and have been searching for more for years. I still have two left. They make me so happy!

  175. I’m asking for Collection Elite Color Series Jars, for my birthday!! They will look adorable on display with all my garden goodies I can this summer.

  176. I love the option of the blue jars. I already have a few and it’s easy to differentiate between things canned. I put one kind of pickles in clear jars and a second kind of pickles in the colored jars. I also love cap that allows you to pour! Very very cleaver! This is very exciting!

  177. long ago I bought a starter set that came with the round Elite Designseries jam jars So happy they are back ?

  178. I love the blue jars, but I’m really excited to see the half gallon jars. I didn’t know the came that large.

  179. I love the super wide month half gallon jar. I can think of tons of things to put in it. My entire kitchen theme is Mason jars.

  180. I am making jam for every guest at my wedding, and the new jam jars would be great for the bridal party’s jam!

  181. OMG!!! I LOVE the blue jars!!! They are gorgeous. I also love the round jelly jar! Ugh. I love your blog, but this is just making me want to go spend money I have no business spending!!! Regardless – thank you for the new info!

  182. I’m really excited about the round jelly jars. They look to be just the right size for some of the spices and herbs harvest. I’ve been using old peanut butter jars, but I need something small. These look just right.

  183. I’m helping host a baby shower soon – it’s a boy – and the blue jars would be perfect!! I love the jelly jars, and I’m actually intrigued by the pour spout jar. Not quite sure how I feel about it, but this would be the way to find out!

  184. I simply LOVE the colored jars (especially the blue ones), but I have to say that pour and measure cap has me really excited! I’ve been looking for something like this for a while and am glad to see that it’s finally here! This will make pouring liquids (like homemade almond milk) much easier. I can also see myself using it for sugar (making pouring it into a measuring cup that much easier).

    As for the jelly jars, those are the ones my mum always used, so they are a sentimental favorite. 🙂

  185. I really like the blue jars too. Reminds me of a small blue jar with the wire closure that I somehow inherited when my great uncle passed away. It’s weird how the smallest things hold the most sentamental attachment.

  186. I’m torn – I love the blue glass color, but also the round jelly jars are just too cute. Do I have to pick just one favorite???

  187. Love the regular mouth, half pint, wide pint and wide mouth Quart jars!!! Loving the blue! Getting married in October of this year those would be amazing for Wedding!! I have some jelly jars but those ones are way cuter! ???????????????

  188. I am so excited about the blue jars! They will go so well with my vintage collection! And blue lids will be perfect for graduation!

  189. As excited as you are could you CHOOSE? I love all the new jars, especially the colored wide mouth options WooHoo

  190. Hands down, the winner for me is the Super Wide Mouth Half Gallon Jar which I would use for dry goods. How convenient to be able to fit a measuring cup through the mouth.

  191. I love my Ball jars and all the lids I’ve found. The measure and pour jar looks like a winner. If I don’t win it, I will buy it!

  192. The half-pint blue jars are absolutely beautiful. My jams would look gorgeous in those jars. I also love the new Super Wide Mouth Half Gallon jars. Perfect for the bathroom for cotton balls and Q-tips. Those Blue jars are absolutely beautiful though. Glorious is a good word to describe them.

  193. I’d love to get my hands on the super wide mouth half gallon jar. It would be perfect for the dehydrated fruits I make during the summer!

  194. i love the super wide mouth half gallon jar simply because i haven’t seen it before, and the measure and pour cap would definitely be useful. I’m in love with the colored jars. i have the purple quart and pint the blue pint and lots of the little jelly lars cause i pick them up at sales etc. i was hoping that we would be seeing red jars to go with the red lids and bands that are available. i am waiting please. this is a wonderful package and i would love to win it just for the half pint blues.

  195. I started canning only 3 years ago (I’m 64) and have fallen in love with making my own produce for future use. I always froze my extras, but once I started wintering in AZ from SD it became nearly impossible to transport my bounty, thus the canning. I found jars in my mother’s basement & on garage sales, but would really like to have this freebie. Thanks you.

  196. Wow I don’t even know which one I’m most excited about. If I HAD to choose I think it would have to be the half gallon jars. I could do so much with those. The rest are awesome too and I always need more jars!

  197. I miss the round jam jars! My mom always used those growing up. Though the pour spout looks awesome and I’m glad the blue jars are going to be a permanent addition.

  198. Luv luv luv the half gallon jar. I didn’t know they came out with that size. Perfect for pantry redo along with gallon size.

  199. I am organizing my pantry using these jars of different sizes. The Pour and measure lids look very useful. They would come in handy when measuring and pouring dry ingredients such as flour or oatmeal from the jars.

  200. Oh wow! It’s so hard to pick just one! I must say the blue jars are so beautiful and bring so much fun to food in jars! I would love to see things through the blue! A different perspective keeps things fresh and exciting! Also, I have some old blue canning jars I’ve found at thrift stores over the years that just sparkle to me! But all the other new products are wonderful and great additions!

  201. The “new” blue jars are as close as I am going to get to Grandma Mary’s green canning jars. In the warm weather of summer Grandma would pour us each a glass of lemon aide into two of her green canning jars, add two chips of ice from the block of ice in the Ice box, then say, “Let go sit in the swing to relax a bit.” Beautiful memories.

  202. I am most excited about the blue wide mouth pints & half pints. I have used the colored jars to store dried fruit & herbs, & the color in the glass has helped protect, especiallyt he herbs from as much exposure to light.

  203. I am so excited about the pour and measure cap! I make salad dressings all the time and pouring them out of the jar is a little clunky. Also, I’m really hoping this means that there will be more jar lid adapters in the future.

  204. If I hadn’t just purchased 3 large jars for storing flour, the super wide mouth half gallons would have been my favorite. Instead, I am totally crushing on those adorable round jam/jelly jars!

  205. Super wide mouth 1/2 gallon! I want to transfer all my boxed tea into. Congrats on the new book! My came this week and I am so excited to try the cara cara jam!

  206. Those Gallon Jars look great for home storage. I like to store my stuff in clear containers I can immediately see the contents of. I’m getting into nut flours while I store in smaller quarts but I can see putting larger, bulkier things in them like cookies.

    But what I am really excited about is the round jam jars. I actually have one and have been keeping it for myself when I make jam. That is the one jar I do not give away. I’m excited to see them back and will buy quite a few this year.

    I do have the purple jars from last year with matching lids. Also have blue quart jars with matching lids and green pint jars with matching lids.

    I might pick up some of those small blue regular mouth jars too. I don’t have them and if they’re not limited editions those I will use for jam giveaways.

  207. I am most excited about the jam jars. They look amazing and so festive. Also excited about the wide mouth pint in blue. I love the color jars and these will be very useful for drinks.

  208. I’m most excited about the round jelly jars because I only have two that I found at Goodwill – and the blue jars – so pretty with the matching lids!

  209. The 1/2 gallon jar since I keep my flours in gallon jars (nut flours) and my ‘add in’s’ in either quart or pint jars but the ones I use more often I go through and have to keep refilling so the 1/2 gallon would be a delight! Love the green pour spout and the jelly jars but honestly, I have a thing for jars………so how can a girl go wrong?

  210. I really liked the blue jars, then saw the round jelly jars and liked them better. What an awesome gift pack! Thank you for the offer to your readers.

  211. Love the 1/2gallon jars. Hats to find and they are great in the pantry. The measure and pour would be so handy for any number of things!

  212. I’m most excited about the pouring top and the jelly jars. I would use the pouring top as a milk container as you mentioned, as well as to hold syrup from the big Costco jugs. I have some of the jelly jars and didn’t even realize they’ve been out of production for ten years. I think they are cute and I like them a lot.

  213. Marisa and Jarden Home Brands/Ball Canning you have givenso much information in each use! I love my Ball Jars and the options for different sizes used for canning and for dry storage. I do love the Blue Jars I can give a batch of homemade salsa, spaghetti sauce, green beans or other things in a pretty jar, but I also love that I put them on the counter for sugar. So many uses for sure all over the home from q-tips and cotton balls to paint brush holders, the colors and sizes are fun and versatile!

  214. That super wide mouth half-gallon jar is awesome! That would make a great container for my homemade granola and dog treats!

  215. I really like the jelly jars!! I have all the color jars from previous years. The jelly jars would show off the pretty colors of jellies, jams and relish. Thank you for all you do for all of us who love to can! ?

  216. All of the items look amazing and very useful. My favorite would have to be the round jelly jars. I can a lot of jams and they would look wonderful in them.

  217. Oooohhh! I love all of these! But I could really use the half gallon super wide mouth jar right now. Thanks again for doing all the great giveaways! I haven’t won anything yet, but maybe someday. ?

  218. Oddly enough, I’m really excited about the Super-Wide Mouth Half Gallon Jar. I’m definitely going to purchase some blue bands and lids this spring, but I can totally see that half gallon jar on my kitchen counter.

  219. Oh this gets me so excited to start canning! I’m really excited about the half-gallon super wide-mouth jar, though. I’ve been slowly converting my pantry storage from a mis-matched bunch of bags and boxes to mason jars, and this is going to be the perfect addition.

  220. It’s a tie between the super-wide mouth half-gallon jar and the blue lids! (And thank you for having this giveaway — all of the products look wonderful!)

  221. I love the idea of the Pour & Measure Cap!
    Also, the half gallon jar seems like it would be excellent for holding a bunch of the prettier craft supplies out in the open!

  222. I am over the top excited about the super-wide mouth half gallon jar, what a great size and styled jar to use for pickling! I can not wait for a local retailer in my area to carry them.

  223. My favorite color is the blue jars. Looks like a Walmart run soon if i do not win. All 3 sizes for drinking. I got purple qt jars last year, green pint yesr before. Definitely need blue ones.

  224. The pour cap looks pretty nice – I’d love one for pouring homemade salad dressing from a jar. But the round jelly jars are also super cute. 🙂

  225. I’m torn between the pour and measure cap, which is so great for liquids, and the super wide mouth half gallon jars, which would be great for storing things like homemade granola! Thank you for having a giveaway!

  226. Cool, I love new Ball products! The blue jars are so pretty. I really love the jelly jars! I have one that I found in my grandma’s stash of random jars (mainly old mayo jars, hardly any mason/ball sadly!) I’m also loving that new cap!

  227. I love the colored pretty. I use the green for pasta, blue for rice, and the purple for beans. They fit 2 high dtacked in my pantry and helps organize me and keeps the bugs at bay. Use my clear ones still for canning since I keep those in a dark place.

  228. The little 1/2 pint jam jars would have to be the ones that I would be purchasing anyway and thus my favorite. But I am interested in those 1/2 gallon jars too!

  229. Love this! Thanks for sharing… that pour and measure cap definitely needs to be in my future! Genius!

  230. I love all of them! Love the blue color! I have a few vintage ones in the blue. I think if I had to pick a favorite it would be the big half gallon!

  231. Love the half gallon jar. Didn’t know they offered a gallon jar. Would make great canisters for flour, sugar etc.

  232. I stumbled upon your blog looking for new blogs to read and hopefully be able to share in my own blog. I am so glad I did! I love canning my own food & I am excited to read through your blog!!
    I love the super wide mouth half gallon jar! That is going to be a must have to add to my collection! Thank you for sharing!


  233. I’m loving the super wide mouth half gallon jars…I use Mason jars for storage as well as canning and these would look beautiful on my counter.

  234. Those sweet little round jars! I have one from my husband’s grandmother I guard with my life, I would love to have more!

  235. I’m especially excited by the short, squat, fat 1/2 gal. jars! Finally, a size I need that will fit in my cupboards. (I live in an older house built in the 50s and I can’t fit standard (tall!) 1/2 gal. jars on my kitchen shelves – this will fix the problem nicely!)

  236. The jam jars! I have some old ones that I try very hard to keep, not to be given away as gifts in case they don’t return.

  237. I LOVE the new jelly jars. I have a few that I’ve collected over the years and they are always my special with stay with me preserves. They just make me happy to see them in my fridge. I’m also excited about the pour lid. We use jars for everything here and that would come in handy!

  238. I would love and use all in the collection. I would cherish the blue jars. I lost one this morning…i had my coffee in it and left it on the top of my car….you can fill in the rest.

  239. I love the half gallon jar! I’ve become a shrub making machine, and that size jar would be incredibly handy. Also – what’s not to love about those blue jars?!

  240. Count me in! I just bought your new book and look forward to trying jam recipes with low sugar this summer! I love the blue color!