Ball Home Canning Discovery Kit Winner

July 24, 2011

It’s time to announce the winner of the Home Canning Discovery Kit! Thank you to everyone who entered, I really enjoyed hearing about what you’ve all been canning recently.

And for those of you who confessed that you haven’t yet managed to pull out your canning pot this season, I say, hop to it! Summer is fleeting! August is nearly here! Put up just one or two tiny batches before the stone fruit is gone and all you’re left with is storage apples and winter squash. Be like the ant.

The winner is Jenny, who said, “Do refrigerator pickles count? I made those last summer. My 5yo (at the time) niece went crazy for them. Are all small children salt addicts? I saw a brochure for this Ball Canning set at the Phoenixville Farmer’s market. It looks so cool. I want one.”

Congratulations Jenny, you want one, you get one. And as far as I’m concerned, fridge pickles most certainly count.

For those of you who didn’t win, fret not. There will be another giveaway soon.

One response to “Ball Home Canning Discovery Kit Winner”

  1. I’m an ant! Actually, I’m an ant that YOU have inspired, thank you very much, that black raspberry stuff is wonderful. See my list here. I’ll be fetching 5 lb fresh apricots from the farmer next Saturday, and I’m looking forward to trying the crockpot apricot butter. Thanks for all the inspiration.

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